Al Iblis, a in my point of view is quite unique and I think I am not exaggerating if I say they are original because of the anti-Zion concept as well as the image of the band. As you might notice, there are more bands hailing from Davao, Philippines. We already got KORIHOR in our first issue and now we bring you AL IBLIS. Interview by Syukri.

Hailz Abdullah! How are you? The world was shocked with the bombing in your country. Hopefully none of our metalbrothers injured in the attack. We can't the trust media so I think you might know the real story behind of the tragedy.

Hail!! I'm fine and doing well, and so are most of us. Things like these happen at times, it isn't surprising at all; remember, we all die. The Media sux! Nothing but mere propaganda tools! Hell, this fucking life is a mess anyways so why be surprised with all these BS.

Maybe I will be jailed for saying this; I hail the Abu Sayyaf! What do you think of them or any terrorist act? Do you support them?

Hahahaha!! I dont really know what these guys are up to. Fuck the system and fuck this plane of existence! These people whom we know as terrorists aren't doing enough of the job! I want more destruction and DEATH! If I were given a chance to have a shot at doing terror with Nuclear Missiles, then I definitely would OBLITERATE Antarctica, yeah that icy continent way south. No people will die, but the havoc it shall accomplish in destroying this criminal planet we call Motherfucker Earth will be stupendous to say the least! Imagine the annihilation of Mankind itself! Whew! What an adrenaline rush!!!! (Thanks for the idea! ~Syukri)

Al Iblis.. So going to the band. How the band got started? I was reading the interview in Tripalium and I hope there is no typing mistake there. You got a 12 year old drummer? I know that there are line-up changes after the demo is released. Please update us.

Hmmmm... that was back in 2002, we formed the band and initially had an idea that it will be a three piece musical obliteration. Our first monicker was Schizophreniac, then we changed it to Iblis, now its Al Iblis. Limmah left the band due to musical differences between us, then came our bassist Janistad, also a new vocalist - Ismail joined us prior to recording our sophomore effort.

Musically, there were obvious changes, but I take it with a positive note, I like the newer stuffs more. Yeah, the 12 year old drummer just turned 13 this April, but he's not with us anymore, he's in the UK with his mom. We now have a new drummer in place - Janjan Anarco.

Changing the name Iblis to Al Iblis is wise since there are some other bands using the name. I know one from Italy. From millions of words available, why Iblis as the name at first? My Arabic knowledge may not be that good but Al-Iblis (this is Arabic I assume) still bring the same meaning. I think black metal will suit fine with name such as Iblis.

You are right in saying that. Black metal would suit well with such a band name. We had other options back in 2002, but the drummer insisted on the name, so we took it. Al is the arabic counterpart to the english word 'The', also it magnifies or capitalizes 'so to speak' the letter it precedes. For example the word 'ilah' means god, but adding Al to that word - Allah; then it would have a different connotation since Allah means God with a capital letter. I'm not sure if this is true with the word iblis, but I had my thoughts on achieving that effect thus - Al Iblis; the Great Satan.

What are the relation with the band's name with the band's concept and music style? How important is name and the image you guys choose (the dressing)? Leather, spike, etc are said as the true metal image. I should add that the image you guys choose is quite original although it looks funny at first. But what the hell?? Those Viking bands can wear their viking outfit...

Al Iblis is an arabic word or words, then I guess its just appropriate to put the image as well as the music inline with the concept. Right now, two of our band members are not into wearing these outfits; I myself have changed preference from wearing a turban to a 'kaffiyeh'. Janistad wears this 'sahal' over his face. I dont go with these fucking stereotypes dude.

What are you guys influences? How about you? What are your current playlist?

Current Playlist:
1. The Black Flame - Nile
2. Nailed thru her Cunt - Aborted
3. Semipaternal Pandemonium - Incantation
4. Dawn of the Angry - Morbid Angel
5. The Manifest - Luciferion
6. Ramses Bringer of War - Nile
7. Masturbating the War god - Nile
8. Opening of the Gates - Morbid Angel
9. Emaciated Figure - Incantation
10. Pierced from within - Suffocation

"Righteous Hegemony" is the first demo. Is the demo still available? Tell us every detail of the demo. The Deicide cover is good but the Arabic folk song is weird. What is the reason of putting this song? You also said that the lyrics are too personal (most bands especially black metal said that) but can you tell us a bit what each songs talk about?

Yeah, the demo is still available, there were a few digital upkeeps. Deicide cover? - Thanks dude! Hehehe...

Back when Limmah was still with us, he never really gave us the lyrics of the songs, but nowadays we have them. Ahwak - lol, that song is fucking cool! \m/  (Why is it cool?? ~Syukri)

As for your question regarding songs off 'Righteous Hegemony' lets just say that it's all about shoving a shitful up in a jewish pigs' throat!

The anti-Zionist concept is quite interesting. Care to elaborate? It is normal for Muslim to hate Israel but you guys are not Muslim as far as I know.

You dont have to be a muslim to dislike these subhuman biological manifestations. If you know the facts, then you will understand what I mean. A whole lot of information are easily accessed - a whole shit thanx to the fukkin internet for smashing the information barrier! (cheers!)

What do you think of bands hailing from Israel? Do you have any contact with them? Or they contacted you and maybe send some 'nice' word after visiting your site?

Personally, I have nothing against people who were born jewish. They didnt ask to be born jewish in the first place. I have had a lot of bashing from these jewish sympathizers. (Why don't you put their 'nicewords' and email in your website and then let us send our 'sympathy'? ~Syukri) Hah! This 'goyem' will not be intimidated you fucking pigs!

"Hashmadat Goyyim/Goyyem" is your latest release. I didn't find any significant difference with the demo. What does the title means and what are the songs about? Saithanail didn't send me the cover of the EP but I think you still use the same artwork and layout design. Quite nice actually. Who responsible for that?

Yeap, its our latest effort. I like it has a lot than the earlier EP we put out. It's just stupid that there weren't any double bass/pedal available while we were recording it - fucking lame shitty predicament. Anyways, I still like the output. Hmmm... Saithanail never told me that he gave you a copy of it (We trade but he send the cover a bit late. It is settle now. ~Syukri). I'll tell him to send you one as soon as I see him anytime this week.

The sound of the EP is not that pleasant. Do you choose it that way? To you, what is the kind of sound that you want for the band?

Yeah, so Saithanail did send you that promo. If I had my way, it wouldn't have sounded that way, sorry dude but things fetch quite high in da Pilipins. If only we had more funds to up the sound quality.

How's the reaction from listener on Al Iblis? From which part of the world you got most contact? How about Malaysia and other SouthEast Asian countries?

Generally, the responses were positive. I recently received a letter from Turkey and Germany, and I think that's quite positive. Malaysia is a whole lot cool for me! I consider your country to be the Champion of the Malay race! (Wow! Is there an other Malay country in this planet beside Indonesia, Brunei?? Malaysia is not that cool you know.. ~Syukri)

Philippines metal scene, I know some info and still are searching for more. Firstly what is your opinion on your scene and the bands? What are the best zine, bands, labels from the Philippines? Korihor, Kratornas are the most known bands hailing from there. What do you think of them? What about others such as Ebwa, Kambing (are they still alive?) Incarrion, Deiphago, Decapitated and the bands in Davao Death's compilation?

I can only tell about bands/zines hailing from where I live, to name a few: Dysentery, Blood Bong Manifesto, Nosferatu, Funebral, Korihor, Fatal Desaster, etc... All these guys kick ass! As for zines, I have not much idea.

The scene in Davao isn't really that active these days. (I should follow Shah of Random Zine advice; don't ask too many things in one question ~Syukri)

One thing that also make Philippines famous is rip off. Lots of people using female name asking for trade or promo for doing her zine and lots of that kind of shit. And mostly are from Davao, the second largest city in the Philippines. What's your comment on this? Beat, rape, etc them if you ever find those fuckers. What about the postal service? Are they reliable enough? Rip off, dishonesty, etc, these are the few things which prevent people from supporting our scene.

That's fucking lame if you ask me. I'll just advise you to be wary on shady stupid characters, dont trust people you dont know. The postal service is honest - I think, but when it comes to $$$, I dunno dude (That's the problem with any third world countries. Blame the government for the bad economy and leave the mails alone! ~Syukri). Better yet, if you guys do send money, opt for a REGISTERED MAIL; its not 100% foolproof, but it's quite near there.

List out the plan that you have for Al Iblis. What can we expect after "Hashmadat Goyyim/Goyyem"?

We're planning to record an MCD this coming July-August 2003. It'll be 4 songs on a CD I think. Things could change. however, this we intend to do given the time it takes to redo things.

I thought I have a lot to ask but my brain are not working well lately. Nevermind, there's can always be some other time. So anything else to add? Sorry for the short interview. Thanks for your time.

Thanx dude! You kick ass!!!!

By the way, You call this interview short? \m/ Its 2 and page interview on a 10 font! Hahahha... \m/


Abdullah As Abdel Atef Al Iblis