When we are talking about Australian Metal Scene, bands like Sadistik Exekution, Bestial Warlust (RIP), Destoyer 666,Gospel Of The Horn etc will always come to mind. But besides all of that kult bands, there is one band which have been terrorizing the underground metal scene since 1994 that we couldn't easily forget. With 2001`s "Subversives For Lucifer" ferociously hit the underground metal worldwide, Abominator stands proud as one of the most brutal, evil and devastating metal band among the other Aussie kult bands. Here Firdaus have Chris Volcano to tell us more about the upcoming album "Nuctemeron Descent" which is scheduled to release somewhere in April.

Hails Volcano! How are you doing today?

Very well, thank you! I could be better of course but couldn't we all?!?!

Alright Volcano to start off I would like you to give me a little information about the existence of Abominator. I heard that some of the members were playing in different metal bands before Abominator was formed. If I'm not wrong you have also played with Destoyer666 before this. Explain to me more about it.

Yeah, I was the first D666 drummer when Kieth was starting up the band back in 1994. At the time I still had my own ideas so I teamed up with Andrew Undertaker to create some pure aussie satanic chaos!!!

Why Damon Bloodstorm left Abominator? I actually couldn't find any actual reason about his retirement from Abominator. Did you kick him out from the band or he left?

Damon basically felt that he could no longer perform to the level of professionalism that Andrew and myself were aspiring to. There were also time constraints as well so he felt that he couln't keep up. Now he is still singing for another sewergrind band called KUTABARE. It's certainly not as complex as ABOMINATOR.

You have released your first album called "Damnation's Prophecy" under Necropolis Recs and you left the label after this release. What had happened between Abominator and Necropolis Recs? I heard that label isn't really good in handling the bands under their management. Will you consider them a rip off label?

I would consider the treatment of bands on Necropolis as shithouse, they only like you if you make them a lot of money, and I mean a lot!!! They dropped us, rendering any contract we signed null and void. After all the false promises, I would definitely consider them a rip-off label. We will have to have that album remastered and re-issued at some stage.

How did you get a contract with Osmose Productions? Did Herve listen to "Damnation's Prophecy" and offer you a contract or he approaches you in your live show or something? So far how do you feel with Osmose's management/treat on Abominator? Anyway how many albums will you release under Osmose?

So far we are satisfied with Osmose, as there looks more likely that he'll keep us until the end of the contract and we can do things hassle free. We sent him a promo of 'Subversives and signed us up straight away. The contract is for three albums of brutal aussie black/death/ war metal!!!

You have released "Subversives for Lucifer" under Osmose Prod. not very long ago. What can you say about this album in general? I can simply say that it's fucking brutal and evil. What about you?

We were satisfied with the album at the time but there were still some things that could have been done better. There's always room for improvement. But the album created the right kind of response judging by your good words. It's all a bit dated now as our next album is about to come out and we're already starting on our next after that.

You are currently working on your forthcoming album called "Nuctemeron Descent". Last time you told me that everything has been recorded and you are doing the final touch (mixing and mastering). How's the progression of the album so far? Are you satisfied with the whole result?

'Nuctemeron…' is by far the best produced album with the best and heaviest sound yet! Herve will have it any day now so manufacturing is not very far off. It is also probably our most musical album dynamics wise, but still brutal and heavy as fuck. We've still maintained the certain rawness we are after, so yes, we're satisfied!

Can you reveal me some of the song titles in "Nuctemeron Descent"? What are the best songs that I can expect in this album? Can you name me some?

There are nine tracks on this album and my favourites are 'Cascading Carnage', the title track 'Scourge Immortalised' 'The Ultimate Ordinance…." Just to name a few.

Up to now you have done all the recordings in St. Andrew's Studios. What is so special about this studio? I guess that you can record your album everywhere you want (Abyss, Stage One, Sunlight etc) but why St. Andrew? Is it because of the equipments and the producer?

Our choice of studio comes down to the fact that it is the closest studio to us and Mark is now familiar with our sound, and he has the equipment to do a great job so there's really no need to go anywhere else, soon that studio will have a reputation of its own……

I must say that you are a very talented drummer. You can sing as well. During your live show, do you actually sing and play the drums at the same time? You have found a new vocalist if I'm not wrong. Mind introduce him to the readers? What is your position right now? Only drumming for Abominator?

It is impossible to do vocals when playing drums that fast, and the power of one or the other is usually compromised. Our new vocalist Max Krieg will take care of that. He performs most of the vocals on our new album anyway, so live performances will be much more convincing. I am also currently playing in a pure black metal band called DENOUNCEMENT PYRE, expect a demo soon.

Let's talk about your live performance. You have done many shows in Australia. Which one is the best that you have done? You haven't had any chance to tour outside Australia right? Will there be any shows set for you by Osmose in Europe after this?

It's hard to pick the best show we've done, but we've had some great times. Supporting MAYHEM last year for one night in Sydney was a blast! It would be great if the demand for us to go to Europe increases after this album, as there would be more chance of something being done about it!

Australia have many good and cult bands such as Bestial Warlust (RIP), Sadistik Exekution, Anatomy, Martire, Destroyer666 etc. In your own view, how do you see Australian Metal Scene right now? Is it getting bigger and stronger? Can you name me some new and talented evil bands that you see can terrorize the world in the future?

You would have heard of bands like URGRUND, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, MYRDDRAAL, ONI, STARGAZER, MISERYS OMEN, VOMITOR, CAULDRON BLACK RAM, PORTAL, HELLSPAWN, DESTRUKTOR, ANARAZEL, and some others. The scene down here is getting bigger and more bands are getting signed so that's great.

Do you check out some bands from South East Asia? Have you listened to Impiety's "Kaos Kommand 696"? What do you think about the album?

I've heard some bands from your area, IMPIETY is definitely my favorite of them, their new album shreds, it drove me insane when I heard it. Satanic Gods for sure!!!

What is the band that you have the desire to share the stage with? Please tell me why.

Probably BLASPHEMY, but why stop there, what about SADISTIK EXEKUTION, BLACK WITCHERY, IMPIETY, GOATVOMIT, BEHERIT(if they were still around).The same goes for SARCOFAGO, POSSESSED, SODOM etc.

Alright Volcano, we have come to the end. You are free end this interview in any way you want.

Thank you for the interview, support aussie satanic metal bands, and do what thou wilt!

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