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Split Tape

DEMISOR / C.S.S.O. (Singapore / Japan)
Split Tape 1999
No Action Taken

This split release is made available again by Malaysian indie/hardcore label, No Action Taken after originally released as a split 7" EP. It does not only contain the songs on that Ep but with few extra tracks. Few ? 10 of them here ! But 10 grindcore songs will only take couple of minutes but for the fans of this style will cheer hearing this. Funny though, this tape starts with intro, an excerpt taken from Daraemon (Japanese cartoon show) on DEMISOR side. DEMISOR are more grindcore now than their previous release, a split demo with NECROTIC CHAOS and more techical in Intrusion Of Dark Journey compilation. More death metal back then. They presented 12 grind with some punks influenced tracks. On the other side, feature another famous act in this genre, C.S.S.O. Having heard the name since the early day of my involvement in the underground, only now I have the chance to listen to their songs and know what C.S.S.O. means (Clotted Symmetrical Sexual Organ). Some weird sound can be heard in their songs, maybe the sound of the guitar and they presented 18 tracks with songs circulating around 13 to 58 seconds. No track title given, only titled as "Song #1", "Song #2" and so on. I rarely accepted this kind of muisc but occasionally once a while there will be a release that attract me and this is few of them. Afterall in comes in professionally printed tape, glossy cover with the price of RM 7 !

demo-desecrator-necreous.jpg (11118 bytes)DESECRATOR / NECREOUS (South Africa / Singapore) 
Sound Action, 1994

This tape is quite old, released in 1994. I once bought it in '95 from a local distro but that one sucks soundwise and only half side of the tape is copied leaving the NECREOUS side blank. So I asked for a copy from NECREOUS themselves and this time the sound is much better. To cut it short, DESECRATOR plays thrash/death metal without any fast guitar solos but you can get along well through all of their 4 tracks. NECREOUS plays 5 tracks of death-grind-doom with their "dinosour" theme. I like them more than DESECRATOR. Overall, the sound is not that good but still hearable. This tape doesn't represent the band today because it is 5 years old. Send blank tape + USD 1 for this tape and get a glossy printed cover.
KATADORE Distribution, 23 Mayflower Terrace, $ingapore 568566. xysma@yahoo.com

Split Tape '99

What Marawagas (or now known as Rotten Insanity) Prod trying to do is a good effort. Trying to promote these two band in the S.E.A. region but they must clearly stated all necessary info on the flyer and the tape cover. I thought this was a new release from these bands or re-release of their demo that might contain rare tracks but I am wrong. This is merely a release that combine both of the band's demo into one tape. Anyone who have got Funeral Rites "Wierd Tales" demo will waste their money on this tape. I'm not sure about Regent, a greek death metal band but I am sure the distro took their demo for this band side of the tape. I have try to email Regent (after getting their flyers) but the address is not valid anymore. "Wierd Tales" is an old demo and the band is now having an album under their belt. For those who don't know about Funeral Rites, they playing thrash/black metal with dark keys in his music. A great band ! Meanwhile Regent perform death metal without any scent of greek sound. It has brutal grinding part and swedish melodic death metal. Good sounding tape though. Although this tape is for the price of RM 7 but the kids need to know more info beside the tracks title. The tape cover is neatly design and as I said, does not contain enough info beside track listing. I will give higher marks for the demo of these bands but for this release. 
c/o Kid Ali, P.O.Box 19, 89307 Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia.

SENSELESS / SPUTUM (Malaysia / Malaysia)
Metal Blast Project Split Tape
Rock Candy, 2000

Two well-known East Malaysian bands presenting their latest opus under a label own by CANDY (I guess, not 100% sure), Malaysian first all girl alternative band. What happen to SENSELESS ? They style have change but I regard it as a positive change, not effected by any trend. Their music is more heavy metal than death metal and singing in Malay makes the songs even more interesting. If normal vocals used instead of growling, they can compete with local famous mainstream heavy metal band, XPDC. Their 4 tracks simply rules, especially the melodic solos ! The riffs on the last track from their side is quite familiar. Sounds like they are using the same riffs from a song from their second album. SPUTUM, a well known 'crossover' band is not my fave. Combining hardcore and metal, singing in harsh vocals is not my type since their first release, especially in here where hardcore is more dominant. This release is also available in CD. Usually I will grab the CD but since the price is fucking high and looking at the simple booklet, I think it will a waste of my hard earned money. Fortunately I make the right choice. It will a waste to spend RM 40 for just 4 songs.

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