7" EP


vinyl-impiety_profanatica-splitEP99.jpg (19583 bytes)PROFANATICA / IMPIETY 
(USA / Singapore)
Split 7" EP
Samhain Records, 1999

A limited of 400 red vinyl and unfortunately I bought the red one instead of the limited 100 copies in gold vinyl ! No need to introduce these bands as they are 2 most wicked band around and everyone who are into black/death metal should know about them and heard of their previous releases. This is not the resurrection of PROFANATICA as they are dead long time ago and here you will only hear their reh and demo songs. Just plain raw black/death, in their trademark that is. While IMPIETY side feature the song Dragonoath Diabolus, originally appeared in "Funeralight..". Cassette EP release by a Malaysian label a while ago. 
That EP was a cult release for me. Pity for those who haven't yet heard it.

vinyl-judgement_day-EP97.jpg (9551 bytes)JUDGEMENT DAY (Holland) 
To Conjure Conjoint Confusion
Damnation Records, 1999
This Dutch brutal death brings you 3 tracks. 1 new song, 1 cover song of SLAUGHTER's "Fuck Off Death" and 1 re-record song. Tthe Ep title is also the same title as the new song here, great fast brutal death metal, maniacal vocal with raw sound. The track "Clouds Of Mordor" also sound very the same as the previous song. I'm very attracted with the song they cover here. Fast drumming. The recording session of these songs are made in 1997 and line-up back then also play in HOUWITSER, CENTURIAN and THANATOS ! High skill musician indeed (judging from these bands releases) but that doesn't mean they can't appreciate other music style, right ? Whether the phrase "Doom Hippies Fuck Off" were intended to doom metal bands or to a certain band only for gimmick or showing their hatred to doom metal music, a metal musician should appreciate other kind metal style. Don't you think so ? 

vinyl-walhalla-EP99.jpg (9716 bytes)WALHALLA (Finland) 
War Over Nordland
Root-O-Evil, 1999
3 tracks in yellow vinyl. Walhalla is black metal featuring Lord and Agathon. Forgive my ignorance. I don't know who these 2 are but they must have a band signed under Holy Records because in this EP a disclaimer says "...appear in courtesy of...". The back jacket cover has a great manipulation of graphic depicting the band member burning in the hot volcano larva and in this issue, while  PROFANATICA/IMPIETY split EP has the most primitive design. Both release has their own uniqeness. About their music, it dwells in black/thrash realm or something like that. That is what I heard in "Battlefield Genesis", "Black Cross Burning" and "War Over Nordland" which suit my listening well. I guess my visit in worth it. I met this guy (probably the owner of the label) and bought this EP there. Thanks to the internet. You see, internet is new kind of communication tool which a lot of good things we can benefit from it. Why must we ignored it ? This question is for the 'true undergrounder' which busy kicking my butt because of my web-project. Back to this EP, the production, sound, etc is in the professional manner and the music is quite okay for me. It is just USD 7 a piece.