July 2000

¤ Asian greatest black/thrash metal will release their 7th album in this year 2000 !!! The album entitled " "Satanasword" will be availabled through IRON PEGASUS RECORDS (ger) and EVIL RECORDS (jap).
¤ The band will also make an European Tour, simply named as "Scandinavian Harmageddon tour" with URN (Finland), UNPURE (Sweden) and DENIAL OF GOD (Denmark) in September 2000 ! 
¤ English version of the album "Karisma", "Charisma" is now available on pic-LP on IRON PEGASUS RECORDS.
¤ Special 7"EP release "Sabbatical Demonslaught" will be re-released with limited 100 copies only of Red vinyl on VIEW BEYOND RECORDS (cze) soon.
¤ SABBAT will participate in French Drakkar compilation CD, with live track of "Evoke the evil".
¤ The recordings of 'Satanasword' are now finished. The album will contain the following tracks:
01. Charisma
02. Angel of Destruction
03. Kiss of Lilleth
04. Deathzone
05. The Gate
06. Dracula
07. Nekromantik
¤ SABBAT have announced the titles of their future albums. Their 8th album will be entitled 'Holocausteel' and the 9th one 'Oh - My Baby'
¤ "Tribute to SABBAT" !! If you wanna participate in this project, Ask Crepusculo, R. Jose Herrera Higueira #254, J. Icatu Votorantim/SP, 18110-235 Brazil
¤ Iron Pegasus will re-release the 'Evoke' CD in Europe. The actual schedule is uncertain but the CD should contain one bonus track taken from the 'Sabbatical Demon' demo.
¤ Also 'Disembody' and 'Fetishism' CDs will be re-released by Iron Pegasus Records.

Out now !!
¤ Live tape of '92 release : "Far east Sabbatical live attack" on Brazilian new label, LIVE RECORDING ATTACK.
¤ Iberian Harmageddon(Sabbatical Magicrucifixion) by HIBERNIA PRODUCTIONS (portugal).
¤ Baltic Harmageddon (Sabbatical Magicurse) has been released by SADISTIC SODOMIZER.
¤ "Live Curse" bootleg CD is out now (limited 200), released by HEAVY METAL SUPERSTAR RECORDS

Up Coming Release
¤ Split 7"EP with UNPURE(Swe) by Iron Pegasus in 2000. Titled "Sabbatical Unpure Splitombstone"!!!
¤ Benelux Harmageddon (Sabbatical Magicrest) by Berzerker Records (Holland) in 2000.
¤ French Harmageddon (Sabbatical Magicrypt) by EAL pro in the end of 2000.
¤ Antarctic Harmageddon LP (in Spring -Winter of 2000) by HMSS/FETU. 
¤ Re-release version (limited 300) of South American Harmageddon 7"EP will be released by Sylphorium records in August of 2000.
¤ Disembody Pic-LP (limited 300) release & Charisma Pic-LP (limited 333)(English version of Karisma) on Iron Pegasus rex in 2001. 
¤ Evoke CD will be re-released by Iron Pegasus rex. 1 bonus track in summer in 2001.

Available from EVIL RECORDS (Price is including postage)
¤ 6th Album "Karisma" (Blacking Metal with Japanese ancient/cult riffz that is well mixed by old "Die Hard" Style!!) CD - $20.- 
¤ "The Dwelling CD"... Blacking Sabbatical Curse Metal !!! $20.-
¤ Japanese Harmageddon 12"LP '96 / 10th anniversary live tx / limited 300. Now only 10 copies left. Hurry up order / $28.-
¤ European Harmageddon Pic-7"EP '97 / 2 tracks / limited 500 / $10.-
¤ Scandinavian Harmageddon 7"EP '97 / 2 tracks & 1 live track / limited 500 / $7.-
¤ East European Harmadeddon 7"EP '97 / 2 tracks / limited 300 / $7.-
¤ American Harmageddon 7"EP '98 / 2tracks / limited 300 / $7.-
¤ Asian Harmageddon 7"EP '98 / 2 tracks / limited 300 / $7.-
¤ African Harmageddon 7"EP'98 / 2 tracks / limited 300 / $7.-
¤ Oceanic Harmageddon 7"EP'99 / 4 tracks / limited 300 / $7.-
¤ South American Harmageddon 7"EP '99 / 3 tracks / limited 400 /$7.-

SABBAT Contact :
c/o EVIL RECORDS c/o Masaki Tachi, 
Hoshikawa 1001-4, Kuwana, Mie, 
511-0912, Japan. 
Tel/Fax +81(0)594-31-3756

SABBAT Label Contacts :
c/o Pavel Tusl , P.O.box 26, 349 01 stribro, 
The Czech rep.
c/o Lou posadas, P.O.box 6537, VA beach, 
VA 23456, USA.
c/o Costa Stoios, P.O. Box 1462, 
56804 Cochem, Germany.
c/o Nelson Varela , A.A. 36282, 
Bogota, Colombia.
c/o Ivars Linis, Kr.Barona 63-8, LV - 1001, 
Riga, Latvia.
c/o Yohta Takahashi, 1-12-16, Towa, Adachi-ku, 
Tokyo 120-0003, Japan. 
P.O.box 174, 8300 Silves, Portugal.
B.P.4 , 86 281 St Benoit Cedex, 
Salvialaan 25, NL-2343, 
XA Oegstgeest, Holland.
c/o Crepusculo, R. Jose Herrera Higueira #254, 
J. Icatu Votorantim/SP, 
18110-235 Brazil

¤ Japanese emotional heavy metal constisting members of might SABBAT have release a new 7"EP. The EP contain one brand new song: "Warriors again" & one re-recorded song with Drums by Bill - ex. Death/Massacre-. Avaialbel from IRON PEGASUS RECORDS.
¤ Brand new HM Chainsaw CD/LP will be released by Iron Pegasus in 2001., with German helper : Jochen (METAL INQUISITOR), Tormentor (DESASTER). 
¤ Heavy Metal Drill CD ($20) & Heavy Metal Hunter CD ($15) Japanese Version by METAL PROOF/ ECIL RECORDS still available !! We at STEEL MADNESS recommend both SABBAT and METALUCIFER !
-METALUCIFER Web site : www.metal-serve.net/secrets-of-steel/metalucifer

-A brand new label called Heavy Metal Super Star Records has been launched and their only purpose is to release semi-official SABBAT live CDs. The CDs will be released with SABBAT's permission but the band have no artistic control over the releases. The first release came out in June 1999 and here's a list of the planned releases of Heavy Metal Super Star Records:
¤ Live Catasthropy LP
¤ Live Panica 10" DELETED 
¤ Live Meltdown LP
¤ Antarctic Harmageddon / Live Revenge LP
-All HMSS vinyls will be limited to 100 copies. 
The next HMSS release will be 'Live Revenge' LP and it will be exclusively distributed by Iron Tyrant in Europe and Disk Heaven in Japan. In Europe the LP will be available in August and in Japan in December.
-HMSS label master Yohta Takahashi has the following statement concerning "Live Kindergarden" LP: 
"Please do not order this record for two reasons. 
One: EXPENSIVE! Stupidly expensive. 
Two: Originally the album was is dedicated to Japanese Sabbat Maniacs only. Only those who believe in SABBAT as true and core heads will be satisfied with the album paying ($40), but it's just scum to rest of the whole semi-maniacs." 
c/o Yohta Takahashi, 1-12-16, Towa, Adachi-ku, 
Tokyo 120-0003, Japan. 

Jordan melodic death metal is keen to sign with HAMMER MUZIK, Turkey for their debut album. The band have contributed song in Nebiula Production "Eastern Invasion" Compilation 2 released last year.

The band will be touring Europe again in November together with DECAYED (port) and ABIGAIL (japan). This is a cult package, so there is NO Excuse to miss it! Attention to European, they are still looking for more dates in Italy, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland. Mail to drakkar2@wanadoo.fr if you will have this package in your town!

A new zine schedule to release its debut issue in September still need contributions to make the the first issue successful. This zine will contain ads, info, bios, latest label/distro/zine releases, contact addresses plus a tradelist/metalpals section and no interview. Send them whatever you got for review, posting/publishing, and criticisms. 
Fretwire Recording Studios
1668 P. Florentino Street
Sampaloc, Manila 1008
Fax : 632.749.4409
Email : adz@eavesdrop.i-p.com

¤ The band is composing four new songs for their third demo, which will be named "Thy Gold Kingdom". This time the music is heavier. They have played all the new songs at gigs and the responses are good.
¤ Subscribe to SEASONAL ABYSS mailing list discussion mailing list. Just click http://globalmetal.listbot.com and your messages and you will be updated with the latest news from the band and the scene from all around the world. Feel free to send any of your announcement. They will spread the news.
¤ T-shirt is available for only RM20 plus send us RM3 unused stamps. For the rest of the world
please send US10 only postage paid. Please send money order. The t-shirt is available in white and black. Free Size. If you want to see a sample of the t-shirt, check out at http://welcome.to/seasonal-abyss. You will find adli (voxs) and ziggy were wearing it in the Wira Metal Concert. (under gigs photo) 
¤ Seasonal Abyss dDemo is available at Nebiula Metal shop (Campbell KL), Kedai Auntie (Campbell KL), Victoria (Pertama KL), Pusat Muzik Mustika Puduraya KL atau Kodai Sopan Seremban, Elegance Studio Seremban or order directly from seasonalabyss2@yahoo.com. The price is RM7 for Malaysia and else where is US 7. Postage paid. Distro please ask wholesale price.

Issue #1 an #1/1 are available for you to make copies and distribute. It is a photocopy zine, which aims in promoting underground bands from all around the world. RM3 + RM0.50 unused stamps in Malaysia. Elsewhere please send US3. 

C/O Nuradli Ridzwan Shah
Lot 486 Taman Bukit Chedang
70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Website; http://welcome.to/seasonal-abyss
Handphone 016-2797862

This gig held at Johore, Malaysia went unannounced in this e-news. It was held on 9th July with NARSAMUM, GLOBAL CHAOS, LOGAM, FIRESTARTER, SILENT DEATH, NECROTIC CHAOS, V'SION, URBAN KARMA & SAMURAI.

Summoned to all metal bands in Malaysia, this French metal radio show is looking for material (demo, etc) to be air specially dedicated to Malaysian metal scene. Band,label interested in sending their stuffs (or trade), please contact 
COLLETTI Jean-Charles
106, rue Marcel cerdan
07500 Guilherand-Granges
Email : infernal.waves@wanadoo.fr

Japanese old school thrash metal, consisting line-up from SIGH and ABIGAIL hav already released its debut CD under ISO666 from Greece. This CD avaialble for only USD 7 (+ USD 3 fof postage up to 3 copies). For order or wholesale price contact ISO666 at melancholyprom@email.com. Read CUTTHROAT interview at http://www.info-black.com

Malaysian well-known death metal band which has recently unleashed their new album "Bara Pawaka" is currently touring all over the place. An upcoming show, considered to special as this is the first time they are playing in Bandung, Indonesia!!! The show will be held on the 13th August. Coming with them is labelmate, CRYPTIC MALEDICTION. So Indon Metal Heads, be sure to feel the wrath of Death Metal. "Bara Pawaka" has sold near 5000 copies of CDs and casssettes. Things are getting better, as the vocalist Jaei said, "We are looking for an overseas exposure so I think we can hit the 10 000 units mark pretty soon!" Well, we can't agree more since "Bara Pawaka" is just plain excellent Death Metal release. SIL KHANNAZ is also apologetic for not be able to play in the last show in Singapore (8/7/2000) because of the drummer illness. Lan Bye is said to have slight knee injury due to Euro2000. (ed : are they kidding ?). They album is released by NEBIULA PRODUCTION.

Batara Guru, has called it quit with his band LANGSUYR and VOCIFERATION ETERNITY. LANGSUYR has officially disbanded after their last horrendous gig in Ipoh last month while VOCI will continue without him. "I think I have achieved what I want with these bands, so there is no point to go on. Even with a new band, I think my target will be the same. So new or old band will give me no difference." He is currently
still working with Nebiula Prod. as the International Division Manager.

¤ Will license and release these Osmose Production's titles :
-IMMORTAL "Damned in Black"
-MARDUK "Panzer Division Marduk"
-IMMORTAL "Pure Holocaust"
¤ It is STOCK CLEARANCE again...!!! Most of NEBIULA's releases under VSP distribution will be on HOT sale!!! Can you imagine 3 cassettes for RM10??? Yes its true. And will start from 1st August to the end of the month. So hurry up! Make sure you clear them all! This offer only valid for purchase at NEBIULA HEAVY METAL SHOP, Kuala Lumpur.
Website : http://www.nebiula.com
Email : nebiula@excite.com

Have you watch Malaysian/Singaporean bands crushing the stage ? If not, contact hauntedshops@hotmail.com and ask for latest video tape/VCD list. This label also distribute cassette, zine, CD, etc from worldwide.
c/o Hamdan Mohammad Hanip,
93 Batu 11, Jln Jelapang, 
31200 Chemor, Perak, Malaysia.
Email : hauntedshops@hotmail.com

The long awaited demo is now available. Zines interested having a copy, send a blank tape (46 min). For others, the price is Singapore $4.
c/o Yazid,
Blk 9 Marsiling Drive,
#18-44, Singapore 730009.

An underground distribution service seeking for more stuffs to distribute in Potianak Barat area. Send promo to :
c/o Oggie Oktavian,
Jl. Merdeka Barat, Gg. Pipit No. 14, Pontianak Barat 78111, 
Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia.

After 5 years, the second issue of this zine is now available. Over 50 pages, english written, neat layout and heavy acts : Athotorgh, Midnight Sun, Avalon, Stratovarious, Hammerfall, Grand Belial's Key, The Mystickal East, Night In Gales, Callenish Circle, Independence Records + review, news and brisefing about undiscovered bands. Available for RM 7 (Malaysia) or USD 5 (r.o.w.).
c/o Muhammad Hafiz,
H-54 Taman Guru, 25150 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.
Email : deathdestiny@yahoo.com

The first issue features Eternal Throne and Kibosh Sibyl Kismet from Singapore, Sailendra, Penanggals, Kilatus and Haunted Shops from Malaysia, including tape reviews, gig report and Borneo scene report. Written in Malay, available for RM 6 (+ 50 sen stamps). Need more stuffs for the second issue. Everyone are invited to write.
c/o Nurudin @ Deanz Demonica,
P.O.Box 1154, 90712 Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.
Email : darkside@xfilesfan.com

The debut issue on it's 38 A5 b/w professional printed newsprint pages and free compilation tape. nterviews featured : Burialmound, Eclipse, Devilry, Varathron, Wagchor, Ancient Ceremonies Mag., Oskorei MAg., Clandestine Blaze, Kyprian's Circle, Korihor, Requim, Immoratl Rites, Eternal Deformity. The compilation tape includes Visionoir, Devilry, Desaster, Wagchor, Unholy, Korihor, Arthame, Requim, Utgard, Eclipse, Hostian, Atavism, Varathron, Flauros and Exekrator. Band and labels send your stuffs for possible interview and compilation. Distro ask for wholesale prices. USD 5 (everywhere) from
c/o Marvin Garcia,
Blk. 14, Lt. 14 Ph. 2, San Lorenzo Vill., Puan Davao City 8000 Philippines
Email : obispo666@eudoramail.com

'Noise + Porn = Art' is the theme of this hardcore/new age metal band. Currently released
¤ "Fleshflower" - 8 song CD of groove and brutality, released 8/15/2000.
¤ "Hatefuck" - 3 brutal hardcore songs, full color art, best of the unsigned demos in METAL MANIACS (June '97)
c/o RPM Entertainment Group,
P.O.Box 815, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254-0815, U.S.A.
Email : rpmhits@aol.com

from Brazil delivers fantastic old school death metal in the vein of early Kreator (Pleasure to Kill), Possessed (7 churches), Vulcano, Chakal and Sarcofago. Their full-length CD is foreseen for the end of this year. If it is so great as their fantastic “Evil is Reality” demo. Be sure KREDITOR will rise very high the banner of the brazilian scene…one of the best bands to come. In the meantime, they are already booking a european tour, so anyone who can help them with booking dates for the end of this year, early next year, please mail to: douglas@unimidia.com.br

from Austria are back soon with a third album, successor to Blutsabbath. As the tradition wants, this will be an opus of terrifying black/death metal from the ultimate cult session maniacs. Also in preparation is the “Cult Session Maniacs tour 2666” with Iconoclasm.

The almighty cult band, probably the best death metal band of the whole galaxy announces their second coming of darkness. After some fantastic releases like their “Conflict Within” demo in 1989, their “Impending Doom” MLP on Wild Rags, their 2mcd’s “Resurrection” and “Ancient Black Earth”, they are finally announcing a full CD on Necropolis records but it seems until now there are no news. For more infos about the GODS of death metal, mail to: darkrealm@sadistic.com

are open for every festival, concert and tour proposition, especially in the Eastern Countries; so every organizator interested , please contact their manager Sharon directly at 1164-322@onlinehome.de . Their brand new album “Armoured Bestial Hell” was supposed to be recorded in April and released this Summer…but it will be recorded in October this year and I really hope their label (Plastic Head) will not postpose it again….

A fantastic death metal from Brazil; there are preparing a full
Mail to: khrophus@ig.com.br

Are proudly presenting their new MCD “Mirror Images”…it’s got
melodic and original medleys of thrash, death and heavy metal in their
unique way. The band is currently looking for gigs all over Europe. mail to: imf_metal@hotmail.com

One of the most popular and oldest underground thrash metal bands
from France are back with the re-release of their “Troops of Death” MLP on CD with some bonus tracks but also two mini-CD’s “A Vision of God” and “Silent Scream”. The band will play several live gigs all over Europe, You can already order the M-CDs for 8$ to Andre Lemesle, 13 Rue de la Solidarité, 76620 Le Havre, France or mail to: PUTREFACTION@netclic.fr

An excellent label from Hungary, this year they’ve organized a big two days festival with Cannibal Corpse, Sodom, Pokolgép, Tankcsabda, Night in Gales, Mystic Circle, Christian Epidemic…to mention some. They have also a very nice metal store like Hammerheart have in Holland and distributes many labels, including some of the most underground
and exotic ones. If you visit Hungary…or simply pass there, why don’t you make a visit? They announce the re-release of all Pokolgép CD’s (a cult speed metal band from Hungary…they are like CYCLONE to Belgium or TRUST to France. 
Nephilim records, Újvilag u.1., 9022 Györ, Hungary

is the most complete and explicit intersideral webmag to
visit…filled with very interesting, sometimes a bit controversial interviews with the most obscure bands you could ever imagine. If I were you, I would check out this webstation and its wonderful gallery in top priority. http://purgatory666.cjb.net or email to pain@pog666.de

is now becoming a cult magazine for extreme black/death metal in
Germany, a bit like their landmates Ablaze magazine. The issue #7 of this year is out, with many bands, among other Tagtgren’s new project PAIN, HYPOCRISY, DEICIDE, NIGHTWISH, DAMNATION, KING DIAMOND, SATANIC SLAUGHTER, Germany’s sensation DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER but also tons of reviews. It’ s written in German but bands should check it out. Legacy mag, legacy666@t-online.de or Patric Knittel, Guerickestr. 98, 66123 Saarbrücken, Germany

Small, nice to read, german written magazine. I got the two last
issues from Satyra when I visitted Nürenberg past weekend. Issue # 12 got interesting interviews with the german thrashers of BLACKEND, the black metal masters of RUNEMAGICK and BEHEMOTH, the glögg-worshippers of AMON AMARTH and the mysterious DORNENREICH. Bands can contact surely Wilhelm & Krusewitz, Goethestrasse 62, D-12459 Berlin, Germany

"Perceptions", This powerful album recorded at FREDMAN STUDIOS in Stockholm, Sweeden. Where great bands as At the Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquility recorded their best albums. This album is one of the most important releases in the Mexican metal underground scene.
OZ LIVE!! Box Set (video and CD) 
NTSC, PAL please ask for details...
Superb live recording with our best bands. Dies Irae, Shamash, Buried Dreams and Disgorge as special guest!!! This Box set will be available on very limited numbered edition. coming soon!!!!
CENOTAPH '' Riding our Black Oceans '' Oz CD & CS 00
Classic metal album recorded by Mexican metal band, once again available as 2CD limited edition. This master piece, contains a live and raw recording , no remixes, no effects or overdubs, JUST PURE FUCKING METAL!!!!
Greetings! Oz Productions has become through the years the leading death metal label in Mexico & Latin America. We are also distributors of lots of international labels. A lot of our clients are always looking for new releases. Our catalog has been published with more than 2000 titles and it's distributed for free all around Mexico.
Since it has been a great way to contact the people, we have decided to
growin' this project. Now, we'll publish Oz Magazine, which includes our distribution catalog, your advertisement, interviews with your bands, news from all labels, reviews of your releases, and more... Oz Mag is letter size & fully professional edited, 8000 copies are distributed for free!! This is a great opportunity to publish your ads, since there is no other offer in this country to advertise like this, with our experience and clients that have made us the leading death metal label! 
¤ ROTTENNESS ''Blasphemous Gore Enjoyment'' CD & CS 
The first release from EMERALD CITY RECORDS our sub-label for brutal grind gore!!!
This is our new address in Canada:
c/o Alejandro Liera 
suite 142,19567 
Fraser highway 
Surrey, B.C. v3s 9a4 
Tel : (604) 534 3652 
Fax : (604) 534 3672 
e-mail : info@ozproductions.com ozprod1@aol.com
This address is still available as well :
Oscar Reyes Torres
c/o Oz Records / Emerald City Records
Apdo. Postal M-7697
Admón de Correos No.1
Palacio Postal
México 1, D.F.
C.P. 06002
Email : oscarreyes@hotmail.com promo@ozproductions.com
Regular Fax : (525) 7 29 43 77 
Phone/fax (sundays only) : (525) 5 74 00 40
ICQ: 51525738

Split 7"ep out now. Swedish masters of goregrind, REGURGITATE, are back with 1 gore intro and 9 raging new trax to torture your bloody ears! The new sonx are in the same vein as their previous material ofcourse, no change of style here!! This is pure f*ckin' kult. Australians sicko's of FILTH vomit 5 new sonx. Expect some crazy intro's and 5 excellent sonx of groovin' grindcoremadness like a mixture of Macabre, Impetigo and Blood Duster. This 7" ep is limited + first half will come on white vinyl!! This is the first and only press. There's also a limited demo-tape connected to this release! FITLH made a demo "The grounded Sessions" , wich includes exclusive songs! FILTH came up with the idea to make only 50 (handnumbered) copies of it and you can only get it if you send the coupon (inside the 7"ep) to their adress. 
*For 1 copy(europe & world): 5US$
*Voor 1 copy (Belgie): 100Bfr + postzegel 36fr
*For 5 copies(europe): 13$
*For 5 copies(world): 14$
* 5 stuks(Belgie): 500fr
Other currencies can be accepted too but contact first. Send it Cash (or an I.M.O. or Personal Cheque) to:
8978 WATOU
ph/fax: 0032 57 38 88 36

¤ The Drakkar compilation "The return of Darkness and Hate" will be finally released the 15 july. You'll can listen only unreleased tracks from : ANATOMY, MUTIILATION,TEMPLE OF BAAL, CELESTIA, SABBAT, NEBIROS, COUNT NOSFERATU, DEMON REALM, NEBULAR MYSTIC... In total of 20 bands !
¤ WATAIN from sweden has now signed with Drakkar. Their killer debut album will be released during this summer. You can still order their 7ep in our mail order list. 
¤ Singaporian terrorists of IMPIETY have finally choosen Drakkar productions for the repress of their fantastic second album"Skullfucking Armageddon". On the Drakkar version you'll find a total new artwork and 3 exclusives bonus tracks. RELEASE DATE : 30/07/00 
¤ The legendary US band GRAND BELIAL'S KEY is now signed on DRAKKAR PRODUCTIONS for two album. Their new album must be released around october/november 00.
¤ French Kommando COUNT NOSFERATU will release their dictatorial debut album on Drakkar Productions. This elitist release will be recorded in Drudenhaus studio. The release date is october/november 00 too. 
¤ New DECAYED album is planned in december 00. Before that the kult and hard to find debut album"The Conjuration of the southern circle" will be rereleased in a new edition full of bonus tracks and rare tracks. More infos later...
- Website http://www.altern.org/drakkar

Have change their email address. Pleas take note. The next issue will include interviews with Styx, Jag Panzer, Royal Hunt, Pantera, ,Sebastian Bach, Union, Judas Priest, Joe Satriani, Liquid , Tension Experiment, System Of A Down, Tony Martin (ex Black Sabbath vocalist), WASP, Cannibal Corpse, Dream Theater, Danzig, SOD, Pro Pain, Nocturnal Rites, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and more to come !
c/o John Ridge
604 North Court 
Mason, MI 48854 USA
Email : jtkl@utility.net
Website : http://www.geocities.com/zinescene.geo

"Rape In Rapture" CD out July, 31 2000. Extremely violent debut album from Sweden's new Black Metal promise. Melodic, fast and catchy. In the same vein as Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth. The band was formed in 1996 by Serom, Nagrinn & Karagat. After a few changes they completed the line-up with Nirag, Hel & Baalzepoon. The members have various musical backgrounds, but the same goal; to unleash the beast that has been kept in chains for far too long. Their first demo "Spawn of the phantom moon" was recorded in early -98 and received brilliant reviews everywhere. In Close-Up magazine it was compered with early Emperor. After several shows many labels showed interest in the band. They decided to sign for No Fashion Records and a deal was made. Their debut album "Rape In Rapture" was recorded in Studio Underground and contains nine symphonies of state of the art Black Metal presented in a varied and powerful way. Sixty minutes of hatred thrown in your face. From the furious "Inquisition of the bleeding god" (which can also be found on Nuclear Blast Soundcheck nr 20, although it has been cut down) to the primitive "Nevercoming" and melancholic "Silvertears". The line-up :
Seron - Deflowered Angelcries; Nagrinn - Lead Abominatio & Acoustic Abysstunes; Baalzephon - Rhythm Sodomy & Infested Lungs; Hel - Orchestral Demonsummoning; Nirag - Torturehythm & Chords Of Condamnation; Karagat - Necropulse

Band formed in 1992 with the purpose to decay and make the real death banger movement ! A band totally dedicated to the union of the movement. With most hateful brutal death metal, they want to kick out the assholes, rip offs, and posers from the movement, as well to reach out all the black edge of the underground with the real ideal of the banger Movement. 
Demography :
1. House Of Death
2. Master Of Lies
3. Rotten Penetration
Also available 3 t-shirt design for sale.
Demo : USD 6 (world), R$5 (brasil)
T-Shirt : USD 10 (world), R$13 (brasil)
Contact :
Cx.Postal 1303
Belo Horizonte M.G. 
Cep 30.123-970, Brasil.
Email : sanatorio_death@hotmail.com

Is record and distribution label from Turkey. M.T.Prod. Was born in latest of 1999..Contact with a lot of underground labels and bands worldwide underground scene. They will release our first mail order cataloq summer 2000. And will be plan to release VOICES FROM THE ABYSS COMPILATION CD and BUTTERFLY TEMPLE CD-EP in summer 2000. In the future the label will be continue to release stuffs and start to sell other label release and bands stuffs in our mail order department. All people in the underground scene get in touch. 
Onur Tufan Iyihuylu
Selvili Cad.Birlik Apt.
E-MAIL: moon_throne@yahoo.com or mail_moon@yahoo.com

The long awaited debut of US Melodic Prog/Power act Mindcage is now released by PERPETUAL MOTION MEDIA <placebo@wco.com>. They are pleased to announce that Rising Sun in Germany is carrying MINDCAGE and hopefully other PMM releases for European/International sales.
The disc is entitled "Encapsulation", and features a powerful and controversial duet entitled "Outrage" that deals with the estrangement of a couple whose young daughter has been abductued and murdered. The song is replete with dramatic spoken word dialogue and sound effects that echo the tragic storyline. The pre-release of the song has already caused quite a stir with various news and media sources, and the label has since agreed to donate 10% of the sales proceeds to charities such as the Polly Klaas Foundation. There is no shortage of darkly compelling, all-too-real subject matter on this disc, and musically it has been likened to a more guitar driven, accessible Fates Warning, Tool, and also Queensryche, Eternity X, Rush, Sanctuary, and Queen. MINDCAGE is absolutely burning up the charts, with Outrage going from 620 to 27 in just a few days on MP3.com. 
Email : MINDCAGE <mindcage@mindcage.com>
¤ You can hear these MP3.com release tracks from Mindcage now at: http://www.mp3.com/mindcage
¤ The newly revised Mindcage website is now online at: http://www.mindcage.com
¤ You can also hear some different cuts on IUMA, where the Mindcage tracks are also climbing the charts :
¤ Mindcage "Encapsulation" is presently available for preorder from these internet vendors:
- http://www.empireent.com
- http://www.lasercd.com
- http://www.amazon.com
- http://www.moremetal.com
-Spain: http://www.ctv.es/USERS/heaven/
¤ For additional availability or to inquire about promo materials (reviewers invited), email: MINDCAGE@mindcage.com
¤ Some reviews of the CD :
"With high, Geoff Tate-like vocals and outstanding playing, these songs shine with sheer catchiness."
-Kollnot Music: Colorado's True Metal 'Zine
"The underground Progressive scene can appreciate the mature power of Mindcage. This is a band to get excited about!"
-Cymedia, Washington D.C.
"It is apparent that MINDCAGE has a lot to offer the Power Metal community."
-The Progress Report
"You may hear alot about this band, it is a very promising outfit that is in the vein of so-called progressive heavy metal."

Perpetual Motion Media was formed in 1999 by Dietrick Hardwick - the founder of the popular Perpetual Motion web forums - in order to sign & release "Powerful, Intelligent, and Progressive" indie bands that are widely discussed in the PM forums. Domestic and international distribution channels are currently being sought for several upcoming releases, including MINDCAGE "Encapsulation", and the PM Complication compilation series.
Perpetual Motion Media
PO Box 5141
Novato, CA 94948
ph. 415.331.3021
Current email: placebo@wco.com
Coming soon: http://www.PerpetualMotionMedia.com

The black metal brothers of Immolation will tour Europe in september, surely together with Immolation, for any info, mail to
blasphomet@hotmail.com The band is also looking for more shows in Europe.

From Brazil are currently working on their debut CD and they confirmed their arrival to Europe at the end of this year for a full
european tour. This is absolutely brilliant first class true death metal in the pure brazilian tradition and they are already starting to book shows for December of this year. Anyone who can help, please mail to: fabio, isoul@zaz.com.br

Here are news from the official Manowar webpage ( http://www.manowar.org ) and a message by Joey DeMajo - The Arrival of Hell on Earth is Imminent :
Having triumphed over the recent obstacles laid in its path, Manowar's long-awaited video Hell on Earth Part I is now being readied for  release. After spending a great deal of time meticulously calibrating the video and mixing its sound to achieve optimum visuals and sound, Manowar was outraged to discover that the initial duplications were inferior. 
"There is no way that we will give our fans anything but the best technology has to offer," explains Joey. "We mastered the video on the highest quality tape available-a Digital Betacam, which is the only format that will hold two continuous hours of footage. I wouldn't allow it to be broken up on two regular beta tapes."
One would expect the manufacturing company to take the master and merely match the color calibration and the audio settings on its digital machines. This, however, was not the case. "There are people who think they have to justify who they are, what they are, and what they do,"  explains Joey. "Therefore, they have to stick their two cents in. And when [the manufacturing company] said this was the best they could do, we fired them." Hence, the delay. Hell on Earth Part I, a masterpiece that will be cherished by Manowar fans, will be released "only when it is done and it is right." "We will deliver nothing but the best for our fans," declares Joey.

They are going to establish a Nuclear Blast Street Team in the big cities of Germany. Excactly the right job for motivated Metalheads. All you need is time and an email connection; no need to say that you also should be reliable! The job includes promotion at concerts, clubs and stores! For more information feel free to Metalheads. All you need is time and an email connection; no need to say that you also should be reliable! The job includes promotion at concerts, clubs and stores! For more information feel free to contact claudia@nuclearblast.de

Sinner have finished their very successful Tour with "DIO". As a surprise at the end of the Tour Mat Sinner was invited from the "voice of Heavy Metal" Ronnie James Dio to join his "Hear´n´Aid 2" project and to write a song for this album. "Hear ´n´ Aid 2 - Children of the Night" will be recorded in Los Angeles in December including the "who is who" of the Metal scene. http://sinner.rocks.de

The debut album from Estuary of Calamity (same band from 1993's "Losing Myself in the Cryptic Breeze" demo) is now available. Entitled "The Sentencing" it features 7 songs of emotional death/doom metal that is original and powerful. Zines, Distros, and Radio get in touch at eoc777@yahoo.com
New Estuary of Calamity homepage:

Have just finished recording their 2nd full length at TRIPLE SICK STUDIOS (owned by Corpse Gristle). Entitled "Practitioners of Perversion", expect the sickest shit from these backwoods fucks! Due out this summer on CORPSE GRISTLE RECORDS.
Are set to record in July at TRIPLE SICK STUDIOS, also a late summer, early fall release is set. All out speed, heaviness, and blasphemy are the order of the day when it comes to INFERNAL DOMINION. The onslaught is coming!
are also set to record in July at (you guessed it) TRIPLE SICK STUDIOS. It's called "Our Domain", and it's the best PROPHECY yet! Release date will be soon after!
Is the newest addition to CORPSE GRISTLE RECORDS, and a welcome addition it is! Set to record in August once again at TRIPLE SICK STUDIOS, sickening shit is surely the sole output of this band straight out of San Antonio.
-Email CORPSE GRISTLE, or TRIPLE SICK STUDIOS, at: hound@corpsegristle.com

LUX OCCULTA is now sign with a new label. This original polish progressive occult metal have already released 3 full length albums plus a mini album, all recorded under the wings of Pagan Records. The 4th album (their debut with the new label) will start the recording during the beginning of December 2000 while MAQUIAVEL MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT LDA will issue the new release over the market during the very first months of 2001. The band plan to enter unto the STUDIO 333 in Poland with the same producer that made the final mastering of the latest Vader's "Litany" effort for METAL BLADE RECORDS. LUX OCCULTA are currently one of the biggest death/black metal hopes from Eastern Europe alongside Polish breaking warriors of modern metal VADER and BEHEMOTH. 

The dark death metal hybrid responsible for one of the most devastating & refreshing releases from 1999 have recently reached the phenomenal figures of 8000 copies sold out from their new masterpiece "MARTYRIALIZED". The band have been pretty much active since the release of their 2nd devastating metal effort by giving a great amount of extreme & very informative interviews all over the World running from the biggest to the smallest media. According to the band frontman Karlos Kariano the band is already rehearsing some new material to be included over their 3th full length effort. Karlos Kariano states: "Actually we have been facing a phenomenal rejoinder from the entire World to "MARTYRIALIZED" and I am still drowned in a great amount of interviews nowadays coming from all the corners of the World. There's still a huge interest upon the new effort after almost one full year after the official release. I have to confess that this time we were the very first ones to be caught around by surprise since we were never expecting such a support from the media & from the fans in general regarding all the recent results obtained out there when we were not even able to sell 1000 copies from our debut back in 1996". In addiction to this Karlos Kariano also advances: "We are not working under any sort of pressure for the next full length effort. We believe that "MARTYRIALIZED" was a great groundbreaking effort spitted out unto the face of Humanity so we just want to take the right amount of time to make even a better album to overblown the previous musical manifestation". The band have been playing some shows around Portugal recently by sharing the dark stages with bands like BEHEMOTH, SINISTER, PURGATORY, SIRIUS, THE FIRSTBORN, HAUS EN FACTOR, GOLDENPYRE, DEVILEECH plus some others more. According to the band they will make some more shows over their homeland before doing a possible European Tour on late 2000/beginning of 2001. The album "MARTYRIALIZED" ranked number one in some radio stations across the World & has been already licensed over Countries like SINGAPORE - MALAYSIA - NORWAY unto MC and VINYL formats. It looks like there will be some more licensing deals in the meanwhile for this product unto some other Countries running from SOUTH AMERICA to THE FAR EAST. As the overall demand from the masses to see this phenomenal & very aggressive combo performing their musical madness all over the stages of the Old European Continent is already so strong nowadays, it might happen that MALEVOLENCE will be doing some intense Touring in the upcoming future to a place near you. 

Is actually working under the construction of their first ever-official web site. Plans are being settled to run the Machiavellian site unto the virtual web community services during the next month. This official site will feature some phenomenal artistic extravaganza from the same designer that made the latest MALEVOLENCE cover album as well as a very professional & functional web looking unto all thy sections. Expect also some interesting promotional sections including some real audio, extra information unto the label procedures, pictures from thy bands, information unto the label's releases, MP3's for download plus some extra give away contests running from month to month over their exceptional site. Actually you can just take a brief visit to: http://come.to/martyrialized - in case you might be interested in checking out some more information about the latest release from MALEVOLENCE. 

Debut CD "Nihility Mundane Soul" is out now on Solemn Music. Get in touch at solemusic@hotmail.com or darkmortem@hotmail.com
Archaean Harmony http://www.darkmetal.com/archaean
Solemn Music 
P.O. Box 8, Zurrieq BPO, 
Malta (Europe).

HOLOCAUST (Sweden) - SRP 04
"Hellfire Holocaust" MCD will be out in the end of July to detonate a nuclear blast of the most Hellish Death Metal! Their full-lenght album is planed to out in the beginning of 2001, it depends due composion process of the band which began to create their new songs for now. There isn't a studio defined to record this full-lenght yet it will be recorded in the Sweden for sure. The band would be playing together with ANATA and TAETRE in the next month but due some problems with dates it wasn't possible to realize with.
Band Contact c/o Andreas Söderland <holocaust_666@hotmail.com>

Their first attack was launched, the MCD entitled "Thrash Attack"! Are 5 powerful songs of Speed/Thrash Metal which were every remastered including lyrics and a killer front-cover done by Kris Verwimp (Marduk, Old Man's Child, etc). At the moment, bassist/vocal Lenny Blade is playing in the NOMINOM too and he have done some back-vocals on the new album of MAZE OF TORMENT. Unfortunately their original
drummer has left the band in the beginning of this year but he will be being replaced very soon. The band have already their new composions finished and they will show what their debut full-lenght album will be in fact... Aggressive, raw and bombastic! It will conquer all the true metallers of the 80's. This album which is still untitled is scheduled to out in the end of 2000 and they will use the legendary Sunlight studios or another good studio with their own producer for the recording of this promising piece of fury. 
Band Contact c/o Lenny Blade <gzzzz@hotmail.com>

SVARTSYN (Sweden) - SRP 06
It has been three long years since SVARTSYN released "The True Legend" on German label Folter Records, their debut album; but their new album "...His Majesty" will be well worth the wait. SVARTSYN are back to crush every skulls with their grim and haunting Nordic Black Metal. For some of you that don't know the history, this band features the premier drummer of DARK FUNERAL. They have signed with Sound
Riot for two full-lenght albums. During January to March they recorded their lastest material at Nordland Studios in the Sweden. This recording will shall to be mastered and edited by Jacob Hansen at Aabenraa Studios (Iniquity, Without Grief) from Denmark. This second full-lenght entitled "...His Majesty" features 7 new songs with a total time over 30 minutes and it is scheduled to out in August. Their 3rd album already entitled "Bloodline" will be recorded in the Sunlight studios, it will shall to out in the beginning of 2001 on Sound Riot. 
Band Contact c/o Ornias at <svartsyn85@hotmail.com>

KIVIKYY (Finland) - SRP 07
A priority release at Sound Riot scheduled to out until the end of this year. Featuring the multi-instrumentalist Jukka and the vocalist Hanna, both members from AS DIVINE GRACE (artists on the Avantgarde Music). Actually, they are at Jukka's home-studio composing and recording their songs with top-technology equipaments, however, this process is low and complex which take every dedication and creativity of Jukka. Are 4 years elaborating this project for the creation of a true soundtrack. Jukka is a gifted melodist and a meticulous electronic craftsman. His style grew out of a love for experimentalism by adding elements of Darkwave, Ethereal and Gothic, as well as an interest in the Finnish folk music has crafted a work of supreme beauty and magnificence. This debut album will bring a spiritual yet dramatic music, it is at times delicate and haunting, at times majestic and filled with power. This release even has a story behind it, this musical resource relate the epic history of a real ancestor hero of Mr. Jukka from 1500 Century called Jaakko Ilkka (War-hero from War of Hammer 1596-1597). A tribute to this War-hero with inspired tracks creating a "wonder-full" impression of the Finnish medieval age. A rich and diverse album created by just one man and his synthesizers. The Digipak-CD will feature 8 tracks with an impressive artwork including medieval pictures and drawnings done by Mrs. Kaisa Vasamaa and a story based on every KIVIKYY songs written by Spanish poet named Mr. Juan Pablo Pena Garcia.
Band Contact c/o Jukka Sillanpää <jukka.sillanpaa@destool.com>

PRONTHER (Germany) - SRP 08
They are an experient and talented act formed in 1996. They have Germam lyrics and their music is Techno-beat Metal more known as "Neue Deutsche Härte", a trademark for groups such as RAMMSTEIN or OOMPH! Adepts in sophisticated studio techniques their music cruises into a rather ambient sci-fi suspense-filled expanse with energetic yet melodically seductive beats. They have signed on with Sound Riot, thus assuring their recordings for a worldwide marketing and distribution. Sound Riot will release their new 2nd album "Herzschlag" including more 3 re-mixes bonus of their first album entitled "Poseidomat" which was released in February 1998 by themselves. In June/July they shall
to finish the recordings, it will feature around 14 songs. "Herzschlag" shall to out between October or November. There are a tour planned to September and October in the Germany. There is a great chance of them can to be the new sensation from Germany after RAMMSTEIN because their music is fresh, innovative and very catchy.
Band Contact c/o Boris <PRONTHER@aol.com >

WISH (Holland) - SRP 09
Another priority at Sound Riot. This Dutch band is very much known inside the Industrial/Techno scene since 1995 but it features Bart Smits, an ex-member of the famous THE GATHERING (artist on Century Media). He was the band vocalist on the album "Always" circa 1992. Now, Bart together with their mates Micha and Bas has transcended of his Doom Metal past to an unexpected te ritory that catch the attention of the mass with a lush, cold and intense music by using synths, sound-modules, samplers, computers and guitars. A kind of Techno-goth Industrial similar to Nine Inch Nails or Marilyn Manson nut Bart has a distinctive vocal style that is uniquely his own. They have released an album entitled "Monochrome" and a MCD "Jane Doe" throught the Moonlight Records. After promotional recording done in January of 1999,
Sound Riot got in touch with Micha and after some negotiations, they decided to sign a deal with Sound Riot to put out a brandnew MCD with the possibility of a full-lenght album too. Around July they will shall to record 4 high quality songs with a smashing production to be featured on their "www.wish-2013.nl" MCD. The recording/mixing will be done in one of the best studios from Holland, the RS29 Studios and it will be produced by Oscar Holleman (producer of the bands Gorefest and Arian). The release of this MCD will be done around September. WISH provide a perfect vehicle for the soundtrack to the Apocalypse.
Band Contact c/o Micha at < micha.wish@wxs.nl >

For more info, sample of music or pics of our artists. Feel free to visit the Sound Riot's Site at : http://www.wingsofdeath.nu/soundriot/

SRP.04 HOLOCAUST (Sweden) "Hellfire Holocaust" MCD - Hellish Death Metal (Out in July)
SRP.05 INCINERATOR (Sweden) "Thrash Attack" MCD - Speed/Thrash Metal (Out in July)
SRP.06 SVARTSYN (Sweden) "...His Majesty" CD - Grim Black Metal. 2nd full-lenght (Out in August)
SRP.07 KIVIKYY (Finland) "Kosto" Digipak-CD - Medieval Music (Out in October)
SRP.08 PRONTHER (Germany) "Herzschlag" CD - Neue Deutsche Härte ala Rammstein (Out in Sep.)
SRP.09 WISH (Holland) "www.wish-2013.nl" MCD - NIN meets Marilyn Manson (Out in September)

P.O. Box 243, 
2500 Caldas da Rainha 
Fax: +351 262 83 3542
E-mail: soundriot@mail.telepac.pt or riot@alanet.com.br
Web-site: http://www.wingsofdeath.nu/soundriot/

Localized Brutality < http://come.to/localizedbrutality > has been updated with news about the Georgia metal scene, new links, show dates, new band listings and most important of all A MESSAGE BOARD. EVERYONE is welcome to spam the fuck out of it with metal news, show dates, porn links, rants of hatred and disgust (Sorrow rules), or descriptions of what you found in your stool the other day. 
< http://come.to/localizedbrutality >

Check out DeathGasm Records at http://come.to/deathgasm. There you can find a distro list including CDs ($11 or less), tapes, vinyl, shirts and 'zines as well as links and news about DeathGasm and it's bands (new Evil Incarnate CD due out this year along with the next Abominant!). A message board may be added in the future.

The new issue of Eternal Frost #9, is online now. The feedback for it has been wonderful! Issue #10 is in the works with tentative interviews including Fall of the Leafe, Surgical Dissection, Hypnos, Rebaelliun, Spellcraft, 7th Child, Azazel and tons more along with a heap of great splatter/gore film reviews and album/demo/'zine reviews. 
< http://surf.to/eternalfrost >

¤ Issue #7 in June! Featuring: 
U.D.O. (main cover story), Grave Digger, Death SS, Notre Dame, Black Label Society, Twisted Sister, Immortal, My Dying Bride, Lana Lane, Anorexia Nervosa, Sopor Aeternus, Hoer, Hair of the Dog Under the Sun and so much more! 
As always Battle Helm Magazine is pro printed with a full color glossy cover and available at ookstores, newstands and Tower Records worldwide for only $2.99!
¤ Issue #8 news: 
Issue #8 (available in August) will surely knock you down with a killer new layout fashion and design plus die hard metal coverage of: Venom (main cover story), Wasp, Dokken, Deep Purple, Loudness, Skyclad, Savatage, Cro-Mags, Altar, Cannibal Corpse, Storyteller, Kenziner, Crowbar, Soilent Green, Eyehategod and more to be announced!
If you can't find Battle Helm at you favorite shop then get ahold of us by mail:
-Single copies by mail: $4 inside USA & $5 Rest of World (airmail)
-Subscriptions: Six head banging issues a year for $18 Inside USA & $24 (ROW)

Battle Helm Magazine
PO Box 175
Chaska, MN 55318
United States of America

CLAYMAN received best reviews and soundchecks all over the whole Metal press and is going to be one of the highlights in 2000. The kings of 
swedish Melodic Death have also made a video for "Pinball Map" which soon can be seen on the NB webpage For more information aslike tourdates, etc. please check out the In Flames webpage: http://www.inflames.com

Kimberly Goss is back again! The great new record "To Hell And Back" was released the 26.06. and it shows us how Heavy Metal with female 
vocals should sound! A tour with Nightwish is planned for Autumn! http://www.sinergy.org

The new Hypocrisy album which exceeds all expectations is going to be releaed the 31st of July by Nuclear Blast! Brandnew merchandise is 
already available at our Mailorder - check out http://shop.nuclearblast.de

Hammerfall have finished the recordings for their latest album. The video for the first single "Renegade" will be shoot in the beginning of 
July in Sweden. For more news and information please and a studioreport by the bandmembers check out - http://www.hammerfall.net

Visit the updated wesite. New mp3 from the black metal band BELSABET (MEX) and the melodic/prog/metal sound of HYDRA (MEX) available for preview.
Antonio Leon 2085 Col. Florida
Monterrey NL Mexico
CP 64810

After 3 years of works and problems the zine will be the light the month of june. But a fatal virus and a stupid computer technic that said me that will repair the PC and save all the data and this guy lost all the data(zine, mails, photos, music, archives and all that they had in the hard disk). If they did an interview with you, or they wrote you to do and interview or if they was in contact with you(band, zine, people, labels,etc) please resend them your mail and if possible one more time your interview. 
c/o Martin Lazarte Castro
Jr. Huamanpoma de Ayala 257
Lima 32-Peru
e-mail: mlcexpz@terra.com.pe
Tef.Fax: (51) (1) 578-3048
ICQ: 22921323
They have recieved all the press kits and all the CD's that the people sent. Really thanxs for your support.

The label have move to a new mailing address. Please take note of this new address :
P.O.BOX 6294
E-mail: blacksun@dolores.se
Ph: +4631-150418
Fax: +4631-152340 

Will releasye their new masterpiece "Believe" on Sept. 11th followed by the NUCLEAR BLAST festival tour. Videoclips are planned for three songs incl. the incledible "Fallen". Watch out for their most spectacular release in their entire career - http://www.crematory.de

The response to Oskorei #5's compilation CD have been quite enormous in brief words. The CD is more or less fully booked, so the label wanted to make a 2nd compilation CD as well. The compilation CD will be included with the magazine which is professionally printed in 1500 copies and released twice a year. They do not settle with a CD-R compilation, it is high quality stuff (like the previous issue), all tracks will be compiled and mastered at a digital studio for optimal quality. Each band will also be briefly presented inside the magazine. Each paying participant gets 5 copies of the magazine w/ CD and does of course keep all the rights... The price is US$35 per started minute.... This does NOT mean US$35 per song! In real life this means, any song lasting between 04:01 and 04:59 are charged for 5 minutes and so on. Minimum booking is 3 minutes. If booking more than one track - then you pay for the TOTAL length of ALL tracks.... Payments must be done upfront, no trades are accepted nor considered. State song title, song length, band name, your full name and address for the contract and invoice. Accepted medias for master sources are CD's or CD-R's...
PB 241 Indre Arna, N-5888 Bergen, Norway
Email : mail@oskorei.com 

Northern California's death metal band Maladiction has just recorded 8 brutal death metal tracks for their world debut. Recorded at Trident Studios by Juan Urteaga (frontman for Vile). There are 2 full length mp3's available at: http://www.mp3.com/maladiction . Check out their official website at : http://come.to/maladiction

A band from Colorado, USA in the vein of At The Gates, In Flames, Dissection, Children of Bodem, Old Mans Child, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Arch Enemy, bridges the gap between pure aggression and melody combining the best elements of death, black and power metal. More info at http://www.serberus.com/ or download the mp3 at http://www.mp3.com/serberus .

mainly focus on brutal/extreme music. The address is: www.quintessence.sh . They are 100% underground oriented and we do Lots of interviews, reviews of demos/cd's/7" etc., concertreviews, specials.. concerning small underground bands as well as well established names in the scene. After less then half a year they already have over 100 unique visitors a day and that amount is still growing daily! They are completely written in English and use a professional layout. 
Contact address for all your promotional material is:
c/o Ruud Lemmen
Poolseweg 103
4818 CB Breda

Currently signed with RELAPSE Records so check out the site http://www.dyingfetus.com. They will embark on many tours in the coming years. BLUNT FORCE RECORDS will continue to promote and distribute all dying fetus merchandise. 

a monthly or quarterly zine to arrive in your mailbox. Check out the frequently updated (3-5 times a week) Critical Mass Webjournal at the URL below. Reviews now available: new Nokturnal Mortum, Agalloch, Mental Home, Destruction, In Flames, Blind Guardian, Sculptured, Borknagar, and a WHOLE LOT MORE! Interview with Schmier of Destruction and upcoming with In Flames.

'Cast Into Darkness' is finally available. Adam Cruz on Guitars and Vocals, Corey Lasley on Drums, vocals, and noise,.... Close to 40 minutes of extreme brutal terror, for those that have heard the
MP3's on mp3.com and liked what you have heard... you have not heard nothing yet. Total in your face dark grind terror metal, has been hailed by the few who have heard clips to possibly become one of the most uniquely insane and intense metal CDs to be released in a long time. Featuring a unique blend of 6 different vocal styles (including female vocals), thunderous drums, brain churning guitar riffing, nightmarish sounds, and heart stopping speed and brutality. Order from Laceration Productions,
currently Laceration Productions is the only place this CD is available.

GOREDEATH 'Cast Into Darkness' Tracks List:
1. Cast Into Darkness - The Burning
2. God Damned Lucifer
3. Souls Hacked to Shreds (Chainsawed)
4. Goreified
5. Pathetic Sins
6. Annihilation of the False Realm (When Reality Dies)
7. Drowned in Vomit (Vomitorium)
8. Deception of the Raven
9. Chant the Lullaby of Death as the Fetus is Disposed
10. Cast Into Darkness 
11. Damned To Flames (Satans Doom)

Within the US send $12 (Well concealed cash, or Money Order Payable to COREY LASLEY) Outside the US send $13 (Well concealed US cash, or Money Order Payable to COREY LASLEY) to
P.O. BOX 87485
Canton, MI 48187-0485
United States of America
OR Vist their web site: http://www.goredeath.com

Is a Christian death metal band from Switzerland. Want more info ? Check http://israelband.cjb.net and desecrate their guestbook.

Looking for something from the good old days ? The American metal band OVERLORDE has got it all. Find out what makes "Snow Giant", "The Masque OF The Red Death" and "The Longest Day" so special !!!
The band might re-unite, but is wondering if people are still interested! So, don't wait any longer, but surf to their homepage and check them out. 


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