What can we expect great black metal from Singapore beside IMPIETY, and NECHBEYTH appear to prove and claim themselves as Singahell WarCult Black Metal. I have a great chat with eternal warbrotherz Feurstrum to know more about NECHBEYTH and their mission. Interview by Hamdan.

Blasphemous Hailz WarBro Feuersturm of the mighty NECHBEYTH. How are you doing lately? Anal Madonna or Masturbation harder?

Hailz mighty hailz to my eternal goatbrother, Hamdan! All is infernal and well for me, brother! For me its always been Christ-raping, mary-kulumizing and nazarene-sodomizing, all in SEXcess! Maybe I'd like to have some nice nun-bitches to masturbate my 666 inch howitzer as well! hahahah!

Introduce your bands in short since I guess S.M readers is new to know about NECHBEYTH?

Nechbeyth is a 5-headed goathorned cult war black metal band from the most fiery depths of Singahell which executes pure apocalyptik war black metal at lightning speed and leaves no mercy with our bestial satanic battle warfare of the highest order! NO fucking compromising christ-beheading hellwarhymns are vomited forth by us to set god's holy kingdom on on fire and incinerate him to ashes!

So how the HellCamp right now? The band had finished recording for upcoming release is it right? Can you elaborate about the recording and I heard one label from Thailand will release your upcoming release?

Arggghhh!!! All is well and truly infernal in Nechbeyth's hellcamp right now! Yes, we have finished the recording for our upcoming 4-hymn demo entitled TOTAL BATTLE SUPREMACY! It was ritualistically redesecrated at the TNT Nuklear-detonation Studio in Singahell and the process took us about 18 hours in all to complete. TOTAL BATTLE SUPREMACY will be honourably released by INCOFFIN PRODUCTIONS of Thailand! Those demons at ICP fucking rule! Cheerz guys!

How you get a deal with that label? The label probably will release your upcoming release in tape format so do you satisfied with it? You know that tapes now are not important since CD take over the market then how the band wanna promote their stuff through worldwide?

Well, Mr. Wathayakorn of non-other-than SODivinity offered to help us release this demo after hearing our earlier release, which was the 2-hymn PROMOTIONAL WARHYMNS 2002. We then discussed further and yes I am very satisfied with ICP's deal. In fact, ICP's deal is way excellent! For your information, only 333 hand-numbered tapes will be printed and the 1st 100 tapes will have a limited-edition Nechbeyth badge as well! It is true that tapes are rarely found nowadays but it doesnt fucking matter to me! It is Nechbeyth's aim to stay true and to be a pure CULT war black metal band! So tapes and vinyls are really cult-as-fuck and we love it that way! Arggghhh!!! Pure fucking cult eternal! Promotion worldwide is not a problem at all. ICP will help as, as part of the deal, to promote us worldwide on their part as a label, and I was very satisfied with this part of the deal as well! Besides ICP, Nechbeyth will do its own promotions, and I am hoping to be able to get sum gig dates to promote our demo, not just back in Singahell, but also in SE Asia as well.

Before this the band have release a Promotional CD not for sale. So how your upcoming release differs from the Promo CD. Did you think to add Malay traditional hymns in NECHBEYTH music to be more unique?

Well, the demo will consist of 4 songs, which are both hymns in the limited promo CD plus 2 new songs. And the demo differs from the promo in a lot of aspects. For one, the general sound has been vastly improved, and all the individual sounds from the drums to the vocals has been improved tremendously. Personally, my vocal style especially, has changed slightly and the demo will have a different vocal sound than the promo CD. And NO...Nechbeyth will NEVER add any traditional Malay hymns or what not in our bestial compositions. On the contrary, I dont think its unique anymore. It is totally not original nowadays. But with Malay hymns or not, Nechbeyth will always stand proud as a true beast from the east!

I have read in one Magazine that declare NECHBEYTH is answer to Singapore MARDUK and I agree with that coz listen for your Promo the band music is similar to MARDUK especially the Vokillz style and in every NECHBEYTH live show the band not forget to cover MARDUK anthems. What your comments about this and let me know your favourite Vokillz.

HAHAHAHAH! Well brother, you are not the 1st one to ask me this! Nechbeyth will always have Marduk as one of our influences, similarly to Behemoth, Angelcorpse etc etc...But I think that Nechbeyth will always try our best to create the most bestial and blasphemous god-beheading warhymns without sounding too much like our influences. I think that its an honour most high for us to be compared to Marduk as I think that Marduk is one of the best black metal bands ever, but I would really leave it up to the listeners on to whether we sound like Marduk or otherwise. So take a listen to our ferocious ear-shattering war-anthems and decide for yourselves if Nechbeyth really sounds like Marduk or not! And yes, my favourite vocal-desecrators are Legion (Marduk...ARGGGHHH!!!!) Pete Helmkamp (O.F.C/ Angelcorpse/Revenge) and also J Read of the mighty Conqueror/Revenge!

Why you wanna play Black Metal? You know that before this Black Metal era is down because the shit bands throw away the real Black Metal anthems to be a gay like Cradle Of Fuck and Dimmu Boring. Are you into Black Metal in your early days or just wanna follow the Trends?

Well, we all in Nechbeyth think that Black metal is the most blasphemous and brutal form of Satanic warfare to be consecrated upon mortals, and it really suits our personal beliefs and vision...Of fiery battle-skies...going to war under the banner of the goat and crushing all that is christianity! And TRUE black metal is to be played fast, aggressive and ugly! Just the way it was meant to be and not like the commercial crap that poser BM wannabes buy and listen to nowdays...Pure fucking pathetic, crappy, gay and wimpy music that is played so nice it should be sold at all pop sections! And sad to say its these so-called BM boybands that stain the sacred honour of TRUE black metal. And here in Nechbeyth, we strive to create TRUE and CULT black metal warhymns! So whatever the fucking trend is, it does not bother us one bit!

Do you feel nowadays many bands appear in the metal scene with brutal/fast music no matter it's Black/Death or Thrash Metal. How about NECHBEYTH? Do you consider NECHBEYTH to be like a bands I mention above?

I think that we are slowly progressing and I can see that there are many extreme metal bands which push the boundaries with fucking brutal and aggressive music, for example some thrash bands have incorporated fast drumming styles, similarly we have many good death bands which have ultra-fast grind brutality! Though I cannot speak for all but I am very much into hyper-fast extreme metal played with utmost brutality and pure barbarism and ironblasphemy! And here in Nechbeyth, we execute our pure satanic warfare at blistering lightning-speed with NO wimpy and romantic riffs! Our war-hymns will be like bullets travelling at 666km/h to storm-detonate and engulf the christian kingdom with hellflames!

NECHBEYTH have been playing many live shows at hometown I guess and lately the band have a great time desecrate Siamese stage at SONGKHLA METALFEST 2003 with Siamese bands and few Malaysian horde. On that day NECHBEYTH delivered a killer/best set I ever watch and I really fukking enjoy your set and banging my head like a mad dogs in front of you. 666 Congratulations for the best set. How you feel about the whole thing happen during your show at there since that are your first live show outside your hometown. Any plans to destroy Malaysian stages next time?

ARGGGHHHHH!!!! 666 infernal hellstorming goathailz to you for your support and for hellbanging your ironskull in front of our altar of blood in Songkhla! Yes, we have destroyed many hellstages in Singahell....but Songhkla Hellfest was the ultimate battle triumph for Nechbeyth! Fucking great venue, great sound and not to forget fucking insane hellbangers like you! Argghhh!!! We totally enjoyed our Siamese invasion and it was an honour most high for Nechbeyth to fucking destroy the hellstage with all the extreme goatcult S.E Asian bands. We have immolated and blazed all pathetic gods into the dark and desolate night skies! Yes, we are planning to invade and totally assault S.E Asian stages to promote our demo release and we are looking for Malaysian slots as well! We would really love to fucking rape and crush the hellstages in Malaysia with kult extreme metal hordes there!

Singapore now have many talented/potential bands so recommend to us some good bands that play honest, not following the trends? How about the relationship between Older Generation and New Generation. Did New Generation get support from Old Generation to keep establish the scene like they do before?

Well, yes I do think that there are a lot of good and upcoming bands here, though most are unfortunately not Black Metal. We have a some good death/thrash bands here though...Actually, I am not in the position to judge the quality of bands here but I guess some of the bands I'd like to recommend are PURBAWISESA (BM) EIBON (BM) RUDRA (DM) etc etc...There are quite a number of other good metal bands, no doubt, but not all stay true to the art of extreme metal! Being a demon of the new generation ourselves, Nechbeyth has had the diabolical blessings from the old generation to keep on carrying the triumphant banner of war and blasphemy and to make Singahell proud! I think that we have the utmost respect for all our old generation goatwarriors and they will always reign as immortal and infernal beasts ov Singahell and here in Nechbeyth, we will always remain true and continue path of the cult eternal!

What's your view point about whole Scene in Asia? Do you think our scene have been appreciated and support from the European/American. The European/American people always look down our scene coz they think we here in Asia can't have a great bands like them. Give me example the band from Asia that you think have a standard like European/American?

My view on the whole scene in Asia is that we are slowly progressing and I can see a lot of good and upcoming extreme metal bands, be it black, death or thrash. I think that while it is true that some European or American labels/bands view Asian bands as inferior but at the same time, there are lots of others that are fucking great and they truly support Asian hordes. I think that Asian bands are extremely capable of being as good if not better than our European or American counterparts so we must always stand proud as true battle beasts from the Hellkingdom of S.E Asia! Some of the invincible Asian goatbattle hordes that are as good if not better than Europeans bands are like Surrender of Divinity, Neurotic of Gods and non other than the Mighty IMPIETY!! Arggghhhh!!! These guys fucking rule and I hope that they will always make Asia proud with their excellent and diabolical art!

Many bands at your land now I guess have take IMPIETY for their influences and to be successful like IMPIETY. Did them or you know how IMPIETY be like now and get the achievement like they get? Don't you wanna set up NECHBEYTH to follow what IMPIETY do and get?

My view is that most of these bands who are influenced by the mighty Impiety just see the success and not all the sheer hard work behind Impiety's 13 glorious christfucking years of tyranny. They do not know or understand all the blood, iron and semen shed to make Impiety the success it is today! Nechbeyth will always hail our goatbrothers in Impiety for their steel-shredding support for us! We will always strive to be the best that we can be and create the most blasphemous war-assaults to ever come from Singahell, and we will proudly continue the path of battle-triumph that Impiety has set for all!

What your current playlist right now? Do you listen others Metal or just stick in Black Metal? Did you listen latest MARDUK "World Funeral" album?

ARGGHHHH!!! World Funeral fucking rules! The new drummer Emil Dragutinovic is a fucking excellent throne commander and I think that World Funeral is a far better work that Marduk's previous album, La Grande Danse Macabre. Well, I listen to mostly war/black metal but I do listen to other brutal death/thrash bands as well! The unholy anthems that are blazing my set right now are:

World Funeral (Marduk)
Zos Kia Kultus (Behemoth)
Triumph,Genocide, Antichrist (Revenge)
Trinity In Black (Unpure)
Storm of Sin (Ravager)
Genocide (Yattering)
Misha Omar (HAHAHAH!!!) (????? ~Syukri)

Any good relationship/contact from with Malaysian Metal Brotherz? Let me know what Malaysian bands you listen right now?

Any good relationships? Well, I have the honour of having such infernal goatbrothers like you and Amir from Bilharzia! hahaha...I think the other guys from Torpedo, Bilharzia are really nice as well...and I am in contact with Nunth and the rest of the guys from Nosferiel as well. I think they are fucking insane and crazy guys to hang out with and we totally enjoyed our time at Songkhla! Well, I can't say that I listen to any right now...been some time since I got the chance to get some really good stuff from Malaysia and I can't wait to listen my true brotherz TORPEDO demo soon. As you know, its pretty hard since not a lot of Malaysian CDs or tapes are available here. But Im sure to get some when we invade Malaysia next!

The band have merchandise to offer so how STEEL MADNESS readers get your kult Merchandise?

Yes, we actually printed 50 kult-as-fuck T-shirts with 25 of 2 designs each. Both are printed front and back but unfortunately one of the designs been completely sold out. The other is still available but I would advise those who are interested to get their claws on it a.s.a.p! Only about 10 pieces are left and they will never be reprinted again! There were also 7 kult hooded sweatshirts but they have also been sold out! Those goatwardemons who are interested should get in touch and contact me for further details!

OK Bro That's all for now.666 All the best for NECHBEYTH future battle.Last Vomitz for all STEEL MADNESS readers...

666 Steelshredding christ-fucking virgin-mary sodmizing god-impaling hellhailz to you for this wicked and barbaric interview! Thank you for all your support and to all true goatmetal warriors, stay true to the path of the cult eternal...Together we shall reign supreme as true beasts from the east!

c/o Feuersturm
Blk 25 Eunos Crescent
Singapore 400025
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