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Split Release

album_split-decomposed_psychopathia.jpg (60269 bytes)DECOMPOSED / PSYCHOPATHIA 
Split CD
Epidemie Records, 1996
This release is quite old I guess, since written in cover sleeve that the recording session took place in 1995. No date or whatsoever about the release of this Cd can be found here except for that. It was gave to me by Palo Sebesta from a Slovakian thrash band, NO PROMISES as a gift to appologise because for late in informing me about the release of their split CD here in Malaysia. I don't see a reason why he have to appologise. I've once trade with him with a copy of DUST COMPONENTS tape with him, which later their demo is re-release with DUST COMPONENTS tape in as split album/CD. About the band, DECOMPOSED and PSYCHOPATHIA plays brutal death/grind. Just liek Indonesia, Czech also have a lots of death/grind bands. Both plays quite the same kind of music except for DECOMPOSED used some 'extra sound' like sound of the wind, baby crying, etc in their songs. Good production, 22 tracks, almost 70 minutes of brutality.

ESGAROTH / OCCULTUS (Greece/Colombia)
Split CD
Sempiternal Production, 1998

2 obscure black metal band gathered in one Cd with a bad booklet design. Occultus previously release a 9 track demo in 1995. Playing dark metal and their music is mid-pace at most of time. Some fast break also can be heard in between the song and will remind you of the scandinavian black metal. Occasionally, keys are thrown in the music,as well as female vocal but they didn't add any significant contribution to the music. Their part of the booklet includes band picture, lyric and a picture of the band member fucking a woman dressed like a nun (hail blaspheme !!!). Esgaroth, deliver 5 tracks of fast black metal with a bit of the proud greek sound. Also include an untitle bonus track which is much better than other track (on their part) of the CD. Using some male vocals and symphonic keys in the music. This song and Occultus's songs is the high light of this CD. Those who like to hear some obscure underground black metal bands, this is your CD.
c/o Count Lethaemon, Koletti 17, 13123 Nea Liosa, Athens, Greece.
c/o Luis Duque, A.A. 38433 Cali, Colombia.

album-proti_vsem.jpg (13988 bytes) MANIAC BUTCHER / SEZARBIL / INFERNO (Czech)
Proti Vsem
Pussy God Records, 1999
3 Czech black metal bands split CD. The same with other Pussy God release, everything is in black. So don't expect to see color or hear any other than black metal in their releases. SEZARBIL and INFERNO is a new name to me and their music is just an average scandinavian black which might not appeal to some (or maybe just me ?) in the first few listening. MANIAC BUTCHER, in the other hand, delivered some kind of medley of old-school black/thrash song. 20 non-stop minutes of cover song from MAYHEM, KREATOR, VENOM, SLAYER just to name a few. It's great to hear some songs in black metal vocals one after another. MANIAC BUTCHER should be praised for coming out with an original idea. This CD will be great if only feature MANIAC BUTCHER but please give a chance for SEZARBIL and INFERNO to prove themselves. A great purchase for old school and MANIAC BUTCHER fans. My copy is number 607 so there are 53 copy left for sale.

album-perjanjian_ilmu_hitam.jpg (13745 bytes) MISTIK / RITUAL ORCHESTRA (Malaysia / Indonesia)
Perjanjian Ilmu Hitam
Psychic Scream Entertainment, 1999
Two Psychic Scream Entertainment's most famous black metal band in one CD (actually, at the time of this review being made, these are the only two black metal band in this label). Wow, what a great CD... MISTIK features songs from their Airmata Sesalan EP while RITUAL ORCHESTRA songs are (as said) taken from Satan My Embrace EP (this songs also available in Seeking Immortal album). I don't want to comment further. I don't like it and I never will. Just check my review on the respective releases elsewhere.

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