The interview was originally made for Dark Legions Magazine but due to some problem the email lost somewhere. Excuse for the short interview. It was made in a rush because of the dateline but I still want metalheadz here to know more about this band. I don't listen much to bands like Within Temptation, The Sins of Thy Beloved but To Elysium is an exception (read the review of "Dearest Vile" elsewhere). For band bio, check their website. (Interview by Syukri)

Hail! Greetings from Malaysia! I have tried to email the band via both email addresses but finally have to get this interview done through Rogier. I hope you guys can fix the problem. By the way, who's answering this interview?

I am, and I am Rein doing buffoonery in the mighty To Elysium.

There are some line-up changes after the release of "Dearest Vile". Why Eline Ottens out from the band and how did you meet Marcel Winkes? Is there any line-up change beside this? Where the old one go?

We met Marcel by a common friend, a talent from a local band. We dismissed Eline for private reasons and we are forcing a future she could't cope with. She now participates in the new carnation of Manny's (guitarist) band 'BlackOut'.

I guess there isn't much to say about the history of the band. TO ELYSIUM was just formed in 2000. How and what make you guys formed TO ELYSIUM? Is it because in other bands you guys playing is not good enough or want to do something different? Could you explain who had play with Altar, Seraphique and Black Out and other bands you guys plays with and are they still member of these bands?

Altar is alive, again. There are even two versions of that band at the moment. Sjoerd now releases his hyperspasms in The Monolith Deathcult, uprising kings, leaving Altar but a slow train. Seraphique is in the studio right now, recording Chrysalis. We are in TE because we want it this way, there are more sides to us and we are all pretty creative. As said Black Out is reanimated too.

Tell us more about the "Collision Course" demo which I think the only demo released. Is this demo led you to sign with COLD BLOOD INDUSTRIES? Are there any major differences between the demo and your debut CD? "Dearest Vile" is quite good so if there no major difference, COLD BLOOD INDUSTRIES is not the only one offering you a deal. If it is not a top secret, tell us a bit the detail of the deal with CBI.

We signed for three albums, the follow-up will be released in a few months from now. They were the first with a reasonable offer. They are friendly people and communication is very clear, we get along well. CC suxxx as it is only three people doing all the parts, it was a demo for ourselves to start the band with, fans asked for it so we sold out a limited number of copies. DV is way better recorded, a little rearranged and a massive sound.

The CD starts with a cool intro. Do you make it yourself or taken it from movies?

It's from Gladiator. It sounds powerful and refers to our name. Next one will also start with a spoken intro, it's a effective formula.

I know I am not doing my job well. People will still haven't got enough clue when reading my review. It is hard to write in English for a non-English speaking country. How would you describe TO ELYSIUM's music for those who are not familiar with the band and the new CD? What are TO ELYSIUM songs about and what do you prefer others to call your music?

To my opinion there are two sorts of music, good music and bad music, we belong to the first category. I don't care what people call it. It has melody and aggression, grunts and clean vocals, a variety of styles and influences, it's not easy to catch that all in one term Guess Gothic Metal or Dark Metal will indicate the right direction. We sing about personal stuff, in metaphors or without. Give it a try. We know how to make songs, that's the strongest part besides craftmanship. It really nice to listen to.

Will you keep on with this style and concept for your next release? If you are given the chance, what that you would like to change in "Dearest Vile"? Were there any song left out from this album?

We were happy to write enough songs on such short notice, there were none left. As we speak we have finished all the new ones for the upcoming album. Next time we will take more time for esther's vocals. It was recorded under pressure of time, and she can't handle that very well. The parts on DV are good, but she can and will do a lot more. We added more emotional and slow parts, it's really heavy... the new music.

I think it might be too soon to talk about new material since the CD is just out but I don't know when was the songs are made and don't know how fast you guys compose a song. When will the new one out and in what form? The line-up has change so we should expect some changes in the music as well?

Oh, well I have answered most of that in the previous questions, being late with my reply.

I think I know the answer for this question. It will be a 'no'. Do you know about Malaysian and Asian metal scene (particularly in the Southeast)?

I know Impiety and Abhorer are from around there somewhere. I used to like those bands some years ago, haven't followed them since then.

That is all I have to ask. This is the shortest interview I made so far due to some reasons. Was there any other Asian zine interview you before? Thanks for the time. Anything else to add?

No, you took our Asian-interview-viriginity, be proud. Check out our renewed site in a few days. Make us big out there so we can come play live there...errr, shine on, thanx.