September 2000

Malaysian new black metal band have released a new promotracks available only for zine editors. Send in your blank tapes. Also available at the same address is LOKISDOTTIR zine trial issue, for only USD 5 / RM 7.
c/o Syahrulnizarm
19-A, Kg. Parit Hj. Amin,
Siakap Road, 34350,
K. Kurau, Perak

Singaporean black metal will enter studio to record their second demo which will be titled as "Bhinneka. 10 extremely aggressive black metal songs will be recorded. The songs are :
1. Thy Whispers Of Eternal Shadow 
2. Sramol Anthaka 
3. Srikandi Purbaweseisa 
4. Istidraj 
5. Discrepancy 
6. Astral Projection 
7. Sister Of The Light 
8. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika 
9. Venomous Valediction 
10. Ngecongan Ngestabe (wrath 2000 version) 
Currently they are looking for label which might be interested in releasing this album. Interested label should get in touch for promotracks.
The band still selling their debut album, "Metafizika". Only 200 copies left and will not be reprint in the future. Available for U.S$10/ SIN$15/ RM$40. STEEL MADNESS have interview Ian of ISTIDRAJ, so check out STEEL MADNESS webzine issue #1 and read also our review of "Metafizika".
#02-14, SINGAPORE 520371 
WEBSITE: (for Istidraj bio) 

• The label is now negotiating with NEBIULA PRODUCTION to release 'Tribute To As-Sahar' album. This album will be released very shortly, so bands interested in paying homage to this band, send in your demo tape together with AS SAHAR songs and your band's bio, logo and picture to label quick. NEFTARAKA,DE'IVENTOR,LEFLANGRISSER and CULTRISTIC already secure their place in it.
• BLESSING MOMENT ZINE third issue have been released. Interview with MINDSNARE(ITA),AFTER FOREVER(FRA),PROMISQES(US), 
AS-SAHAR,SILKHANNAZ,TANDUS,KEKAL(IND) and lots more. Also include a column in memory of SUFFERCATION (Mal). As usual, controversial article also included but all are written in Malay. RM 6 from the label address.

c/o Faizul Akmalz,
33 Perumahan Awam 2,
31150 Ulu Kinta, Ipoh,
Phone : 0165334715 
Email :
Websites :

• The plan to release East Malaysian death metal, KREMATION debut album have been changed to cassette EP instead. The recording is ni the final stage and should be out very soon. Free poster will accompany every purchase of this EP.
• EVENTIDE HORIZON will also release its debut EP soon, also comes with free poster and contest with lots of interesting prizes !
• Those who still want to advertise in KARAKATUAR Mag and participate in the compilation sampler can do so quick. The rates are listed below :
Compilation album = pay USD10.00 per minute song. [ available in cassette & CD ] 
Full color back cover - USD100 
Full color inside cover - USD80 
Full color inside back cover - USD80 
full page b/w - USD50 
half page - USD25 
More info at or email

A heavy/neo thrash metal band from Singapore will release its debut album NOT under SONIC WAVE INTERNATIONAL but now will be under NEBIULA PRODS (Malaysia). SONIC WAVE INTERNATIONAL sold the rights of VEHEMENT to NEBIULA due to too many releases for the year.

Sonic Wave's other coming releases are Elysium (exclusive Europe by SPV), Deuteronomium(exclusive Scandinavia by House Of Kicks), Voice Out(S'pore's most old surviving hc band) and many more. DEADSUN RECORDS (france) already become SONIC WAVE FRANCE. Watch out for more info in their new website. More info available soon.

Will re-release DISINTER "Welcome To Obliveon", UTOPIE "Insting To Existence" and GODLESS TRUTH "Burning Existence" in Indonesia on the tape format in 1000 copies. The next releases is their own releases; BLAST (brutal death metal and grindcore complation) and TRIBUTE TO SLAYER. 
If you're interested to re-release your material in Indonesia with the same format and not cd, just send cd's for master tape,bio,logo,news,pics and we'll give you $250 USD/$300 USD per 500 copies. If you still interest send your cd's promo first and they can put your stuff (style and sound) on the metal radio in there.

Website :

Trial issue of this zine have finally released a while ago. 40 pages containing quality comics, gig reports, issues, focus, album review, tabs, etc. All are neatly hand-written and in Malay, for only RM5 from
no. 14 Jalan Muhibbah,
Taman Nirwana Indah,
45300 Sg. Besar,
Selangor D.E

This zine project support mainly Asian and Australian metal scene. It was supposed to be released in a newsprint format but due some disastrous reasons, it had to be cancelled. It is now available as a webzine. Read more about this project at Bands, labels, zines are encourage to write and send in stuffs for unbias reviews and possible interview. Eventhough the main ambition is to promote Asian and Australian scene, INTERVIEWS ARE MEANT FOR OUTSTANDING BANDS THAT DESERVES A WIDER PROMOTION AND SUPPORT. Obispo, the editor also play in a vampiric black metal band, KORIHOR. 
Email :

Issue #3 (September 2000) featuring interview with Sil Khannaz, Tasyim, Seasonal Abyss, Dreaded, Mortuary Ancestor, Belulang, Mantak, Dark Breed, Kibosh Sibyl Kismet, Vehement, Karkapan, Neftaraka, Majestic East, Haunted Shop Productions and an exclusive interview with Abvul Abashy(Singaporean Black Metal). Also included are Sabahan Scene Report, Kedah Scene Report, artikel - 'Akidah undergrounders terpesong?', 'Ekploitasi Metal oleh XPDC', 'Transpirasi-Isu Hangat Antara Seasonal Abyss dengan Band Terkenal dari Penang Ravage', biografi - Abex, Nightmare, Majestic East, Prakans, Mortuary Ancestor , Seasonal Abyss, Abvul Abashy, Dark Breed and the permanent column Jampi Berpuaka. Written in Malay and available for only RM 4 + stamp RM 1 or RM 5 without stamp.

Melodic Black Death Metal from Malacca already released their debut demo entitled "Calamity Existence". Contains 6 tracks called 
-Thy Story of Ratnasari
-The Destroy of Sathanas
-Ingkah Keramat
Available for only RM 5. More info should be asked to Great Azazel which is also the editor of ADIKARA ZINE
Great Azazel, 
C/O Syahrul Effendee, 
J 7412, Jalan Ru, 
Taman Maju, 
77000, Jasin, 
Email :

The updates on the official website are finally up check it out also featured are gig photos and the mentioned gig review on ABVULABASHY's performance by Countess.

• Have up-dated their website with re-design site with metal and erotic images, Download page (MP3, Real Audio, Wallpaper, Winamp Skin), Mail Order, Mailing List (At this moment they have more than 2000 mailing list subcribers), Add Links, News, reviews, interviews and more info. 
• Send them your promo-Set for have reviews and possible interviews in their news section page. 
• To all Distro/Labels/Bands please get in touch with them for possible Distribute/Trade. 
• To All Mags/Zines send proof of your existence to get theirr promo-Pack or trade their add on our mag/zine with their stuff.
• Offer you to make honest design for your CD/Cassette Cover, Website, Banner, Flyer, Advertisement, ...etc, with reasonable Prices and possible trade with your stuff.

P.O. BOX 1608,
40016 BANDUNG,
Fax: ++62 (0)22 4209757
Mobile Phone: ++62 081 820 1607
E-Mail :

Demo is now out limited to 200 procopies. Get your fix for 25 FF/ 5 USD (Europe)/ 6 USD (Worldwide) postpaid through 
c/o Queyroix Hervé
6 Bis Avenue De St Germain
78600 Maisons Laffitte - FRANCE
Email :
Email :

• ARCTIC MUSIC GROUP and PAVEMENT MUSIC have joined forces. PAVEMENT MUSIC will market and distribute all ARCTIC MUSIC GROUP'S releases both in the UnitedStates, Europe, and beyond. This mean's you should have no problem finding PAVEMENT MUSIC's product. If you do have a problem you can order direct from both labels either by mail or from either one of their online stores.
• MALEVOLENT CREATION has just finished recording their 7th full length titled "ENVENOMED" with producer Jeremy Staska at STUDIO 13. The track listing for this 11 song musical holocaust goes as follows:
(1)"Homicidal Rant" 
(2)"Night Of The Long Knives" 
(3)"Kill Zone" 
(5)"Serial Dementia" 
(6)"Bloodline Severed" 
(7)"Pursuit Revised"
(9)"Viral Release" 
(10)"The Deviant's March" 
Three more songs were recorded during these recording sessions, the first two being a re-recording of two old demo tracks from their '87 and '88 demo's. The third song being a blistering cover of DARK ANGEL'S "Perish in Flames".
These tracks will most likely be used for upcoming compilations on ARCTIC MUSIC. Fast and brutal are the only two words that can describe the eleven-song release of relentless Death Metal! This recording showcases MALEVOLENT CREATION'S many years of musical battery. This album will also prove to be their strongest of albums to date. Release date for "ENVENOMED" for the United States is Oct. 17th and TBA for Europe. Expect to see MALEVOLENT CREATION touring extensively for this release. 
• HATE PLOW, their 2nd album "The Only Law Is Survival" has just been released. If you don't already own this slab of brutality you should kill yourself. You will not find a faster Grind album elsewhere. You can find this release at any retail music store, or order it from either Arctic Music or Pavement Music websites.
• New ARCTIC MUSIC GROUP signing KULT OF AZAZEL are preparing to enter the studio to record their debut album. The band starts recording on November 13 with producer Jeremy Staska at Studio 13. Their debut is titled "Triumph Of Fire" and will be out in the beginning of 2001.
• ATTENTION!!!! BANDS, they are looking for other artists to add to our roster for future releases. MAGAZINES, if you do a fanzine or webzine and would like to review our releases get in contact with us through email at UALLDIE@aol.comor ,
• DISTRIBUTORS contact us as well if you'd like to distribute current and future Arctic Music releases. To join their mailings list or to exchange links email Also, we are still trying to put together a tribute to thrash god's DARK ANGEL. Band's interested should contact them now!!! 
Send all promo material to 
P.O. Box 23519 
Ft. Lauderdale, 
FL 33307 U.S.A.

Has just independently released its first full length CD entitled "Synthetic Deity". The CD is a progressive death
metal masterwork that contains 8 tracks of aggressive death metal with complex arrangements and apocalyptic lyrics.
Their music is a hybrid of metal with influences from the likes of Iron Maiden, Slayer, Death, and Morbid Angel. The CD is available on line at,, and many other retail outlets on the net. Of course you can get the CD from the band by writing to : For more information or to download a mp3 of "Synthetic Deity" visit: .

The release of THE CHASM LP have to be delayed due to a problems of getting the printed cover. The cover is printed in Europe but it is undeliverable to the label's P.O. Box address. Questions should be asked to FERNANDO CASTEL at .

SOD Movie - The film documenting the 1999-2000 tour is scheduled for release in November on VHS/DVD from Nuclear Blast. Concert footage cut in with interviews, behind the cenes and stuff that's completely bizarre like Twiggy Ramirez reciting Martian dialogue then shooting himself. Go to the web site to view the trailer!

The writing of the much anticipated fifth BAL-SAGOTH album is nearing completion. The band intend to record the saga's next episode in the autumn, for a spring 2001 release. Like the band's fourth album (The Power Cosmic), the forthcoming fifth opus will once again be available on Nuclear Blast. Fans can expect an album characterized by BAL-SAGOTH's trademark twisted genius, infused with pure erudite lunacy and utter symphonic bombast. Additionally, the new material is far more dark and malevolent than anything that has come before, and promises to take listeners on a journey to the very limits of one's darkest imagination and beyond. The celebrated "Hyperborean Empire" saga reaches its third and final chapter on the new album, as events within the besieged and benighted kingdom of Hyperborea culminate in a pulse-pounding and cataclysmic climax of unparalleled proportions. The fifth album will feature full text and stories in the inlay booklet, as well as extensive accompanying illustrations throughout. The cover art for the opus will once again be provided by ace English fantasy artist Martin Hanford. 
The Official BAL-SAGOTH Website ( for updates.

Read the new Behemoth Interview Online at or view the whole ICESTORM at . Any enquiries should be forwarded to

Finally, after 2 xeroxed metal-fanzines we became a webzine. Check out . Issue #1 and #2 still available as printed zine but written in Dutch ! 
Ricardo Mouwen
Kapittelhof 34
Email :
Website :

The video department are now revamped seeking active video shows that would be interested in obtaining servicing from them. If you have a show or know of any "metal" friendly shows, please get in touch with Brian Corcoran (Video Promotions/Publicity) at

373 Broadway Ste. D-5
NYC, NY 10013.
(212) 343-2797 Ext. 4

The Burning Winds/Kerberos "Apotheosis of War" split demo is availble for $5 U.S. $8 World. 8 tracks of pure and evil blackness limited to 200 numbered copies get yours now before they are gone..Burning Winds from the
U.S. perform raw,unholy Black Metal..Destined to crush your soul !!! Kerberos from the Netherlands perform Kreig Black Metal exclusively.

Goat Productions
P.O. Box 1106 
6040 KC Roermond
The Netherlands
Email :

c/o Burning Winds 
P.O. Box 811 
Email :
Website :

• The site has been recently redesigned to make the content easier to navigate. The tours have been updated, and the links are updated weekly, so it would be a good time to send me your link trades by filling out the form on the site.
• All content from Issues #5-7 have been added, as well as OPETH and AMORPHIS interviews from the upcoming issue #8. New reviews are being posted weekly.
The issue will sees the light of day VERY shortly. It's mostly completed, and will have a full color glossy cover for the first time! Some more ads needed before it can come out. Their rates are very reasonable, contact them immediately to book space. Distribution - 10,000, Full Page Ad - $250. Other sizes/rates/color available, just ask!
- Print copies of Issues 5, 6, and 7 available, as well as subscriptions and pre-orders of issue 8. Online, by credit card or check, at
- By cash/money order/check, $3 each, or 1-yr (4 issues, starting with any) for $10 Payable to Chrissy, mailed to 2595 Marshall Drive - Quakertown, PA 18951 - USA Outside of US, add $1 each.
- If you sent material in for review, double-check the website to see if it has been reviewed. If not, Don't Worry! they're working on it!
- The editor is far behind on responding to emails, it's not that they see your mail as unimportant, but aside from recent computer failures, and re-formatting my hard drive numerous times, they've also been away from home for weeks at a time. 
- Many of you have seen, or will be seeing, the newest issue (#6) of LotFP. This new issue includes an Amorphis article that they wrote, which is perhaps 'questionable.' They will not go into great detail here, but the article is intended for humor, and is not implying any more than it is clearly stating. It's just intended to make people think about the way they perceive things. Hopefully you can find the humor in it that LotFP's editor Jim did, when they was innocently telling him the story over the phone...!
- If you'd like a copy, e-mail, or send $3 ($4 outside US) to Jim Raggi, 710 Peachtree St #134, Atlanta GA 30308. 
- They are extremely easy to get in contact with... any of the below means are always available to you for any reason. 

C/o Chrissy (Lady Enslain)
2595 Marshall Drive
Quakertown, PA 18951 - USA
E-mail =
Phone = 1-267-981-6385
Website =
ICQ = 19274791
AIM = enslain

" Hello from this shit tip that is Perth. I`m Glenn and I am part of death/grind call it what you will metal band CHOKE. We have just had our CD "Smokin` Tailpipe Action" banned nationwide as an 8 member full of cunts committee deemed our material to offensive to the general committee. As a result all our stock has had to be pulled from shelves everywhere
or we face prosecution. This is not a joke at all and we must conform to fucking police requests. We could face fines of up to $50 000 or 18 months jail for material that has now been placed in the same category as kiddy porn and bestiality (of which we have nothing to do with what so ever). We may be sick but not that sick. If you are interested in hearing our material and giving us an interview and review please contact me as we are seeking support from the whole metal community. We want our CD back in stores and uncensored. This whole thing is fucked and we wont take this lying down. Contact me on and help us beat the system. 

"Growth" CD is now out for 3 months now ! visit our website : to get all the informations about inhumate. Distros, labels get in touch for wholesale prices & possible trades.
Fanzines, radios get in touch but send "Ex-Pulsion" review or playlist if you had this CD or proof of existence to get a complete promo pack (whole CD (not CDR) + bio, etc...). Bands and everybody else get in touch, all E-mail and letter will have an answer, they have never been rip off.

c/o Christophe KNECHT
19 Cité des pins
Tel : 00.33.(0)
Cel : 00.33.(0)

c/o Fred ANTON 
1 rue du collège 
67170 BRUMATH 
Tel : 00.33.(0)

Catalogue/webzine section have been updated with lots of new CD's, demos, zines etc, plus we also have interviews with AUTUMN TEARS (USA), DESCEND (USA), DOWNFALL(Fin), DYING DAY(Eng), NUNKTHUL (Fra), UNSILENCE (Eng), plus extended reviews of all the new additions to the catalogue, loads of other reviews of titles not in the catalogue, a new chat room plus loads more.

The recordings for the new album "Cognitive Dissonance", have been postponed to at least September or October 2000 due to several reasons not explained more definite. 

Ask for free mail order list (paper or e-mail, up to your own choice). Their current contact addresses are :
c/o Thomas BERNOLLIN
34 rue St Désiré
Email :
Tel : 03 84 24 36 93

"Undead, Undressed and Ready for Breakfast" CD available for £3. Featuring 6 tracks of Savage Eeeeeyobie Covered Gygore Death/Grin : 
1. Nothing Says I Love You Like a Chainsaw Injury to the Head
2. The Sweet Caress of a Nail Gun
3. Foreplay of the Dead
4. Rover Does the Splits
5. Beneath my Skin
6. Beef Denied
2 tracks are avilable on, as well as additional info on the band at .
Beef Conspiracy 
18 Springfield Road 
Walpole st Andrew 
PE14 7LF 
Email :
Website :

46160 Calvignac, France
Tel/Fax : (+33) 05 65 31 39 34 / 06 09 02 44 91
Email :
Email :

Dragon metal from Latvia long-awaited debut-cd entitled «Mythical Beasts and Mediaeval Warfare» has finally been released under the wing of the British Demolition Records! Gleaming with a myriad diverse elements and enthralling melodies, they consider «Mythical Beasts...» to be a great step forward from the well-received «Dragons of War» demo, and not merely due to the greatly enhanced production and atmosphere... Our first full-length contains over 60 minutes of epic dragon metal of many colours to the glory of eldaer times and realms, traditionally adorned with the beautiful elf-maid lead vocals of Rasa and the scaldic string rapture of Jester and Majesty to transmute the crestfallen soundscapes of symphonic black/death unto a blazing alchemy of sorts, epic spirit, primordial might, illuminating visions and heraldic fantasy. Available for only $15 (Europe) or $16 (overseas).
Still available: «Dragons of War» demo '97: $5 ($6 overseas)
Special offer: order both the CD + demo for $18 ($19 overseas) only... 

c/o Janis Balodis, 
Zemites 2, Riga, LV-1002, 
Latvia Lettland Lettonie
Email :

• Website have been revamped
• Just released TV SUCKS Comp., SKA CHARTBUSTERS Comp. and the Cd from TINNITUS!
• Looking for bands for the next PUNK CHARTBUSTERS Compilation (Part 4) which should be released Mid 2001. If you do a Cover of well known Pop or Rock Song, contact them.
• More info at or email

"Culinar Nostalgy West" double CD contains 132 minutes of music and 216 Mb of multimedia software, packaged in 8 different artworks. Available for
Canada : CAD $ 20 ppd 
World : US $15 ppd 
Ask for their wholesale terms. Zines, distros, radios and bus drivers needing promo copies of the should send them two 80 minutes blank CDRs or tapes and prove of existence.
Impaler Records
1271 Visitation 
Montreal, QC, H2L 3B6 
Fax : (514) 499 3056 
Tel : (514) 286 2871 

An unsigned Hi-Tech Industrial Synthetika band from Las Vegas started in 2000 but already have almost an hour set. If you're near Las Vegas, NV, you'll be able to watch them play. The members also involve in a black metal project. It involves: 
Thee singer for THE FACTION on bass & backup vocals, the guitarist for THE FACTION & a close freind on guitars, & they're looking for a chick singer. They only have 1 rough demo of a song done. 
For HATE/LOVE mail,TAPES/CDs of their Full-Length Independent Release "NEXUS" Including the Ambient/Trance-Industrial "NEXUS" 
Tapes= $3.00 
CDs = $7.00 

311 E. Delamar Drive 
Henderson, NV 89015 
United States 

A good band from brasil. These guys been doing a lot regarding underground and they have released in a self financed way their own material for the past ten years. However, now they have recorded some new songs, relly nice stuff, far better and more technical then all they had ever composed before.
They are in need of a label, and their main goal now is to find someone to support their material, they are not sending stuf to zines and other realted underground organizations, they want their new material to be totally new for everyone.
Website :

The label will put out three CDs in sept-october:
• DISINTER : "Welcome to Oblivion" CD
The US brutal Death-Metal sensation is back to the front with this masterpiece of brutal death with incredible vocals!!. This Cd will include a bonus track for the European Market!!.
• KEMET : "Dying with Elegance" CD
After their successfull MCD debut, the Best Dark Metal band from France will present their first full effort, expect a Dark Bomb!!
• UMBAKRAIL : "In Unity Paienne" CD
The solo project from Sa'amed!!, a unique Black metal assault, mixing the fury and the coldest ambiance you cold imagine, Creation black metal!!
>> DEADSUN RECS has also signed HORRID. The fantastic Italian Brutal Death band will enter the Sunlight Studio in Sweden in March'2001 for their CD to be out in october of the same year.
>> 7th CHILD, the best grinding act from the UK will put out its CD on Deadsun between feb and april 2001!!
>> They are looking for more distributors worldwide, in exclusive distro deals or licensing ones. If you are interested, please get in touch fast, some countries are already locked.
>>Mags, zines, radios, bookers, ask for our promo packs, and send them a proof of existence, front-page, web sites, etc.
>>Label, let's trade. Ask for trade terms and condition.

Phone : ++33688642863
PHONE/FAX ++33296.37.65.26

"Saeculum Domini" CD 
RELEASED : June 2000

I. Flamma Tenebrarum
II. Victoria Cruenta
III. Jesus Cunt Lickers
IV. Crown Denied (MP3 download)
V. Throne Of The Proud
VI. Holy Masturbation
VII. Ave Domini
VIII. All Hail... (Master Satan)

MUSIC STYLE : Distorted Black Metal Noise

Nocturnus Horrendus - Guitars, Bass e Voices
Ignis Vox - War Noises & Programming

- Ave Domini Demo 1998
- Saeculum Domini CD 2000

SALES ARGUMENTS : The portuguese most extreme black metal outfit on the portuguese scene today.

P.O. Box 2039
1101-001 Lisboa
Tel. (+351) 91 4196616

"Gonorreia Visceral" MCD 

RELEASED : February 2000

1. Vagina Convulsa
2. Holocausto Canibal
3. Empalamento
4. Antropofagia Auto Infligida
5. Septicémia Vaginal
6. Carnificina Psicopata
7. Gorgasmos... Orgásmicos Espasmos Gore (MP3 download)
8. Faixa 8

MUSIC STYLE : Extreme Death Gore Grind

Zé Pedro - bass
Ivan - drums
Nuno - guitars
Ricardo - vocals

- oPus I - Rehearsal 1998
- Gonorreia Visceral - CD 2000

SALES ARGUMENTS : The portuguese most extreme death gore grind outfit on the scene today. However "Gonorreia Visceral" is their first release they're already a cult act. 

c/o Zé Pedro - P. O. Box 85 - 4439 909 Rio Tinto - PORTUGAL
Tel (Portugal): 93 64 123 08
Tel (Other Countries): +351 93 64 123 08
E-mails: (main) (alternative1) (alternative2)
Chat : #holocausto_canibal (On IRC.PT NET)

Today's most promising swedish band (ex- TYRANT) released demotape "Bloodaeons" on 1.9.2000 under the banner of NEODAWN PRODUCTIONS (NDP 003)! Await a masterpiece of fuckin?intense, apocalyptic, hateful and dark Black Metal performed with hellish and furious speed!!! In comparison to this band "DUCK" FUNERAL looks like little childs! 
The Facts:
- Limited to 700 hand-numbered copies
- Professional full- coloured glossy booklet with lyrics
- professional Tape
- crystal clear sound
- recorded in Backbone Studio Mj?by (THY PRIMORDIAL, INDUNGEON, etc.)

For more infos check out: or:

c/o Christoph Ziegler
Pfarrer- Striebel- Weg 11
88471 Laupheim/ Untersulmetingen
Phone: (0049)(0)170/1546695
Neodawn Productions Homepage:

A record and distribution label from Turkey, was born in latest of 1999..Contact with a lot of underground labels and bands worldwide underground scene. They will release their first mail order cataloq summer 2000.And will be plan to release VOICES FROM THE ABYSS COMPILATION CD and BUTTERFLY TEMPLE CD-EP in summer 2000. In the future the label will be continue to release stuffs and start to sell other label release and bands stuffs in our mail order department. All
people in the underground scene get in touch. 

c/o Onur Tufan Iyihuylu
Selvili Cad.Birlik Apt.

Scourge(ME) changed email! Email him at
Website :
Phone: +55 021 51 2262362

"The new Euro Death Kings" from France is now working on its next cd. a video will be added. 3 songs are ready, and the recording should begin in April '2001, for the cd to be out in June-July. More info should be ask to

SWEDEN - After much anticipation, Swedish metal kings HAMMERFALL are set to release their third full length opus entitled Renegade. Recorded at Wireworld Studios in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Michael Wagener (Metallica,
Ozzy, Accept, Skid Row), Renegade clearly proves to be the band's most mature, well written and plainly explosive offering to date. "Recording in Nashville, TN with a big time producer was a bit scary at first thought. We
were worried that the great Michael Wagener would try to interact and interfere with the musical side of things too much and change the sound of what fans have come to look upon as the 'Hammerfall' sound.", explains guitarist Oscar Dronjak of the band's initial session worries, "But he proved to be the greatest guy you could ever meet and a perfect producer to boot! We had written and arranged the complete material before we left Sweden virtually down to the last note. Michael recognized this and didn't start to tamper with the songs at all, which gives this album a decidedly HAMMERFALL feel."

Renegade picks up where Legacy of the Kings left off churning delicate, yet power-driven melodies and thought-worthy lyrics furnished by the consuming vocals of Joacim Cans. But Renegade is leagues heavier than its predecessors. "Musically we have taken it to the next level. Artistically, I truly believe we have composed the most complete heavy metal album HAMMERFALL has made so far. I like to compare our progress to that of the Star Wars movies: it contains everything you can expect and have gotten used to but improved according to the increasing capabilities and experiences of the people involved. " says Dronjak, "A couple of new twists and turns have been added to create the feeling of a completely new adventure."

Formed in 1993, HAMMERFALL are considered the rejuvinators of the heavy metal scene. Featuring Cans, Dronjak, bassist Magnus Rosen, guitarist Stefan Elmgren and drummer Anders Johannson (their current lineup), HAMMERFALL's 1997 debut, Glory To The Brave blew itself into a colossal success wooing listeners with it's classic metal appeal. The band performed the prestegious Wacken Open Air festival (among many others) and took on several high profile tours proving they are crippling both on stage and off. 1998's Legacy of Kings was met with even more enthusiasm with the record entering the German Music Charts at #38, the highest ever debut for a heavy metal band. The release also earned the band "Album Of The Month" in both Rock Hard and Heavy Oder Was ? (two of Germany's top metal magazines) as well as a nomination for "Best Hard Rock Band" at the Swedish Grammy Awards that year. 

• US atmospheric gothic/doom metal already recorded their debut live CD in concert at Never On Sunday's 6953 Plainfield Rd. Cincinnati, OH. 
• They will be playing on Friday November 3rd, 2000 at Never On Sundays (Cincinnati, OH)
Thorns of the Carrion, Estuary of Calamity, The Vladimrs, Rain Fell Within,
Elusive Travel, and TBA. Another date is on 
Saturday November 4th, 2000 at The Phantasy (Cleveland, OH)
Thorns of the Carrion, Somnus, Blood Coven, Disinter, Rain Fell Within,
Avernus, Novembers Doom, Estuary of Calamity, The Vladimirs for more info:
• Free MPEGS at
• Order THORNS OF THE CARRION, ESTUARY OF CALAMITY, and VLADIMIRS merchandise via credit card online at:

P.O.Box 3537
Cincinnati, OH 45201
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• "Martirios", new work of FALLACY has been promoted on Portuguese underground and mainstream music media since March. Fortunately the results have been good.
• Their future challenge is to promote "Martirios" Demo CD on foreign media press. Later this year they plan to show the promotion results, and FALLACY's sound, to several labels.
• FALLACY are already working on some new tracks. They in the same vein as "Anorah" is. The band's passion for technical and progressive metal remains the same. 
• FALLACY's third demo is available since last March. It costs $6 US Dls (posts included). 
c/o Sergio Bastos
Largo Filinto El?io 7, 1 Dto
2800-402 Almada
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Mexican technical and brutal death metal just have a Promo CD out. View their website for more info. Download free the complete promo CD ON MP3 FORMAT at or email Luis Osuna at .


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