This band needs no introduction coz they have existed since 1987 and well-known in Death/Grind Scene. DEMISOR is South East Asian GrindCore Legend and this interview is specially made to celebrate their 15 years of existence in the scene. They have something to say. Let's go to the interview made by Hamdan [answered by Memeng (guitar)]. Band photo is taken from and logo manipulation is done by our crew.

Grinding Hailz Memeng! How have you been doing? Any sluts you screwed lately?

Hey there....I'm doing fine right now......Sluts???!! I have lost count....hahaha...

Has the camp right now differs from Split CD with Carcass Grinder and 4 Way Split "Durian is Food Grind Is Good" ?

Its still the same after that releases...nothing is change and the line up is the same as the line up ever for us. ..maybe the sonx are different???

I don't know which DEMISOR releases I wanna talk about coz DEMISOR had so many releases. Ok about your Split CD with CARCASS GRINDER. How the deals go on? Do you satisfied with the deal?

Yes we are of course.... Carcass Grinder did ask about the split long time ago but then they wanted to do a split CD instead of split 7"ep. So we agree and they ask MINK RECORDS to release it. We are glad to do that release which is far better than our old material. The deal is simple...we record few songs and do our own layout... bands get 10-20% of the releases. That's all!! No contract whatsoever!!

DEMISOR's concept now totally different from your past, this times more Heavy/ Brutal/ Blasting Grind Core. DEMISOR start with Grind Death then Noise Grind follow with Crust Grind and now I can classify as Brutal GrindCore with Death Metal touch! DEMISOR now back to the roots? What's your comment? Compare your past releases with the Split CD with Carcass Grinder and Durian 4 Way Split tape. I really like these new releases then your past releases but they are still great.

As I said earlier our newer stuff gonna be a blast fest but we like different elements of the extreme musics. You can call it any way you want but for us its still grindcore music... its funny coz when we started back then it was only called Grindcore music...nowadays the kids really define it like grindcrust, grindnoise, fastcore, powerviolence, crust, goregrind... etc.... probably they label it by the lyrics they read or by the way the band dress or the sounds???? I can't blame them of course... They have the rights to their opinion as long they don't backstab us.... anyway the 4 way tape consist of old songs re-recorded. It suppose to be in the split 7"ep (again..) but we cancel it and put it on the 4 way tape due to some reason. So comparing the songs and style with the split CD is totally different. We put in new ideas for the split CD and the outcome says it all. So far the response has been great. Anyway I like to think that Demisor is just a simple grindcore band for people to enjoy our music....

DEMISOR had appeared in so many split during the existence that I can't count coz there so many. Why not DEMISOR release album? Do you think making split is so necessary for DEMISOR?

We get lots of offer to do splits so maybe that's how we got started... also we aren't fussy.... We don't mind as long they are cool guys... We are all poor guys back then (we are poor still...haha)... We plan to do an album but its all hardwork ...maybe in the future when the label will finance all our recordings and releases??? That will be the day...So far labels usually offer us a small deal like split 7"ep or some comp. And we are sometime fuckin' lazy to promote our own stuff. Anyway since not much label offer us to do a album we just go around doing what we can for now... there's no plans like doing full, tour, album etc etc.... it just happen for us...

Your new drummer Zainal so superb. Compare his skill with your old drummer Jali I think Zainal is better than Jali? Did you satisfied with Zainal's skills? Zainal also plays with NECREOUS, is it right? Which band Jali play right now?

Yes I knew Zainal since long time... I used to write to him back then.... He is a cool penpal and he did play Necreous then... what I know Zainal help in a lot of death/thrash/gore/grind bands and he improve a lot till now... he help Demisor when we are down and we are very grateful to for his skill and dedication there's no limit... He is in a rightful place with Demisor.... As for Jali I really don't have any idea where and what he's up to.... people still thinks that Jali is with Demisor but he has already not involve with us since long time...

You know I'm still wondering what band influences DEMISOR coz listening to every DEMISOR's releases I can't catch up what band influenced DEMISOR coz each releases are different. Could you tell what band has the strongest influences on DEMISOR? Mostly your lyrics dealing about what?

Our lyrics deals with the hardship and living styles we have here in Singapore. All the sonx have a direct or indirect event that happen to our lifes, social, crisis, mind playing games, minority, discrimination etc... We wanted people to learn our hardship living in this place... not as what you imagine.... As for our musics we adore bands like the early grind example... Napalm Death, Terrorizer, SxOxB, Agathocles, Assuck, Phobia and loads more....We love these bands but we want people to recognize DEMISOR by our music....Influence are there but we play our own way of grind music.... We tried to be different and original in every releases.. In every release you will get different audio violence....

In many split DEMISOR featured, which split is so memorable to you?

All of it of course...each release has its own identity... To me just collect every DEMISOR release now!!! Its gooooooodddd!!!

DEMISOR have many songs (over hundred I think) why not collect all the song and select what the best mixture it with your new song and Release it in one CD as your 15 Years of Existence Special CD? Any plans to celebrate DEMISOR's 15 Years Anniversary?

We have plans but for now a friend in Japan is doing our Disco CD... it will feature all old and unreleased sonx from us...its gonna be cool release after all this year....... 15 year, 100 years???? Nothing special for us...

DEMISOR had played at many places around South East Asian (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand also in JAPAN). So where you think the great and best places DEMISOR performed? DEMISOR also have sweet and memorable experiences sharing the stage with the Godz Of Grind NAPALM DEATH at Kuala Lumpur 2001 and for what I know that's a special live performance by DEMISOR after reunion. What your feel about the whole thing happened?

Demisor shreds in Jakarta Indonesia!!! That's the most unholy place to play grind!!! The crowds are just brutal!!! Cheers!! The gig in KL have few sweet memories for us... First we reformed after few months of silence and Bob join back to play guitar with us. Then it's our first gig in KL and the main thing Fuckin' NAPALM DEATH are the guest for that day!!! It's an awesome night!!! Totally fuckin' godz!! We are very happy of course!! Words can't describe how it felt to be there and play alongside our idol and masters of grind!!! Enough said??? Anyway as always you can see DEMISOR perform gig in that places but do people know our hardship?? We pay our own flights, food and even lodging... When we played in Japan we don't get paid and there's no 5 star hotel for us.. Even then we pay our own flights.. but why do we do it???? It's the passion of grind!! We dare to be different and claim that even small Asian grind band like us can do it without anybody help but ourselves!!! And this is a fact!!

On Grind Crusher Gig August 2002 at KL Fahmi said that's is the last performance from DEMISOR in Malaysia so after that Malaysian Grinder will not see DEMISOR destroying stage anymore. If big demand come from us wanna see DEMISOR perform here do DEMISOR come? What your comment about the last gig in Malaysia?

It should be our last gig for me I hope coz I'm much too busy nowadays... But we see what happens coz Demisor is full of suprises... If organiser gave us a few thousand $$$ maybe we consider!!!! hahahaha!!! Well the grindcrusher gig is cool.. what I know people there hate or despise the organizer so that's why the turn out is poor.. They provide us lodging place and that's ok for us.. We are not shame about the attendance coz we have ever played lesser people in Singapore....still we do our show...not a big problem...please remember Demisor are not a rockstars!! We are plain normal people like you and me...

You told to me after releasing the split with GORE BEYOND NECROPSY you will quit from the band so how's the band? Still go on or just stay in the Underground Scene?

The band will be carried on by Fahmy. He will manage the bands and it will go on... DEMISOR won't r.i.p just like that!! As for me I just go about doing my more playing in the band for me...

Singapore now have many good/extreme Grind band like FALLEN WORLD, CARDIAC NECROPSY, WTN, EYESORE and many others. Do you support them as a new act that will continue DEMISOR path after DEMISOR leaving the scene?

Demisor never leave the scene like I said... it will go on with or without support.. Yes there's lot of cool bands and we have cool understanding with them.. We have always support old and new grind bands... but do we get the support from them?? That's what I want to know.....Bands come and go but only the strong survive!! You can be the best guitarist, a superb drummer or evil vocalist in the world but friendship comes before us. We have always try our best to help the scene but we know who are reliable. Most people just don't get involved. We helped bands if they wanted to play here. Maybe we just like meeting people..its our nature...but in any case grind scene will not suffer if DEMISOR r.i.p...more good bands will arise from this region!!

Do you listen to Malaysian Death/Grind Band? What band you mostly like and your comment about TORPEDO?

There's a lot cool bands in Malaysia!!! Some cool bands like Necrotic Chaos, Negation, Infectious Maggot, Torpedo plus few others.... Torpedo is cool + great!! Ezpecially the vocal's hair...hahaha....NECROTIC CHAOS Rules!!!!

What your current playlist? Did you listen to the latest Napalm Death album?

Maybe NASUM lp/cd, ASSUCK lp/cd, TERRORIZER lp, GxBxN cd, SxOxB lp, Agathocles cd. split 7"ep, PHOBIA cd etc etc..... yes the latest ND album is cool for me...

For what I know DEMISOR more like to stay Underground and low profile. All DEMISOR releases you produced yourself. Why not sign with good label and I think no so hard to find Label coz DEMISOR already well-known in Grind Scene?

Hahahaha!! Is it true we are underground??? What is underground???? Is there any now???? I feel that underground belong to the band itself... its how you want your band to be... almost all bands are expose anywhere... maybe only our release are hard to come by.... We like to control our releases ourselves... also I felt that underground has long been lost... its different nowadays... anyway band nowadays prefer to be like their idol or be old school.... its kinda trendy for me... I must say that in few thousands years to come even if you play alike, looks alike, sound alike, dress alike anything alike you won't even come close to the original pioneer bands that you always wanted adore to be!! That's the fact!!! Be original!!!

You also do small label GRINN KONNR Records with Fadil Donut. What stuff you release? Any DEMISOR merchandise to offer?

Well so far we have release split tape and 4 way tapes by Asian grind bands!! We hope to help Asian grinds bands. Asian bands rules!! For Demisor we have bunch of comp.CD, tapes, split CD and split 7"ep to sell... you can check it at our website.... get it now!!

DEMISOR now 15 Years in Existence. Did you feel you so satisfied with the achievement of DEMISOR and do you think that are enough for DEMISOR?

Can any human by satisfy with what he have???? For me personally I have to say that I am fully satisfied of what the band has achieved.. We can go more than what we wanted but maybe its not destined... I do not regret choosing my path..

DEMISOR is Asian Godz Of Grind! What your comment?

Thats just a comment and we think its very embarrassing to get that image... but its a motivating factor though but truly too much for us to handle... anyway don't believe what you hear.... you gotta see it to believe it...

That's all! Anything to promote go on! Last Words?

Well anybody can check our new website at for our latest stuff or news...A big salute to all that support DEMISOR till these days!! Cheers!! thanx Hamdan for this interview... Grind On