Tape Review

(Evil Records 666-DT1, Japan 1990)


The tracks :

01. Witch’s Mill
02. Black Fire
03. Rage of the Mountains
04. Mion’s Hill

         Produced by Sabbat. Recorded at One One Studio 1990 & Mixed at Stardustclub 1990. Line-up: Gezol (b/v), Elizaveat (g), Zorugelion (d). The songs here from this demo have been re-release on MCD by Holycaust with the exception of a flute intro on the CD.
         The tracks on the CD differs also, Black fire & Mions’ Hill aren’t found on the CD. However, ‘Witch’s Mill’ & ‘’Rage of Mountains’ are taken directly from this demo for the ‘Sabbatikal Devilucifer’ CD with 2 new recorded tracks for the CD.


(Evil Records 666-DT5, Japan 1991)


The tracks :

01. Welcome to Sabbat
02. Splatter
03. Bring Me the Head of Satan
04. Bloody Countess
05. Panic in the Head
06. The Egg of Motley (Madara no tamago)
07. Poisonchild
08. Children of Hell
09. Kanashibari part 1

         Produced by Sabbat. Recorded at S. K. Studio 1985-86 & 1986-89. Line-up: Gezol (b/v), Elizaveat (g), Samm (d) + Ozny (g) on track 06. Official bootleg with previously unreleased recordings. The materials for this demo were recorded in the mid & late 80’s but only release in 1990.
         This demo was re-released as ‘Bloody Countess’ LP by Holycaust Records in 1996 with the exception of the intro track, ‘Welcome to Sabbat’. The songs were taken directly off this demo for the LP, no new recordings were made for the LP. The song ‘Splatter’ were later re-rcorded in ’98 for the African Harmageddon 7”.
         The infectious thrash bull-over-dosing of ‘Bring me the Head of Satan’ , NWOBHM string burning ‘Bloody Countess’ & the ultra-intense ‘Panic in the Head’ are my favs on this release.Both tracks have left a dent on my hornbanging head…