Previously known as Domain, the Mexican Metal Wardemons Ravager is now one of the most respected Death Metal band around. Having released one of the most blasphemous Death Metal album in the world called "Storm Of Sin", the band is currently busy doing some shows in Mexico and have just done a show with Nile. Here I got Oscar Garcia, the hellgrinder of the band to tell me more about the history of Ravager, the latest project and also his other band Demonized. For those who lie in wait, prepare to be ravaged! (Interview by Firdaus)

Hello Oscar! How have you been doing lately? Is it hot in Mexico now?

Hail, first of all thanks for the inte and interest in Ravager. All has been good for us nowadays, we're working hard and doing some live dates around, also drinking hundred of beers cause we live in a fucking inferno of 40 every day.

Alright let`s talk about your band. You were previously known as Domain before you change the name to Ravager. I must say that during the Domain era you have built a strong position in the underground scene with only one cult released which is a split E.P called "Hellbirth" with your other project Demonized. Why you decided to change the name? I know that there`s another band called Domain but there are also a few bands that share the same name like Disgorge for example. Can you tell me why?

Truly was a shame and a big lost for us, cause we could not do it nothing, we received messages from the band's manager in Germany with demand menaces, unfortunately this guy and the band shown a very aggressive attitude and they were decided to affect however to us and our label if we don't accept to do the change, so just to avoid this kind of legal problems we did the name change. This way we lost all the work built as Domain and forced to start since the beginning again.

I was stunned when I first listened to your split E.P "Hellbirth" because to me this E.P is hell of a cult E.P I have ever heard! Where did you get the idea to play a fast and evil music like that? Can you describe Ravager music in general? Satanic Brutal Death Metal?

I wanted always since I was a child to have a Death Metal band and play so fucking fast and brutal, I grew up listening all that great bands in the 90's and it's the same for the rest of my bandmates I think. I met them years ago and all of us had the same idea. This way we built our legion. I could describe our music as "DESTRUCTIVE DEATHFUKKING WARMETAL!"

What bands have influenced you and the rest of demons in Ravager? I can say that you guys have a lot of originality but for sure you guys do have mentors, right? Tell more about it.


You are now under Osmose Productions and currently have released a debut album called "Storm Of Sin". Where did you record the album? You have a better sound than "Hellbirth" with "Storm Of Sin". I guess it's all because of Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez work, right? Antimo's vocal work has changed a bit. Why is that? Anyway how did you get the deal with Osmose?

We recorded the Storm of Sin album at Sound Tech studio in Queretaro, Mexico. For our debut album I guess we finally obtained the result that we always was looking for, good sound and brutal, Punchy came from Florida and did an excellent work with us, his experience helped us a lot during the recording sessions and we're very satisfied with the final result. We wanted that Antimo's vocals could sound different than Disgorge vocals, he did a great work. We get the deal with Osmose during the promotion of our split "Hellbirth", Herve heard the stuff and resulted very interested in our band, we was receiving some others offers but finally we signed a 3 cd's deal for the French label in January 2001.

From all the 10 songs in the album, which songs are the best in your opinion? To me "Storm Of Sin" is a major success for Ravager because you have gained so much praise from the press and listeners even though "Hellbirth" is the beginning of all destruction. You have established Ravager in the scene especially in the Death Metal Scene with "Storm Of Sin". Do you happy with your current achievements and the result/feedback from your fans with your debut album?

Fortunately the album has been received so fucking good, we're really glad and motivated for the next release, we worked so hard for the Storm of Sin album, we put all our blood in the studio, so I'd like to recommend the entire disc. I like all the songs, otherwise I should not be playing in Ravager hehe.

You have created lots of killer drum beats! Most of the drum beats are well crafted and that have made all the songs much brutal and technical. You are one of the best Death Metal drummer! Where did you get the idea to create killer beats like that? When you arrange the drum beats, do you get the help from the other members or do you arrange them by yourself?

Thanks for your nice words man, its a big motivation for me, cheers! I always dreamed to play the drums, As I said before I grew up seeing good, killer and god drummers, definitely this influenced me a lot to start playing. I think I've been dedicated for this and for all my occupations in my life, this way the things comes at the right way. I arrange the drum beats in practice, first with a basic beats and then more ideas comes... and of course I always ask my bandmates's opinions.

You are currently busy with tours in support to "Storm Of Sin". How many countries Ravager have destroyed so far and which is the best place you have played? How was the response from Mexican crowd? Do they really support your show?

Well, unfortunately we can't do many tours in Mexico, we do as many shows as we can for the promotion of our album, until this moment we don't have played outside our country, we hope to do it soon, that would be killer and great for Ravager probably for the second album we'll receive the opportunity for destroy some stages in the outside. The response from the Mexican crowds has been just good, not so excellent like outside Mexico, its very normal because here are many false people and few Death Metal Maniacs, also the envy is a big problem in our scene...we don't care more about it... our scene sux !!

The latest news I got from you is that you'll be the supporting act in Nile upcoming Mexican show somewhere in August. If I'm not wrong Hate Eternal and Origin will be there too, right? Do you get along with them well? What do you think about Nile? I must say they are one of the outstanding Death Metal band right now along with Krisiun, Morbid Angel etc!

We did the show with NILE some days ago, Hate Eternal and Origin were not included for the show. To see and play with NILE was one of my best experiences of my life, and yeah they are a big name nowadays, simply they destroyed the fukking stage....we received serious Death Metal lessons hehe.

Let's talk about your other project, Demonized. Personally I think this band is just as brutal as Ravager but I can see that you don't really pay much attention with it, I mean you have brought Ravager to the highest position by signing the band to Osmose Productions but Demonized only stick with underground independent label Evil Vengeance Records (own by Gene). Why is that?

Well, we put all our attention at time for Demonized, but it was just a project, after be signing for Osmose, we received some offers for our project too, and we decided to work with this underground label because the meaning of be working with Gene, you know how means Angel Corpse for us, so its not about lack of attention for Demonized, for us will be a honor to have a release with Evil Vengeance records. Many times its better to work with underground labels.

To me Demonized sounded more like a Black Metal band than Death Metal with straight-forward grind drum beats. Some even call/label Demonized as "the reincarnation of Canada's Blasphemy". Can you describe more clearly what kind of concept Demonized is playing? Anyway I like both songs from "Hellbirth" E.P called "Luciferian Vengeance" and "Wardemonic Sodomy". What are the songs all about? Have you ever performed live with Demonized?

Yeah, I think Demonized's style is more Death Black Metal, fast and fucking furious, very chaotic stuff. The song "Wardemonic Sodomy" also will be included in the full length album, we never have played alive as Demonized, and there is no possibility to do it, all our time is now for Ravager.

Demonized debut album will be released soon under Evil Vengeance Records. Can you reveal a bit about the upcoming debut album? Is it much faster than "Hellbirth"? Have you set any title for the album?

You can expect from Demonized a very fast, heavy and strong album, and of course with so much better sound than Hellbirth. The album is just called DEMONIZED.

Let's get back to Ravager. Before this you told me that you are going to start working on the upcoming Ravager album as the follow up to "Storm Of Sin" for 2003 release. Any songs have completely composed? Will the new album be more brutal than "Storm Of Sin"?

Yes, we have 5 hymns done, We plan to record the new album between February and April 2003, the new Ravager stuff comes very obscure, I think sounds more American Death Influenced, of course we keep the brutality of our cult. We're working very hard for offer a good Death fuking metal album. Also there are others release plans, I'll spread the word at time, we'll be doing a split before the new album. So be prepared !!

What do you know about my country Malaysia? You have a good contact with Shyaithan of Impiety! What can you say about "Skullfucking Armageddon"? Do you like the album very much? If you have a lot of money, will you be touring Asia?

Honestly I don't know a lot from your country, hell yeah I'm in touch continuously with my mighty brother Shyaithan, we have a good friendship and we're anxious to do a tour with Impiety. "SkullFucking Armageddon" is one of my favorite albums, Raw, Violence and Pure Metal means for me, Hail Impiety. To be touring in Asia definitely would be the most killer experience for Ravager, We Like a lot your culture and all enigmatic places there...for sure would be a dream come true.

What is your current playlist? Have you listened to Incantation's "Blasphemy"?

No, damn it...I must obtain the new Incantation album as soon as possible. Nowadays I'm crushing my ears and soul with albums like:


That's it Oscar we have come to the end. Anything you would like to say to the readers before we end this interview?

Brother, thanks again for the true and hellish support for Ravager, I want to say Hell O to every Dark Legions` Readers, we hope to play some day in your country and share a killer Death Metal session. Hail to every one of you and let's work until the end for the glory of Metal Cheers !!!!!!! Stay in touch.