vinyl-GOTH-eve_of_the_conquerorMLP.jpg (14340 bytes)GOSPEL OF THE HORNS (Australia) 
Eve Of The Conqueror 12"MLP
Damnation Records,  1999

Everyone has their first time in everything. This is actually my first 12" vinyl. Yeah, I'm still young in the scene and into this kind of extreme music when CD rules the most. And living in Malaysia make it even worst as it is hard to find vinyl and record player nowadays. If you, the so called old-timer have problem in accepting the work and dedication towards the scene and the music from the new blood like me, that is merely your own problem and shouldn't bother other with it ! G.O.T.H. plays 'old-school' (the terms often used nowadays) black metal and have been featured in a pro-printed Malaysian black metal zine long time ago, namely Nocturnal Slaves in their debut issue. Their music is closely like old Beherit and a faster version Profanatica with inclusion of thrashy guitar solos in the not-so-clean recording. This MLP feature 2 re-recorded songs from their Sinner demo and 2 new tracks. Musically their are good but this MLP is not really a must-have item except for vinyl freak. Why ? Because later, this MLP will be released as a MCD with an extra song ! Better purchase the CD version if I were you.