Issue 3, 2002

52 pages, half size, pro-done zine written in (I think) Spanish. It is neatly done and features quite a number of Chilean bands. Interviews: Torturer, Chainsaw, Warfare, Aeshva Daeva, Vastago, Torfrom, Necropsia and Abyss (Chile) and the rest are Scurvy, Slugathor (fin), Rebaelliun, Hatework, Acheron, Goddess Of Desire, Omen, Sathanas, God Dethrone, Abhorrence and Vomitory. Also includes Slovakia and Bolivia's scene report. Only few reviews here but all reviews include the front cover. I hope they have the English version of the Chilean bands interview in the web. I rate this based on the layout.
c/o Gabriel Catica, Casilla 1371, Valdivia, Chile.
c/o Francisco Cancino G., Angel Munoz, Pasaje 1, Casa 2096, Valdivia, Chile

Issue 6, 2003

Even though the rating I gave for the previous issues is not that good, I still got this zine for review. 60 pages, half-sized, xeroxed. This is just like the previous issue. The questions are too typical and Yongyuth's English still need to be improved a lot. Hard for me to understand what he wrote. But the interviewees answered the questions interestingly; (in order according to the table of content) Dark Hole Mag., Sanatorium, Panic Disorder (indon), Beheaded, Butchery, Hyponic, Bloody Gore, Cadaverous, Edgecrusher, Cremation, Enthrallment, Krvestreb, Mortem, Pyopoesy, Psychomatium Zine, Inhumate. There are still many things that can be done better. It looks similar with the previous (the layout, etc). Some page used the cut n' paste style and this looks better than the computerized one because the layout and design is too simple and looks dull.
c/o Yongyuth Hongsa, P.O.Box 83, Huamark, Bangkok, 10243 Thailand.


Issue 9

A4 size, 24 page, pro-printed magazine, Thai written, no table of content. I couldn't differentiate whether it is interview or article but you will find info on Even, Crisis, Helloween, Dark Tranquility, Sepultura, and Dezember (thai). Beside the bands, there are also report/article on Malaysian hardcore scene (with a Carburator Dung picture), Floridian death metal, 15 years Metal Blade Records and some gig reports. They also put the cover of the stuff being reviewed. The printing quality is excellent (of course, it's pro-printed). The drawback is (beside the language) is the layout. I think the questions are too short (and hopefully it is not a boring one). This zine is quite old, probable released in 1997-1998. Thai metalheads can ask for availability. I give the rate based on the layout.

Issue 15, 2002
24 A4 pages, center stapled, xerox, fully Thai written. Neat layout, no page numbers and table of contents. The last time I got this zine it was pro-printed but the size is still the same. Interviews: Flesh Feast (can), Pandemia, Carried The Weight, Dark Oracle Records (Thai label, with covers of all their releases!), Decapitated (phi), Ebwa, Shocked (m'sia), S.O.Divinity, Violation (ger) and Live After Death. Very short reviews and also gig reports (Sodom in Bangkok, Dark Funeral in S'pore and some local gigs). Nothing much you will get from this zine except for pictures of gig, albums reviewed and Dark Oracle releases. This review is only based on the layout.
c/o 125, moo 5 (soi Watson), Suksawat 35, Rajburana, 10140.


CORPSE (Malaysia)
Issue 1 2001
40 page, half sized newsletter written in Malay. Neat layout (can be made better) but the xerox needs to be improved. I haven't yet seen a newsletter that can survive for more than 3 issues. I hope they can constantly release new issues. There is a need in the scene for Malay zines after the demise of Metal Terus. Interesting contents with metal news (worldwide), interviews (Inhumate, Carpathian Forest, Dark Tranquility, Impaled Nazarene), bands bio (Violator, Anguish) and some articles, gig reports and reviews.
c/o My-Arth

CULT MONGER (Philippines)
Issue 2, November 2002

28 pages, A4 size, side-stapled, xerox, English-written and no table of content. Interviews; Dysentery (phi), Nunslaughter, Davao Death, Antipathy, Burning Dusk (chile), The Forsaken, Infliction (USA), Mourning Beloveth, Frozen Fears, Al Iblis (phi), Greyswan (ita), Midgard (ger). You will also find reviews (and the cover too) and two pages are filled with flyers. Some of things need to be done better is on the layout, which they should clearly separate one interview with another. And the most important thing for xerox-type of publication is to have a clear and high quality print for the master copy. This issue fails on this matter. The flyers said 'special interview' with Davao Death but is just a normal interview like the rest. I think the questions should be more in-depth (if want to call it special) and the editor might also add review/info about their releases and bands. If you like to sacrifice your $, this is only for USD2 (world, postpaid).
c/o Adrian T. Lanorias
112 Garden City Subd. Sucat, Paranaque City Metro Manila, Philippines 1700.
cult_mongers@yahoo.com http://www.geocities.com/cult_mongers

DARK LEGIONS (Singapore)
Issue 5, 2002

The final issue of SEAsian finest extreme metal magazine. Makhluq spoke for many times about quitting due to various reasons (migrating is one of it) and now he finally made up his mind. As usual, layout wise everything is just well-done. They didn't make the table of contents like they used to since issue 2 which is their trademark. The interesting part of this issue is that it features lots of Singaporean bands and a page with Singaporean bands addresses. Interesting interviews: Nechbeyth, Bhelliom, Margyyah, Impiety, Cardiac Necropsy, Demonification, Istidraj, As Sahar, Majusiah, Ironfist, Fallen World and Rudra (all from S'pore), Malaysian new comers Nosferiel and Bilharzia and international acts Ravager, Malefactor, Inhumate, Bloodthorn, Ravishing, Nun Slaughter, Krisiun, Desaster, Deicide, Gehenna, Necrophagia, Nortt, Khold. Only 666 copies made and are already sold out from the editor's address. Try your luck getting it from La Vanita, VrykoSound Studio (Peninsular Shp.Ctr) or Roxy Records (Funan Ctr.). I also write for this magazine and I think my contribution sucks.

Issue 1, 2002

A professional magazine, glossy printed with full color cover, 56 pages. Interviews with April Ethereal, Hellborn, Mithras, Malediction, Mystica, Tvangeste, Battle Of Largs, Obsidian Gate, Ordo Draconis, Thanatschizo, Aurora Borealis, Enthroned, Gorerotted, Mourning Beloveth, Orphaned Land. Also included are a Mexican scene report contributed by my brother Miguel of Aluzine and an article, Battle Of Culloden (about a battle in Britain in 1746). They also include their mailorder list in this mag. The layout is neat but the font size is too big for me especially in the review section (I used to read books with big size fonts when I was in the kindergarten). The interview is quite short too but it is not boring to read since the questions are not the typical questions which we used to read. Some pictures in the mag are not clear or sharp enough, the result of enlarging a low resolution graphic file. This is the first issue of this magazine, which I can say this is the official magazine for Golden Lake Productions. This is good because the promo sent to the label will not just heard for making decision whether they will distribute the material or sign the band, but will also be reviewed and promoted.
c/o Golden Lake Productions, 46 Shuna Place, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, G77 6TN, SCOTLAND.


Issue 1, 2002

If you miss METAL STORM then grieve no more. Xulhisham managed to get back into the 'business' with the help and collaboration of some great headbangers and released this new magazine. There are two interviews in English (Terror Squad and Napalm Death), the rest is in Malay. All the 52 pages of this mag ia filled with great reading materials. This is the definite metal/rock Malay magazine! Interviews; Sodom (live interview), Hypnosia, SYJ (Malaysian old rock band), Costa Stoios (Iron Pegasus Rec.) + lots of interesting reviews and articles!!! The magazine will be released every two months and I hope they are able to do so. Actually the mag is released in Singapore but they are using Malaysian address for correspondence.
Guapunya Network, 121 C, Jln Thamby Abdullah. 50470 Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Issue 1, 2003

Half-size, 72 page, xerox, English-written. When looking sample of the pages of this zine in their website, I was very impressed. Now I have it and this zine met with some of my expectation. The zine will be better if it is pro-printed. For a xerox format, I think they should have made the master copy printed by laser printer. The xerox quality is almost excellent. The layout is good and looks professional. The drawback is you will have to take a while to get use to their style (i.e. logo and quotes from the interview are placed on the center of the page and surrounded by the interview, which is quite confusing). The interviews are separated in several sections; Asian Metal Attack (featuring: Manggas, Bilharzia, Dhemit, Kekal, As Sahar, Negation, Korihor, Rudra, Pyron, Narcotic Greed, The Ravens, Mantak, Arkhaytulmayt, Raspatul, Demonification, War666, Istidraj) Extreme Features (Destinity, Kult Ov Azazel, Emperor, Darkfall) and for newcomers (Crimson Fall, Nosferial, Violator). The questions are interesting and they pick the right band as well which answers them lengthily. There are also news, reviews and some interesting columns; Hellish Reveals (info about bands, and plenty of them), Special Report (a question is asked to some bands. For this debut, the question is 'Can black metal exist without satanic ideolody?'), and In Person (with the editor/webmaster of South East Asia Metal Force, which is the same person who are doing this review…). This zine is packed. There are lots to read in those 72 pages. Hopefully this zine will keep on releasing more issues in the future.
c/o Afidz Che Rosli, P.O.Box 1029, 30820 Ipoh, Perak. Vorn666@lycos.com

Issue 1, 2001

26 pages, A4 size, xeroxed, written in Spanish. Pity I understand this zine because they feature some Brazilian bands. 'Entrevistas' for this issue; Morbid Angel, Atro, Virgin Steele, Jethro Songs, Dorsal Atlantica, Silent Cry, Steel Warrior, Spina Bifida, Opera IX. Table of content is included. The layout can be made better and the same goes to the xerox quality. The xerox quality on some pages is not clear but the rest is okay.
c/o Hell Underground, Rua Eduardo Olindo Sica 1441, Capao do Leao - RS, 96160 - 000 Brazil.

IN DARK PURITY (Philippines)
Issue 1
26 A4 pages, side stapled, English written, xeroxed, neat layout, no number and no tableof content. Interviews: AMF, Celestial Crown, Differential, Dying fetus, Eerie Ln., Embryo, Hate Plow, Homo Iratus, Infernal Oak, Internal Bleeding, Low Twelve, Merendine Atomiche, Noctumbre, Silencer, The Fallen, reviews on audio stuff and zine. Stereotypical questions asked to the bands that bore me sometimes. The editor uses a lot of picture which is good especially with the clear xerox quality. There's also a small section for actress called "I Am A Whore" featuring Filipino's Assunta De Rossi.
c/o Alexander Dela Cruz, 657 San Francisco St., Poblacion, Las Piñas City 1740.


IN DARK PURITY (Philippines)
Issue 2
18 pages this time and everything else is just the same like the first one. Xerox quality is clear. Interviews: Acheron, Brodequin, Everdome, Godless Truth, Inhumate, Lust Of Decay, Malevolent Creation, Pscyhotogen and Shadeworks, reviews on audio stuff and zine. The editor change the way he questioned the bands. This issue's 'whore' is Aubrey Miles (for "I Am A Whore" column). This issue is too slim but fair with the cheap price.
c/o Alexander Dela Cruz, 657 San Francisco St., Poblacion, Las Piñas City 1740.


MAELSTROM666 (Thailand)
Issue 5, October 2002

48 page (4 full pages is filled with flyer.), A4 size and xeroxed. No table of content and page number. The layout is neat but the font on the review section is too big for me and on the interviews he used 1.5 spacing which is a waste of space. Interviews; Solid (thai), Hyponic, Bohaln, Abrasive (swe), Beast Petrify, Saurga (denmark), Swords Of Darkness, Misogi, Demonic Resurrection, Toxic Holocaust, Forest of Sorcerous (thai), Feelsick (thai). Phithak need to master a bit the English language (but he is better than Yongyuth). The questions are too common and less interesting (about the band's bio, the releases, the band's view on something, etc, etc) but he put lots of pictures on the interviews so that will help you from getting bored. Usually a zine will have the foreword column at the first pages of the zine but he put it on the last page of the zine named the column 'Outro666'. And he starts the zine with interviews which originally sent by other zines to him. That's strange but I think its okay as long he does not ask questions to himself. (I remember that Marvin of Bakal Zine laugh when I suggest about putting the interview with Korihor which I made in his first issue. Personally, I will be embarrassed in doing such thing in my zine.) The reviews are short and most of the stuffs are quite rare and underground and he put the front covers on the reviews. The zine also includes a free sampler featuring the bands interviewed (he is really good in selecting the songs!) but is limited to 333 copies.
c/o Phithak Phansri, P.O. Box 16 Chandrakasem Postoffice, Bangkok 10904 Thailand.
maelstrom666@thaimail.com http://www.thai.net/ms666

Issue 4, 2003

6 page, A4 size, stapled on the corner of the paper. Great layout this time and the xerox are clear too. That is not all, the content is also interesting. This time beside some (very few actually for a newsletter) news and reviews, there's a long forum with three panelists; Juwaidi of Woebegonic Zephyr, Farid of Sailendra and Wan Syamsul of Deadhead Zine. The questions are interesting and the panelists also did their best in answering them (long and informative). This is only useful for those who understand Malay. The newsletter is still delivered for free but sending some RM 1 or two or stamps will not harm you because you will enjoy it. There are some things said in the forum which I don't quite agree but everyone have their own opinion. Maybe I am too open-minded these days…
c/o Rudi, 15 Jln Permai 2, Tmn Air Hitam Permai, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Issue 4. December 2002

A cool looking underground newspaper. Pity that I don't understand what is being written in this 4 page publication since it is written in Russian. The layout is neat but I don't like this kind of newsprint format. They featured some interviews, reviews, news and a page of distro addresses. I can't say much about the content. I am not sure about the price, how many copies and how frequent they release this newspaper. The score goes to the layout.
c/o Bocharov A.A., P.O.Box 9/11, Gubkin, Belgorod reg., 309189 Russia.

THE FANG (Malaysia)
Issue 1, 2003
A new issue which still looks like issue #0. The content, the style of the layout, etc is still the same except in this issue the cover is made pro-print which looks very neat. For those who are still wondering, this is a gothic zine but it is not a music zine. They put anything that are called 'gothic' i.e. drawings, arts, expressions, writings, etc. So beside drawings, articles, etc you will also find interviews with a magician Eleanora Boyce (the only thing written in English) and Mircea Tepelus (the man who conducts a gothic research years ago in Malaysia and supposed to make a book). Highest credit goes to the excellent xerox quality but since I am not into the topic they are focusing with, sadly I have to say that the content really bores me. The zine is in Malay so I think they made it for the local scene.
The Fang, P.O. Box 12997, 50796 Kuala Lumpur.

Issue 2, 2002

92 page, A4, xeroxed and still in Italian. There's not much of change done in this issue. You can read what I have said for their debut issue. Interviews; Ghoul, Heretical, Desecration, Malkavian, Unquintessence, Obscenity, Nuclear Devastation, Vargsriket, Bizarre Leprous Productions, Psicorragia, Daemonlord, Impaled, Kiju, Cerebral Turbulency, K.A.O.S., Mor Dagor, Braindead Webzine, Solar Dawn, and a three-way split interview with Cadaveric Crematorium, Necrotorture and Psychofagist. I will not understand a word in this zine but there are lots of contact addresses of Italian bands/zine, just like the first issue. So it is not really bad trading this zine.
c/o Lord F L @ Francesco Lotti, Via Carducci 55, 50054 Fucecchio (FI), Italy.


TORNADO (Denmark)
Issue 4, 2001
40 pages, half-sized and the rest are in the typical TORNADO way (A5 size, small font, double column, border artwork, etc). The font is small so there are lots of thing to read. Again, the interviews are interesting; Arghoslent, Vomitafago, Funeral Rites, Kill, Dark Throne, Forefather, Minotaur, Usurper, and Blood Thirsty Demon. For the Label Special column, this time it features Primitive Art Recs, View Beyond Recs and Damnation Recs. In this issue Ustumallagam includes zine review and probably this is the last issue where he will put review of audio stuff. That is because most of the stuff sent for review are crap and he don't want to waste time listening. Pity though because it is interesting to read his negative reviews.
c/o Ustumallagam, Norager 10C, 1. MF., DK-6400 Sonderborg, Denmark.
ghoul@get2net.dk http://tornadomagazine.cjb.net

Issue 1

Interviews; Stormwarrior, Maze Of Torment, Bestial Mockery, Dracena, Wounds and one Greek band (a short interview but didn't mention the band's name and hard to figure out the logo). 20 page, half-sized, side stapled, no table of content and page number. The printing and xerox quality must be made better in the future. The layout is pretty simple (single spacing, 1 column per page, size 10 font). The reviews are interesting to read but there are only 3 pages of them here. Considering the amount of reading material and the price (USD 1 or free with any purchase of Unholy Metal Desaster Distro's stuff), this is a fair zine.
c/o Antonis Giannakakis, P.O.Box 50470, 54013 Thessaloniki, Greece.

Issue 3, 2002

36 page, A4 size, pro-printed. I didn't know that Turkey also have a professional metal magazine like this complete with full colored cover and a free CD sampler. Great layout and the reviews include the front cover as well. I guess to save cost, the CD booklet and tray cover are printed in the mag and you have to cut it on your own. I don't like doing that especially when the back cover is used for this. If 36 is to thin for you, think again. The font is small and every space on the page is well-used by them. Interview; Callenish Circle, Construcdead, Dark Fortress, Darkane, Die Apokalyptischen Rieter, Dismember, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Exmortem, Hypnos, Martyr, Nuclear Blast, Shape Of Despair, Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy, Sins Of Omission, Solar Dawn, Throneaon, Thyrfing, Vomitory and Withering Surface. The reviews are only on CD which they name the column as "Kill Your Stereo".
c/o Ozan OKOGLU, 106 sk. No:10/9, 35290 Goztepe Izmir, Turkey.