We have now decided to make a limited quantity of this webzine in printed version. The format will be A4 size, 40 pages and will be released when the whole 40 page filled with interview and reviews. That's mean we can't decide how many issue this printed version will be released per year.
             The first printed issue will be released before December 2000 in only 500 copies. It will contain all review we have done in this year and selected interview from webzine issue #1 and new interviews we have made for the webzine's second issue.
             Everyone don't hesitate to send it your stuffs and news for support and promotion in the South East Asia. We also interested to have few more staff to make this webzine a succesfull project. Just contact us for info. For other zine project, if you wanted out help and contribution just contact us.

Steel Madness Official Contact Addressess :

M. Syukri Ishak,
71 Star Garden, 
93150 Kuching, Sarawak,
(until January 2003)


Muhamad Syukri Ishak
526 Laluan 37, Tmn Meru,
30020 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Fax : 605-3577178
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