January 2001

Date : Monday 25 february 2001
Time : 09.00 
Venue : Building Kel. Patihan, Kec. Manguharjo, MADIUN (Indonesia)
Ticket : Rp.25.000,-
More info contact :
c/o Dhoel,s/Adhi
Jl. Yos No.02 Madiun, Indonesia
Phone 62-0351-455572
email: barzah@lycos.com or p.adhi@eudoramail.com

The label is still in business. The latest release is a mcd from SATHANAS "Cruentos Diabolus". They also have re-issued AMON AMARTH "Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds" MCD with a new cover design. Other releases that are still available :

UNMOORED (Death Metal)
"Kingdoms Of Greed" CD (ASH012 CD) 
"Cimmerian" CD (ASH008 CD)

THY PRIMORDIAL (Blasting Black Metal)
"The Heresy Of An Age Of Reason" CD (ASH011 CD) 
"At The World Of Untrodden Wonder" CD (ASH007 CD) 
"Where Only The Seasons Mark The..." CD (ASH002 CD) 

ETERNAL OATH (Viking/Death Metal)
"Through The Eyes Of Hatred" CD (ASH010 CD) 

THEORY IN PRACTICE (Prog. Death Metal)
"Third Eye Function" CD (ASH003 CD) 

IMPERIAL DOMAIN (Melodic Death Metal)
"In The Ashes Of The Fallen" CD (ASH006 CD) 

SATARIEL (Death Metal)
"Lady Lust Lilith" CD (ASH005 CD) 

AMON AMARTH (Viking/Death Metal)
"Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds" MCD (ASH001 MCD) 

Pulverised Records, 
P.O. Box 109, Yishun Central, Singapore 917604
Fax: (65) 7598 364
Email : pulverised@pacific.net.sg

KREMATION, death metaller whom in 1999 released “Reborn” EP (distributed by Nebiula Production), have cancelled the plan to release another cassette EP under NORTH POEM RECORDS. The songs have already been recorded but due to the bad sound, they decided to re-record in and this time add few more songs and release a cassette LP instead. The songs are said to be more thrash-ier. North Poem will handle this LP.

LARRONG, another Sarawakian dark/death also postpond the release of their debut cassette EP due to some problems. The worse porblme might be the injuries of Supreme Vayoh, which broke his leg in an accident. The EP, will be released under his own label, MENJREX NERTO PRODUCTION. 

Also plan ro be released under Supreme Vayoh’s label, is a Sarawakian death/black metal compilation tape which should be titled as “Sarawak Metal Horde”. SHAMANIC RITES, REMUNENT, WORSHIP and BUTCHERER have desecrated the holy month of Ramadhan recording the songs for this compilation in Sibu. KHERROW (black metal) will record their opus in Feb. 2001. All band present 2 songs except for Larrong and Butcherer.

KREMATION will not be in this compilation since there are bigger thing have been planned. They, together with LARRONG will form a project band and should release something soon. All the releases said above will be released in March 2001. Expect a ‘Sarawakian Metal Invasion’ soon ! 

308, Jalan Treng, Sekaan Besar,
96250 Matu,Sarawak,
Tel/Fax: 084-832348 / 013-8090467 (Guru Adjeez)
e-mail : menjrexnerto@hotmail.com

Centra online new udate 2001 including bands review page featuring :

CRUST X GRIND COMP. -"Crust Compilation 2000"- (Bra)
INHUMATE-"Growth" 2000- (Fra)
EARTHCORPSE-"Promo 2000"- (UK)
TOTAL TRAGEDY-"Promo 2000"- (Ina)
KISS OF DEATH-"Stronger Than Before" 2000- (Ita)
ORTANK -"Promo 2000"- (Pol)
MONSTER OF METAL V/A COMP.- Compilation 2000- (Phil)

Next Review : 
Ames Sanglantes (Can), Gurkkhas (Fra), Soulblind (Ger), Delirium Tremens (Ina) Dissected (Gre), Propechy (US) and much more ... 

Please send them your promo-material for possible honest review in their site.
Centra Productions
c/o Ronny
Lodan 27 Malang
65142 Indonesia
Website : http://connect.to/centraproduction
E-mail :centraproduction@connect.to

Turkish label, have change thier website address. Visit http://www.mtrauma.com for info.

Kutukcu Ali Bey Caddesi
33/13 06120 Kecioren
Ankara Turkey

• Mr. Chris Forbes, known for his honest work with METAL CORE FANZINE and who also manages the mighty IMMOLATION, will be handling DIES IRAE PRODUCTIONS promo mailings for the following territories;  the US, Canada and Mexico from now on. For those of you within the mentioned territories, please contact Chris at MetalCZine@aol.com if interested in receiving our promos. Chris will lend DIES IRAE PRODUCTIONS his mighty hand beginning from Dim Mak's second album, "Intercepting Fist", the band's sophomore effort which will be out on DIES IRAE PRODUCTIONS.
• They have confirmed the dates for the new Dim Mak album which is entitled "Intercepting Fist". The band has begun recording from the 6th to 20th January 2001. They've flown over to Florida for this next effort and it is engineered, produced and mastered by Erik Rutan himself in his very own studio, Dimensional Sound Studios! Expect a much more killer sound than the band's previous effort. On top of that, we at Dies Irae have already got the chance to listen to DIM MAK's advance tracks and they all think that the new album will rule supreme!!! The release date is yet to be confirmed. However, if everything goes as planned, it should be safe to say that a March/April release is possible. Paw Nielsen will most likely be doing the artwork again this time. And yes, DIES IRAE PRODUCTIONS will stick to their usual practice of making the first pressing of 1000 or 2000 copies a limited edition. In what form, you may ask? Well, they'll think of something. Whatever it is, they'll make sure it'll be worth your every penny!
• Also, they'd like to take this opportunity to announce our most recent signing, FLY MACHINE *formerly known as the mighty CONFESSOR (previous releases out, and some still available, on Earache Records)!!! As we all know, Confessor made it on the "Top 100 album of the 90ies poll" in both Metal Maniacs and Terrorizer Magazine. It is really hard to describe them but if you've heard CONFESSOR before, then you'll have an idea of what FLY MACHINE is all about... only better, perhaps?!! Tentatively, the recording will commence sometime in June 2001. More info will follow as the day of wrath draws near...
• They have yet to finalise the recordings of our other equally great bands; namely DEATH OF MILLIONS, STARGAZER & INVOCATION. 
• Be sure to check out the new MELECHESH album which will be out on OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS in due time soon! They are, to them, one of the very best bands around and definitely worth checking out! This is one other release, which is not on DIES IRAE PRODUCTIONS, that must be obtained by every metalhead! Buy or die!!!
• They are hoping that anyone who receive this news can help them out with:-
1) getting their bands to play in your area if you organise gigs/shows.
2) airplay/possible interviews if you host a radio show.
3) reviews/possible interviews if you're involved with any publication (magazines, fanzines, etc.).
4) licensing/trades if you run a label.
5) buying their releases if you run a distro.
6) spreading the news (if you're anyone at all... heheh?!!) to your friends/correspondents everywhere.

Dies Irae Productions' releases:
day001cd Death of Millions (USA) - Frozen ltd ed digipak cd(4.5 pts)/mc(1.5 pts)
day002cd Dim Mak (USA) - Enter the Dragon ltd ed digipak cd(4.5 pts)/mc(1.5 pts) ***Currently out of stock***
day004cd Stargazer/Invocation (Australia) - Harbringer/H.A.S.T.U.R split cd(4 pts)

Upcoming releases:
day005cd Dim Mak (USA) - Intercepting Fist cd
day006cd Fly Machine (USA) - TBA cd

Dies Irae Productions
Attn: Falmi
PO Box 337, Yishun Central Post Office,
S(917612), Singapore
Phone/Fax: ++(65) 752 1056
E.Mail: falmi@singnet.com.sg / dayofwrath@mailcityasia.com
Website: http://www.members.tripod.com/rickvasp/Main.html

Turkey's Premiere Rock / Metal, HAZY HILL, reunited after 4.5 years. The new album "8800" was released in February 2000 on Sis Productions. 
This 17 track, 74 minutes long album includes all the songs from their previously released EP and demo tapes, "Murky Bedlam" (1990), "Fan Of Your Fancy" (1992) and "Torch-in' The North Pole" (1993/1995), plus 5 new studio tracks, Bleeding For a Dream, Fear And Sorrow, This Emptiness, Point Blank and
Nothing But Just a Memory. 
The album available for (CD) $12 or (cassette) $7. Send well-hidden cash to Sis Productions.
Sis Muzik Produksiyon, Beyazgul Sok.12/20, K.Esat, 06660 Ankara, Turkey

Malaysian well-known metal label, NEBIULA PRODUCTION looks for South East Asian brutal death metal bands for their debut brutal death compilation album. Bands interested, please send in your promo especially in the form of CD/CDR/DAT. The release date is not yet confirm. 

Nebiula Prod.,
(attn: Ibrisam Akbar - Brutal comp)
PO Box 13442
50810 Kuala Lumpur

Drummer needed (for Malaysia) :
Saiful Nizam, lead guitarist of the thrash metal band Graphite Igneaus Guitar (r.i.p) is in the process of reviving it, starting from scratch. For starters, he is looking for a suitable double pedal lead drummer.
And if you are:-
1) Heavy into Megadeth, Slayer and other speed metal bands.
2) In thy 20's, gender unbiased.
3) Willing to travel at least once a week, (he permanently stuck in Muar Johor, by the way)
4) Low profile personality
Then do not hesitate to contact him a.s.a.p for further info, no rip-offs guaranteed (and none shall be
Email : Saif_Mintaka@hotmail.com or Flistra_Escula@Yahoo.com
Telephone 06-9522756 (9-11pm everyday)

Indonesian EXTREME DECAY have a CD out on EXTREMIST RECORDS ! "Progressive Destruction" contains 35 trax of raging, old school grindcore.

Extremist Records, 
808 Renninger Rd., Akron, 
OH 44319, USA. 

The label are looking more Gothic/Dark Metal Bands for their second compilation, it will be titled "VOICES FROM THE FUNERAL FOG II" and released on professional Packages Compact Disc. Or possibility signed/Licenceed. 
They are also looking for Grind/noise/sludge/stoner/grind/crust bands for our second compilation of "THE PLACER OF THE UNDERGROUND WORLD II" Or possibility signed/Licenceed.
If you are interested for to them, send your CD/CD-R on good quality sound recording, all pictures (Band Photo, Artwork, and
clear logo), Credit info, Band Info/Bio. The releases will distributed worlwide and promote on more great mag/zine, atalogue,
more flyers, and Radio station.

Their website has been up-dated, If you downloaded 2 new MP3 from their new artists, please give them your review and get FOGFLAMES T-Shirt, "Voices from The Thundering Fog" MC + Stickers. For more information go to website, click NEWS button and read and visit the download section page.

attn : Mira Amalia
P.O. BOX 1608,
40016 BANDUNG,
FAX: +62 (0)22 4209757
E-Mail : fogflames@hotmail.com
WEB: http://fly.to/fogflames or http://fogflames.tripod.com

A new Ipoh label, will release a a pro-duplicated compilation tape. Bands interested to be part of this tape, just send your demo and info. Hamdan will take care of everything else. 
c/o Hamdan Mohammad Hanip, 
93 Batu 11, Jln Jelapang, 
31200 Chemor, Ipoh, 
Perak, Malaysia. 

A compilation tape and also in limited CD-R will be released in end of March 2001. "DARK DAYS" Volume 2 will feature 8 bands. 4 have confirm and another 4 empty slot is to be filled. So far VINTERRIKET, ALGANOST, IMPENDING DOOM (all under NEODAWN PRODUCTION, Germany) and the label's own artist; DE'IVENTOR. This compilation will feature 1 song from all bands and made with collaboration with HMW Distro of Japan. Bands/labels, send in your promo, bio and picture to :



New Releases :
BLACK METAL COMPILATION (IPN 003) Release Date: Feb. 2001 / Format: Cd 

BLOODSHED "Laugter of Destruction" (IPN 002) Release Date: Feb. 2001 / Format: Demo 
Sweden's best new comers plays brutal Black/Death Metal.. This demo contains 6 melodic tracks and speed that would leave you gaping in amuzement... This guys are now signed to Code666 Production.. 

SURRENDER OF DIVINITY/KORIHOR "Siamese Christbeheader" (IPN 001) Release Date: Jan. 2001 / Format: Split demo 
Two of the most cruel bands in South East Asia combined their highly acclaimed demo's for this wicked opus. Both bands executed a raw, fast, Norwegian style Black Metal with no beautiful keyboard melodies and sweet chanting female vocals. 

c/o Marvin Garcia 
Blk. 14 Lt.14 Ph.2 
San Lorenzo Village 
Puan, Davao City 
8000 Philippines 


WRATH666-oo1: COUNTESS ”The Shining Swords of Hate” CD
Legendary dutch act with yet another merciless onslaught of fundamentalist orthodox Black Fucking Metal the way this music was meant to be played...Like the songs BATHORY did not DARE to record back in 1984 CE...

WRATH666-oo2: GRAVEWÜRM ”Ancient Storms of War” CD
From the deepest pit of Hell crawls the GRAVEWÜRM... Not to be confused with those italian fag-goth homosexuals they pick up where HELLHAMMER and SODOM left after their first vinyls back in 1984 CE...

WRATH666-oo3: MEGIDDO ”The Devil and the Whore” CD
A legend in itself, MEGIDDO stand in proud defiance of anything recorded after 1985 CE... This first album will put an end to pointy ears faggottry in Metal once and for all... FAIRIES MUST BURN !!!

WRATH666-oo4: ALASTOR: ”Crushing Christendom” CD
The lusitanian beerbastards return to teach you all the true meaning of ”SAGRES”....! Everyone into real Thrash Metal will cream his pants at this massacre of old-school Black Thrash akin to forgotten legends as

OUT in March 2001 CE:
WRATH666-oo5: GRAND BELIAL´S KEY ”Castrate the Redeemer” CD
The Lords of US Black Metal with their definite onslaught. Cleansed of all traces of faggottry this is the perfect soundtrack for your next nocturnal visit to the nunery across the street...

OUT in March 2001 CE:
WRATH666-oo6: COUNTESS ”The Revenge of the Horned One pt.1” CD
More perverions from Nederlands finest. The first part of a supposed double album but since we are greedy bastards we release it seperately anyways. Expect part II before the Summer 2001 CE...

All CDs are limited to 666 handnumbered copies and go for 30 DM or 15 US$ each (2 CDs = 25 US$ / 50 DM). Surface postage is included worldwide. Overseas customers wishing Airmail send 5 US$ extra. Further attempts on the well-being and existence of humanity are to be expected as we get closer to the Battle of Armageddon.... BARCODES ARE THE MARK OF JUDA !!!

Finally a very limited edition of 100 BARBARIAN WRATH T-shirts has been unleashed upon mankind ! Available sizes are L, XL and BAVARIAN... Frontprint is the BARBARIAN WRATH logo, backprint is the infamous ”DEATH TO NORSECORE AND FAG-GOTHIC !!!” slogan. 30 DM or 15 US$. Surface postage is included worldwide. Airmail to Overseas is 5 US$ extra. Please inquire about availability of your size before placing an order. Reservation per e-mail is recommended. Due to excessive success and overwhelming sales I´m currently busy designing a new shirt.

Since this homosexual business forces me to sell other stuff than my own, the least thing to do is to restrict it to those releases that darken my days on a regular basis. All CDs on the list below stood my very personal testing and are 100 % Metal... Rates: 3 CDs your choice for 25 US$ / 50 DM or multiplications of that. Surface postage is included worldwide. Airmail to Overseas is 5 US$ extra.

Important Notes:
- Reservation per e-mail is HIGHLY recommended...
- CDs marked (S) are in stock right now, CDs marked (I) are incoming
- Due to recent bad experience I only accept cash in a registred letter or International Money Orders by the postal system. No bank Cheques. No national money orders. No Thomas Cook bullshit.

ABSU ”The Third Storm of Cythraul” CD (S)
ALASTOR ”Gates of Darkness” CD (S)
AMON GOETH ”The Worship” CD (S)
AMON GOETH ”In the Shade of Death” CD (I)
ARGHOSLENT ”Arsenal of Glory” CD (S)
ARGHOSLENT ”Gallopping through the Battle Ruins” CD (S)
APOCALYPTIC RAIDS ”Only Death is real...” CD (I)
AURORA BOREALIS ”Northern Lights” CD (S)
AURORA BOREALIS ”Praise the Archaic Light´s Embrace” CD (S)
SACRAMENTARY ABOLISHMENT (now A.O.A.) ”River of Corticone” CD (S)
SACRAMENTARY ABOLISHMENT (now A.O.A.) ”The Distracting Stone” (S)
AXIS OF ADVANCE (ex-S.A.) ”Landline” MCD (S)
BARATHRUM ”Hailstorm” CD (S)
BEWITCHED ”Dragonflight” CD (S)
BIFROST ”Pagan Reality” CD (S)
BIFROST ”The Wildest Fire” CD (S)
BIFROST ”Mythistory” CD (S)
BLACK WITCHERY / CONQUEROR ”Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance” SplitCD (S)
BLOODSTORM ”Pestilence from the Dragonstar” CD (S)
CARPATHIAN FOREST ”Through Chasms, Caves and Titan Woods” MCD (S)
CARPATHIAN FOREST ”Black Shining Leather” CD (I)
CIANIDE ”Divide and Conquer” CD (S)
COUNTESS ”The Gospel of the Horned One” CD (S)
COUNTESS ”The Return of the Horned One” CD (S)
COUNTESS ”Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam” CD (S)
COUNTESS ”Hell´s Rock´n´Roll” MCD (S)
CUT-THROAT ”Rape, Rape, Rape” CD (S)
DESASTER ”A Touch of Medieval Darkness” CD (S)
DESASTER ”Hellfire´s Dominion” CD (S)
DESASTER ”Tyrant of the Netherworld” (S)
DEVASTACION ”Qué lo Parió” CD (S)
DOOMSTONE ”Satanavoid” CD (S)
GORGON ”The Lady rides a Black Horse” CD (S)
GORGON ”The Jackal Pact” CD (S)
GORGON ”The Spectral Voices” CD (S)
GOSPEL OF THE HORNS ”Eve of the Conqueror” MCD (S)
GRAND BELIAL´S KEY ”Mocking the Philanthropist” CD (S)
GRIMFORCE ”Circulation to Conclusion” CD (I)
HERETIC ”Black Metal Holocaust” CD (S)
IMPIETY ”Skullfucking Armageddon” CD (S)
LANGSUYR ”Riusgnal” CD (S)
MORNINGSTAR ”Heretic Metal” CD (S)
MORTEM ”Demon Tales” CD (S)
MORTEM ”The Devil speaks in Tongues” CD (S)
MORTEM ”Decomposed by Possession” CD (S)
MORTUARY DRAPE ”Secret Sudaria” CD (S)
MORTUARY DRAPE ”Tolling 13th Knell” CD (S)
MURDER RAPE ”...and Evil returns” CD (S)
MYSTIFIER ”Demystifiing the Mystified Ones” CD (S)
NUNSLAUGHTER ”Hell´s Unholy Fire” CD (S)
PENTACLE ”The Fifth Moon” CD (S)
PENTACLE ”...rides the Moonstorm” CD (S)
OPHTHALAMIA ”A Journey in Darkness” CD (S)
OPHTHALAMIA ”Via Dolorosa” CD (S)
ORDER FROM CHAOS ”Stillbirth Machine / Crushed Infamy” CD (S)
ORDER FROM CHAOS ”An Ending in Fire” CD (S)
SABBAT ”Karisma” CD (S)
SABBAT ”Satanasword” CD (S)
SARGATANAS ”The Enlightenment” CD (S)
SATHANAS ”Armies of Charon” CD (S)
SCEPTER ”I´m going to Hell” CD (S)
SUMMONING ”Lugburz” CD (S)
SUMMONING ”Minas Morgul” CD (S)
SUMMONING ”Dol Guldur” CD (S)
SUMMONING ”Nightshade Forest” CD (S)
SUMMONING ”Stronghold” CD (S)
TERRORSQUAD ”The Wild Stream of Eternal Sin” CD (I)
THA-NORR ”Wolfenzeitalter” CD (S)
UNPURE ”Unpure” CD (S)
UNPURE ”Coldland” CD (S)
VARATHRON ”The Lament of Gods” MCD (S)
WATAIN ”Rabid Death´s Curse” CD (S)
WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS ”Sing Thou Unholy Servants” CD (I)
WIZZARD ”Wizzard” CD (S)
ZEMIAL ”For the Glory of Ur” CD (S)

(Apart from genuine BARBARIAN WRATH releases I also do wholesales on these articles. Rates are always 8 DM or 4 US$ per CD plus 16% tax plus postage. Feel free to inquire about details)

ALASTOR ”Gates of Darkness” CD
AMON GOETH ”The Worship” CD
AMON GOETH ”In the Shade of Death” CD
BARATHRUM ”Hailstorm” CD
BIFROST ”Pagan Reality” CD
BIFROST ”The Wildest Fire” CD
BLOODSTORM ”Pestilence from the Dragonstar” CD (S)
COUNTESS ”The Gospel of the Horned One” CD
COUNTESS ”The Return of the Horned One” CD
COUNTESS ”Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam” CD
COUNTESS ”Hell´s Rock´n´Roll” MCD
DOOMSTONE ”Satanavoid” CD
SATHANAS ”Armies of Charon” CD
THA-NORR ”Wolfenzeitalter” CD
WIZZARD ”Wizzard” CD

Snail Mail: BARBARIAN WRATH; PO BOX 100 710; 93007 Regensburg; GERMANY
Fax: 0049 (0)40 3603 153333 Phone: 0049 (0)172 9567272
E-Mail: wrath-n-roll@gmx.net AIM: BarbarianWrath ICQ: 37674406
Sonic Perversion and Propaganda at http://www.BarbarianWrath.cjb.net

Newsletter January 2001 
News, tourdates, upcoming releases... see what's hot in January and beyond... 

These news are also available on our website! Just follow this link: 

The new album is finished! It's called "AM UNIVERSUM" and the track list is as follows: Alone, Goddess (Of The Sad Man), The Night Is Over, Shatters Within, Crimson Wave, Drifting Memories, Forever More, Veil Of Sin, Captured State, Grieve Stricken Heart, and they also did record "Too Much To See", which will going to be a bonus song on some versions of "AM UNIVERSUM". In January the band will start doing a video for the song called "ALONE" with director Tuukka Temonen. 

Their upcoming album "ORGANIZED CHAOS" will be delayed as the producer they wanted for this album is currently busy in the USA. So, watch out for further news coming soon! 

..Will go on tour in February to promote their highly acclaimed new album "FOLLOW THE REAPER". In Europe, the band will support PRIMAL FEAR, and for the first time, CHILDREN OF BODOM will play in Korea! Of course they won't miss Japan this time as well, where they'll be on the road together with DARK TRANQUILITY. Check the tourdates at the bottom of the page! 

Are of course still alive and will let the metal flow! The master tapes of the upcoming live album "Live At The Whiskey A Gogo" just arrived, and we're sure no fan of Chuck Schuldiner wants to miss this great metal masterpiece that features the best tracks of every DEATH-era in a powerful live-sound! Stay tuned for further news! 

Finally the master tape arrived as well, and it's gonna be their best album so far, we can assure you! The album is titled: "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" and will be released 12th March 2001. This is the songs for the new album in no particular order: Intro (possible title "Fear and Wonder"), Blessings upon The Throne of Tyranny, IndoctriNation, Sympozium, The Maelstrom Mephisto, Hybrid Stigmata, The Apostasy, Puritania, Perfection or Vanity, Kings of The Carnival Creation, Absolute Sole Right, Architecture of A Genocidal Nature, Burn in Hell (Twisted Sister-cover, featured on Digi-Pack). 

Have begun to arrange a world tour for summer. Their new album "THE SILVER CORD IS SEVERED" will be available the 5th of February, including a free live-CD with 13 tracks. So go for it! 

Their new album "DESERT LAND" is in stores in February, the 12th. The band received really enthusiastic reviews so far from the press, be sure to check it out if you're into melodic metal! 

The band will start touring from Feb. 8th 2001 incl. some outstanding Open Air festivals during the summer. Fantastic news as the first reviews are coming in from the top German music magazines: Album of the month in the German HAMMER - Soundcheck No. 1 (review: 7 / 7 points), Album of the month in ROCK HARD 9/10 points, Metal Heart 10 / 10 points, Heavy oder was! 11 / 12 points... and more enthusiastic reviews are coming in daily! Check out their tour dates... at the moment the band is negotiating to add some shows in Canada and the USA! Also visit our website for an exclusive pre-listening: http://www.nuclearblast.de/events/primal_listening.htm 

Shortly after the release of "ROUND 6", the band will release a live-album entitled "ROAD RAGE" which was recorded during their last tour. Release: 5th february! They'll be going on an extensive tour again to promote "ROUND 6", so check our tourdates below! 

These swedes will deliver one of the best and unique death/thrash metal albums ever! If you doubt our words, read what the Metal-God himself, Rob Halford, says about this band: "SOILWORK represents a new sound in the metal scene. The combination of styles created is exciting and unusual. SOILWORK have obviously worked hard at breaking the metal mold and definied a futuristic approach that no other metal band is exploring. I am particularly inspired by Speed's variety of vocals. He sings in an individual and unique manner. SOILWORK are a band to watch for the new Metal Millenium. Go get it!" You better believe it... 

Their debut album "PREDOMINANCE" will be released at the 19th of March and is a KILLER! They'll be going on tour with DIMMU BORGIR and IN FLAMES, so don't miss this tour! 

Their "MACHINE"-Single will be released on January 22nd, there will also be a video-clip for it soon. Watch out for it in the end of January! Also, the band and Nuclear Blast want to give their warmest congratulations to former guitarist Tommy Olsson and his long time girlfriend Cathrine Finnestad that got married on December 30th 2000. Please note the following: In connection with the upcoming European tour THEATRE OF TRAGEDY want to invite the audience to submit live photos taken on the tour via e-mail. So if you have a digital camera or a scanner please submit your best photo to the following adress: band@theatreoftragedy.com. The band will personally pick the five best ones for a presentation on their homepage as well as the possibility to include 
it in the booklet of the upcoming live CD "Closure: Live". The winners will receive a surprise! 

Upcoming Releases: 

15.01. Primal Fear - Nuclear Fire 
22.01. Children Of Bodom - Follow The Reaper 
22.01. Theatre Of Tragedy - Machine (EP) 
29.01. Various Artists - Death 6 (Video) 
05.02. Pro Pain - Road Rage 
05.02. Mortification - The Silver Cord Is Severed 
12.02. Narnia - Dessert Land 
12.02. Various Artists - M.W....Wacken 1999... (Video) 
19.02. Soilwork - A Predators Portrait 
26.02. Hypocrisy - Live & Clips (DVD) 
26.02. Die Toten Hosen - Crash Landing 
19.03. A Tribute To Abba - Various Artists 


The 11th issue of Vae Solis has been unleashed. In fact, it was complete in October, however, due to several problems, it's online "birth" took place a bit later. Nevertheless, set your browsers to <www.rusmetal.ru/vae_solis> and check out inties with Carpathian Forest, Veneral Disease, Unmoored, Maniac Butcher, Trail Of Tears, Autumn Tears, Arghoslent and many others + enormous number of reviews + a couple of articles and live reports + a lot of, let's say "special" sections.
For anyone willing to submit us a promo for a sure and honest review, the address is as follows: 
c/o Kai Mathias Stalhammar,
 P.O.Box 371, Moscow, 
121151, Russia

"Here´s some latest news for you, I figured with Christmas being back and everyone´s pirouetting around in their faux Christmas mood, what better way to utterly destroy all that with a few carefully chosen words on what´s up with me at the moment?

I´m going back to Sweden, end of December to continue working on the new album (working title The smell of Rain) together with my friend and percussionist Fredrik Bergström (also of No Festival of Light and Ordo Equilibrio fame). The completion of this album is scheduled for sometime early/spring 2001. The official track list is:
- Monolith
- Spirit in a Vacuum
- Mental Maelstrom
- You put a hex on Me
- Everyone Leaves
- Antimental
- Smell the Witch
- Marshland
- Parasite God

Though obviously not in a that order. These songs have not been easy to write, seeing that the past couple of years have been pretty insane, with massive depression attacks, a total lack of moral and respect for myself and others resulting in lost friends and way too superficial friends and relationships gained, and finding out what a piece of shit I´ve turned out to really be. But hey, at least the decadence and the desperation has made me write an album that I consider to be a milestone in my career and a brand new beginning for Mortiis.

During the time gap between The Stargate and this one, my music has gone through vast changes, though not all at once, it´s been happening step by step. There´s been a lot of backtracking songs, a lot of throwing material away or simply choosing not to work on the demo material after all. I even had a side project (again) in the works, with a name, concept, an album worth of material written and in demo stage (we even rehearsed once) but then I decided that it was all a bunch of shit so I discarded the whole thing. Similar events have made the conceiving of this album into a pretty slow process (I´ve probably canned close to 2 albums´ worth of material)... Did I mention that each song was probably backtracked/re-written 3-4 times?

On a different note, that book thing, Secrets of my Kingdom is, according to Earache Records (www.earache.com) finally coming out, though the only release date info we have been given so far is some time during first half of the year - vaguer than a politician, I know, but far better than nothing at all. So be on the lookout, and be ready, since it will be limited and should sell out pretty quickly.

A couple of weeks ago I did an interview with UK metal/alternative music magazine Rock Sound, to be published some time January 2001. This feature will be very cool for two reasons:

1. The interview was conducted by Amen´s singer Casey Chaos.
2. The ensuing photo shoot (with Casey Chaos) shows a prototype of some new visual ideas that I´ve had. Not the complete/over the top thing I ultimately want to go for, but a very cool prototype for it.

Lastly, our web site has been completely redone from scratch, and it all ready to put up on the internet, though there´s been some technical problems so unfortunately this has taken way longer than expected. However, it´ll be up there any day now, so keep checking at: http://www.mortiis.com/

Darkthrone Tribute Out Now!!!
22 fucking months in the making, but its finally here...a REAL tribute to the kings of Norwegian blackmetal - "The Next Thousand Years Are Ours - A Tribute To Darkthrone", on Destr0y Records 2001. CD-1 contain 13 bands covering their favourite DARKTHRONE cult torments ; ATROXAEON (under a funeral moon), CONQUEST (Skald Av Satans Sol), LYCANTHROPY (Kaatharian Life Code), THESYRE (The Hordes Of Nebulah), DEMON REALM (Skald Av Satans Sol), THOR (Triumphant Gleam), MEGIDDO (Earths Last Picture), DARK DOMINION (Under A Funeral Moon), RAMPAGE (In The Shadow Of The Horns), MUTORKSEHT (Transilvanian Hunger), MYRDDRAAL (En As I Dype Skogen), IBEX THRONE (The Serpent's Harvest) and GORT (Skald Av Satans Sol). CD-2 contain a multimedia tribute, containing : demos, lyrics, photos, reviews, artwork, rehearsals/live gigs, tablature, interviews, discography + more. Both discs ISO quality CD-R's with high quality printed CD artwork, inlays and booklet.

- crudely cropped snapshots of artwork for both CDs: 

2CD set: us$10ppd world / au$15 ppd Australia.
get in touch for trades & bulk/wholesale prices!

zines please get in touch for advertising, etc.

Destr0y Records
PO Box 5113
email: hatred@fuck-the-skull-of-jesus.mit.edu

AVERNUS - "Where the Sleeping Shadows Lie" CD
This disc is a compilation of the band's demos and unreleased tracks. It contains all four songs from their legendary "Sadness" demo, as well as their track from Metal Blade's "Metal Massacre XII" compilation, and 5 additional, previously unreleased, tracks for an unheard of total of 78 minutes of Doom perfection. Completely remastered by the band, for maximum heaviness and depression.
$13 US · $15 World, including shipping.
Long-sleeve shirts now available!
For more information on AVERNUS check out www.cursedproductions.com or the band's web site: www.sadness.com

Coming soon:
ADVERSARY - "Forsaken" CD
Nine tracks of true old-school Death Metal, including a deadly cover of the IMPETIGO classic "Boneyard."

PSYCHOMANCER - "Psychomancer" CD
Brutal Indiana Death Metal!

Cursed Productions - Metal Curse zine - ADVERSARY
P.O. Box 302 - Elkhart, IN 46515-0302 - USA
phone: 219 294 6610 - fax: 219 295 1501
email: info@cursedproductions.com

Issue #8 will be out soon. Check their website at : http://www.himnosrituales.com/
Jimmy Ruiz
P. O Box 1451
South America

J. Claros
P.O Box 1856
South America

• BESEECH on European tour with THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and LACUNA COIL in January and February 2001.
• A motion picture company called Brimstone Prod, specializing in horror and science fiction films for the worldwide home video & television markets will use music from Beseech new album for their next film called THE ALIEN CONSPIRACY
More into at: http://www.lindenmuth.com/
• New video for the song Manmade dreams from Black emotions. Download at: http://www.beseech.net
• Order "Black emotions" direct from Beseech homepage for an extremely fair price of: 13$.
• More info at: http://www.beseech.net or email "Mikael Back" < micke@comitnet.se >

Are you ready for pure and devastating misanthropic brutal Thrash-Metal, with totally possessed and harsh voices ???? The first demo, "Shudder" of THE END is out now on Moon Soon Rec. + Forgotten Wisdom Prod., and is limited to 300 copies !!! 9 songs, 30 minutes of total chaos thrash...You must listen to songs like "War Against all", "Thrash For Gods", "Satan's Hell", "Chaos" for understand the true signification of the word lobotomy !!! 
You can get this piece of thrashing blasphemy for 30FF - 6 US$ (Europe; rest of the world, add 1US $ - international post suxx) at one of these addresses :

Moon Soon Records
Notre Dame des Marins
Bat : brick ; Appt : 354 
13500 Martigues


Forgotten Wisdom Prod
Darkness Treasures 'Zine
34 rue St Désiré
39000 Lons le Saunier

MS001 / FWP003 : THE END "Shudder" (french devastating brutal Thrash-Metal) demo tape 2000
MS002 : The Bells Of The Mystical Empire (international Metal compile) demo tape - OUT IN MEEDLE FEBRUARY, bands : BLIZZARD (Ger.), INSANITY OF SLAUGHTER (Jap.), GORGON (Jap.), EXKREMENT (Fr.), THE END (Fr.), NYARLATHOTEP (Jap.), DÜEL (Jap.), DREADLINE (Fr.), IMMORTAL RITES (Ger.), TORTURE SQUAD (Br.), MORGUE (Fr.)

Bands interested for the next international compil tapes, send your recording (unrealised or live material is the best!!) + bio + logo + photo.

Also Available : 
Black Eyes'Aggression (japanese Metal compile, Weird Truth Prod.) demo tape 
ASSHOLE "C.Y.T.T.O.Y. LP" (cult french Thrash/Death-Metal band of the 80's) last copies of their 91's first (...and last...) LP - 60 FF / 12 U.S. $ , Rest of the world, add 1 $ for postage.
SABBAT / IMPERIAL "The BULLDOZER Armageddon Vol.1" (tribute on Warlord Records) split 7"EP, ONLY 2 COPIES!!!!.....Fight!!!!! 35 FF / 7 U.S. $ , Rest of the world, add 1 $ for postage.
CORPSE GRINDER "Necrorealism" (brasilian Death-Metal) demo tape '98 
CORPSE GRINDER "Live Tape '99" (brasilian Death-Metal) demo tape 

Prices for demo tapes : Europe 30 FF / 6 U.S. $ , Rest of the world, add 1 $ for postage.

The 3rd IMPERIAL's CD "Speed-Metal Cult", originally previous on Moon Soon Records IS CANCELLED!!! 
SORRY for this changes, and for all 'zines who have reviewed the CD...please, inform your readers that "Speed-Metal Cult" will never released... But this is not the end of IMPERIAL....

Moon Soon Records
Notre Dame des Marins
Bat : brick ; Appt : 354 
13500 Martigues
Write to : moon.soon.records@libertysurf.fr

German heavy metal band. 
c/o Stefan Kleber
Graf-Heinrich-Str. 5
D - 86687 Kaisheim
Fax: +49 (0)9099 921985

The only metal zine in Transylvania. If you want promotion and big support in it, please send them your promo. Also ask them about their compilation.
c/o Violeta Villa 
str.Muncii nr.42 ap.7 

In quest for a drummer. In April they will begin a tour supporting MALEVOLENT CREATION and MONSTROSITY. They will only be doing 2 weeks of dates and they are looking for a drummer who might be interested to take part in this. They are also planning shows for later in the year as well as recording new material. If anyone one is interested please contact them at KultOvAzazel@aol.com . There are certain conditions that will come into play such as being able to relocate to Florida for 2 weeks before the tour and shit like that. If you can't blast consistently don't bother contacting us. Double bass and speed is a must! If you haven't heard us a mp3 titled "My Misanthropy" can be found at www.mp3.com/KultovAzazel

"Triumph of Fire" out March 27th on Arctic/Pavement Music 

www.kultovazazel.com - kultovazazel@aol.com 

New reviews has been added for the new albums from LACUNA COIL, THE FORSAKEN, PRIMAL FEAR and others. A new interview with GIRLS UNDER GLASS can be found on the site. Lots of metal news and new release dates has also been added.

Labels, bands etc., feel free to send me your releases for review at (Tartarean Desire c/o) 
Vincent Eldefors,
Grindgatan 62, S-589 23 LINKÖPING, SWEDEN. 
Website: http://crawford.tzo.net/chamber/tartarean/
E-mail: tartareandesire@yahoo.com

• Check http://www.defenderkfs.com for info, mp3, tabs, etc.
• The selfproduced debut record "The Command" has been recently released. It features 8 tracks of pure KFS war metal power plus outro, fullcolour cover including the lyrics, labelprint, etc. ....

is a gore comic and also included an interview with gore, brutal death band in its issue. I have read it and highly recommend it to everyone. Beside of Jake's great drawing, the story is also funny at times and it is for free ! Anyway, I suggest you to send some IRCs to get this full color publication. 
c/o Jake, 
912, C. Street Charleston,
 Illinios 61920 USA. 


Italian unhloy grinding brutal death metal, have released its debut full-lenght under Malaysian PSYCHIC SCREAM ENT. It is their second release with them, after "Hegemony" MCD in 1999. "Hateful Atttitude" already received some good reviews from important metal magazine and personalities worldwide. 
c/o Gigi Casini, 
Via Rueglio, 8, 10148, 
Torino, Italy. 

[ewc-12] "A Venturer's Mind"
- their cult Demo 97 re-release (originally limited to 222 copies) upcoming within a month or so...

http://www.vikings.lv/~witchcraft/ | janis.balodis@riga.mail.telia.com
(Janis Balodis, Zemites 2, Riga, LV-1002, Latvia Lettland Lettonie) 

Behind The Mask is the first studio album of Ipsum. Ita was recorded during february 2000 in the VoidReXXs studio by Yvan Broccard, the guitar player of the indus-metal band Sweet Disease. This album contains seven tracks which traduct well the eclectism of the band. So this songs navigate between dark tendencies (Succubus), speed metal (Hatred), melodic metal (the Ring, Diabolic Union) or as well as neo-metal (Masque de Dégout). 

Behind The Mask CD Track list:
1) Mandragore 5'50
2) Hatred 5'07
3) Succubus 6'41
4) The Ring 6'44
5) Diabolic Union 6'13
6) Jester 5'42
7) Masque de Dégoût 8'34
Price list: 15 frs / 65 frf / 20 DM / 10$ +carriage cost 

Latest news:
- RAKOTH (Russia) just finished the recording of their second Album titled "Jabberworks", which will be soon released on Digipack-CD by code666. The "Russian Grotesque Live Orchestra" from Moscow helped them during the recording sessions, adding a Real Orchestral Touch to the Rakoth-Metal of the band! they recorded also a special Bonus track titled "L' Honglath/Facing the Calm" which will be included in the forthcoming Compilation-CD "Better Undead Than Alive" out on code666 in May... in the meantime, the highly acclaimed first album "Planeshift" was released under license in ex-USSR countries by Irond Records, getting immediately a massive positive feedback from the fans, bringing Rakoth among the most known and respected Metal acts of their Country. 
Official Track-list : 
1.Dying Realm 
2.A Passing in the Ethereal 
3.Insurgent One 
4.Story of the NAmeless 
5.Farewell 6.Brightless 
7.Return Of The Nameless 
8.Diamond Angel 
9.Der Jammerwoch - 
(www.rakoth.cjb.net )

- DIABOLICUM (Sweden) are still in Studio, adding the final touch to their second album, titled "The Dark Blood Rising (The Hatecrowned Retaliation)", out in Late March on code666 in a special Digipack-Cd with a CD-ROM track including a brand new Banned Exxtreme Video of the song "Bloodspawn" directed by a new rising-star of the Snuff-Gore-Porno Swedish-Scene: B.H. Orso... that video was banned almost everywhere, so it will be available only in that CD-ROM track!, plus new photos, artwork and special, uncensored, extreme Stuff... a lot of Special Guests helped the band in Studio: Jon Nodveit from the mighty DISSECTION wrote some lyrics, as well as Dirge Rep from ENSLAVED, while Martin From PUNGENT STENCH/HOLLENTHORN and Wrath from SETHERIAL/NAGFLAR/BEWITCHED performed the leading vocals on two different tracks ! Music-Wise there will be a Huge progression from the first album (The Grandeur Of Hell, out on Napalm records in 1999) with more Brutal, Sick, Powerful, Nuke-Metal vibes... Fucking True Infernal Metal! 
Official Track-List: 
1. The March of the Misanthrophe 
2. Heavens Die 
3. Transmissions to the planet of death 
4. Bloodspawn 
5. The War Tide(all out genocide) 
6. The Hatecrowned retaliation 
7. The Dark Blood Rising 
8. The Pitch Black(000000) 
9. The Song of Suffering 
10. Into the Dementia 
11. The Nemesis speaks.... 
(www.diabolicum.cjb.net )

- BLOODSHED (Sweden) are the new addiction to the code666-roster. this Swedish New-Sensation just recorded a Masterkiller EP at the Legendary Sunlight Studios, and immediately got the deal with us. the Skullcrusher Digipack-MCD will be released in April, when no one will survive... mixing in a unique way the typical Swedish Black & Death Metal, they perform Great Skullcrushing Swedish Metal!
(www.skullcrushers.com )

- AGHORA (Usa) was the bestsellers at code666 in 2000, with more than 8.000 copies sold in few month, and an impressive, overexpected positive reaction from Magazines, Fans, Shops... They are now working on the next album, which will be recorded later this year... rumors told that it will be Heavier but yet more Melodic, so expect not less than a masterpiece!!!!! 
(www.aghora.org )

- EPHEL DUATH (Italy) are now remixing the songs of their impressive debut-CD "Phormula" with a Crazy Jungle-Big Beat DJ... expect the unexpected from them, as usual... the song-previews are too fucking great to be described, everybody will hear a sample on the compilation-CD out on May on code666. Emperor meets Roni Size!!!!! 
(www.ephel.cjb.net )

- THE WEBINFERNO ( www.code666.net
) launched 2 months ago, was an incredible success! more than 42.000 visitors, tons of positive feedbacks and a lot of new projects ready to start: the code666 web-radio will be improved to cover all the requests of live-streaming-audio of our productions, the zine-section will have a brand new "Grey-Area" dedicated to Ambient-Dark-Apocalyptic-Folk music, ruled by Void Of SIlence's mastermind Riccardo Conforti, then finally the credit-card payment will be available in our online-mailorder, and you'll have the possibility to hear the mp3 of our new releases two weeks before the release-date... an more, more , more....

CODE666 - via billi 2 - 40026 imola (BO) - ITALY
www.code666.net - code666@code666.net
tel-fax +39-0542-684952

In January 8th, 2001 Modern Music has joined forces with the Sanctuary Records Group to form Sanctuary Records GmbH.

The British management company RS&AT started 25 years ago by launching Iron Maiden on the world. Later on the company developed into a conglomerate of various companies, most of them dedicated to Rock. Sanctuary acquired UK independent record company Castle Music and US independent company CMC International in the spring of last year, and with Modern Music now part of the group, Sanctuary is one of the biggest independent record companies in the world.

The declared goal: to put Rock into the position it deserves. In 2001 we will delight you with releases by the cult band WASP, the metal heroes Megadeth, guitar god Gary Moore, a new masterpiece by Gamma Ray, live records by Rob Halford und Virgin Steele and a new album by Kamelot. On January 8th we will start with the release of Iron Savior's "Dark Assault".

Noise and T&T Records will keep on supporting and furthering young bands playing melodic, power and true metal, just as you expect us to do. For Modern Music Sanctuary was the only logical partner, because both companies
think alike. Together we will stay independent, which means for us being open to new influences, flexible, available and motivated. To put it in a nutshell: NO BULLSHIT!

statment from Matt Of LIVIDITY
"This goes out to all the people,promoters and fans in europe....due to some problems with one of our members not being able to make the tour due to a new baby being born we have had to cancel our european tour....this has nothing to do with martain and erebos.....they have done a killer job supporting lividity and we feel bad 
we have to cancel...BUT We will not promote lividity at 50% and didn't wanna tour without a member or as a 3 piece...we are hoping to reschedule for fall and hit all the countries we've talked about.....We are sorry for any inconvinces due to our cancelation......we had no choice and it hurts us probably more then people realize.... we live to play and hate when we can't do something....I hope all promoters and firms will work with erebos to reschedule these shows for us when we try to return in the fall 2001 this is only the second time we've cancelled anything in over 7 years as lividity...so people you should understand!! we're doing everything possible to try to get out there in fall so we hope to see ya then! any commets contact me at lividitymb1@hotmail.com...will answer any questions you have about the whats and whys...stay sick"


SANATORIUM will record new CD in forthcoming days... They will enter Moonset studio (known by records of SUFFOCATE and few other bands) so be prepared for new dose of ultra brutal death metal. They will records like now like 3 piece band (Onecque - guitars, Dzordz - drums and me on vox/bassssss) with guest Miroslav from GOREOPSY on vocals. I have to say, that new material is totally different from "Arrival of the forgotten ones" CD. With new line-up everything changed and finally we are able to present SANATORIUM is one of the most brutal bands from Europe with old school touch. CD should be out on Erebos Productions, but we will send some promos to few labels to find better deal if possible. Every label who is interested to hear new material, write us. We will send CD-R with new songs to you.

LIVIDITY cancelled their SODOMIZING EUROPE tour and there is still possibility to replace them with DISGORGE from MEXICO. 

Email : psycho@erebosproductions.com

Finally !!!! The recordings for the new album "Cognitive Dissonance" have STARTED. 
The band is proud to announce the new line-up, which will record the album in Exponent Studio, Slovakia, during January / February 2001

Basta - guitars
Luky - guitars
Peter Böhm - bass, vocals
Wolfgang Süssenbeck - keyboards, backing vocals
Bernd Pichlbauer - drums

The band has parted ways with their longtime singer / guitar player Peter Durst due to personal and musical differences, which have become unmountable. The band regards the matter closed with this statement and is not going to reveal any further details upon this matter.
Basta, one of the new guitar players, is joining DARKSIDE after a previous cooperation with members of the band on the project "NOOHOORSH". He hails from Ceske Budejovice / Czech Republic and his original band is czech trash monster COLP. The other new member in DARKSIDE is Luky, a young guitar player, who previously played in NEMA, an austrian black metal band.

DARKSIDE recently played two shows with ATROCITY and PAIN in Austria, and the reactions from both the crowd as well as from members of both bands were very positive.

DARKSIDE has also been signed to a new label, but in order to not to interfear with the label´s promotional work, until now, the band only reveals that it is a french label. The label will soon itself reveal the signing of DARKSIDE in one of its upcoming newsletter.

The final tracking list of "Cognitive Dissonance" is as follows


http://www.waltergraphik.at/darkside.htm the DARKSIDE Evolution page, designed by Walter Mlcak, the designer of the last DARKSIDE album cover

http://sh55k01.jvb.tudelft.nl/darkside/index.htm the official DARKSIDE Homepage

• The label's new wesbite is at http://nostradamusrec.euro.ru
• Finally released on CD, legendary ENS COGITANS 1996 album "Heart Of The Way". 6 magnificent songs of extremely technical progressive post doom from one of the Russian Scene’s leaders ENS COGITANS. 50 minutes of intellectual music, top production, breathtaking adventure in digital format all it available for: 
Russia 8 USD, Europe 10 USD, Rest Of The World 12 USD.
• Due to good sale of their last release NR003CD OVERSUN CD "Tragedy Of Time", they were forced to make another print of additional 500 CDs to feed our interest. Now they take your orders again with the same friendly prices: 
Russia - 5 USD, Europe - 7 USD, rest of the world - 8 USD. 
Bitter sarcasm and unmasked mockery through every line and every note! Electrobrutality in its best. From the creators of Ens Cogitans for those, who dare to take this computerized assault of calm, feeble sheep life!

Also available:

NR002CD ENS COGITANS 1999 "Re-Vision".
Excellent gothic metal. There is nothing to compare, just make your own decision. Full-length CD "Re-Vision" in co-operation with Seven Art Music (Italy). 
Prices: Russia - 10 USD, Rest Of The World - 14 USD.

NR001CD OVERSUN 1998 "Pinnacle’s Obsession"
Soft mixture of melodic metal and modern computer's technology in first stream of revelation - OVERSUN - with brilliant mini-album "Pinnacle's Obsession". 
Prices: CD-r - 5 USD (C.I.S. - 3 USD), tape - 2 USD (C.I.S. - 1 USD).

c/o Oleg Alimov
Tolmachev St. 11-82,
141282, Ivanteevka,
Moscow region, RUSSIA
E-mail: nostradamusrec@mtu-net.ru
c/o Harold Dekkers
Kruisstraat 2, box 201, Leuven, 3000, Belgium.
Phone: 32 16 207 525
Email: dekkers@imec.be



This is a fantastic Comp CD featuring 15 excellent underground bands covering black, death, thrash and doom metal. The line-up is:

Ephel Duath(Ita), Pulverizer (Hol), Aghora (USA)(featuring past members of Cynic and Death), Obscura (Swe), Rain Fell Within (USA), Dying Day (Eng), Asatru (Eng), Cryptic Revelation (Jap), Unsilence (Eng), Inner War (USA), Rakoth (Rus), Al Sirat (Pol), Maudlin of the Well (USA), Haborym (Mex), and Autumn Tears (USA).

The CD is professionally mastered and comes with a 16 page full colour glossy booklet, making this one of the best sounding and presented Comp CD's ever released by an underground label.
The CD is priced at £7.50/$13

Golden Lake Productions
19 Castlehill Drive
Newton Mearns
G77 5JZ

The website of this British brutal death metal band is now up at www.beefconspiracy.co.uk or can be viewed at www.brownboy.freeserve.co.uk 

Email : beefconspiracy@hotmail.com

The first demo tape of THE END, devastating and misanthropic brutal thrash metal, with totally possessed and harsh voices !!!
"Shudder" contains 30 minutes of chaos thrash, with songs like "War against all", "in the end of life", "thrash for gods" and "sodomize your dog", you won't have a rest !!! Thrash till The End !!!
You can get this piece of thrashing blasphemy for 30FF - 6 US$ (Europe; rest of the world, add 1US $ - international post suxx) at one of these addresses below. Zines send 1 blank tape + proof of existence to receive promo pack. Of course, labels, bands can get in touch, trade is welcome (but inquire first).

Forgotten Wisdom Prod
Darkness Treasures 'Zine
34 rue St Désiré
39000 Lons le Saunier

or Moon Soon Recs
Notre Dame des marins 
Bat : brick appt 354
13500 Martigues

New reviews: 
At The Gates - "Slaughter of the Soul" (1995)
Carpathian Forest - "Strange Old Brew" (2000)
Eidomantum - demo (2000)
Nightwish - "Wishmaster" (2000)
Opeth - "Morningrise" (1996)
and Old Man´s Child, Vedisni, Cast Of Shadows, Vinterriket, Legion and more.

New interviews with Tharen of Dargaard and Jill from the American grindcore/death metal label Razorback Records.

Besides this lots of new tour dates, metal news, release dates and sound samples has been added to the site.

Bands, labels and everyone else feel free to send your releases for reviewing at Tartarean Desire 
c/o Vincent Eldefors, 
Grindgatan 62, S-589 23 
E-mail: tartareandesire@yahoo.com

• Kontortion is entering Trod Nossel Studios in Waterbury, CT on Jan. 28th to record their next batch of new songs and a few remakes of some older ones. All will be pleased with the new recording. Trod Nossel does an excellent job and the recording will be much much better than the ep. 
• We are recording for a future split releases with local Connectictut hooligans, SEPSIS. No word yet when it will be 
released and we're still lookin' for labels. Any serious inquiries please get in touch.
• As of this moment our next show isn't until March 18 at the Hanover House in Meriden, CT. THe lineup so far includes: Kontortion, Year of Our Lord, Goatwhore, and Immolation. Anyone who can make it will not be disapointed. It's gonna be an awesome show. 

20-A Seymour St 
Windsor CT 06095 

Attention Bands, Labels, Mags and Distro. The most important magazines of Italy in the extreme scenes, MORGUE VIEW and THINKING ABOUT BRUTALITY have taken the decision to unite their forces. The attitude will be the same, spread their extreme attitude over the world. Their choice is to maintain the same name. 
Main features will be:
-Professionally Printed 
-Cover and Back cover in full colour 
-1,000 copies printed in the first press 
-The magazine will be distributed for free 
-A5 format.....pocket format 
-Web version 

Please contact them at :
Enrico brutality@libero.it
Christian necrovirus@libero.it

Are back and ready to rage! Following the recent release of the ever anticipated VHS/DVD entitled "Kill Yourself - The Movie", the purveyors of all that is metal will headline two very special performances that are sure to give you that fuzzy holiday feeling in your tummy. Tri-state area peeps listen up!
(The VHS/ DVD is a thorough documentary of the 1999-2000 SOD Bigger Than The Devil tour featuring a barrage of live concert footage, interviews, and behind the scenes mayhem (including a clip of Marilyn Manson's Twiggy Ramirez reciting martian dialogue before shooting himself ). The cover depicts a spoof of Guns & Roses' Appetite For Destruction cover art S.O.D.- style.)

The new Now or Never Records site is up and operational. Such lovely features include secure online ordering, New MP3 downloads and plenty of Now or Never info. 
Also on the horizon are new releases from All ElseFailed, `Maharahj, Diecast and the rerelease of the 1st Dillinger Escape Plan CD. This rerelease will feature bonus live tracks and will be limited to 5000 copies in digipack format.


For additional information please contact:
Brian@noworneverrecords.com or Matnon@noworneverrecords.com

Watch for features on artist Jeff Gaither in future issues of Sounds Of Death and Slave magazine. New covers designs my Gaither for bands Riptide, Death Becomes You, Electric Frankenstein and more. If you don't recognize the name you will the art. Check out Jeff's art at:

Tee Pee Records recently signed Brooklyn based-band JJ's Paradise Players Club. The band will be releasing a two-song 7" and four-song CD/EP in February of 2001 with a full-length CD/LP to follow in June of 2001. Formed in November 1999 the band consists of Eric Cooper (ex-Kiss It Goodbye,The Kill Van Kull), Dave Curran (former UNSANE bassist), Joel Hamilton (ex-Glazed
Baby) and Jim Paradise. The band's sound is very reminescent of the UNSANE with flashes of Entombed, Neurosis and AC/DC. Don't miss it.

• Raging Slab - "The Dealer" CD/LP- The Kings and Queen of Boogie are back with their first release in three years!!! Four major-label records and 21 drummers later this band is back to re-claim their Rock N' Roll throne. Hits the streets January 23, 2001

• A Fistful of Rock N' Roll Volumes 7 & 8- The series continues with two new volumes that promise to raise the stakes on all the bands out their masquerading as "Rock". Volume 7 includes such stand-outs as Adam West, The Retardos and Alabama Thunder Pussy. Volume 8 inludes Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones, Nebula and The Lord High Fixers. OUT ON CD/LP in March/2001

• Mark D- New CD/LP from this former bass player of the MELVINS. Mark played on the "Stoner Witch", "Stag" and "Honky" records. This record definately retains much of that heavy sound combined with a much more psychedelic approach. A great record! A must have for fans of the Melvins, Wellwater Conspiracy and Masters of Reality. Out in March 2001.

Website : http://www.teepeerecords.com

An old death/dark metal band has released its second demo entitled "The Underground Storms Eternally". It is like a combination of Asphyx, old Thou Shalt Suffer, old Vader, Darkthrone, Mayhem, old Death etc... darkness, misanthropy & chaos is included there !!! Tape is released in a professionally way. Traders are welcome!!!

EXTREME DENSE ART #1 newsletter includes Apocalyptic Raids (Brazil), Autumnal Reaper (The Netherlands), Temple Of Baal (France), Mistress (Germany), Redivivus (Poland), an article "Vampires - myth or history", a ton of reviews and others... It is printed in 1000 copies and spreading out for free.

THRONEUM & ExtremeDenseArt 
c/o TomaszHanuszkiewicz 
pobox 66, 41-923, 
Bytom, Poland. 

Now available!!! The first HAVOHEJ t-shirt ever made!!!
Bright white ink (above design) printed on heavy black 100% cotton tee. $17.00 plus $5.00 shipping in Europe, and Asia! No shipping fees in U.S.A.

PROFANATICA: "Weeping in Heaven" black shirt white print $17.00
PROFANATICA: "Live cd design" black shirt bright red print $17.00
PROFANATICA: "logo design" black shirt special silver ink $17.00
HAVOHEJ: "unholy darkness and impurity" black shirt white print $17.00

Coming soon! The entire HAVOHEJ collection on CD and also the new full length release entitled "Man And Jinn".

Please make all checks and money orders payable to Paul Ledney The creator of PROFANATICA, and HAVOHEJ.

CT 06811 U.S.A.

Another great band under PULVERISED RECORDS of Singapore ! Their debut MCD, "Cruentus Diabolos" will be released soon and available atthe price of USD 9. 
For more info contact : pulverised@pacific.net.sg



NDP 001: VINTERRIKET - Gjennom Tåkete Skogen DEMO CD-R'2000 8DM/ 4$ (+ Postage!)
After selling more than 600 Demos with professional glossy b/w cover, released by NEODAWN PRODUCTIONS and BEVERINA (Latvija) the tape is now available on CD-R format! Dark, melancholic, orchestral and atmospheric synth- soundscapes!
NDP 002: CROWHEAD - Love Letter DEMO CD-R’2000 8DM/ 4$ (+ Postage!)
CROWHEAD= ex- SHADOW DANCERS (NOR)! Feat. Rym of RAGNAROK! Dark and depressive Gothic Metal! A masterpiece
NDP 003: LEGION - Bloodaeons DEMO/ PROMO’2000 8DM/ 4$ (+ Postage!)
LEGION= ex- TYRANT (SWE)! Fuckin’ intense, apocalyptic, hateful and dark Black Metal performed with hellish and furious speed!!! Forget DARK FUNERAL, SETHERIAL, etc.! This demotape kills everything! Limited to 735 hand- numbered copies with glossy, full-coloured booklet, incl. lyrics!)

Upcoming releases:

NDP 004: VINTERRIKET - Det Svake Lys EP February'2001
This will be a split release of NEODAWN PRODUCTIONS and NOISE, FILTH AND FURY PRODUCTIONS (SWE). The EP will contain 3 exclusive new songs and will be limited to 500 copies!
NDP 005: VINTERRIKET/ LEBZUL- Split DEMO February/March'2001
This split release contains the VINTERRIKET Debut Demo + 2 exclusive never before released Bonus Tracks (one of them is a coversong of BURZUM ("Der Tod Wuotans") from Varg's famous "Hlidskjalf CD!!) and the LEBZUL(PAN) Demo "The Silence Within" + some Bonus Tracks! It'll be a collaborataion of INFERNAL WORLD PRODUCTIONS (Panama!) and
NEODAWN PRODUCTIONS! Diverse neo- classical atmospheric and experimental synth- creations! Limited to 200 copies!
NDP 006: NORRSKEN - T.B.A. DIGI CD/ LP Spring'2001 
NORRSKEN (ex- WARWOLF) is a swedish band, feat. members of IN BATTLE, ODHINN, VINTERSORG, OTYG, DIABOLICUM, etc!!! They play a mix of Black/Death/Speed/Thrash Metal to be called True Barbarian War Metal!!!!!! This will be a split release with NORTHERN SOUND RECORDS (FIN)
LEGION - Logo T-Shirt XL Spring'2001

c/o Christoph Ziegler
Pfarrer- Striebel- Weg 11
88471 Laupheim/ Untersulmetingen
Phone: (0049)(0)170/1546695

- New official web page : http://www.oz287zx.com/dismalpast 
- Need logo and art. If you have the talent, contact them right away !

Ryan Isbell 
5312 Ammons 
Haltom City, TX 76117 


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