March 2001

IPOH Loudblast Anthems METALFEST Part-2 5/5/2001
Necrotic Chaos
Cryptic Malediction
Enthrone Fall 

Dewan Serbaguna Jln Hussin (near Dinasty club jln Kampar) 
Rm16 !! 
2 pm

any inquiries contact : 

Centra online
Centra online update in the middle of march 2001 featuring review bands of : 
ARCHONTES - "The World Where..." Promo CD 1999 
SPECTER - "Images Of The Innocent" Promo CD 1999 
MORTIFER - "If Tommorow Comes" Promo CD 1999 
ADOLF CASTLE - "Really Crazy Germans" Promo CD 1999 
NORDREAM - "Memories Progression" Promo CD 2000 
GURKKHAS - "Engraved in Blood..." Promo CD 2000 

Soon will be add the review bands of : 
OVERBLOOD "Travel Soul" Promo CD 2000 
STROMCROW "Hell On Earth" Promo tape 2000 
DEATH SS "Panic" Promo Album CD 200 

Exclusive interview with Anthony of : 
SOULBLIND "Da New Breeze" & "Groovy Day" 

Soon will be add special interview with Rouben of : 
NORDREAM "Memories Progression" 

We also still looking bands for honest review and possible interview, just drop us a line if you're interested through this e-mail :

Stay tuned at

• NEOHELLIST 'THE DARKNESS COMING HERE' will be release in early May'01 in 2 part. Almost 30 bands from Indonesia,Singapura,Thailand, Turkey,Sweden, etc will be featured 

with a new design covers plus 3 new shit taken from upcoming MCD courtesy of UXICON RECORDS (BELGIUM). Trade are welcome but please write first to :

NEXT RELEASE : JASAD (Brutal death)
TOTAL RUSAK (brutal death)

check out the web at


Metal lovers, here's some brand new CD for a cheap fuckin' killer price

REINFECTION "They die for nothing" 
ultra brutal death with tons of blast beats. 

TON "Blind Follower/Point of view" 
one of the heaviest technical brutal death metal in the world.
RP 65.000

both of them are in the extreme veins of massive doses of heavy gore grind attack!
RP 55.000

ENCABULOS "Abandoning the flesh"
a prefect combination of CANNIBAL CORPSE meets MONSTROSITY.
RP 55.000

BRUTAL INSANITY "Society kill Catalyst" 
brutal blasting death grind, KATAKLYSM versus CRYPTOPSY.
RP 55.000

cool used shirts for sell :

LIVIDITY - Fetish for the sick - L-size. T- SHIRT
full color CD cover in front, piercing pussy back, really extreme t-shirt!90% condition . 
RP 100.000
CHEPALIC CARNAGE - Exploiting Dysfunction - L-size. T-SHIRT
full color CD cover in front, tour date 2000+full color art work back. 99% condition . 
RP 150.000 
INTERNAL BLEEDING - Perpetual Degredation - L - size .T - SHIRT
cover art work in front, cover art work back, very rare t-shirt these days,as Sparky of DYING FETUS wore it on the CD cover of DF "Destroy the Opposition" CD. 85% condition . 
CANNIBAL CORPSE - Tomb of the mutilated - L-size . Long Sleeve.
uncensored version,the first original edition.50% condition . 
RP 50.000
FUCK THE COMMERCE - festival shirt. XL - size.
logo at front, bands logo back.
100% condition (brand new shirt). 
RP 100.000

semua harga diatas termasuk ongkos kirim!
send orders to:
rek:527 033 1400
atn : K.A.Fernando.

Metal lovers, satan mandate you to have BEHEADED "Resurgence of Oblivion" cassette format! 

Selling points:
-- one the of the most intense death/grind band hailing from Malta, and the most brutal bands from European continent that can captured and mixed the blasting USA brutal death metal style perfectly.
-- The band had already have Soul Dead demo and the first full lenght album "Perpetual Mockery" back in 1996 under their belt, but the mini album "Resurgence of Oblivion" sure did blow the hell out of "Perpetual Mockery" album.
-- The Mighty Music says that BEHEADED "Resurgence of Oblivion" is stricly focusing on extremely brutal, groovy and violent death/grind in the veins of USA bands such as DYING FETUS, SUFFOCATION, and PYREXIA.
-- "Resurgence of Oblivion" mini CD is released by one of the most respectable and wellknown metal label hailing also from European continent, MIGHTY MUSIC that already known for it's killer releases like PANZER CHRIST, INIQUITY, CORPSE VOMIT, ANASARCA, etc.
-- BEHEADED "Resurgence of Oblivion" is licensed and distributed in Indonesia by a small but keep on growing label STILLBORN SOUNDS who born from the deeply concerned about so many piracy/bootleggs records that circulating here in Indonesian metal scene.
-- 3500 copies of flyer spread out only in Indonesian metal scene to support BEHEADED "Resurgence of Oblivion". The flyers specially designed by Bimorbid and Ujang at the one of the biggest brutal DIY Indonesian label EIDELWEISS Production head quarters.
-- The first 200 copies will come with free stickers.

STILLBORN SOUNDS are very fuckin' proud to present this brutal master piece to all Indonesian metal head. They need your support to grow and to bring more original license releases to their
beloved the land of sickness. Please try to avoid booltleggs records and shit!

BEHEADED "Resurgence of Oblivion"
RP 15.000 (include postage in Indonesia)

cumming up on STILLBORN SOUNDS
FATE "No Sense" -ultra brutal yetcatchy death metal blasting from France, in the veins of USA brutal death metal style ! plus 5 tunes as a bonus tracks taken from previous demo.

To avoid something fucked up things that might be occur from Lycos Communication, now they have another free e-mail address ( coz they are too fuckin' broke to pay self domain e-mail address)
please feel free to drop a line about orders or everything to :


M Music is the exclusive distributor of ESP, LTD, Edwards, GrassRoots and Aria guitars/basses and Hughes & Kettner amplifiers in Malaysia. They also stock GHS Strings, Fishman Acoustic pick-ups, Trace Elliot amps, Crate amps, Mapex drums and a wide range of accessories.
M Music is located, and can be contacted, at :
Address : No 12A (1st Floor)
Jalan Telawi 4
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
(opposite Bangsar Seafood Village/Police Station. Next to Restaurant Kam Ying)
Tel : 03 - 2287 3788
Fax : 03 - 2287 6788
Business Hours : Tuesdays - Saturdays (11.00 am to 10.00 pm)
Sundays (11.00 am to 7.00 pm)
Closed on Mondays (but they're still reachable by phone)

Hail to all people
The Sonnengott Webzine is updated at March 2001

The label’s first compilation is now ready for pressing. 12 bands; ENTHRONE FALLS, PYRON (M'sia), VRYKOLAKAS, EREBUS, PSYCHO SONIQUE (S'pore) LIMITS OF NESCIENT, INSANE (Rep Czech), ZHALIM (Indon) DUST, LEGIONS (Sweden), HAWKMOON (France) and HOSTIAN(Finland). Date of release is not yet confirmed.

c/o Hamdan Mohammad Hanip,
93 Batu 11, Jln Jelapang,
31200 Chemor, Ipoh,
Perak, Malaysia.

Ferdi is looking for distributor & trader for CADAVEROUS (Turkish metal band) demo tape or cd-r! Band website :

c/o Ferdi ARSLAN, 
16372 ulucami, 

The latest issue out now. Interview with :
OPERA 9 from ITALY / black metal
PANDEMIA from CZECH / death metal
SUCIDE from TURKIYE/ death metal
VENEFICUM from USA / black metal
SAPIK INEK from TURKIYE/ porno grind
BRODEQIN from USA / death metal

and underground review poster (MARDUK) guitar tab contack box. 28 pages underground fanzine.

second issue possible interview :
INFERNO CZECH black metal

price :
KRVESTEB "The Ultumate Sadizm" Demo 7USD


A debut demo from a new band that called themselves as NEFARIOUS AZARAK. A northern band that will leading the Dark/death metal of Kataha Scene!!! Waiting for their masterpiece! Keyboard oriented, melodic, fast and great cover artwork! Glossy cover and pro-tape. We at STEEL MADNESS really hope their demo killz because their last promo is not something that can be proud of. In the mean time, I keep my finger cross.

AIDG Zine/Dark Coleseum Recs.,
2,Lrg .12,Tmn.Peruda,
08000 Sg.Petani, Kedah,
North Malaysia.

Centurian is damned busy preparing the recordings of the new CD. All nine songs are ready and so are lyrics and title. The CD will be called: "Liber ZarZax" and some song titles are: Colosseum Of Blood, Heading For Holocaust, Speech Of The Serpent. In April, May and June Centurian will record the songs in one of the best dutch studios and Listenble Records will release the CD in September. Also cover and lay-out are in preparation and in the next up-date I hope to show more of it. Stay focused on for the latest details. 

Centurian website up-dated.

The website is finally up-dated. There is a complete new lay-out and a lot of information is added to the site. From now on it will be up-dated everyweek with latest details about our new CD, gigs and much more. With new CD there will be another big up-date in new style. If you want to place a banner at your site; use the new one at the bottom of this page,

c/o Wim
Wallenbergstraat 27
3882 HA Putten
the Netherlands

Tel/Fax: (0031) - (0) 341 - 358002
Mobile phone: (0031) - (0) 6 - 20230571

• New website URL :
• They were contacted to open for SEPULTURA in May the 4th. Shit band you'll say and they agree, but they'll try to bring the thousand people that gonna be there to the grind death underground scene !!!
• Our T-shirt is still available : 70 FF pc / 13 $ pp / 19 DM pp 

(Grind death band)
c/o Fred ANTON
1 rue du collège


FRONT : cover of the split w/Senseless Apocalypse
BACK : logo and smilee of G.B.N.

France : 80 FRFS port compris
Europe : 13 US $ ppd
ROW : write (depending of your country)


HORTENSIEI 8, BL. F-79, OP. 10
TEL / FAX: +40-41-655588


No Fashion Records

MISTELTEIN - Studio Reports
MISTELTEIN are currently in the Berno Studio recording their second, and long awaited, full-length album "Completion". On April 10th the band will be doing studio reports via telephone. For booking of Studio Reports please contact by e-mail at:
or by phone +46-8-6303684.
German press please contact FOCUSION Promotion & Marketing at:

FOCUSION Promotion & Marketing
please contact: Iris Bernotat
P.O. Box 31
73062 Uhingen
ph. +49-7161-9849966
fx. +49-7161-9849960
cell ph. +49-172-7636651

***All press and radio get in touch NOW to schedule a suitable time for you to talk to the band. Don't miss this unique opportunity to interview one of Swedens strongest Black Metal band!!!

MÖRK GRYNING - Maelstrom Chaos
Mork Gryning has returned! Until this day, Mork Gryning has always had a low-priority status, due to the member's obligations to other bands. Times have changed though, and to the forthcoming album "Maelstrom Chaos", they have decided to give Mork Gryning full priority and turn the project into a band. Musically, the new album has a rather melodic touch, more similar to that of the debut "Tusen Ar Har Gatt", then of the second, "Return Fire". The songs should however be described as more symphonic and worked through, and titles such as "Templars", "The darkness within", "Dödens skald" (the scald of death) and "The menace", should wipe out any doubt anyone might have towards Mork Gryning and their creativity, due to the long wait (3 years) since the latest release, "Return Fire". A new fresh element into the band, is the new lead guitarist Avatar. His virtuous playing has brought Mork Gryning
a higher level of skill, quite unique for Black Metal bands. The album is scheduled to be released in August on No Fasion Records. Watch out and BEWARE!!!!!!!

WYVERN - No Defiance of Fate
Wyvern's new album is at last ready for release. After the not too successful debut "The wildfire", they listened to the critics and have now kicked out a real skull-crusher. A new singer was recruited, Toni Kocmut, formerly the vocalist of Swedish metallists Sins of Omission, 
who proved to be in possession of a most outstanding voice. His majestic voice makes him equal to the very best Metal singers of today, and it's no f***ing bull-shit! He has a very personal feeling and an energy completely different from almost every new Power Metal singer. The album was recorded at Studio Fredman (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity etc), and the sound, which had been so poor on the debut, proved to be another very strong side of the album. Heavy and thunderous, although clean and distinct. The music can be described as Heavy/Power Metal, a little progressive, a little symphonic, but still in a very own way a very HEAVY way! The titles are: 
"Horizon of Glory", "The liquid and the Metal", "Morningstar", "Starborn", "The last ordeal", "Like dogs climbing up the moon", "Defiance of fate", "Northern Union" and "The Power of Wyvern".

After a serious fuck up by the old label B.O-Records, they have now teamed up with Swedish No Fashion records. Release date: Spring release!

Listen of the songs "The liquid and the Metal" and "Morningstar" at:

INSANIA - Sunrise in Riverland
New release date for Insania's new album; May 21 (Europe).

MORK GRYNING-Maelstrom Chaos (New full-length album)
WOLF-T.B.A (7" single)
DARK FUNERAL-Diabolis Interium (New full-length album)
WYVERN - No Defiance of Fate (New full-length album)

No Fashion Records. House Of Kicks Distribution. A division of MNW Records Group AB 
Textilvägen 7, 120 30 Stockholm, Sweden 

Promotion office:
Fax+46-8-6433174 (Ph/Fax)


Will be releasing the second full lenght LP/CD of this cult American band. GRAND BELIAL'S KEY "Judeobeast Assassination" Lp/Cd is already being recorded and will be released soon. Their original label, WOOD-NYMPH RECORDS in Belgium, went bankrupt after a worldwide boycott (started by Rough Trade Distribution in Germany among others!) of GRAND BELIAL'S KEY debut Lp/Cd "Mocking The Philanthropist". There is talk of a re-release by another label (BARBARIAN WRATH) as only 500 vinyl copies and 1000 Cd copies were pressed, but the release date is not certain yet. All those interested in further information, contact the label's general of war Cyril.

ARGHOSLENT's CD "Arsenal of Glory" (with "The Imperial
Clans" demo as bonus tracks.) released by SEMPITERNAL PRODUCTIONS is now: SOLD OUT!!! 

HORROR RECORDS in Denmark (Azter of DENIAL OF GOD) has released ARGHOSLENT "Troops of Unfeigned Might" 7"ep in 666 copies (550 copies in clear vinyl already SOLD OUT!!!) in August 2000. Support a truly underground label that only releases vinyl. 

HORROR RECORDS has also released a split 7"ep with NUNSLAUGHTER/GRAND BELIAL'S KEY entitled 'Satan is Metal's Master/Sperm of the Antichrist'
limited to 666 copies. For distribution or trades write to Azter.

ARGHOSLENT will return to Gehenna later this summer to record their second Cd entitled "Incorrigible Bigotry". No further details about this release are known. This release will be the follow up to their debut Cd "Galloping Through The Battleruins". Find out if BARBARIAN WRATH RECORDS in Germany has any copies available of this release. Write to the band for interviews and further information.


Check it immediatelly out:
Label's e-mail:
Webmaster's e-mail:

Arctic Music 

MALEVOLENT CREATION's U.S. Tour has been postponed till late July through August. Upon returning from their European tour on March 1st, vocalist Brett Hoffmann was arrested at U.S. Customs at Miami's airport for a warrant for his arrest dating back to 1995 for a violation of probation charge. This will see Hoffmann serving 60 days in a Florida jail. Without Hoffmann the band obviously cannot tour, so on behalf of Arctic Music and the band we are very sorry about this setback.
The band will reschedule this tour for the summer, and promise it will be crushing!! For the first time they will play material from all 7 of their murderous releases, and will be recording most of the shows for an up coming Live Album!!! Promoters and bands wanting to be involved with this upcoming U.S. Tour should contact John Finberg at or (818) 694-3131.

KULT OV AZAZEL's debut release for Arctic Music is finally ready to be released to the masses on March 27th. Titled "Triumph Of Fire," this CD will set new standards for American Black Metal. This 11-song assault of cold, grim, fast and deadly Black Metal will easily put these masters of the black arts into the Black Metal elite. Upon first listening you will be absolutely horrified and in disbelief of how evil this band truly is. Recorded at Studio 13 with producer/engineer Jeremy Staska (Malevolent Creation, HatePlow, Divine Empire etc.) you can only expect top-notch production. March 27th is the day of reckoning!!!!!

HATEPLOW, after returning from their European Tour, is currently writing music to their follow up to last year's "The Only Law Is Survival" (A monster in it's own right!!!) and say the material is said to be even faster and leaning towards a more grindcore sound. Also, a new bassist has been brought into the band after the departure of bassist Doug Humlack (who apparently disappeared before the bands European Tour in February). Taking over bass duties will be Julian Hollowell (AKA - Xaphan-guitarist for black metal band Kult Ov Azazel). Julian did a great job filling in on bass for the European tour and will now become a permanent member of grinders HatePlow. Expect something released later this year by

In other news, Arctic Music is also in negotiations with France's Listenable Records to release new music from the bands DERANGED, ABORTED and CENTURIAN. Let's hope everything will be worked out because these releases are all deadly. It also looks like they will be releasing the debut CD from Greece's HOMO IRATUS entitled "Human Consumes Human." This bizarre Death Metal act will without a doubt freak you out. As soon as more news comes in, and everything is worked out, they will have mp3's available on our website. They are still looking for new brutal talent, so all worthy bands should submit their promotional material to them.

DISTRIBUTORS - Finally they now have their releases in their office, and will be for sale at wholesale prices. Contact Scott Hecker at for more information.

All of their releases are also available at all good music stores everywhere or they can be purchased at their website at or at Pavement Music's website at 

Arctic Music Group - PO Box 23519 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33307 (Phil Fasciana-vice pres) (Scott Hecker-president)

Finally !!!! The recordings for the new album have been finished. 
The band spent several days in the EXPONENT Studio in Slovakia in February and March to record the latest work "Cognitive Dissonance".
In confrontation with their last output, "Evolution", the sound of the band has changed to an even more aggressive style mix of death and thrash metal combined with keyboards. The vocals are a little bit lower than on the previous outputs and also the variety of the singing has become bigger due to the use of two singers and choirs, which were of course done by the band. The stylistic range has remained very open, as this is already a trademark for the music of DARKSIDE. Below you find the annoucement of the signing of DARKSIDE by the famous french label

DARKSIDE signed with Season of Mist. Their fourth album "Cognitive Dissonance" is to be released in Autumn 2001. More info will follow soon. The members of the band are very proud to be on the roster of SEASON OF MIST, a label which has always created quality outputs and brought to the metal scene big names like ...AND OCEANS, MAYHEM, NOCTURNUS, AGGRESSOR, AGHORA and more.

DARKSIDE Evolution page :
the official DARKSIDE :

"All band members were previously playing in different bands of Bishkek (which is a capital city of Kyrgyzstan - the country we live in - one of the coutries of CIS) the bands performed both heavy and light sorts of rock and metal. Having decided we would like to do some stuff that was really different from what we had been doing before , we got together as a music band and as a team of friends in fall 1999 (so we are slightly over a year old). 
Our home country is a very interesting place actually. It`s the place you would pick last to live in, had you been a rock musician. There is absolutely no one here interested in that kind of music except some visitors of the only existing underground club in which we perform now every once in a while. But we are not disappointed too much with this lack of interest because, since the very creation of the band, local public was not the audience we were aiming at.
That is why we are trying to find promotion and as consequence the ways out of the situation we`re currently in. It is not appropriate to talk about discography at this point because we do not have any releases or anything of the kind."

Andrey Romanov < >

New album of PARRICIDE called “ILLTREAT” 
Format: CD
Time: 38 minutes
Number of tracks: 13 
Music style: intensive, megabrutal death/grind in veins Immolation, Pyrexia and Suffocation
Short bio: PARRICIDE was formed in 1990. They released 4 demo tapes and 2 CD’s. They have always been one of the best death metal bands from Poland. The second CD "ILLTREAT" are killer!
Price: 12 $/ 30 PLN – post included 

CRUDE ENTERTAINMENT is also small underground distro. Ask for full mail order list with tons of CD’s and MC’s included. 

Also manufacture T-shirts and long sleeves. The minimal order consists of 20 pieces. 

Piotr also write for THRASH’EM ALL magazine. It is the biggest monthly printed metal magazine in Poland. The bands, which want to be reviewed in it, send him your stuff. 

Piotr Popiel
Al.Slowackiego 31/10
31-159 Krakow

The organisation of this year's ProgPower festival in Europe is proud to announce 3 more bands that will play the festival in Sjiwa - Baarlo - The Netherlands the first weekend of October 2001. The new bands are Aztec Jade from the USA, Into Eternity from Canada and VandenPlas from Germany. This means that we have now 7 bands confirmed.

The full line-up so far is :
ANDROMEDA (sweden)
ANOMALY (holland)
VANDENPLAS (germany)

For more infromation check out the official website of ProgPower, and jump to the European section.

ProgPower Europe 2001
c/o Rene Janssen
Vergelt 5a
The Netherlands

A new recording is planned with WARRIORS OF DEATH, the label owned by John Agressor, guitar of the legendary horde HADEZ (Peru). A Split CD with PACTUM (Brazil) will be released later this year under CHAOS 666 RECORDS from Brazil.

c/o Luis Guillen
Urb. Honor y Lealtad
Mz. G - 1 lote 33
Lima 33 - PERU


BUTCHERY MUSIC (Bulgaria) released 2 very brutal bands. This is the Swedish BRUTAL DEATH METAL band.

RELENTLESS-"Experiment In Excrement"MC and Bulgarian Death/Grinders 

ENTHRALLMENT-"Burning Fields"MCD.Theirs stiles is in the vein of old CANNIBAL CORPSE,DEEDS OF FLESH and DISGORGE (USA).

If you have interest about this our release,please visit our price list:
For 1 copy-10 USD/20 DM
For 2-20 copies-7 USD/14 DM
For 21-50 copies-6 USD/12 DM
For 51 and more copies-5 USD/10 DM

RELENTLESS-"Experiment In Excrement"MC
For 1 copy-5 USD/10 DM
For 2-20 copyes-3 USD/6 DM
For 21-50 copyes-2.5 USD/5 DM
For 51 and more copies- 2 USD/5 DM

Please, send your money in letter on our address:

P.O.Box 1206, 
For more informations:
Web Site:


Dream Warriors is out now , This first issue has 72 A4 pages, it is written in English, it is a fanzine of pure hellish Heavy Metal. The hell begins with 21 interviews SODOM (GER), ANVIL (CAN), AGENT STEEL (USA), GRAVE DIGGER (GER), NECROPHAGIA (USA), SABBAT (JAP), TANKARD (GER), DESASTER (GER), LIVING DEATH (GER), SKULLVIEW (USA), NECRODEATH (ITA), WIZARD (GER), DOMINE (ITA), LORDES WERRE (USA), WHITE SKULL (ITA), METALUCIFER (JAP), STORMWARRIOR (GER), VIOLENT FORCE (GER), STAHLTRÄGER (GER), BLIZZARD (ITA), STEEL CAGE (ITA), more tons of reviews: demos, old Lps, 7", 12", new Lps & Cds. The second issue will make compilation cd, then bands, labels can send your stuff that it must Heavy Metal (N.W.O.B.H.M, classic, epic, power, speed, thrash, death black) specifying from where comes the material (album, demos etc.), inserting logo and biography of band, then we will choose the best songs to put on cd. 
Dream Warriors #1 (one copy + include postage) costs for Italy 8000£/4 (per posta prioritaria + 2000£/1), 
for Slovenja 1000 SIT
For Europe 10DM/5 USD/5 (for priority post + 2DM/1USD/1)
for the rest of World 5 USD (for air mail + 1USD)
only for advance payment. 
For distributors (worldwide): 
5 copies costs 30 DM/ 15 USD/ 30000 £ (include postage).
For distributors (worldwide): 
10 copies costs 50 DM/ 25 USD/ 50000 £ (include postage). 
For + 10 copies you contact us to:
P.O. BOX 666
34070 ITALY

Pennsylvania's cult black/satanic/death metal legends CRUCIFIER will be recording their debut Lp/Cd "Stronger Than Passing Time" very soon. Last year, SINISTRARI RECORDS (R.I.P.) released their final split 7"ep CRUCIFIER/NUNSLAUGHTER 666 red colored vinyl. Ask Cazz Grant for any 
further information regarding these atrocities. 

SPIKEKULT RECORDS/END ALL LIFE Productions in France released the very limited GRAND BELIAL'S KEY "The Tricifixion of Swine" 7"ep. Originally to be released by Opyros and N.E.P./Barbarian Wrath, but due to a plethora of problems with the German government, END ALL LIFE took over the operations. Only 300 copies of this vinyl were pressed. This label will also be responsible for the vinyl version of GBK's second full lenght LP. Get in touch with Hasjarl for further information.

demo 2000 cd-r #2, grind over europe edition:
-track listing: 1. goatlord2001, 2. grind freak railroad, 3.
mothernaturefucker, 4. single bullet theory, 5. down the fucking hole, 
6. chromatic blackness, 7. armed response, 8. supervirus 4.0, 9. 
Supervirus 5.0, 10. kill the jocks and eat their brains.
these songs were recorded a few weeks before the grind over europe tour in our rehearsal room/deaf american studios....these songs are all new and feature a new dual guitarist attack and much heavier production than the first demo------5$ covers postage and cd-r if you live in the usa...$7 worldwide

demo 2000 cd-r #1: 
-track listing: 1. 6.5 billion (pieces of shit), 2. madeleine albright's sexy, 3. pig's head, 4. metal emergency, 5. supervirus 1.0, 6. supervirus 2.0, 7.
supervirus 3.0, 8. fear of a black metal planet, 9. boxcutter, 10.
bio-satanic terroristic attack, 11. jesus!, 12. Goatlord 
----1st recording ever by tfd, 12 songs, 14 minutes, --------5$ covers postage 
and cd-r if you live in the usa...$7 worldwide

t shirt:------tfd logo, as seen on all of their shit, 12" wide and 8" tall
-black logo on the front of a white hane's 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt,
sizes M,L,XL or white logo on the front of a black t-shirt, sizes M,XL
......$10 covers tee and postage in the u$a, $13 worldwide

official Website :
most of the songs on these demos can be downloaded for free at

c/o r. hoak
#3 bethel church road
dillsburg, pa 17019 usa

CRIPPLE BASTARDS: "Misantropo A Senso Unico" cd
....out march 5th, 2001: a new cd of the most unrelenting, full-on 
violence of CRIPPLE BASTARDS ' ultrafast Italian hatecore and grind nihilism 
yet!! 16 pages of lyrics and comment, 16 new songs, 33 minutes of total 
grind tornado......$10usa, $12world

CRIPPLE BASTARDS is the oldest and most prolific Italian grind/punk 
Outfit of the times, born in Asti, a small gray town in the north of Italy. 
Formed in 1988 by two young noise-makers: Giulio The Bastard and Alberto The Crippler. The band goes through a variety of styles: filthy raw punk, total noisecore nihilism, Italian style '80s hardcore, brutal misanthropic grindcore: all of it super fucking fast. CRIPPLE BASTARDS have released tons of demos, 7"s, comp. tracks, split releases, etc. always thanx to the help/support of DIY labels/distros around the globe. CRIPPLE BASTARDS took part in the biggest punk/hc shows of the '90s in Italy and has played all around europe with tons of legendary bands like RATOS DE
CRUNCH, ENTROPIA, COMRADES + tons more. To find out more about this important 
And intelligent band go to

gasoline throat fueled Japanese fastcore vs. grinding hardcore powerviolence from california...$4usa/$6world

NO REST FOR THE DEAD "THE END OF SPACE" CD debut full length cd by an
amazing japanese stoner grind/death rock band! on deafam's first cd
release, no rest for the dead hail from tokyo and combine old school
cannibal corpse and brutal truth with pink floyd and jimi hendrix, 
twisting grind/death heaviness with psychedelic stoner melodies into an original 
and remarkable sound. apocalyptic sci-fi lyrics are screamed and sung and
begin at the edge of space where the earth is just one atom of the 
universe and we human beings are such very small things. . . .produced by r.hoak 
and no rest for the dead, the 6 tracks on "the end of space" make up over 
40 minutes of full-on tuneage including "any green here", a stonergrind 
sci-fi opera in 5 parts. . . $10usa/$12world

belgian mincecore freaks meet NYC hardcore grind, harsh vicious vocals and production from both...$4usa/$6world

deafam t shirts(ultra-brutal action in size XL only): features the 
charming and beautiful alexandra and her pump shotgun posing beneath the deaf am
logo, ultra-brutal action for the extreme music underground, black and
white printed on a gray shirt: $10usa/$15world

c/o r. hoak
#3 bethel church road
dillsburg, pa 17019 usa 

DEAF AMERICAN RECORDINGS are available at your local record shop and/or
through these distros: AUSTRALIA: In League With Satan; BENELUX: Anvil 
Of Fury, Uxicon; CANADA: Sonic Unyon; Uk: Deathstill, Sterilized Decay;
FRANCE: Bones Brigade; GERMANY: Morbid; ITALY: Cripple Bastards; JAPAN:
Allman, Hg Fact, Howling Bull, Nat, Record Boy, T.H.A.; MALAYSIA:
Grindmalaya; MEXICO: Vortex; NEW ZEALAND: Subcide; SINGAPORE: 
Homegrown; SOUTH AFRICA: Groinchurn; SWEDEN: Distortion; U$A: 6 Weeks, Ax/Ction, 
Beer City, Blackened, Century Media, Chimp West, Choke, Ebullition, Escape
Artist, Garment District, Infection, Interpunk.Com, Newbury Comics, Relapse, Revelation, Rhetoric, Riotous Assembly, Some Strange, Sound Idea, Stickfigure, Subterranean, Tribal War, Very;
you can get deafam and tfd releases with a credit card at:

some other mailorder stuff you can get from deafam:
email ahead if you want one of these last few things on this list, 
there's only a few left of each

*vehemence/total fucking destruction split 7"
3 tfd songs from demo #1!!: vehemence is a ripping UK grind band, they released this 7" on their own deathstill records---$4usa/$6world
*ninefinger: ninefingered cd on chord recordings: 7$usa/9$world: 
black flag meets black sabbath, pre 1994 hoak and mike dean
*tripscope 5 song 7" ep: dystopia/neurosis type stuff from g7 records,
comes with art/lyric booklet 3$usa/5$world
*cripple bastards: "live to hate people" 22 songs live on a 3" cd, on 
the applequince label 7$usa/8$world: from 4 different live shows in 1997
*brutal truth: for drug crazed grind freaks only, live at noctum 
studios +1 mini cd: 10 songs recorded live for radio promo on bt's last tour in 
new zealand, no new tunes, just superfast and crazy live versionsŠ 10$usa/12$world

BEEF CONSPIRACY's very own Carlos McPablo has completed the first issue of the official BEEF CONSPIRACY comic entitled "The Book of Beef", it features the story of exactly how The Beef came to be in all it's gore drenched glory. It will soon be up on theirr web site for you to peruse but if you crave a printed copy send £1 to- 

Beef Conspiracy 
18 Springfield Road 
Walpole st Andrew 
PE14 7LF 

Misery Omen are now about to have their demo released as a split tape with fellow Australian Cult Black metal Band 'Cauldron Black Ram'
This will be released through NecroSound Productions and available
from it will cost $6 US/ $7 AU including postage and limited to only 400 copies!
Miserys Omen is an abysmal progressive black metal entity from Australia having just recorded their debut release it is now available from them directly. The cassette demo is $5 US including postage, they welcome trades but write first!!
4 studio tracks of abysmal progressive black metal available on cassette for $5US (write for trades)

Track Listing:
1. Desolate Winds of Mars 
2. Burning Reign 
3. Ashes Smoulder 
4. Mortalia's Abyss 
Approx running time 17 minutes

c/o Arganoth
Highgate S.A
5063 Australia

OBSCENE Productions
OBSCENE releases for 2001!!! 

OBP 039 - CRIPPLE BASTARDS "Almost Human" CD
A collection of all studio recordings from 1987 to 2000 (except actual album "Misantropo A Senco Unico"), including all singles + compilation tracks + unreleased footage, all completely re-mastered with fuckin' powerful sound!!! Audio terrorism from legendary Italian butchers going on!!! Killer 20 pages booklet with brilliant photos, lyrics, flyers of shows etc.!!!

Tracks like : Negativity / Pete The Ripper / I Wonder Who The Real Cannibals Are / I Hate Her / Fuck Politics , Let's Riot / Jesus & His Crabs / I Dare You / Italia Di Merda / Prospettive Limitate / The Mushroom Diarrhoea / Polizia, Una Razza Da Estinguere / Inside Out / Stimmung and much more...
Songs : 50 songs , full-lenght CD
Total time : about 59 min.
Release date : 14.02.2001
contact for band :

OBP 040 INGROWING "Suicide Binary Reflections" CD
Definitely will be there new album of bombastic Czech grind band INGROWING!!! Trax are really explosive like their brilliant live shows and sound is from the best Czech studio Hostivar!!! The lyrics wrote again Chymus (singer of bitchbrigade ISACAARUM) and they'll tell us more about problems of suicides and dark sizes of life!!! Music will be nothing less than 100% Grind core dynamit!!! ARGH!!!
Tracks like Suicide... / Binary Reflections / Dreams Torn Asunder / Chemical Emotions / Enigmatism / Demodeus / Deflated / Virtua Bleed etc.
Total time : full-lenght CD
Release date : 20.03.2001
contact for band :

OBP 041 ISACAARUM "Cunt Hackers" CD
ISACAARUM clyster squad strikes again!!! In march ISACAARUM will record new CD with name "Cunt Hackers" and you'll get really obscene & sick tunes that will shock you!!! After their "Curbed" CD that was released last year they change musical style that is now more aggressive/extreme and called XXX - panzer Grind!!!
Tracks like : Teenage Cunt Powerplay / Vagina Panzerfaust / Lost Between Tits / Bitchbrigade / Anal Razzia / Cumshot Combat / Integrated Vulva Hacker / Climacterium Pleasures / Curbed / is it enjoyable, isn't it???
Total time : full-lenght CD
Release date : 13.04.2001
contact for band :

Brand new trax of killer grind core band from Czech!!! You can wait for really blistering grind core stuff, in 35 minutes you'll get at minimum 24 intense songs!!! 
Total time : full-lenght CD
Release date : june 2001


OBP 038 LYKATHEA AFLAME "Elvenefris" CD OUT!!!
It looks that this band is really something special/original and many magazines respect their amazing music and write fantastic reviews!!! For example reviews at big Czech magazines are 7 of 7 in BIG BENG mag. (LYKATHEA AFLAME was no. 2 in soundcheck in the November issue, just butchers from Liverpool - BEATLES - was better!!!), 6 of 6 in SPARK mag., 9 of 10 in ROCK & POP mag. etc. and of course first reviews from world are here too and they are cool !!!

News for OBSCENE EXTREME 2001 (06.07. & 07.07. 2001 , TRUTNOV - CZECH rep.) are that they ask now bands and they start with web page for festival with exact info about bands that will murder our ears at this brutal show!!! Special web page for OBSCENE EXTREME 2001 is open on where you can find it under OBSCENE EXTREME and choose from English and Czech language...Definitely they have for you some bands that will crush their stage!!! Like headliner of one of the nights will be there slaughtercult band EXHUMED from California!!! More bands??? ENTRAILS MASSACRE (did you remember their killer set on OEF 1999???) from Germany, finnish grind/crust attack IRRITATE, grind core MINFLAIR from Germany, death metal MALEDICTIVE PIGS from Germany, two brutal bands from Holland INHUME & MANGLED, South African grind core hell GROINCHURN, two very brutal death bands from Germany OBSCENITY & PURGATORY, gore assault SANITYS DAWN, sick !T.O.O.H! from Czech and of course Obscene hordes FLESHLESS, INGROWING, ISACAARUM, LYKATHEA AFLAME, CEREBRAL TURBULENCY!!!

In July 2001 will tour in Europe our bands ISACAARUM & INGROWING together with killer EXHUMED from California!!! If you can support this slaughter tour write now!!! 

OBSCENE productions
P.O.Box 28
CZECH republic

After 2 demo tapes a successful seven inch vinyl release & a demo cd-r 2 years ago, legendary Greek epic metal band REFLECTION will release it new CD soon under SECRET PORT. 

MOBILE +3-0938-118465
E - mail :

Florent is now using new email address: 


The released of a CD amazing, legendary ENS COGITANS 1996 album "Heart Of The Way". 6 magnificent songs of extremely technical progressive post doom from one of the Russian Scene's leaders - ENS COGITANS. 50 minutes of intellectual music, top production, breathtaking adventure in digital format - all it available for: Russia - 8 USD, Europe - 10 USD, Rest Of The World - 12 USD.

Due to good sale of the last release - NR003CD OVERSUN CD "Tragedy Of Time", they were forced to make another print of additional 500 CDs to feed your interest. Now they take your orders again with the same friendly prices: Russia - 5 USD, Europe - 7 USD, rest of the world - 8 USD. Bitter sarcasm and unmasked mockery through every line and every note! Electrobrutality in its best. From the creators of Ens Cogitans for those, who dare to take this computerized assault of calm, feeble sheep life!

Also available:

NR002CD ENS COGITANS 1999 "Re-Vision".
Excellent gothic metal. There is nothing to compare, just make your own decision. Full-length CD "Re-Vision" in co-operation with Seven Art Music (Italy). Prices: Russia - 10 USD, Rest Of The World - 14 USD.

NR001CD OVERSUN 1998 "Pinnacle's Obsession"
Soft mixture of melodic metal and modern computer's technology in first stream of revelation - OVERSUN - with brilliant mini-album "Pinnacle's Obsession". Prices: CD-r - 5 USD (C.I.S. - 3 USD), tape - 2 USD (C.I.S. - 1 USD).

For more information, please, check out official site -

Contact: c/o Oleg Alimov
Tolmachev St. 11-82,
141282, Ivanteevka,
Moscow region, RUSSIA
c/o Harold Dekkers
Kruisstraat 2, box 201, Leuven, 3000, Belgium.
Phone: 32 16 207 525

"Lower than low" is essentially a 3 person operation; they are basically into stuff like grind,gore death and so on; It's a new italian label in the underground scene and our policy is quite simple:you send them your stuff, they'll listen to it and if they like it expect to hear from them within 2 week or so. 
Their first project is to release a full length CD compilation; whoever is interested in it, please send them your stuff (tapes demos cds ...). The reason why they are doing this is only to promote underground bands all over Italy and all over the world. They don't care how nice your packaging materials look, the music is what's important. 
At the moment they are working on a split "7"ep and they are looking forward to release many others with your contribution.

VIA PITELLI 112,19100



01. 01. 2001 started new webzine METALVIEW (at present with new design!!!)
in Czech and English. Try their and when You have interest for promotion in METALVIEW (and follow-up in encyclopedia Hard&Heavypedia), send them infos about You, photos, demos, CDs etc. They are reviewing every single, album, demo, video, fanzin, magazin or book they get).
Further they offer (except promotion in Hard&Heavypedia) sale Your CDs through
their mail order-service.

Ing. Pavel Bartas
H + H Archives
Music publishing & distribution
Polni 359
570 01 Litomysl
Czech Republic

Below are some reviews made by Gilberto of ABYSSUS Zine from Peru.

ANAL VOMIT: "Into the Eternal Agony" cassette. 
I am one of those few people who enjoyed really their previous demo "Welcome to slow putrefaction", a grind-core-death metal demo. In spite of the lost of early brutality, I like this demo tape, more directioned in a Death Metal way, MORBID ANGEL guitar and voice alike, but with out copying them. Powerful themes as 'Slaved Minds', 'Escaping', an HADEZ (Peru) cover version. The only thing I could object is the female intro in 'Avern's Goddess', but for the rest is all correct, included an instrumental that I would never have expected in that old ANAL VOMIT. These guys have a Split Cd in HURLING METAL RECORDS with CARNARIUM (Arg) and FUNERAL (Paraguay).  and are now under the Shadow of sweden PLASMATICA RECORDS  . ROY ELGUERA B. * GIORDANO BRUNO Mz E Lt 15 * URB. EL PACIFICO 1ra ETAPA * LIMA 31 * PERÚ  ANTONIO AMADOR * JR PACHITEA 286 * LIMA 1 * PERÚ 

BLACK ANGEL: "Rites" demo. 
Without doubt, it is assassin old-vein Black-Death Metal. Opened by a satanic choir taken from 'The Omen' soundtrack, and then begins 'Rites' theme. It is very hard to describe it, very unique screamy vocals, which fits perfectly with incredible sick guitars, as in the following themes. 'The Sect' is a good theme too, but maybe the weakest in this demo. But my favorite theme is 'Apocalypsis War (I Part)', so incredible harsh, crude, rawful, incredible musical structure and mono-rhythmic sound, opened by Carl Orff 'Carmina Burana' masterwork, but mixed with gladiators swords noise. I'm going to be tired of describing so wrongfully this tape; just I could add there is a Bach organ piece, used before by a very well-known and objectable band in their debut LP, but BLACK ANGEL makes it sickest and crude. Devastating! The second demo is now finally recorded, so give it a chance. HÉCTOR CORPUS * LOS NARANJOS 166 * REPARTICIÓN * LIMA 7 * PERÚ

CRUEL: "Putrifixion" tape. 
This is a so contradictory tape... a wide range influenced band... sometimes sounds gothic, romantic oriented, but some themes are heavy and extremes, in a dark special way... Keys dominating the atmosphere, but some cheesy parts... That´s about the whole tape, but the tracks I respect are quite old school influenced, very dark emotions... great riffs, heavy metal influenced solos, dark and deep voice... interesting stuff from andean lands... I am sure it would be of my total taste if they do not use keyboards and female voice, we will see in the future... JORGE PALACIOS T. * CALLE 28 DE JULIO # 310 * TACNA * PERÚ.

DISINTER: "Laments from the Castle of Sorrow" demo.
Pure hatred! This debut, in spite of its rare sound, brings devastation in the absolute meaning of the word. Their obscurest work, Dark Brutal Death Metal, but different to DAMNATION or SHUB NIGGURATH, it's just their own style. All the five tracks show their tormented dark sides. Titles as 'In Cathalepsya I dwell', 'Sowing' or 'Soulgrinder' are just little samples, because titles can not describe what their music is about. A must for everyone into old vein music, which someday will be appreciated in its true greatfulness! 

DISINTER: "Unborn" cassette EP. 
Tormenting guitars and chainsaw voice open this release, hard to review, because I expected something in the vein of their previous release. Some American Death Metal influences, but the strong ones, not the cheesy. I'll just add side A is really killer and extreme. I am not very much into side B, but it is good and extreme still. In spite I adore their first demo, this kills many bands that are available. Singing Style very influenced by Cannibal Corpse, so it seems to be a default for some, but musician skills (in special 2nd guitar and drums) give to this well produced demo (or must I say casette LP?) the correct feeling for Uncompromising Death Metal from the Grave (or must I say Wakas?). They soon will record what would be their first CD.... By the way, I´ve been in the last DISINTER rehearsal, and I state that next production will be a TRUE MASTERPIECE, because new themes have captured the qualities I adore of each demo, OBSCURITY and EXTREMITY... Hell has opened its gate!!!!!!!!!! ROBERTO LEONARDI * PJE. LOS MIRTOS 140 * URB. SANTA ROSA DE QUIVES * LIMA 43 * PERÚ

ELEKTRASH: "Excusa para morir" cassette. 
This tape is very hard to review, because we find Thrash Metal with a little of American technique and vein, I think singing style is alike old FORBIDDEN, NUCLEAR ASSAULT- but guitars are not soft; guitars are very heavy. In spite of this, it's not old-vein Thrash, but extremely good, with guitar riffs almost Death Metal. Lyrical topics are about feelings and thoughts about our world, the society system we are among, but taken in an interesting view, not foolish or hardcore stuff. 13 recommended themes for all kind of Metal maniacs.

ELEKTRASH: "Filosofía del Caos" cassette. 
This tape is even harder to review, because the classic Thrash Metal sound is a bit gone to open an experimental thrash sound, like tribal music with some jazzes remembrances, and even aggressive as usual.... It still rapes my soul...... full of heavy and speed guitar riffs, great return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEIR CD DEBUT IS OUT NOW!!!!!!  

Heavy, extremely heavy Doom? Black? Death? It's a mix of this 3 styles. Have you listened anytime old THERGOTHON (Finland), old ROTTING CHRIST ("Passage to Arcturo")? EN LAS ESPESAS NIEBLAS (it could be translated as 'Into the Dense Fogs') is in this vein. They use keyboards in a very atmospheric way, music able to make your soul leaves your body. With some very slow sections, sometimes with clear voice, but good enough for me. 'Alma en Pena ('Soul that Roams')' and 'Enigma' are two heavy amazing themes which takes me into the hiperborealis. So slow and heavy music, I'd die listening them! CARLOS HIDALGO * AV. PETIT THOUARS 927 #207 * LIMA * PERÚ

EPILEPSIA: "Regreso a la Realidad" demo
 It's been for me very hard to give the right review for this release. Musically, four correct themes, and I like specially the theme 'Escoria de la Humanidad' ('Scum of Humanity'). It has a special old KREATOR touch, very old-styled, my cup of tea. It seems like an unpublished "Endless Pain" theme. 'Regreso a la Realidad' is a theme that remembers me a lot to that old Peruvian band NEKROPSYA, a killer thrasher band, and almost a legend here. I don't mean EPILEPSIA is not original. It's original, and they have that old feeling that I love so much. But I don't like too much the 'Preludio' intro, it sounds so glam. And the theme 'Tortura' is good too, and maybe it is the most sticky or contagious theme, but (always there is a damned 'but'), the lyrics of this theme are so childish, that I can't sing it (and really I'd like to do it!), because I'd feel ashamed of myself! In conclusion, good old-styled Thrash Metal (if you forget 'Tortura' lyrics)! GIOVANNI LAMA, SANTA JACINTA #174 (3ER PISO), URB. PANDO 3RA ETAPA, LIMA 1, PERÚ

LEVIFER: "Tribute to the Supreme Beast" demotape. 
Erick from TEMPLE OF THE DAMNED zine ( show me this tape.. Let´s listen it! This is a barbaric demo!!!!!!!! It sounds like a real Lp, Death Black Metal as it is meant to be, impious, barbaric, devastator... Influenced style like American old School, and with that perversion of old european school, The 8 themes deserves not be forgotten in the realms of Levifer... Vocal arrangements are varied but effective, cold guitar riffs, intense as flames of hell, I could detect some POSSESSED and DEATH styles of guitar riffing, drums with a good speed are extremely acompanied by a sick bass.... The corpse paint cover made me think this was going to be a commun Black Metal, but now my Alcoholic Rites are celebrated with this tape as musician veil... DEVIL´S ART PRODUCTIONS * JUAN NALVARTE * AV. 12 DE OCTUBRE # 740 * LIMA 31 * PERÚ .  

MORTEM: "Demon Tales" CD-LP. 
Just a couple of words...extremely Thrashened Black-Death Metal from the grave! It seems like if POSSESSED were back! Get it or die! .... I have some views about this CD... Why the hell it isn´t titled "Daemonium Vobiscum", instead this title? The english title takes over the cruelty and darkness we find in this CD. And I will love a b/w cover... 

MORTEM: "Decomposed by Possession" CD
DEATH CULT MUSIC F***ING RULES!!!!!! Death Rules Supreme!!!! As the first track says, This is a great session. Instead I don´t find original melodies as in their first CD, this is further step, very Straight Ahead Music, and again, some POSSESSED touches, I should say this sounds more "Death Metal" as others, I mean a production similar to ASPHIX or MORGOTH releases (Don´t you know what these bands are? GET REAL METAL instead of garbage!!!). When I listen it at low volume, it is good. When I listen it at high volume it is killerrrrrrrrrrr and malevolous as true Black Death Metal must be!!!!!!!

PSICORRAGIA: "Otoño" demo
They called it Fusion Metal. It could be a right term, I'm not sure...Let's see. In the theme 'Verdad Arida' ('Arid Truth') I feel dark melancholy. In next theme 'Sueño de Muerte' ('Dream of Death'- where have I read that tittle?) I feel really melodic melancholy, accompanied of right violins, like old CELESTIAL SEASON. It is strange, in the theme 'Melancolia' ('Melancholy'), I don't feel any melancholy. This is probably the more Heavy Metal influenced theme, in special in the guitar solos. But the theme 'Otono' ('Autumn') is so good, violins give an emotional feeling (That was the term: Emotional Metal!), in spite of some strange musical changes, but the voice maintains the interest. And 'Descarnado Final' ('Cruel End') has a so SLAYER influenced intro; well I think this is the weakest theme right now. It's more Death Metal directioned, but too common. In resume, melancholic themes are good, some parts really good. Faster parts bore me a little! Six themes of rightful Emotional Metal. MARIO ROMANET RIVAS, AV. SANTA GERTRUDIS 585, URB. SANTA EMMA, LIMA 1, PERÚ. 

RITUAL: "Macabros Pensamientos en la Oscuridad" ("Macabre Thoughts in the Darkness") demo
 What can you expect when lyrics are inspired in H. P. Lovecraft? Dark guitar atmospheres, high technique, Brutal heavy Death Metal. After the intro, 'Tortura' is a so bloody theme, it mutilates many Death Metal bands I've listened, slow and heavy guitars with a sick vocals that fits perfectly in the performance (vocals is alike old BENEDICTION vocals, but more sinister!). But my favorite theme is 'Mente Enferma' ('Sick Mind'), but I can't intend a description of is so great! JUAN CARLOS AVILA * MONTE OLIVO 127. MONTERRICO SUR. LIMA 33. PERÚ.

SARCOMA: "Preludio de Mortandad" ("Prelude to Massacre") demo
I really adore this band! Their music kills all trendy bands! The demo is opened by a keyboard piece alike CHOPIN or LIZST works, and then an unnatural guttural voice starts the inferno. Rawful Death Metal, in total old vein. It seems this band has been taken from the past. I retract of my foolish comparisons with DISSECTION and GEHENNA, it was a false impression I had. The sound remembers me to that old split MASACRE-PROFANATICA, so harsh and crude. Musically could be similar to those glorious bands like AUTOPSY, BAPHOMET, but faster. Definitively excellent stuff! SARCOMA * JOHN CAMARENA B. * JR. WIRACOCHA 155 * EL TAMBO - HUANCAYO * PERÚ.

SERMONIZE: "The Awakening of the Unlight" promo demo/CD-R
7 tracks of violent and tragic Death Metal Rehearsal 'made in Perú'. Heavy, chaotic, with certain melodies, recorded directly. Lyrics based on the renaissance of Andean Pride. Can´t say more. I just a make description of hell, without saying how much it burns.... SERMONIZE * AV. 1° DE MAYO # 733 * SANTA ROSA DE QUIVES * LIMA 43 * PERÚ

Metalic Blood runs in our Veins... and Real Metal is Underground... 
ABYSSUS * GILBERTO HUAMÁN REÁTEGUI * Av. 1° de mayo # 733 * Santa Rosa de Quives * Lima 43 * Perú


RELEASE DATE: 2001-04-23
BARCODE CD: 6660666000505
BARCODE CD: 6660666001502

1) Finlandia
2) The Land Of The Wintersun
3) Heaven Or Hell
4) Beware Of The Dragons
5) Angels In The Sky
6) Lost In Time
7) Heading For Tomorrow
8) Sunrise In Riverland
9) Dangerous Mind
10) Seasons Of Life
11) Tears Of The Nature
12) Time Of The Prophecies 

David Henriksson: Lead & Backing Vocals
Henrik Juhano: Lead Guitars
Niklas Dahlin: Lead Guitars
Tomas Stolt: Bass
Patrik Västilä: Keyboards
Mikko Korsbäck: Drums 

Insania’s new album was recorded at Finnvox studios by Mikko Karmila during the summer of 2000. "Sunrise In Riverland", the title of the album says it all, and the sound and the songs on this album were something totally different than before but still the musical style remained as true Insania metal. With the fresh attitude and with the production help from Mikko Karmila the result was a dramatic and melodic metal album.

* Recorded at Finnvox Studios
* Produced by Mikko Karmila 


As they have said previously, the KIVIKYY "Kosto" Digipak-CD shall to be
released in the end of 2001 only because Jukka have been very busy with their private life. METAL OSTENTATION "Volume 1" will out end of March finally, but they have decided that they won't do the next volume for this compilation anymore so, this compilation will be a limited edition. The releases to out in the following months are: 
SATANS BLOOD "Christians to Ashes, Angels to Dust" CD
NIGHTSIDE "The End Of Christianity" CD

-WISH (Holland): "Ground Zero Heaven" Folding-box MCD (SRP.09)
Holland's #1 Electro-goth/Rock Extravaganza featuring Bart Smits (ex-THE GATHERING) and Micha (ex-DEAD END). Recorded/mixed in the RS29 Studios 
and produced by Oscar Holleman (i.e Gorefest, Within Temptation, etc). A highly
professional product in all. Similar artists could to be: N.I.N., Marilyn
Manson, Rammstein & Depeche Mode (on cheap drugs!).
-LOST IN TWILIGHT (Finland): "Planeteer" MCD (SRP.10)
Symphonic Melodic Gothic Metal with clean vocal. This is their 2rd release.
The band is influenced by many modern Metal bands from Gothic Black Metal to
Orchestral Progressive Metal and even the guys have a quite different musical taste and musical background. Following the steps of Amorphis and Moonspell circa "Irreligious", but with personality and talent. Beautifull front-cover and good production at Happy Road Studios. Voted as the most popular artist of 1999 in the Metal genre from, they topped the Metal charts!

- Melodic Dark Gothic Metal from Finland. A surprising newcomer to every melancholic souls.
- Orchestral Power Metal from Italy. They aren't Gods yet, but who knows...
- Melodic Death Metal from Gothenburg/Sweden of the hightest level.
- Folk Acoustic Music with female vocals from Norway. Similar to Storm and Dead Can Dance!

- The band is writing material for their debut album which haven't still a date to be recorded neither released. 
- They are ready to record their full-lenght album, it will feature around 10 or 12 songs but there isn't still an title for the album.
- The band is currently preparing a video for their song "Bitch".
- They can to have some releases in the vinyl to out in the next months, it will be a Split-7"EP with KRIEG and a version in LP of "...His Majesty".
- They have already material ready to their full-length album and they will be entering in the famous Astia Studios to record this masterpiece in July.
- They have a second guitar-player, their name is Saitam Gafd.
- They have finished the recordings of the "Black Death" album, it got an amazing quality. And it will still be mastered by master of the Death Metal Jacob Hansen at Aanberaa Studios from Denmark, it will get simply killer and powerful when finished. There is a professional artist creating their front-cover, an artist that explores the dark art in "The Beauty of Pain".
- The fabulous artist Jason Juta (i.e. Covers for Century Media, Accession Rec, etc) does the artwork for their front-cover and their recording will be mastered at Aanberaa Studios as well. Besides that, the CD will bring their previous Demo recorded in Tico Tico Studios as bonus tracks.
- The band will enter in top-professional Watercastle Studios in the end of May to record their debut album, which is still untitled and without the track-listing defined but it shall feature around 8-9 songs. This release will have a high production including a format in Digipak-CD with the front-cover done by Travis Smitt (i.e. Katatonia "Tonight's Decision").
- The band will be playing some concerts together with Ablaze My Sorrow in the Sweden during March. ETERNAL GRIEF features Daniel Kvist ex-Sacrilege (R.I.P.) on vocals. Their debut album is planned to be recorded in the summer 2001.

Postal address: P.O. Box 243, 2500 Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, Fax: 
+351 262
83 3542

SOUND RIOT, Caixa Postal 251, Campo Grande - MS 79002-970, Brazil, Fax: 
67 788 2422

Witching hour is broadcast on RADIO ROCK FM
Highly specialized and intense broadcasting of new, old, rare and deleted lbums.
Thrash, death, black, industrial, heavy fucking non-wimp metal stuff.

Po Box 71
21010 Ferno (Va)

Lithuanian blackmetal bands OBTEST and DISSIMULATION are heading for 
European tour between 12 and 25 of April 2001. Earlier it was announced 
that Dissimulation are going with Nahash, but that was recently corrected, as Nahash cannot actually go.
They are still looking for dates in Poland + Czechia +Slovakia + Austria 
on 12, 13, 15 April; and/or Germany + Benelux on 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24 April; and/or in France + Italy + Switzerland on 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 
24 April; and in Spain + Portugal 19, 20, 22 April.
If you are able to help with organizing a show in one of these areas, or can forward this info to somebody who can do that - let them know about it SAP!!! It can be a small club or a bigger venue. They can play either with local bands or without them.
More details should be inquired from or by phone information (numbers are given below).

OBTEST have gained their cult status in Baltic States, and are well-known in Europe due to their extremely catchy war black metal with purely heathen spirit and majestic choruses filled with music. They have been around for more than 8 years now, manifesting lately with great music through 997 7"EP in 1998 and Tukstantmetis CD in 1999, both through German Miriquidi Productions/Wolf Music. They have a great whole of stunningly extreme new material, that shows the band far ahead anything they, and many more bands, have done so far! Some labels have shown interest in new Obtest already.

DISSIMULATION are paving the old school blasphemous black metal way. They have a 7"ep released last year by Ledo Takas Records. They are completely ready to record their first full-length album which should be out in late autumn 2001, and want to share their vision of black hatred with everyone, on stage!!

P.D. 3080
LT-2026 VILNIUS-26
Tel. (+370) 770 96 26 / mob. (+370) 86 95 755


P.O. Box 210212
28222 Bremen

"Almost Human" CD tracklist

01. "Pete The Ripper" 02. "negativity" 03. "I Wonder Who The Real Cannibals Are" 04. "I Dare You" 05. "Ring The Curtain Down" 06. "Guerra E Pecador (brigada Do Odio) 07. "Cleaning My Ass With Zips & Chains" 08. "II Sentimento Non E Amore" 09. "Insuppressible Revenge" 10. "Sbocco Nichilista" 11. "I Hate Her" 12. "Get Out And Bite Them" 13. "Mondo Plastico" 14. "Fuck Politics, Let's Riot (The Scroungers) 15. "Always Unsatisfied 16. " Jesus & His Crabs" 17. "Odium Prevails" 18. "Sexual Hysteria" 19. "Jurisdictions" 20. "Incurableness Of A Junkiefied Nation" 21. "Dawn Of Ecology" 22. "Punch Drunk" (HUSKER DU) 23. "The Girl Who LIves On Heaven Hill" (HUSKER DU) 24. "Strejt Edz" (Tri Debela Praseta) 25. "No Way/II Tuo Amico Morto" 26. "Haunting My Worst Sleeps" 27. "Morte Da Tossico" 28. "II Grande Silenzio" 29. "Quasi Donna...Femminista" 30. "Misantropo A Senco Unico" 31. "Conclusione" 32. "Misantropo A Senco Unico" 33. "I Hate Her" 34. "Me & Her In A Microcosm Of Torture" 35. "Italia Di Merda" 36. "II Sentimento Non E Amore" 37. "Idiots Think Slower" 38. "September, 18th 1993 39. "Prospettive Limitate" 40. "the Mushroom Diarrhoea" 41. "Hazardous Waste (Negative FX)" 42. "Polizia, Una Razza Da Estinguere" 43. "Bomb "La Scintilla" 44. "S.L.U.T.S." 45. "Fuck Politics, Let's Riot" 46. "Lotta Per Il Potere (Kollettivo)" 47. "Jurisdictions" 48. "Inside Out" 49. "A Dispetto Della Discrezione" 50. "Stimmung"

1-4 : split 7"EP with WORLD (Nat Rec.)
5-6 : extra tracks from the same session
7-10 : comp. tracks Sept. 1998
11-16 : split 7"EP with I.R.F. (MCR Company)
17-21 : split 7"EP with P.E.L.M.E. (Havin' A Spazz Rec.)
22-23 : tracks from "Land Speed Sonic - tribute to HUSKER DU v/a CD
24-26 : comp. tracks with two piece line-up (GTB drums & vocals, ATC guitar) some still unreleased
27-31 : "II Grande Silenzio" 7"EP (Rhetoric Rec.)
32-50 : Live in Utrecht/Holland at A.C.U. club, 27th feb. 2000

Contact CRIPPLE BASTARDS for interview etc. : 

Italy's sickest personification of rage strikes back with an awesome release!!! A complete collection of all studio works that came out after the legendary "Your Lies In Check" album, goin' from 97 to 2000, except the brand new album "Misantropo A Senco Unico" also around these days. Here you'll find their trax from split 7"EP's with WORLD, I.R.F., P.E.L.M.E., the ultraraw "II Grande Silenzio" EP + many comp. trax and even a good number of unreleased tunes. The CD ends with an incredible selection of live anthems recorded in Utrecht/Holland one year ago - awesome soundboard recording, certainly the best live footage of CRIPPLE BASTARDS ever heard. All professionally remastered and pumped up to the best sound dinamics, though considering the fact that C.B.'s prime feature is extreme distortion terrorism and sonic filthiness, so what you'll get here is a total bloodbath of raw, dirty as fuck Grind/Fastcore nihilism leaving your ears soaked in septic disgorge. An unbelievable feature of this collection is the constant line-up changes C.B. have passed thru in the last five years, something like 4 drummers, 3 bass-players, different guitarists etc... CD comes with 24 page booklet including tons of lyrics and a gallery of flyers/posters of their most significant shows in the last years. C.B. have the rare ability of joking in a really sarcastic way with controversial matters and anti-PC subjects. "Almost Human" is mainly focused on the more and more increasing people's lack of humanity, and that's probably the meaning behind the shocking front cover photo that shows a girl forced to a blowjob with a gun pointed at her head!!! As I told, C.B.'s way to make irony is really sick/merciless and can be often misunderstood. So get ready to be offended and screwed up by this 50 track agression of legendary falafel Grind/Hatecore violence!!!

- Being around sice 13 years with tons of records out on many labels worldwide C.B. can be easily mentioned as one of the most important and influential Grind/Hatecore bands in the European scene of the last decade and hopefully of the next one as well.
-The band played loads of shows all around in Europe and opened for bands like THE VARUKERS, RATOS DE PORAO, DOOM, DROPDEAD, HELLNATION + tons more, reaching a really incredible popularity both in the Punk/HC and the Grind/Metal scene.
- CRIPPLE BASTARDS took part as special guests at both Obscene Extreme festival in 1999 and 2000 and raised total stagediving inferno among the crowd of bloodthirsty grind fanatics.
- First album "Your Lies In Check" sold more than 5.000 copies and is still very requested all around. The new one "Misantropo A Senco Unico" (CD out these days on Deaf American) seems to go even better, so far as the first 2000 LP's already went off at speed of light!!!
- Slated to appear at this May's FUCK THE COMMERCE festival in Germany and next OBSCENE EXTREME festival in Czech republic.
- C.B.'s previous cooperation with Obscene productions was the FALAFEL GRIND comp. CD featuring 32 bands worldwide playing C.B. covers (GROINCHURN, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, ORCHID, DENAK and many more) and it got a good success and extremely positive reviews on the main European underground mags...

Also available from the label :
OBP 033 FALAFEL GRIND - 32 bands proving that CRIPPLE BASTARDS suck!!! CD
(Total grind sampler, party CD to CRIPPLE BASTARDS with covers of ROT, BLOODSUCKERS, CARCASS GRINDER, GROINCHURN, GRIDE etc., 20 pages booklet, massive CD-ROM with 4 video clips, rare photos and much more!!!)

OBP 040 INGROWING "Suicide Binary Reflections" CD
Definitely will be there new album of bombastic Czech grind band INGROWING!!! Trax are really explosive like their brilliant live shows and sound is from the best Czech studio Hostivar!!! The lyrics wrote again Chymus (singer of bitchbrigade ISACAARUM) and they'll tell us more about problems of suicides and dark sizes of life!!! Music will be nothing less than 100% Grind core dynamit!!! ARGH!!!
Tracks like Suicide... / Binary Reflections / Dreams Torn Asunder / Chemical Emotions / Enigmatism / Demodeus / Deflated / Virtua Bleed etc.

OBP 041 ISACAARUM "Cunt Hackers" CD
ISACAARUM clyster squad strikes again!!! In march ISACAARUM will record new CD with name "Cunt Hackers" and you'll get really obscene & sick tunes that will shock you!!! After their "Curbed" CD that was released last year they change musical style that is now more aggressive/extreme and called XXX - panzer Grind!!!
Tracks like : Teenage Cunt Powerplay / Vagina Panzerfaust / Lost Between Tits / Bitchbrigade / Anal Razzia / Cumshot Combat / Integrated Vulva Hacker / Climacterium Pleasures / Curbed / is it enjoyable, isn't it???
contact for band : 

Brand new trax of killer grind core band from Czech!!! You can wait for really blistering grind core stuff, in 35 minutes you'll get at minimum 24 intense songs!!! 
Total time : full-lenght CD
Release date : june 2001

PRE-ORDERS NOW!!!!!!! Trade list on request!!!

OBSCENE produtions
P.O.Box 28
CZECH republic

LEVIFER: Tribute to the Supreme Beast
Devil´s Arts Productions has just released this Black Death Metal Master Piece, which is being distributed so that Evil invades entire Earth!!! Ave Supreme Beast!!! Musically, Levifer sounds more Bestial and Morbid than ever, specially because of Primitive and Insane vocals. "Tribute to the Supreme Beast" has pure Darkness and an Abysmal feeling; and at the same time, certain technical parts are shown on this Evil stuff, so if you want to check the kind of Darkness Levifer proclaims, then listen to Black Hymns like:

1. "Evocated Goat"
2. "From the Depths, I invoked you"
3. "Majesty´s Kingdom"
4. "My Lord of Darkness"
5. "Black´s Soldiers"
6. "Levifer"
7. "Infernal Crypt"

which are included on this "Tribute to the Supreme Beast", demo cassette XXIII A.S. 
This Fuking Demo Release is on 60 minutes tape format (same program of 30 minutes on both sides). Original tape is pressed for both sides and cover contains Black Hymns and Hellish Photos. It has been released professionally With good quality sound and design!!!
Black Metallers, "Tribute to the Supreme Beast" contain songs that are played in the Pure Old Morbid Style of Levifer. If you never heard this band, then you should expect Old Black Metal with Raw riffs and vocals!!!

This Great "Tribute to the Supreme Beast" is available as follows:
Perú: 1 copy: S/. 10.00

1 copy: US$6
10 copies: US$40
13 copies: US$50
20 copies: US$76
27 copies: US$100

For Higher quantities, additional wholesale prices can be added!!! (All prices include P&P). All Black Metal Maniacs (Distributors, Zines, Labels, Bangers,...) Feel free to write!!! All trades are welcome!!!

Special Prices for Zines and Distros:
1 copy:US$5 (World)
1 copy: S/. 6 (Perú)


Levifer was formed in 1996 by Levifer and Jose. In the beginning the band (two unholy members) didn´t have a name but then they recruited some other people and decided to name it Infernal.
They always worked silently scourging each others brains . Later, no original members leave the band so former line-up continued working and developing Black Creations in their way of Old raw Metal from Darkness to Evil !!!. At the same time, it´s decided to name this Eternal band, "Levifer", as a Morbid and Wicked Symbol, declaring War to God and Cult to Darkness!!!. In 1999, Levifer began recording its first demo cassette titled: "Tribute to the Supreme Beast", until it was finished in 2000. Drums were done by José and. Levifer recorded all Hellish Strings and Perverse Screams!!!

(*Available for US$15 each)
*Sarcofago: "Satanic Lust"
*Beherit: "The Oath of The Black Blood"
*Blasphemy: "Fallen Angel of Doom"
*Levifer: "Tribute to the Supreme Beast"
*Goat Semen: "Goat Semen"

Tapes Format: 
(*Available for US$5 each) 
(**Available for US$6 each)
*Anal Vomit: "Into the Eternal Agony"
(Primitive and Insane Death Metal!!!)
*Anal Vomit: "Sudamerica Brutal"
(Sadistic Death Metal)
*Belzec:"World Genocide"
(Genocide Black Metal )
**Black Angel: "Rites"
(Southamerican Black Metal)
*Goat Semen: "Goat Semen"
(Terrorist Black Death Metal)
**Levifer: "Tribute to the Supreme Beast"
(Black Death Metal from the Depths)
*Saram: "Sinners"
( Black Death Metal)

(*Available for US$15 each)
*Sarcofago: "Nights in Hell" (Sarcofago in Live 1986/87, Brazil, Pure Sickness, Old Evil Hymns + ancient covers) Make your order now or die!!!
*Hadez: "Even if you died a Thousand Deaths"
(Old Death Metal in suffering from Peru)

Zines: (*Available for US$6)
*Temple of the Damned Issue 3 (Tons of information about bands like Conqueror, Usurper, Funeral Mist, Decayed, poster of Vulcano, Gods!!!)
*Eternal Fire Issue 3 (Australian Metal Scene Report, Black interviews to: Costa Stoios from Tales of the Macabre zine and Iron Pegasus Records, Levifer, Goat Semen, Anal Vomit, Gospel of the Hornes, ....and much more!!!Pure Holocaustic Bands!!!Just for strongest ones!!!)

Devil´s Arts Productions and Distributions

c/o Juan Nalvarte
Av. 12 de Octubre 740
Urb. Peru Lima-31

Check out:
Levifer´s Official Hellsite at:

The silent majority (CD) 

-First CD (1999) Private Release 
-Power Metal like old ICED EARTH or LEFAY from Germany 
-19 minutes playing time 
-booklet 4 pages with lyrics 
-young talented band 
-500 copies only made! 
-did 2 demo tapes before 

1 CD: 18 DM 

Postage (please add!) with jewel case (sealed): 
non registered registered 
Germany 3 DM 7 DM 
Europe 8 DM/4 US $/3 GBP 12 DM/6 US $/4 GBP 
World Sea Mail 8 DM/4 US $/3 GBP 12 DM/6 US $/4 GBP 
World Air Mail 16 DM/8 US $/5,50 GBP 20 DM/10 US $/5 GBP 

you can save postage: 
without jewel case: 
non registered registered 
Europe 5 DM/2,50 US $/2 GBP 12 DM/6 US $/4 GBP 
World Sea Mail 5 DM/2,50 US $/2 GBP 9 DM/4,50 US $/3 GBP 
World Air Mail 10 DM/5 US $/3,50 GBP 14 DM/7 US $/4,50 GBP 

send your promopacks for review in IRON PAGES magazine/Germany.

Jens Häfner 
Wolliner Str. 1 
D-26215 Wiefelstede 
Fax 0441/6640601

TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION wants to destroy you and your friends and family and all that you love and care about. Please email if you can set up a gig for them sometime in the next few months in your hometown and they will take care of the rest.

-2 new split 7"s should be out soon, one with BLOODRED BACTERIA (total grind with members of AGATHOCLES and NIGHT IN GALES), the other with MONOLITH (a fucking amazing band from vienna)
- TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION is working on new songs and a new demo, look out for the new songs to be played in the live set
- TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION will do a short east coast usa tour with japan's unholy grave in august. Anyone who would be into helping set up some shows for this mini-tour, please get in touch
- TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION is currently in negotiations with suckers worldwide for a full length cd release, but they are holding out for big big $$$, so this might take years. If you have some crazy plan that could speed up the process, please get in touch asap
-info on TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION merch (demos, tees, 7" vinyl etc) is available, send email to with subject line: "yes, madeleine albright is sexy" for further instructions

*the official site of total fucking destruction:

Metal Force Magazine #4 is now printed and available. It contains news (mainly from Ukrainian metal scene) interviews with Ukrainian bands NOCTURNAL DOMONIUM, FLYING, DATURA, CASTRUM, VAE SOLIS, BLACK INQUISITION, SACRAMENT, AR, Italian newcomers NOTHING ELSE and Polish legend VADER, special label reports from Latvian Beverina Production and Canadian Great White North Records, an article about Kharkiv metal scene and large review section - CD, MC, demo, 'zines, gigs. Everything comes on 40 pages professionally printed on offset paper with black/blue/white cover. The issue is written mainly in Russian with a little addition of Ukrainian. The post-paid price is: 4grn - Ukraine, 1USD - CIS, 3USD - the rest of the world. Order your copy at the address: 
Vadim Shatniy, 
P.O.Box 94, Kryvyi Rig, 50102, Ukraine


EXINFERIS, GANESHA and Criminal Hooks are still hard at work on the forthcoming "EXINFERIS analyzing GANESHA" split CD. Scheduled for release start of May 2001. We heard the tapes from the studio, and lets face it - if Hans Goodlife gave KNEEJERK / ABJURE the worst split of the year award, then this will surely get "THE CD I WISH I HAVE RELEASED AWARD". Well I am waiting to see what he will say about this. This is just out of this earth, see them live.

Starting this saturday in UK, dEFDUMp are starting their European Tour 'Seas, roads and mountainpeaks'. We are all so excited about this as they are absolutely amazing live, check out the shows. Also in UK on all shows their good friends EXINFERIS will play as well so that is just unbelievable. See you all on tour.
dEFDUMp recorded a new album which will be titled: "David vs Corporate Society" and is set for release on 1st June 2001. Before that we will have the 'Circle's Closing' MCD re-released on Skipworth. Look out for this release in late April. dEFDUMp have also told me that they set up a 9 day tour of FRANCE and UK from 1-9 June 2001 in time for their new album release on 1st June. They will be in UK on the 8 & 9th June if all goes to plan. They just never stop touring, then full summer European Tour. Keep checking the website for more info as the June tour is nearly confirmed.

17 STITCHES have a lot of touring lined up also. First off more shows in London and once again supporting AFI. The show is going to be so amazing I can wait with AFI and STAMPIN' GROUND. Tickets are available online from or but to avoid booking charged get them direct from the Electric Ballroom. Right now 17 STITCHES are just talking about a split with INDICATE from Netherlands which should be amazing. Look out for INDICATE on tour this summer. Those boys are good laugh and a great band. More news soon.


ENGAGE 'When will this end' 7" (Skipw001)
17 STITCHES 'Closer than you think' MCD (Skipw002)
KNEEJERK / ABJURE 'Don't clap it startles me' CD split (Skipw003)
dEFDUMp 'Circle's Closing' MCD (Skipw004) * Release date April 2001 *
EXINFERIS analyzing GANESHA split CD * Release date May 2001 * - Updated every couple of days!

MISTELTEIN are currently in the Berno Studio recording their second, and long awaited, full-length album "Completion". On April 10th the band will be doing studio reports via telephone. All press and radio get in touch NOW to schedule a suitable time for you to talk to the band. Don't miss this unique opportunity to interview one of Swedens strongest Black Metal band!!! 

For booking of Studio Reports please contact us by e-mail at:, or by phone +46-8-6303684. 

**German press please contact FOCUSION Promotion & Marketing. 

FOCUSION Promotion & Marketing
Iris Bernotat, P.O. Box 31
73062 Uhingen
ph. +49-7161-9849966 
fx. +49-7161-9849960
cell ph. +49-172-7636651 

No Fashion Records. House Of Kicks Distribution. A division of MNW Records Group AB
Textilvagen 7, 120 30 Stockholm, Sweden 
+46-8-6303601(Fax) (E-Mail)
Promotion office:
Fax+46-8-6433174 (Ph/Fax)

24. - 26.05.2001
in Neiden (Torgau) / Germany

+ saturday night extra concert: TOTENMOND exclusiv record release party

Tickets for all 3 days:
In advance 44,00 DM (inkl.7%taxes and fee) + 6,00 DM for postage, alike how much tickets you order. Outside Germany payments only with money in advance. They send tickets with insurance. 
Parking and Camping is for free. Arrival is possible from wednesday at 3 o'clock p.m.
All Info's : or contact:

Silvio a D.J. from Radio Star Sul FM - 102,9 MHZ, and also the owner of NAILED NAZARENE RECORDS have produced since 1998 a weekly radio show called STAR TRIPS SHOW that have like direction, all kind of metal tendencies, goth, darkwave, ambient and all Urderground styles. The idea is promote bands that are not well known from the audience in Brazil.
With no costs of advertising,expose your band(s) in his radio show and promote your homepage to further business. All he ask to provide this service is a copy of cd (promo) from your band(s) if you are interested to be promoted by Star Trips Show - Brazil.

They are been supported by bands like :

Record labels like: Century Media, Hammerheart, Nuclear Blast, Relapse Records, Dark Symphonies, Earache, Repulse Records, Battlegod Production, Near Dark Production, Psychic Scream, ARC Production, Spoth Records, Dies Iraes Productions, Rock Haven, Heavy rock Records, Valhalla Records, Tumba Records,Rothness Records and others.

Lots of Bands from Bloadsoaked Promotion have sent cds and had radioplay guaranteed like: 

Silvio Novelletto Jr.
Star Trips Show - "Supporting Underground all over the World
Nailed Nazarene Records -mailto:

proud to announce that from now on, all their releases will be Officially & Exclusively distributed in Germany by SPV! The first releases marketed by SPV (release-date 21th May 2001) will be:
- code004 - RAKOTH - "Jabberworks" - Digipack-CD - Bombastic Rakoth Metal from Russia (Featuring the Russian Grotesque Live Orchestra) more than 7.000 copies sold of the previous album "Planeshift" (
- code005 - DIABOLICUM - "The Dark Blood Rising (The Hatecrowned Retaliation)" - Digipack-CD plus CD-ROM track - Swedish Infernal Metal ! (featuring contributions-guests appearance from Jon Nodveit/Dissection, Dirge Rep/Enslaved, Wraath/Naglfar, Setherial, Bewitched, Martin/Pungent Stench, Hollenthon) ( )
- code006 - BLOODSHED - "Skullcrusher" - Digipack-MCD - Swedish Skullcrushing Metal, captured at Sunlight Studios... Marduk meets Nile! the new sensation from Sweden!

make your pre-orders for these 3 great releases at their distro-sales office: 
if you are a magazine or a radio interested in reviews-inties-broadcast, contact Manuela at:
IMPORTANT: in Germany All the promotion of these releases will be done by Sure Shot Worx - Hamburg :

more news: 
Their official site was recently upgraded with a new branch of the well known code666 webzine, called "WASTED LANDSCAPES", a Grey Area dedicated to Ambient, Apocalyptic Folk, Industrial vibes, ruled by Void Of Silence's Mastermind RIccardo Conforti. The code666 live web radio was changed too, adding a lot of new songs and improving the connection-quality, check it out directly at: 
(here you'll find ALL our bands and ALL their songs , 24h a day, in low-fi online-streaming).

all our past releases are now finally reprinted and back in stock for orders:

code001 - RAKOTH - "Planeshift" - 8 panels Digipack-CD - Fantastic Epic Dark Black Metal from Russia, (100% on Aardschok Magazine/holland, 6/6 on Scream magazine/norway) (
code002 - EPHEL DUATH - "Phormula" - 8 panels Digipack-CD - 666% Unpure Avantgarde Black Metal from Italy, (more than 29.000 downloads on !) (
code003 - AGHORA - "Aghora" - Digipack-CD plus CD-ROM track - Technical Emotional Metal (Featuring Sean Reinert & Sean Malone from Cynic, Death & Gordian Knot) from USA, (

code666 - via billi 2 - 40026 imola - italy -
tel-fax +39-0542-684952

New interviews!!!
* Belphegor (A) - Necrodaemon Terrorsathan....says it all!
* Amon Amarth (Swe) - One of the leading death metal bans is talking about their latest release "The Crusher"
* God Dethroned (Hol) - Our Dutch pride about their latest release "Ravenous"
* Necrophobic (Swe) - Cult black/death metal band!!
* Custard (Ger) - Heavy/Power metal from...well guess it, Germany!
Also alot of reviews and ofcourse the latest news!
They have 7 crew-members right now, experts on every style of metal, so if you would like to have a fair review (and the possibilty for an interview) of your release, just send it to the addres below!

c/o Ricardo Mouwen
Kapittelhof 34
4841 GX Prinsenbeek


Finally DARK FUNERAL have decided the titles for all the songs they recorded for their new album DIABOLIS INTERIUM. A few days ago the band mastered the album at the Cutting Room with Peter In Debetau, with whom they have mastered all of their previous albums. This also means that we are coming closer to a release date of "DIABOLIS INTERIUM". We will keep you regularly posted about the release dates, tours etc as soon as we know more ourselves. 
Right now, the band are working to complete the layout for "DIABOLIS INTERIUM". It's currently being worked on by Morbid, who has also done the most stunning cover artwork for this album. 
A premier sneak preview of their new album will be to the German magazine "Rock Hard" for one of their sampler disc. The track will be an un-mastered version of the album opener “The Arrival Of Satan’s Empire“. 

Track listing for "DIABOLIS INTERIUM". 
1) The Arrival Of Satan’s Empire
2) Hail Murder
3) Goddess Of Sodomy
4) Diabolis Interium
5) An Apprentice Of Satan
6) Thus I Have Spoken
7) Armageddon Finally Comes
8) Heart Of Ice

At the end of April, The Storyteller will enter Studio Fredman to record their second album, which will be released in September. The album will probably be titled "Crossroad", and it will contain at least 12 tracks.
A few gigs are also scheduled.

Lars Jelleryd is no longer a member of Lobotomy, a replacement is already working with the band, and Lobotomy will tell you who it is in the near future. Meanwhile the new, 4th album, Dislocated..." has been delayed due to personal and line up reasons. But the recording should start sometime this summer. We hope to have the new album completed by the end of the year. In teh meantimee enjoy "Holy Shit". Also Daniels little "Metal-baby" Tounge Twister have recieved alot of interest and a mini album should soon be recorded. Lobotomy will be touring this summer 13/7-29/7. Check with our booking agency Soundfront for further details:

* DARK FUNERAL-Diabolis Interium (new full-length album)
* WOLFEN SOCIETY-Conquer Divine MCD (featuring members from Acheron, Incantation, Dark Funeral & The Electric Hellfire Club)
* MORK GRYNING-Maelstrom Chaos (new full-length album)
* Hymns of INSANIA part II-Sunrise In Riverland (new full-length album)
* WOLF-Moonlight (CD-S/7”)
* WYVERN-No Defiance of (CD)

A Pagan Black Metal Band formed in the middle of 2000, by Novelletto (Star Trips Show) and Marcelo Miranda (ARUM),in the mood of Borknagar meets Carpathian Forest.Canis Lupus is releasing their demo , showing 2 songs that will take part in their Forthcoming Masterpiece Album "Tales of Ogur", a conceptual album, based on JRR Tolkien literature ,Icelandic Sagas and norse mithology. It will be released in Brazil by Nailed Nazarene Records.
U$ 5.00 - postage included.
If you are interested in Canis Lupus Demo or looking for a partnership with Nailed Nazarene Records to Release the full length Canis Lupus overseas Contact :

Nailed Nazarene Records
R.Ceu Tropical,113
Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil


Hemlock 'Lust for Fire' CD - FMP 027
Ultra violent blackthrash metal from one of the most hateful bands to emerge from the states! Pure metal mayhem with a totally crushing/raw sound! Features members of Ravenous!

*Trades welcome! Email for wholesale prices! or order online with our secure online ordering system.
*promo packs available to magazines, radio stations and distro's.

Coming Soon:
Primigenium(spa) “All Your Tears will be Ours” MCD
Shining(swe) "Within Deep Dark Chambers" CD
Acheron(usa) “Compendium Diablorie” CD
Black Witchery(usa) “Desecration of the Holy Kingdom” CD & t-shirts

FMP releses:
Fmp001 Burzum “debut” CS - SOLD OUT
Fmp002 Hades “...again shall be” CD
Fmp003 Algaion “Oimai Algaiou” CD
Fmp004 Swordmaster “Wraths of Time” MCD/LP
Fmp005 Black Funeral “Vampyr- Throne of the Beast” CD
Fmp006 Octinimos “On the Demiurge” CD
Fmp007 Everdark “Armageddon’s Birth” MCD
Fmp008 Argentum “Ad Interitum Funebrarum” CD
Fmp009 Abruptum “Vi Sonus Nigrae Malitiaes” CD
Fmp010 Hades “Dawn of the Dying Sun” CD/LP
Fmp666 Mysticum “In the Streams of Inferno” CD
Fmp011 Primigenium “Art of War” CD
Fmp012 Indungeon “Machinegunnery of Doom” CD
Fmp013 Lord Wind “Forgotten Songs” CD
Fmp014 Diaboli “Towards Damnation” CD
Fmp015 Black Funeral “Empire of Blood” CD
Fmp016 Piledriver “Metal Inquisition/StayUgly” split CD - DISCONTINUED
Fmp017 Tribute to Hell “Satanic Rites” Double Compilation CD
Fmp018 Centurian “Of Purest Fire” MCD
Fmp019 Acheron “Those Who Have Risen” CD
Fmp020 Apollyon “Diaboli Gratia” MCD
Fmp021 Black Funeral “Moon of Characith” CD
Fmp022 Willow Wisp “Delusions of Grandeur” CD
Fmp023 Centurian “Choronzonic Chaos Gods” CD
Fmp024 Tribute to Kreator CD
Fmp025 Diaboli “Anthems of Sorrow” CD
Fmp026 Hemlock "Lust in Fire" CD
Fmp027 Conqueror "War Cult Supremacy" CD
Fmp028 Primigenium "All Your Tears will be Ours" MCD

PERMANENT ADDRESS: (fmp is not relocating)

Full Moon Productions
2039 Roxburgh Court
Lakeland, FL 33813
tel 863 644 8664
fax 863 701 9309 - website
- Online catalog - FMP messageboard

- new URL:
- "WHERE THE TREES STILL SPEAK" MCD is actually released on picture MLP (500 copies limited edition) by Belgian act PAINKILLER RECORDS, more infos on
- a single CD, "AFTER ALL / SCARED FOR THE LAST TIME" (extracted from new album DAWNING GLOOM) is about to be released on ARS METALLI (
- finally available new MP3 files with party of some of their new songs! Check them out by visiting 

-The band has just returned from Omega Studios where they recorded a 1-song promo "Summoned 
to Suffer", to be featured on upcoming sampler CD for SOD Magazine! This is above all the 
most extreme music that PESSIMIST has ever recorded, and they'll have LIMITED QUANTITIES 
available on cassette and CDR so get in touch if you're interested! Or pick up a copy of 
SOD #17! (Next Issue) 
-The band will travel to FL in June/July to record the next full-length, newly-titled 
"Slaughtering the Faithful". Fans can expect this CD to be their heaviest and most intense 
material to date, and highlights the talents of new members yet retains the Evil and 
technical "Pessimist sound" -- while taking it to the next level in terms of speed and 
total brutality! "Slaughtering the Faithful" is due out on LOST DISCIPLE RECORDS fall 2001. 

ICQ# 20294588
6670 Washington Blvd. Elkridge, MD 21075 USA 

PO Box 340 Winthrop, MA 02152 USA 

BLACK HOLE, the most extreme underground mag from Brazil is back from the grave. Now you have the chance to feel all the taste from the depths of the underground metal scene getting this new bloody issue #09 that comes in 56 pages, written in english, full coloured cover, b/w inlay all done with amazing art direction extravaganza. Awesome interesting interviews with: FLESH GRINDER, 
INCANTATION, IMPALED, MURDER CORPORATION, INSANITY, THE CHASM, IMPETIGO, GURKKHAS, LIVIDITY, GONKULATOR, NOVEMBERS DOOM, LEUKORRHEA, CINERARY, APOCALYPTIC RAIDS, DISINTER, MALEVOLENT CREATION, AGAURES, GORGOROTH, HORFIXION, DESDOMINUS AND ABSORBED. News and nearly 100 reviews of CD's, 7" EP's and tapes are waiting for you. This back deserves something more, so you'll also get TOTALLY FREE the promo CD - Black Hole Compilation Vol. 1 with 21 extreme trax featuring CARVE, HATRED, EPICEDIUM, FLESH GRINDER, LYMPHATIC PHLEGM (two unreleased trax), FUCK THE FACTS, INTESTINAL DISGORGE, SIEGE OF HATE, SUCAMUS, NEURAXIS, SATHANAS, MORGAN, UNHOLY ARCHANGEL, EZURATE, DESDOMINUS, KRUEGER, REPROBATION, LEUKORRHEA & SUTURE. What are you waiting for? Get your copy today. The prices are $ 7 USD (world) & R$ 12,00 (Brazil) both are postpaid. 
Send the money very well concealed in a registered letter coz' no responsibility is assumed for lost mail!!! Distributors get in touch for wholesale prices. 

CEP 80.011-970 - BRAZIL


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