TERROR SQUAD are one of great bands produced by Japan (go fukk yourself if you don't agree!). It took years to finally get them to do this interview and I am truly grateful for the answer. Originally this interview is made for our first issue so that's explain why some questions are a bit outdated. Interview by Syukri.


Hail! Thanks for spending some time for this interview. I made the questions after the release of your debut. I only change/update few things so some questions might sound old to you. Just bear with it please.

Sorry late.

The release after the release of your debut which I know is the split EP with SABBAT. Is there other release after this EP? Can you talk a bit about the song in this EP? What do you personally think of this release, SABBAT and also the label, LEGION OF DEATH?

EP is very cool, but only 300 copies not enough, I think.

On to your debut, "The Wild Stream Of Eternal Sin" (tWSoES) is truly a surprise for me. I never expected Terror Squad to be a bit original in todays thrash metal scene. 'Original' because of some heavy metal solos. Not another direct Kreator rip off. Can you define the band's style and from where Terror Squad get your influence from?

Tokyo Metal Anarchy

The band started in 1992 and had gone few line-up changes. How did the band formed? Do you play in other band back then? What are the current line-up.

We inspired from cool thrash bands like Bulldozer, Venom,etc... and some member changes..blur blur.... and, current line
up is SonicRiot, Lord of Nightmare, AnarchyBeast, Frankensteiner. And we never change this line up!

"The Birth Of The New Age" is the only demo Terror Squad produced. Is the demo still available? Would you mind talk a bit about this demo (songs, styles, lyrics, etc)?

1500 copies sold out.

How did Terror Squad managed to be a part of Primitive Art's "Headbanger Against Disco" 7" trilogy? With the song "Disco Bloody Disco", is there any label that might be interested in Terror Squad? Is there any difference between the version of the song in the EP and the one in the CD?

Sound quality and lyrics. both is good.

What makes you choose Worldchaos Production? How long will you be under them?

Owner of this label, Max is nice erotic guy! "The Wild Stream Of Eternal Sin" is the first release of World Chaos Production.

The demo was released in 1994 and the CD out in end of 1999 (I guess, never now the exact release date). What happen in that long time period?

Because, we're very slow composers.

About the front cover artwork, I think it would be much better if the artwork for the tray card used instead. Does the artwork chosen for the album cover really describe the album title, ""The Wildest Stream Of Eternal Sin"?

Yes very good front cover. I like wolf!! Wolf is wild!

Why do you choose the art from Tadahiko Kawaguchi? Japan has the coolest form of artwork. Manga/anime/hentai, (but I like the erotic kind of these art though), would Terror Scream use these kind of art next time?


"tWSoES" also use the talent of Kanako Kakino. Since the name is stated in the booklet, may I know who is she/he?

She made opening & ending sound effect. she is very cute & sexy.

Who are D.O. Squadron and did they do for Terror Squad? (as stated in the thanks list) What is "Eternal Sin Project”? Is it about the album?


The release of "tWSoES" in this period of time might leave negative remarks on the bands from those who have not listen to the CD. With more and more bands changing their style to thrash or adding some 'thrashy' elements in their songs, one might say "This is another new retro-revival-infected band" (that's my opinion at first). What do you want to say to these people and what do you thin of today 'retro revival' phenomenon?

We're not relation with those retro thrash revival. But we like Inferno. They are great band.

Normally new thrash band and lots of other bands from different style of metal will add some cover songs in their release. What makes Terror Squad leave out cover song/s in "tWSoES" ? What do you think of bands making cover of old school bands? For me, not really an original move especially when they covering the same old Kreator or Sodom songs. There are huge selections of bands beside these 2. Would Terror Squad be adding cover songs in your next release?

No we wont record cover songs in our album. I don't like that style. But we recorded cover songs for additional cassette for the first press of tWSoES. Bulldozer, Misfits, Whiplash, Venom.

You also made a tour to Germany. Tell us how the experience playing in front of the German lunatic metal fans?

Germany is great!!

When will we see another release from Terror Squad? In what form in will be next time? CD/EP or..?

I don't know. But we want to release 2nd album next year.

Thanks for the answer. Is there anything else to say to the readers especially from the Southeast?

Thrash Hard!

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