STEEL MADNESS E-NEWS started in 1998 as the mailing list for South East Asia Metal Force website, informing the website updates and S.E.A. metal related news. But the support we have from the metal society are not merely  from the region only. More bands/labels/zines/etc from around the world keep sending us their news and wanted it to be spread here in the S.E.A.
         Later we realised that better we gathered the news from Asian and around the world and spread it around the globe via emails and websites. With this, the scene here in Asia, especially in the S.E.A. will not remain isolated from those living abroad as it used to be and metal activities from abroad will be known locally. We are glad that some local zines willling to include the news we got and publish it their zines, thus those who are 'internet-incapable' will not be left out. Although the inclusion of this e-news in their zine is a bit late but it still provide an interesting reading and still as fresh as new.
           Let help each other. Keep sending us your news and spread the news we have around.  Feel free to use it in your zine, mag, links, etc. This way we will get more chance of being known in this huge metal scene.


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