October 2000

Bands :
War 666
Dark Nirrajim
Surrender of Divinity (Thailand)
Date :
Sunday, 5th November 2000
Venue :
Rock World Discotheque, Penang, Malaysia.
Time :
2 pm - 7 pm
Admission :
RM 18 including first soft drink
Brought By :
Psychic Scream and key Pessakh


Only available thru

Funan Centre, Singapore

Peninsula Shopping Centre

Parklane Shopping Centre

4) Audiosyncrasy Records
c/o Adam Richardson
110 Planks Lane
Wombourne, West Midlands
Email : audiosyncrasy@hotmail.com

5) BWC
International Metal
Magazine & Distribution & Promotions
c/o Guy Bell
6 Yampi Crt
Huntingdale 6110
Perth, Western Australia
Tel : 61 08 9398 6318
Email : dominion@iinet.net.au

c/o Muhamad Syukri Ishak
71 Star Garden,
93150 Kuching, Sarawak
Email : WailsOfKesuma@hotmail.com

No. 8 Lorong Rahim Kajai 3,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Email : deadprigg@hotmail.com

They are still looking for more distributors, please write to them. Their back issues; issue #1 (released in 1998) and issue #2 (out in January 2000) is no longer available.

The mag also available from the editor for RM 14 (Mal), S$ 9 (Sin), $6 (world).

"Legions Of The Dark" 
DARK LEGIONS compilation album/CD will be out in end of November. Strictly limited to 500 copies only. The bands featured in are from US, Australia and Singapore and also include some new/unrelased before songs : The bands are : Wrath Of Gibryle, Sadistory, Elysium, Malicious Secrets, Resurrect, Enorthed, Vrykolakas, Bunuh, Fenrir, Enforce, Inner War, Beast Petrify, Centaur, Abattory and Erebus.

DARK LEGIONS c/o Makhluq
Email : darklab@hotmail.com

Blk 117, #12-217, Bedok North Road,
Singapore 460117, Republic Of Singapore
Email : darklegions666@hotmail.com

NOTE : This is the only DARK LEGIONS contact address. Makhluq old address is no longer valid.

Thailand black metal, will release its debut album very soon under Malaysian Psychic Scream Entertainment. The album is entitled Oriental Hell Rhythmics. The band will play again in Malaysia on this 5th November in Penang.
Email : surrender666@hotmail.com

Indonesia’s brutal death band has changed its official website address from http://www.vilegroovesick.cjb.net to http://www.vilegroovesick.com 

C/o Bimo
JL. SUKUN NO. 4 RT 003/06
Telp. 62 (021) 743 3048
E-mail: vilegroovesick@angelfire.com
Website: http://www.vilegroovesick.com

Malaysian death metal, which supposed to re-release its debut EP in CD long time ago, have finally make the release. The EP including some new tracks have been released as a split CD/cassette with local INDAMNATION. INDAMNATION also feature its debut EP and extra tracks. However there have been a mistake with the track listing on CRYPTIC MALEDICTION's side. The real track list is as the following :

1. As my shadow withers
2. Insanity to Berserk
3. Audiam
4. Enigmatic dirge
5. Selfless soul
6. Warrior of the Sand
7. Audiam(extended version)

CRYPTIC MALEDICTION can be emailed at crypticmalediction@yahoo.com

Neohellist "True Black Metal Compilation" Volume 1 have been released some month ago and we at STEEL MADNESS recommend this great compilation tape ! Featuring great new songs from Indonesian band, from symphonic and melodic to the most gruesome, hellish form of black metal. Bands are : CRUSADE, SANTHET, ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUST, UNSEEN DARKNESS, BORGOMIL, NEUROTIC OF GODS, KEKAL, MORTALITY, MYSTICAL, HELLGODS and MAELSTORM. Foreign bands in the tape : IMPIETY (sin), CRYOGENIC (ger), AUTUMN VERSES (ger), BEHEMOTH (pol), VAAKEVANDRING (nor), GORBALROG (ger) and MOONSORROW (fin). Neat cover design and good artwork. Only for Rp 16.000 (Indonesia) or USD 7 (world). Price include registered postage and package.

Volume 2 of this compilation will be out in early 2001. For more info, contact the label.

P.O.Box 7665, BDSE 40286 Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.
Phone : 062.022.7316010
Email : espstaybrutal@mailcity.com
Website : http://extremesouls.cjb.net

Has finally unleash its official website. So have a visit into it. If you have a website and wish to link up to us, email to Zirkelloch. 

Blissful In Isolation, 
Email : zirkelloch@hotmail.com
PROLOGUE AD NOCTURNE website : http://scroll.to/prologueadnocturne 
KIBOSH SIBYL KISMET website : http://all.at/ksk 

A small distribution from Japan aiming to support underground death/doom/black/grind and a little other extreme music. "Search of Weird Truth"(WT - 004) compilation tape is finally released. Finally, all pages of this site are completed.Now, WTP is preparing for releasing new comp tape called "In Search of Weird Truth"(WT - 004), which will feature Apocalyptic Raids, Beast Petrify, Bloody Gore, Gnome, Nyarlathotep, Mourning Shadow, Serenade, 7th Moon, Voracious Gangrene, Worship.Gnome and Mourning Shadow will deliver unreleased new track for this comp and Nyarlathotep will also deliver unreleased re-mixed version.This comp will be released within this Summer.Then, WTP will Release Human Soul/Nyarlathotep split tape (WT-005). 


WT-004 [V/A] "In Search of Weird Truth"
Release Date: October 2000
Total Length: 58 minutes
Descriptions : World wide extreme metal compilation.It features 3 previously unreleased tracks of Gnome, Mourning Shadow, and Nyarlathotep.

WT-003 [V/A] "Black Eyes' Aggression"
Format : Tape
Release Date : June 2000
Total Length : 54 minutes
Descriptions : Japanese new age black metal compilation tape. Cooperation release with Cosmic Garden Productions(Earth - 002).

WT-002 [V/A] "The True Ideal Realized through the underground pt. 2"
Format : CD
Release Date : February 2000
Total Length : 49 minutes
Descriptions : Japanese extreme metal compilation.Almost all tracks are unreleased rare tracks. Cooperation release with Bloodbath Records(BIMI - 023), Underground Warder Productions(UWP - 004), and all bands.

WT-001 [GNOME/NYARLATHOTEP] "Legendary Japanese Wolves/Lost Effigy"
Format : Tape
Release Date : November 1999
Total Length : 29 minutes
Descriptions : Japanese one man bands gathered here! Gnome plays dark nature metal with hysterical extremely high screams, fantasic and intense drivin' melodies/riffs and running bass. Nyarlathotep plays avantgarde bizarre death/doom/metal with a very original way. Not imagine typical technical death like Cynic/Athiest followers, more heavy and bizarre.

WEIRD TRUTH Licensed Releases

WTD-001 [WORSHIP] "Last Tape before Doomsday"
Format : Tape
Release Date : January 2000
Descriptions : French/German growling melancholic doom band's 1st demo.They play perfectly non-trend extremely heavy doom like Thergothon, Mournful Congregation.If you like the bands I mentined, you must get this one!See the ultimate visions of Melancholia!By the way, they've already recorded the tracks for 2 split Eps and a split tape. 

WEIRD TRUTH Future Releases

WT-006 [TRANSGRESSOR] "t/b/a"
WT-008 [NYARLATHOTEP/TUMOUR] "split tape"

c/o Makoto Fujishima
772-1-301 Hayashi, Atsugi, Kanagawa, 243-0816 Japan.
Website : http://members.aol.com/nyar
E-mail : nyar@aol.com

GORGON will be join in French Moon Soon Record comp CD-R titled JAPANESE ECLIPSE : RISING MOON SAMURAIS ATTACK due to be released in December 2000. The band offered a live version of COLD HARTED WOMAN taken in 1996. Other bands would be togethered on are DUEL, ABIGAIL, INFERNAL NECROMANCY, NYARLATHOTEP, INSANITY OF SALUGHTER etc. The label is still lokking for Japanese bands, so any interested bands, try asking them. The price of CD-R will be US6$/7 Euro/700JPyen/40ff (ppd). 

Notre Dame Des Marins, Allee Denise Soleibeau, Bat : Brick ; Appt : 354, 13500 MARTIGUES, FRANCE. 
Email : moon.soon.records@libertysurf.fr


-feat:Mind Snare(Ita),Blodsrit(swe),Promisqes(Us),As-Sahar(S'pore),
Sil-Khannaz(M'sia),Kekal(Indo),AfterForever(Fra),Nefarious Azarak
(M'sia), Uprising(M'sia) and more...Also check out demo/album reviews,
news,mini poster of ROTOR(legendary thrashmetal band from Indonesia),
DIO,MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE and SIL-KHANNAZ.Also In Memorium column for 
SUFFERCATION hailing from Malaysia(10 yrs involved in Underground 
scene),an article about rip-off attitude and more..Over 60 pages,
well and clearly printed and written in Malays. 
Price:RM 6(M'sia,Brunei,Singapore),USD 3(worldwide) 

•NEFTARAKA -'As We Burn Mayat' promodemo 1997/98 
-Re-stock in limited copy.Come with new cover sleeve and recorded 
in digital mixing.Feel the Evil side of these Raw Black/Death Metal 
from Malaysia.Limited! 
Price: RM4(M'sia,Singapore,Brunei),USD2 (worldwide) 

-Nature Dark Black Avantgarde Metal from Japan. 
Price: RM 10 USD 5 

Eastern Myth Records
c/o Faizul Akmalz 
33,Perumahan Awam 2, 31150 Ulu Kinta, Ipoh.Perak DR. MALAYSIA. 
Email : dhp_33@hotmail.com
Website : http://www.geocities.com/prince5663/ 

Formerly known as ABATTOIR, this detah/thrash from Singapore already finished the recording of their new EP. Previuosly release couple of demos and a split EP with PAGANIZER (Sweden, thrash metal), the new EP will offer much more. "Anthems Of Death" will be released by a label and they are still negotiating. "Anthems Of Death" will include :
1. Marching Of The Dead 
2. Elements Of Chaos 
3. Voices From The Graves 
4. Mythostrumental 
The line-up have changed since Dagoth (ex-drummer) already join IMPIETY and new member have been recruited :
Dajjal - Drums (ex-Impiety,Libation,Sphere,Stomping Ground)new member 
Makhluq - Vocals (Bunuh , ex-Sakaratul Maut )new member 
Caduccus - guitar 
Mythos - guitar 
Kravnos - bass/backing vocals 
Kravnos were in the band since the "Chronicles Of Deeds" demo also one of DARK LEGIONS editor. The third issue of this mag have been released.
While the official website are still under re-construction, for more info, contact Kravnos at kravnos@hotmail.com .

Singapore brutal death metal already finish recording their debut cassette EP entitled "Buried In Filthy Vomits". VRYKOLAKAS formerly play in the vein old death/black metal and once feature in Malaysian underground black metal compilation, "Darkness Prevail" Volume 1. Now the music have change and judging from their promotape, "Nutfah" this EP is important to be checked out. Not many bands play this kind of music in Singapore. The EP will be released by Muzik Box Productions in Malaysia, Mangled Maggot Stew (Holland), Maelstrom 666 Productions (Thailand) and Owl Records (USA). The same "Buried In Filthy Vomits" also will be released as a split EP with OLUM DISI dan SAPIKINEK, both are from Turkey.
Email them for more info : vryko@hotmail.com

just like to inform you for the launching of underground metal search engine for asia and the nearer contry Australia. I.P.N.W is now online, it's under construction but we asure you that within a short period we will grow bigger and better. Japanesse bands/zines/labels are encourage to send their bio as well as logo for inclusion on this webzine. review of your merchandice is also open. they also want to inform any labels that our front/main page is dedicated for your merchandice. it's free promotion, just send your materials that you want to be posted. at the same time your releases will be reviewed and an interview of your worthful artist awaits them..

Email : asiametal@hotmail.com

The first issue of this newsletter have been released since August 2000. Malay written, 50 page, A5 size. Interview with Psychotic Sufferance and Mortuary Ancestor (Malaysia grind and death bands). Also included news, reviews, articles. Issue #0 is a neatly type with ancient type writer and I guess the new one is still in the same style. RM 6 from
c/o Mazlan Hassan,
169 Jln Gng. Datok 2, Tmn Angsamas, Batu 5 1/2, Jln Kuala Sawah,
70300 Seremban, Negeri 9, Malaysia.

A Malay zine, issue #2 have been released with Permatha Pathah Records, Dark Breed, Langsuir, Morbid Noise Production, Tandus, Evilyn Incarnate, Mayhemic Destruction, Dreaded, Mantak, Eventide Horizon, Tangkal Hitam and Extreme Souls Production in it. RM 5 from :
P.O.Box 71, 89207 Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia.

Issue #3 is now back in stock. Featuring Arthame, Esgaroth, Funereal Moon, Sakramoth, Wagchor, Beast Petrify, Nibiru, Bloodthorn, Tantrum, Tasyim, Visitant and Occultus. Malay written. RM 4 (Mal), SD3 (Sin), BD 3 (Bru), RM 7 (Indon) or USD 3 (world) from
c/o M. Hazli,
1128 Mk 16 Maklom, Sg. Dua, 13800 Butterworth, Penang.
Email : JihadMelayu@hotmail.com

"Evil Satan Com Darkness" demo consist of 20 tracks (2 intro and outro) of pure ultra evil and highly satanic thrash metal in the vein of Venom, Hellhammer, Bathory, Satan, Exorcist, Death SS, etc. This demo is being released by Hell Metal Productions, available for RM 8.50 (Mal), SD 6 (Sin), RP 20000 (Indon), BD 7 (Bru), USD 6 (world).
c/o M. Ashaari,
No. 46, Depan Masjid, Jalan Pekan Lama, 35600 Sungkai, Perak, Malaysia.

This zine plan to release its debut issue in 200 A4 pages ! The cover have been printed in color but stuffs for the content can still be sent for review and possible interview. Send your stuffs to 
Lot 39, Lorong Fantasi 1, Tmn Fantasi, 88300 Jln Tuaran, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Issue #2 featuring As Sahar, Filtheless, Dark Sendon, Sakramoth, Grind Empire, Psychic Scream, Ultimate Darkness, Thy Unholy Abyss, Sakaratul Maut, Hail and Funeral Rites. Gig reports, articles. The lucky 15th order and 80th order will receive a special price. RM 8 (Mal), RP 12000 (Indon), SD/BD 6 (Sin/Brunei) from
Mohd Bakry Md Yunus,
Kg. Paka 2, Simpang Renko, Jln Kiaburi, P.O.Box 302, 89308 Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia.


Official Release:
• HUTAMAH RECORDS Compilation Tape. RM 5 (Mal) /RM 7 (Sin, Bru, Indon)
Featuring 5 Malaysian bands
• SUICIDE vs REMUNENT split tape. RM 4 (Mal) /RM 6 (Sin, Bru, Indon)
Both from Sarawak and plays death metal
• UNHOLY TRIANGLE AREA Compilation Tape. RM 6 (Mal) /RM 8 (Sin, Bru, Indon)
• SHADOWS Rehearsal Tape 2000. RM 4 (Mal) /RM 6 (Sin, Bru, Indon)
New Sarawakian band. 2 melodic dark metal songs. Clear sound quality.
• HUTAMAH ZINE Issue #3 RM 5 (Mal) /RM 7 (Sin, Bru, Indon)
Interview with Seasonal Abyss, Sailendra, Karkapan, Utusan Vervayoh. Malay written, 60 pages, A4 size.

Coming Soon :
• BORNEO METAL HORDES Compilation Tape featuring Borneo bands such as LARRONG, KREMATION, WORSHIP, DEMIZER, THE MYSTICKAL EAST, etc.
• REMUNENT Promo Rehearsal 2000

c/o Hairul Rizal
No 83 A Kampung Nangka, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Email : hutamah_rec@hotmail.com

Issue #2 contain interviews with Sear Bliss, Enthroned, Infernal Beauty, Istidraj, Notre Dame, Perpetual, Sakramoth, Holy Flesh Records, Kibosh Sibyl Kismet and 5 more. Lots of review, worldwide news, biography, articles, artwork gallery. Price RM 8 (Mal) USD 4 (South East Asia), USD 6 (r.o.w).
c/o Fazli Othman,
no. 1217, Lorong Angsana 37, Tmn Keladi, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia.

Bands, labels, magazine, zine, distro, individuals looking for artwork contact them. No returned postage needed when writing.
c/o Fazli Othman,
no. 1217, Lorong Angsana 37, Tmn Keladi, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia.
Abdul Razak,
Mo. 1030, Lrg Angsana 28, Tmn Keladi, 08000 Sg Petani, Kedah, Malaysia.

"Vision OF Calamity", 12 tracks (2 live songs) with dynamic rhytmn, impressive loaded music and real death metal blast ! Only $8 (tape), $12 (CD).

P.O.Box 6 Taladkhwan NOnthaburi 11002 Thailand.
Email : heretic@trust-me.com

Finally the first release of ex-SYAITIR, "Symphony From The Gates Of Darkness" is out. This promo material bring your sordid soul into the true symphonic sounds, hyper chronically blast beats, feel sorrow with keys and hatred evil topics. Pure band playing black metal. RM 5 / USD 2 from

c/o Kid Ali, 
P.O.Box 19, 89307 Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia.

40 pages full of comics and hand-written. Something different in the scene. Also incl. gig reports, reviews, articles. RM 5 from

M. Shahrizad,
No. 14, Jln Muhibbah, Tmn Nirwana Indah, 45300 Sg. Besar, Selangor, Malaysia.

An artist willing to make to your artwork, logo, etc at a reasonable price. They are one of the artist which draw a cool STEEL MADNESS logo !

Don Sukman Mat,
Donmat Graphitti S.B. Lasing, P.O.Box 215, Pekan Ranau, 89308 Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia.

Issue #4 out. Interviews : Mandatory, WAR 666, Tandus, Ravenlord, As Sahar, Adaptor, Atomizer, Vrykolakas, Penanggals, Arkhaiytulmayt, Hecate Enthroned. Lyrics, guitar tab, gig report, scene report, articles, bio's, etc are all cramped into 80 A4 pages. RM 7 from

8 Jln 4/5A Kembangsari, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia.
Email : buluriakht@hotmail.com

VAE SOLIS webmagazine ( http://www.rusmetal.ru/vae_solis ) is celebrating its 10th anniversary issue which have been put on online on July the 31st a.t.b.b., featuring 21 interviews covering diversely styled bands (from dark ambient and industrial to heavy metal, death and black metal), such as f.ex. EINHERJER, THE CROWN, KRANIUM (Peru), LAHKA MUZA, BLOT MINE, JAAPORTIT, SOILS OF FATE... 
Furthermore, the latest issue comes with over 300 CD and demo reviews, "news" section, a couple of live reports, top 50 albums of the issue (and other kinds of charts), as well as some special sections: "Vargsmal", "Storytellers...", "Letter of the issue", "Lazar's column", "Rip-off section", "My playlist", "Gallery" and what's most important - "Russian black metal bands list". From now on, Vae Solis will be issued once in three months.

Kai Mathias Stalhammar
P.O.Box 371
Moscow, 121151
Vae Solis webmagazine: http://www.rusmetal.ru/vae_solis
Email: stalhammar@glasnet.ru
Additional emails:

Rossomahaar homepage: http://www.rusmetal.ru/rossomahaar
Nargathrond homepage: http://www.nargathrond.da.ru

The new Hiberica`s mail order catalogue/ newsletter is now available! To receive the complete mail order catalogue/ newsletter just get in touch with hiber@clix.pt .

Autumn releases
Hb03V: Split EP - 7" - CORPUS CHRISTII/ DECAYED "Decadentia Christii"
Hb03CD: CD - DECAYED "10 Years of Steel" Live album released in cooperation with Deekhaid rec.

Still available
Hb01CD: DUSK "My Infinite Nature Alone" 
Hb02CD: IN THA UMBRA "Midnight in the Garden of Hell"
Hb01V: IN THA UMBRA "The Göatblöd 666" 7"EP
Hb02V: SABBAT "Sabbatical Magicrucifixion - Iberian Harmageddon" 7"EP

P.O. Box 174 . 8300-999 Silves . Portugal . hiber@clix.pt
Fax: +351 282 44 56 11 . InfoLine (mobile): +351 96 46 77 973

You can listen to "Initiates the Horrendous" from ANPHISBENAH demo CD. The band's email have also changed. Don't ever use anphisbenah@excite.com.

Ricardo Cury Lopes 
PO BOX 9555
Email : anphisbenah@terra.com.br
phone: _55 51 226 23 62


New releases from SOUTHERN LORD IN STOCK NOW!!

INTERNAL VOID-"Unearthed"/CD.- We are proud to present thee with another 
DOOM masterpiece from this Maryland (Doom Capitol) cult legend. Ultra heavy, 
blues Sabbath jams with traces of Vitus, Obsessed, COC, Govt. Mule, etc..

WARHORSE-"Priestess" LP- A preview from thee heaviest fucking band to come 
out of the US since the Melvins!! Brutal, sick death doom. Fans of 
Eyehategod, Earth, Winter, Grief etc..will bow before this soon-to-be legend. 
Limited edition LP on blood-red vinyl

WARHORSE-"Lysergic Communion" 7". Crushing, Apocalyptic Death/Doom. demo 
pressed on 7", of course its limited. Buy and Die!

GOATSNAKE-"Man of Light"/"Knucklebuster" 7". Doom rock played like it was 
meant to be played, fucking heavy and low. Limited

TVeyeVIDEO MAGAZINE-First in a series of new video magazines. Featuring live 
and interview footage with: Goatsnake, High on Fire, Queens of the 'Stoneage, 
Nebula etc..

SOUTHERN LORD release schedule:
THE WANT -"Greatest Hits Volume 5" OUT NOW!!
INTERNAL VOID -"Unearthed" OUT NOW!!!!
WARHORSE -"As Heaven Turns To Ash" out Halloween
CHURCH OF MISERY -"Master of Brutality" out TBD
BORIS -"Absolut-Tego" out TBD

and before the end of time:
Paul Chain/Internal Void ..split 7"
Spiritual Beggars/Grand Magus ..split 7"

Website : http://www.southernlord.com
Email : CLocust420@aol.com

The 4th issue (Lilith's Dream) out on OCTOBER 12th, 2000 E. V. 40 A4 pages professionally printed on glossy paper. This dark magazine feature interviews with: 
ABORYM, LUNAR AURORA, RAISON D'ETRE, AUTUMN TEARS, LOVE LIKE BLOOD, MALDOROR, ILDFROST, ANUBI, UMBRA, NOVEMBRE, THYRFING, NAZCA, DECAPITATED, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, FURVUS, HATRED, ULCUS, PRIMARY SLAVE. Plus an article titled "Non Serviam! Thus Spoke The Angel" written by Hagaer Spano and a 20 A5 pages booklet exclusively dedicated to all the reviews and the news. The first 150 orders a free HAMMERHEART Rec. CD-compilation with 19 bands AETERNUS, PRIMORDIAL, NECROPHAGIA, DEAD SILENT SLUMBER, VADER, AURA NOIR etc. (some of them with rare versions or unreleased trax). Get your copy sending: $ 6 US / DM 10 / £ 8.000 to:

Via San Clemente 106
84015 Nocera Superiore (SA)
Email : vampiria@inwind.it

An extreme death/grind/black metal band called DELUGE is begging everyone downloading their song, "Divine..." and send in your comments. http://www.angelfire.com/band/Deluge . DELUGE can be reached at jsans138@hotmail.com

Press statement of Dimmu Borgir:
"After much confusion and mystery surrounding Astennu's replacement, we feel it's time to put everything in its place. When we released Astennu from his duties, we made a few hasty business decision's due to pressures regarding the new album and time schedules. As it turns out, unfortunately, it didn't work out with Archon the way both parties expected. But all the bullshit aside Dimmu Borgir is very proud to announce that no other than Galder (mastermind and songwriter of OLD MAN'S CHILD) is Astennu's permanent replacement on guitar and will feature on the forthcoming, as-yet-untitled Dimmu Borgir album, to be recorded in Studio Fredman, Gothenburg, Sweden with Fredrik Nordstrom (AT THE GATES, ARCH ENEMY, IN FLAMES), starting September 4th 2000. Some tracks are as follows: 'Blessings Upon The Throne Of Tyranny', 'Maelstrom Mephisto', 'Architect Of A Genocidal Nature', 'Sympozium' and
'Kings Of The Carnival Creation' among others. It will also feature a re-recording of the '96 classic track 'Devil's Path' for the Japanese version of the new album."

LOCK UP have parted company with Peter Tägtgren. The band would like to do more shows but due to Tagten's busy schedule they decided to get someone else. That someone else is former AT THE GATES member Thomas Lindberg. The band hope to tour South America at the end of September, possibly recording some of the shows for a live mini-album which is due out in January and will also include covers of songs by TERRORIZER and IMPALED NAZARENE. Meanwhile, the band continue to write songs for their next full-length album.

The newest NB singing is the new band of former DIMMU BORGIR-drummer Tjodalv and his new band SUSPERIA have finished their first recording, a promotion CD which contains 5 songs. The production is called "Illusions of evil". This promo was recorded in November and December `99 at Pitfire Studio, mixed and mastered by L.Argedick. Synth and piano on this recording was done by Mustis (DB). SUSPERIA Line up is: 
Tjodalv -Drums
Cyrus - Guitars
Memnock - Bass
Athera - Vocal.
Their full-length debut "Seven Sins" is set for a release date in March, so be patient but watch out!

Hereby ORPHANAGE proudly announces the incorporation of a new bandmember.
"After years of dedicated service our drummer Erwin Polderman, together with the other bandmembers, decided to put an end to the collaboration. Erwin's search for challenge urged him to make room for other musical projects and possibilities. We regret his departure but respect his motivation... WE WISH ERWIN ALL THE BEST FOR THE FUTURE! Nobody better than the following maniac is able to take over Erwin's position; his fanatic hunger for heavy music and precise and powerfull drumming perfectly fits the Orphanage-style. His name: Sureel."

Please note that AMORPHIS will enter the Studio between September 26th and October 30th to record their forthcoming album, which should contain at least 12 songs. All songs will be produced and mixed by Simon Efemy (Paradise Lost, Pantera amongst others) who has already worked with the band on Tuonela. The album is scheduled for a worldwide release in early Spring 2001!

Martin Walkyier was in the Park Gates Studios in Hastings/UK and provided some guest vocals for CRADLE OF FILTH for their coverversion of the SABBAT classic For Those Who Died. The new album FOLKEMON will be released on October 23rd, 2000 via NUCLEAR BLAST and shows Skyclad back in a much heavier way than on their last albums.

Bal-Sagoth will enter the studio in November to record their 5th album during 4 weeks.
The new material is their best yet, and the band is sure that it will expand their legend to unparalleled new heights in the black-metal.scene. The new opus will be the final chapter of their trilogy that is based upon the saga of the Hyperborean Empire. All artwork again is provided by artist Martin Hanford, so you can be sure that you'll get a great booklet along with another great CD of these britannic battle metal-masters!

The recordings for the new killer album "Nuclear Fire" are finally finished. Releasedate for NF will be the 15th january 2001. A headliner-tour is planned for mid-february and there's a new US-webpage to be seen as well: - http://www.angelfire.com/rock2/primalfear

SOILWORK will be entering the studio DHS in Stockholm on the 11th september to record the drums for their third album (working title: 'A Predator's Portrait'). The album then will be finished from the 18th september 'til mid-october at Studio Fredma, Göteburg. Releasedate?
Probably the 29th january 2001.

CHILDREN OF BODOM are currently recording their third studio album, entitled "FOLLOW THE REAPER", at ABYSS STUDIOS in Sweden with the producer PETER TAGTGREN. The album will be released in Scandinavia by SPINEFARMand in Europe by NUCLEAR BLAST at the end of January 2001, followed by full headlining European tour. Before that the band will play 10 shows with MORBID ANGEL in Europe in December 2000. The latest single of the band "HATE ME" just reached gold sales in their native Finland, so this far all COB singles have reached gold status in their home country. The COB keyboardist JANNE WIRMAN´s solo project WARMEN´s debut album "UNKNOWN SOLDIER" will be released in Japan by TOY´S FACTORY on the 23rd of August 2000. The first US tour for the Espoo lake metallers is scheduled for April 2001.
The start of the recording session for the new album had a small delay, since the ferry, with which the band traveled had to make an intermediate stop because a passenger decided to commit suicide while driving by jumping into the water in order to drown......

In October, there will be available in their site a Rip Off list. If you have been stolen by some people in Underground Let all the World know about them. A great initiative to spread the name of those rip off motherfucker and make us aware of them.
PromotroniX is also a distributor. Get in touch for possible distribution on Brazil and World. They also setting up a newsletter and the new issue is coming out soon. It is a free publication written in Portuguese, printed 1000 copies in newsprint format monthly. Send in  your stuffs for review. Ask for advertisement rate.

The PromotroniX - Underground service and promotion.
c/o Rochesther rodrigues
Rua José Cassiano, 64 - Bela Vista 
Cordeirópolis - SP - 13490-000 
email: pmtronix@yahoo.com.br

ETERNAL FROST webzine is looking for BRUTAL death/grind bands to participate in the upcoming first edition of the Eternal Frost Webzine compilation CD series! When they say brutal, they mean fucking BRUTAL. No wimpy keyboard-drenched shit! No goth garbage! No punk! And no black metal (until the second edition, that is!). If you are in a band of this style and would like to take part, you must first send your shit (CD, tape or vinyl) for consideration. Please be aware that simply sending your material does not guarantee you a spot on the CD! Bands will have to pay $150 to participate. The first compilation will feature only death and grind bands, but black metal and extreme doom metal bands feel free to mail me your demos/CDs for consideration for the second comp, which will focus on those two styles.

PO Box 584
Conyers, GA
30012-0584 USA
Website : http://surf.to/eternalfrost
Email : goden@inetnow.net

One-man Canadian true death metal band, in the vein of greats like Incantation and Immolation, playing pure brutal death metal the way it should be. A CD, "Dawn of the Suffering" consists of ten tracks of utter evil and can be had for $12ppd. 

c/o George Velaetis
PO Box 5002
Spruce Grove, AB

A self-publish sick, putrid, full color, digest-sized zine that features a monthly goremetal band interview and free sick comix! All gore fans check out the site! Also, get on my mailing list and recieve every printed issue free! The first issue is still available and #2 is coming real soon(early October).Issue #1 features an interview with Machetazo! Also included are 2 sick and bloody comix entitled "Poseur Holocaust!" and "Night of the Maggots!" Sick, gore-filled fun and totally fucking FREE! 

c/o Jake
912 C Street
Charleston, Illinois 61920,
Website: http://www.wakkadoo.com/sickass/
Email: karnage@lycos.com

Have officially released they first CD. Entitled "Empty Veins", you can get it for just $5 USA / $7 world Money order or check payable to
Renee` Maxwell 
14402 Hawthorne Blvd. #319 Lawndale 
CA 90260 USA
Website : http://www.unsanctified.com

A Dutch Metal E-Zine is now online. Interviews in this issue are with Chinawhite, Ephel Duath, Lizzy Borden, Morbid Angel, Suicidal Tendencies and The Haunted. Also concerts (see the Lordz On Tour section) and reviews.

Lords Of Metal E-Zine
Horst Vonberg
Brouwerstraat 47
1781 TL Den Helder
The Netherlands
Website : http://go.to/lordsofmetal
E-mail : belegost@multiweb.nl

Check out "Promo 2000" from fast, brutal, blasting death/gore/grind metal from POLAND.

4$ Europe
5$ rest of world
send a blank tape with some stamps / 1$

labels, 'zines, distros: get your free copies
trades are welcome and preffered!

Forthcoming releases in November 2000:

Finland´s most promising and innovative grindcore / brutal death metal bands in one full disk: 4 bands, 37 tracks, 65 minutes; Irritate (brutal grindcore), Murder Company (blasting, pounding old school brutal death), Emulgator (totally murdering grindcore blast) and Drunk Junkees (hempfueled powerful ultrafast grindcore). All previously unreleased very good quality studio material! Not some cheapo sampler, but really a finest quality dedicated extreme underground blastfest to beat you to death!
Release 11/00

Raw, brutal and groovy grindcore! Long awaited debut album from Finland´s masters of extreme underground. Perfect raw production, catchy grooves and hardhitting crust meets shocking blastbeat.
Release 11/00

Hostile Regression
P.O.Box 37, 55801 Imatra, Finland.
Website : http://go.to/hrr 
Email : sami.kettunen@hostileregression.inet.fi

HRR Related news:
-Irritate has LOTS of new releases coming out: split CD with Godstomper (Riotous Assembly Records), split 7" with Unholy Grave (Caustic Records) and split 7" with Fetus Eaters Vulgar Records)... Some of that stuff is already delayed a lot, but will be out sooner or later! If you like grindcore, this stuff will blow you away!
-Incriminated / Bloodhammer split 12" vinyl LP will be released by Northern Heritage, will be very limited edition so keep your eyes and ears open for this! And for those who haven´t heard the new Incriminated stuff; new material is far more primitive and dark than old recordings, imagine the worst possible mix of Hellhammer and Necrophagia... Lyrics are still hateful and anti-christian. Fucked up horror metal of death. 
-Irritate and Incriminated have both also recorded stuff for tons of different compilation CD´s including "Tribute to ´85" compilation on Impaler Records where Irritate covers Lärm ("TV Spots"), Rattus ("Will Evil Win") and Bathory ("Possessed") and Incriminated does their
version of Onslaught: "Thermonuclear Devastation". This CD is really important for both bands, cause 1985 was maybe the most influental year in extreme underground.

ZARAZA's "Slavic Blasphemy" CD are now available in MP3 at: http://www.mp3.com/zaraza . The CD originally released in 1997, this brutal dose of experimental industrial doom/death metal has been hailed as one of the Top 10 Albums of 1998 (according to Chronicles of Chaos webzine). They have realized that the old way of doing things in the underground music scene is simply sick. Bands or independent record labels sell their CDs for a measly price to distributors who then jack the price up and pass it on to the record stores that jack it up even more. We've seen CDs we sold wholesale for $7 show up in stores for $22.99 and other such ridiculous prices. They believe this amounts to nothing but a high-scale rip-off of our listeners and an unneeded barrier between our music and them.

To put it simply, they are more interested in getting our music out to anyone who wants it rather than charging for it and seeing others make a ridiculous profit margin on it along the way. Underground music shouldn't be about the money anyway, at least in our opinion.

From now on, the music of "Slavic Blasphemy" is available for eternity as a free MP3 download (although of course we still offer the original CD version for those who prefer hi-fi sound quality).

Official ZARAZA website : http://www.geocities.com/zaraza_doom

Their latest album, "Opium Empire" is now out. Check http://www.wickedinnocence.com for info and samples. The band can also be reached at wickeddallas@aol.com.

This mad seeks talented authors and artists to spill blood on the infernal pages of future issues. Send submissions e-mail or snail mail and if they print your work, you'll receive a free copy of the issue you were featured in. No length limit, no set topics....anything blasphemous, anti-xian, off the wall, outlandish and comical is accepted. Full page, filler and boarder art is welcome. Bands and zines send promo packs for reviews, ad space and interview opportunities. 

P.O. Box 28914
Columbus, Ohio 43228 U.S.A.
Email : synnsatana@hotmail.com

The sixth issue of the Norwegian based extreme metal/horror zine FROM BEYOND is now in the making. This will be published in 1000 copies by RED STREAM (Us) later this year. Having secured this publishing deal they hope to have a new issue of FROM BEYOND out every quarter - in other words four times a year! To fullfill this goal they need your cooperation and we do therefore ask you to put them on your mailing/promo list. The zine will again be all b/w, but now on glossy paper, counting 32 pages in all. 

Interviews for issue 6 are so far scheduled with Asphyx(Hol), Necrophagia(Us), Morbid Angel(Us), Decayed(Por), Diabolic(Us), Rebaelliun(Bra), Macabre(Us) (with acompanying J. Dahmer article) and Machetazo(Sp). More will follow, as well as horror/gore articles incl. an interview with director Jim VanBebber (Deadbeat at Dawn, Charlie's family, Necrophagia video, etc.).

Ad rates are as follows:
Full (1/1) page: $100
half (1/2) page: $55
quarter (1/4) page: $30
Wholesale prices will be approx. $2,5 per copy and retail will be $5(US), $7(Overseas).

P.O.Box 1756
N-7416 Trondheim
email: zombi@c2i.net

Debut full-length is finally out, entitled "Falling Forever". This totally DIY CD consists of 10 tracks of primo trance-inducing melodic death metal. 

PO Box 311898
Enterprise, AL
36331-1898 USA
Website : http://www.fortunecity.com/nevermind/tinpan/1142
Email : m_weeks@alaweb.com
Sample : http://www.mp3.com/Spellcraft

has just released its second demo entitled "The Underground Storms Eternally" (old death/dark metal). It is like a combination of old Vader, Darkthrone, Asphyx, Mayhem, old Death etc... darkness, misanthropy & chaos is included there !!! Traders are welcome.

newsleter #1 will be out in the first half of October. It features Apocalyptic Raids (Br), Autumnal Reaper (Hol), Temple Of Baal (Fr), Mistress(Ger), a ton of reviews, an article "Vampires - myth or a history" etc. The newsletter is printed in 1000 copies and spreading out for free.

All bands, zines, labels, maniacs get in touch

c/o Tomasz Hanuszkiewicz 
P.O. Box 66 / 41-923 Bytom / Poland
Email : tomaszh@poland.com

Is now preparing for their debut release for Arctic Music. They will enter STUDIO 13 recording studio with engineer Jeremy Staska (Malevolent Creation, Hate Plow, and Divine Empire) in mid November to start recording their debut album, "Triumph of Fire". Some titles so far are "Legions Unleashed", "Embrace the Burning", "Altar of Satan" and reworked tracks of older material such as "Destruction to the Throne of god", "In the Plagued Realm", and "Aether Cries". Malevolent Creation/Hate Plow guitarist Phil Fasciana and Kult ov Azazel will produce the new 10 song album. Expect this fury of satanic blasphemy to be released in 
February 2001 on Arctic Music. Check out http://www.mp3.com/KultOvAzazel to hear what this unholy trinity is all about. Official website : http://www.kultovazazel.com

Still need bands to contribute to our DARK ANGEL tribute album. Interested bands should contact us as soon as possible. Also in the works is their ARCTIC MUSIC compilation featuring Malevolent Creation (unreleased material), Hate Plow (unreleased material), Kult 
ov Azazel, Burner, Hibernus Mortis, Brutal Mastication and some unreleased material from Sickness (Kyle Symons of Hate Plow's former band). This will indeed be one to look for in early 2001 featuring South Florida's heaviest together on CD.

Arctic Music Group, 
PO Box 23519, 
Ft. Lauderdale, 
FL 33307, USA.
Website : http://www.arcticmusicgroup.com
Email : ualldie@aol.com

has authorized advance copies of SLEEPY HOLLOW's "A Legend Retold" to be released ! This Four-Song EP Features Legendary Metal Vocalist Bob Mitchell ! But just remember headbangers, the OFFICIAL World-Wide release date is Tuesday October 31st, Halloween 2000!!! So relive the Legend and order now!!

To Order:
SLEEPY HOLLOW "A Legend Retold"
c/o Old Metal Records
5953 North 10th Street
Arlington, VA 22205

For More Information:
E-MAIL kingsley@starnet.com
or call
(703) 532-3443
Make Money Order's Payable to K. Fowley

In the last few months Akhenaten surprised Red Stream with the recording of an unexpected MCD, "Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten" which shows a brutal and unrelentingly sinister corner of this musician's vision. Unleashed by Red Stream almost without warning to the industry or fans, the MCD is yet another example of the band's (and label's ) unwillingness to conform.
Austrian tonetravellers KOROVA (Austria) have left Napalm Records to mutate and perform their forthcoming kills at Red Stream (U.S.A.). The mightiest avalanche of the alps will ram the studio to memorialize their third album "WaterHells" during the sunstorms of November 2000. It will be a concept work about the phantasmagoric underwater-journey down to the skullpalace; a dive into your deepest nightmares. There are a few more months to wait before entering the broken dams. There are another few kills before killing the devil within you.

Website : http://www.redstream.org

As many of you guys know their e.mail address is: doubleueird@yahoo.com but for many reasons they have change their email address to : hatehunger@yahoo.com OR dew_of_nothing@yahoo.com . Only these are the valid email address .

Merchandise available:

Doubleueird- Cd, 14 dlls (world), 12 dlls (Usa), 70 pesos (Mexico)
Doubleueird- tape, 8 dlls (world), 6 dlls (Usa), 35 Pesos (Mexico)
Doubleueird- t.shirt, 17 dlls (world), 15 dlls (Usa), 70 pesos (Mexico)

All prices are p&p.

Zines, Mags, distros, labels write to the following addresse’s:

Band contact:
Dew Of Nothing
C/O Rene Espino.
Apdo.Postal: 204.
54701, Cuautitlán Izcalli,
Edo. Mex, MEXICO
Tel: +(525) 873-0927
E.mail: hatehunger@yahoo.com or dew_of_nothing@yahoo.com
Web site: http://www.angelfire.com/mb/dewofnothing

Label Contact:
Sempiternal Prod.
P.O. Box: 08423.
Chicago Il, 60608-0423
Tel/Fax: +(312) 432-0237.
E.mail: sempiternal666@juno.com

• Webpage is finally up with some news and they are hardly working on secure online catalogue. You can also download some MP3 samples there also. 
• Promotional campaign started some weeks ago, very soon their titles will be promoted by many magazines, zines, radioshows around the world, several hundreds promos is on the way to you. Please if you are not on our mailing list, send us some infos about you, if you have printed zine, don´t forget to send them sample. 
• Lables and distros, they can trade with you if you have interesting titles. Just keep in mind they are interested mainly in brutal stuff - death metal, death/grind, grind, gore/grind, but they carry also black, doom, HC, noise, thrash.

Full CD tradelist :
ere 009 THEMGOROTH "Highway into the unknown" CD 
- dark/black metal from Poland, last copies!!!
ere 012 SURGICAL DISSECTION "The inborn malignance" CD 
- death/grind in Suffocation vein, last copies, soon repressed!!!
ere 014 OBLITERATE "The feelings" CD 
- old school grind core with slight HC touch in Napalm Death vein
ere 016 EMBOLISM "...and we all hate ourselves" CD 
- grind core in Haemorrhage "Emetic cult" style
ere 017 DEEDS OF FLESH "Path of the weakening" CD 
- brutal death metal from one of the best US death metal band
ere 018 DISGORGE "She lay gutted" CD 
- excellent grinding death metal from USA
ere 019 SUFFOCATE "Lustforheaven" CD 
- extreme mix of grind core, brutal death metal and HC feeling...
ere 021 LIVIDITY "Age of clitorial decay" CD 
- porn/gore/grind/death from USA 

soon out:
ere 011 SANATORIUM "Arrival of the forgotten ones" CD 
- special repress with "Autumn Shadows" demo as a bonus, new booklet with many rare pictures and infos!!!
ere 012 SURGICAL DISSECTION "The inborn malignance" CD

vinyl 7"EP:
ere 020 HAEMORRHAGE/EMBOLISM/SUFFOCATE/OBLITERATE 4-way split grind core, a must for all sickos!!!

Design of T-shirts on their web will be soon re-done so you can se only unclear sample now, but here is the list:


- white T-shirt, XXL, XL, porno grind design with both printed sides, totally explicit artwork!!! 
SANATORIUM "Arrival of the forgotten ones" 
- black T-shirt, XXL, XL, CD cover on front and Purulent Decomposition tour dates on back, coloured to dark green... 
SUFFOCATE "Lustforheaven" 
- black XXL, XL, only front print with CD cover
EMBOLISM "...and we all hate ourselves" 
- black XXL, XL, L, CD cover on front, title of album + logo on back
OBLITERATE "The feelings" 
- black XXL, XL, CD cover on front, logo and title on back
SURGICAL DISSECTION "The inborn malignance" 
- black XXL, XL, cover of CD on front, sick artwork and logo on back
DEEDS OF FLESH "Path of weakening" 
- black XXL, XL, cover of CD on front, dead man on back with logo
DISGORGE "She lay gutted" 
- black XXL, XL, cover of CD on front, logo + sick painting on back
HAEMORRHAGE "Rotten to the gore" 
- black XXL, XL, cover of 7"EP on front, logo + title on back
LIVIDITY "Age of clitorial decay" 
- black XXL, XL, L, cover on CD on front, back - logo + penis penetrating into the piercing cunt, special both sleeve print, pussy lover on one side and logo on second side.

limited tapes for trade:
ere 001 SANATORIUM "Autumn Shadows" demo 96 
- death metal, over 3500 copies sold till now!!!
ere 006 MORGAIN "Frostbitten nakedness" tape version of album 
- doom metal
ere 008 SANATORIUM "Necrologue" demo 98
ere 010 VNUTROMATERNICOVY KANIBALIZMUS/V.E.C. split demo, grind core 
ere 011 SANATORIUM "Arrival of the forgotten ones" tape version of debut CD (CD with special bonus repressed soon!!!)
ere 012 SURGICAL DISSECTION "The inborn malignance" tape version of CD 
ere 013 MYSTERIOUS ECLIPSE "Deathwings" tape
- excellent death/black metal, mix of Depresy and Dark Funeral, killer!!!
ere 015 BIZZARE OF BRUTALITY "Metaphor" tape
- superb death metal in catchy vein!!!
ere 016 EMBOLISM "...and we all hate ourselves" tape version of CD
ere 017 DEEDS OF FLESH "Path of weakening" tape version of CD
ere 018 DISGORGE "She lay gutted" tape version of CD

soon out on tape:
ere 014 OBLITERATE "The feelings" tape version of CD
ere 021 LIVIDITY "Age of clitorial decay" tape version of CD 

01001 ZILINA
Fax: +421 89 7243589
E-mail: psycho@erebosproductions.com

New release: 
AVERNUS - "Where the Sleeping Shadows Lie" CD
At long last, it has finally been released! This disc is a compilation of the band's demos and unreleased tracks. It contains all four songs from their legendary "Sadness" demo, as well as their track from Metal Blade's "Metal Massacre XII" compilation, and 5 additional, previously unreleased, tracks for an unheard of total of 78 minutes of Doom perfection. Completely remastered, by the band, for maximum heaviness and depression.
$13 US · $15 World, including shipping.
For more information on AVERNUS check out http://www.cursedproductions.com or the band's web site: http://www.sadness.com

ADVERSARY will be mastering their new album, "Forsaken," tomorrow (Tuesday, October 17th). Look for a release before the end of the year.

PSYCHOMANCER is just finishing recording for their, as yet untitled, debut CD, and they're working to have everything ready for a year-end release.

Metal Curse magazine has gone on-line!
The printed edition will of course continue, but for brand new reviews and interviews, as well as their entire review and interview archive, check out: http://www.metalcurse.com . It's still under construction, and they're open to suggestions. 

Also, please update your bookmarks - Cursed Productions' new URL is http://www.cursedproductions.com

Cursed Productions - Metal Curse zine - ADVERSARY
P.O. Box 302 
Elkhart, IN 46515-0302 
Phone: 219 294 6610 
Fax: 219 295 1501
Email: ray@cursedproductions.com

INCANTATION is proud to announce that long time INCANTATION drummer Kyle Severn is working with the band again! Yes, you heard correctly - Kyle has already begun rehearsing with the group. He is no longer working with VITAL REMAINS, but is part of a side project WOLFEN SOCIETY featuring, 
Vincent Crowley (ACHERON) Bass and vocals
Lord Ahriman (DARK FUNERAL) - Rhythm Guitar
and Thomas Thorn (ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB) - Keyboards and Samples. 
WOLFEN SOCIETY recorded their debut EP called 'Conquer Divine' in September. Kyle's brutal and barbaric drumming is perfect for INCANTATION's Brutal and twisted style of Death Metal! With the addition of Kyle, INCANTATION is truly focused and ready to hold high the Flag of
true DEATH METAL the way it must be.

For more information please contact INCANTATION at: info@incantation.com

P.O. BOX 5321


DISINTER, " Welcome to Oblivion" CD will be out by the middle of November, expect an Incredible assault!!. Death Metal at its best, brilliant vocals, Big production, killer Death riffs!. MORBID RECS has already licensed the CD for several countries!!....pre-order your copies now!.

KEMET, The best Dark Metal band from France will astonish you with its "Dying with elegance" CD. This combo is the only one abble to create a such unique atmosphere , Death has never
been so romantic ever!!.(Out in Nov/dec).

UMBAKRAIL, The solo project from Sa'amed has been delayed due to some problems encounted by the leader of this project. we will keep you informed about the final release date. Be sure of one thing, it will be masterpiece of cold & intense black metal.

DARK LEGION , the Polish ultra-brutal death band has joined our team!. Their First effort will be out in April 2001. Without any doubt the best ultra brutal death act from Poland since ten years!!. "Bloodshed" will enter your brain forever!!. 

GODLESS TRUTH 's third CD won't be out on DEADSUN RECS before some months due to the intense touring activity of the CZ deathsters. More infos next time, but we've got some advanced songs, .....10/10 I would say!!.

INFECTED DISARRAY is the new project of Steve, ex-leader of 7th Child. The band is actually working on its full lenght, and in touch with us to release it.

HORRID 's First CD will be recorded at the famous sunlight studio in Sweden in April 2001 and will be out in october of the same year.

We are always looking for more and more distros. We can offer great wholesale prices and licenses. get in touch right now!. Trades are welcome but only with good Material.

Some news about Gurkkhas (Brutal death band on Massacre recs), the frenchies have done 78 interviews worldwide since their "Engraved in Blood, Flesh & souls "Cd is out, not bad, uh!.

10 rue des Capucines-22300 lannion-France
Tel: ++33296483017/++33688642863
e-mail : jeanfrancois.rey@freesbee.fr or gurkkhas@aol.fr

Dark Funeral's classic "In the Sign..." MCD will at last get a full release in North America via Necropolis this Fall! This seminal masterpiece has been extremely hard to get for years and will finally be available for mass consumption for thousands of American DF fans! The band and label are both excited to present this almost-forgotten classic with new packaging and artwork and a wider distribution network to fully unleash this killer debut! The band will be putting in an appearance at the November to Dismember fest. Also, a few exclusive and additional US and CANADIAN dates will be made while the band are overseas. (See dates below)! The band will be entering the Abyss Studio in the end of January. To record their long awaited third full-length album. The new album will be produced by Peter Tagtgren.

The much awaited debut from WOLFEN SOCIETY has finally been recorded. These five misanthropic musicians all met up in Columbus, Ohio to record their upcoming mini-CD "Conquer Divine". On September 15th, WOLFEN SOCIETY entered THORNAPPLE STUDIOS, while many of the members were just meeting one another for the first time. The chemistry was great and the band worked well together. After all the chaos was done, the group recorded 4 songs for the new mini-CD. Songs that will be featured are "Blood Oath", "Life is War", "Conquer Divine" and a cover of CARNIVORE's classic song "Race War". If all goes well, the mini-cd should be out by the end of this year on NO FASHION RECORDS (Europe) and HOUSE OF DEATH RECORDS (North America) WOLFEN SOCIETY is: Vincent Crowley - Bass & Vocals (Acheron), Kyle Severn - Drums (Incantation) Thomas Thorn - Keyboards, Samples & Back Up Vocals (Electric Hellfire Club), Ricktor Ravensbruck - Lead Guitar (Electric Hellfire Club), Lord Ahriman - Rhythm Guitar (Dark Funeral).

November 13th Emperor Magus Caligula and Dominion will release the debut album "A New Era Rises", from their side project simply called "DOMINION CALIGULA" on No Fashion Records. This debut recording, which exclusively contains, ultra-heavy, moody and in some ways melancholic songs, with lyrics dealing with such unexpected topics as the rise and fall of the ancient Roman Empire, seen through the eyes of a twisted and narcissistic mind, giving the lyrics almost a pornographic approach. The album was written, arranged and produced during 1999 and finally you will be able to hear the results which are uncompromising, unique sounding metal which is meant to leave scars both physically and mentally.

The Storyteller has now a LICENSEE in Japan and America. This means the availability of the album in Japan and in the States will be improved, as not only stores which have decided to import the album will sell it. As Japan bonus track the band have decided to include an old acoustic demo from 1996. Release dates have not been decided yet, but it's not far away! Speaking of Japan; The Storytellers self-titled debut album was rated "10th best album of 2000" on a Japanese website! The song "Guardians Of Kail" was rated "14th best song of 2000". If you live in the USA or Canada and haven't been able to get the album due to lack of distributors, we have some good news for you too. An American online store (Alta Mira Online) has decided to import the album. You can find their link in the Album-section on the bands official website (http://welcome.to/storyteller). If you're in Sweden, try to attend any of the bands upcoming shows, Västerås, Uppsala or Gävle. More info at the website, and more dates to come! http://www.metalmeltdown.com has a full MP3 of "Book Of Mystery" in the MP3-section on their website. This is a golden opportunity to get a full song from the album in cd quality!

And finally a warning;
The Swedish online store Ginza, and a few others, have confused "The Storyteller" with a band called just Storyteller... they recently released an album titled "Corridor Of Windows". Many people have asked about this, but this album has nothing to do with THE STORYTELLER!

Finally. The new and long awaited 3rd full-length album from the demonic death rockers VERMIN is completed" It was recorded at Studio Sunlight with the infamous producer Thomas Skogsberg. The new album include 12 songs and will go under the banner "Filthy. F***ING. Vermin"! After the killer response the band got on their highly acclaimed "Millennium Ride" album, we are here to expect a high intensive album with lot of juicy metal riffs. Swedish death-metal has never been better! More info and release date soon to be announced!

Tour Booking:
Goatbridge Productions, Fredrik Gleisner, Getbrovagen 13, 777 90 Smedjebacken.
Phone/Fax: +46-(0)240-730 26. 
E-mail: goatbridge.productions@telia.com

- WOLF -
It’s tour time for WOLF! The band will hit the road in November, joining up with Germanys EDGUY. The tour starts Off in Oslo at the “Rock In” on the 14:th and continues to Gothenburg and Karen on the 15:th. They play Stockholm and Klubben on the 17:th, and Motala Folketspark Festival on November the 18:th. There’s also new merchandise available from the band, and new song have been written. The band will soon have their own official website up on the Internet. Check it out at: www.howling.nu. Should be up and running in mid-November.

Insania are back in Sweden, after the recording session of their second album; Hymns of Insania part II- Sunrise in Riverland! The new album was recorded at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki (Finland), thee same studio as Stratovarius uses. Insania also worked with the same producer as Stratavarious, Mikko Karmila. Mikko was very easy to work with, the band says. He had a lot of ideas, how to make their sound better, and how to lift up the important melodies in Insania’s music. The recording was very successful, and the album contains a total of 11 songs, whereof one is an intro. The band also recorded a bonus track, which will appear on the Japanese press only. Compared to their previous album, Hymns of Insania part II-Sunrise in Riverland has a more powerful sound. At this point of time, Insania doesn't have any gigs confirmed, but we will inform everyone as soon as they have any show coming up.

Fester is currently rehearsing new tunes in Spit studios Norway. The new line up isn't complete, but interesting musicians are being tested. The new material is more pounding than ever, with touches you're yet to experience.. "Silence " - nfr 40 , has recieved great rewiews all over the scene; Old school metal supreme !!! Mail for further information; 

NFR046 Vermin-Filthy. Fu***ng. Vermin (CD)
NFR047 Hypocrite-Edge Of Existence (CD)
NFR048 Lobotomy-Holy Shit (MCD)

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