February 2001

After the first assault, Domain Zine returns once again with the second strike. This opus features IMMORTAL RITES, REQUIEM, ABVUL ABASHY, IMPIETY, DEPRESSION, KIBOSH SIBYL KISMET, SURRENDER OF DIVINITY, NOCTURNAL WINDS, ETERNAL OATH, CALVARIA, LEDO TAKAS MAG., FENRIR, DOXOMEDON, TWIN OBSCENITY, MISFORTUNE and BASTARDIZED. Plus a new columns "From The Dark Past" which reprints interviews of Singapore bands during the early 90s such as BEHEADED NASRANI, SILENT SORROW, BELIAL, SEVENTH GATES, BEHEMOTH, DEBAUCHERY and BLOOD ANGEL. Not forgetting the usual collections of reviews (demos, albums and zine). The infamous serial killer series is not abandoned and this time is the cannible killer, Jeffery Dahmer. Interested partiessend S$ 5 (Sin), RM 9 (Mal), US$5 (Worldwide). Only cash is real. Traders let's trade. Other maniacs just fucking write.

c/o M. Syaiful, 
Blk 670A #17-503, Choa Chua Kang Crescent, SIngapore 681670, Singapore.

Some news about about these brutal death grinders :
• Willwalk decided to left the band, as he can no longer divide his time into three: job, his family, and band. • Will release a split release with French Gods of Grind, INHUMATE, in Early March 2001 !!!
• We will soon finish the delayed promotape, Adora Mortis in First February 2001
• Will appear in numerous worldwide metal compilations.

c/o Denis,
PTB Duren Sawit Q5/11,
Jakarta 134440 Indonesia.

Khalifah Newsletter Introduction Issue is now out. 20 page packed with metal news around the world. Interview are with 
UNITHEISM (Mal), CELESTIAL CASTINGS (USA), ANTHROPOLATRI dan NUCLEAR VENGEANCE. Also include album and band review. 90% written in Malay. For only RM 5 + stamps (Malaysia). Elsewhere ask for details.

Mohamad Afiq Mohamad
16 , Jalan Kencana 37/2
Taman Kencana
56100 Kuala Lumpur

Thrash Band LYNCH LAW released their second demo as mini cd. This cd contains 3 songs. To get this cd write to:
Hürriyet Mah.
Adnan Kahveci Cad.
Meltem Birlik Sit.
B3-18 Yakacýk Kartal
Istanbul Turkey
or send e-mail to onurguzel@hotmail.com or visit http://www.noizine.cjb.net

The Pagan Black Metal band VINTAGE SOLEMNITY Released their third demo on cd this cd contains 3 songs and one outro.
For more info write to : vsolemnity@yahoo.com or visit http://vintagesolemnity.cjb.net

* DEMENTIA web pages are now updated with tablatures mp3 lyrics and photos etc... http://dementia.mtrauma.com
* The web page of legendary doom deathrash jazz band FORGOTTEN SILENCE is now being prepared. soon you can find the site in MUSICAL TRAUMA domain.
* The web pages for LOST INFINITY will be online soon.
* Also you will soon find a gothic and horror books/movies section in MUSICAL TRAUMA.
* All zines and webzines are invited to send a cd-r digital audio or c90 blank tape and a proof of their existence to take their free copy of MUSICAL TRAUMA releases...write now...

c/o Kütükçü alibey cad.
33/13 keçiören
06120 ankara turkey

SONNENGOTT - Metal Community Webzine, rune by members of TOTAL TRAGEDY (Indonesian gothic doom metal).

DEATHGUY was formed in August 1998 by Verapol (Guitar) and Thanit (Vocal). Then released first cass. EP "Introduction '98". In 1999 they reformed the band. Nuttaphum (Guitar) and Suppakit (Drums) were new members. Then they show on some gigs in Thailand "Hardcore of Machine" , "God Beheadind Live 2000" , "Demonic II" , "Crossroads Metal Party" etc. They recorded new album in June '00. In August '00 they released first cass. LP "The Secondary Quest". This cass. LP was distributed in Thailand by Justice Music. 

"Introduction" Cass. EP 1998
Recorded at Ghost Studio /Thailand, same as "HERETIC ANGELS (another local death metal) "Vision of Calamity" in August 1998 by only 2 members, Verapol Emaree (Ong) as Gutiar and Thanit Thepsitrakorn (Joe) as Vocals , Programing . This album including 4 power death metal tracks and 1 intro. 

Track list
1.Introduction (intro) 
2. Ngao (Shadow) 
3.Marn (Evil)
4.Den Sungkom (Vile of Social) 
5.Longtos (Punishing)

"The Secondary Quest" Cass. LP 2000 
Recorded at Ghost Studio /Thailand in May - July 2000. 
They played Heavy/Thrash/Death/Black/Gothic and more melodic than EP. You can hear a lot of melodies and brutal/black vocals.All lyrics are in English language. This LP looks like a little concept album include 7 songs of fantasy and bonus track "Beheader". All almost 50 miniutes. Full color cover so cool!!.

Track list
1.Ballad of Sunset (intro) 
2.Zero Frontier 
3.Lust Murder 
4.Lake of Tears 
5.Savage Seraphim 
6.Black Swan 
7.The Promised Land 
8.Beheader (Bonus Track)

21/2 Soi Suanoi1 Samsen Road 
Dusit Bangkok 10300 

BLACK FIRE was formed in 1995 by "Imm/Guitar" , "Dear/Vocal" , "Oath/Guitar" , "Jek/Drums" , "Bank/Bass". They became to play Death Metal in 1998. They released "Born to be Burn EP" in June 2000 A.D.After released EP "Bank" went out from band. The first release is "BORN TO BE BURN" Cass. EP in year 2000.
The Ep was wecorded at Ghost Studio /Thailand in April 2000. This album is project of Nuttaphum Prapaiboon (Deathguy guitarist) and his friend Pronprom (vocals) , Suriyapong (guitar) , Prakriat (drums) and Pongpan (bass). 3 tracks of power death metal and 1 Gothic metal track. All track use drums machine. (All lyrics are in Thai language.)

BLOOD MINOR/Berhala Distro
Feb/March 2001
C/o. Wiwiedh, Jl. Pangeran Natakusuma 79
Pontianak 78116, KALBAR-INDONESIA
e-mail: berhala@angelfire.com

German black metal is working on a contribution in SABBAT tribute compilation. Their promotape 2000 will also be released by Indonesian FOGFLAMES RECORDS. Another plan is to have a 7" but the label is not yet confirmed. 
c/o J. Grumptman, 
Blumenstr. 1, 
45768 Marl, 

Finally! On January 25th DARK FUNERAL -the ineffable kings of darkness- will enter the Abyss Studio to start recording their long awaited third full-length album "DIABOLIS INTERIUM" for No Fashion Records/MNW. The band will be located at the Abyss Studio for a month (Jan 25th-Feb 25th) and this time Peter Tagtgren will work with the band as a producer, and not as on previous recordings, when he only have worked with the band as a sound engineer. 
The band says their new album will include lots of surprises, and is both technically, but also musically, a huge improvement from their previous musical works. 
In the end of the recording session, between February 18th and February 25th, the band will be available for those of you who wish to do STUDIO REPORTS. Later on the band will also be available for interviews via phone and/or by e-mail. A date for phone interviews will be announce as soon as an exact release date have been set. For booking of Studio Reports please contact Hobbe at: 8-6303636 or niclas.andersson@mnw.se
"DIABOLIS INTERIUM" is planned for a late May 2001 release in Europe! 
A US release date will be announce as soon as the band have decided which US based label they want to work with for the new album. Negotiations are currently being held….
THE INEFFABLE KINGS OF DARKNESS have once again arisen from the depths of hell to bring you the uttermost destruction of light!!! Stay tuned......


Additional news:
WOLFEN SOCIETY -A new project created to invoke the misanthrophy in man. Featuring Lord Ahriman (DARK FUNERAL), Vincent Crowley (ACHERON), Kyle Severn (INCANTATION), Thomas Thorn & Ricktor Ravensbruck (THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB).
"OK, here's the lastest news on the "Conquer Divine" mini-cd. The band will be re-recording the songs at THORN/APPLE STUDIOS between March 6th and March 11th. They don't really want to go back to that studio, but they must, due to reasons beyond "their" and the "labels "control. 
But the whole band will again be meeting again to re-record in Columbus, Ohio. But this time WOLFEN SOCIETY will have Tommy Tagtgren of THE ABYSS STUDIOS engineering the project. The band knows they will now be able to create something they all we like. So they hope you understand this delay. We hope to get "Conquer Divine" out to you people as soon as possible.


Wolfen Society
P.O. Box 28234
Columbus, OH, 43228, USA
E-Mail: WolfenSociety@hotmail.com (Vincent Crowley)
E-Mail: wolfensociety666@hotmail.com (Lord Ahriman) 

Once again big updates! (Almost 4 times a week!!!) Interviews with IMPALED NAZARENE, MAZE OF TORMENT, THANATOS, ABSORBED and AURORA BOREALIS…and a lot more to come ! Reviews of BURIAL, GROINCHURN, THE FORSAKEN, MACABRE (7”), DISINTER, ABORYM, WITCHMASTER, IMPETIGO-TRIBUTE, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER and a lot more…..!!!!
Also 4 gigs-review of the Murder Metal-tour of Macabre! Soon there will be a tour-report made by Seth (drummer SEVERE TORTURE). And of course a lot of news!!!
Just check www.vampire-magazine.com

Updated as much as possible!
Labels, Bands, Zines, Distro's...send your stuff for a fair review and possible interview! 
Also send them your news so they can include it in their newssection!

Issue #1 and #2 still available as printed zine! (Dutch written!)

Ricardo Mouwen
Kapittelhof 34

Darkness Treasures Zine #2 is finally out !!!!!!
The philosophy of the zine is : "Worshipping the Underground Values". And so it did with interviews of promising Italians of MY DARK SIN, legendary MANIAC BUTCHER, norwegian UG press OSKOREI MAG, crazy Finnish HORNA, extremist KRISTALLNACHT, prepare to war with GURKKHAS, enter the empire of agony of DEMONIC, take your poncho, Pan flute and let's fly to Chile to be introduced to the chilean metal scene, kill your cat and record its screams together with KRATORNAS, discover the lotus that lays into you with aussie STARGAZER.
You're enough ? Fuck off ! Cause they continue with the knights from NOCTIS, cut your flesh and worship ANTAEUS, then be BLESSED IN SIN my sons, cause as blood rains from the sky, FLESHCRAWL creeps around, then they'll try to find only five questions to ask to VIEW BEYOND RECS, and then look for the DEVILRY in Miss Jones, when you'll get a turkish axe stuck in your head, you'll understand what BALTAK means. And finally, look for the last demo / CD / Ep / zine in the reviews section. Are you dead ?

If you want to experience this zine, just send 30 FF / 6 US $ (this is the price for Europe. As you already know, post rates are heavy as fuck, and that really kills me. If you belong to the rest of the world, you will be kind to add 1 US $ per item you order, thanks for comprehension). 
30 FF for a shitty bad xeroxed twelve pages crap ? NO !!!! it's 48 A4 pages long, it's in black and white (the true colours of UG), the zine is professionnally lazer xeroxed on 80 gr paper. Of course the zine is written in English. And it's limited only to 300 copies. No promo copies !!!! don't moan for a promo, this time there is none ! Buy or die !!

Well, a few copies of the first issue are left, Darkness Treasures #1 (May 2000) features : CELESTIA, IMPERIAL, EXKREMENT, URANUS, MISANTHROPE, BLIZZARD, BELENOS, JUDAS ISCARIOT, IMPIETY, IMPALED NAZARENE, YYRKOON, CHANTELOUP CRÉATIONS, ULCERRHOEA, a romanian scene report, an article on the legendary JRR Tolkien, and an article on MOONBLOOD. 
44 A4 pages pro xeroxed. It's available for 25 FF / 5US $ (Rest of world, please add 1 US$ !)

Get the two issues for only 50 FF / 10 US$ instead of 55 FF and 11 US$ !!!! (ROW add 1 US $ => 11 US$ instead of 13US$ !!! - terrific, isn't it ?)

Okay, now a little promo for FORGOTTEN WISDOM PROD :
FWP001 Scatofago (Fra) Demo 99 - raw black / primitive metal - 30 FF/ 6US$
FWP002 Exkrement (Fra) "From the deepest of asshole" demo 00 - THRASH !!!! - 25 FF/5 US$
FWP003 The End (Fra) "Shudder" - bestial and devastating thrash !!! - 30 FF /6 US$
soon available (on february the first)
FWP004 Infernal Necromancy (Jap) "Melancholic Art" - raw and melancholic Black Metal !!! - 25 FF / 5 US $
(Prices for Europe - ROW, add... guess what ??? 1Us$ per item, of course !)
Ask for full free list containing some of the finest and the worst of Underground !!!!!!

Forgotten Wisdom Prod
Darkness Treasures 'Zine
34 rue St Désiré
39000 Lons le Saunier



"You search for Heavy Metal records/CDs? Foreign pressings? Rarities? I have many from all around the world for sale or to swap! You like actual private CD pressings from underground bands? You like to read something about Heavy Metal rarities? 

I search myself for records/CDs/HM magazines from all over the world for my private collection! So if you have something to get rid off or you can get something get in touch! 


You want reviews in German magazines? I write for IRON PAGES here in Germany. Send for a review or interview your promo pack incl. CD/bio/photo etc. to my adress. I contact you. You have released a CD/record you want to distibute? I have a mailorder METAL STORM RECORDS to help you, so send me your wholesale prices with a promo pack. 


Get your free list my e-mail or have a look on a part of my list at: 


The world only Heavy Metal Zine which deals with records and rarities from all over the world! So if you are into record-collecting this is defenitely a must for you! In the past three years I issued nine mags with about 260 pages in total. To give you an example what is in RARE RECORDS: 

Shrapnel Records/Earthshaker Records/Black Dragon Records/US Metal/NWOBHM/France Metal/German Metal/Czechia Metal/VENOM Priceguide/JUDAS PRIEST-7" Special/TYGERS OF PAN TANG-7" Special and many many more! All records are reviewed with cover illustration and actual prices. But be careful: The mags are written in German! But also if you do not understand German that well you find lots of informations which you are might miss at the moment."

single mag: 
DM 5,-- Germany
DM 8,-- Europe
DM 10,-- World

Rare Records 1-8: 
DM 30,-- Germany
DM 45,-- Europe
DM 35,-- World/Sea 
DM 55,-- World/Air

Fax 0441/6640601
e-mail: haefnerjen@aol.com 

Seven reviews has been added, among them the new albums from Narnia, Diabolical and Somnifere.
A new interview has been added with Soilwork (Sweden) for the up-coming release of their first album on Nuclear Blast.
Lots of new band features has been added for the following bands: Anvil, Arcturus, Athena, At The Gates, Avantasia, Bitch, Cemetary, Ceremonial Oath, Dimmu Borgir, Fimbulwinter, Legion, Metadox, Old Man´s Child, Onward, Prophecy, Soilwork, Sorcerer, Susperia, Tiamat, Tristania, Vanaheim, Ved Buens Ende, Vidder and Vision Divine. All the old band features has also been updated.

c/o Vincent Eldefors,
Grindgatan 62, S-589 23 LINKÖPING, SWEDEN.
Website: http://crawford.tzo.net/chamber/tartarean/
E-mail: tartareandesire@yahoo.com

AXEHAMMER's "Lord Of The Realm" CD 
Ahh? You don't have it yet? One of the best HEAVY METAL CDs of the last years? 

I planned to do this review with just one single word: killer! But cos it is worth some explanation here some more facts on "Lord of the realm". AXEHAMMER is a Eighties-Metal-Band from the USA, whose old recordings were picked up by SENTINEL STEEL RECORDS and are now available to everyone. What shall I say? A damned killer it is! Old school Heavy/Speed Metal with fantsatic songs, fucking great riffs, super voacals and a fantastic coverartwork (by Hildebrandt, well-known to fantasy-fans). A record which sets in mind after the very first listening and doesn't leave your player soon. Who has it at home should dig out the SATAN'S REVENGE-sampler, the opening track is "Axehammer"! US Import only!
(words by Jens Häfner)

Price : DM 30,-- /Br. pounds 10,--/US $ 17,--
Postage to your country:
Germany up 4 CDs DM 4,40, more than 4 CDs DM 6,90, registered mail plus DM 4,--
Europe SEA MAIL: up to 7 CDs DM 12,--, more than 7 CDs DM 30,--,
registered mail DM 4,-- extra
Europe AIR MAIL: up to 4 CDs DM 15,--, more than 4 CDs: ask! 
registered mail DM 4,-- extra
World SEA MAIL: up to 7 CDs DM 15,--, more than 4 CDs: ask! 
registered mail DM 4,-- extra

BANDS/LABELS: send your promopacks for review in IRON PAGES magazine/Germany

Trades also welcome.

Jens Häfner
Wolliner Str. 1
D-26215 Wiefelstede
Fax 0441/6640601

Full lineup announced! The stoner boy band gone seriously fucking wrong!!!! It takes years of dedication to get this sick!!!

Steve-Bass( Gorerotted/ex 7thchild ex Beyond Fear)
Joninsane-Drums(Gorerotted/Zarathustra/Brutal Insanity)
Paul:Guitar(Brainchoke/ ex Suffering)

Sickos get in touch now!!!! Interviews etc welcome.
Snail mail address will be released soon.
Expect an album mid 2001!!!

Steve and Joninsane can be found playing on:
Gorerotted : "Mutilated in Minutes" CD

Website: www.infected.fsnet.co.uk
e-mail: steve@infected.fsnet.co.uk
e-mail: joninsane@hotmail.com

PESSIMIST has re-signed to LOST DISCIPLE RECORDS to release their 3rd CD, based on the strength of recent live performances and our 3-song "Resurrected Torment" demo. The band will return to the studio in May/June to record the next full-length, tentatively titled "The Greater of Two Evils". Fans can expect this release to be their fastest and
heaviest material to date, and features the talents of new members yet retains the Evil and technical "Pessimist" sound. Song titles so far include "Stripped of Immortality", "Summoned to Suffer", "Infernal Abyss", "Metempsychosis", "Baptism of Blasphemy" and "Resurrected Torment". Release is set for Autumn 2001, followed by a US tour and a return to Europe in 2002.

For more info check out LOST DISCIPLE's NEW web site! 

6670 Washington Blvd. Elkridge, MD 21075 USA
ICQ: 20294588

PO Box 340 Winthrop, MA 02152 USA
Tel: 978-738-0656
Fax: 978-975-7633

» First and foremost, Elven Witchcraft Slavic Winter 7509 list will emerge from the confines of antireality, of almost twice the volume hitherto and some clever new features too.

» Next, Heresiarh, dragon metal, haff safely returned from the ashen domains of Phoenix Studio with another dragon metal bounty, though leaving the full treasure behind to be arrived for thereafter. IX new wyrmfires haff been burnt in cyphers and digits to reproduce the instrumental settings for «Winged Constellation» - the second aerial onslaught of flying lizard metal in 001 anno 2K - in an agreeable manner and matter. All dragon metal allies-to-the-core be granted the opportunity of questing for this otherwise ekstreemely ungettable studio rehearsaldemo for collectionary purposes or mere curiosity by forwarding a blank cd-r or c-60 plus two u.s. monies for re:postage to the address of Elven Witchcraft. This week we're supporting Behemoth in Old Riga, so see you there. All Hail the Wyverns!

» Projektion Tapes, experimental side-label of EWC, is re-announcing [projektion-c] Antireality «thecykle»! The industrious fetish-god of typography and printing press hath heeded our noiseambiental blots by awarding this release with professional and glossy black/white/red coversleeves, in contradiction to the laser-printed monochrome ones mentioned in the release mailout. If you haven't received the last Antireality/Projektion newsmail (December '00), message stonerelectronics@mail.com with "Antireality" in the subject line.

» Elven Witchcraft seeks more distributors. See attachment for ein richtext tradelist!

» To hear decent quality (56 and 112 kB/s) uncut .mp3 samples from the available and upcoming releases do browse to ftp://www.innovation.lv/pub/elven/ or ftp to www.innovation.lv, directories pub/elven/ as anonymous user - no password is needed! 

» The upcoming elven arrow to be released from the elven label’s elk-gut bowstring is Epic Nummer II by the deutsch Morton, a projekt membered by an unhowly reinkarnator of Edward Longshanks himself and thee diabolical Zoltan Carnovash, a famed nagual of the European ambient scene, some other side of which this entity appears to be. The 47-minute «Surtalogi» tape will feature less noise compared to the early «Lycantroph» demo ’96 (berserk wolfborn black/industrial) and shall be delivered in loftier heroic and viking spirits, which ought be rather characteristic of Zoltan’s Nord projekt («Ewig Winter» tape is highly rekommended to everyone who might enjoy an honest endeavour of true norsegermanick martial power ambient). All releases mentioned here are available from Elven Witchcraft or Irrlichter Records (elvencedric@web.de) mailorders.

» Twrch Trwyth, the stonerelectronic hypostasis of me as Greve Gollvm is labouring its way through the concept of an upcoming neo-folk/industrial full-length projekt entitled «Aesop’s Fables». Yes, the Greek one, with animals! 

» Twenty to thirty minutes of unreleased Trwyth’s medieval stoner electronics to bridge the year-old «Brave Old Worlde» demo-cd (the first release of Elfstoned Records) to the next full-length, will be listenable as «Weedmagick ep» on the [err-two] four-way-split-cd-r shared also by Hydra Hide (neurotronic dreamexperimentals by madwand Daegil, whose verse of sorts some of you might remember utilized in the back issues of ewc-catalogue, also three of his drakened lyrics will be featured in the second Heresiarh offering), Antireality (official website upcoming...) und Die Blutleuchte, the only foreign projekt on this unique and experimental elfstoned reckord.

» Stellarmagick is the working title of another transporting endeavour by elvenlyours Spacegollvm Morgueldar, psychowarrior of Drakewyrd. Expect light interplanetary ambient, inspired by anti-scientific fiction, cosmic drones, electronic starpower, orange goblinavts, astral positivemagick etc., and influenced by the beautiful musics of Mathias Grassow, Moljebka Pvlse, Girnu Giesmes, Apeiron, and Arcane Device. Per Aspera ad Astra.

» Morgveldar hath decided that early March might just be the right moon for travelling and is therefore scheming an inward-Europe trip to certain Deutsch, Belgian and Dutch regions. If you reside anywhere over there and care to meet the mystic-psycho-questing draco-shaman and exchange valuable knowledge on variable matters, you know what to do. More details shall follow as the ferd-tid draws nigh. Just in case, elves kann now also be (possibly) reached by dialling +371 9780218.

» Orkks ov the Blakk Banner (from Finland) have still not released anything however an okkult projekt by a herewell-respekted ork-shaman of the Brutal Horde, namely Dead Reptile Shrine hath at length availabled some of its energetic rekapitulations. The double demo-cd (2xCD-r) «Gates to the Underworld, Parts I and II» is now distributed exclusively by Elven Witchcraft mailorder. Quest for thy copy of these wide-range experiments in thee phields of brutal and minimalistic ork folk, deserted dungeon ambient, crawling lizard noise and untombed skull metal with anything that might equal $5 in this wonderful desert or two blank cd-r's plus $3 for re:postage. Beware: this sounds truly as Dead Can Dance would if they ever lived up to their title in musick too... Dead! 
You might intend to summon the bonedreaming nekro-shaman by clicking devamitra@priest.com although it is suspekted that he aught krawl out of khis dripping trollkavern for worthy inkquiries only.

» On December 25 the ceremonial webpages of Fiendish Nymph and Daemonia Nymphe were shut down due to certain differences between Pan and the Webmaster. Those (unlikely) interested may explore the reasons at http://wwww.vikings.lv/~witchcraft/nymph/reasons.html

» Elven Witchcraft ist kurrently hunting for the glory of doing a limited tape version of Ordo Draconis debut full-length «The Wing and the Burden» CD, shortly out on Skaldic Art, a label with the finest taste in European epic metal (other signings include Rivendell, Furthest Shore, Vindsval and Obsidian Gate!).

» And yes, in further future, all Elven Witchcraft releases will be available on pro-pressed k7-cassettes exklusively (a case of optional luxury this far applied to the Heresiarh and Draconis Sanguis demos only - ironically the first two releases that are likely to be sold-out at last!)

» More releases of utmost interest just out or upcoming, hopefully on their list too: 
€ Oath of Cirion «Dragonmagick» cd; Chanteloup Creations
€ Varjosielu «Loitsulaulu» demo, ex-Wind; Chanteloup Creations
€ Mystic Forest «Green Hell» cd; Chanteloup Creations
€ Anthropolatri «Volja Svjatoslava» cd; Chanteloup Creations
€ Rimmersgard «Erzherz» first cd; uncertainly Miriquidi Productions
€ Mathias Grassow «Mercurius» cd, collaboration w/ Klaus Wiese; ARYA
€ Mathias Grassow «Bliss» cd, very light ambient; Immaculatus
see end of this document for more Grassow cds available now…
€ Arise from Thorns «Before an Audience of Stars»; Dark Symphonies
€ Rakoth «Jabberworks» w/ a grotesque russian orchestra; Code666
€ Korozy «From the Cradle to the Grave»; Black Tears of Death
€ Moria «Skogsfrun»; Silentium Records, fantasy/elf metal from Sweden
€ Butterfly Temple «Veles»; Silentium Records, Russia’s pagan Moonspell on cd now


One and half a moon aft the last autumnal equinox three full solarcykles had turned since Elven Witchcraft came into being, 3x356 times Skoll hath chased the flaming sun-chariot over the azure Baltic expanses, thrice hath the moss concealed itself under the dormant veil of hail-the-white-grain, and so on and so for it is indeed of no more than poetic importance to me. There is few time or need of one for celebrant feastages, considering the amount of releases yet to be done, dragon metals transmuted and philosophic degrees attained. Aye, it isn’t easy trying to stay stoned along all the way...

» New items of the moon ‘00: alkonost songs of the eternal oak, cross borns legend of the four rings, veja chmar the weeping, morton lycantroph, corvus corax the atavistic triad, nord ewig winter, dweorgesblod …of what they sing, raven zine, ephel duath phormula, heresiarh mythical beasts and mediaeval warfare, korozy long road to the land of black, skyforger latvian riflemen

» Distribution highlights: heresiarh dragons of war, enid nachtgedanken, zavorash in odium veritas

» Best-spreading distribution items (other releases) in 2K: heresiarh mythical beasts and mediaeval warfare, rakoth superstatic equilibrium, enid enid, kapishtcha voices of minulag, cross borns legend of the four rings

» Best-spreading distribution items (other releases) ever: heresiarh mythical beasts and mediaeval warfare, enid enid, rakoth superstatic equilibrium, osgiliath l’ombre du passe, zavorash za vorbashtar raz shapog

» Least-spread release: weltraum svper evil

» Finest literature read in 000: castaneda separate reality, journey to ixtland, tales of power, kant critique of pure reason, holdstock lavondyss, rushdie midnight’s children

» Best metal heard in 000: rhapsody, luca turilli, bal-sagoth, the firstborn & ephel duath

» Worst metal heard in 000: burial place s/t mcd (stay away, it is horrible!)

» Best non-metal darkmusic heard in 000: twrch trwyth, allerseelen, moljebka pvlse, suuri shamaani, deutsch nepal & mz412

» Current Playlist: manowar into glory ride, rhapsody dawn of victory, mathias grassow many cds, nord, morton, hagalaz’runedance, dead reptile shrine

» Readlist: castaneda second ring of power, stoker dracula, eliade shamanism, levis-strauss primordial reason, aesop’s fables, schelling, 

» Current favourite track: moata omen ash nazg [ant-zen]


December 000: (already out)
» [ewc-14] Uruk-Hai «Elbenwald» demo 2000
» [projection-c] Antireality «thecykle» tape 2000

February 001:
» [ewc-15] Morton (Deutschland) «Surtalogi» 2nd demo
norsegermanick spiritual runemetal weisheit
» [err-two] Hydra Hide (Hymeria, hydroneurotronics) - Die Blutleuchte (Finland, Nurse With Wound meets Allerseelen) - Antireality (Antireality, harsh death industrial) - Twrch Trwyth (Ryhope, medieval stoner electronics) «4-way split cd-r», w/ Nietzsche's typewriter on cover!

March 001 or earlier:
» [ewc-12] Rimmersgard (Deutschland) «A Venturer's Mind» demo ‘97 re-release
bardic fantasy metal with plenty of unforgettable moods
» [ec-7] Hrossharsgrani (Austria) «Ancient Tales» demo-cd ‘00 re-release
experimental pagan/viking metal, return of engwar creations
» [ec-8] Blizzard (Latvia) «Servants of the Winter» demo ‘98 first release
w/ live bonus tracks, cold atmospheric black metal, ex-Alfheim
» [err-three] Stellarmagick (Elvenhome) «Per Aspera ad Astra» promo-cd
electro-ambient stardance projekt of spacegollvm morgveldar of covrse

Spring 001 and later:
» [ewc-10] Corvus Neblus (Elturel) «Deeper in the Realm - Strahd’s Possession: Chapter II» tape 2
» [ewc-11] Heresiarh (Latvia) «Mythical Beasts and Mediaeval Warfare» k7-version
» [ewc-13] Nargothrond (Portugal) «Some Orcs Never Yield» demo 3
» [projektion-§] Syndrome / Surreogate (Latvia) «radiowind fairytale» split tape


Antireality (.lv) «thecykle» $4
Draco Hypnalis (.sk) «Nobleness of the Storm-gatherer» 
split w/ Romantic Love (.sk) «Hopeless Anxiety» $5
Elisabetha (.de) «Durst nach Unsterblichkeit» $4
Hiding Tower (.it) Promo Tape 2000 $4
Hrossharsgrani (.at) 1st demo! $4
Hrossharsgrani (.at) «In the Mystic Forest» $4
Hrossharsgrani (.at) «Kampf» $4
Izakaron (.ru) «Chaoschrist» alt. $5
Orcish Blood (.ru) «As All the Gods Do» alt. $5
Orcish Blood (.ru) «Moral Invalid» alt. $5
Uruk-Hai (.at) «Elbenwald» $5

Dead Reptile Shrine (.fi) «Gates to the Underworld» 2xcd-r $5
Gravem (.de) $6
Spellcraft (.al) «Falling Forever» $7

Battleheart (.nl) «Return of the Ancient Knight» mcd $11
Mathias Grassow (.de) «Prophecy» $15
Mathias Grassow (.de) «Namakar» $15
Mathias Grassow & Amir Baghiri (.de) «True North» $15
Oratory (.pt) «Last Prophecy» mcd $9
Ra (.ro) «Geniu Pustiu» $13

Send well-hidden paper cash (most EC currencies accepted - see webpage for details) or I.M.O. payable to J. Balodis.

ABYSSUS ´zine 
Printed zine in Spanish language seeks contributor for its second issue. The second issue will be different. Instead of making the usual interview and review, they want to make a kind of minibook, a zine with oppinions of diferent personalities of the worldwide scene... These articles could be referent to religion, opinions about Metal Scene or activities, philosofy, history, paganism (satanism could be accepted too), but not reviews of productions, demos, etc. So the contribution is in the form of the of articles. 

You can see in web pages, in special AbyssusInvocat, there a kind of editorial, an article. If possible the contribution could be in this vein.

A label run by the editor of ABYSSUS will start soOn its activities. They are looking for stuffs for their distribution list :

a) COVERS. This method is the one they prefer to start, because, as you should imagine, YAWAR INTI PRODUCTIONS is a young label... It consists in that interested band should send a CD MASTER or a good RECORDED CHROME TAPE, and the demo or tape covers (with 5 or 10 covers is enough to start). Then they will record it in tapes, having as maximum of recording the number of covers you have sent me. The payment would be done according to the sellings. Obviously it is slow, but they guarantee total honesty.

b) TAPES. This is the normal procedure, the only problem it is the postal price, which forces to sell to higher prices the tapes, and not many people is willing to pay. Besides tehy are not in conditions of sending money to many places. If you, as a band, just send them the tapes already done. The only way they could pay you it is, at least for now, under the Consignment or Credit System.
They just pray for some band conditions:
- Dark Thoughs must emerge from their subconcious.
- Violent Sounds must emerge from their instruments.
- Malignant speeches must emerge from their throats...

The plan to re edit old Peruvian band demos in CD format. The upcoming release :

Yawar001 DISINTER “Laments from the Castle of Sorrow” + “Unborn” demos. 
(probably some bonus tracks)
Yawar002 MORTEM “Demonolatry”, “Abyssus Mortem Invocat” or “Daemonium Vobiscum” Tentative Titles. 
It will consist of the Total Demo Collection ( 4 Official demos + “Historias de la Cripta”, the very first demo, never heard, official release, of course, Double Cd)
Yawar003 NECROPSYA “Slaves of the Magic”. 
Great Thrash Metal.......
Yawar004 SARCOMA “Preludio de Mortandad”. 
Brutal Raw Metal.
Yawar005 SERMONIZE “El Despertar de la Antiluz”. 
Take no Prisoners!!!!!

But first they´ll do a coproduction with AUSTRAL HOLOCAUST. They will edit HADEZ (Peruvian) demos in Cd format. Limited to 1000 copies
DISINTER have confirmed. 
Others bands are under offers, so this is a tentative plan, not very confirmed. They know it is very trendy to release old demos on CD format, but you will die listening these demos.

Also available for the label are some shi(r)ts:
BEHERIT (The Oath of the Black Blood)
NECROMANTIA (Devil Justice with Christ)
SARCÓFAGO (Satanic Lust demo, Satanic Army)
BLASPHEMY, HELLHAMMER and some more items of the true vein. 
$ 15.00 , postage paid.

A band, with the label/editor as one the band member, will participate in a Tribute LP, maybe for 2002, MORTEM TRIBUTE, issued by LEGIONS OF DEATH RECORDS, runned by French Hugues Vallot from ETERNAL FIRE zine (eternalfire666@yahoo.fr).
Their track to cover: UNGUY MAMAN, MOTHER OF DISEASE.
This is a very soulreaper theme, and very conceptual in MORTEM´s existence. They give their souls for this mayhemic track, and probably They will cover another theme. This theme could be DEVILLED from the last CD or DEATH RULES SUPREME, real themes of Death Tribute. They feel respect for MORTEM because Fernán Nébiros, leader, vocal & guitars of the old MORTEM was the first person they knew to show respect for the Peruvian Pride Past in his lyrics and philosophy, and not following the “Black Metal Fashion” (Do not confuse this term with True Black Metal never) as many did. They are not agree maybe with some musicians who stood with MORTEM, they were not rockstars, but not very into Death Black Metal attitude, but as musicians, they make a good job. SERMONIZE existence is even very well unknown by peruvian hellbangers, it does not matter too much at all, because this way our life is calmer.


* Looking for bands interested in be featured on the Free Compilation Cd which is attached on their magazine.
* The magazine is printed in 2.500 copies and distributed on a worldwide scale.
* The Cd will be attached on the magazine as a promotional copy (not for sale) and will be manufactured by SONY DADC in 3.000 copies (2.500 copies for the magazine + 500 copies to giveaway to the bands). Each band will get free copies of the magazine + Cds.
* The rate for the song is based on each 30 seconds per 30 seconds ............................. $15 Usd
(in example a 3:25 song will cost you, $105 Usd)

* Issue #7 will have interviews with: 
Venom, Malevolent Creation, The Haunted, Exciter, Tankard, Ritual Carnage, Primordial, Incantation, Enslaved, Peccatum, Dusk, Mutant, Judas Iscariot, Dead Head, Tidfall, Deinonychus, Violation, Fall Of The Leafe, Unmoored, NunSlaughter, Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy, Diabolic, Throes Of Dawn, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Scariot, Kalmah, Memory Garden, Thy Serpent, Immolation and some more!!!

Apartado 60334; 2701-904 Amadora; Portugal
Fax: +351 21 4951204

Quebec black metal, now available "Totale Servitude" CDR from ART FUCK PRODUCTION. Primitive, schizophrenic, innovative yet traditional, beautiful yet totally black art, keeping aflame the much inflated "true" spirit.

AKITSA on the web:

The label are looking for distributors mainly within the UG black metal circles, interested parties are encouraged to get in touch. Their wholesale prices are very affordable, typically US$2/CDR or less (depending on total amount) +s/h.

c/o J. Niemi
Ridasjärventie 50
05450 Nukari

VILEP RODUCTIONS is now DEDFUK RECORDS. To everyone that has corresponded, sent tapes/cd's, traded, bought, linked etc...etc..... with vileprod in the past.... VILEPROD is no longer. 
Please send any further correspondance, links trade lists demands etc to dedfuk@hotmail.com. Please check the new web page and change your links accordingly http://get.to/dedfuck 
VILEPROD and DEDFUCK have joined together to create a bigger better distro with twice as much merch avaible for sale and trade please check us out and thanks to all who supported VILEPROD in the past. Any contact info is on the new page. To anyone else that whishes to continue correpondance with Shawn for any reason feel free to cantact him at carrier@sprint.ca. Please do not send any band or distro related stuff to this e-mail use the DEDFUCK one. The vileprod @ vileprod.com e-mail no longer works.

REFLECTION hail from Greece and they play Heavy Metal. Their single was released in 1995 and it is quite rare nowadays. They play fast and never boring wih keyboards. There are two songs on the single: When immortals die and Fire. The single has a great cover with a warrior on a horse (similar to MOLLY HATCHET-artworks)
Price: DM 20,-- /Br. pounds 7,--/US $ 11,--
Postage to your country for 1 single:
Germany: DM 3,--, extra strong package: DM 4,40, registered mail plus DM 4,--
Europe SEA MAIL/AIR MAIL and world SEA MAIL: DM 8,--, 
extra strong package: DM 12,--, registered mail DM 4,-- extra
World AIR MAIL: DM 16,--, extra strong package: DM 24,--, registered mail DM 4,-- extra

BANDS/LABELS: send your promopacks for review in IRON PAGES magazine/Germany

Jens Häfner
Wolliner Str. 1
D-26215 Wiefelstede
Fax 0441/6640601

Some cool new interviews :
- IMPETIGO (Stevo reveals all....!!!)
- CATASTROPHIC (Trevor Peres is talking about his new band...and ofcourse we are all curious about Obituary!)
- INVOCATION (Once again some terror from Australia!!)
www.vampire-magazine.com Updated as much as possible!
Labels, Bands, Zines, Distro's...send your stuff for a fair review and possible interview! 
-Issue #1 and #2 still available as printed zine! (Dutch written!) (SOLD OUT!)

Ricardo Mouwen
Kapittelhof 34


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