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Live Compilation Tape
Dark Zone Unity, 1999

An underground live compilation. The songs was ameteurly recorded in Back To Attack gig in June 1999 using hi-fi, no mastering or editing. Pure undergroud way. The sound is raw but not unhearable like some crappy demos. Only 3 bands here and all have released something under Dark Zone Unity. MORTUARY ANCESTOR presented 3 songs and a DEATH cover, "Empty Words". A dark/death metal band and they have released a good demo last year but I didn't have the chance to review it in this issue. 2 songs were definitely taken from "Dogma Orthodox" but I am not sure about "Days Of Suffering". MAYHEMIC DESTRUCTION, a brutal death/grind present 5 songs, not really my fave. KILATUS, dark/black metal also present 4 songs. Only 1 song are their own song (taken form their debut demo), but the other are cover songs from local death/black metal. Once a while, a comp like this is needed, especially with (at least) the sound like this one. 

Compilation Tape 
Wierd Truth/Cosmic Garden Production, 2000

A compilation of 8 new and promising black metal band from Japan. A great effort from these labels. All band are new to me except for GORUGOTH. I've seen their flyer some years ago. The sound of the song depends on the band but overall, it is quite okay and reasonable considering that this is a tape, not a CD. Some bands are good and some are not really my type but still quite interesting. Each band perform 1 track. THE UNDER starts the tape with Emperor-like song and quite okay. HURUSOMA, raw Bathory-like black metal, sounds boring at first but in the middle the music start to sound different. Plucking/solo with folk-like string instrument which is quite original and then the blasphemy continues. INFERNAL NECROMANCY present 2 song of black/doom. Depressive allright but their vocal are in the worse style ever. HOLOKAUST WINDS is melodic/vampiric black metal. OLD SERPENT, a synth-base band perform a calm music created by only synth and accoustic guitar. The 'calmness' does not last long. Just before the song end, the vocal (like Helheim) comes in and wake you up from your dream. GORUGOTH, one-man black metal present a special version of the song "Burg Don". Wasn't sure how the original version sounds like but in this one is like a mixture of Profanatica and Blaspemy. Really primitive black metal. INSANITY OF SLAUGHTER plays melodic black metal and lastly C.SATANARDA (sorry, I have shorten the band's name) plays thrash/black. Equivalent to GOSPEL OF THE HORNS but the trumpet-like sound and male choir vocal making the song more interesting. Every band perform 1 track except for INFERNAL NECROMANCY. Buy this one if you want to know more about Japanese underground black metal scene and also witness the uniquely designed cover sleeve.

Compilation Tape
Extreme Souls Production, 2000

I think this is the best ESP product which have a great cover design and great sound. Very professional. A question pop out from my mind, how do you define true black metal ? This comp features 19 bands which are mostly the melodic kind. Only few band that play chaotic, insane style of black metal which I regard as 'true black metal', without keys and sweet melody. This is 'true', am I right ? Or may the words 'true' here shows that this compilation gathered black metal of all kind. This tape features interesting songs. The band selection is just fine. Foreign acts are CRYOGENIC, AUTUMN VERSES, GORBALROG (ger), VAAKERANDRING (nor), BEHEMOTH (pol), IMPIETY (sin) and MOONSORROW (fin). I don't want to discuss further about this bands, you should know more than me I guess. The interesting part of this tape is about the local Indonesian bands. Most have change a bit of its style, adding a bit of melodic riffs. CRUSADE, MAELSTORM, HELLGODS, UNSEEN DARKNESS, PERISH, BORGOMIL, NEUROTIC OF GODS and KEKAL. They are different from what I have heard before. On the other hand, SANTHET, ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUSt (the name suits the music very well !), MORTALITY and MYSTICAL deliver the chaotic type of black metal. Check out our Indonesian brothers. All are worth supporting ! The tape is pro done. The cover is in full color and includes the band photo, logo, address that are neatly arranged.

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