CD / LP Review Part 1


(Evil Records 666-06, Japan 1991) 


The Tracks:
01. Bewitch
02. The 6th Candle
03. Satan Bless You
04. Evil Nations
05. Devil Worship
06. Reek of Cremation
07. Deathtemptation (Kanashibari part2)
08. King of Hell
09. Eviler
10. Carcassvoice
11. Deadmarch
12. Reminiscent Bells

            The first album of SABBAT self-finance released on CD and the best ever album made. This release was re-issued twice by 2 different labels. This CD was 1st re-issued by Entropy Records on limited to 1000 copies in 1995. This release includes the song ‘Black Fire’ replacing track 11 ‘DeadMarch’.
            Re-issued again on limited to 333 copies LP again by IRON PEGASUS in 1999. And also re-issued by IRON PEGASUS in the same year on an ultra rare limited to only 100 copies Pic-Disc.The two IRON PEGASUS versions has the tracks in the same order as the original Evil Records release but with an added bonus track ‘Mion’s Hill’, taken from SABBAT’s self-titled 7”.
            The band was a foursome on this release with Elizaveat on guitars providing this release with double whamming ear ripping solos.

1991 EVIL Records. Limited to 500 copies, CD.
1995 ENTROPHY Records. Limited to 1000 copies, CD.
1999 IRON PEGASUS Records. Limited to 333 copies LP and 100 copies Picture Disc.


(Evil Records 666-07, Japan 1992) 

EVOKE PicDisc Side 1
EVOKE PicDisc Side 2
EVOKE PicDisc Lyric Sheet

The tracks:

01. Dance Du Sabbat
02. Envenom into the Witch’s Hole
03. Godz of Satan
04. Total Necro...
05. Torment in the Pentagram
06. Beyond the River
07. The Whisper of Demon
08. Hellhouse
09. The Curse of Phraoh
10. Metalucifer and Evilucifer

            SABBAT’s 2nd Album. Originally released by EVIL Records on CD in 1992. Re-issued in 1999 on limited to 333 copies Pic-Disc by IRON PEGASUS Records. The tracks on the re-issue are the same as the tracks found on the original release. The songs on this album are less catchy compared with Envenom, but nevertheless captivating…just let them grow on you.

1992 EVIL Records. Limited to 500 copies, CD.
1999 (Re-issue) IRON PEGASUS Records. Limited to 333 copies Picture Disc


(Evil Records 666-08, Japan 1993) 


The Tracks :
01. The Seven Crosses of Damnation
02. Bird of Ill Omen
03. Metamorphosis
04. Diabolicalbom
05. Unknown Massacre
06. Evoke the Evil
07. Flower’s Red
08. Reversed Bible
09. Hungarian Death no. 5
10. Ghost in the Mirror

Limited to 500 copies. 


(Evil Records 666-09, Japan 1994) 


The Tracks :
01. Disembody to the Abyss
02. In Satan We Trust
03. Satan is Beautiful
04. Sausine
05. Elixir de vie
06. Lost in the Grave
07. Burn the Church
08. Ghost Train
09. The Exorcism
10. Evanescent Quitetude
Released with two different covers. 
Both limited to 500 copies.


(Evil Records 666-00A, Japan 1994)


The Tracks :

01. Welcome to Sabbat
02. Black Fire
03. Poison Child
04. Rage of the Mountains
05. Possessed the Room
06. Darkness and Evil
07. All over the Desolate Land
08. Satan’s Serenade 
(QUARTZ cover)
09. Mion’s Hill
10. Black Fire
11. Hellfire 
12. Bird of Ill Omen
13. Danse du Sabbat
14. Envenom into the Witch’s Hole
15. Carcassvoice
16. Bewitch

            ‘Black Up Your Soul’ being Volume #1 of the 10th anniversary CD. The first 11 songs are exclusive new recordings while the 5 last ones are taken from ‘Evoke’, ‘Envenom’ and ‘Disembody’ CDs. Released with two differently colored covers. Both limited to 500 copies. 


(Holycaust Records SIN001, US 1994)


The tracks :

1.All over the Desolate Land
2.Blacking Metal
3. Witch’s Mill
4. Rage of the Mountains

            This is the re-released & re-recorded ‘Sabbatical Demon’ demo 1990 on mini CD with the exceptions of ‘Black Fire’ & ‘Mion’s Hill’ that appears on the demo. In place of the 2 songs that are omitted are ‘All Over the Desolate Lands’ & ‘Blacking Metal’.
            A limited to 500 hand-numbered booklet is also available containing lyrics, bio & alternate cover art for $1 for this mini CD. Limited to 1000 copies, US pressing. No individual numbering. 


(Evil Records 666-00B, Japan 1995)


The tracks :

01.The Seven crosses of Damnation’s(originally from ‘Disembody’ CD)
02.Satan Bless You(originally from ‘Envenom’)
03.Possessed the Room (originally from ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ 7" )
-Dead March (originally from ‘Envenom’)
04.Bird of ill Omen (originally from ‘Disembody’ CD)
05.Reversed the Bible(originally from ‘Disembody’ CD)
06.Evoke the Evil(originally from ‘Disembody’ CD)
07.Evil Nations(originally from ‘Envenom’)
08.Total Necro…(originally from ‘Evoke)
09.Envenom into the Witches’ Hole(originally from ‘Evoke)
10. Disembody to the Abyss (originally from ‘Disembody’ CD)
11.Satan is Beautiful(originally from ‘Fetishism’ CD)
12.Hellfire(originally from ‘The Devil’s Sperm is Cold’ 7")
13.Ghost in the Mirror (originally from ‘Disembody’ CD)
14.Black Fire(originally from ‘Sabbat’ 7")

            A beautifully designed ‘live’ 14-trax CD. The cover folds out into a ‘+’ with pictures of the individual band members on the inside. On one side, all the words & prints are in red which reminiscent of Celtic Frost ‘Morbid Tales’ LP layout and on the flip side, white words and prints.
            The songs were extracted from different ‘live’ show recordings without exact informations or dates & venues. SABBAT went on the “Black Metal Tour 95’ “ with SIGH, CATAPLEXY, AMDUCIAS, ABIGAIL in the same year of this release. Limited to 666 copies. No individual numbering.


(Evil Records 666-00C, Japan 1995)


The tracks:

1.Witch’s Mill (originally from ‘Sabbatical Demon’ Demo)
-Curdle the Blood (originally from ‘Born by Evil Blood’ 7")
2.Satanic Rites (originally from ‘Born by Evil Blood’ 7" )
-Crest of Satan (originally ‘Desecration’ 7" )
3.The Egg of Dapple (originally from ‘Bloody Countess’ tape)
4.Acid Angel(new song on this release with guest vocalist, Ozny)
5.Immortality of the Soul (originally from ‘The Devil’s Sperm is Cold’ 7")
6.Gideon (new song on this release)
7. Kiss of Death (SATAN cover)
8. Mion’s Hill (originally from ‘Sabbat’ 7")
9. Sodoomed (instrumental)
10. Disembody to the Abyss (originally from ‘Disembody’ CD)
11. Unknown Massacre (originally from ‘Disembody’ CD)
12. Whisper of Demon (originally from ‘Evoke)
13. Satan Bless You (originally from ‘Envenom’)
14. Reminiscent Bells (originally from ‘Envenom’. This version taken from 
‘Fetishism’ CD)

            Volume #2 of SABBAT’s commemorative 10th Anniversary CD with 2 differently colored cover sleeves. ‘Black Up Your Soul’ being Volume #1 of the 10th anniversary CD released in 1994 and continued here.
The first 9 songs are re-recorded songs & the 5 last song taken from ‘Evoke’, ‘Envenom’ & ‘Disembody’ CDs. The inner prints of this CD has the lyrics to ‘’Curdle the Blood”, “The Egg of Dapple’ (Japanese lyrics),”Acid Angel”, “Satanic Rites”, “Crest of Satan”, ”Immortality of the Soul”, ” Gideon” and ”Mion’s Hill”.
            The 3rd track has an interesting intro, sounds of water that seems to spill out of an overflowing sink in a prison’s toilet before fading into the song. 
            The 4th track is a thrash song with a great chorus and the song ends with Ozny(who does the vokills on this song) & the guys swearing and cursing. The 7th track is a SATAN cover song dedicated to NWOBHM fans. Limited to 500 copies. No individual numbering.


(Evil Records 666-10, Japan 1996)


            There is only 1 song. ’Melody of Death Mask’, on this CD which plays close to an hour and only meant for die-hards .The song is derived from folklore where a pianist who wanted to create the ultimate melody; whereby various moods & feelings can be blended and expressed at the same time. In the end, in an orgy with witches, he has his desires fulfilled…sexually. Ironically, the orgy is the ultimate melody.
            Probably why the cover symbolically depicts an old grand piano in the middle of a forest during sunrise. The CD sleeve includes lyrics in English so you’ll be able to follow the song/story. The most melodious release & is meant to be ‘like watching a horror movie’. 
            This is a limited edition copy of 450 copies and was released with 2 different colored covers. Bronze cover on my copy. No individual numbering.