ADIWANGSA (Malaysia) #1, 2001
Do you remember the zine/newsletter I rated 0 in the last issue? This is the continuation of that zine. There are vast improvements compared with their last issue, especially in the layout. The news are well-edited and well-arranged and this issue also includes (quite interesting) interviews with local Mentharas, Fullmoon Brides and Astaroth. The xerox quality is not really good and as well as the print but I think the editors are wise since they know that the xerox and their printer can't print well, so very few amount of picture available in this 20 A4/2 pages. It is Malay written and available for RM 2 + 50 sen stamp.
Syahrul Effendy, J 7412, Jalan Ru, Tmn Maju, 77000 Jasin, Melaka.