August 2000

Malaysian please take note, 10/9/00 will be a gig held at Rockworld Discotheque, Penang organize by KEY PESSAKH & PSYCHIC SCREAM and brought
This is Penang long-awaited gig after the scene there being in silence from extreme steel insanity for months until now. Do not miss this one ! Also DEFILED, death metal band from Japan is now confirm to play in Malaysia but the date is not yet confirmed.

Japanese 'bushi-core' band finally released their second album, "Minagorashi-Utaemon". Recorded at the famous Morrisound Studio, engineered by Mark Prator (ex-ICED EARTH) and produced by Rich Hoak (ex-BRUTAL TRUTH). Featuring 12 songs including VENOM's 'Black Metal' !
Email :
Website :

The only one Japanese/English bilingual webzine for extreme music cane be viewed at . Their aim is to introduce Japanese extreme band to the world and promote foreign bands in Japan.

• Will release two compilations soon. First, brutal compilation called "Blast Compilation" but they are still looking Brutal Death Metal or Grindcore bands for this compilation
• A Tribute to SLAYER, featuring Indonesian brutaldeath/grind bands but they give chance to brutaldeath/grind bands from all over the world to join with this compilation.
• Willing to release your releases (demo/album/etc) in cassette version for distribution around Indonesia in 500-1000 copies.

C/O. Yadie
JL.Sukagalih Gg.H.Gozali No. 218
Bandung 40162
E-Mail : 
Website :

To All Mags/Zines, FOGFLAMES RECORDS in need of cooperation from label, bands, zines worldwide. Please send us your proof of your existence to get tey seriously promo-set, don't forget to enclose your ads rates or trade point of ads. They are specialize releases in tapes format (but with professional Package) so If you accept Tapes format, let's trade with your CD,Tapes or Mag/Zine. 
Coming in September :
• "Voices From The Thundering Fog" Cassette LP
A Gothic/Dark/Melodic/Fantasy Metal compilation tape, featuring: 
Ashes You Leave (Slovakia), Rakoth (Russia), Getsemani (Italy), Einherjer (Norway), Kekal (Indonesia), Unseen Darkness (Indonesia), Faith Of Disease (USA), Lathebra (Italy), Vaaakevandring (Norway), Malevolence (Portugal), Geboren (Indonesia), Bealiah (Indonesia), Helheim (Norway) & Restless (Indonesia). 90 minutes with good professional packages and great full-colored cover artwork. 
They are still looking Gothic/Dark Metal bands for this second compilation, if you're interested please send us your good song quality on CD, CD-R or Chrome tape (Type II), band info, song info,Clear logo, pictures. 
• ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUST "Into Total Destruction" Cassette LP
Nihilistic Destruction Metal..!!! Brutal uncompromising bombastic whirlwind storm black metal madness with intense hyperblast from start to finish, cruel vocals, dark apocalyptic rhythm guitars & blistering solo guitars! Featuring Doctor D from BEALIAH. 

c/o Shofian Hariady 
P.O. BOX 1608, 
40016 BANDUNG, 
FAX: ++62 22 4209757 
Mobile Phone: ++62 0818201607 

A zine devoted to brutal death/grind/gore extreme musick and always looking for brutal motherfuckers bands to appear in next issue. Written in 2 language Indonesian in print/photo copied format and english on the internet. 
Check them out at :
Bands,send of your promo copy will receive an honest review/possible interview to :
griya bandung asri 2
D1.30 bandung 40287
West java Indonesia
Email :

Issue #1 will out on September 2000. If you have something to promote, contact Faizal. Free service and the news will be spread massively in Asia.
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Issue # 2 August 2000 available now ! Featuring informative chats with VOMIT REMNANTS (Japan), SEA METAL FORCE (M'sia) & BRODEQUIN (USA), honest but semi-objective lp/ep/demo reviews, gig report & sick as fuck news. Packed with 22 pages of pro-computer lay out, 
well clear xeroxed copy & full of erotic pics. Written in understandable Indonesian fucking language. Get it now for: rp. 3.000 (+ 2 reply stamps in indonesia) US$ 1 (asia) & US$ 2 (elsewhere). All prices are postage paid. Coming soon : CARNIVOROUS # 3 September 2000 will be featured interviews with BEHEADED (MALTA), DYING BREED (USA), NOISM (JAPAN) & CENOTAPH (TURKEY), unusual lp/ep/demo reviews, gig report, articles & news. bands, labels, distros, etc send your material as soon as possible for sure appearance & definite exposure in this monthly newsletter. The editor also play in a brutal death band, VILE. Ask for their debut album. 
JL. SUKUN NO. 4 RT 003/06 

Issue #2 is now on the making and should be released in September or in the near future. Will contain interview with Eternal Oath, Impiety, Requiem, Abvul Abashy, Calvaria, Doxomedon, Depression, Fenrir, Ledo Takas magazine, Twin Obscenity, Immortal Rites, Bastardized and Nocturnal Winds and still waiting answer from Surrender of Divinity and Kibosh Sibyl Kismet. Also included a 'surprise' column, so wait for another great issue from this Singaporean zine. Email Syaiful for more info and availability of its debut issue released in early 2000.

Currently putting the finishing touches on their next platter of splatter with plans to enter the studio, also the band just finished up the recording a new track including some live track with cover songs of Gorgasm, Devourment & one of they first full-length "Cannibalistic Scenery" (taken from their locally gigs recently), they definitely want to proved that Rotten Corpse still exist after released debut masterpiece album "Maggot Sickness", a new track plans to be appears on centra sound gallery menu, keep an eye out for next info, it will confirmed soon!!!

Their split CD with Sweden band, BLODSRIT entitled "Storm Of Immolation" also distributed by Golden Lake Productions recently, confirmed by Fraser Mc Gartlands (guitarist of SERENADE & owner of Golden lake), according his bimonthly catalogue july/august 2000, also to informed of the opportunity to advertise on the Golden Lake Prod. bimonthly catalogue with approximately 1000 copies printed each time, there is a great chance! for more info just surf on or via snail mail at 19 Castlehill drive, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, G77 5JZ, Scotland.

A most talented black metal band in the vein of Dimmu Borgir, just finished up recording a track for their forthcoming demotape, currently in self-produce also now they're unsigned yet!!!, a wonderful mix between dark melodies and desperately keyboard touches of own styles made they most excellent black metal band!, they obviously looking forward to find a deal with any records label! if any records label interested to sign this band just write your offer to administrator of centra, for further info about their existence including biography also promostuff material proved!!!.

Prick Productions present at last split tape 99/2000 GROT/AGATHOCLES, England perverse grinders Grot bring 35 blasting grind, death,black, noise, numbers also underground legends Agathocles give 12 blasting mince/grind tracks!!! over 40 min's of noise mayhem, write your order to Grot c/o. Jon, Killingwold Cottage, Beverley Road, Bishop Burton, East Yorkshire, HU17 8QY, England. Their split tape 99/2000 plans will be distributed by Centra Prod. on lately september 2000!!!.

Sterilized Decay Recs. presents WARSORE/GORE BEYOND NECROPSY split 7" also RISE ABOVE/MACHETAZO split 7", available soon SHANK/UNHOLY GRAVE split 7" write your order to Sterilized Decay, PO Box 16, Barrow-in-Furness, LA14 3GH, England or via e-mail to Lee Edwards,, Warsore/GBN split 7" also distributed by Centra Prod currently with limited copies, for more info just surf on centra distribution menu new update!!!.

Lodan 27 Malang 
65142 East Java, Indonesia
Emaikl : 
Website :

"Culinar Nostalgy West" double CD contains 132 minutes of music and 216 Mb of multimedia software, packaged in 8 different artworks. Available for
Canada : CAD $ 20 ppd 
World : US $15 ppd 
Ask for their wholesale terms. Zines, distros, radios and bus drivers needing promo copies of the should send them two 80 minutes blank CDRs or tapes and a copy of your publication / catalog / radio show / bus schedule. 
Impaler Records
1271 Visitation 
Montreal, QC, H2L 3B6 
Fax : (514) 499 3056 
Tel : (514) 286 2871 

• OBLITERATE "The feelings" CD/T-shirt/MC 
Excellent combination of grinding brutality with HC and brutal death metal parts in early Napalm Death vein
• EMBOLISM "...and we all hate ourselves" CD/T-shirt/MC
Brutal grind core in mighty Haemorrhage "Emetic" style
• DEEDS OF FLESH "Path of weakening" CD/T-shirt/MC
Licensed from Unique Leader Entertainment, brutal death metal masters 
• DISGORGE "She lay gutted" CD/T-shirt/MC 
Licensed from Unique Leader Entertainment, fucking brutal death metal
• SUFFOCATE "Lust for heaven" CD/T-shirt/MC
Brutal death metal mixed with catchy grind core/HC riffs
• HAEMORRHAGE/EMBOLISM/SUFFOCATE/OBLITERATE "Rotten to the gore" 4-way split 7"EP (ere 020)
Cult pathological grinders (live 15.07. on SILESIA open air festival in Czech Republic on split with new Erebos signings! Limited to 1000 copies 

Out Soon
• LIVIDITY "Age of clitorial decay" licensed CD
For all continents excluding North, Central and South America 

Write for wholesale prices and possible trades. If you have a zine, webzine, magazine, newsletter, radioshow etc... send a proof of existence for promopack !

01001 ZILINA
SLOVAKIA fax:+421 89 7243589 

Just recorded a new promo CD entitled "Contorted". Contains 7 songs including 'Sixth Extinction', 'Interlude XVI' and 'Contorted'. Previously they release "Dies Irae" demo in 1998. The band is looking for label to release albums, etc. Contact the band for promo or trade.

After 3 months of the departure of the ex-drummer of the band Eduardo Z. cause of personal problems, the band has find a definitive drummer called Luis Moya, who have an extense musical experience. The band is rehearsing hardly to compose the last songs for the next album and beginning the pre-production of the full length. The songs are more dynamic and with a complex melodic work, outstanding keyboards and vocal lines. 

Current line up:
Igor Leiva: guitars
Claudio Carrasco: vocals
Claudio Botarro: bass
Michel Leroy: keyboard and backing vocals
Luis Moya: drums

c/o Claudio Carrasco
P.O. Box # 24
Santiago - 43
E-mail 1 (Personal) 
E-mail 2 (Band)
E-mail 3 (Distro):
ICQ #: 69443845

¤ OVERSUN "Tragedy Of Time"
Second, basis-crushing, aggressive strike Full-length CD
Russia - 5 USD
Europe - 7 USD
Rest of the world - 8 USD
Bitter sarcasm and unmasked mockery through every line and every note! This is not death metal, but heavy as it is! This is not core, but powerful as it is! From the creators of Ens Cogitans for those, who dare to take this computerized assault of calm, feeble sheep life!
¤ "Re-Vision" CD
Can you imagine the meeting of Duran Duran's elegance and Ens Cogitans' unique approach to metal music? YES?!. -It's yours! NO?!. Well, time to discover new horizons! There is nothing to compare, just make your own decision. Full-length CD in co-operation with SAM (Italy)
Russia - 10 USD
Rest of the world - 14 USD
¤ OVERSUN "Pinnacle's Obsession"
Brilliant mini-album. Striking mixture of melodic metal and modern computer's technology in first stream of revelation.
CD-r - 5 USD (C.I.S. - 3 USD)
Tape - 2 USD (C.I.S. - 1 USD)

Contact: c/o Oleg Alimov
Tolmachev St. 11-82,
141282, Ivanteevka,
Moscow region, RUSSIA
c/o Harold Dekkers
Kruisstraat 2, box 201, Leuven, 3000, Belgium.
Phone: 32 16 207 525

In late June Baalzephon was asked to leave the band, the reason for his departure will not be told, so no interview questions about this matter. The band is currently trying out a new guitar-player though no name will yet be official. 
The new MISTELTEIN album is starting to take form. Once again MISTELTEIN will enter studio Underground to record. The primary date for this event is during February 2001. The new material is a step above the material on the debut album "Rape in Rapture". If the fans are afraid that the next masterpiece will be too melodic they are in for a positive surprise. The new material is a lot faster and far more brutal and complex, even though the greatness of "Rape in Rapture" still is present. The new songs are a lot heavier and the Trash/Death-metal parts are more present without lacking the Black-metal music, which is still the major element (they have not become a Death-metal band). Possibly will the last demo song "Entrance of the empire" be featured and a Morbid Angel cover track. It will be a must for all fans of brutal metal. A possible title for the album has been found but will not yet be official. The artwork will again be made by Odious Engender, not quite in the same vein as on "Rape in Rapture" but still supreme, just wait and see. 

ABLAZE MY SORROW are back in the rehearsal-place writing new material for their upcoming album. The new tracks are in the typical AMS-style, which meens aggressive and violent but still catchy and melodic death metal. Fredrik Arnesson(vox) and Anders Lundin(guit) have been replaced by the original-members Martin Qvist(vox) and Magnus Carlsson(guit). Ablaze My Sorrow now stands stronger and than ever. In a couple of weeks some new songs will be recorded in a new studio to check it out, a video for the track "Suicide" will also be recorded and maybe sooner released in some way. There have also been some talk about some new shirts, keep your eyes open. Some work has also been done on a new official website for the band, more news about that later.

Since the release of their first album, THE STORYTELLER has been busier than ever. After quite a few hours of rehearsing, their new guitarist Erik "Bonecrüsher" Gornostajev is now 100% into the game, and the band is stronger than ever! Those who have seen the band live will definitely agree... Right now, THE STORYTELLER is in the progress of writing songs for their next album, and the band will probably enter the studio again in November. The new album will be even stronger than the last one, and of course it will contain all the trademarks that THE STORYTELLER is known for... melodic power metal with lots of medieval and folk influences. No one will be disappointed. The latest news about the band, as well as photos & other stuff, can be found on THE STORYTELLER's website, located at 

¤ After some very successful summer festival appearences, DARK FUNERAL are back in the rehearsal room working to complete the material for a new full-length album. They are scheduled to enter the Abyss Studio mid January 2001 to record their yet untitled third (and long awaited) Satanic Symphony. 
¤ Due to some un-explained reasons, Metal Blade will NOT be licensing the bands latest EP "Teach Children To Worship Satan" in the US! So if you live in North America, IMPORT is the only solution for you to get ahold on this amazing MCD. A while ago Matte Modin joined the band as a session drummer. Now after a few months and a few shows together they have agreed to continue to work together also in the future. So from now on Matte Modin (Defleshed) is regarded as a permanent drummer of the band. 
¤ Lord Ahriman has recently joined a unholy brood of hatred called WOLFEN SOCIETY. A new studio project created by Vincent Crowley (Ex-Acheron). Lord Ahriman will be taking over the position of Rhythm Guitar. The band will be heading to the studio on September 15th to start work on their new EP entitled "Conquer Divine". The songs that are planned to be on the release include "Conquer Divine", "Blood Oath (Pactum Tacitum)", "Life is War" and a cover of CARNIVORE's misanthrope hate anthem "Race War". 
Vincent Crowley - Bass And Back Up Vocals (Ex-Acheron) 
Jeff Gruslin - Vocals (Ex-Vital Remains) 
Kyle Severn - Drums (Incantation) 
Thomas Thorn - Keyboards And Samples (Electric Hellfire Club) 
Ricktor Ravensbruck - Lead Guitar (Electric Hellfire Club) 
Lord Ahriman - Rhythm Guitar (Dark Funeral) 
¤ Emperor Magus Caligula and DOMINION will soon release the debut album "A New Era Rises", fromt their side project simply called "Dominion Caligula" on No Fashion Records. This debut recording, which exclusively contains, ultra-heavy, moody and in some ways melancholic songs, with lyrics dealing with such unexpected topics as the rise and fall of the ancient Roman Empire, seen through the eyes of a twisted and narcissistic mind, giving the lyrics almost a pornographic approach. The album was written, arranged and produced during 1999 and finally you will be able to hear the results which are uncompromising, unique sounding metal which is meant to leave scars both physically and mentally.

Announcing the reformation of 1985's original HIRAX line up featuring: Katon W DePena -vocals, Gary Monardo-bass, John Tabares-drums, and last but not least, Scott Owen-guitars. After years of silence the band members have been reunited and after a hell of a lot of phone calls, they've decided to play music again. The latest studio album will be released by BLACK DEVIL RECORDS. Anyone interested in the first 2 Hirax albums, "Raging Violence" and "Hate, Fear, and Power", 22 songs altogether, you can get them on one CDr by sending $20 BLACK DEVIL RECORDS. 

Shipping and Handling:
Canada/Mexico add $2.00 
Europe/South America add $3.00 
Japan/Australia add $4.00

c/o Black Devil Records 
PO Box 1474 
Cypress, CA 90630,
Email : 
Website :

French Celtic War Metal band first album 2000, "Les Chroniques de Naerg" available for USD 12 or DM 27. The sound of real Folk instruments such as flute, whistle, bodhran, warpipes... combined with pure Metal aggression, results in an original music, from battle hymns to bard laments, from legendary epics to drinking anthems !

56 Rue Emile Zola
51100 REIMS
Email : 
Website : (song available to download on the site)

The new metal division from MUSEA (France) have released :
• BROKEN EDGE "No famenonamenoshame" 
6 tracks bombastic albums, Neo power thrash metal, the french Machine Head / Pantera like. With a killer production (LB studio / Steph Buriez - ex Loudblast - Clearcut). this CD also contains an interactive part. 
• JAWAD "Esclaves du Ciel"
French Heavy Doomer, oftenly compared to the mighty My Dying Bride, Jawad developsits own nature & sound. Blending of heavy, doom, acoustic guitars, clean guitars ehavy ones, clean voices with growling ones, 60 minutes of original Doom Death played at a high level. 
Magical concept album by a french gothic Dark band. One track is already on Metallian Sampler.

Coming up next
• BLACKNESS "Crush...Unleash the beast"
An amazing Thrash Death album, recorded in the LB studio again, this album contains 9 massive Death thrash attacks. Crushing guitars, double bass drums, growling vocals, with an highly precision & an incredible sound.
• RAIN "Natural Order"
THUDERING will distribute them ! Rain is an amazing bands from Switzerland. Lots of comparisons with Samael, this band gets a killer production. Tons of ideas & arrangements make this band as an unique one into the metal scene. More, the cover is from JPFournier (Impaled Nazarene, Bewitched, Immortal, ...)

32 Rue de pologne
59 800 Lille - FRANCE
Email :
Website :

On August 21 Insania will enter the Finnvox studio in Helsinki, Finland. To record the follow up album to their highly acclaimed debut "World Of Ice". Their second full-length album will most likely carry the title "Sunrise In Riverland". The band will work together with producer Mikko Karmila (who is known for his great work with Stratovarius and Edguy to mention a few). Unfortunately Insania have no live dates confirmed right now, but they promise to be back on stage as soon as their new album is recorded. 
Website :

Announce the opening of their services. Now we can
offer a great selection of T-shirts 100% cotton (made in Mexico), whit the best designs of your favourites black/doom metal bands...take a look or email for details.

The most-recent recording from the dark-experimental project VEINKE, "Collection III: The Black Summer" is now available from the new American label TRIUMVIRATE. Seven ritualistic tracks of cold, blackened deathscapes descending into the maelstrom of inescapable electronic nightmares. A glorification of Chaos.Copies can be obtained through Triumvirate for $13.00 ppd. Acceptable payment methods are: credit card (mastercard, visa, american express), money order, and concealed cash. Wholesale inqueries welcome.

P.O. Box 6254
South Bend, 
IN 46660 USA
Phone: (219)254-0180
Fax: (219)254-0901 
Email :

Is proud to announce their releases :
¤ ANTAEUS (Fra) "Nihil KhaoZ" Live 99 (AWE 18) 
Ultimate Veins' cutting Black Metal Holocaust. Limited to 150 copies.
¤ APEIRON (Austria) "Stardust" demo (AWE 04) 
The new masterpiece of original meditative atmospheric music of Dreamlord from Golden Dawn. Enter new gates and reach cosmic sensations through meditative ambient art. 
¤ APOLION'S GENOCIDE (Col) "Awake...." (AWE 06) 
Official live tape 99. southern heavy/dark metal.
¤ AZAGHAL (Fin) "Kristinusko Liekeissä demo (AWE 21)
30 minutes of aural tribute to the ruin, failure, and demise of the propagators of degeneration and deific adherence. ltd to 200. Debut LP out now on Melancholy Promotion. Watch out for the second full lenght on CD format on Evil Horde Records.
¤ AZAXUL (Ger) "The Arrival Of The Demonlord" demo (AWE 02) 
Fast and primitive black metal in the vein of old Beherit. Pure Hell! Pure Hate! Pure Goatlust!With a Moonblood's member. 
¤ BAPHOMET (Fin)/THORONATH (Fin) "Unholy Signs Of The Horns" split demo (AWE 20) Evoking the most wrathful and tyrannical feelings through Black Metal malevolence. ltd to 200.
¤ BATTLE (Fin) "War Messiah demo"
Panzer crushing black metal. Not a politically band. With Shatraug of Horna. Now the wargods have been pleased...The death curse has been made complete!
¤ BLACK WITCHERY (US/Fl) "Evil Shall Prevail" demo (AWE 19) 
A masterpiece of total Harsh and Primitive Black Metal the European way. Reminding the first half of the 90's. New artwork on Pro cover. Watch out for their debut CD on Full Moon Productions.
¤ BLOOD STORM (US/Pa) "In Howls Of Pain And Fury" Live Tape (AWE 10) 
Long ago, in a world of titans, serpents, and wild beasts. It was an age when Atlantis was the majestic land of profund science and sorcery. Within this vast empire of godly kings, warriors, and wizards. In the 3rd equinox of Aquarius, on the 3rd dawn, a storm of beastly screams , firey winds, and forked piercing strikes of thunder reach the calling temple throughout the lands of this saxon-atlantian empire. The clans gather and hail in triumph to the dragonking.The serpents voice speaks as he raises the great axe of Barzabel. He then proclaims the 2nd reign of king Mezzadurus upon Earth. His army is the calling of Blood Storm incarnated in a sonic torment celebration. Watch out for their forthcoming new CD called Pestilence Of The Dragon Star on Soul Sold Records. 
¤ CERNNUNOS (Gre) "Trollfjord" demo (AWE 29) 
Brand new release from this side project of Bacchia Neraida/Elfen member. Blood freezing Atmospheric Pagan Art with invokations to Northern Mythology and Nature inspired. A spit in the face of all the banality of the genre. Pro cover with lyrics.
¤ DRUADAN FOREST (Fin) "Minas Tirith" demo # 3 (AWE 22) 
The third spell of very original symphonic/medieval metal art. Reminding Golden Dawn here and there.
¤ DUNKEL (Dk) "Evighed" demo (AWE 11) 
Arising from the northern forests of the kingdom of the Danes...Narthorn's side project shall enchant and darken your soul forever with half and hour of both Heathenish metal and ambient sagas inspired by his old and precious historical culture.
¤ ETERNAL MAJESTY (Fra) "Evil Consecration" official live tape (AWE 27) Culmination of Black Metal Celebration ! 
¤ FUNERAL PROCESSION (Ger) "Doom" demo (AWE 17) 
The somber ruler loathed the new dawning of man for He knew it would only be of savage greed, war of blasphemy, murder, bloodshed, chaos, and...perpetual doom.
¤ HEGEMON (fra) "Rape The Banner Of Life" demo (AWE 01) 
The very last copies ever of the original release!!
¤ HEGEMON (fra) "Still Raping After All These Years" demo (AWE 33) 
Beware : this is not the new Demo but the RE-release of Rape The Banner Of Life with a killer new artwork and 3 bonus tracks. The band features YOUR SHAPELESS BEAUTY's vocalist, KALISIA's bass player and former MÜTIILATION drummer. 7 bestial hymns of unholy blackkk aggression. Incredible dark and brutal musical holocaust. 
¤ HUGINN (Ita) "The Millenium's End" demo (AWE 23) 
Thus beginning an age of fury, revenge, and barbaric wars ... For yet another 666 years of magic and enchanting epic Heathen Metal. Pro cover.
¤ IPHICRATE (Fra) "The Dawn Of Victory" demo # 3 99 (AWE 28) 
50 minutes long Saga, paying tribute with christian blood running on their swords to the proud, courageous, and Noble warriors of the North. Celebrating Gods of War in a merciless Raw Pagan Metal.
¤ MIRKHALL (Fin) "Ring To Rule" demo 
Another mystiCall pagan metal side project of Shatraug from legendary Legion Horna. Vein of Isengard.
¤ MYSTIC FOREST (Fra) "Your Memories ..." demo (AWE 34) 
Pagan Metal, paying Honour to early Burzum years. Ca. 30 minutes long. Pro cover. LTD to 150 copies.
¤ NAZGUL (Sp) "From The Throne Of Winter" demo (AWE 09) 
Harsh sounding norsk black metal with thundering pounding skins.
¤ OATH OF CIRION (Fin) "King Of The Dragonthrone" demo (AWE 25) 
Majestic fantasy epic and medieval war metal Telling the legend of the imperial battle for the Dragonthrone and the Sword of Creation. Shall the allied forces of magicians, dwarves, and humans, led by Tagnik'Zur, be able to withstand the Dark One's arrival?
¤ ORK (Bul) "Through The Fight I Ride/Slava Nam (AWE 12)
Both first two demos of this great Orkish blood freezing Black Metal band re released through Chanteloup Creations with a new artwork.
¤ SKOLL (Ita) : Through The Mist We Come Back demo (AWE 24) 
In the name of Noble and honoured immortal ancestors unblessed swordsmans come forth Ancients hills to bring back Mighty Epic Pagan Metal to a scene shamed by soft so-called goth Black Metal. Pro cover.
¤ SKULLKRUSHER (Fin) "Bestial EVIL" official live tape (AWE 16) 
Utmost aggressive war metal. With Nazgul, Gorthaur, Shatraug, members of Legion Horna.
¤ SOLANUM (Ger) "Spheres Of Time" demo (AWE 15) 
Strenght of Nature leads Teutonic's Solanum to the vast wastelands and enhance the listeners to a solitary domain of obscure grieving beauty. Atmospheric music filled with flute and guitars. With a member of Depressive Silence.
¤ The Final Holocaust (Nor) : Horrific Tales From The Dark Side demo (AWE 08) 
Black fucking thrash metal in the vein of Kreator's Pleasure To Kill/Flag Of Hate. With members of Muspellsheim and Gravferd. 
¤ TYRANNIUM (Fin) "Eternal Reflection" demo 
The Black curse has been made complete!
¤ VALAR (Fin) "Where Dragons Forever War" promo tape (AWE 07) 
3 new scrolls from this brilliant Tolkien based one-man-band. A sullen taste of the third full lenght album that was supposed to be released at the very end of the Millenium. But VALAR is no more so consider this as their testimony. 20 FF, US$ 4 or the same in the other accepted currencies.
¤ VANITAS (Austria) "World's End" demo (AWE 05) 
Another side project of Dreamlord from GOLDEN DAWN/APEIRON. Symphonical decadence of .Dark brightness electronics combined with Metal touches. The Theme is contentness and moving forward, yet still remembring the darkness, the chaos. VANITAS comes forth, capturing an essence that is as primal as it is profund. Breaking through the pain and suffering of life, with glorious results. A dimension beyond the limits of classification.
¤ WELTER (Hol) "Als Het Licht Vervalt" demo (AWE 14) 
30 minutes of epic pagan war black metal with touches of black industrial. Watch out for the debut album out now.
¤ WIND (Fin) "Woodland Spirits" demo # 3 (AWE 26) 
Once again, the heavens shook in a blazing hail of terror! 

C/o Olivier DENIS 
Ave. Des Cévennes 
30360 Vézénobres 
e-mail: or 

send your materials (video, audio, info) to the best radio show in romania: "underground show".it is broadcast at radio sky, and it is the only one show in Romania that exclusively promotes rock music.
C/o # 1 Radio Show
Razvan Radu
Hortensiei 8, Bl. F-79, Op. 10
8700 Constanta, Romania, Europe
Tel / Fax: 41-655588
Web Site :

Looking for bands for promotion distribution, cd/tape compilation in France. Get in touch either for business or trade and tape trading/exchange (black metal or death metal) are also welcome.
57980 - DIEBLING

Will be featured on "The Return Of Darkness And Hate" compilation CD by Drakkar Productions with the track "Undead Soul" (exclusive recording for Drakkar Productions). This black metal band new release, "Black Unholy Presence" demo 2000 released by CHANTELOUP CREATIONS in June. The demo is recorded in Coprophagus studios, consisting 6 tracks including an intro. The band will record a split LP with French Blacksters ETERNAL MAJESTY in September. This piece of Darkness will come out on END ALL LIFE PROD. 
More info email Amduscias at

New and upcoming releases :
¤ TRIUMPHATOR "Wings Of Antichrist" LP (Sweden)
Fast and brutal Black Metal, with MARDUK members. Licenced from Necropolis Records.
¤ DERANGED "III" LP + 7"ep (Sweden)
Deranged are back with "III". Fast, brutal raw, mealty and goorre !! LP includes one bonus song, taken from Japan CD-version. 7"ep features completely differet recordings from some older songs.And that all in Blood red vinyl. Licensed from Listenable Records.

August 2000
¤ IMPALED "The Dead Shall Dead Remain" Picture LP (U.S.A.)
Shit splattered Bay Area Grind Death, featuring ex-members of Exhumed. Licenced from Necropolis Records.

September 2000.
¤ CIANIDE "Divide And Conquer" CD / LP / T-Shirt (U.S.A.)
CIANIDE, Chicago´s cult Death Metal legends return with their fourth album "Divide And Conquer" Ten tracks of their heaviest and most brutal work to date.
¤ MORTEM "Decomposed By Possession" CD / LP (Peru)
Nine tracks of pure Death Metal. Evil, brutal and in the true Metal tradition. Refreshing music with feeling. Third album of MORTEM...
¤ CRYPTIC WINDS Mini CD / Mini LP (U.S.A.) 
Terrorist Black Metal.
¤ AVENGER "Shadows Of The Damned" CD / LP Ltd Ed 500 (Czech Republic)
Re-release. Dark, aggressive and hate filled Black Death Metal.

October 2000.
¤ SADISTIC INTENT "Second Coming Of Darkness" LP (U.S.A.)
This is DEATH METAL the way it was meant to be! Blasphemous, Dark and totally SADISTIC! Featuring their heaviest and most haunting work to date, Probably the best production ever on a Death Metal album, but for sure the most important album since "Seven Churches" and / or "Altars Of Madness" ! Licenced from Necropolis Records.
¤ M.R.SRLP020 USURPER "Visions From The Gods" LP (U.S.A.)
Unreleased live and new tracks and the "Visions..." Demo. USURPER longed to create music that capture the feel of true crushing heavy metal in the tradition of the Black / Death / Thrash Metal Gods of the 80´s. Licenced from Necropolis Records.

November 2000
¤ SALTUS "Slavonic Pride" CD / LP (Poland) 
Paganistic Black Metal.
¤ AGMEN "debut" CD / LP (Czech Republic) 
Ripping Black Metal.

These are from Agathodemon himself :
"Hail!! This is a note to inform you that EHR is not going to release Goat penis
"Trotz Verbot - Nitch Tot" CD anymore. We'd like to explain some points and make people know the real reasons for that before you start hearing rumours about that. Evil Horde Records is a serious and honest label and after we have decided not to work with them anymore, a person that doesn't even plays in the band started some rumours about that and telling lies about Evil Horde Rec. The real reason that made us stop working with them is the total unprofessional position of the band. Here are some details, please publish them if you have a zine, mag or newsletter. That's the second time this band fuck us. Thanks for your time and support.
Infernal greetings, Evil Horde Records.
Concerning Goat Penis CD, definitely Evil Horde Rec won't work with them anymore because this is the second time we announce their release and they fuck us. The first time we would release their debut CD, but during the recordings the band had some discussion and decided to break the band. I had to pay the studio since it was reserved for two weeks and a half (US$2000) even if they used just part of this time. Plus we lost money making and spreading flyers (one together with Murder Rape EH001 (10000 copies) and another just for their CD - 6000 copies). AT late 99 they suggested that we did release their first two demo tapes as a CD. We accepted the idea but we had no idea that the quality of them was so bad. The songs have been recorded in a rehearsal room with a common record player. The quality is really bad because you can even hear some people talking in the room and we cannot erase it because it wasn't recorded in separated channels. Seeing that terribly bad quality, I suggested that they did enter studio to re record these songs (we would pay for that), the answer I got was NO because besides having lost the lyrics, the band definitely stopped playing. So, we decided not to release anything because it was the second time they stopped the band and we do a serious work with the label and they do that shit when we announce the release they stop with the band. This is our final decision not to work with them anymore. I really wish they were doing a serious work and they came back to the scene, I have made much for that as a friend, but professionally Evil Horde Rec is not interested in releasing such bad quality release and most of all because the band do not have the intention to make a continuous work.

Evil Horde Records
P.O.Box 2121,
Sao-Paulo, S.P 01060-970,
Fax: ++ 55 41 367 4747 

The new NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Nechrist" is due out on July 4th! More extreme in all aspects than any of their previous releases this is an Ultimate Slavonic Dark Nightmare! "Nechrist" shakes the foundations of the underground as it catapults an abundance of ferocious yet highly elaborate multi-layered Black Metal. Adding violins, female vocals and the skills of a complete folk Slavonic orchestra the experience becomes as inspirational as it is frightening!
For more information check the NOKTURNAL MORTUM section which has been fully
revised at:
556 S. Fair Oaks Ave #101-111
Pasadena, CA 91105 USA
Fax: 626-403-2848 

A web zine which write about all styles of heavy music and wax philosophically sometimes about politcal/musical topix of interest. Always looking for new demos/cds/cassettes for review. If you've released something in the past 6-9 months. Please forward it to:
Nao Me Diga Zine
Vironyka X Productions
PO Box 146903
Chicago IL 60614 USA 

• "The purity of perversion" LP/CD rerelease out now . the first oral
assault has been re-regurgitated by Belgian SOULREAPER RECORDS. Freaks interested in this slab of vile & decrepit death fucking metal can get in touch with SOULREAPER at:
• The response to the Split MCD ABORTED/CHRIST DENIED have been crushing so far!!! The band is scheduled on several festivals & concerts this summer to spread it's mayhemic whirlwind of gore
• Anyone interested in booking the GOREMAGEDDON can just send inquiries
to this email account:
• Official ABORTED site online now!!! Check it out & drop a line at :
• The new album gets the title 'Engineering the dead', on which label it shall be released is still a blur at this point, though they can assure you that it will be the most brutal, fast & sick work of aborted to date.. Some tunes that should make it on this one: "eructations of carnal artistry", "nailed through her cunt", "to roast & grind", "the holocaust incarnate". They are still in the negotiation fase with several companies, though the situation should be confirmed pretty soon.
• Some rumours have been going around that our drummer has quit/got kicked out and they will continue with a drum machine. This is complete bullshit, do not pay any interest to such gossip. The line up still remains: 
Niek: guitars, Thijs: guitars, Sven: vocals, Koen: bass, Frank: drums
ABORTED Address: 
Beveren-Dries 82, Bev-leie,

The new issue of NIGHTWALK MAGAZINE has just been released to deliver all the hate and fear that you need! It came out with a full color cover, professionally printed on glossy paper with great background pictures on every page. You can find there exclusive interviews personally taken by the editor in Norway with: SATYRICON, GEHENNA, FORLORN, AETERNUS, O.ENSLAVEMENT, ORTH GRIEVANCE. Further interviews to chain your soul with: DARK FUNERAL, SETH, VARATHRON, NOCTES, WILLOW WISP, MALEVOLENCE, BALTAK, CENTINEX.
A free Compilation CD is also included, 16 bands (black/death) in 74 min. The new issue is available for 6 USD (add 1 USD for air mail).
Bands and labels feel free to contact me with promo materials for the next issue coming out in the autumn! Also ask about ad rates and booking rate for the compilation CD! Distributors are very much needed for the new issue ask for wholesale prices! This is absolutely no rip-off! Nightwalk is already Distributed in Holland, Finland, USA, Norway, Malaysia, Australia, Italy, Hungary!
c/o Attila Mate, 
H-4032 Debrecen, Tessedik S.140., 
Email : 

BLACK TEARS OF DEATH vol. VI (comp.CD - BTOD 0011)
74 mins, 14 bands: HANDFUL OF HATE/SATANEL/EVIL SOLSTICE/ DEATH DIES/ ASTRAY/ DOXOMEDON/ MALDOROR/ BURIAL PLACE/ SEED OF HATE/ THRONED/ IMPIETY/ ROSSOMAHAAR/ ENETH/ BERGFOLK CD comes on cd-r format, with good sound, and good layout. MAGS/ZINES get in touch for promo stuff, and for ads. Distro watch for trades 
(1 cd=3 trade points). Send your trades lists! It's also possible to get 1 master cd + covers + inlays + cd stickers. 
1 MASTER-CD = 1 point 
WHOLESALE PRICES (minimum order 5 copies, 1 master-cd+5 covers, etc..)
5 copies=LIRE 6000/$ 4/DM 6 each
10 copies=LIRE 5000/$ 3/DM 5 each
5 covers,inlays,cd stickers+1 master-cd=LIRE 15000/$ 8/DM 15
10 covers,inlays,cd stickers+1 master-cd=LIRE 25000/$ 13/DM 25
Website :

Newsletter is small, d.i.y. related newsletter that covers a bit of crust & metal. Issue 9 is planned for early August release, and there is still some space for classifieds. The classified section is free. There is two rules; 100 words max and better to have your classified to the point. Issue 10 is planned for early November 2000. If you have say, a band and a distro, you can have two classifieds, as long as the classifieds make some sense. Send all your classifieds to: . SALLITTU RAPPIO is another newsletter written in Finnish made by him. More info should email the editor at the address above.

001: VINTERRIKET- Gjennom Tĺkete Skogen DEMO'2000 10DM/5$
Finally out now in a limited edition of only 100 hand- numbered copies!
Dark, majestic and atmospheric synth- soundscapes! Get it before it's too late!
NDP 002: CROWHEAD - Love Letter DEMO CD'2000 10DM/5$
CROWHEAD= ex- SHADOW DANCERS (NOR)!!! Feat. members of RAGNAROK!!! Dark and depressive Gothic Metal! A masterpiece...
Also available:
VINTERRIKET- Logo T-Shirt XL (Black Shirt with white front-, sleeve(!)- and back- print. Limited to only 20 copies! Ask for it!
DISTRIBUTORS, RECORD COMPANIES, MAGAZINES, RADIO STATIONS, etc. Get in touch and ask for free promo-stuff !
c/o Christoph Ziegler
Pfarrer- Striebel- Weg 11
88471 Laupheim/Untersulmetingen
Tel.: (0049)(0)170/1546695
E-mail: (home) (away) (work)
Website :

¤ DISINTER(USA) "Welcome to..." CD. 
Brutal and technical death metal / pure us death style!!.
¤ KEMET (FRANCE) "Dying with Elegance" CD. 
¤ UMBAKRAIL(FRANCE) "In Unity Paienne"CD. 
Intense and Innovative Black Metal, Leaded by S'aamed's Solo project!.
All cds out in September/October 2000. Contact us to get a full promo
package. Mags/zines/radios...get in touch. 
Distros: we can offer great wholesales, get in touch right now, also licensing deals are possible, exclusivety in your country.
10 Rue Des Capucines 
22300 Lannion France 
TEL/FAX : ++
MOBILE : ++ 

The label wanted to clear BLESSED IN SIN "Melancholia" CD. Details :
Ref.: AMI004
Format : CD Booklet photos (colors) + lyrics (12 pages)
Tracks : 7
Time : 38 mn
Review : (Lastly, the album of this French worship band, Black with the depressive and occult texts... very unhealthy ! - Holy Records)
Prices (foreigner) :
10 CDs for 450 FF is 45 FF the unit.
30 CDs for 1200 FF is 40 FF the unit.
50 CDs for 1750 FF is 35 FF the unit.
100 CDs for 3000 FF is 30 FF the unit.
CDs are delivered without plastic cases. Send postal in priority. 
Contact us !
A.M.I. Productions
MBE 113 - 80 rue Legendre
75017 Paris - France 
Email :

• Proud to tell you all that they have a new band; INGROWING, really brutal/extreme death/grind band!!! I think you must know their great releases and we're really happy that they want to cooperate with us in future. Now they will play lots of shows at summer festivals and to end of this year they will record new stuff that we'll release in December of 2000!!!
• Sado black/grind squad ISACAARUM prepares new trax for next CD that they
will release in winter 2001, now we'll print their new shirts with nice manga design and also baseball caps!!
NEW ADRESS!!! We Use Old Adress Too!!!
OBSCENE productions
P.O.Box 28
CZECH republic 
Interviews, gigs etc, email
For promo copy contact
Website :

"Cast Into Darkness" is finally available. Adam Cruz on Guitars and vocals, Corey Lasley on drums, vocals, and noise. Close to 40 minutes of extreme brutal terror, for those that have heard the MP3's on and liked what you have heard... you have not heard nothing yet! Total in your face dark grind terror metal, has been hailed by the few who have heard clips to possibly become one of the most uniquely insane and intense metal CDs to be released in a long time. Featuring a unique blend of 6 different vocal styles (including female vocals!!), thunderous drums, brain churning guitar riffing, nightmarish sounds, and heart stopping speed and brutality. Order from LACERATION PRODUCTIONS, Currently LACERATION PRODUCTIONS is the only place this CD is available,
and they are not sure when and/or if other distros will carry this CD. 
Within the US send $12 (Well concealed cash, or Money Order Payable to COREY LASLEY) 
Outside the US send $13 (Well concealed US cash, or Money Order Payable to COREY LASLEY)
P.O. BOX 87485
Canton, MI 48187-0485
United States of America for details and for other titles

gasoline throat fueled japanese fastcore vs. grinding hardcore powerviolence from california. $3usa/$5world
¤ NO REST FOR THE DEAD "the end of space"
Debut full length cd by an amazing Japanese stoner grind/death rock band! On DEAF AMERICAN RECORDINGS first cd release, NO REST FOR THE DEAD hail from tokyo and combine old school cannibal corpse and brutal truth with PINK FLOYD and JIMI
HENDRIX, twisting grind/death heaviness with psychedelic stoner melodies into an original and remarkable sound. Apocalyptic sci-fi lyrics are screamed and sung and begin at the edge of space where the earth is just one atom of the universe and we human beings are such very small things. Produced by R.Hoak and NO REST FOR THE DEAD, the 6 tracks on "the end of space" make up over 40 minutes of full-on tuneage including "any green here", a stonergrind sci-fi opera in 5 parts. $10usa/$12world
Belgian mincecore freaks meet NYC hardcore grind, harsh vicious vocals and production from both. $3usa/$5world
Out in October 2000
¤ new CRIPPLE BASTARDS "Misantropo a senso unico" CD
The most unrelenting, full-on violence of cripple bastard's ultrafast
italian hatecore and grind nihilism yet. 16 pages of lyrics and comment, 16 songs, 33 minutes. UltraFAST italian Hardcore meets old school blasting Grind/Thrash. 15 new songs + bonus: 94 song Demo '93 re-recorded as a unique track in a total grind tornado. Last recording with Alberto the Crippler, infamous CB guitarist since 1988. Features members of other well-known Italian Hardcore acts like ENTROPIA and ACREDINE (ex INDIGESTI). "misantropo a senso unico" means "one-way misanthrope". 
¤ DEAF AMERICAN RECORDINGS t shirts(ultra-brutal action in sizes L and XL): features the charming and beautiful Alexandra and her pump shotgun posing beneath the DEAF AM logo, ultra-brutal action for the extreme music underground, black and white printed on a gray shirt. $10usa/$15world
¤ extra stickers, flyers, no rest for the dead patches and the newest
deafam mini-zine/catalog are free with any deafam mailorders (otherwise send

Please remember that DEAF AMERICAN is a record label run by a drummer: every
order is carefully hand packaged and delivered to the post office by yours truly. And while they may take a little longer to reply than those global corporate mailorder schemes, rest assured they am on it!!! DEAF AMERICAN has been a reliable diy underground record label since 1993!
The band still broken up!!! there are still no reunion plans! Any BRUTAL TRUTH release that is still in print can be found through relapse records: "Sounds of The Digital Kingdom" is the official BRUTAL TRUTH fanclub newsletter. It is put together by the axe, a BRUTAL TRUTH fan from way back. He also organizes the bt website and has
released a bt tribute cd called "Choice Of A New Generation" with some killer crazy grind bands on it. for more info on any of this, contact the axe at his new email address: 
BRUTAL TRUTH website: 
official @ 
mirror @ 

c/o r. hoak
#3 bethel church road
dillsburg, pa 17019 usa 
Email :
Website :


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