The Interview


 These die hard Japanesque metal warheads have been around since the early 80ís & have existed throughout these 20 plus years. Equivalently, with more than 20 releases under their (bullet)belt alsoÖ
    Their earlier releasesÖunfortunately, no longer available. Only those few sabbatikal maniacal supporters are priviliged to have their claws in a stranglehold on those rare gems. This interview with Gezol was done by me, Destructor, with the aid of modern technology in the August millenia. So, letís get on with itÖ.

Destructor invokes: Hello Gezolucifer!!! How how have you been since I last contacted you? What have you & SABBAT been up to these days ?

Well, I donít remember when I last contacted with you. (Aaarggh!! You donít remember!!~Destructor)

Anyway Sabbat had been doing the rehearsal for live shows in Japan, Yesterday 13th of August We played in my area. So, Next is in Scandinavian lands. Now weíre preparing to play the live performance / shows in Scandinavian tour. Sabbat has a lot of original songs over 50 tunes, so, we must pick up the tunes to play, typical popular songs & any special songs for the fans. So, the rehearsal to play is so important for me. Because, sometimes we play any songs that have not been played for long time. And, now some new records are released, Now album "Satanasword", "Sabbatical Magicrypt - Iberian Harmageddon 7"EP", etcÖ Our future is exciting as usual.


Destructor throats : First and foremost, could you tell the maniacal readers of STEEL MADNESS when & how SABBAT came about. SABBAT have been gods for more than 10 years and yet not many people outside the SABBATís circle know about SABBAT. Why is this so? SABBAT used to be a 4 piece band when you guys started out & then became a triad, so what is the current line up of SABBAT?

Itís the very first time that we appear onto Singapore metal Ďzine. Iím really honor. (I appreciate your time answering these questions~Destructor) Most of people say, "I know Sabbat, only name! So, I donít know their music". Of course, I can not tell our music onto paper! Ha! But, I can tell our "faith of Metal". I hope You really realize our spirit "Die hard Samurai Blacking Metal", little at least. That we generally are not known, Itís meaning many bad situations here. But, I donít care about these problems. Because, I donít need any normal trendy metal fans. "The Sabbatís circle" that you say is equal "Metal Maniax" I believe it. Itís not our purpose that we play in front of 1000 trendy people. Even if the audience is only 3 persons, if the 3 persons are true Metal maniax, we play in front of them with pleasure. All Metal maniax from all around the world already well know Sabbatís spirit & music, really deeply! And You! Till now, South Asian/ Southwest Asian people should learn Sabbatís die hard metal more. I know your lands have very strong metal power. Maybe our music will be best fit into your heart of course!! Welcome Asian Metal maniacs!! Always welcome!! (Agreed!!DEATH TO BLACK-BITCHED-METAL FALSIES!!!~Destructor)

Now is the trio format, I : Gezol (B,Vo), Temis Osmond (G, Vo,Key), Zorugelion (Dr, Vo). I had been seeking another one guitarist for long time before, to get twin guitar formatÖ

But, Iím tired. There is no good guitarist in my area. Already this trio, current format has been continuing for around 10 years, with same member.

Well, It was in í85. In those days, Metal band like us was very rare. We were first Satanic/Black Metal band in Japan.

To be honest, I really wanted to release one full-album in those ages. That agesÖ I have some private problems. So, I have No money. Haha! This is very simple & easy answer. So, I released that 7"s for promotion to get the deal. But, Maniac label that could release our record did not exist. Of course I promoted a lot in Japan & also for overseasÖ with those 7"Eps. Anything did not happen. The í80s left so many legacies in the metal scene. Sabbat could not left a album format into the lists of the legacies. But, We did many live shows. Iím proud of living in the ages. And then, Entering into the í90ies, I could save the money for recording, could find new regular menders (todayís member). So, Weí recorded 1st album "Envenom" at 1990, "Evoke"(2nd album) at 1991. I began to start promotion with this CD. Before longÖ I could receive the letter of contract from Austrian label: Lethal rex. But, This label was terrible Rip-off label. After all , Our New album & old albums were not released.

But, Weíre never give up. And then We recorded "Disembody" (3rd) & "Fetishism"(4th) & some special albums, & did many live shows in Japan. After it, Probably í95Ö I could receive a contract from Italian label: Entropy production. Master/Luca said that "I wanna release all old & new Sabbatís albums in Europe" . But, After all, The release was only re-release of "Envenom" album (CD). Entropy gave up soon. It was not release of brand new album on this label. At the same time, I could receive a contract from American label: Holycaust record. But, Itís mini-album contract of unreleased tx & old demo tx only. Master/Lou released "Sabbatical devilucifer" MCD & "Bloody Countess" LP (This LPís contents also were tx from old demos.). In 1996, we recorded "The Dwelling"(5th) .

After it, I could receive a contact from German label: N.E.P. production. Master/Opyros said that "I wanna release Sabbat brand new album over here, And I can arrange live-tour in EuropeÖ." And, We did tour in Europe. But, After all, after the tour, Opyros said that "I can not release by some my problem".

Really thought all is "Curse of Sabbat"!. Ha! And then, I could have a contact with Costa/Iron Pegasus rex that watched the Sabbat live-shows. So, All was connectedÖ Ö If Luca & Lou did not release my old albums or old materialsÖ If Opyros did not arrange our Euro-tour,Ö Maybe I could not get the support of Costa Ö In this time, We could release our brand new album directly in European underground market. This was one in my big dreams. Iím so satisfied now, and Iím thanking Luca/Lou/Opyros & Janne(Isten mag. From finland /He is opening Sabbat home page: Access to "") & Wim(of Bel.) etcÖ & Costa!! & All Sabbat freaks!!!!!! Iím proud of leaving our many legacies & history in the dying 90ies scene of Hell! Yeah!!

Todayís Sabbat on the music is Ö Some Harmageddon 7"s & "The dwelling" & "Karisma" has each special concept. But, Basically Sabbat is still on the line of the 80ís 7"EpsÖ I think. Todayís Sabbat was special. In the newest album "Satanasword" Sabbat returned to more the early style/ traditional Sabbatical Blacking Deathrash style!! And In Next album Weíll return to More More the early style. But, I only go on my way.

And also, Evil rex is independent label by my self. Somebody could not catch Sabbatís metal. The world & Japan are always delay than us. Ha! Of course I promoted a lot. But, anything did not happened. So, I decided to begin my band-self label. The purpose was to raise the metal-heads & to get maniac supporters. Anyway, Evil records also started to promote. So, all was limited edition. To be honest, I donít wanna do the works of the label at all. I wanna do only music creation & live shows only. Ití better way for meÖ.


GezolDestructor unleashes destructive alcoholbreath : What made you want to form a band & play music since the early destructive alcoholbreath days & what are the objectives you wish to accomplish? What bands does SABBAT listen to and which bands are Gezolís favourite? Does SABBAT listen to metal exclusively or other forms of musick also?

Never changing the spirit & the faith in our hearts. I like to create metal tunes of various styles, like to listen to various metal styles. But, Basically the back ground in the spirit is from the early style/ faith, to continue the early spirit of metal is the objective. Never changing into pop or hard core punk or trendy fuck off styles. Our Metal is Our original Metal till death! And Even if we fall in hell, we desecrate all gods! There is no God in this world. God worship is fuck off style. In this hell, the Reality is the true things. Foolish men worship idols. All Gods are illusion that is created by foolish men.

We mainly listen to NWOBHM or various metals from the í80iesÖ traditional / typical HM/ power metals & Thrash metals like Sortilege, Aria, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Accept, Slayer, Destruction, Bathory, Sodom, Venom, Celtic frost, Black Sabbath, and more.

Personally I listen to also modern Black metal like Scandinavian or from all around the worldÖ ancient BM, Gothic Black etcÖ or Melodic Death metal like In flames, Amon AmarthÖ etcÖ But, rather than them, I gladly listen to Thrashy Black metal from modern scene, like Nifelheim, Paganizer, Nocturnal breed, Inferno, Bewitched, Guillotine, etcÖ Basically I donít like blast-beat. My favorite is Iron Maiden, Venom, Manowar, Bathory, Desrtruction, Slayer, around.

Weíre almost men of the í80ies. So, Of course Our big influence is from the ages. Our Black Metal is mixed with the old traditional style & some new taste on the í90ies & our Original riffz/Melodies/spirits.

Iím proud that youíve felt the old style on my metal sound. Itís real HM & our "Die Hard" spirit.

Weíre not "copy band" of Nordic Black Metal at all. I think weíre creating Black Metal of ourselves

So, We called it "Blacking Metal"!!


Destructor pukes mouthful of Harmageddons : SABBAT have serially release a total barrage of 9 harmageddons Harmageddons 7" vinyls in the name of almost every continent on Earth. (eg. American Harmageddon) with 3 more to be scheduled for released this year. What is the purpose of doing all these 7"? What would be next after all of the earth have been SABBATized? Would the fans be expecting a Mars 7" Harmageddon or a Jupiter 7" Harmageddon?

There is no special purpose. Itís mainly my enjoyment. Anyway, Sabbat-self is my enjoyment in my Metal life. I only wanted "Vinyl attack", Itís only. (SABBATIKAL VINYL SODOMY!! ~ Destructor)

I have no special meaning about Harmageddon in my idea. Why did I fix a titled "Harmageddon". On Christ religion, the end of century is called "Armageddon". I donít believe in this wordís meaning. But, If Armageddon really comes, I welcome the situation. Always welcome mankindís ruin and destructive war in Christian shit! I was OK if with any other word. First American Holycaust rexís Lou said that "Use "Kamikaze", Go with the series". But, I thought Todayís age is "Armageddon" to 2001. Peopleís interesting goes for it. So, I thought, "We can attract attention, more than Kamikaze". So, First the idea of the 7" series came from Lou & Finnish Janne (Isten magazine) at the same time. Janne said, "Have Sabbat a plan to release Black fire - various languageís versions - ?". Lou said "Have Sabbat a plan to release any new 7" vinyl? ". And, I mixed good ideas from both guyís ideas. "Black Fire" is a Sabbatís famous old song. It has Japís & English both versions. So, Janne wanted to add Finnish version or Swedish version to Black fire - "Series". But, My capacity of language study is so poor. Anyway, I can not speak also Japanese well. Ha! So, I took a good part from his idea. Itís "series" and it is "made/released from various countries", like Venom "Assault series"! Lou gave a idea of 7"EP vinyl & a naming of the "series" to me. We are enjoying to watch that people rush to buy ours! Weíre Evil?! But, itís no problem for you that already are Sabbat freaks. You know that this is very Sabbatís way. And the limited edition is fucking delight for the true fans. Donít everybody repent later on.

It never becomes on CD-format. All original tracks are on vinyl only (or cassette tape format). I never release original them onto CD. This is my attitude.

If First vinyl was released, I never do them onto CD. But, if first CD / or tape was released, Iíll do them on vinyl. In fact, I did some of the past on to vinyls (by Iron Pegasus). All Original trax of all special vinyl editions except all regular albums never become onto CD- format. I wanna care Sabbatical maniax in all over the world. So, maybe Iíll "Re-record" these songs with any different arrangement or any other ideas toward new Sabbatical manix. Maybe itíll be into the 20th anniversary special editions of CD-format.

Ha! Mars ? Jupiter? Itís good idea!! But, Who does live in these stars? Maybe you move, and you start to do a record label!! Itís good!!

(Yeah!! Iíll start a label and then the universal Sabbatikal harmageddon onslaught will spread ĎBlack-ingí plague to the alien species!! ~ Destructor)


Destructor gets intellectual, melting brain instead : Why is Harmageddon spelt the way it is & not Armageddon melting brain instead? Does it have anything to do with Hamaguri? What does Hamaguri mean in Japanese?

In Japan, "Harmageddon" is general. There is no a special meaning. Hamaguri is a monster of in my local area, Itís a legendry monster. Sometimes Itís a God, sometimes Itís a Devil. My father is dead by the curse of Hamaguri. It was destructive monster in the ancient tale. But, Itís very difficult to explain the tale in English because of it needs a lot of Japanese exclusively languages.
(I wish you could explain that word & the tale behind it to me some other time ~ Destructor)


Destructor does African tribal war dance : You seem to be interested in learning other languages besides tribal war dance japanese. What other languages besides japanese & english do you speak? The song ĎBlack Fireí from the African Harmageddon 7" is in African(Swahili). How did you manage to get Yohta Takahashi of HEAVY METAL SUPERSTAR REC. to translate the lyric? How was it done? Is Swahili an African dialect? The cover of this 7" also features an x-rated cover which shows a womenís pussyÖwho models for this cover?

The pussy of African Harmageddon is my grandmotherís one!! Ha!! (yum yum ~ Destructor)

Yohta was in Tanzania for long time. I donít know in detail why did he live in Tanzania. So, He learnt the Swahili over there. It was not problem to sing at all he said. So I did it. On pronunciation, Yohta check up my singing. Since í86, I have a good friend ship with him. He is one in good supporters all around the world.

Salam!! Ha! Iíve learnt it from you. Iím very interesting of learning other languages. But, In fact, Iím very busy with various actions/ matters, So, I can not get the enough times to learn languages. My English is also still funny? Maybe 50% is false? Moreover my Japanese is funny! Ha! Itís one in my heavy matters in my life! HA! But, anyway I donít care.

Many people still says that Japanese or Asian languages do not fit to Metal. (says who?? Iíll anal fuck the fucker with my spiked dildo!! ~ Destructor)

I wanna say that Why is English No.1? I know the reason. Many trendy people always look America. The guys think American everything is right/No.1. Foolish guy!! I like to listen to Metals with language except English. I like specially French, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, Korean, and ChineseÖ Of Course Iíd like to listen to Singaporeís lyrics. Unfortunately I donít have any Metal records that were sung by Singaporeís words. Anyway, So, I did it/"To sing with Japanese" on Karisma. So, The true Metal maniax should listen to original special version. Mother language has special many meaning & original feeling. We can give the special feeling, we can create original Metal-feeling. Donít you think so? Sometimes I write Japanese lyrics. On the album, "Karisma" is the 1st time. But, I have some recorded tracks in special releases. These are special present for Japanese fans and for Japanese supporters from overseas.


Destructor convulses: I personally think that the way your lyrics were sung & pronounced in a non-proper form of English gives SABBAT character & originality. What do you think of this & would SABBAT be different if the lyrics were to be pronounced well?

Ha! To be honest, I wanna sing regular pronunciationsÖ also, to be honest, I donít care about it. Ha!

Yes! I almost spend one day with a big dictionary, for one interview from English countries like you. Itís bit hard. So you can find lots of my English-mistakes I can not answer 100 % in my mind. But, I try to replay many answers the best possible. My English is maybe child-like or really "Kindergarten" for you. But, Iíve never gone to special English school. So, I studied by myself. And still now Iím studying by my self. I can not speak English very well. Itís almost Evil English. So, You can feel my unique vocal style or Can you feel evil really, the character & originality? You speak Singaporeís English, American speak American English, European speak European English. So, Here is Japanesque English. Bad? All is Evil !! I can not speak also perfect Japanese. So what? Everybody Evil!! So, I donít care about it. In case of I, in my music, The most important stuff is "Tune", 2nd is Vocal melodies/ riff lines, 3rd around is lyrics.

Usually I spend one or two weeks for writing lyrics of 8 songs. I write lyrics with 1/2 English + 1/2 Japnese. After it, I arrange 1/2 Japanese into English. After it, In this time (In case of "Satanasword(new) & "Karisma"-English version ? "Charisma"), Bill (ex. Death/Massacre) & Costa checked up my all lyrics. So, Probably Strange expression is nothing on the writing for you. But, strange pronunciation will exist in my new release again. But, Do think of it! Feel the music. Feel the metal. Feel the evil. Itís not strange! Itís Evil! Evil Asian style!! Itís my way ! (My abyssmal salutes to you from the South China Sea!!! Killer evokals ~ Destructor)


Destructor spins record on head & uses tongue as record stylus : I know you have an extensive collection of rare records & would on head & uses tongue as defend them with your life. as record stylus Which are the rarest and which record/records are the ones that have very special meaning to you? I hope your area is out of the earthquake region. Would be cataclysmic if you have the last mint copy of a totally hard to find record.

Ja! Our area is a very earthquake area. Recently Weíre informed it by newspaper, that "The most dangerous area in Japan, in the near future"!! Fuck! The earthquake is not by the influence of Magma or Volcano or Interplate of seas. Itíll be by a dislocation earthquake. It really suddenly comes. The expectation is almost impossible. If you know KOUBE earthquake, Itís the same situation with the place. But, People are not afraid of it, never. Only one, People only get a ready any food or minimum anything to live after the magnitude 7.0 to come.

Well, Yes! Iíve mainly been collecting traditional HM from the í80ies or current bands of the 80ies style. But, I sometimes buy modern style like Black/Death/Gothic. My important collection is KRAKEN LP/ CD from Colombia, POKOLGEP LP/CD from Hungary, SATAN first 7" from UK, etcÖ KRAKEN is very rare in Japan, also SATAN 7". POKOLGEP is my favorite best group from East Europe; Of course itís impossible to fine them in Japan. I donít have any special rare records from Thrash/Black/Death/Doom. But, Maybe My SABBATís 1st 7"EP is the most rare ? Ha! (Send those unholy sawblades to my shed for safekeeping.Theyíll be safe!! ~ Destructor)


Destructor tries very best to mimic ANGEL WITCH wails : You are also doing METALUCIFER, in the vein of New Wave of mimic ANGEL WITCH wails British Heavy (NWOBHM), which is a great idea & I love all those songs. How did this project came about ???

When I began Sabbat, I liked both barbaric/brutal metal like Black/Thrash & also pure traditional metal. I chose Sabbatís brutal metal to look for the ultimate Kamikaze spirit!!! Youth is violent & merciless ! I think you understand. But, Iíd been listening to traditional metal at the same time. And then, Around 1995 , the scene of brutal metal was full of mega bands in the underground and big major ground. But, traditional metal was too poor, moreover, the media was full of fuck foolish alternative, grunge, industrial, heavy (?) rockers. It has provoked me! It was the very fuckiní Harmageddon! There is a word of Japanese : that "Know old stuff, and realize the new stuff". Itís Samurai spirit. We must know/realize the truthful metalís root. So, Iíve done Metalucifer. The music form the root is simple and the best. I think the evolution of traditional pure HM has already died, finished by around 1986. I think todayís Thrash/Black/Death are still stay on some pure part-lines. But, I can not welcome false cross-over. Headbanging! Whatís beautiful language! Itís the very proof of Metal!!! We must realize the true Metal spirit in chaotic Harmageddon. We need pure rhythm which we can do Headbanging purely!!

If you can feel the old metalís spirit, Youíre so wonderful Metal man!

Metalucifer was born at í95. And The debut was í96 with HM hunter CD, by Elizaveat(G,Dr) & Elizabigore(G) are brother. Elizaveat was in Sabbat till í91. This brother knows well about traditional HM & all rock scene. So, I asked them. "Can you help me?" The answer/It was OK. So, We did this project.

I love HMís all styles. I can respect all metal styles. So, Suckers are always welcome! Sacrifice! ! by Heavy Meatl Drill killer!!!

Metalucifer was named from "Metalucifer & Evilucifer" in Sabbatís Evoke album. The meaning is "Metal + king" or "Morning of metal / Rising metal sun"

Next Metalucifer will be 3 original members & with 2 German musicians (Jochen: Guitarist of Metal Inquisitor & Tormentor: Drummer of Desaster). Iíll go to produce/ play for recording to Germany in November.

For the German rehearsal, We made a tape of HM chainsaw with drum-machine & Guitars. I mailed it to German 2 guys, and then, now, The 2 guys are doing the rehearsal of HM chainsaw- recording. In Japan I check up the recorded rehearsal tape that is played by German guys, check up it Again and again. After it, Iíll go to Germany to produce, If possible. Iíll also play Bass together. After the real recording in Germany, I return to Japan, having a DAT-tape. Weíll record Vocal & Guitar solos/lead Guitar onto the backing DAT - tape. This is New Metalucifer plan!!

If possible, We wanna release HM chainsaw in 2001. If All will go well, Itís possible. Of course Iíve created my all tunes & lyrics for HM chainsaw. Elizaveatís 2 songs are added to it My songs are titled "HM Samurai", "HM revolution", "HM chainsaw", "My way is HM (!)", "Lost Sanctuary", "Warriors ride on the chariots", "Northern Heroes", "Metalucifer part 2". The sound? I donít guess it. But, I wanna keep that NWOBHM -tic sound the best possibleÖ But, Neal Tanaka will take "Metal Chainsaw" and will appear onto the cover.

Costa/Iron Pegasus could find the 2 German musicians by my offer. He hopes to look Metalucifer live show. I wanna play with Metalucifer. So, If possible, The "new" Metalucifer will play in Europe, Japanese 3 members will unite 2 German members. Itís triple guitar like todayís Iron Maiden!! Of course, If I call 2 German guys, we could play with the wonderful unite also in Japan. If the reality comes truly, Itíd be so Great!!


Destructor puts head inside blasting amps : Does SABBAT have any difficulty with a place to practice & rehearse? inside blasting amps Who runs WITCH MILLíS STUDIO? Do you mix your own musick or a sound engineer does all the mixing works ?

The Practice (with all the members) is one time/ 2 hours in one week. The rehearsal studio is 50km away from my area (that I live, 60 km away from area that Drummer lives, 10km away from area that Guitarist lives). Itís in Nagoyaís area. Weíre satisfied with this situation. Itís been continuing since 1991. In Japan, Itís not so hard to find practice studio. But, We donít practice together over 2 hours in one week. Because, I donít like practice, Moreover, Weíre not a technical band. aha! But, So the rehearsal in one week is very important some pointsÖfor the setting for recording or the communication for live show Ö etcÖ .

The composition of new song is in home each . And Sometimes We do arrangement for the new songs in practice-studio.

But, Basically all Composition is in private home. In there, We make up complete songs. Itís better. For long time, Since Sabbat formed, Itís with the way.

Witchís Mill Studio is my house. But, Almost "mixing room" only, there are a 8 track digital recorder & a 4 track analog recorder & some audios to mixÖ We can not play with huge volume in the studio. Itís only almost mixing. Most of Harmageddon 7"s were mastered in here, I did it. But, On regular album, we use other professional studio with professional recording engineer. Itís better. Recording is very hard work in mental parts.


Destructor inspects voyeur cams : I have never seen SABBAT play live only from pictures of your live shows voyeur cams on your releases so what would the readers expect to see during your live shows & do you still perform in your leather underwear? Any plans in making a video for your diehard fans, like me ???

For the present, the plan of the Video release is nothing. Sabbat had not done any gig till last year from end of í97. Because, We were very busy with various record releases. So, In this year We did 4 gig in Japan. But, In case of Japan, If one band did one or two live show in one month, Itís so great thing.

In Case of Japan, Lots of place that we can play exists. The place is called "Live house" in Japan. 2-3 lives house in my area.

Itís not big; the capacity is about 100 - 200 men. The audiences that come to see a live show of metal are about 50 - 80. Of course, I can meet metal brothers in the places. But, itís not many, real brothers is about 10 men in the audience of 50 - 80.

In Tokyo or Osaka, More audience comes to live house, Maybe 100 - 150 aroundÖ

And The booking is done by band-self. We are bought 30- 40 tickets from the live house, and, sell it to fans /guys that want to see our live show. If we sold over 30-40 tickets, We are given some guarantee from the live house-side. If we could not sell all tickets, Weíre a deficit, be red. Itís not easy to sell the tickets in my area. But, To do "Live shows" is very important for band.

Our live show is plenty of leather & blasphemy. Of course I always wear Leather panty & stud-bracelets! Itís METAL! But, Itís very orthodox maybe. Sometimes People says that your live action looks like Cronos + Joey Demaio. But, Iíve never imitated. Itís natural my style. Simple & Headbanging & Evillllllllll!!! (Cronos is a genius!!Gezol is God! !~ Destructor)


Destructor books an an airticket to hell : SABBAT have performed in Europe & Japan. Where else have SABBAT airticket performed? Would SABBAT be willing to do shows in Malaysia & Singapore in the not so distant future for your South East Asian fans ?

Never. Itís Europe & Japan only as you say. In September, we go to tour in Scandinavian lands.

Of course, I wanna play in your lands, I never ignore you. Of course. If possible, weíll go to play next year. For the present I cannot promise. But, Now One Malaysian guy offers me the live shows in Malaysia & Singapore. If possible, I wanna go after we promoted enough. Iím looking forward to see you. (me too, Gezol-san ~ Destructor)

Iím always interesting in play in overseas.

In the European tour in 1997, We were for about 40 days (5 lives in Germany, 2 lives in Holland). 20 days in Germany, went to play to Sweden. Other days were record-hunting. For that, we went to Hungary, Italy, France, Belgium. In those days Temis(G) & Zorugelion(Dr) donít have a fixed job. So, we could get the long holiday. Now they have an each fixed job. So, probably Weíll be not able to do such a long tour in the future. In Japan usually people that has a fixed job cannot get big holiday like a European/American.

This is one in quite fuckiní bad Japanese situation. If the man wanna be kicked out, of course, No problem at all. Ha! Now the holiday that we can get is 2 weeks at the most.

So, Maybe Going to Singapore, Malaysia, Itís easier than other lands. Itís possible in our side. (Sound good, show organisers get in touch. Make this a reality ~ Destructor)

Complete these sentences:


Metal isÖ Heavy Metal is my way!!
Jesus Christ and christiansÖ Fuck off!!

SABBATís metal isÖ.
The Supreme Kamikaze metal
If SABBAT doesnít play metalÖ,
the End of the world
My motto in lifeÖ
Metal till death, See you in hell my friend!! (See you soon!! Iíll keep it warm in the mean time! ~ Destructor gloats)


Destructor flushes toilet: Thanks a megaton Gezol for taking time from your busy schedule to answer my questions. All hell for your tour in September with URN/UNPURE/DENIAL OF GOD/NIFELHEIM. Please end this interview with some last words from you.

OK! Donít forget our "Blacking Samurai Metal""!!! Sabbatical Kamikaze attacks your lands again!! Watch out!!! (Oooarrgghhh please!!! Invade & destroy Singapore!! ~ Destructor)


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