STEEL MADNESS Webzine was originally intended to be added in our South East Asia Metal Force website. On that time we have the idea to add review and interview section on S.E.Asian bands/zines/label and their releases. Review have been made and interview have been sent to bands which we think deserve to be supported.
          We realise not many Malaysian make full use of the internet as there are no webzine. What we have are only official website of zine but not constantly being update. There are some bands and labels abroad sending us their material for support and promotion. What we do with the stuffs was we forward them to some local zines.
           Until then we soon came up to our senses and starting to make new zine project. Previuosly we have been only contributor to some zines providing interviews with worldwide metal act for couple of years.   Since there are no serious internet zine around in Malaysia so we decided to make a webzine which we think an original way of support the Malaysian scene, following the steps of our Singaporean and Indonesian friends which already made their own webzine months before we start.
            The webzine have been officially online in May 2000 and hopefully we will come out with 2 or 3 issues per year. We never resist the invitation from local and zines from abroad to become one of their contributor and staff editor. Now we become contributor to some zines and few of them are featured in Special Feature section in this website.
            We have now decided to make a limited quantity of this webzine in printed version. The format will be A4 size, 40 pages and will be released when the whole 40 page filled with interview and reviews. That's mean we can't decide how many issue this printed version will be released per year.
             Everyone don't hesitate to send it your stuffs and news for support and promotion in the South East Asia. We also interested to have few more staff to make this webzine a succesfull project. Just contact us for info. For other zine project, if you wanted out help and contribution just contact us.


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