Steel Madness Zine

             This is our tribute to the mighty SABBAT, Asian greatest thrash/black metal band. This SABBATical section was a part of STEEL MADNESS December issue. This special section feature an interview and review of all SABBAT's release (except for some live bootleg and the new album 2000, "Satanasword").

              Please take note that due to out lack of experience and time, the front cover that have been scanned for the review is not the real cover. We have adjust them to fit for the first paper version of STEEL MADNESS. So everything is in black and white, except for few releases. At least you have the main idea of how the actual release look like. It will take ages for us to re-scanned everything but we will do it when time allow us to do so. Currently we are too busy with studies and also Destructor are now serving in the army.

             I would like to give my highest gratitude to Gezol of SABBAT for his support and Destructor in conducting the interview and  the Ministers for their help. And not to forgot Janne Sarna, the webmaster of SABBAT official website for the help and to all label.


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Tape Review
CD / LP Review Part 1