Interview by Hamdan.

Skullraping Hailz Bro Tomas of the mighty MORBOSIDAD. How you feel today? Any sluts you rape lately?

666Hailz Komrade!!! I feel kind of bad cause today a relative fuckin passed away. Yes, I fuckin Mexican slut with hairy pussy and big ass....I cum all over her fuckin face...arghhhh

MORBOSIDAD is new to STEEL MADNESS readers please introduce your band in short?

The morboso kult got formed in '93. That same year we did a rehearsal demo and then in '94 we recorded our demo called "Santisima Muerte" which it never came out as an official demo since, two weeks later our drummer passed away so we stop the horde for a long time. In '98 we recorded our self title cd but it come out until '00 for personal and economic problems and then since then we have been fuckin busy with some assaults, live desecrations shows, etc....

How about musical influences that MORBOSIDAD worship? Do you consider MORBOSIDAD as Black Metal band in early formed you wanna play others style in MORBOSIDAD?

Blasphemy,Sarcofago,Beherit,Bathory, etc...yeah, I think so. No, only death and black metal is real

Nowadays many Black/Death Metal bands mainly influences by BLASPHEMY and SARCOFAGO...Can you feel that this situation will become trendy coz many new Black/Death Metal band wanna sound or try to follow the image from mighty BLASPHEMY and kult SARCOFAGO. What's your comment Bro?

I hate that, cause I remember when all the new bands that they were coming out they wanted to get the european sound like Darkthrone and Emperor but now it seems that everyone wants to do the primitive Sarcofago and Blasphemy sound, stick to your style like us, we've been doing the same shit for 10 years now.

How the band moving right now differs from previous release? I also know you have release a EP after the kult "S/T" LP. Please reveal a little bit about the EP release?

Its getting better everyday. Yeah, Bestial Onslaught Prod. released our 7 "EP just days before we did the mini tour with Abigail here in the USA. Its a totally piece of evil art, it came out really good.

MORBOSIDAD soon will release a Limited 5 Way Split LP with THORNSPAWN, SURRENDER OF DIVINITY etc. Let me know who give the idea to release the kult split LP and what label will release the LP. How about MORBOSIDAD track feature on the LP? Any new tracks or from your old tracks?

Well, I met the guy from Goatreich666 (Italia) and we did a trade, and told me how killer would be to do a split EP or LP both hordes together, we talked about doing it and then he told me to invited another band and vice versa, next think I knew, there were like five true hordes interested in being a part of this ritual so all hordes were agreed in the idea of a 5 way split release after all.It will be release by my komrade Klaxon Rec. form here in vinyl and then my good komrade Whatayakorn from Incoffin Prod. Thailand will put it out on a killer and primitive cassette. I think we will have a new song (might be a cover song or a new one) and then a live desecration one, we'll see.

Many MORBOSIDAD release is in vinyl version so let me know is it necessary to you to deicide that all MORBOSIDAD release must be in vinyl and why you choose this kind version not as usual or you think MORBOSIDAD is play Black Metal like early days then that's why must release in vinyl version. What your comment about this?

There's nothing like a vinyl.....that's why we'll have all of our releases in the vinyl format cause is so fuckin primitive and kult, vinyl is only for the TRUE!! warriors that know what all this means to us.

MORBOSIDAD have many time desecrate the stage and how your whole feel about band live ritual. Any great experience you have? Did the band wear the battle gear during their Live Ritual like Chain, Leather, Spikes, Grenades and Bullet?

Doing live desecration shows is where you get to see the real potential of a horde, we fuckin get brutal and evil all the time when we play, that's where you let your anger go. Yeah, we did a show like a month ago and a guy got stabbed like when we were playing, it was our third song so that shit made me feel more possessed and destroy on stage, it was killer to see the guy bleeding. Yeah, that's what a Morbosidad live desecration show is all about, bullet belts, spikes, gas mask, chains and our two evil and big inverted crosses that we bring with us on stage everything we play.

MORBOSIDAD is come from MEXICO actually and after few years in Mexico the band immigrate to U.S.A. My point is why the band immigrates to U.S. Why not stay at Mexico? Do you think if the band still live in Mexico then will don't have anything release since after the band immigrate you got offer from NWN Prod to release your debut "S/T"LP? What your view about this Bro... Please story in short about Mexican Metal Scene. I know some great Death Metal (RAVAGER, DEMONIZED, DISGORGE) from there but luckily can't hear about Black Metal band from there.

Well, actually the morboso kult was formed here, we did not even know each other over there, we met here and then we started the kult. Fuckin Mexican scene is one of the best ever. There are some killer black metal hordes like Funereal Moon, Shub Niggurath, Satan, Skar, Ereshkigal, etc...but yes, there are more grind bands, I don't mind as long as the scene grows, fuck it!! It's good for the music.

MORBOSIDAD is stay unsigned band if I'm not mistake. Did you try to find a good label that can sign the band I mean establish label like OSMOSE Prod since many Black Metal bands sign with them or you better like to stay underground and be independent. How about the contract with NWN Prod that release your kult debut "S/T"LP?

We don't want to get sign by big labels, we want the morboso kult stay underground and be a totally independent horde, that way we can release several EP's, demos, lp, etc with any label that we would like. Like right now Bestial Onslaught wants to sign us, and then we will have a split EP early 04 with Surrender Of Divinity out in a France label, see being unsigned is all about. We do not even have or sign a contract with Nuclear War now, cause I know that demon and we are just fine the way we want to work together.

Do you happy live in U.S.A compare to MEXICO. How you keep the band alive? Did you survive for the band?

Yeah, you live better here. Well, we try to keep the band alive the best way we can, we all have day jobs and then we practice after work so we are always keeping the kult alive, not matter how hard is sometimes, but we do not care. No, I do not survive from the band, but I'm satisfied with our horde, and that all I care.

What is your favourite vokillz? Let me know your 5 playlist right now and have you listen REVENGE "Triumph Genocide Antichrist" album (feat ex legendary kult CONQUEROR). Your commens?

I do not have a fave, I like Holocaust vocals and lots of more but I not a fave, they all are evil and dark as hell. Demoncy 'Joined in Darkness', Morrigan 'Plague,Wasted and Death', Beherit 'The oath of black blood' (of fuckin course), Blasphemy 'Fallen Angel of Doom', Sarcofago 'I.N.R.I' I've been listening to these hordes for the past 3 weeks in a row. arghhhh Fuck yeah, Revenge kill!!! I saw them live couple months ago and they were totally evil and bestial as hell....great evil horde, horns up!!!

Do you know about my scene here in Asia?I think you have already know our great Warrior mighty IMPIETY? What your view about our scene?

I know a lot, I got so much fuckin mail from your hell land, you got one crazy scene as well, keep the flame of hate up high!!!! Yeah, Impiety kills!!!! It seems to me that you scene is getting stronger and evil everyday, which is fuckin good, keep it that way....!!! and you guys have killer hordes too so there's a future there.

Please answer in short this words:
Canadian Black Metal Skin Head-
Does not bother me at all, as long as they don't fuck with me, I'm ok.
Leather,Spikes,Bullet- Totally primitive and kult arghhhh.
Sex,Drug,Beer- Can't fuckin live without them.
Morboso Metal- Evil, primitive, blasphemous, brutal and morbid the way it meant to be.
If MORBOSIDAD not exist- I would it be a serial killer and the rest of the morbosos, may be doing porno.

Any future plans? Please state here. How can STEEL MADNESS readers get your merchandise/release?

So many assault coming up, like tour new cd/lp/cassette that will be out in September, then the 5 way split lp, an ep split plus the demo re-issue from South America and tons of shit, jut go to for info on up coming releases and merchandise ok...write with black blood.

Last fukking cum to all true Black Metal worshipper?

666 Thanks for the killer interview, good luck with your blasphemous zine and keep the underground alive, rape a kill a nun for me fuckers!!!!
Stay evil and make fuckin war,
In total destruction,