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November 2000

Issue #1 October 2000 is already out. Contain two interviews with one of the best Malaysia melodic death metal from Kedah, HERRIOT and the most extreme distro, Haunted Shop. Plus two scene report from the land below the wind area called 'Membakut-scene report' and 'Kedah-scene report' as well as 'Maximum Decibel Desaster-gig report'. Also includes some album/demo/fanzine review, the latest news/story about DIMMU BORGIR and short interviews with saudara Batara Guru regarding to his recently announcement. All this 32 pages in A5 format only RM2 for Malaysian and US2 for South East Asia. Oversea, we prefer trade cause this is Malay-written newsletter. Sure you can`t understand.... 

They are always looking for the latest news about your underground activity.Please e-mail me or use snail mail to spread your words...Make sure this is your chance to let Asian metallers know about yours.Issue #2 will be out in January/February 2001.So take note........

Send your order to:
E-mail : faizal_666@yahoo.com 
Website : http://www.geocities.com/faizal_666/sihru.html 

Tittle Valhalla 
Format GOLD DISC (Ltd. Edition First 1000 copies) 
Style METAL 
CAT# KDM-004
Release Date 10 th. Dec. 2000.
Track List 1. Aiesis And Your Bible 
2. Egyptian Tarot
3. Wheel Of Fortune 
4. The Sun Of Thorns
6. Oriel Window. 
7. Aeon


+ This Album is Digital Re-master Re-issue version And Include new beautyful song " Aion" (Original Release at 1997).
+ Ltd. Edition Gold Disc (24K) First 1000 copies Only. 
+ They Are Most Beautyful and Emotional Female Metal band.
+ Many Promo-CD and 10000 copies flyer speeded for worldwide magazine , radio station, and distributer.
+ Wholesale , Trade and Interview are please contact to us. 


KDM-001 TERROR SQUAD/The Wild Stream Of Eternal Sin
Japanese Real Thrashing Terrorist!!!

KDM-002 MANIPULATED SLAVES/Burst Into Blue Flame
Japanese Aggressive And Beautiful Melodic Death!!

KDM-003 GRIM FORCE/Circlution To Conclusion
Japanese 100% Pure Thrashing Mad!!

#406 new light bld. 2-25-6 hongo
bunkyo-ku tokyo JAPAN
Fax: +81-3-5803-7661
e-mail: worldkdm@syd.odn.ne.jp


Featuring interview with brutal bands such great as; BEHEADED (Malta), NOISM (Japan), CENOTAPH (Turkey) & GURKKHAS (France). Unusual LP/EP/demo re-cremated views, Bandung Underground V gig report and other news from extreme metal
underground scene. Written in understandable Indonesian slang language. Packed with 24 A4 xeroxed pages of brutal sickening art. Pro-computer lay-out and tons of gory artwork.
You can get it by sending Rp. 3.500 (+ Rp. 1.500 to cover postage in Indonesia), US$ 2 (Asia) & US$ 5 (Elsewhere) well concealed cash in registered mail only to the following address:

Carnivorous deals exclusively with the true extreme metal underground scene, from metallic hardcore/thrash metal to the most corrosive of death metal/grindcore. Except black metal and still devoted to brutal death metal/grindcore musick. Once again, no black metal, no satanic bullshit and of corpse, no fucking rip off!!!
Record labels, ask for our cheap advertising rates! Distros, ask for our wholesale prices!

Carnivorous issue # 4: January 2001. Participants, send your promo package for sure review & possible interview. Deadline: latest December 2000, so be quick or be dead!

Jl. Sukun No. 4 RT 003/06
Kamp. Utan, Ciputat 15412
Telp. 62 (021) 743 3048
E-mail: Carnivorous_zine@lycos.com

" Buried In Filthy Vomits " demo 2000 is finally out !!! Ultra brutal death metal from Singapore !!! 4 track demo with great sound and sick full-colour cover !!! Available for 10,-nlg / 10 dm / us $ 5 / 30 ffr / 200 bf send money well hidden, no coins to : 
C/O Rogier Kuzee 
Korenbloemlaan 7 
2343 V. A. Oegstgeest 
The Netherlands 

Also check out VRYKOLAKAS' website : www.geocities.com/vrykobrutaldeath 
Email : vryko@hotmail.com

Debut demo of Borneo Dark Warriors is now available. 'Exoctism Corpse' consist of 6 track of blasting and thunderous dARK mETAL music. Come with semi-profesional format and done with computerised recording. Obtainable for only RM6 or US$3

C/O Faizul Akmalz
33,Perumahan Awam 2
31150 Ulu Kinta
Ipoh,Perak Darul Ridzuan
Email : easternmyth@hotmail.com

• Malaysian upcoming label HELLEGION Production will gonna re-release our "Innocent Deist" demo and it will count a colloboration with Thailand's finest Black Metal SURRENDER OF DIVINITY. This split demo will be release this December and it will be pressed for 2000 copies. Also at the same label a compilation cassette will see the light this December and their contribution has been confirmed. 
• Another compilation cassette is set to be unleash this December, this time from Slava Zine and compilation of Thailand. The initialy planned split demo with DECAPITATED has been cancelled. 
• The biggest news happened since three months of silence is the return of our original vocalist, SANTO.. they're now recoring their next demo which consist of Three raw, fast and melodic tracks. Keep an eye with this material as it offers fresh and interestind ideas.

Marvin "OBISPO" Garcia 
Blk.14 Lt.14 Ph.2 
San Lorenzo Village 
Puan, Davao City 
8000 Philippines 


Thanatopsis zine is updated with interviews with Ancient Rites (quite a long one too!), Leigelord (old-tai Speed/Heavy) and Surrender of Divinity (Thai Blackmetal!). New reviews section as well. There will be a gig review of the recent Immortal/Primordial gig in Dublin, plus pics of the editor with Abbath + Iscariah without corpsepaint, and close-ups of both bands in action! Expect an interview with the Masters of Nebulah Frost soon......

Contributions needed for future updating. So send anything you can think of regarding the scene! bands/labels/distros etc, send me promo material for review/interview + possible distribution in Ireland/UK!! No rip-off!!!

Email : wanwarlock@hotmail.com or bloodfiredeath@excite.com

Noorwan Ariff
11 Ardilaun Court
Cuffe Lane
Dublin 2


Deathrash Supremacist from Singapore 
A new Mcd entitled " Anthems Of Death " finally will be release by PERMATHA PATHA RECORDS ( Malaysia ) in December 2000 . Featuring 3 helldestructive hynms and an instrumental in the veins of the old school masters . Do check out Abattory's new official website at http://www.abattory.com and feast upon the thrashing realm of ABATTORY.

Kravnos Abattoir : darklegions666@hotmail.com

Overall comments and reviews are very positive for the ARCHAEAN HARMONY Nihility Mundane Soul" CD. The band has also done some interviews and we guess some more in the near future. Some of those interviews will be available on-line so keep an eye open for future updates on ARCHAEAN HARMONY web-site: 

Reviews of the CD can be found on major magazines world-wide, so if you have a killer mag and they didn't get in contact yet just get in touch for a possible promopackage. They are also searching for more good distros and radio shows too. 
You can also hear or download some song samples at:


On SOLEMN MUSIC web-site, there are more reviews and interviews in the web-zine section, check it for regular updates plus also more stuff in our mail-order with competitive prices:

Solemn Music

Solemn Music
P.O. Box 8
Zurrieq BPO
Malta (Europe)

The EP is still available. 6 songs of brutal grind and a fuckin' killer front design by Eric Harrison of GRIEF. Out on DEAD ALIVE RECORDS.

The WORLD DEMISE CD is out of print/almost out of print. They do have a few copies left if anyone is interested let them know. Bands include: DYSTOPIA, AGATHOCLES, LA SOLEDAD ATIENZA, CAPITALIST CASUALTIES, KONTORTION, CAPTAIN THREE LEG, ABSTAIN, LACK OF INTEREST, AVULSION, NO COMPLY and others. Rumor has it a sequel may be in the works....more word on whether that's true or not later...

SHORT, FAST AND LOUD cd compilation 
Out on Slap A Ham Records in mid-November 2000. Cd comp featuring new bands from all over the planet. The line-up is: Aftermath, B.S.E., Catheter, Dataclast, Daybreak, Dead Nation, Despite, Discordia, Dread 101, Dumbstruck, El Nudo, Entropia, Existench, Fetus Eaters, Goat Shanty, In Control, Insult, Iron Lung, KONTORTION, Lanadagales, Life In A Burn Clinic, Life's Halt, Mouthbreaker, Mukeka Di Rato, Otophobia,Peruke, Pignation, Point of Few, Progeria, Ruinacre, Ruination, The Skarlet Letter,Shank, Spaul, Totally Ridiculous, Tusks of Blood, The Ultimate Warriors, Uniq, What Happens Next?, Wilber Cobb. Will let you know as soon as it's released. 

T shirts available in m/l/xl. Has the EP cover on front. $8ppd. stickers and/or patches mailed with every order. 

20-A Seymour St Windsor CT 06095 usa 

proudly announce:

GOTMOOR "Vlaemsche Premitieven" CD
"Trollish" black metal. From the land of Ancient Rites they come to reign the European black metal throne, for most people this is the most promising black metal act since a long time. Evil and straight black metal played in the most fatefull way. Satanic poetry and catastophical tunes. Only for black metal strong listeners!! 

AZAGHAL "Mustamaa" CD
Not much words to be said for this band. Finnish black metal the Finnish way! This is their first and only full length album released. Officially out from ISO666 releases. Prepare for the satanic WAR!!!! Get it now!

Also available the ISO666 first CD release: 

CUTTHROAT "Rape, rape, rape" CD. 
The ultimate thrash project from Mirai of Sigh and Barbatos from Abigail. Last copies available never repress. Order now.

Prices: 11$ everywhere including postage

Distributors / labels write for wholesales prices and possible trades.


(the site will be soon updated!)

VASSAGO was formed in the beggining of 1997 by Mert and Özcan, when they met in a local metal shop. Their ideas on musical creation was likely so they decided to leave their past projects and began VASSAGO. Their first material was crash course of their stuff from early bands. The songs were quickly made and then being arranged. The style was something between doom and death, mixed ýn a really depressive, dark and brutal way. Later Ali joined in and the
line-up was shaped: Özcan (vocal/bass), Ali (vocal), Mert (guitar) and some session drummers, helping them on rehearsals. In the summer of 1997, Özcan left the band. After a period of line-up changes and song-writing, the new line-up saw the light: 
Ali (vocal), Mert (guitar), Serkan (guitar), Kaan (drums) and once again, session bass and violin players with their help on rehearsals and gigs. 
The style turned into a more atmospheric and unique doomy metal, enriched wýth accoustic partitions, progressive elements and some faster parts. The band decided to record a debut promo/demo and chosen 3 tracks. Everything was OK, the studio was booked but then because of some problems, the band was splitted. After this, all the activities were frozen. Between Autumn 98- Sprýng 99 VASSAGO was asleep. Then Mert decided to form the VASSAGO again, at least, to record a demo tape for the memory of the old days. 
An old friend (ex MY GARDEN vocalýst) Emir agreed to do the vocals on the demo tape. But they still couldn't find a good
drummer who can play these dark and melancolic tracks. So they decided to use drum machine in the demo. Again 3 compositions (whých are from 97, the earliest stuff) were chosen and this time, SIS Studio was booked. The recording began on July, but because of the tragic Earthquake disaster, once again the activities were frozen. They completed theýr recording in the beggining of Autumn 99. The result is "Never Turns Back...", which includes 20 minutes of Depressive Heavy Doom Death music played in an unique way...
Never Turns Back... : The demo includes 3 songs entitled: 
"This Meeting", "Black Path to my Garden", "Ocean". 
The tracks are old and some kind of summary of the old days of VASSAGO. Surely these are not the best ones, but they have value for them (e.g. "Black Path..." was the first song of VASSAGO). They recorded these to end a phase, and give a new beggining and direction to the band. This also helped the band gain experýence in studio. "Never..." line-up: Emir H. Ađar (vocals), Mert Yýldýz (guýtar, bass, programmýng), Ogün Dalka (keyboard).
The lyrics of VASSAGO are written in a dramatic/lyric way. They are surrealistic and tragic stories, which are mainly inspired by the dreams, some kind of reflections of past-lives. Purest darkness, hope, death, and tragedy is being shaped in their lyrics. They are surely original and different from any bands currently in the scene.
After the recording of "Never Turns Back...", band was offered to release the demo on a Turkish label, but because of the label's unserious approach, they decided to release it themselves.
The band has plans to record their new materýal, but they don't hurry. The new stuff can't be mistaken, as it is much more complex than the old songs, so the band is now readying themselves for the studio recording sessions. About 10 unreleased songs are ready, which are in the same way as the "Never..." stuff, but darker, more technical, progressive and more depressive with the new added violin parts. Also there is increasing in some experimental and accoustic
partitions. There are more influences from death, rock, darkwave, fusion, used in different parts to create contrast or used at the same time. Band also have plans to play at gigs. They will play with the demo line-up with the exception of Ogün Dalka and the addition of Ferdi on drums, Cemal on bass and Korhan on 2nd guitar and vocal.
The demo material will be played (with new versions) with some new stuff and a cover from CARNIVORE ("Inner
Conflict") or CADAVEROUS CONDITION ("Wings But No Body"). The band is still looking for contacts all over the
world. If you are interested in the music of VASSAGO, feel free to get in touch. 

Distributors, labels, bands and zines are always welcome. For those who want to order "Never Turns Back...", send 3 $ (Europe), 4 $ (Overseas), 1.500.- TL (Turkey) very well hidden, to the band address, in registered letter. Wholesale
prices and trades are avalaible. 

Last Line-up:
Emir H. Ađar: voice
Mert Yildiz: guitar
Korhan Günsor: guitar, voice
Cemal Ertaţ: bass
Ferdi Arslan: drums

c/o Mert YILDIZ
P.K. 58,
Ýzmit, Kocaeli,

"Resurrected Torment" . The 4-song Demo/EP is nearing completion! No official release date is set, as this recording is mostly for promo purposes only; however a limited pressing on CD and cassette should be available by the end of the year. New titles include:"Stripped of Immortality", "Summoned to Suffer", "Resurrected Torment" and "Infernal Abyss". Expect a full-length CD release by 3/01, pending label negotiations.

Take note of the new address ! Bands, zines, distro etc. send your flyers for sure promotion in the underground and write to:
6670 Washington Blvd. Elkridge, 
MD 21075 USA


ere 022 INCESTOUS "Brass knuckle abortion" MCD/tape/T-shirt 
be prepared for new grinding/death metal masterpiece of one of the most promising bands from USA... featuring Derek Hoffman - current Lividity drummer, ex-Gorgasm, Dan Louise - ex-Cumchrist and new permanent singer is Matti Way from DISGORGE!!! Check out their homepage: www.violatedrot.com http://www.violatedrot.com/incestuous 

ere 023 DEEPRED "Prophetic luster" CD/tape/T-shirt 
brutal as fuck death metal in godly Suffocation/Dying Fetus style from Finland, out in North America on Blunt Force Records, check out their home page: http://deepred.cjb.net/ 

Later during winter/spring 2001:

ere 0?? PROPHECY "Our domain" CD/tape/T-shirt 
strong follower of great "Foretold...foreseen" CD, out in US on Corpse Gristle Records, check out http://parks2nd.home.texas.net/ 

ere 0?? SEPSISM "Severe carnal butchery" CD/tape/T-shirt 
we prepare to re-press their legendary demo with live bonus songs from SHITFEST 20, so be prepared to this American grinding masterpiece!!! 

ere 0?? SANATORIUM "Internal womb cannibalism" CD/tape/T-shirt 
new CD of the label's owner band, be prepared to be killed by brutal as fuck death metal with grind core parts, the most brutal and sick Sanatorium´s release so far after personal earthquake... guest lyrics from many friends... more infos soon... 


December 2000:
ere 011 SANATORIUM "Arrival of the forgotten ones" CD with "Autumn Shadows" demo like bonus 

ere 012 SURGICAL DISSECTION "The inborn malignance" CD 

LIVIDITY will support their great "Age of clitorial decay" CD on 1 month long European tour... tour should start in March 22, 2001 and end should be on April 21... next weekend April 27-29 will be OHIO death fest and Lividity will play there... Several shows are already booked, but still a lot of dates are free so get in touch with me for more info next week... If you can help with some shows in your town or region, you are very welcome!!! Tour will be in countries like Czech, Austria, Poland, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and SLOVAKIA of course... the last show should be on legendary festival in Slovakia called SHITFEST with many great bands... whole support on tour will be SANATORIUM so there will be a lot of possibilities to meet me and trade some stuff or just talk, drink, smoke... so get in touch if you wish to see porn grind masters from USA on your stage and your girlfriend brutally raped on stage...ehehe... 
Labels send us your tradelists and ask about our wholesale prices, ask our actual tradelist with a lot of interesting stuff... 
Our online shop is still under constructions, but you can download some new MP3, soon will be out our cataloge with over 300 various CDs, many tapes, vinyls, T-shirts... ORDER your printed version now, it will be out in 2 weeks... just send us your address and you will get it for free... 
If you have any questions, feel free to write and ask... 

P.O.BOX C 8 
01001 ZILINA

"Ancient Battles, Part I" demo 2000
We have learnt a tale of other years, Of kings and warrior Danes, A wondrous tale, How Ćthlings bore them in the brunt of war. Beowulf The ninth tape in Elven Witchcraft series and the second music of Northcrown is an epic-concept demo set after the saga of the mighty mortal Beowulf and his legendary hero quest against Grendel and its foul mother. Intro, outro and 'twixt them a six glorious hymns of slow to mid-paced, heavy and EPIC ancient war metal with deep viking-vocals and the distinct Storm-like folk swing... I daresay, Beowulf, the king of Geates himself would be proud of a tune like "Of One Mere Mortal" composed in his honour!

Tracklist: Intro - The Great Hall - Of One Mere Mortal - Arrival of the Hero - Struggle in the Dark - Yet Another Foe - The Grim Salvation - Outro

As used to the demo comes with decent sounds and a great-looking, glossy coloured craquelure cover sleeve including all the epic lyrics. To order, send well-hidden $5/DM 10/FIM 25/10 NLG/etc. to the address of Elven Witchcraft. Beyond Europe add $1 for additional postage.

Also available: NORTHCROWN "Presage of War" demo 1999 $4 

Coming soon:
on Elven Witchcraft: URUK-HAI (Austria) "Elbenwald" demo 2000

http://www.vikings.lv/~witchcraft/ | janis.balodis@riga.mail.telia.com
Janis Balodis, Zemites 2, Riga, LV-1002, Latvia Lettland Lettonie

"make your mind up" CD 

The Dismal Terrors : 
•Jose Barros - Bass/Vocals 
•Javi Barros - Drums
•Iván Lorenzo - Guitar
•Javier García - Guitar
•Manuel Nouche - Samples

Track List : 
•01. Destroyourself
•02. Feel
•03. The Devil In You
•04. Mother
•05. Hermano Humano
•06. November 22nd
•07. Make Your Mind Up
•08. Ser Diferente
•09. Lies So Dies
•10. The Absent Art
•11. Power Life
•12. Everywhere
•13. War Still Continues
•14. CD ROM Track

Sales Points 

•1000 Promotional cds mailed out to the most important radios, magazines and distributors. 
•Recorded at Casa de Tolos Studio, produced by the well know spanish producer Segundo Grandio.
• Mastered at Masterdisk Studios (N.Y. - USA) by famous Howie Weinberg (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, U2, Pantera, 
Faith No More, Deftones, Limp Bizkit).
•Dismal already played with bands such as Napalm Death, Moonspell, Testament, Toy Dolls, Das Ich, Pulkas, between other names of world recognition.
•The track Power Life counts with the additional vocals of a special guest: GON, vocals on the well know Portuguese band Zen.
•European tour in November 2000. 
•European promotion made by German Sure Shot company. Full colour advertising in the leading metal periodicals.
•Ads and interviews in important mags.
•Advance mailing to speciality, college and metal market.
•Features on several mags compilations cd's. 

Division House
Av. Ferreira de Castro - Largo do Gemini
Ed. Varandas de Azeméis, nş 216 Fracçăo G
3720-256 Oliveira de Azeméis
Phone: +351 256 681061
Fax: +351 256 668261


The band is working on the successor of Higher Art Of Rebellion tentatively titled Architectura. The lineup is still features dueling vocalists. the band is currently seeking a studio in Germany (They were forced to record in Romania due to immigration problems of their vocalist Vlad during the creation of the last LP).

BAL-SAGOTH is adding the final touches to their fifth album. According to the band, the new material will prove far more grim and dark than recordings of the past. The hyperborean saga, which was part of the last two albums as well, finally sees its glorious end! The album will feature all lyrics as welas extensive illustrations. The cover artwork will be provided by fantasy artist Martin Hanford. 

The band is preparing to release their latest epic of excellence , Follow The Reaper ,on February 6th 2001 (The limited first edition will also feature bonus track; the old WASP-classic 'Hellion'). Produced by metal mastermind Peter Tagtgren at The Abyss Studios, the record is sure to shred all in its path. Check out their new website at: 

Chuck Schuldiner has a clean bill of health and is home with his comrades penning some new tunes. There will be another benefit for Chuck in France on November 18th (Lille, France). The show will feature Loudblast, Aggressor, No Return, Mercyless, Sup, Seth, Anorexia Nervosa Misanthrope, Symbyosis, Soul Erosion and others. All bands will be playing DEATH and CONTROL DENIED-cover versions.

The new album is currently in the making, the recordings take place at the Fredman-studio in Gothenburg, this time with Fredrik Nordström as producer. Some song titles include: "Blessings upon The Throne of Tyranny", "Maelstrom Mephisto", "Architect of A Genocidal Nature," "Sympozium" and "Kings of The Carnival Creation." The Japanese version will feature a new version of the classic track "Devil's Path." Bass player and background vocalist Simen AKA ICS Vortex has declared his departure from BORKNAGAR to focus entirely on DIMMU BORGIR. Watch for the new black metal masterpiece in 
the spring of 2001.

The band will release the "Live and Plugged"-DVD which features the "Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken"-video as well as all earlier clips of the band! But there's even more stuff in the making: To celebrate their 10 year anniversary in summer 2001, Nuclear Blast will be releasing a double-CD (limited to 10,000 copies) for the price of one! One o those CD's will feature rare material like the first demo or released tracks, the other one will be a "Best Of," but will also feature some re-recorded version. 

The band will embark on a US headlining tour in support of their latest release, Clayman. Joined by Nevermore, Shadow's Fall, and Burn it Down, the tour kicks off November 20th.

The band is preparing to release their latest epic, Nuclear Fire, on January 23rd 2001. PRIMAL FEAR will tour twelve countries with CHILDREN OF BODOM as special guests and SACRED STEEL as additional support. Track listing for Nuclear Fire: Angel In Black / Kiss Of Death / Back from Hell / Now Or Never / Fight The Fire / Eye Of An Eagle / Bleed For Me / Nuclear Fire / Red Rain / Iron Fist In A Velvet Glove / Fire In The horizon / Living For Metal (Bonustrack).

The band will unleash Folkemon upon the masses on January 23rd 2001

Recently finished the work on their first album for NUCLEAR BLAST, entitled A Predator's Portrait. Their previous two albums received enthusiastic reviews all over the world, but this one is even a step further to perfection! Be prepared for the biggest impact on the Death Metal-scene since AT THE GATES - a killer album is waiting for you!

February 20, 2001 will mark the release of STRATOVARIUS new home video Infinite Visions. Spanning over a decade of the Finnish power metal acts career, Infinite Visions consists of live performances, recording studio happenings, backstage antics, interviews, and a look at life on the road with the band. The near two hour VHS-only release features rare footage like the bands first promotional video for Future Shock off of their 1989 debut Fright Night, vocalist Timo Kotipeltos first show in 95, and an insiders look at the recording sessions for Episode (1996) and this years Infinite. Behind-the-scenes drunken debauchery, steamy sauna scenarios, crumbling clubs, haircuts, and tattoos are also included.

Are still on tour with Zeromancer in Europe and will begin writing their next LP qhen the return.

The band is currently touring the states with SAXON. 

"Mutilated In Minutes". The debut album from the UK's most extreme band GOREROTTED Out Now On Dead Again Records. Engineered by Dave Chang at Philia Studio, this is the most extreme piece of goreroove the UK has ever vomited!!!!

website: www.deadagain.fsnet.co.uk
email: promo@deadagain.fsnet.co.uk


DEW OF NOTHING "The HateHunger" 7" EP(DEC-2000)
Surely one of the most representative bands of the actual death metal scene of mexico; two brand new tracks of
dark, fast & technical... Straight in your face death metal!!!!!!!!...... (Now featuring ivan g. From under moonlight sadness as new vocalist..). Absolutely amazing material!!!

60608-0423, U.S.A.
FAX: (312) 432 - 0237.
E-MAIL: sempiternal666@juno.com

Band contact:
Dew of Nothing
c/o Rene Espino
Apdo. Postal: 204.
54701, Cuautitlan Izcalli,
Edo., Mex., MEXICO
E.MAILS: hatehunger@yahoo.com

The official website is now at http://www.CenturianChaos.com . There you'll find almost everything about the band. New CENTURIAN CD must be ready in April 2001. For latest news about this: stay focused on CenturianChaos.com 

The official page is located at http://www.gehenna666.com
If anyone has any reviews of any Gehenna albums from past till present it would be greatly appreciated if you could send them to the webmaster. And they will be posted on the official Gehenna home page, if you have a review to send, also send the Date when it is from, the album/concert it is for, the zine it appeared in. and if it is an online zine also a url could be given and we will link the page from the gehenna site. Interviews are also welcome and should also have the same info. 

Webmaster email : immortal666@hotmail.com

DEADLINE for IS DECEMBER 15TH and not one day later, this goes to press the day before Christmas. 

METAL RULES! has signed a deal for distribution with 
• Ingram Periodicals who will now also distribute our incredible magazine! This is a huge deal as Ingram distributes to 8500 stores including these chains:B. Dalton, Barnes & Noble, Crown, Hastings, Media Play, REI, Waldenbooks, West Marine and More! 
• Newbury Comics chain 
• Desert Moon and their 550 Independant stores, Borders, Virgin Megastores and Superstand!
• Worldwide by Tower Records who have just pped their order another 60% due to tremendous demand!
• 50 stores in Canada by Occulture!

METAL RULES! are also now part of the WORLWIDE METAL ALLIANCE with these magazines METALLIAN (France), CLOSE-UP (Sweden), TERRORIZER (U.K.), S.O.D. (USA), LEGACY (Germany) and NORDIC VISION (Norway)! They are all sharing a full-Page ad that will appear in all our magazines to let our combined 145,000 Readers know about the other mags that are out there! 

Issue #9 will features tons of Underground Extreme Metal, Hardcore & Punk and Small Label bands plus bigger interviews with ROB HALFORD, SOULFLY, GODSMACK, SLAVES ON DOPE, IRON MAIDEN and can you believe this....Barry Williams (Greg
Brady from THE BRADY BUNCH!) and that's not all...others will be announced soon so stay tuned to the website for up to the minute info http://www.metalrulesmagazine.com 

Advertisers get in touch for ad rates and possible trade terms.
Distributors & Stores (Big & small) get in touch for wholesale rates and possible trade terms.
Bands/Zines/Magazines/Labels keep sending the stuff in for review!
Customers of course feel free to order copies! Only $5 each (Worldwide)!
Everybody feel free to send flyers!
METAL RULES! will spread them for you!!

2116 Sandra Road
Voorhees, NJ 08043 USA

German Black Metal Trio Kathaaria presents it´s debut release, the PROMO 2000 Demo Tape.  4 Songs in a playtime of 20 minutes evolve in a pro recording. That´s all copied onto quality chrome cassettes.  Expect Black Metal touching the past and present even including solo and ghastly sample sequences. 

Get yourself in touch with the dead sending $ 5 or DM 10,- to: 

John Grumptmann 
Blumenstr. 1 
45768 Marl 
e-mail: streetcleaner@web.de 


DEMENTIA:"Death of Melody" MCD, 30 mins and 8 tracks of melodic Thrash Metal. CD with profi cover.
Get this MCD for 2500TL(turkiye), $5(europe), $6(overseas). including P&P.

Coming Soon :
LOST INFINITY:"untitled" 23 mins 3 tracks of melodic black metal with great female vocals, MUSICAL TRAUMA COMPILATION VOL.1, 
SILENCE DENIED:"Noise Symphonies in E Minor" Noise Grind 
DEMENTIA:New Album in 2001 Summer 
And More... 

Write for more info. Zine editors send a proof of your existence and a blank tape/CD-R digital audio to take your copy w/ cd cover and biography etc. Distros if you are able to copy CDs, write for wholesales, master Cd, cd covers and stickers otherwise write for CDs. 

Ercan Ether Inan
Kütükcü Ali Bey Caddesi
33/13 06120
Keciören Ankara

Proudly present a strategic alliance as the world's best Heavy Metal labels combine under one roof.
Esteemed Heavy Metal stalwarts Century Media Records and Nuclear Blast Records have combined forces to make an indelible impact Stateside in 2001. The owners of the two German companies have been hammering out the details for some time to what one industry insider is already calling a "metal monopoly".
Oliver Withoeft, CEO of Century Media Records reacts, "It's not our intention to become a monopoly, but we are excited about the opportunity to be working together with one of the world's premiere metal labels."
Century Media US, who will be celebrating their tenth year anniversary in 2001, have made great strides in the past five years by developing the careers of notable artists such as Stuck Mojo, Iced Earth, Skinlab, Nevermore and Emperor, as well as establishing an increasingly strong presence for their mail-order and distribution which handles over 3,000 titles for other labels. Nuclear Blast America's Philadelphia-based office was begun in 1997 and the label has since established names like In Flames, Hammerfall, Hypocrisy, Meshuggah and Dimmu Borgir, and look to further that acclaim by acquiring such top-selling traditional artists as Savatage and S.O.D. (both of who will have new records next year).
Nuclear Blast owner Markus Staiger comments, "Through this alliance between Century Media and Nuclear Blast a lot of things will change for the better, because both companies will be able to benefit out of the other company's knowledge and both companies can combine their power to become even more successful."
Nuclear Blast is in the process of relocating their operations to the west coast uniting both companies under one roof. Vice-President/General Manager Marco Barbieri will head Century Media and Nuclear Blast, yet each will maintain separate A + R/Product Managers and promotion contacts to retain their own strong individualistic character, while co-operating behind the scenes in the administration, production, accounting and warehousing aspects thus giving each the best of both worlds.
Each label will continue to be distributed exclusively in the US by Caroline Distribution. Rick Williams, General Manager of Caroline, had this to say when hearing the news, "Caroline is excited about the opportunities presented from the unification of two of their most successful metal labels. Our relationship with Century Media has been built on a framework of mutual admiration and this venture will only serve to enhance that relationship and
will propel both labels into the forefront of the metal market in the US."
New contact information and staff additions will follow; in the meantime any questions can be addressed to Marco Barbieri at (310) 574-7400 or email marco@centurymedia.com or nuclearblast@centurymedia.com.


J. Claros
P.O Box 1856
South America


Jimmy Ruiz
P. O Box 1451
South America


KENTUCKY FRIED AFTERBIRTH issue 7- Theres a bloody great big interview with the BEEF CONSPIRACY Lads and the mighty Gorerotted plus tonnes of other cool bands and if that weren't enough it even comes with a free CD!! On which BEEF CONSPIRACY are contained !! You can get your grubby litle mits on a copy from FLANNEL SLAP (e-mail flannelslap@hotmail.com for more info, prices etc) 

BEEF CONSPIRACY will have 2 tracks featured on the up-coming compilation from DEAD AGAIN RECORDS entitled "Into the Pit".

Website : http://www.brutalabortion.freeservers.com 

"Hello!!! Welcome to tha last sempiternal newsletter of the year... Actually there are not too much news lately... Just fucking bad news... As I mentioned in the last october newsletter; I be out of the office from nov-26 to dec-5, to attend the black metal festival in san antonio tx.
It's very very important for me that all of you guys don't send any e-mails, I wont be here so I wont be able to answer any of them also some of you already have a problem with this bastard from valgalder records who the last few days has invaded our computers with tons of stupid mails... That caused me lots of problems with my e-mail server who will stop my free account because i'm "receiving" a lot of mail and I need to sign for another service that I can't do, because of my stupid computer that is been not working properly... It might cause delays in my future releases but I hope everything will go back to normal in early january 2001, i'm going to buy myself a new computer and i'm going to star the year with a better service and I also have plans to finally start working on a sempiternal web site...
Thanks a lot for your attention and once again I want to remind(ask) you to please do not send any spam mails or anything else the whole month of december, for overseas trade offers please send them before nov-26, trades within u.S.A. Territory are available anytime as well as any costumer's orders. For other info you can use my fax# (312) 432 0237. 
Thanks again."

Email : sempiternal666@juno.com

• HERESIARH continue the promotion for their first DEMOLITION release (Mythical Beasts & Mediaeval Warfare....DEMCD103) whilst officially becoming one of the best selling Metal acts in Latvia and the Baltic states. Although it won't change the hardship a lot of their fans endure, the bands particular brand of "Dragon Metal" seems to be hitting the right note for a lot people looking to see a vision of a time long gone, when democracy was ruled with integrity and honour!!We 
await the bands first live shows outside the Baltic States during Jan/Feb 2001.

• LUTHER BELTZ vocalist with WITCHFYNDE has been forced (due to legal complications) to change the name of the band to....wait for it...WYTCHFYNDE. Apparently, although Luther has been playing various live dates under the moniker for the last 3 years or so, other ex members of the band objected to the fact that he was about to record a new album without them, and, via two sets of lawyers, threw the legal towel into the ring!! The album titled "THE AWAKENING" (DEMCD108) features eleven new tracks namely "HELL HATH NO FURY", "BLESSED BE", "THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER", "TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER", "DEATH OF INNOCENCE", "UNHOLY SHADOWS", "THE AWAKENING", "A STEP CLOSER TO HELL", "A VAMPYRES TALE", "GHOST DANCER" and "ARKEN ASYLUM". Release is scheduled for January 15th 2001.

• VEIL OF SORROW, Sweden's own, have now completed their debut album for DEMOLITION. Entitled "DARK RIVERS OF THE HEART" (DEMCD105) the CD features 10 tracks of soulful, heartfelt melody, mixed with a classic Metal feel. Due for release on 22nd January 2001, the tracks included are "IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR", "SOULCAPTIVE", "THE DARK WITHIN", "SCARS", "SHADES OF GREY", "REMNANTS OF A DYING SUN", "WELL OF BROKEN WISHES", "SILENT FALL", DISCONNECTED" and "WORDS MEAN NOTHING".

• Other DEMOLITION releases scheduled for December include US band THEATRE OF THE MACABRE (usa). The album features nine tracks of atmospheric bloody gore, including the titles "BATHED IN THE BLOOD OF ANGELS", "THROUGH THE EYES OF THE SERPENT", "WHAT WICKED WEB SHE WEAVES" & "BEQUEATHED ARCHAIC LORE". 

Email : Demolition707@aol.com

EREBOS future releases:
January 15, 2001:
ere 022 INCESTOUS "Brass knuckle abortion" MCD/tape/T-shirt 
be prepared for new grinding/death metal masterpiece of one of the most promising bands from USA... featuring Derek Hoffman - current Lividity drummer, ex-Gorgasm, Dan Louise - ex-Cumchrist and new permanent singer is Matti Way from DISGORGE!!! Check out their homepage: http://www.violatedrot.com/incestuous

-ere 023 DEEPRED "Prophetic luster" CD/tape/T-shirt 
brutal as fuck death metal in godly Suffocation/Dying Fetus style from Finland, out in North America on Blunt Force Records, check out their home page: http://deepred.cjb.net/

Later during winter/spring 2001:
-ere 0?? PROPHECY "Our domain" CD/tape/T-shirt 
strong follower of great  "Foretold... foreseen" CD, out in US on Corpse Gristle Records, check out  http://parks2nd.home.texas.net/

-ere 0?? SEPSISM "Severe carnal butchery" CD/tape/T-shirt 
re-press their legendary demo with live bonus songs from SHITFEST 20, so be prepared to this American grinding masterpiece!!!

-ere 0?? SANATORIUM "Internal womb cannibalism" CD/tape/T-shirt 
new CD, be prepared to be killed by brutal as fuck death metal with grind core parts, the most brutal and sick Sanatorium´s release so far after personal earthquake... guest lyrics from many friends... more infos soon...and some others...

December 2000:
ere 011 SANATORIUM "Arrival of the forgotten ones" CD with "Autumn Shadows" demo like bonus
ere 012 SURGICAL DISSECTION "The inborn malignance" CD

01001 ZILINA
SLOVAKIA  psycho@erebosproductions.com     

has released a mini-CD entitled "Sea of Silence". Pure fucking brutal death metal! Get in touch with the band's guitarist Florian to order a copy!

Gallery of Darkness
c/o Florian Engelke
Im Timpen 18
26903 Surwold


To start with, Touch Of Evil is no more. Both Count Raven and me figured that there was no point to continue a mutual effort, since both of us have somewhat different methods of work, and musical taste. During these 4 odd years, we managed to release a couple of issues, and they both suffered from very bad promotion, so that was one of the top reasons that made us reach this conclusion (among others). So I would ask all the labels, bands, and individuals that are in contact with me through The Lodge, to update your addresses, and send no more promotional material in the name of Touch Of Evil, but in its place to the one that I am leaving at the end of this e-mail.

As many of you might know, I created The Lodge a couple of years ago, and so far, it has been existing as a webzine, but from here on, I will start releasing it in the old way, or in other words, as a paper edition (as it is much more rewarding and interesting for me, and I suppose for the reader also). The paper edition of The Lodge will be launched upon the Underground in late January 2001, and the layout will be presented in Xerox Laser (as I find it to be more personal and special, yet with the level of quality required). So as some of you have previously asked me, there will not be any second adaptation of my publication online.

AnachroniA is my musical creation, which I founded earlier this year. The line-up is composed by me, on vocals, guitars, bass and choirs, and by my former colleague from Touch Of Evil - Count Raven, on drums. We have been somewhat inoperative in the last couple of months (due to personal matters), but we are planning to enter the studio, and start 
rehearsing again late this year, in order to record our demo in the beginning of the next millennium. More news will come in due course.

World Wide Web
Besides my personal websites, I am now creating the homepage of Lvpercalia (a Portuguese Black Metal outfit, that has released its debut album this year), which will hopefully be online late next month, or early January. Apart from that, I am administrating the official website of Hagalaz Runedance, and in addition finishing a Tartaros and The Thrill website (prepared in collaboration with Charmand Grimloch), which will serve as a complement to the homepage, 
being produced in Norway.

To finalize, I would like to send my best regards to everyone that has supported me so far. May we maintain the sinister blaze burning, for there would be no cause to go mad were it nor for Music.

Without further ado, and with my best compliments, 
Baron Webb @ AnachroniA & The Lodge
Web: http://go.to/baronwebb
Web: http://go.to/emperor
Web: http://go.to/hagalazrunedance
Web: http://go.to/lvpercalia
Web: http://go.to/thethrill.tartaros
Web: http://go.to/touchofevil
E-mail: baronwebb@netcabo.pt
Icq: 37692692
Mobile: 966873653
Address: Baron Webb, Box 275, 2796-904 Linda-a-Velha, Portugal

BATTLE HYMNS RECORDS is looking for material to distribute on a CONSIGNMENT basis. Get in touch with James at usurperkills@hotmail.com for more info! 

ODIUM Productions
NEGLECTED FIELDS "Mephisto Lettonica"
Extraordinary Techno Death Metal with real feelings and abstract emotions, sinister tones, broken riffs and majestic Symphonic atmosphere. Highest technical level of musicians and highest quality studio sound (recorded and produced at Abyss Studio!!!), long fullcoloured cover with band photo and all lyrics. Don't miss this piece of True Metal Art! Order it for 1,5$ (C.I.S.), 5$ (Europe), 6$ (World). CD version available on Scarlet Records (Italy).  Wholesales & trade. 

independent label/ distribution/ promotion
e-mail: odium@kp.km.ua  
webzine: http://welcome.to/odium  
tel: 380-(03849)-22555

Issue #3 is soon to be unleashed. For past issues or to buy a copy of #3, send $1 USA/$2 world (per isssue) to:
Kevin Hansen
Box 38
Cheney KS
67025 USA

The first release entitled Reborn, will be out on November 21st and anyone wishing to make an order can visit the website http://www.diabolicintent.com  to check it out.  the cd will be 10 dollars Full professional cd of course in case anyone thinks might sell cdrs. 10 tracks and 50 min in length.  

Matt Potter
5133 Jamaica Rd. 
Cocoa Fl, 32927

57980 - DIEBLING
E-MAIL: eternaltormentprod@hotmail.com


ANTAEUS (Fra) : Nihil KhaoZ Live 99 (AWE 18) 
Ultimate Veins’ cutting Black Metal Holocaust. Limited to 150 copies. 

APEIRON (Austria) : Stardust demo (AWE 04) 
The new masterpiece of original meditative atmospheric music of Dreamlord from Golden Dawn. Enter new gates and reach cosmic sensations through meditative ambient art. 

APOLION’S GENOCIDE (Col) : Awake.... (AWE 06) 
official live tape 99. southern heavy/dark metal. 

AZAGHAL (Fin) : Kristinusko Liekeissä demo (AWE 21)
30 minutes of aural tribute to the ruin, failure, and demise of the propagators of degeneration and deific adherence. ltd to 200. Debut LP out now on Melancholy Promotion. Watch out for the second full lenght on CD format on Evil Horde Records. 

AZAXUL (Ger) : The Arrival Of The Demonlord demo (AWE 02) 
Fast and primitive black metal in the vein of old Beherit. Pure Hell! Pure Hate! Pure Goatlust!With a Moonblood’s member.

BAPHOMET (Fin)/THORONATh (Fin) : Unholy Signs Of The Horns split demo (AWE 20)
Evoking the most wrathful and tyrannical feelings through Black Metal malevolence. ltd to 200. 

BATTLE (Fin) : War Messiah demo 
Panzer crushing black metal. Not a politically band. With Shatraug of Horna. Now the wargods have been pleased...The death curse has been made complete!, 

BLACK WITCHERY (US/Fl) : Evil Shall Prevail demo (AWE 19) 
a masterpiece of total Harsh and Primitive Black Metal the European way. Reminding the first half of the 90’s. New artwork on Pro cover. Watch out for their debut CD on Full Moon Productions. 

BLOOD STORM (US/Pa) : In Howls Of Pain And Fury Live Tape (AWE 10) 
Long ago, in a world of titans, serpents, and wild beasts. It was an age when Atlantis was the majestic land of profund science and sorcery. Within this vast empire of godly kings, warriors, and wizards. In the 3rd equinox of Aquarius, on the 3rd dawn, a storm of beastly screams , firey winds, and forked piercing strikes of thunder reach the calling temple throughout the lands of this saxon-atlantian empire. The clans gather and hail in triumph to the dragonking.The serpents voice speaks as he raises the great axe of Barzabel. He then proclaims the 2nd reign of king Mezzadurus upon Earth. His army is the calling of Blood Storm incarnated in a sonic torment celebration. Watch out for their forthcoming new CD called Pestilence Of The Dragon Star on Soul Sold Records. 

CERNNUNOS (Gre) : Trollfjord demo (AWE 29) 
Brand new release from this side project of Bacchia Neraida/Elfen member. Blood freezing Atmospheric Pagan Art with invokations to Northern Mythology and Nature inspired. A spit in the face of all the banality of the genre. Pro cover with lyrics. 

DRUADAN FOREST (Fin) : Minas Tirith demo # 3 (AWE 22) 
the third spell of very original symphonic/medieval metal art. Reminding Golden Dawn here and there. 

DUNKEL (Dk) : Evighed demo (AWE 11) 
Arising from the northern forests of the kingdom of the Danes...Narthorn’s side project shall enchant and darken your soul forever with half and hour of both Heathenish metal and ambient sagas inspired by his old and precious historical culture. 

ETERNAL MAJESTY (Fra) : Evil Consecration official live tape (AWE 27)
Culmination of Black Metal Celebration !

FUNERAL PROCESSION (Ger) : Doom demo (AWE 17)
The somber ruler loathed the new dawning of man for He knew it would only be of savage greed, war of blasphemy, murder, bloodshed, chaos, and...perpetual doom. 

HEGEMON (fra) : Rape The Banner Of Life demo (AWE 01)
The very last copies ever of the original release!! 

HEGEMON (fra) : Still Raping After All These Years demo (AWE 33) 
Beware : this is not the new Demo but the RE-release of Rape The Banner Of Life with a killer new artwork and 3 bonus tracks. The band features Your Shapeless Beauty’s vocalist, Kalisia’s bass player and former Mütiilation drummer. 7 bestial hymns of unholy blackkk aggression. Incredible dark and brutal musical holocaust. 

HUGINN (Ita) : The Millenium’s End demo (AWE 23) 
Thus beginning an age of fury, revenge, and barbaric wars ... For yet another 666 years of magic and enchanting epic Heathen Metal. Pro cover.

IPHICRATE (Fra) : The Dawn Of Victory demo # 3 99 (AWE 28) (50 minutes long Saga, paying tribute with christian blood running on their swords to the proud, courageous, and Noble warriors of the North. Celebrating Gods of War in a merciless Raw Pagan Metal. 

MIRKHALL (Fin) : Ring To Rule demo 
Another mystiCall pagan metal side project of Shatraug from legendary Legion Horna. Vein of Isengard. 

MYSTIC FOREST (Fra) : Your Memories ... demo (AWE 34)
Pagan Metal, paying Honour to early Burzum years. Ca. 30 minutes long. Pro cover. LTD to 150 copies. 

NAZGUL (Sp) : From The Throne Of Winter demo (AWE 09) 
Harsh sounding norsk black metal with thundering pounding skins.

OATH OF CIRION (Fin) : King Of The Dragonthrone demo (AWE 25)
majestic fantasy epic and medieval war metal Telling the legend of the imperial battle for the Dragonthrone and the Sword of Creation. Shall the allied forces of magicians, dwarves, and humans, led by Tagnik’Zur, be able to withstand the Dark One’s arrival?

ORK (Bul) : Through The Fight I Ride/Slava Nam (AWE 12)
Both first two demos of this great Orkish blood freezing Black Metal band re released through Chanteloup Creations with a new artwork.

SKOLL (Ita) : Through The Mist We Come Back demo (AWE 24) 
In the name of Noble and honoured immortal ancestors unblessed swordsmans come forth Ancients hills to bring back Mighty Epic Pagan Metal to a scene shamed by soft so-called goth Black Metal. Pro cover. 

SKULLKRUSHER (Fin) : Bestial EVIL official live tape (AWE 16) 
Utmost aggressive war metal. With Nazgul, Gorthaur, Shatraug, members of Legion Horna. 

SOLANUM (Ger) : Spheres Of Time demo (AWE 15)
Strenght of Nature leads Teutonic’s Solanum to the vast wastelands and enhance the listeners to a solitary domain of obscure grieving beauty. Atmospheric music filled with flute and guitars. With a member of Depressive Silence. 

THE FINAL HOLOCAUST (Nor) : Horrific Tales From The Dark Side demo (AWE 08) 
black fucking thrash metal in the vein of Kreator’s Pleasure To Kill/Flag Of Hate. With members of Muspellsheim and Gravferd. 

TYRANNIUM (Fin) : Eternal Reflection demo 
the Black curse has been made complete!

VALAR (Fin) : Where Dragons Forever War promo tape (AWE 07) 
3 new scrolls from this brilliant Tolkien based one-man-band. A sullen taste of the third full lenght album that was supposed to be released at the very end of the Millenium. But VALAR is no more so consider this as their testimony. 20 FF, US$ 4 or the same in the other accepted currencies. 

VANITAS (Austria) : World’s End demo (AWE 05) 
Another side project of Dreamlord from Golden Dawn/Apeiron. Symphonical decadence of .Dark brightness electronics combined with Metal touches. The Theme is contentness and moving forward, yet still remembring the darkness, the chaos. Vanitas comes forth, capturing an essence that is as primal as it is profund. Breaking through the pain and suffering of life, with glorious results. A dimension beyond the limits of classification.

Welter (Hol) : Als Het Licht Vervalt demo (AWE 14) 
30 minutes of epic pagan war black metal with touches of black industrial. Watch out for the debut album out now. 

WIND (Fin) : Woodland Spirits demo # 3 (AWE 26)
Once again, the heavens shook in a blazing hail of terror! 

Olivier DENIS 
Ave. Des Cévennes 
30360 Vézénobres 
e-mail: wulfrune@caramail.com or chanteloup.creations.666@caramail.com 
Do not write "Chanteloup Creations" on the envelop. 

The released their latest album Gracefull...yet forbidding a few months ago and received alot of good critics. The band is still looking for promotion by radioshows, magazines,...worldwide. That album is also released in LP version (500 copies) by PAIN KILLER REC. The band is also working on new songs for the next album that will be recorded @ the end of this year and want to be released at the beginning of 2001. After th erelease of the new album the band want to do some live gigs in Belgium and The Netherlands and want to plan an European (support) tour. The band plays melodic-aggressive death-black with a doomy touch.
CALLENISH CIRCLE : psavelko@nl.packardbell.org
PAIN KILLER REC : painkiller@infonie.be



You will also find a plethora of reviews, ranging from albums and demos to 'zines and splatter films. There's also a news column, festival dates, a retro review and even a few articles this time. Black metal, death metal, doom metal, grindcore, industrial and noise--it's all here. 

There are a couple new features this issue. One is the new Eternal Frost ZZN Email service. Do you like Eternal Frost enough to waste time creating your own user@eternalfrost.zzn.com email address? It's free! 

The second feature is the implementation of the Eternal Frost: Extreme Metal Newsletter! This will be a bi-weekly newsletter compiling news and information regarding band, label and 'zine releases, international show dates, website 
announcements, etc. If you'd like to sign up to receive this newsletter, simply sign up on Eternal Frost's main page. Please spread the word about this newsletter..Bands, labels, 'zines, promoters: send your information and announcements! 

Also new is a forum/message board linked on the main Eternal Frost page. Everyone is welcome to post comments, reviews, links, spam - anything you wish! Spread the word. . .Let the chaos ensue! 

For new readers, there is now a search engine at Eternal Frost, which can be found on the main page. Looking for a particular band link or album review? What about an interview? Just type in the band name or album title and press 
'enter'. Simple as that! 

Issue #11 of Eternal Frost is in the works and tentative features include Disgorge (CA), Hypnos, Absorbed, Council of the Fallen, Sanity's Dawn, Deep Red, Forest of Shadows, Choke, Asiatic Spike, Sepsism, Veneral Disease, Forlorn Suffering, Machetazo, Ezurate, Deceased, Vomitory and many more! Expected release date is sometime in December. 

Submit your material for review at the address below. All kinds of underground metal are welcome, from black/death to grind, doom and crust. Mass amounts of printed flyers are also gladly accepted! "Goth metal" recordings will be ridiculed and probably used as urinal cakes. 

Eternal Frost: Extreme Metal Webzine
PO Box 584
Conyers, GA
30012-0584 USA
AIM: winterdaemon666

Are working on a Sabbat (jap) cover that should appear on the Tribute LP due to be released in early '01 by a Brazilian label

The debut demo, perhaps will be re-release in special version for South America with different cover and a bonus track. Tape limited to 250 copies.

Donner Thomas
69 rue St Sebastien
13006 Marseille

Ruslanas is looking for more bands for his upcoming ATLANTIDA compilation. Currently, volume 1 to volume 7 of this compilation available for sale. ATLANTIDA Zine last issue also available for sale. Ruslanas also interested making split flyers (pro-printed) and looking for various underground projects for this project.

For more info visit http://www.agonia.dagdy.com.pl or http://www.dragondesign666.de or ask Ruslanas for the cheap wholesale prices and more info of his project.

Alytaus 4,
4120 Ukmerge,
Email : atlantida@ukmerge.omnitel.net


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