May 2000


20th MAY - DRAKKAR HELL FEST 2000 - Avignon, FRANCE
(w/ DECAYED(por), ANTAEUS(fr.), CELESTIA(fr), ABIGAIL(jap),etc)
add. info: (Cyril)

27th MAY - Vort'n Vis HellPub - Ieper, BELGIUM
(w/ PENTACLE(hol) & CELESTIA(fr) )
add. info: (Frederic)

(w/ UNPURE(swe), COUNTESS(hol), BLIZZARD(ger),etc
add info: (Opyros)

~Shyaithan (IMPIETY)
hell-site :

Issue #2 is out. Interview with SAUTS ALASTOR, WOEBEGONIC ZEPHYR, MENTHARAS, NORTH POEM RECORDS etc. Neatly anf professionally typed. Also include news, review on today local scene. Only RM 2 + setem 50 sen from:
Great Azazel, C/O Syahrul Effendee, J 7412, Jalan Ru, Taman Maju, 77000, Jasin, Melaka.
Email :

Theur long awaited frist demo tape has released. ANyone, who is interested in brutal death metal, can send well hidden RM 5 / USD 4 for sure delivery. Other form are not encourage but still will be accepted. Zines, distributors, compilers, traders, individuals, labels, editors, comments, advices and ideas are most welcome.
c/o WonderWizard
No. 6A, Jln Zirkon E7/E, Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
Email :

• I had over thousands of titles to be trade with. I'm looking for doom, death, black and
grind or any sorts of music but make sure it's underground. No commercial AOR musical types.
Capable also to trade with original items from CDs to t-shirts. Please send me your list.
As I'm trader maniac.
Mohd Feisal Mohd Razak,
26 Lorong Sekilau 44, Bukit Sekilau, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang, West Malaysia.
Email :
• I'm seeking for any parties to trade tape or any format whether original or copied
version with me. I had over 1000 of titles from death, black, grind, noise, heavy and
goth. If any of you that have the same taste, please write and send me your list. We might
as well trade t-shirt or other sort of merchandise.
Azli Suhaimi,
A 6636, Taman Metro, Lorong Alor Akar 1, 25250 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.
Email :

Indonesia brutal death metal, will have their album, D.O.M. released in CD by DEMENTIA RECORD. Containing 13 songs. May be out in the next month on June or July.
Info contact

A melodic black/thrash metal, released their debut demo entitled "Mystique Ancient
Ceremonies". The demo/reh consist of 6 songs;
1) Diadem Thy Diabolic
2) Black Shadows
3) Thou Black Moon
4) 7 Ppell For My Throne
5) Purnama Insanity
6) Devastation Of Christ Emperor
Available for RM 5 / USD 7. The band will enter studio to record new material very soon.
Kingdom Of Zbexiest
19-A, Kg. Parit Hj. Amin,
Jln. Siakap, 34350, K. Kurau,
Perak, Malaysia.
Email :

Be alert that the band has move to a new permanet address. They are the extreme
melodic death/black metal and already issued an album last year entitled "Metafizika".
c/o Ian
Block 371 Tampines Street 34, #02-14, Singapore 520371
Email :

is in the process of completing its 4th issue. Planning for a
july/august release. Still done the U/G way!!! Last issue was released in 1997.
Any interested bands/zines to be featured in it contact me thru email/snail mail at
this address:
Noorwan Ariff
662 Lorong Suri
Jln Pegawai
05050 Alor Setar
Kedah, Malaysia.
This address is valid till october 2000, mail can still be sent, but expect a
very late reply for it. It's better to contact me thru email at:, or for further address changes!!!!
The THANATOPSIS ZINE homepage will be heavily updated in june!!! Expect the unexpected!!! site
owners, why don't we exchange links???

East Gothic Productions have change their name for the third time. Take note they are now
known as EASTERN GRANDEUR PRODUCTION. EGP has a lot of plan and releases to be made and hopefully all can be acheived without any delay. Formerly, the label have release couple of demo and they are still available for sale and the price have been reduced :
NEGATION (Malaysia) Excessive Consumption Demo
One of the best death/grind from Malaysia ever exist. Covered from old Napalm and Carcass have come a great live performance ever done in Malaysia. Grinding bastards to hell. 
RM6 / S$3 / B$3 / US$3
TWILIGHT (Greece) Promotape
Norwegians / greece with the black/death genre music have conquered the 90's era and
this is one of the band. With keyboard and synth, they grim a medieval landscape for
those who obey to the rules of left hand path. This is a cult.
RM10 / S$6 / B$6 / US$4
ORGON (France) The Lady Rides A Black Horse M/C
Have you heard or get this masterpice cassette LP from the legendary black/death from
France yet ? If you are into the black/death vein you must hav ethis in your collection
or you are a loser...
RM10 / S$6 / B$6 / US$4
(all price are include postage)
For complete mailorder list, send stamps or US$1 to :
A 6636, Taman Metro,
Lorong Alor Akar 1, 25250 Kuantan,
Pahang, Malaysia.
Email :

"Brutal-Death-Gore", 9 tracks of extremely intense music. Great mixture of brutal death metal and gore grindcore from this young but talented act !. Available on cassette. Full color sleeve. Nice sound quality. PRofessional-look DIY product. Price RM 7 (Malaysia) or USD 5 (elsewhere). Send well hidden cash or PO / MO / IMO (payable to Norlela Yasin. Write to :
c/o Norlela Yasin,
No. 10, Batu 20 1/2, 71500 Tanjung ipoh, Kuala Pilah,
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
Email :
Website :

Debut album of one of the most surprising bands hailing from Asia. Dusk is the unique metal band in Pakistan and their music is an original blend between progressive, doom and atmospheric music with strong heavy feeling and power. Great clean and deep vocals, growls and whispers. Unique. Extremely well performed with an amazing guitar work. Unbelievable !
Listen to "My Infinite Nature Alone" if you dare.
Only 2500 Esc. (por)/ 25 DM or USD 15 (europe)/ USD 16 (r.o.w).
(All payment forms addressed to Rita Romeiro)
P.O.Box 174, 8300-999 Silves, Portugal.

Date : Saturday, 3rd June 2000
Time : 4 - 10 pm
Venue : Old Hua Lian Association Hall (Near Tmn Tasek)
Tel: 05-8056421
Email :

Second issue out now. Features interviews with FELSHTIZED, HAEMORRHAGE, DEEDS OF FLESH, SKINLESS and TORN ASUNDER plus demo and album reviews. Third issue is in the works so everyone send stuff for review. For more information write to :
Willie Desamero,
#3M. Fule Sahagu St., San Pablo City, Laguna 4000 Philippines.

"Genesis Of Our Conquest" 3 song demo/rehearsal tape out now. 3 tracks of atmospheric,
melodic death metal. Bands, zines get in touch for free copy. Trades are absolutely
welcome. For more info write to :
Willie Desamero,
#3M. Fule Sahagu St., San Pablo City, Laguna 4000 Philippines.

Seeking contributor for its release. Article, poem, picture, artwork, bio, news, scene
report. Demo and fanzine are welcome to be reviewed.
c/ Aleff Omar,
kampung Pergau, 96250 Matu, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Email :

3rd issue is now out. Malay written, interview with : Utusan Vervayoh, Karkapan, Sailendra, Seasonal Abyss. Article about 'kegagalan gig di Matu Daro', 'Worship dan Butcherer mengganas kembali', 'Sarawak Metal Force Part 1 pencetus semangat kaki banging' dan 'Jam Noise Studio
pemangkin muzk u/g di Matu Daro'. Gig photos. RM 6/ SD 3/ RB 3. Wang pos payable to Hairul Rizal Rahman.
c/o Nunox Distribution
Hairul Rizal, 83 A Kampung Nangka,
96000 Sibu Sarawak, Malaysia

In the early days, when the powers of the dark forces were not as strong, the false one
laughed loud and clear but their powers came from others, not from within. Hail from the
land of everlasting light, from the land of eternal darkness..Shah Alam. ATHSIRATS, the
true cult was created first rehearsal, containing three hateful tracks and one instrumental,
the gloomy picture of black has appeared. Send Rm 3.50 for the rehearsal. Any band, zine
and distributors, do not hesitate to contact:
c/o Reime,
No. 519, Blok 14, Jalan 20/16, Seksyen 20,
40200 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Borneo death metal is now in final process of the recording of their debut full-lenght.
Last year, they released an above average mini album, "Reborn", distributed by Nebiula
Productions. This debut album, "The Curse Of Headhunter" will be released by NORTH POEM RECORDS.
KREMATION Email : or

The band was formed in 1990, and the original line-up was Syed Munawir and Ahmad
Khaidhir on guitars, Shahrul Ahmad on bass, Eddie on drums and percussion and me as
the vocalist. The band was originally named Abyss, which means "Jurang", and it was
also an acronym of the band members' first letter name. For instance, A is for Ahmad
and A-D, B is for Burner, Y is just an upside down symbol of peace, and lastly the double
SS are for Shahrul and Syed Munawir. After a while Syed Munawir suggested to add Seasonal to the name Abyss and we agreed. Later on we are known as Seasonal Abyss.

The formation of the band was very simple. Basically we all are Saint Paul's alumni,
love the same kind of music, hang out together, have the same vision and mission, and
ideal as a team. In term of music, we love aggressive music, which correlates, positively
with our lyrics. Our songs give us intrinsic value of satisfaction whereby only the band
members and you guys would know how to benefit from listening to them. For the first two years, Seasonal Abyss was more towards Death Metal music. We love to listen to Slayer, Dark Angel, Morbid Angel, Sodom, Bathory, Obituary, Sabbat, Deathrow, Napalm Death and King Diamond. However our eardrums listen to Carcass, Nailbomb, Sepultura, Godflesh, Helmet after these new wave storms the underground scene. Some may say that we are influenced by the bands that I have mentioned before, but I personally believe that our music are truly from our own creativity and ideas.

Our first demo named the "Dead Reality" demo was released on 31/12/1995. We recorded the demo at Z studio Subang Jaya incorporating six songs, including an instrumental song. We took about three hours to complete the demo. We recorded the music live, one shot then only incorporating some minor guitars and vocals. "The demo completed". Yes, it was as simple as that. However, the sound quality produced may not up to the highest standard. Well, with the constraint budget, the demo was a great achievement for us. Two of the demo songs were included in a compilation project by Permathah Pathah Records (Psoriasis Prigg) in 1997. Hopefully, the quality has improved in the "Split and Unite" demo, which was released in November 1999. Our second demo was recorded at our own home made studio. Produced by ourselves with Ajoi (guitarist) as the engineer.It was nearly 100% DIY stuff, right from the start of recording up to the distribution of the cassettes.

Some might say that SA has died with the release of the first demo because of the long
silence from us. Actually it was because of many of us further our studies abroad.
Syed Munawir has been in Scotland for about a year (1995) and I have been in the States
for almost two years (1995-1997). Syed Munawir took engineering courses. Adli took Finance at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma master degree graduate. Adli was replaced by Syed Ahmad and Eimam for two years (temporarily) and now he is back with Seasonal Abyss. Eddie (drums) is doing well with shirt printing business. Sad but true, three of the original band members had quit to settle down, They were Syed Munawir, Ahmad Khaidhir and Sharul. Their places were replaced by Ajoi and Zik and I have to play the rhythm guitar. Currently Ajoi is a freelance Sound engineer graduated from The School of Audio Engineering (SAE) KL and Zik is studying at ITM Segamat Johor taking DIIA.

The latest news, Seasonal Abyss is composing four new songs for their third demo, which
will be named "Thy Gold Kingdom". This time the music is heavier. They have played all
the new songs at gigs and the responses are good.

Seasonal Abyss t-shirt is available for only RM20 plus send us RM3 unused stamps. For the rest of the world please send US10 only postage paid. Please send money order. The t-shirt is available in white and black. Free Size. If you want to see a sample of the t-shirt,
check out at You will find adli (voxs) and ziggy were
wearing it in the Wira Metal Concert. (under gigs photo) That's all. Thank you.

Seasonal Abyss demo is available for you....You could get it at Nebiula Metal shop
(Campbell KL), Kedai Auntie (Campbell KL), Victoria (Pertama KL), Pusat Muzik Mustika Puduraya KL atau Kodai Sopan Seremban, Elegance Studio Seremban or order directly from me The price is RM7 for Malaysia and else where is US 7. Postage paid. Distro please ask wholesale price.

Seasonal Attribution Mag issue #1 an #1/1 are available for you to make copies and
distribute. It is a photocopy zine, which aims in promoting underground bands from all
around the world. RM3 + RM0.50 unused stamps in Malaysia. Elsewhere please send US3.

C/O Nuradli Ridzwan Shah
Lot 486 Taman Bukit Chedang
70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Email :
Website :
Handphone 016-2797862

This newsletter project already out 4 issue, released in Malay. Need contributor to make this newsletter info packed and much more interesting than the previous issues. Everykind of contribution is welcome.
c/o Halimunan (A.S.G)
3807 MK20 Guar Perahu, 14400 Kubang Semang, S.P.U. Penang, Malaysia.

"Serpent Seed" full lenght available on Leviathan Records. Contain 11 songs (the last three
is the cover of Exorcist, Crux and Root). Cosmic speed, furious vocals, bloodfreezing guitar riffs; that's ENTRAILS ! U$ 15/ DM 20 (including postage).
Band contact;
Igor Hubik,
Ant. Slavika 9, 60200 Brno, Czech Republic.
Email :

The alternative-crossover-HC-rasta-metal band and A.K.O.M zine has a new email address :
address : Via Berna, 15, 45010, Italy.
Phone : 0246 664920
Website :

Write for a free list of metal releases for sale or trade...
The Blakk List, P.O.Box 371, Leclaire, Iowa, 52753, USA.
Email :

"Battlestorm" MCD tells the dark tale of a battle between a village and invading crusaders.
Over 20 minutes of ripping darkness. Total destruction of all life. USD 10 everywhere.
Genocide Music,
P.O.Box 1641, Clinton, Iowa 52733-1641, USA.

Hungary’s cult band have completed recording their new and highly anticipated full length titled "Recipe Ferrum". Behind this title you"ll find an unexpectedly heavy mixture of blackened and groovy rock that will leave you aghast! Beware, they have returned!

Colour and clear images on a GORGOROTH album, what the hell? Well these guys still
performs Norwegian Black Metal but they are not so dirty & raw anymore. Gaahl handles
the vocals with Tormentor & Infernus on guitars and Sit. Erichsen on drums. With
"Incipit Satan" GORGOROTH follows a different way with more melody & grim attitude.

"Eternal Passion", Dark and gloomy sounds from the land where winter kills! The long
awaited new album of Two Witches is finally out! Those sexy Gothic vampires from Finland are here again with a new album. Mentioned many times as one of the best live acts of gothic rock, this album captures the bands raw and powerful live sound as never before! There's some Goth-metal elements, some industrial influences, some really stylish piano parts.

Has finally released a video collaboration titled "In The Visions Of Ioldanach". This
magical film concoction includes professional movie footage of the song "Manannan,"
(taken from the "In The Eyes Of Ioldanach" ) as well as three video hymns from their
debut album: "Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L." Now, only "Tara" awaits its victims for future
times to come!"

Rich Hoak(Brutal Truth) has recently formed a new band called TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION. Danny Lilker is also part of a new project called Ravenous with Killjoy from Necrophagia and Chris (Autopsy/Abscess).

The upcoming album is entitled 'Enslaved & Condemned' . The album was recorded at
Jacobs Studios in Farnham / England, produced by Simon Efemey, release date the 5th of
June. Http://

"Heretic Angels" is the first ever live album already out. Recorded live on last years
US tour including 10 tracks in a strictly limited edition of 666 copies. . Their long awaited album of remixes "The hand that feeds" will be released shortly. It includes exclusive remixes from , amongst others, Chris n_ Cosey, In The Nursery, Dance or Die, New Mind, Regenerator, Stromkern, and various techno and drum n bass. Scheduled for May an appearance at the Convergence festival in Seattle.

Are now writing new material for the next release. "Five Across The Eyes" keeps on getting great response world wide. The band is going on a small Danish tour this Spring, they are also looking for gigs anywhere else, so get in touch.


Just released their new mini CD "Tirvasia", which features 4 hymns of Dyonisic Bacchic
Ritualistic Music and will probably participate in the annual pagan festival Planet
Earth in England this summer :

A doom metal band from Brazil, rather not often encountered in this country where
most play extremely fast. They will tour Europe in June with the purpose to present
their already released debut album “The Rotten Beauty” on the quite famous label
“Megahard Records”. So they are already booking some dates now. Anyone who can help
them, please mail to: and they will surely send you a promo.

REGURGITATION (usa), CONVENT (pol) and NOMINON (swe) will tour Europe in September, Actually tourdates are still available in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech republik…so anyone able to help with some dates in your country, please mail directly to Awaken productions,

CENTINEX(swe) and the cultissime NUNSLAUGHTER (usa) will tour Europe. There are still A LOT of free dates…Until then NONE has been booked yet in Hellgium, maybe in the frontline??? Anyone who can be helpful, please mail to: or or Dani from Revenge prod also released
few time ago the mini CD of the German cult band DAWN. Soon will come the vinyl of
NUNSLAUGHTER as well as many really killer releases. VENERAL DISEASE can also be
contacted through Dani. Check this out!!!!

Just released their full-CD “Verdicts” and it is available in every fine underground
distro or directly from the band; this release is absolutelt 1000 times more brutal
than the mini “Wrathfate”. Note the band will intensely tour Benelux and then anyone
able to help them please mail to : VENERAL-DISEASE@GMX.DE or

Will be again on tour with VOMIT REMNANTS in july, surely on the Lokerse feesten in
August, again on tour with PROPHECY(USA), PESSIMIST(USA) and one German / Italian band in October. It´ll be fucking killer cause all those band s simply rules in their styles,
therefore if you have still free dates, mail to: So, anybody who can
help, please mail directly to him!

ANCESTRAL MALEDICTION, ABHORRENCE and OPHIOLATRY are planning now their tour in Europe scheduled for this autumn…If you are intensely following the development of the Operation Krisiun-Mania, then be sure to check out these three bands: Abhorrence: or

Is a very promising one from this warm country.Their album will surely be available
everywhere in Europe from April and they are booking now all the dates for a complete
European freelance tour. For info and booking, mail to: or or

AMEN CORNER and KREDITOR are also from Brasil, check them both as they deliver simply fantastic death metal the Brazilian way. They will tour Europe in September. Presenting respectively new albums. By the way, if you have time, take a visit to the Kreditor website:

from Belgium have a new website open. You will know more about them by visiting

A fantastic death metal band , now Fabio Suliani relocated with ABOMINATION…the
godfathers of thrash/death metal… and they rehearse very intensely on new songs.
Sure they will be soon back on the map. A European tour (Tragedies strike again
over Europe) will be booked by the band itself as a pre-presentation of their
forthcoming album…legends never die and to be sure that ABOMINATION are very close to their fans as well as underground concert organizators, you can mail directly to : Definitely They really count on your help to book this tour in

Once called INTERIOR SOUL, are going on a freelance tour in Europe at the end of this
year. Their MCD “The Merciless Faces of Evil” is absolutely one of the best South
Brazilian releases along with Rebaelliun’s Burn the Promised Land. Be attentive this
band will simply surprise you as much as Rebaelliun did…so be prepared that the year
2000 will be under the Brazilian flag and that…even in Europe, prove that not only in
Football brazilians are champions, but also in extreme death metal. Any help is welcome ,
so mail to:

In mid 1999 Dimitros (ex-ENTHRONED guitar player) and David (CRYTOPSY, ROTTING CHRIST IMPALED NAZARENE soundman) came together with the same goal, to create a heaviest music. In August 1999 FLATULATION recorded their first demo 11 tracks "Autopsy d'une intoxication au chili con carne". This is the first presentation of their music., versatility, originality, blastering beats and crushing power are the trademarks of FLATULATION music. 28 minutes of intense death metal combinates brutality with fast and mid tempo, sound quality, Cr2 tape, full coloured cover.
you can get this stuff for :
30 FF/200 BF/10 DM/5 U$
For more info and merchandise :
David Decorbert,
55, avenue des Pervenches, 93370 MONTFERMEIL, France.
Phone/fax : ++ 33(0)143 88 00 87

In may, they enter the studio to record their last album “Armoured Bestial Hell”,
which will be the VERY LAST ONE on Plastic Head/ Black End. Afterwhich, they will go
on another label. In the summer, they will play various festivals, among others the
Gentse Bieste, 22th of july in the FRONTLINE, Gent. All of you be there if you wanna
see a real holocaustic black metal assault on stage. Hope the Frontline will be FULL
HOUSE!!!!! Info mail

The cult all-female and 100% pure death metal band from Germany will present their full
album in Netherlands on the 29th of april in the Baroeg, Rotterdam (with DEFLESHED from Sweden) and for the VERY first time in Belgium on the 13th of may in the Frontline, Gant, together with their landmates KARKADAN who also will do a very exclusive presentation of their debut album “Eternal Black Reflections”.

ABORTED, ECTOPIA and DUST have founded the COCK&BALL crew, an international regroupment of worlds sickest bands playing the most demented grindgrowlgorecore ever. Soon SANITY’s DAWN are going to join the crew. Maybe you can join the Cock&Ball crew, for that you must mail to: You must have big balls and a long cock, be an adept of an(im)al sex, have a band playing really sick gore/grind/death, ready to play everywhere and go on tour everytime required. Applications must be mailed to Mr Sven himself…and maybe you can be the next to join…

Will be in Germany and play at the Desaster Metal Meeting at the 3rd of June. So they´re
looking for 1 or 2 more gigs around Belgium/Northern France/South-West Germany area. Do you know of any gigs or do you think it´s possible to arrange with local acts or so?
Around 1st, 2nd and 4th of June. mail to:

A swedish webzine, released very regularly, it will present you some detailed interviews
with international bands like Enthroned, Vital Remains…but also a lot of unknown swedish bands, labels, mags atc…should check the site.

Issue #2 is out now and this is so far one of the best death metal mag in the underground.
It’s completely written in English, on pro-printed paper with superb graphics, imagery
and excellent in-depth interviews with Immolation, Vomit Remnants, Kadath, Nile (+in-depth tour report with Cryptopsy, Vader, Six Feet Under, Thyrfing….and many scary details…) mail to:

DEADLY ART records
Some releases freshly available…
•MUSICAL MASSACRE "necrobestiality" 10-inch, red vinyl, old school-death like Autopsy & Asphyx
•NIGHT IN GALES "sylphlike" 10-inch, blue-marbled vinyl, melodic death; their legendary demo released some years ago…
•CENTINEX "apocalyptic armageddon" 7-inch, swedish death,grey-marbled vinyl DEPRESSION "chronische depression" CD death/grind
•CENTINEX "Apocalyptic armaggedon" 7"-EP- swedish Death Metal
•IMPENDING DOOM 10-INCH- incl. brandnew killer-tracks (really killer!!) + live-stuff -
•SANITYS DAWN/EXHUMED Split-EP- a must for every Death/Grind-maniac !, colored vinyl, out beginning of the new millenium
•DEPRESSION "Chronische Depression" CD- full-lenght CD, out beginning new millenium, LP-version later (maybe March or April) -
Kai Scheibe
Wachenheimer Straße 82
65835 Liederbach/Germany
Tel./Fax ++49(0)6196-527263

Issue# 1 is also an excellent english written and professionally made mag, featuring
great interviews with Morbid Angel as well as very interesting articles, reviews and
so on. Now Vlad is looking for some cool metal bands to appear on the comp CD that
will accompany the next issue which will be pressed in 1500 copies and sold worldwide.1 minute is 15 US Dollars. Any band interested, please mail to:

This death/grind band consist of K.A.Memas - guitar / vocals, G.Tsaganos - guitar /
vocals, M.Idrizis - drums. Already release/recorded couple of demo and rehearsal tapes and Harmonious Concertos For Cadaveric Requiems (5 songs / 1999) and Compiled Remains (5 songs / 2000) are few of them. More info contact :
Theofrastou 9, Peristeri 12134, Athens, Greece
Email :

• DENIAL OF GOD The Crypt Has Eyes
black/horror metal from Denmark. Purple vinyl limited to 500 pcs.
raw czech black metal
• BRAINSTORM Fiery Ritual 7"EP
limited 300 pcs Ukrainian metal/folk
• SABBAT Sabbatical Demonslaught 7"EP
japanese cult black/heavy metal
underground metal from Nepal/India.
• DARK STORM Four Lucan Emperor MCD
raw czech black metal. MANIAC BUTCHER members.
• SOLSTAFIR Til Valhallar MCD
Icelandic black metal.
Price 7"EP :
-US$ 4 ppd. Europe/ world surface, US$ 5 ppd world airmail.
-Get any 3 pieces for US$9 ppd Europe/ world surface, US$ 12 ppd world airmail.
Price MCD :
-US$ 7 ppd. Europe/ world surface, US$ 8 ppd world airmail.
c/o Pavel Tusl
P.O.Box 26, 34901 Stribo, Czech Republic.
Phone : +420 (0)602 205827

Just to inform you that ICONTOMB MAGAZINE spring issue still available!!!
Delivering 48 A4 B&W glossy pages written in English, and featuring interviews
DEPRESSY, IN THA UMBRA, POSTHUMOUS, INFERNAL DREAMS, DARK STORY, TRAILS OF TEARS, MONASTERIUM... a Special Czech Scene Report featuring also interviews with ROOT, KRABATHOR, ENTRAILS, PANDEMIA, MANIAC BUTCHER. A large of reviews (demos, CD's, Vynil and 'zines), live reports as well an interesting article about "Knights Templer and the Baphomet Myth". All this with a killer lay-out!!!

Order your copy now via e-mail and get completely FREE "ASGARDDREIEN" Compilation CD  vol#1 (Oskorei Prod. '99), featuring Horna, Frostmoon, Hell Storm, Vanahaeim, among many others...

Just get your copy sending only 700$00 (Portugal cheque/vale postal em nome de Hernani Francisco), $5 US (Europe), $6 US (World) - p&p included-

Send well hidden cash (registered mail preferred), IMO to:

Hecatombe Promotions
C/o Hernani A.F
Rua Dr. Oliveira Salazar 23
2425-044 Monte Real

TITLE: Burst Into Blue Flame
RELEASE DATE: May 29 the. 2000

1. Masters Of Illusion
2. Obey The Moon
3. Halfway To Heaven
4. Come Down From The Skies
5. Damnation's Edge
6. Greed
7. Burst Into Blue Flame
8.Silently Falling Asleep
9. The Lunatic Moon On The Dark Sea

+ They Are Japanese Underground Beautiful and Aggressive Melodic Death/Thrash Master!!!
+ Incredible Strong Debut!! and Filled with lots of melodic harmonies!!
+ Aggressive Live with ARCH ENEMY ,GOD DETHRONED and RITUAL CARNAGE at Japan Tour!!
and Korean Tour with SAD LEGEND !!
+ Guest female vocalist by Saeko (FAIRY MIRROR)
+ Nostalgic Beautiful Art Work!!
+ Many Promo cd and 10000 copies flyer speeded to magazine , radio station , distributor
for worldwide
+ Advertisement placed in major worldwide magazine.

Influence by NWOBHM bands like IRON MAIDEN and Thrash Metal bands like METALLICA , SLAYER and more.... Hard and aggressive vocal style with cranky but melodious guiter sound.
Sticking to original style of Heavy Metal especially 80's Heavy Metal sound.
Aiming at originality of MANIPULATED SLAVES based on 80's Heavy Metal!!!

1994......... Kageyama and the founder drummer formed a band with previous bassist (Apr.)
A guiterist joined. (Dec.)
1995......... Recorded first demo tape (June).
First Gig at "Rockets" in Osaka and "Rockets" became main venue for
Recorded second demo tape (Nov.)
1997...........Previous guiterist and Matsuno joined the band (Aug)
Finished recording of third demo tape (Nov.)
1999...........Recorded forth demo tape (Feb.)
The founder drummer left the band (Mar.)
Previous guiterist left the band. and Kazushi Nomura (ex-SLEAZY WIZARD) and
previous drummer joined band (May)
2000.......... First gig in Korea with SAD LEGEND (Mar)
1st. Fullenth album "Burst Into Blue Flame" released (May.)
Previous Drummer left the band Takayoshi Saita (ex-DAZZLE) joined the band

FOR interviews , wholesale and trade please contact at the following address.

(WHOLESALE and TRADE) (Interview)
#406 New Light Bld. 2-25-6 2-12-4-208 semba-nishi
Hongo Bunkyo-ku Tokyo mino-city Osaka JAPAN
JAPAN web-site:
Fax; +81-3-5803-7661

RELEASE DATE: MAY 29th, 2000 (EU)
BARCODE: 6660006669164

Formed in 1993 by Lord Ahriman & the former guitarist Blackmoon. Sweden's
Dark Funeral has carved its evil imprint on the Metal map in just a few short
years, causing quite a stir within the Metal community. Since Dark Funeral's
demonic beginning, the band has attained nothing but praise and adoration for
its hellish attack on the musical scene. So far, their devilish work include 4
highly acclaimed releases. And we are hereby proud to announce the re-release
of their cult debut MCD, which for the past 2 years has been out of print. And
is regarded as a true black metal classic.

1) Open The Gates
2) Shadows Over Transylvania
3) My Dark Desires
4) In The Sign Of The Horns
5) Equimanthorn* (Bathory cover)
6) Call From The Grave* (Bathory cover)

* Re-release of the bands legendary 1994 debut Mini-CD.
* Re-mastered for optimal sound quality.
* Now with a brand new packaging. Including lyrics, many rare & previous un-published
* Bonus Tracks. Two amazing cover tracks of Bathory´s classics "Call From The Grave" &
* Recorded at the legendary Uni-Sound Studios.
* A must in every metal heads CD collection!

Lord Ahriman-Guitars
Themgoroth-Vocals & Bass

HELL001 S/T MCD (1994)
NFR011 The Secrets Of The Black Arts CD (1996)
NFR027 Vobiscum Satanas CD (1998)
NFR043 Teach Children To Worship Satan MCD/MLP (2000)
HELL006 In The Sign... MCD* (2000)

110 SEK / 26 DEM / 12 US DOLLAR
Distributors get in touch for w/s prices.


D.W.P / Dark Funeral
PO.Box 4288, SE 102 66 Stockholm, Sweden

Hellspawn Records
PO.Box 5077, SE 121 16 Johanneshov, Sweden

"The End Of Forever" gatefold LP limited to 666 copies only ! Released by END ALL LIFE
Other merchandise :
-Live MC. 4 tracks. Limited to 66 copies. US$5
-Live video. 7 tracks. 35 minutes with cover. US$ 15
-Black S/S t-shirt (logo front/Atomic Metal Melbourne on back) US$ 15
-Badges US$2 each.
All item post paid
P.O.Box 136 Kew. Victoria, Australia.
Email :
Website :

>>> "PANTHER-A Tribute To Pantera" (ER9902) - IN STORES EVERYWHERE NOW!
Goes for adds this week! The final lineup and track listing for this disc
is posted on the website at Some
noteworthy bands on the project include PISSING RAZORS (you all gotta know
about these Texas maniacs...) ILL NINO (features former members Soulfly &
Pro-Pain, right now they got 3 major-label deals on the table) and THE
STEP KINGS (you'll be hearing all about these guys from Roadrunner Records
within the next 2 months) BOILER ( killer band released "The New
Professionals" on Meyhem Records and currently working out a deal with
some BIG labels) and our very own DISARRAY (receiving tons of press and
radio right now as well as touring nonstop since December). Others are
ANAL CUNT (Seth of the band appeared on Pantera's last album as guest
vocals) MURDER 1 (total psychos, have been arrested in almost every city
in the USA as well as kicked off every tour they have ever done and been
banned from almost every club they have ever played, gotta check out these
guys!) There are a bunch of other great bands that you all have heard of
as well, but no space to fit 'em all here... check out the site! Plus
exclusive artwork by Jeff Gaither.

>>> DISARRAY's "A Lesson In Respect" (ER9901) - Look for interviews /
features in up-coming issues of UNRESTRAINED, PIT Magazine, and METAL
HAMMER US, as well as many fanzines, regional papers, etc... Disarray have
been touring constantly since December, so the cats are taking a break and
will be back on tour in June. Check the website for details.

>>> "Best of the Underground #1" (ER9903) - This compilation CD will
feature some of the best material we have received from up-and-coming
bands across the US. Confirmed artists at this time include TORN ASUNDER,
others t.b.a. This release is expected to street in July, 2000. Features
exclusive artwork by Richard Bakker.

Eclipse Records Corporation
23 Ward Avenue
Butler, NJ 07405-1117 U.S.A.
Phone (973)492-1976
Fax (973)491-3296

Selftitled debut album is out. Stunning debut from this swedish Power Metal unit!
THE STORYTELLER mix their Metal with Folk and medivial music and then add fantasy lyrics. The result is completely breathtaking! The relase dates for Japan & USA are somewhat delayed...
We will get back to you with further info about it as soon as release dates are decided.
THE STORYTELLER is currently available for interviews. Magazines & Radio should get in touch now.
House Of Kicks Distribution. A division of MNW Records Group AB
Industrivägen 1, 171 48 Solna, Sweden
+46-8-6303601(Fax) (E-Mail)
Promotion office:
Fax+46-8-6433174 (Ph/Fax)

(Hellish Raging Black Metal whirlwind from Singapore!!!!!)

(Old style pounding death/black from Holland like Hellhammer/old Celtic Frost!)

(pure grim black metal from France)

Place to be :
"Vort'n Vis"
Kiekenmarkt 8, 8900 IEPER, BELGIUM
(You can stay and sleep here! no problem!)

Saturday 27th May 2000
Start: 20h End: 23h30 Entrance: 200 / 250 Bfr
organiser/more info at:

This is a totally non-commercial underground-gig and it's very important that every
dedicated person help us to spread the word please!!!!
The gig of Impiety is exclusively!! They do 3 gigs on their "European Tour" only!!!
One festival in France (  ) one in Germany and one gig in Belgium
( )
Make sure you be there to support these bands and activities! Or at least try to
help us!

• WR01 ADRAMELCH -Irae melanox CD
Reissue of classic italian epic/power from mid-80s originally out on METALMASTER. A true CULT album which has been brought back to life after 10 years on CD format for the first time ever. Issued with the original colour artwor taken from a painting by Gianluca
Corona (main songwriter and guitarist). A real gem for all lovers of Fates
Warning/Warlord with a touch of Iron Maiden. Rave reviews in music magazines
[ROCK HARD (Germany -9/10), HEAVY ODER WAS!? (Germany -12/12), FLASH (Italy -96/100), METAL HAMMER Italy, PSYCHO, METAL HEART and tons more.

Limited picture disc version of THE italian deaththrash masters BULLDOZER! Ltd. to 500

Limited picture disc of their last studio epitaph Ltd. to 500

• WR01EP SABBAT/IMPERIAL -The Bulldozer Armageddon vol.1 7"
Japanese mayhemic masters Sabbat and french bonecrushers IMPERIAL pay tribute to BULLDOZER with one song each band Ltd. to 300 SABBAT "whisky time / IMPERIAL "desert!"

• WR02EP NECROSPHERE -Mortis causa 7"
A band that is totally devoted to brutal death/grind. Four tracks of sonic terrorism
including NECROSPHERE's treatment of SLAYER's "Necrophiliac". (OUT APRIL 2000)
Ltd. to 300

• ATOMIZER -t.b.a. 7"
australian blackthrash merchants
• DENIAL OF GOD -Robbing the grave of the priest 7"PIC DISC
Danish cult horror/black horde, includes the cover of MAYHEM "Funeral Fog"
• ADRAMELCH -Irae melanox PIC DISC
ltd. to 300, different color sleeve than cd
• ENCABULOS -t.b.a. 10" PIC DISC
australian brutal de(ath)vastation, extreme stuff to fuck your head with!
ltd 500 copies, licensed from Listenable

The biggest new is that the band will definately unleash a NEW album after 11 years! Main songwriter and mastermind Gianluca Corona has teamed up with singer Vittorio Ballerio once again to write down tracks for what will be their second album. No titles available now but Gianluca has 15 tracks written down and Vittorio is currently working on the lyrics. Both members will be joined in the studio by session musicians. There's no scheduled date for the album release but it'll probably see the light before year 2000 ends.

WARLORD RECORDS, with the special collaboration of STEVE SYLVESTER/DEATH SS, will issue a ltd ed BOX SET of 5 5 x 7" singles tentatively titled "Cursed Singles II". The boxset will contains possibly some unreleased material and classic tracks never available before on vinyl format. Steve Sylvester is currently choosing the tracks and will also take care of the complete graphic layout. Expected release is planned for June/July 2000 and ltd to 500 only, with the first 50 copies will be signed by Steve Sylvester

APRIL 2000:
it's confirmed that NUNSLAUGHTER will have their new 7" out on WARLORD RECORDS. More infos on 7" title and track list soon.

WARLORD records/BLACKSTAR distribution&mail-order
Alessandro Vicini, v.le Roma 15, 20095 Cusano (MI), Italy
ph/fax: +39-02-6133672 e-mail:

All hell breaks lose in the German Charts. Yes - thrash metal reigns
the German Charts, as DESTRUCTION will crush into the charts on Monday
May 8th on Pos. 67 - Congratulations to the band, who are already on tour in Germany !
SINNER entered the German Charts on Pos. 87 and will start their tour,
together with metal legend Ronnie James Dio in May & June!
Breakup rumours ? The time is now to cut the wings from the rumors concerning
STRATOVARIUS breakup. The rumors took place originally from Finish media where
both Timo's (Tolkki & Kotipelto) told about their futureplans. As you all may
or may not know, both Kotipelto and Tolkki are planning to release a soloalbum
next year 2001. Now I wouldn't call it a breakup, if a band takes some time for
themselves. Since they haven't mention anything about the new STRATOVARIUS album
coming next year, some parties obviously considered that they will break up. This
is however not the case. STRATOVARIUS will probably take one year off so the
release gap between Infinite and the forthcoming album will be greater than in the
previous albums. How long will the gap be? No one knows at the moment.In addition
Timo Tolkki speaks out:
Hello everybody, I am writing this in the middle of a busy tour. Everything has gone
really well, yesterday we played in Budapest Hungary to 1700 people. It was
amazing show!! I have, like everybody else, heard rumours that this will be
the last tour for STRATOVARIUS and that we won't be making any albums anymore.
No decision like this has not been made within the band so the rumours are false.
We will have a break after this tour and how long that break will be nobody knows.
But I estimate at least 2 years. It's time to sit down, rest and think about other
things than STRATOVARIUS, at least for me. Humble thanks to all of you for your
amazing support!!See you on tour!!
Love and Peace, Timo Tolkki
• INCUBUS are back with a new name "Opprobrium"
The former NB band "Incubus" are back with a new album a new name. From now
on they will name their band "OPPROBRIUM" not to mix up things with the Sony recording artists "Incubus". A new album is recorded with producer legend Harris Johns in Brasil. "Discerning Forces" will be released by NB on May 29th 2000 !
• HYPOCRISY - new album ready !
The recordings for the new HYPOCRISY album are finished. Their new masterpiece
will be released on July 31rd followed by festival appearances in the summer
(Wacken etc.) and later an European tour together with Destruction.
• HAMMERFALL, HELLOWEEN & SKYCLAD back in the recording studios
HAMMERFALL are in Nashville/USA to record their new album "Renegade" will producer legend Michael Wagener in the Wireworld Studios. The record is tentatively
entitled "Renegade", and here are some song titles: "A Legend Reborn", "Keep
The Flame Burning", "Renegade" & "Always Will Be". The album will be released
on October 9th, but there will be a single available by the end of August,
on the track "Templars Of Steel".
HELLOWEEN are recoding at the moment their first album for Nuclear Blast in
Teneriffe with Producer Rob Z. and engineer Charly Bauernfeind.
SKYCLAD are recording their new album Rhymes Against Humanity in the UK at
the moment, with aprobably release date set for October 2nd.
SATYRICON are on tour at the moment with PANTERA & POWERMAN 5000 - check
out this mindblowing package in your town !
• MANOWAR Video release comittet!
The long awaited MANOWAR Video "Hell on Earth - Part One" will be released
on June 6th - fans who have seen the video are totally enthusiastic about
this real piece of Heavy Metal. Don't miss this document about the leading
heavy metal band of the world! MANOWAR opened their new webpageon the net
- check out -
• IN FLAMES - Clayman
Their new amazing album "Clayman" will be released on July 3rd 2000! Be
ready for one of the most surprising mixes of melodic death metal in rock
history. A video shoot is planned for the track "Only for the weak" and will
be added as a special bonus on the first limitedEdition of the album !
• SINERGY are prepared for their second album released
To Hell and Back is the second album by SINERGY - for the first time
recorded with their touring line-up plus CHILDREN OF BODOM mastermind Alexi
Laiho. The album will be released on June 26th and will be supported by
their first video-clip for an yet undecided song!

The song titles for this German group's upcoming CD, Enlighten The
Darkness, include: Let Me Live, The One You Are, Enjoy, Fly Away, Come Into
Resistance, Beneath The Silence, Still I'm Bleeding, I Need You,
Prelude, Cross Of Hatred, Oceans Of Tomorrow and Same Eyes. Enlighten The
Darkness was recorded at Woodhouse studios in Germany and will be released
in July.

Vocalist Andre Matos is now stationed in Germany for the recordings of
his solo project, VIRGO, together with Sascha Paeth (HEAVENS GATE,
RHAPSODY). VIRGO is basically a non-metal project that ranges from
progressive to melodic rock (ala QUEEN). Feel free to check out the band's
official website at .

There's no denying the euphoric reaction from old-school fans over the
recent release of BLOODBATH's three-song EP, Breeding Death, including
a rave review in a recent issue of Metal Maniacs praising the band's
"superior death metal". For those still unaware, BLOODBATH is a
side-project consisting of Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth on vocals, Katatonia
members Jonas Renkse and Blackheim on bass and guitar respectively, and noted
producer Dan Swano of EDGE OF SANITY and NIGHTINGALE fame on drums.

The band are performing two songs on national Norwegian TV during the
"Metropol Live"-show. The tracks performed are "Colossus" and "Ruins Of
The Future" from their forth-coming album, Quintessence, which will be
released on May 23rd. Produced by Peter Tagtgren (HYPOCRISY, DIMMU
BORGIR) at Sweden's Abyss Studio, Quintessence shows off Borknagar's
immense talent and ability at weaving catchy hooks into intricate songs.
Joining the band are new drummer Asgeir Mickelson (SPIRAL ARCHITECT) and
synth player Lars Are Nedland (SOLEFALD).

These French Canadian death metal mongers continue crafting the songs
for their next album. Having completed a few tunes so far the group are
aiming to enter the studio in June for a fall release. Some new titles
include "And Then It Passes" and "We Bleed". Vocalist Mike DiSalvo
describes the new material as "even more extreme than anything we've ever
done". And judging by a rough 4-song demo we have heard here at the
office, he ain't kidding!

The Gothenburgers are nearly finished recording their new album, Haven,
at Studio Fredman. Early reports have the material sounding heavier
and harder hitting, with catchier moments and rougher vocals.

The band are currently on tour in the UK. The first two shows were
sold out and received rave reviews with Kerrang! even dubbing it "the show
of the year so far".

The new record is called If Then Else. The track listing is as
follows: Rollercoaster, Shot To Pieces, Amity, Bad Movie Scene, The Colorado
Incident, Beautiful War, Analog Park, Herbal Movement, Saturnine,
Morphia's Waltz and Pathfinder. The band recorded the effort at studio S &
K in Doetinchem, Holland and mixed it with Attie Bauw at Bauwhaus. The
album is produced by THE GATHERING, with help from Zlaya Hadzich. It
will be a rock orientated album! When asked about the new album,
vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen had this to say: "The sound has changed
again a bit but it is for the better I can tell you. The guitars are more
rough, with an edge, and we experimented with effects on vocals, drums
and bass. The songs are shorter, and the album itself is way shorter
than How To Measure A Planet? We felt this should be a kick ass, in
your face album, but there is also a good deal of trippy stuff on it."

While currently playing regional shows, as well as writing new
material, the band is firming up plans to record their Century Media debut and
follow up to their punishing album, Reject The Sickness. It looks as
if the recording sessions will begin in September for a release in early

With 3 months of live shows under their belts, HASTE are taking that
experience with them as they write and demo songs for their follow up to
1999's Pursuit In The Face Of Consequence. The early word is that
they'll record 10 or 11 brand new tracks in late summer at Syncromesh
Studios in Alabama.

The next JAG PANZER opus, Thane To The Throne, is complete and it is an
undertaking of William Shakespeare's Macbeth. The 17-song effort was
produced by Jim Morris (SAVATAGE, DEATH) and features a grandiose, yet
powerful, musical onslaught. Scheduled for a May 9th release, the band
are looking to appear at several of the US and Europe's finest
festivals before heading out on the road in support of this epic.

KRISIUN are now in Europe throughout May touring with GORGOROTH, SOUL
REAPER and NIGHT IN GALES supporting their freshly released new album,
Conquerors Of Armageddon. Look for the band to return to the States
again in June with DISMEMBER, SHADOWS FALL and KATAKLYSM as part of the
International Music fest tour.

LACUNA COIL had an EP come out in Europe in April. Produced by Waldemar
Sorychta (THE GATHERING, TIAMAT) at Italy's Damage Studios (ANATHEMA),
Half-Life debuts four new songs (including one in their native
language) and a short instrumental track which further the sextet's expansive
sound. For US fans, the EP will be available via Century Media's
mail-order. In the spring they will most likely return to the studio to record
their next full-length which will be available worldwide sometime this

Century Media is proud to announce that we are issuing the new album
from Russia' MENTAL HOME. MENTAL HOME received an extremely favorable
response to their last album, Black Art, from press and radio and after
hearing the strength of the new material we wanted to further the band's
crusade of emotional melodic metal, which is highlighted by a greater
sense of musicality and variance on the new disc, Upon The Shores Of
Inner Seas, which was released on April 25th.

Make sure to catch MOONSPELL at a city near you throughout the month of
May. The band will be embarking on a full-blown US tour with AMORPHIS
and THE KOVENANT in support of their latest effort, The Butterfly
Effect. Visit the "TOURS" section on this very website for all of the
cities/venues they'll be stopping at over the course of the tour.

Vocalist Warrel Dane had this to say recently: "Currently I am working
on new songs so I'm going a little insane. This happens every time we
write a record. Jeff (Loomis - guitar) is writing some AMAZING shit -
killer riffs from hell, and it's inspiring to say the least. The title of
the record is not set yet. I have ideas but I seem to change my mind
with each new song. Here are some titles: Engines Of Hate, Believe In
Nothing, Insignificant, WeDisintegrate, Dead Heart In A Dead World, The
Day The Rats Went To War. Some lyrics to The Day The Rats...: "The day
the rats went to war...They killed the golden calf and the virgin
whore.....They shot the piper and drank the blood and in the end will we ever
know who fucked jfk?? God loves the CIA......But he hates you......."

NOCTURNAL RITES have just about finished recording their new album,
Afterlife, which is their first to feature new lead singer Johnny
Lindkvist. The follow-up to The Sacred Talisman is expected to be released in

OLD MAN'S CHILD's fourth album, Revelation 666: The Curse Of Damnation,
was released March 21st. Recorded at Abyss Studios with producer Peter
Tagtgren (IMMORTAL, MARDUK), the new opus features a darker and more
twisted maniacal sound than found on its predecessor, Ill-Natured
Spiritual Invasion. Rejoining mainman Galder on the new album are returning
guitarist Jarder and ex-DIMMU BORGIR drummer Tjodalv, as well as new
bassist Memnoch and drummer Grimar. The group will tour Europe in May with

The group will tour South America from mid-April until the end of the
month. This tour will take them through Columbia, Equador, Peru,
Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay. Early reports from Europe say that the
band's forthcoming release is their best in years. Look for it in August

If you haven't heard yet, Of One Blood has now hit the streets! Look
for the band to support the album on the road the entire summer and
fall. For now, the band is all set to hit the U.S.'s Northeastern and
Mid-Atlantic roads in mid/late May with All Out War and new label-mates,
God Forbid. Next they undertake the impressive International Extreme
Music Festival tour with DISMEMBER, KATAKLYSM and KRISIUN. Watch for tour
dates on this website.

Australian fans beware as SKINLAB has scheduled their first visit down
under May 13-23 before returning for more US dates this summer. Watch
and request SKINLAB's new video "Second Skin: New Flesh" at The Box,
MTV, Much Music, VH1 'Rock Show' and regional video programs.

Their fourth studio album, Declaration Of A Headhunter, is set to hit
the streets of North America on June 13th. Boasting sickening crushing
guitars combined with the impressive three-man vocal attack of Bonz,
Dan Dryden and Rich Ward, Declaration... is both the band's heaviest
hitting album AND their most melodic output to date. As a teaser, look for
the album's opening track "Hatebreed" on the upcoming Identity Six:
Behold Another World Century Media compilation (due out April 25th).


Following the successful European tour with MY DYING BRIDE, the Dutch
masters of emotional metal music are ready to amaze you once again with
a new studio album entitled "if_then_else" and to be released on July
3rd. The album includes a total of 11 songs and sees the band coming up
with a super balanced mixture of atmospheric, yet catchy compositions
(awesome vocal lines once again) but as well some more driving tunes
with really heavy guitar riffs. Previous to the full length, the band will
release a MCD featuring the album's opening song "Rollercoaster" (radio
edit" as well as the previously unreleased instrumental track "Theme
from The Cyclist", a live version of "Leaves" (featuring the Metropole
Orchestra) and the video clip for "Liberty Bell" as CDR track.
< Http:// >

Galder once again assembled a new line-up with the most prominent new
entry on the drums: Trym from Emperor. The band are currently on the

The band have returned after a long break to concentrate on studies.
They are back on track and have 13 songs done which they want to use on
their next album. They plan to record in June and report that the
material will be more in the vein of the first album with a large amount of
melody more female vocals (from the woman who sang on the band's
debut). Make sure to check out their new website at
< >

New Orlean's very own forerunners of the whole sludge-sabbath-noise-punk-metal movement, EYEHATEGOD, just finished a very acclaimed comeback-tour in Europe. The band crushed stages for a month together with longtime friends CROWBAR and SOILENT GREEN as well as DRECKSAU and proved again the legends correct of them being one of the most intense live-acts ever. The band is getting now ready to record their next studio album throughout summer and then tour on in the USA as well as Europe again!

The Panzer is confirmed to play this year's Bang Your Head festival on
the first of July in Balingen/Germany replacing Armored Saint. The
festival will feature THIN LIZZY, UDO, SAXON, DORO, RAGE and many others.
< Http:// >

We received the (un-mastered) version of Haven a few days ago. The
album sounds awesome and takes a step "back" possessing more aggressive
vocal-work while still retaining their distinguishable melodic and catchy
songwriting traits. Expect the release to contain an enhancement of
the "ThereIn" video clip.
< Http://

The finnish up'n'coming melodic black metal band just signed a
worldwide deal with CMR. These guys have been quickly building themselves a
great reputation throughout the underground because of some quality
releases on the french label SEASONS OF MIST and also due to their pretty
untypically bizarre presentation / concept. ...AND OCEANS will be
recording their CM-debut later on in summer and according to the band, the
material will turn out even more bombastic than their current album "The
Symmetry Of I The Circle Of O".

Swiss groove-monsters GURD are back again and soon to release a
extremely strong new record entitled "Bedlam" on the 28th of August. The new
material combines untamed aggression, great by are-style guitar-riffing
and a decent amount of groove and all the way catchiness. Get ready to
have heads moving!
< Http:// >

The new albums of RYKER's (2 CD) and ANFALL (new German punk-rock
signing) were recently mastered. More info about these soon!


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