March 2000

A gig went un-announced in this list on March 5 2000. BANDUNG'S NOISE
FREAK was held at Saparua Sport Hall features
DRY (Surabaya),

For more info on what happen there, contact
BONDOL ++62 (0)22 7560604 E-Mail : or
YADI ++62 (0)22 2035176 E-Mail : or
For what we have heard, the first 3000 tickets are sold out couple of days before the gig and another 2000 copies ticket sold on the gig day is also sold out ! The show was held in a hall (or stadium ?) which have 2 basketball court. So you can guess how big the place is.

Another was organised in RockPub, Bangkok, Thailand on 25 March 2000. The headliner for GOD BEHEADING 2000 are IMPIETY (Singapore), SURRENDER OF DIVINITY (Thailand black metal). Other bands : HERETIC ANGELS, DEATHGUY and LACERATE.

And on the same day, 25 March 2000 another gig is planned in Alor Setar, Malaysia with local CRYPTIC MALEDICTION, MANDATORY, DROWN IN BLOOD and PUAKA SABIT.
Venue : Subaru Discotheque Off Jln Putra
Time : 2.00 pm - 7.00 pm
Ticket : RM 14/-

Date : 01-04-2000
Venue : Hang Tuah Hall, Melaka
Ticket : Rm 16.

2 more gig where the mighty SIGH from Japan will perform here in South East Asia.
SIGH (Japan)
local death metal CASTIGATE, DEMISOR and local black metal HAIL, GEMATRIA & ILEMAUZAR
Date : 01.04.2000 Time : 3 pm - 9 pm
Entrance : S10.00 Venue : Costa San Resort, Singapore.

SIGH (Japan)
IMPIETY (Singapore)
local black metal RAVENLORD, local death metal MANDATORY & HERRIOT and dark/death VOCIFERATION ETERNITY.
ate : 02.04.2000 Time : 2 pm - 8 pm
Entrance : RM20.00 Venue : Warp Dance Club, Life Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Both 'scenarios' brought by PSYCHIC SCREAM ENTERTAINMENT.

SYNCHRONIZER, industrial/hardcore metal debut demo is out now featuring 5 tracks with good sound quality. RM 6 (Malaysia) or USD5 (world) from E-Jam,
252 Kampung Lintang, Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak.

FOGFLAMES RECORDS are still searching gothic, ambiental, folk metal, melodic metal and dark metal bands from all over the world for their new compilation tape/CD called "Extreme Desire In The Thundering Fog". Interested bands should send them your CD/tape, pictures, logo, bio/band info as soon as possible. BAnd already confirm to be in the comp are :
Getsemany "Breath of God" (Italy)
Lathebra "My Velvet Dusk" (Italy)
Unseen Darkness "Tikam Balik Belati Ketidak Sucian" (Indonesia)
Kekal "Escaping Eternal Suffering" (Indonesia)
Vaakevandring "Untitled" (Norway)
Rakoth "Fire" (Russia)
Theatres Des Vampires "Vampire Chronicle's" (Italy)
Faith & Disease "Perhaps ...persephone" (USA)

No 139, Kg. Sungai Baru Gunung, 05150 Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.

CONFINES HUMAN FLESH Compilation 1 released by MORBID NOISE PRODUCTIONS featuring 33 sick bands in total 90 minutes of brutality : DEVOURMENT (usa), DEEDS OF FLESH (usa), DERNAGED (swe), LIVIDITY (usa), DEADEN (usa), SEPSISM (usa), SINTURY (usa), PROPHECY (usa), MALIGNANCY (usa), PATHOLOGY STENCH (slovak), ABRAMELIN (aus), MONOLITH (ast), GOTHIC (fra), AGATHOCLES (bel), SANITYS OF DAWN (ger), CRYPT (aus), ROTTING (can), FLESHGRIND (usa), KADATH (ger), ENGORGED (usa), AUTOPHGIA (gre), SCATTERED REMNANTS (usa), SACRALIS (ger), SKINLESS (usa), ANASARCA (usa), GOREROTTED (UK), CEREBRAL TURBULENCY (cze), TRAUMA (indo), REINCARNATION (spain), DEMENTOR (slovak), DROGHEDA (usa), ABORTED (bel) and PERVERSIST (czech). Only for RP 17.000 / RM 15 (p&p).
c/o Nino Aspiranta,
Komplek P.W.I. Blok : i #123, Jl. Tajuk Rencana, Cipinang Muara, JAkarta Timur 13420, Indonesia.

CHROMUSS II is another professional compilation tape of Indonesian brutal death metal. Among 13 of bands featured in are CORPORATION OF BLEEDING, BLACK OBSESSION, EXCESS, PHOBIA, GODZILLA KERENDA MAYAT. Rp 15.000 / USD 6 (p&p). Distro, bands, zines, labels get in touch.
P.O.BOX 29 LBP North Sumatra, Indonesia.
Phone 62 + 61 + 7954909

WINTER DARKNESS rehearsal tape '99 uphold 5 hymns of pure rampage black metal in depth of fantasia and realities lyrics. The hysterical atmos voices with haunted riffs on string combines into pounding hearts of evil arising the rampaging opus to be hailed ! Rm 4 /USD 2 from Syful nizam
No 32 Jalan 2/6, Taman Intan, 86000 Kluang Johor, Malaysia.

BRUTAL NOISE Zine #3 already out since July 1999. The 3rd issue bring forth the cruel morbidity of ABSU, CRUCIFIER, BEAST PETRIFY, NAZXUL, PURNAMWULAN, EAST GOTHIC PRODUCTIONS, OUT IN THE COLD & DIMMU BORGIR. All this inlcuding news and essential audio and liturature review in 40 A4 pages. This publication is highly outdated & conservatively done in the old fashioned way using conventional tool. Buy at your own risk. Highly recommended for collectors. RM 5.50 / USD 3 from Jan
829 Mk 19 Mengkuang, 14000 Bkt Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia.

PROLOGUE AD NOCTURNE CHRONICLE 4th Spell, 2nd Chapter have been released in February 2000. They return with the most crappiest, eunexplicit, unblasphemous, unholy & ungodly content they've ever done. Still in xerox quality, they explore the realm of MISTIK, PURNAMWULAN, THE MYSTICKAL EAST, S.E.A. METAL FORCE website, HAYAGRIVA and INCANTATION. Then the usual news, articles on Ezunoth's death, Jon Nodveidt's murder charge & the most fearsome, more terrorize anti judeo-christianity desecration blasphemies activity by the Russian Black Metal Brotherhood. Standar P.A.N. reviews, poetries and guitar tab. USD 1 / RM 4 / S$ 1 with 60 cents stamps / S$ 2 thru Zirkelloch,
Blk 426 Clementi Ave 3, #06-492 S(120426), Singapore.
email :
website :

Welcome to the Bloody realm of "BLEED" Magazine Singapore.
Issue#7 (March 2000) features 41 pgs of extreme metal galore with Interviews of Usurper (US), Sword Master (Swe), Amon Amarth (Swe), Hammerfall (Swe), In Aeternum (Swe), Rebaelliun (Bra),Rotting Christ (Gre), Hate Eternal (US), Thy Serpent(Fin), Unmoored (Swe),
Immolation (US), Vomitory (Swe), BlotMine (Swe), Noumena (Fin), Frozen Shadow (Can), Anatomy (Aust), Anarazel (Aust), Mandatory (Mal), Mustan Kuun Lapset (Fin), Elder Throne(Fin).
Check out latest news update,tons of album & demo reviews and a report on Chaos99 & other gig report. Pro-printed & design/layout.Pay only US$6 per copy, include P&P. Send well concealed cash payable to only Paust.

Latest Offer:
Buy both Bleed Magazine Issue# 6 & 7 at only Us$10 include P&P.

Welcome to the bloody realm of "BLEED" Magazine Singapore.
Issue#6 features 52 pages of extreme metal galore with Interviews of
Ancient Ceremony (Ger), Cryptopsy (Can), Dawn (Swe), Hecate Enthroned (U.K), Setherial (Swe), Keep Of Kalessin (Nor), Enthroned (Bel), Mactatus (Nor), Necromicon (Swe),Non Serviam (Swe), Impiety (Sin),Thy Primordial (Swe), Pazuzu / Raventhrone (Aus), Thyrfing (Swe), Satariel (Swe),In Flames (Swe), Quietus (Fin), Hirilorn (Fra) & Chapter7.
Check out latest news update, tons of album & demo reviews and a report on SupremeFest 1999.Pro-printed.Pay only US$6 per copy,include P&P. Send well concealed cash payable to only Paust.

"BLEED" issue#8 will be Pro-Printed/design/layout and 1000 copies circulation.
Size A4.About 45-55 pages.Written fully in English.
Issue#7 will have about 20 Interviews,Latest News Update, Tons of Albums/Demos reviews, liveshows report and other stuff.

-Advertisement Rates for "BLEED" Issue#8.
Back cover A4-Us$135 (free 30 copies)
A4 - US$100 (free 20 copies)
Half A4 - US$75 (free 15copies)
Quarter A4 - US$50 (free 10 copies)

The payment must be done by Registered Air Mail & in cash only!
-Terms of payment:
For overseas orders , only advance payment are accepted. Send well-concealed cash or registered mail payable only to Paust. If your letter isn't registered , the order will not be fullfilled by us in case of loss.All other types of payment is not accepted.

Labels/Bands send us you cds/demos for reviews & possible distribution.

Till then "BLEED" are looking forward with your support.

Yours Deadly.....

-"BLEED" official Mailing Address:
PO BOX 569
-Icq No:35040302

News from Bimo of VILE, Indonesian deathgrind. Recently released "Systematic Terror Decimation" on local Dementia Records.
We want to confirm to those whom ever heard or read some news about Indonesia's VILE "Systematic Terror Decimation" debut cassette-LP which will be re-pressed onto CD by one of the truly extreme label from Canada, unfortunately it does shit happen...that faggy label (the owner are a gay couple) was fucking bullshit!!! On the previous days he offered, promised & wanted us to send him our recording master in CD-R format with bonus tracks inside. But suddenly he canceled it all when we were on behalf of working the material. He said that the label is belong to him & his friend. Actually he really likes VILE but his friend doesn't. Cos' both of them have 50-50 in the funds. Of course we have lost & wasted our money, energy & time already! They souldn't giving any promises before they're really ready to have the funds out. So as you've seen on your brain, he seems to prefer loving his "husband" than his responsiblity. We thought they're a truly extreme indie label, but it was wrong after, the truth is they're a truly extreme faggots!!!...hahaha... Perhaps on their thoughts, rather sucking a cock than other things...hahaha... cocococock,cock,cock,..haha..
The point is just be careful if you dealing with the same kind of shit someday. Thanks for the attention...SUPPORT THE WAR AGAINST RIP OFF!!!
c/o Bimo, Komp. Pondok Lestari Blok AIV #14, Ciledug, Tangerang 15157, Indonesia.

Japan's TERROR SQUAD 1st album released in Autumn 1999. "The Wild Stream Of Eternal Sin" contain 7 tracks of pure tharsh metal. This far east psycho thrashing terrorist was formed in 1992 and released "The Birth Of A New Rage" demo in 1994 and in 1997 they contribute a song, 'Disco Bloody Disco' for PRIMITVE ART RECORDS's "Headbangers Against Disco Vol. 3" 7"EP. The song 'Blood Fire Metal' is also featured in NECROPOLIS RECORDS's "Thrashing Holocaust" Compilation CD. The CD available for USD 15. Few copies also available from us in STEEL MADNESS, RM 45 for Malaysia or RM 50 for SEAsian. World should buy it directly from the label, WORLDCHAOS PRODUCTIONS.
4-15-5-501 Kameido Koto Ku Tokyo, Japan.
email :
fax : 81-3-3638-1752

BRUTALLICA MAGAZINE, ISSUE # 5 Winter/Spring 2000 Is now available. The silence is over! After the already traditional delay, finally the fifth issue of BRUTALLICA MAGAZINE is ready to conquer the Underground world! This new issue is undoubtedly our best work to date, not only because of the presence for the first time of a Free Compilation CD but also because of the incredible interviews with the following bands:
SIX FEET UNDER · CRADLE OF FILTH · BEHEMOTH · CANNIBAL CORPSE · MORNINGSTAR CENTINEX · DARKTHRONE · ACID DEATH · DESECRATION · DEW OF NOTHING · DEEDS OF FLESH · QUIET FLOWERS · IMMOLATION · FUNERAL WINDS · DEATH OF MILLIONS · PESSIMIST · BRUTAL TRUTH · ZARATUSTRA · ENTHRALLMENT · KOROZY · NIGHTSKY BEQUEST · IMPIETY · LOBOTOMY · LORD BELIAL · NEVERMORE · MYSTIC CIRCLE · NOCTUARY · WITCHERY · TEMPLE OF THE ABSURD · Certainly, there are also tons of reviews that will need at least a week to be read! We are positive that all these nicely printed, 56 glossy, English-written pages plus full colour front and back cover will be a real pleasure for every connoisseur of qualitative Underground Extreme Metal! And while you "absorb" the information, you'll have the opportunity to "taste" with your own ears the music of most of the interviewed bands. What do you say? 22 bands and 76 minutes of really extreme Metal!? The Free Compilation CD - Vol. 1 includes the following bands:
Only $ 5 US/DM 10 (postpaid everywhere).

Tel: +359 64 340 09
Fax: +359 64 800 544
E-mail: or
Website :

Do you want to have a true promotion in Romania? the solution is in your hand : send yours materials(video,audio,info)to the best radio show in Romania: "UNDERGROUND SHOW".
It is realised at radio sky,and it is the one and only show in Romania that exclusively promotes rock music. Razvan Radu realised that program. He would like you to know that RADIO SKY is an adult contemporary radio station broadcasting from Constanta,the main city-harbour of Romania and a dinamic commercial center. Their stations have an excelent geographyc position in order to reach many tourists and bussiness people. In fact it covers the second (television/radio) market from our country. It is also the first and the only station from romania that promote rock music.

Now some dates about the station:
* The radio station has a specific Romanian format:50% news and news-talk,50% music.
* Musical format is: 40% rock,40% oldies,20% new hits.
* Market share:40% of the constanta urban aglomeration representing 300.000p eople.
* Peak hours are:7.00-11.00 (150.000 listeners),12.00-18.00 (250.000 listeners)and 20.00-01.00 (100.000 listeners)
* Audience profile:20-45 years old,middle and upper middle.station power is 600 watts


22.00 - 22.05 Power Play - VADER-the calling
22.10 - 23.00 Album Of The Week - DANGER DANGER-the return of the great ...
23.00 - 23.05 Power Play - VADER-the calling

24.00 - 24.55 TOP TEN COUNTDOWN

1 IMPALED NAZARENE-wrath of the goat
3 VIGILANTE-prisoner of hate
4 SEND THE BEGGAR-you`re so over
5 MATTSON-crash and burn
6 POLARBOY-do you think
9 JEREMY-i`m leaving
10 THE CROWN-executioner
11 DEPRESSION-the ritual
12 ZION TRAIN-flag
13 VADER-lithany
15 THE TRAY GUNN BAND-the glove
16 ISM-trouble
17 INSANIA-winter in mind
18 GLAMPIRE-conviction
19 SEIRIM-empire of the dead
20 WORLD OF HURT-confidental sos

24.55 - 01.00 power play - VADER-the calling
01.00 - 01.55 music by request - all the greatest metal
01.55 - 02.00 power play - VADER-the calling

Need more info ? Contact :

Razvan Radu
"Underground Show" # 1 Radio Show,
Hortensiei 8 , Bl. F - 79
8700 Constanta OP. 10
Romania Europe
Tel./Fax 0040 41 65 55 88

the band Cyrcle IX is currently looking for a new lead singer with a good range, stage presence, and professional attitude - contact:

THE GOBLIN CLEAVER is a well done magazine from the states that gets the support of some of big labels in the metal scene. Featuring interesting interviews, not too long, neither too short, to the target! Interviews with Satyricon, Nile, Dark Funeral, Mortiis, Agathodaimon, Primordial, Hate Eternal, Dead Silent Slumber, Hagalaz Runedance and The Year of Our Lord.
Reviews on important releases. By the way the guy behind this mag. must be a fan of the game Warhammer! Contact :

EXHUMED are currently putting the finishing touches on their next platter of splatter. They plan to enter the studio with James Murphy sometime in March to complete the carving. Their next world-wide killing spree will begin shortly thereafter. They will also be making an appearance on the forthcoming "Tribute To King Diamond" on NECROPOLIS RECORDS.

INCANTATION just finished up in Mars Studios in Cleveland. The forthcoming "The Infernal Storm" is by far their best-produced and most well rounded release to date. Simply crushing in its intensity. Some new song titles include: "Anoint The Chosen"; "Extinguishing Salvation"; "Sempiternal Pandemonium"; "Heaven Departed" and "Nocturnal Kingdom Of Demonic Delight". "The Infernal Storm" will strike on March 27th across Europe and on the 28th in the US. "The Infernal Storm" features the drum talents of Dave Culross (SUFFOCATION, MALEVOLENT CREATION, GORGASM).

Here are the vinyl releases of Hammerheart shortly.
* THYRFING debut "Thyrfing" 500 picture-disc limited edition and "Hednaland" their demos on a beautiful, exclusive design.
* PRIMORDIAL "The Burning Season" 500 mini-LP 10" limited edition, over 30 minutes of the best Irish band ever.
* NECROPHAGIA "Holocausto 666 De la Morte" gatefold-LP limited edition, with exclusive bonus song.
Next come :
* AETERNUS "Beyond the Wandering Moon" double-LP 500 copies, "...And so the Night Became" double-LP 500 copies and "Shadows of Old" Picture-disc 500 copies.
* NILE "In the Beginning" LP 700 copies.
* SONATA ARTICA "Ecliptica" +bonussong ! LP 800 copies

ETERNAL SUFFERING is a classic Death/grind metal band from the states. Their last effort is entitled "Drowning in Tragedy" and it was released last year. In the vein of Cannibal Corpse, ETERNAL SUFFERING are recalling reminiscences from the roots of the good old Death/grind. Brutal death vocals with grind screaming in extremity :

Italian Heavy Metal zine BABYLON features interviews with Demons & Wizards, Mortiis, Ayeron, Breach, Theater de Vampires. The print is black & white and written in Italian. Reviews of important releases are also included. Also speciali about Troma, Ultima Online, Cowboy Bebop and Theodor Kittelsen. Finally on the last page you can find a rich guide for tour dates, festivals & gigs. Contact at

Hellish Death Metal from Sweden i.e. HOLOCAUST "Hellfire Holocaust" MCD out in March. Also out around the same time another MCD, this time from Swedish Retro-thrashers INCINERATOR, "Thrash Attack". Their full-length album will be out by the end of 2000. It will be recorded in the legendary Sunlight Studios.

BABYLON WHORES - Line Up Change! (Necropolis Records)
In a bizarre but not altogether unlikely string of events, Jake Babylon, the band´s bassist of five years had to go. The band wish him the best of luck with his tentative project Death Fix, rumoredly more in an industrial vein. With just one week before the release show of "King Fear", a replacement was chosen in Taneli Nyholm (of Pandemonium Outcasts, formerly known as Candlelight death´n rollers Absurdus) - "you played a Rickenbacker with distortion, right?!" A fellow sufferer, Antti Lindell, who stepped in earlier to share guitar duties with that another Antti is still hanging in there, too, seemingly in full mental and physical health.

NIGHTFALL (Holy Records)
has contributed songs to the soundtrack of Blood Kiss, the latest film from Nightmare Productions, USA! This erotic Vampire tale really delivers the goods! With beautiful female victims, and plenty of Gore effects. More info at
SABOTAGE from Germany asked NIGHTFALL to do a remix to their track Moon. So, they did the remix and named it "Death is Gay"!

Recordings will begin in two weeks, and the album will most possibly be entitled "Haven".

Bloodsoaked Promotions - Pure Sick Brutality *** If your band or record label would like to be featured on the Bloodsoaked Promotions web site that receives on average 12,000 visitors per month as well as with-in this e-mail newsletter that is sent out to over 1500 bands, labels, zines, distros and most important FANS of METAL, please e-mail me at: for more information. *** The Bloodsoaked on-line CD Catalog Tons of Brand New Brutal Death Metal CDs for sale. All $10 or less includes shipping!!! Send any and all CDs, demos, zines, promo packs, flyers, newsletters, stickers or what ever else to the following address. Any questions or comments please e-mail me at:

Peter Hasselbrack
P.O. Box 166
Blackstone, MA 01504

Uffe and Peter are in the studio recording their debut album with their band Murder Squad which is said to be death metal in the vein of Autopsy - Jörgen 's other band The Project Hate MCMXCIX just released the album 'Cybersonic Superchrist'

BLOOD FIRE DEATH, the defunct label which spawned KRIEG and CENTURIES OF DECEPTION, is now up and running and under the direction of IMPERIAL (krieg/profanation records). Upcomming releases are ROBED IN EXILE (US) "debut" CD, KRIEG "the Black Plague" CD and a noteworthy
US kult...look for these releases to start flowing in the summer of 2000.

PROFANATION RECORDS will be releasing soon SARCOPHAGUS "Into the Black Abyss" promo tapes, limited to 100 copies. Also announced is the LUST(can)/KRIEG split 7 inch. The KRIEG track will be titled "A Murderous Oath" and will feature drumming/backing vomit by Sabazios Diablous of Lust. This will be limited to 300 copies.

KRIEG is still recording "Destruction ritual" which at this point is over 50 minutes of holocaustic noisy orgies. Also being planned is the recording of KRIEG's 4th full length "Nemesis" which will take place in October/December 2000. KRIEG also plans to perform their only live show at this years SACRIFICE OF THE NAZARENE CHILD FEST in Texas. Live lineup will be Lord Necron and Blackthorn from THORNSPWAN on guitar and drums, Akhenaten from JUDAS ISCARIOT on bass and Imperial on vocals. It will truly be an event to behold!

- EMPEROR The "As the Shadows Rise" 7"EP tracks will appear as re-mastered versions on SPINEFARM RECORDS CD release "True Kings of Norway", which will feature old legendary 7"EP's from Norwegian bands such as EMPEROR, IMMORTAL, ARCTURUS, etc. CANDLELIGHT RECORDS is now planning a special picture disc collectors box, including all Emperor releases (incl. the upcoming live album).

- MYRMIDON shall be entering the studio again between 1-2 months to start recording the new awaited 2nd demo to be entitled "Hornblas". Without very much promotion to the first demo "Divine Blasphemy" this new USBM band has managed to spread their name quite far! Expect "Hornblas" to destory the first demo, once this is released "Divine Blasphemy" will no longer be available.

- IMMORTAL The new Immortal album will be entitled "Damned In Black" and was finished in Abyss Studios in the beginning of February. This sixth studio record of the band is expected to be a very evil and brutal effort. Let's wait and see... Release date: March 27, 2000.... IMMORTAL have no finally launched their official website at

- OTYG have launched their Official website also, not yet really opened but for those who are interested the URL is

- THORNSPAWN first full-length recording and debut on Baphomet Records shall be released soon! All recording is complete, Mike Riddick (Yamatu, ...The Soil Bleeds Black) has done the art/layout for the release. The CD, entitled "Blood of the Holy, Taint Thy Steel" was orginally scheduled for a March, 17 (2000) release, it has been delayed a bit but expect it
to be out very shortly!

- MORIBUND CULT coming unholy rituals off the Cult shall be BIRKENAU "In The Falling Snow" debut cd, DARKNESS ENSHROUD "Totentanz" CD, WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS "tba" CD (this was actually recorded around the same time the debut cd "Sing Thou Unholy Servants" but delay after delay happened, but expect nothing less than pure supreme blasphemy from this cult USBM band!), THY INFERNAL "Warlords of Hell" CD, INQUISITION "Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan" (they are back!!! Argh, long awaited and sure to be totally crushing!!!!), JUDAS ISCARIOT "tba" 6th full lenght CD!!!, BLOOD RITUAL "tba" CD, and MACTÄTUS "Blot" rerelease of this debut cd.

- MACTÄTUS the new cd "The Complex Bewitchment" is done being recorded, the release was delayed though and word from the band is that they have changed the people they work with for the cover art and have switched to the people who did the art for The Sins of Thy Beloved albums... this cd features a new bassist and this time around most lyrics were writen by Gaut. Expect a album different than "Provenace of Cruelty" ... keep checking the Official MACTÄTUS website for all updated news

- MAYHEM the new long awaited album "Grand Declaration of War" will be released April/May 2000, Necropolis Records is handeling the US release of this album, the rest of the world will be done by MAYHEM's new lable SEASON OF MIST.

- MOURNING THE ANCIENT surely you know the name by now! This great webzine/production of extreme photography/art have been busy working on their video and second photo cd-rom! They have kindly updated their web galley with new photo's displaying new work sample sets that shall be included within the second cd-rom! The first cd-rom is still available and
limited to 1000 hand #'rd copies, want my advise? Don't be a cheap fuck, buy it!!! I have to say the cd-rom blew me away, there are photo's on there they never displayed on the website, spaning 5 years of their work, some photo's are simply increadible! And now only available on that first cd-rom!

ENTOMBED returns on the 6th of March with their Spring new offering :
"Uprising", and yes they are uprising with their Rock n’ Roll stony tunes. The return of their classic death logo, and songs like "Seeing red", "Say it in slugs", "Wont back down" or "Come clean" sees the band returning back to their loudest form! Rock n’ Roll solos, some hardcore riffs and in some moments the feeling of the old times. Astonishing wah-wah, stone & sarcastic solos giving to the listener the sense to rock, so lets rock!

ENTOMBED have also recorded an evocative video for opening track, "Seeing Red". Produced by cult director, Lloyd Kaufman(Troma Films), the video features the well known comic book hero, the Toxic Avenger! The band will be undertaking Festival appearances together with a full national and international tour. ENTOMBED are back to rock with a powerful metal
release, that nowadays is rare , so lets rock!

"Dimmu Borgir watch out - and you can quote me on that". This at least the impression of Hypocrisy’s Peter Tagtgren who produced "Revelation 666" in his famous Abyss Studios last November of the prior millennium. OLD MAN’S CHILD return with a killer symphonic black metal album. With Jardar back in the band and original drummer Tjodalv as guest, OMC are continuing their unholy path. Savage drumming, the catchiest melodies and crisp guitars. OMC
"Revelation 666, the curse of damnation" is a gift to their fans and the return to their roots!

On March the 21st ,WASP will release a Best of album entitled 'Best Of The Best Volume One 1984 - 2000'. This compilation will include two brand new tracks, "Saturday Night's Aright For Fighting" and "Unreal." In addition to the CD release, WASP will also be celebrating their 15th Anniversary with a North American Tour. This will be WASP first pillaging of the US since their tour for 1997's KFD. Check the tour dates below. Featuring re-mastered versions : "I Wanna Be Somebody," "Animal," "L.O.V.E. Machine," "On Your Knees," "95 Nasty," "Show No Mercy," "Wild Child," "Helldorado," "Blind In Texas," "Sex Drive," "Dirty Balls," "Mean Man," and "Chainsaw Charlie", the collection also includes a blood-soaked version of Elton John's "Saturday Night's Alright".

ARCH ENEMY have returned from their US tour as support for labelmates Nevermore and are already working diligently on the follow-up album to "Burning Bridges". Michael Amott has been voted the second best guitarist (right after Yngwie Malmsteen) by the readers of Japanese BURRN! Magazine. ARCH ENEMY will thank their Japanese fans with a live album (Japan only, limited to 10.000 copies), which was recorded during three shows in Osaka and Tokyo in October 1999. Http://    

IN FLAMES have entered Studio Fredman to record the next album with working name "Safe Handling Instruction", here are a few song titles from the album: Swim, Square Nothing, Suburban Me, As The Future Repeats Today, Brush The Dust Away, Pinball Map.

HAMMERFALL are ready to enter the studio and produce their yet untitled third album. The recordings will start on May the 1st . The album will be recorded in the Wireworld Studios - Nashville/Tennesee/USA with none other than Producer legend Michael Wagener.

Spikefarm Records is a sub label of the well known Finnish distro/record label Spinefarm. Spikefarm was founded last year and offered to the scene 4 interesting releases, all from Finland & all newcomers : the Katatonic RAPTURE, the folk blacksters FINNTROLL, the symphonic doomsters SILENTIUM and ENTWINE. With the new millennium Spikefarm made a clever move with rrelease of the following compilation "True Kings of Norway". This CD includes the very first and hard to find 7" eps from legendary names like EMPEROR with "As the shadows rise", originally released by NAP in 1994. IMMORTAL with "Immortal", originally released by Listenable Records in 1992. DIMMU BORGIR with "Inn i evighetens morke", originally released by Necromantic Gallery in 1994. ANCIENT with "Det Glemte Riket", self-financed 1994. And ARCTURUS with "My angel", originally released by Putrefaction Records in 1991. Includes the scene map of Norway.

for the second year in a row, the band took home the award for Best Hard Rock Band at the Norwegian Grammy Awards - beginning in late April, the band will be joining Amorphis and Moonspell on a U.S. tour - see "Tour Dates" below

the Dutch act has recruited French guitarist Patrick Rondat to work on the next album 'Forbidden Fruit' - Henk van der Laars has decided to split the guitar duties in order to spend more time with his family

a live album will be released on the 8th of May entitled 'Helstar Live'

drummer John DiGiorgio has been replaced by Ben Koller

original bass player Jimmy Schulman is back in the band

according to Hard Radio, Chris Caffery has left the band and has been replaced by Jack Frost (Frostbite, Bronx Casket Co.)

Guitarist John Barry has moved to keyboards - Jonathon S. Noble has been added in the second guitar slot

a U.S. tour in support of 'Magica' has been announced - Riot has secured the opening slot - see "Tour Dates" below

OZZY, Inc.
trouble in Ozz:
-former Ozzy Osbourne band members, Bob Daisley & Lee Kerslake, have filed suit against the Madman and Co. claiming that they haven't been credited properly or paid for songs that have been used on compilation albums and commercials
- Smashing Pumpkins has filed suit against manager Sharon Osbourne claiming that she terminated their agreement without notice and misappropriated funds
- Coal Chamber has fired Sharon Osbourne as manager

Candlelight Records has licensed 'Omega Conspiracy' in North and South America to Metal Blade Records

Century Media has licensed rights from The End to release 'Upon The Shores Of Inner Seas' in the U.S. - the album is due out on 4/25

END ALL LIFE (the following is news taken from their website)

- The ANTAUES minicd is definitely sold-out in the US

- Check out the new GRAND'S BELIAL'S KEY ep, " Tricifixion of Swine " ! After the failure of Barbarian Wrath, we took things in hand, and here it is !

- We sadly have to cancel the release of the " Cut your Flesh and worship Satan " LP by ANTAUES. The reason is very simple : Killjoy of Necrophagia and boss of Baphomet Rex (doing the CD version) paid partly for the recording costs of the album, and thus didn't want us to do a limited edition of 100 copies on vinyl… Thanx to his stupid attitude, there won't
be a vinyl version of this excellent album, so a huge fukk off to him in the name of all vinyl lovers…but no offence intented but for us in Metal Force think good music is not supposed to be released in a limited number.

- ATOMIZER has finished the recording of their kult " The End of Forever " album, a few details have to be changed in the mix, but everything else is ready. Expect this deadly release to rape your soul in early February 2000 ! ! !

- Our fight for true Black Metal goes on ! The portugese extremists of SUMMUM MALLUM are going to release their first official recording through us… As for now, it is unclear wether it will be a 10 or 7'', but there won't be more than 200 copies of this one for sure. SUMMUM MALLUM is basically just raw Black Metal, it's really hard to go further than they
do with their musical tortures… The victory of Satan comes closer !

- Many of you are surely waiting for the release of the excellent " Kill for Satan " album by Tsjuder (out through Drakkar Prods on CD). They're probably one of the 2 or 3 last real Black Metal bands from the once so glorious Norway. And we simply had to offer them a vinyl version of this album, it will come before this summer, of course including bonus material !

- For those of you that are in this scene for a little longer than a couple of years, MOONBLOOD is a name you surely have a lot of respect for… Today, these german Black Metal veterans are even more underground than they were at their beginings, and they agreed to do an album for us, but limited to 100 copies only ! It should be out in a couple of months, as
the mix has to be redone, but I can assure you that this album will contain pure MOONBLOOD material, as cold, misanthropic and melancholic as ever… All hails to these dark souls who never lost their passion for the Black Metal Kult !

- THYRANE "Symphonies of Infernality" CD has been recorded at Tico-Tico studio and release through Woodcut Records. The album contains 8 tracks / 52 minutes of technical & excellent black metal from one of Finland's best!!!

XRR005 - AGONY LORDS "Nihilist Passion"
THE WAIT IS OVER!!! After 10 years and two great albums - "Unions" (Reborn Records - 1994) and "The Sun Of The Cursed" (Oz records - 1997) - the band is back with a new opus called "Nihilist Passion". Their latest masterpiece includes 5 new songs and 9 songs recorded live during "The Tour of the Cursed" in 1998. This album marks also the band's debut on X-RATED RECORDS. Nihilist Passion is the band's most mature album, showing a great sense of confidence and dark creativity, but on the other hand it is also their most introspective album. The music is a fine mixture of styles but with a great touch of heavy metal sounds (from gods like IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST to some of the newer and more brutal bands) that have influenced the band throughout those last years of mayhem and passion. Be prepared to experience one of the best heavy / death metal bands from Mexico and listen to the chants of the brave that fill the air with NIHILIST PASSION.

*** Limited first edition of 2000 copies in exclusive digipack. *** Order yours today! Our releases are also available at Relapse Records and CD Baby (prices may vary).
Single copy: US$ 14 ppd.
Wholesale (10 copies minimum)
10 - 50 = US$ 7
51 - 100 = US$ 6.50
100+ = US$ 6
Payment: Cash or money order (payable to Wade Gilbert, not X-Rated Records).

Send your orders to:
(Valid through February 29th)
X-Rated Records
Apdo. Postal 1-2023
Cuernavaca, Mor., C.P. 62001

(NEW ADDRESS from March 1st)
X-Rated Records
3215 NW 10th Terrace, Suite 206
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


* Their US BM comp, Visionaries of the Macabre Vol 2 - An Evil Elite, has been hindered by late submissions and drop outs...but things seem to be on track and moving forward!! Artists to appear on this representation of US misanthropy are: THORNSPAWN, NOCTUARY, KRIEG, live JUDAS ISCARIOT (featuring krieg and Absu members), THE COLD BEYOND (formerly Dead by Mourning), THY INFERNAL,CORVUS CORAX and more!!
* Joker Lokison is now doing publicity for Lost Disciple Rec releases starting with PANDEMIA(CZ)
* We will have booths at March Metal Metldown and Milwaukee Metalfest At Any Cost AAC have broken up. Their cd "Seen Through Shattered Eyes" is still available.
* BURIAL enter the studio March 3rd to record the debut cd for Lost Disciple. Massive and guttural brutality that demolishes all in it's path!! Fans of DISGORGE(US), DEVOURMENT and FLESHGRIND will have a new band to kill to!!
* BURIAL will be playing the March Metal Meltdown Sat March 11 at 1pm web site:
* ENTER SELF debut cd is just about ready to go!! Produced at Morrisound, expect nothing but insane blasting and ultra violent, pit inducing power!! Taking the NYDM approach (i.e. Dehumanized, Internal Bleeding) yet incorpoarting their own flair and style, ENTER SELF will demolish!! ENTER SELF will be at the March Metal Meltdown, time TBA.
* NOCTUARY head back into the studio in March to record the fllow up to "For Salvation". The new effort, "When Fires Breed Blood", will have sicker production and a more nihilistic sound and approach in their unique blend of melody and chaos! NOCTUARY full color TS and LS are moving at a rapid rate and will soon be available for wholesale! NOCTUARY have been asked to appear on some more tribute comps, one for WASP and the other for Metallica. The will do "Hellion" and "Leper Messiah" respectivly. They already have appeared on tributes to Motorhead ("Iron Fist") and Venom ("Die Hard"). All of these are by Dwell Rec.
* PANDEMIA (cz) debut cd, "Spreading the Message" is available and literally flying
out the door!! Promotional copies have been sent out and are being worked by Joker Lokison of Don't Panik. If you need promo materials or info contact Joker at: Pandemia have landed a HUGE European tour!! It starts June 6 in England and July 7 in Spain!! The tour: VADER, VITAL REMAINS, REBAELLIUN, FLESHCRAWL and PANDEMIA!! Contact us or Dont Panik to set up any interviews or to obtain information. There are plans in the works to have PANDEMIA make their US debut at the prestigious Milwaukee Metalfest!! more on that as it happens! web site:
* PESSIMIST's new line up is stronger than ever making their New England debut at the MA metal & hardcore fest!! Many were unsure what to expect but PESSIMIST rose to the occasion and showed all the intensity, brutality and complexity is still there and continues to get even moreso!! They are starting to write material for their new cd!! Song titles include:
"Tundra" and "Stripped of Immortality". This promises to be their fastest and most brutal piece of work!! PESSIMIST will be apperaing on the FULL MOON PRODUCTIONS tribute to KREATOR cd that also features KRISIUN ACHERON and ANGELCORPSE !!! PESSIMIST does "The Pestilence" from Kreator's "Pleasure to Kill" CD. They also have appearances on a MEGADETH and DEATH tribute put out by DWELL RECORDS that are now available. web site:

- AVANTGARDE MUSIC has added a new band to its roster:
we¹re talking about Sweden¹s ATRYXION , featuring ex-members of the well known MITHOTYN. The guys combine modern electronics with good ol¹ Death metal, for a great result that is
bound to devastate the new millennium scene!
- Hungary¹s cult band TORMENTOR! As you should already know, they also belong to the AVANTGARDE roster and they too have completed recording their new and highly anticipated full length titled ŒRecipe Ferrum¹. Behind this title you¹ll find an unexpectedly heavy mixture of blackened and groovy rock that wil leave you aghast! Beware, they have returned!
- WOUNDED LOVE has recently signed the French group DARK SANCTUARY. The band has already entered a studio in their home country and is currently recording their second full length which will include a classic cover of the venerable DEAD CAN DANCE. Expect a new dark romantic opus!
- Germany¹s LUNAR AURORA have just inked a deal with WOUNDED LOVE! Both parts are enthusiastic and we can¹t wait to hear what they have in store for us!!
- Norway¹s true black metallers CARPATHIAN FOREST will not let us wait too long this time. As a matter of fact the guys have recorded several brilliant new tracks and a brand new full length will ome out soon !
- ABORYM For their 3rd album they're going to sign a deal with NOCTURNAL ART, and they hope things will be in a better way for the band-promotion this time around than with Scarlet Records. you can read up on the band now through the www as they have now launched the Official ABORYM website at !!
- JUDAS ISCARIOT/SARCOPHAGUS/WELTMACHT - The great Akhenaten is ready to launch an assult on new and older releases for the true die hard black metal fans upon this new year! Such releases includes the CD version of the latest Jusdaus Iscariot album "Heaven In Flames" off RED STREAM RECORDS, this was orginally placed on vinyl in a extremely limited # of copies through END ALL LIFE RECORDS, now will be available in cd format!! Later this  year Akhenaten shall enter the studio again to record the 6th opus under the lable of JUDAS ISCARIOT for Moribund Cult! SARCOPHAGUS has signed a deal with BAPHOMET RECORDS and shall release a MCD first and then maybe a full length. Coming off PROFANATION RECORDS shall be a SARCOPHAGUS demo in a very limited # of copies. WELTMACHT is in the process of realizing a new demo, this features Lord Imperial of KRIEG on vokills and Tim (SARCOPHAGUS) on drums, this is an extention to the first demo and is said by Akhenaten to be much better! The 4 way split off SPIKEKULT RECORDS is still unknown for release date, but keep in mind this cult release will feature demo material from JUDAS ISCARIOT, KRIEG, MACABRE OMEN, and ETERNAL MAJESTY, surely this will be a limited product for die hard freaks!!!
- BLACK WITCHERY has finally realized the completion and release of the long awaited split with CONQUEROR (Can) off DARK HORIZONS RECORDS!!! This totally barbaric and cult Amercian Black Metal band is a total must to obtain, if you do not you deserve to wear the lable of weakness!!! This available now in both vinyl and cd format - but both are LIMITED!!! Watch for release of a new HORNA 7" off this lable soon!!!
- THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK has released their new album some time ago off WORLD SERPENT DISTRIBUTION.....
- DEMONCY this mighty cult is amazing!!! Certainly one of the best the US shores has to offer, although the newest release 'Joined In Darkness' has been out on BAPHOMET RECORDS for a while now I am compled to tell all to get the release and look for more releases coming this year from this band!
- ABIGOR have delayed the plans again to hit the studio for the 2000 release. Details are on the newly updated ABIGOR website
- HEIDENREICH the side project of Peter K. (ABIGOR) has taken a turn and will continue! Details are on the newly update HEIDENREICH homepage


- fall 00 ( Heavy fuckin' Metal )
- 25/04 ( True Heavy Metal ) - will be released also as LP !
- 25/04 ( Infernal Thrash Overkill ) - will be available also as 2LP !
- 04/00 ( Doom Metal featuring Dennis Cornelius ( ex-REVELATION ! )
- 22/05/00 ( Heavy Metal & simply "the KING" ! )
- will be available as limited LP, too !
GURKKHAS - Engraved In Blood, Flesh And Souls ( MASSACRE REC. / CONNECTED )
- 10/04/00 ( Brutal Death-Metal in the veins of CANNIBAL CORPSE )
- 25/04/00 ( Extreme Metal-Core in the veins of CARNIVORE )
/ additionaly "Reich In Rost" will be released as LP !

Rauheckstr. 10
D-74232 Abstatt, Germany, Europe
Fax: 00 49 - 07062 - 953 666

Album Tittle: "Arsenal Of Glory"
Track List: Rape Of A Slave / Of Spears And Horns / Hymns Of Conquest / Branding The Peon / Arsenal Of Glory / The Negress / Weirguild / The Imperial Clans / The Nexxus Of Chaos / A Somber Warcry /
Format: C.D.
Catalog#: (s.p. 08/03 c.d -99)
Running Time: 53 mins.
Musical Style: Hymns Of Bombastic Death Metal Genocide!!!

Since the band's first inception in the summer of 1990, ARGHOSLENT have earned a reputation as one of the most uncompromising metal acts ever to emerge from the U.S.A. always content in making militant music their own way regardless of all trends and criticism, following numerous gigs in their legendary death metal home state of virginia ... and underground releases in ‘91, ‘92, ‘94, & ‘96. and their debut album in ‘98.
ARGHOSLENT: meaning "Unholy Race War" fits perfectly into the band's lyrical and musical concept which is that of historical revisionism, celestial abnegation & ultra- militarism... in 1996 the band went dawn the abyss to record what in the beginning was supposed to be their first M.C.D. "Arsenal Of Glory" but for several reasons it didn't came out as planed... until now that chicago's SEMPITERNAL PRODUCTIONS is proud to release it in C.D. format including also their "The Imperial Clans" demo -1994 as bonus tracks unleashing a total of:
10 militant hymns of impure death metal genocide!!!!!... dedicated to the diabolical death metal hordes who still worship sickness and adore the impure...

Selling Points:

Cecond CD release of the band, containing classic bombastic raw tracks being it a "must have" for every real underground death metal fan!!!.....

Well skilled musicians also involved in diverse metal activities, in bands as:
Grand Beliah's Key (black metal) & Twisted Tower Dire (heavy metal) all of this bands have CD's releases in Europe with great acceptation...

The band performs a unique style of death metal mixed with their heavy metal roots...
...a pretty special metal style performed since 1990... ARGHOSLENT doesn't know trends...

Some reviews so far:

If you are looking for an uncompromising and really militant death metal band, ARGHOSLENT is absolutely what you need..! I was very astonished at hearing this band which can stay original in the brutality of its songs, regardless of all fucking trends; in fact, the members have succeed in creating an extremely bombastic band, while maintaining musical excellence; this originality is due to their concept of historical revisionism and ultra-militarism too. beware! this genocide will undoubtedly assault the underground in few
time... Philippe;(IN DARKNESS ZINE...)

One of the oldest underground acts in the USA is undoubtedly ARGHOSLENT!... 53 mins. of
brutal death militant war metal which in fact has a lot of heavy and melodious elements. I like all 10 songs featured in the album, despite the fact that the demo ones haven't got the sound quality standards the others' have. Do support these kind of acts because without them the true underground will cease to exist !!!!!!!!!...Alex Antoniou; (DEMONIUM PRODS./ ANCIENT TRAGEDIES ZINE) 8/10.

The name of ARGHOSLENT transladates to "unholy race war" . And without a doubt this makes good battle music. Agressive, majestic, thrashy and a bit black metal at the same time.
This CD contains material from 1996 and 1994 that for various reasons never got released, but here it is in now on c.d. format. Check out "Rape Of A Slave" mp3 or real audio...

Severe black death metal cult from the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

also available from SEMPITERNAL:

Album Tittle: "Doubleueird"
Track List: Dew Of Nothing (intro), Seven Caves, Woman Kind, Wings Eye, Art Upon Perception Of Time, Proud Of Damned, Nightmare's Lake, Levels Of Sycho Path, Intruder & Holy Hate, Doubleueird (outro).
Format: CD, T-Shirt, LS., Cassette.
Catalog#: (S.P. 007/02 CD)
Running Time: 35 mins.
Musical Style: Purely (dark & technical) death metal!!!!!...

DEW OF NOTHING was born ( in 1996) with the idea to play fast and technical death metal after several rehearsals & live presentations (in mexico city) they started to prepare their debut demo in august 97 at M.A.T. studios, having as results a five songs demo that
unfortunately wasn't pretty well promoted in those days but at least it helped to get the name of the band around and got a contract with a Mexican label for their debut album in cassettes format... This time it was recorded in a better studio having as result the 8 tracks + intro & outro with the tittle of: "Doubleueird" with excellent art work and sound... As this cassette LP was very well accepted within the Mexican death metal scene they realized that they have to move on to another levels of promotion, distribution and exposure of their music... Immediately they found Chicago's based SEMPITERNAL PRODUCTIONS as the proper label to release ‘Coubleueird' on CD version and also to take care of worldwide promotion and distribution while dew of nothing keeps performing gigs as headlines in different states of their country with the most representative bands of the death metal scene in mexico.... With blazing speed and melodies dew of nothing plays in way that tracends all limitations of the death metal genre.

Alpheratz: Star Of The Southern Hemisphere.
Constelation: Pegasus & Andromeda
Strength: Mercury & Manganese
Light Years: 2.10899235.
Other Name: Sirrah.
distance: 97.07142857.
Zise: Sub Giant.
Color: Blue.

... ALPHERATZ took form as a band in the depressive autumnal nights of 1995 as a project of two musicians with similar ideas and philosophy... Both musicians were also founder members of a black metal band called obscure liturgy since 1992... Then they dissolved that band to start with a new musical era under this new name.
Fusioning sounds from the intense black metal... Until the density of the ritual... Going through evocative ambients to somber passages... Taking technology as tools... Adding diverse details to the music... Our band has earned a particular sound where our deepest
feelings are reflected... The alpheratz lyrical spells verses on arcane cosmic premises,
revelations of the beginning and the end of the universe, order and chaos, lux and tenebris , duality... ambivalence of the human spirit, this is synthesis of thesis and antithesis of diverse doctrines, ... Chaotic rhythms goes through delirious atmospheres suctioning shadows from a parallel dimension invites us to enter but never return to our actual treedimensional forms of life ALPHERATZ released their debut demo called "Egregorian Oath" through Chicago's SEMPITERNAL PRODUCTIONS in 1996 with the manufacture and distribution of Mexico's dark industrial-dark ambient label OPSION SONICA.. this tape was well accepted in the underground scene being the 500 copies pressed quickly distributed worldwide through labels as: RED STREAM, FULLMOON, SYLPHORIUM....

The unhallowed line up:
Sirius : vocalisations
Aroch : all guitars, bass and programing
Dark : keyboards

Arcane Recordings:
1996 "Egregorian Oath" demo #1
1997 "Cosmogenesis" demo # 2
1999 "Tree Tracks Promo CD"

Band Contakt :
ALPHERATZ; apdo postal # 208, Admon #1, C.P. 58000, Morelia - Mich, Mexico.

P. O. BOX 08423 Chicago IL 60608 - 0423, U. S. A,
Fax: (312) 432 - 0237, E-Mail:

They have change their official email address. So please save the new one into your address-book.
Martin of Czech SNUFF zine / records and INTERVALLE BIZZARE management is here! After leaving Terra Aegra team I decided to set up new zine and rename the label I´m running.
If youre interested in our zine named SNUFF feel totally free to send me your promo stuff for sure review. Something about usWe're three-men team working on our first issue (A4 format, 500 copies) filled with Czech & foreign cool death/grind acts. Graphics will be completely finished on computer no handwriting and sticking of flyers/photos/logos Some bands to mention: GODLESS TRUTH, COCK AND BALLTORTURE, HATE ETERNAL, BROKEN HOPE, GORGUTS, SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION, DEEDS OF FLESH, , MUCUPURULENT, BRUTAL TRUTH, LYKATHEA AFLAME (ex-APPALLING SPAWN), DERANGED, CONTRASTIC, GRIDE, PURULENT SPERMCANAL, IMMOLATION, BLOODY GORE + about 150 reviews and couple of live reports. This one will be written in Czech language but English version will certainly follow in earlyfuture but as on-line shit.
Weve also established a label/distro SNUFF records which fell into death/grind depths mostly. Well release our first item: ALIENATION MENTAL / GENETIC THREAT split tape. Our future plans are: split 7EP INTERVALLE BIZZARE / ??? (it had to be released with Mexican pathologists DISGORGE, but it won´t so we´re looking for a band interested in this) and INTERVALLE BIZZARE CD.
As for my management I run it for INTERVALLE BIZZARE (brutal fast technical twisted grindy death metal from Praha). We are fond of playing anywhere we prefer exchanges. So if you want to play in Praha (or in Czech Republic) let us know and we can arrange something.

Please spread this message:
INTERVALLE BIZZARE proudly presents: Sick Mosh Feast 5th with SEPSISM (USA), INTERVALLE BIZZARE (Praha), SANATORIUM (Slovakia), FLESHLESS (Decin), GENETIC THREAT(Rumburk) and LANIENA MANTIS (Ceska Lipa) on 31th March at 17:00 in Blackpes club Praha - Klanovice. You can get there these two ways: take the underground line B to Cerny Most station and then get into the bus 261 (departure times are at 07 and 37 at each hour) and go by it to the station Smiricka. Than go on foot probably 200 meters to this club. Or you can go by train from Masarykovo nadrazi departure times are at each half an hour (direction to Kolin) and get off in Praha Klanovice station, after that you need only 50 meters to get into the club. Info +420603530371 or e-mail:

INTERVALLE BIZZARE proudly presents: Sick Mosh Feast 6th with DAMNATION (Poland), SARCOM (Praha), DEPRESY (Slovakia), SEVERE TORTURE (Holand), FEEBLE MINDED (Rokycany) and INGROWING (Ceské Budejovice) on 29th April at 17:00 in Blackpes club Praha - Klánovice. You can get there these two ways: take the underground line B to Cerný Most station and then get into the bus 261 (departure times are at 07 and 37 at each hour) and go by it to the station Smirická. Than go on foot probably 200 meters to this club. Or you can go by train from Masarykovo nádraží departure times are at each half an hour (direction to Kolín) and get off in Praha Klánovice station, after that you need only 50 meters to get into the club. Info +420603530371 or e-mail:

INTERVALLE BIZZARE management & SNUFF zine/records
Martin Abrman, kolej Sázava, Chemická 952, 14829 Praha 4 - Kunratice,
tel: +420 603 530371

* Bruno (ex-KRABATHOR), Pegas (the former Krabathor drummer) and R.A.D. on the guitar (the brother of Skull/the current Krabathor drummer) have formed a new band called HYPNOS. Amusing, eh? These boys likewise play brutal death metal and will release their debut-MCD via Morbid Records in June this year.
* At last, on 28th February, the 5th LP by these "die harder" death metalworkers from Oldenburg, OBSCENITY, is to see the light of day. The album will be called "Intense" and the name says it all!!! Includes multimedia animations! Catch them on tour with SINISTER from 01/05 to 07/05/2000!!!
* Croatia's doom/gothic lunatics ASHES YOU LEAVE will place their next sad hymn entitled "The Inheritance of Sin and Shame" into the shops on 28th February. A few live shows in western Europe are to delight the fans this summer.
* The fathers of gore-grind, IMPETIGO, provide a second helping in form of their hard-to-obtain "Faceless" EP, which will now be re-released on an MCD and a limited edition picture-disc-EP. Date of release is 28/02/2000.
* ORTH, the infamous deathers from Berlin, are still busy putting the finishing touches to their new album "Feed the Flames", which will likewise be unleashed into the hungry mob in June this year. They'll be going on a short tour with DYING FETUS and PROFANITY the same month.
* The brutalo grinders NYCTOPHOBIC are all set to enter the studio once more in order to produce the long-awaited follow-up to "War Criminal Views". It will be entitled "Insects" and promises to kick ass more than you can imagine!!!
* Eastern Germany's party maniacs MANOS will release their next "hard" album in June. The studio's been booked for early March. Date of release will most probably be 23/06/2000, in time for the live presentation at this year's WITH FULL FORCE open air festival. For the end of the year there's promise of another "fun" release and a live video is to follow !!!
* POSTMORTEM likewise guarantee to delight the craving crowds with their new material at the WITH FULL FORCE.
* GRIND OVER EUROPE Part 3 will finally be staged in September this year. Names under discussion are HAEMORRHAGE and NYCTOPHOBIC + 1 or 2 other bands, more could not be disclosed before this news item went to press.
* KRABATHOR will be doing a few shows with RITUAL CARNAGE in Japan from 27/03 to 04/04/2000.

Morbid Records
Postfach 3
03116 Drebkau
Phone: ++49-35602-20282
Fax: ++49-35602-20636

WARHAMMER (Ger) -"the winter of our discontent" LP (OUT NOW)
Re-live the times of the mighty "Apocalyptic raids", no other words necessary..

URN (Fin) -"I am your nightmare" 10" MLP (OUT NOW)
This is a re-release of their "promo '97" which consists of primitive and raw black metal for all people who are sick of today's black metal scene, No keyboards, female voices or other "nice" stuff will be found here.

JUDGEMENT DAY (Nl) -"to conure conjoint confusion" 7" (sheduled for nov.'99)
After 3!!! Years of delay this ep will finally see the light of day. This is JUDGEMENT DAY in their best (but now unfortunately defunct) line-up sofar this ep offers you one new track, a new recordimg of "clouds of mordor" and a cover of SLAUGHTER's "f.o.d." for all of you who are unfamiliar with this band their style is best described as brutal death/thrash.

RAZOR OF OCCAM (Austrl) -"diabologue" 7" (OUT NOW)
For all of you who are familiar with this band, this 7" contains the first 2 tracks from the "diabologue" demo.
To all of you who have never heard from them before R.O.O. is a new promising Australian outfit who will split your ears with their cool death/thrash metal. Forget all the retro-shit R.O.O. will kick your ass!

GOSPEL OF THE HORNS (Austrl) -"eve of the conqueror" 12"MLP (scheduled for nov.'99)
Maybe some of you will remember this band from their "the satanist's dream" demo, (also pressed on cd by a shitty label from Italy) after this release the band split up…but from the abyss they have returned in the end of '96 when Howitzer found some new members and decided to re-form the band. In this line-up they recorded the "sinners" demotape which shows us the evolution of the band in a more thrashier version of their early stuff. Now they have recorded a mlp for us including 2 new songs and 2 of the tracks from the "sinners" demo re-recorded (with a new drummer) which will show that G.O.T.H. is a force of THRASHING BLACK METAL to be reckoned with a full length cd/lp will follow early next year and a European mini-tour is being planned.

ETERNAL HATRED (Usa) -"tba" CD/LP (scheduled for 2000)
Everyone who has heard the demo's of this band understands that they deserve a record deal. Emerging from the industrial wastelands of Chicago I think you know what to expect. Mid-tempo heavy death metal like we've heard it from other bands of the Chicago Metal Inquisition like SCEPTER, USURPER AND CIANIDE..

PENTACLE (Nl) -"tba" double-7"(scheduled for late'99 early 2000)
This double 7" will include new material and 2 covers from early DEATH songs (demo period) this will be special so don't miss it. There are also plans to re-release the "exalted journey" as a shaped picture-7" but nothing is certain as we have to find a factory where it's possible first otherwise it will probably be released as a picture 7" (this will be a co-release with SOULSELLER PROD. also from Holland)


Furthermore we have releases with the following bands coming up: SEVERE TORTURE ("pray for nothing" 7") , CENTURIAN (vinyl-version of "choronzonic chaos gods"), BURNING INSIDE (vinyl version of "eve of the entities"), NUNSLAUGHTER "tba" live-lp and DESTROYER 666 (demo-mlp and a new 7"or mlp/mcd that's not sure yet.)

Distributors, contact us for wholesale-prices

(GOLDCD005) SERENADE "Plague of Time" MCD'2000 (Professionally mastered CD!!)

1. Depth of the bleeding Angel (7:57)
2. Plague of Time (4:00)
3. Casting The Flesh/Say Hello To Hell (9:27)

* This is by far the bands best material so far. The music is more brutal and more focused than ever before. Brutal death/doom would be the best way to describe this music and the production is far better than the 2 previous full length CD's("The 28th Parallel" and "The Chaos They Create"). The song writing and musicianship is of the highest quality reinstating SERENADE as one of the best bands in the UK at the moment. For further information on SERENADE, check out our web-site, URL at bottom of this message.
* You can purchase this MCD directly from the label for £4/$7.
* We are also looking for distributers to carry this release. Our wholesale rates are:
1-10 copies = £3/$5 per copy
11-20 copies = £2.75/$4.5 per copy
21-30 copies = £2.50/$4 per copy
over 30 copies = £2.25/$3.5 per copy
* Trades are also more than welcome, our trade rates are:
1MCD = 2 points
1CD = 4 points
1Demo = 1 points
1zine = 1 points
1t-shirt = 4 points
* All rates are negotiable.
* Please get in touch if you are interested in this release.

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