Dark Legion Fanzine first issue was released in 1999 featuring 13 worldwide bands/label in 60 well-edited A4 pages. This issue was made possible using the expertise of Mahkluq as the head-editor as well as the man responsible for the layout of this publication with   Lilith, Reaper, X-Treme Hate as the staff editor and special contribution from Marco Barbiery (Ill-Liturature, USA).
              The second issue released in January 2000, again in 60 A4 pages but in the most professional layout ever done in local scene 'xeroxed' zine history. Makhluq again used his expertise and creativity making this zine almost a perfect metal publication together with Reaper, Kravnos, Djinn, Melvin Poh, Syukri, Supriyanto, Darah, Adam Richardson and Guy Bell delivering an interesting reading material in 16 interviews and tons of reviews.
               Convinced with his own ability and the work of his own co-editor and guest editor, Makhluq decided to go professionally for its third issue. Aiming in delivering the best metal publication to the metal masses, DARK LEGIONS also promote the South East Asian metal scene to the world.
           The third issue is now available. Interview with Kremation, Immolation, Cannible Corpse, Sentenced, Mesmerize, Eibon, Marduk, Pessimist, Vrykolakas, Antaeus, Funeral Rites, Centaur, Surrender Of Divinity, Infernal, Thyrane, Behemoth, Depresy, Bethlehem, Lik Hang Karimlan. Officially release in October. 

Official Contact Address :
Blk 868, #12-89, Yishun St. 81, Singapore 760868, Republic Of Singapore.

Note : All reviews and selected interview in STEEL MADNESS can also be found in DARK LEGIONS issue #2 and issue #3.