Misanthrope 7"EP
Legion Of Death Records, 2002
L.O.D.'s second release, featuring 4 tracks from an Indian dark metal band called Dying Embrace. On this black wax you'll (or will not since this EP sold out by now) get 4 tracks. 2 new tracks on Side A ("Blood Rites" and "Cromlech Of Hate") and 2 previously release tracks, "The Passing Away" (from "Grosteque" EP 2000) and "Degeneration" (from "Serenades Of Depravity" album 1998). I have reviewed the album CD-R. Vikram's vocals sounded the same in the new songs. There is not much difference between the new songs and the old ones. Perhaps, a little on the guitar maybe. Listening to "Cromlech…" is like listening to old demo of some black/death bands. This track is a bit fast and thrashy (some other songs sound a bit thrash too) compare with other songs in this EP. Still does not get the picture of D.E. music? Raw sounded dark metal (means music is not fast and no keys. 'Dark' with the sound of the guitar), haunting riff and with blackish growling vocal. The EP comes with gatefold cover with band picture and lyrics. Limited to 300 copies. There's a cold 'slogan' which L.O.D. printed, "Shaithani Hamla! Zabardast asar ke liye, puri zoor se bajavo!" which in English means "Satanic attack! For maximum effect, play it at full volume!". I guess this is what those Japanese written phrase in Sabbat/Terror Squad means.

7" EP

I don't know exactly what's the title of this 7" or when it was released. I hope by emailing them, I can get some info but regrettably the email address is no longer valid (but still I put it in this review). The EP is in transparent green color and I heard there are 3 songs although they only wrote only 2 songs title with lyrics. Brutal death metal is the music here and I can say that the songs vary with one another. The first track " Night Soil " is a fast number but " Until Death " is still fast but has a bit of melody, melodic riff in it, similar to Avulsed. The EP package comes with lyrics, band picture captured on their dead band member's graveyard. And on the center of side A, there's a drawing of a headless baby being stab by knife, syringe, etc (poor baby) and on the other side, a close-up photo of...can you guess? It is the picture of where your shit come out. Listening to few tracks seems okay with me but I don't know whether I like to hear to their album.
Engorged, 818 SW 3rd Ave.#1274, Portland, OR 97205

Split 7" EP 1999

1 live song from each band but I don't know exactly where it was recorded since there is no info about that in the EP sleeve except for NOTRE DAME (in Romania "East-European Tour-ture 1999). Nice looking black marble vinyl and it comes in a plastic slip-case (well, I don't know what to call it...) with separate cover sleeve. I once heard FORGOTTEN SILENCE "Thots" MC years ago and don't exactly remember how they sounded back then but in "Hathor's Place", the song really makes me want to hear to hear the studio version. More than 9 minutes of song, mixture heavy, gothic, death with female vocals. Great song. NOTRE DAME is new to me and they also incorporate female vocal and the song is more than 8 minutes. Sound interesting. In the slow part where the female sing, that reminds me of the 'darkness' of King Diamond. The music is more like thrash/death but with lots of breaks in between the song. The male vocal only shout and sometimes growl while the female mostly say "Abattoir". NOTRE DAME is also exciting as well. And their side of EP cover sleeve is also creative and very different although sometimes looks unprofessional. The EP also comes with FORGOTTEN SILENCE sticker.
FORGOTTEN SILENCE c/o A. Novacek, Machova 487, Rosice U Brna, 665 01, Czech.

Moonblood (10 Years Of Imperial)
Dream Evil Records, 2002
A red vinyl 7" EP, limited to 333 copies and comes with info/lyric sheet. "Moonblood" is released to celebrate the band's 10th anniversary. I think you know more about the band than me, since they have some releases under Osmose. The first time I heard Imperial is in the Bulldozer Tribute EP and then on Sabbat Tribute. Comparing with the original version and theirs, I have to say that I had bad times in getting them into my system. This EP features 4 unreleased tracks. They are; on Side Moon, Dark (the band's first song, never publish) and Cannibale (new song). On Side Blood; L'Enferme' (the first version of a song in their demo) and Le Mange-Crottes (new song). Their primitive, raw style of thrash/death is okay but the drum machine is not.
Imperial, 6 rue des Messages, 13800 Istres, France.

METAL KING (Colombia)
Worship To The Real Metal 7"EP
Iron Pegasus Records, 2002
Cool name for a band. Do they sound like a 'Metal King'? Fuck yeah!! 3 tracks on this blue/black splatter vinyl (for the first 100 of 500 copies). "Warriors of Steel", "The Metal Rules" and "Metal King Attacks Again". Heavy metal/thrash, good melodic solos and a black metal voice. They are playing the anthems for headbangers!! Enough said! Hail METAL KING!! (No address of the band printed on the sleeve)

Warriors Again
7" EP
Metal Proof Records/Iron Pegasus Records, 1998/2000
Cool red vinyl, with 2 tracks, "Warriors Again" on side A and "Soul Of Warriors" on side B. This is an old release and if I am not mistaken, it has been released before in black vinyl including bio and lyrics sheet. Originally, this band is from Japan, fronted by SABBAT members. But now there are also few German members in it. If you have already heard METALUCIFER music, you can guess how this EP sounds like. It is still in their unique brand of heavy metal with double lead guitar and not to fast music. The guitar solos are melodic and great! "Soul Of Warriors" also available in "Heavy Metal Drill" CD and difference between the CD and this EP is the guitar sound, which is rawer in this EP and also the vocal is a bit harsher. I can't say more about this. If you like METALUCIFER previous release, this EP is very essential for your collection.

Hail Satanas We Are The Black Legions 7" EP

MUTTILATION have released some albums under DRAKKAR. But this is the first time I heard their music. They only mention that the EP is recorded during the full moon but did not mention about the year of the recording. The design of the EP jacket looks very primitive and so does the recording. 3 tracks of black metal with a hint of Mayhem can be heard. The songs are "Desecrate Jesus Name", "Remembrance Of My Past Battles And Times" and "Black Wind Of War". Not the music I will hear all the time, maybe a few more listening before I keep it and after that I am not sure when I will hear them again. But I will find the albums of theirs and hear how they sound like.
Willy ROUSSEL, Plateau du PIQUET, 34790 GRABLES, FRANCE.

Japanese Metal Destruction 7"EP
Legion Of Death Records, 2002
L.O.D. debut release. Black vinyl, nice layout and color gatefold cover (with lyrics and lots of pictures) and limited to 300 copies. Side Shie-Tsu-Hiko features TERROR SQUAD with 2 tracks, "Straight To Hell" (Japanese Version) and a Japanese titled track played live. If I am not mistaken, this song is also available in their debut CD but couldn't remember the title. Side Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone features the mighty SABBAT with "Le Feu Noir" (French Version of "Black Fire") and live version of "Darkness and Evil". No further comment needed.