BLOODY (Spain)
Compilation II
Bloody, 2001
My first CD-R compilation. CD-R is quite popular nowadays. But BLOODY is no cheap sampler. It comes with glossy color cover with some band info (nice layout). 15 bands and all are from Spain and I think these bands don’t have an album (just demo). It is a good opportunity to discover new bands. AGORAZHEIM, symphonic black metal. ALENDALUA, doom. *BERSERK, fast black metal. *CAULDRON, death/black like new Behemoth. *ERED, black metal with key. FLOWING CRIMSON, black. HOLOCAUST, brutal death, killer! MORTUORIO, death metal. MISTWEAVER, melodic, folk metal. *NADIR, atmospheric doom. NEMESIS AETERNA, brutal death/black. SADOK, old style black/thrash metal. SAVATAN, death/thrash. *SPELLCRAFT, black metal. THE BLEEDING SUN, doom/death. They printed WITCHES SABBATH (means band number 16) but this track is not in the compilation. I guess they printed the booklet first before the actual CD is out. The last 2 tracks in this compilation is not clear. I think the CD-R has some problems. So the last 2 tracks skipping and that sucks. The bands above marked with * are the ones that I like.
c/o Dani Fdez, C/ Brasil 37, 2° C, 36204 - Vigro, Pontevedra, Spain.
c/o Kepa Etxabe, P.O.Box 1 20550 - Aretxabaleta, Gipuzkoa, Spain.


A Metal Tribute To Led Zeppelin
Dwell Records, 2000

Another tribute album by Dwell Records. Well, from all their tribute release, I only possess Celtic Frost and Iron Maiden and I must say this one might be their best release ever. I did not meant that the original band or the band covering the songs in those two previous compilation are bad musically but they are metal. This one is different. LED ZEPPELIN plays rock and 12 bands here twisted their song and become metal. If loyal LED ZEPPELIN fans say this release as a blasphemy towards LED ZEPPELIN's music then this CD succeed with flying colors. From doom, to fast black, fast hard rocking thrash, heavy metal to death metal with growl or evil grunting black metal voice. Well, to be honest, almost all the bands here are new to me, except for SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS DESIRE and Singapore's DOXOMEDON. Every band delivers their song perfectly to my taste. Others are ARISE, SOLUS, ANNO DAEMONICUS, VLADIMIRS, POSTMORTEM, WASTELAND, MALAMOR, ASSISTING SORROW, ORANGE MOON nad BLACK DEBBATH.

Metal Extracted From The Indian Underground
Throatlatch Records, 2001
A 11 Indian bands compilation and sold at the high price of USD 18! Why the hell sell a CD at this kind of price if the whole purpose of this release is to promote Indian underground metal which is not well-known in the metal scene? Only die-hard Asian metal fans will fork out that amount of money. I think this will make the scene more 'unknown'. Luckily I got this by trade. The CDs come with a gatefold cover. Unfold it and you get an LP sized paper and all info about the band printed on one side while the other side features some uninteresting artwork. I don't like this kind of format. You know what will happen if you unfold it many times. Not much info about the bands available as well, only band pictures, line-up and some lines from the lyric in low-tone, hard to read text. Too many disappointments but luckily the bands are quite interesting. I have listened to some of the bands songs and they have improved or become musically 'acceptable' to my ears. All bands feature 1 song each. CRANIUM (heavy thrash with some Indian 'feel' in their music), DEMONIC RESURRECTION (Melodic black ala C.O.F., far better than before. They look terribly awful in corpse-paint. Spit!), KRYPTOS (slow, depressive thrash/heavy metal), METAKIX (heavy/thrash with screeching death vocals), KINKY SKI MUNKY (cheesy name, grunge/rock music), PSYCHOMOTOR (heavy metal, vocal directly rip off Kurt Cobain), PIN DROP VIOLENCE (intense music, ala Soulfly but not my type), FATE (melodic black/death), ARCANE RITUAL (black/thrash) and BLASPHEMY (brutal thrashing death/grind). Save some money and get this. This is the only few professional release that you can get from India.

Compilation CD
Edelweiss Production, 2000

16 Indonesian brutal death bands in one CD. I don't know what to say if this CD does not satisfy the fans of death metal and definitely this CD will sell thousand copies there. There is not enough info in the CD. There is only 1 page paper. 1 side for CD cover and other side with band addresses and picture of the bands are put on the CD back cover. So I don't know whether the band presented their new song or just taken one song from their current release. I think I don't need to describe every band. Although some bands have their own style but they pretty much sounding the same. PLASMA WEED, MANTRA, ETERNAL BLEEDING, KREMUSH, ABHORRED DESPISER, IMPRECATORY, KATARAK, DESECRATION, VILE, SINUSITIS, BLOODY GORE, PERFECT MAGGOTS, BURNING GRAVE, QISHASH, HELLJANATISH and TRAUMA. If you want to know more about Indonesian brutal death metal scene, this is the first thing you should listen to. If you heard 1 band play different than other bands in this comp, that mean they are maybe 10 more bands outside that have their own pro release tape. Oh I forgot. The CD is in black color, not the usual silver color.

Compilation CD
Subterra Records, 1999

I am not sure where should I put this CD. Either you want to call it a compilation or 4-band split release. 71 minutes, 13 tracks CD and this is the first time listening to Ecuadorian metal band. The band featured here play different style of metal with each present 4 songs. All are equally great and I am having pleasure listening to them. MORTUUM plays melodic death with screeching black metal vocal. MUTILATED CHRIST plays black metal. Their 1st track is Bathory-inspired while the 2nd one is a bit symphonic and the last track is in fast Norwegian vein. Another black metal, LEGION, dry, raw and fast and a lot better than MUTILATED CHRIST musically. And GRIMORIUM VERUM probably the best band here. The style is heavy/thrash metal with blackish vocal and some female vocals. An extreme coincidence, their 2nd song, the guitar melody sounds like Malay "Ulik Mayang", a Malay folk song.
Mortuum, Cotopaxi 579 y Galapagos, Quito, Ecuador.
Mutilated Christ, P.O.Box 18-01-1296, Ambato, Ecuador.
Legion c/o Donny Macia, P.O.Box 13-01-463 Portoviejo, Ecuador.
Grimorium Verum c/o P.O.Box 17-03-784 Quito, Ecuador.


Compilation CD
Sylphorium Records, 1999

17 bands with almost 70 minutes of metal. Every band performs 1 song each and of course the bands are from Colombia. AGONY (thrash/death metal like Machine Head with vocals like harsh version of James Hetfield); NEUROSIS INC (American style of thrash); POSGUERRA (death-core); OCCISOR (brutal death); ABLEPSIA (brutal death with very low growl); DEATHLESS (melodic death but as great as Swedish Deathless); INOCULATION (melodic black/death); OBITOR (good death metal but not the vocal) PLANTA CADAVER (brutal death); LEISHMANIASIS (grind/death); GORE INSANITY (grind/gore/death but a bit original); ANIMA (dark/black); NOSFERATU (atmospheric black); SEOL (dark/thrash); INFERNAL (black); OCCULTUS (dark/black); and INQUISITION(black). From 17 bands, these are the interesting one: INOCULATION, OBITOR, GORE INSANITY, DEATHLESS, ANIMA, SEOL, OCCULTUS and INQUISITION and again INQUISITION. The CD 12-page booklet includes the band bio, picture and logo.

Gerilya Magazine Sampler (Indonesia)
Edelweiss Production, 2001
This is only a CD-R sampler which is limitedly release and available for free for those who bought the first 50 copies of the Gerilya Magazine. But this sampler is cheaply available from Agung (of KOMA). Featuring 15 bands with a track each. The bands.. death metal; Abhorred Despiser (with a cool intro/outro of people shouting 'reformasi'), Gory Inhumane Despiser (with a bit of grind and with cool Indonesian lyrics), Qishash (cool band! like slow version of Slayer with death growl and a bit melodic), Katarak, Gethebong, Vile, Imprecatory (grind/death with cool vocal effect), Decomposed, Troops Of Brutality. Black metal; Soulsick (straight Norwegian black, reminds me of the local bands Nebiras if minus the keyboard), Envelope (what a name! melodic with female vox and keys), Almarhum (similar with Malaysian band with the same name but less thrashy. Well executed black metal, not too dry like Soulsick), Besessen (another good band, fast with a bit of melody), Bedebah (thrashy black) and an atmospheric outro by Ababil. All the tracks are taken from the bands current or future releases. Listen to variety of bands is good sometimes and the new songs from certain bands do surprise me, especially those thrashy one. This sampler only comes with a xerox cover and track info.

Compilation CD
A compilation featuring 4 bands from Bangalore, India. I think the name of this compilation taken from the word headbanging and Bangalore. So I expect some kind of headbanging metal feast, something violent, fast death/thrash/black metal but I guess I am expecting too much. Not that I am disappointed but I am expecting something better than this. For sure the sound can be improved. The bands can’t be categorized in one style. In one song they play this style and then play something else. Or maybe they are covering songs and put 1 their original song? KRYPTOS starts the CD with a rock/heavy metal song with clear vocal and some screeching black metal vocal with a nice solo but overall this track sucks. The other 2 tracks are much better, heavy/thrash with that screeching vocal. PHALLUSY plays thrash, death, heavy and sometimes melodic (Are they sharing the same vocalist with Kryptos? I heard the same screeching vocals). MINDSNARE plays fast heavy and thrash/black metal. THRENODY, thrash metal, covers Zep’s “Paint It Black” and plays 2 of their own (long) songs. Every band contributes 3 songs except for MINDSNARE, which only play 2. The ‘best’ tracks here are from THRENODY (except for that cover song), KRYPTOS (minus the crappy “Forsaken”), “Demented” (PHALLUSY) and “Unreality” (MINDSNARE). A good compilation for you who haven’t discovered Bangalore metal scene but this will be better if its include DYING EMBRACE. Where the hell are they?


Sampler Issue #1, 2001
I don't review sampler CD that comes with zine or magazine. Usually I review it together with the zine/mag. But this one is exceptional. I bought HIDDEN THRONE #2 and Adnan sent me the sampler of his 1st issue and ask me to check out some Bosnian bands in the sampler. That is exactly what I am doing here, giving you some info about the Bosnian bands. In the sampler, there are 12 bands, 7 are non-Bosnian (Ethereal Spawn, Monolith, Defender KFS, Amethyst, Cadaverous Condition, Krvestreb, Metal King). Bosnian bands; MEPHISTO, Adnan plays guitar and this track is an old recording dated 1997. Great fast black/death metal! PATH BEYOND SERENITY is also here. A new track, melodic death metal and still with drum programming. TOXICDEATH, black/thrash metal, death growling vocals, melodic solo and drum machine. Not bad musically but the drum is. AGONIZE, melodic thrash, horrible black metal vocal and also put some depressive moment. They killz! The last one, SILENT KINGDOM. Black metal with oriental feelings. Raw music and .. not another drum machine. Honestly, the Bosnian bands (with the track presented) are not bad (except for the drum part). The other bands in this sampler is not bad either.
c/o Adnan Hatic, Vladimira Kazora 2 7/29, 75000 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Compilation Tape
Weird Truth Productions, 2000

Another compilation by Weird Truth and I can say that they are a bit creative because both of their compilation comes with extra-ordinary cassette sleeve design. As said by Makoto (the label's boss), it is common in noise scene but I rarely see something like it in our scene. As for this compilation, it does not comes with the normal size cassette sleeve, but in a separate glossy paper, which a bit large than the normal CD booklet. All infos (bio & logo) cramped in all 4-page. 11 bands in this compilation and I already familiar with BLOODY GORE (Indonesia, 2 tracks from their demo), APOCALYPTIC RAIDS, SERENADE (Scotland) and BEAST PETRIFY (Singapore, 1 song from their debut CD). Others are GNOME (Japan, black metal, combines old-Bathory-like and with some keyboards and at certain time reminds of Dutch COUNTESS and German DESASTER. The repetitive riffs are great!), MOURNING SHADOW (Japan, Makoto also plays in this band, doom metal, 8 min song like old MY DYING BRIDE), VERACIOUS GANGRENE (France. brutal death), 7TH MOON (Spain. A kind of gothic metal with great music and great female vocal.), NYARLAHOTEP (Japan, another Makoto project and really strange metal and I couldn't get into) and WORSHIP (France. Doom metal, only for those that can stand for 11 min of slow depressive music and certainly not me).

Krach Propaganda Compilation Vol. 7

22 tracks in this CD so there are a lot of songs to hear from different styles of metal. I believe all the songs are taken from the band's current release. MALEVOLENCE put their famous track (which you can hear in other compilation as well) "The Brotherhood Of Christ"; MARTYR, Canadian thrash with hardcore-ish vocal; VOICE, German melodic power metal with the voice like Messiah Marcolin; ABUSE, brutal death/grind USA with really great harsh hardcore vocals; TAETRE, Swedish thrash; READING ZERO slow/hard rock; PESSIMIST, ABORTED, and SEPSISM brutal death; MEGACE, starts like the new Amorphis. Mixing heavy hardcore/metal with both male female vox; GORGUTS; ROTTEN SOUND; CAGE, hardcore metal; 2 trax from MORTICIAN; OBTRUNCATION; DEATH AND TAXES, INTENSE, EKPYROSIS and THOUGHTSPHERE are progressive metal but their style with each other are different; DECEMBER WOLVES, killer black/thrash!; FLESHLESS, Czech grind, similar to Mortician but minus the heavy sounding guitar. The booklet contains the band address, not much info available and that is quite sad. Fine selection of bands but the booklet does not comes with the same standard. After finish listening, the next thing is to get stuffs from MALEVOLENCE, DECEMBER WOLVES, VOICE, DECEMBER WOLVES, ABUSE, DECEMBER WOLVES, PESSIMIST, DECEMBER WOLVES, MEGACE, DECEMBER WOLVES, INTENSE, DECEMBER WOLVES, EKPYROSIS and DECEMBER WOLVES.
Karim Daire, Jurgensstrasse 11, 21073 Hamburg, Germany.

Compilation CD
Sonic Wave, 2001

It is so irritating looking at the big, stupid and not attractive-looking price sticker and to make it worse, they stick it on the front cover. It ruined the artwork you fool! So I have to carefully peel it off. Last time we have VSP doing like this now Sonic Wave Malaysia. Think as a fan, will you? This compilation was supposed to be release as a free CD for DARK LEGIONS Magazine issue #3 but Makhluq change the plan and I think it is wise to do so. Firstly, there are lots of new, not yet release tracks. Secondly, there are lots of Singaporean bands and they might not hear by many fans especially from oversea since the magazine distribution only ranged in the Singapore/Malaysia. 17 bands, each presents 1 track. The booklet comes complete with band pic, logo, info and including the band's genre. Only the background color is not really in my liking. I am not paid to say this but all our Singaporean brothers and sisters are almost equally great! Some present new, not yet release track, while few (or maybe just FENRIR?) present a track from their latest release. BEAST PETRIFY has more 'oriental' feeling in its speed thrash music. Makhluq is as vocal in BUNUH, SAKARATUL MAUT and ABATTORY and he vary his voice in each band. BUNUH is heading for more brutal death and so does Makhluq voice. ABATTORY is still with their fast death/thrash but a bit faster now. SAKARATUL MAUT has musically improved especially now with a human drummer and the vocal is too distorted, chaotic black metal type of voice. I knew ENORTHED and WRATH OF GIBRYLE as I link them from my website but they are release-less band back then. ENORTHED blew me away with their great speed metal!!!! WRATH OF GIBRYLE plays melodic thrash at certain part sound a bit like Venom. RESURRECT and EREBUS play melodic death but RESURRECT is much better with vocal variations. VRYKOLAKAS (review of their CD elsewhere in this issue) and SADISTORY are in the same league, brutal death metal. Others are ELYSIUM (Germany; new Sonic Wave band; death), ENFORCE (Australia; released a split CD with SW; quite interesting death/thrash), MALICIOUS SECRETS (France; black), DARKNESS ETERNAL (Canada; death/doom), CENTAUR (Australia; death/thrash) and INNER WAR (USA; death). Other things beside the background color that I dislike are the drawing of the devil tied-up to a stick and the letter 'T' looks like a cross. Combining these two, I can say that LEGIONS... is a positive, 'white' metal project. Is that Sonic Wave marketing strategy? At least the logo/pentagram looks great.

Volume 1
Compilation Tape, 2001

A d.i.y. compilation tape consists of 7 bands. Malaysian brutal death DREADED and melodic death/black ARKHAYTUL contributes 1 song while the rest; HYPOCRAS (France), GODLESS TRUTH (death, Czech), OVERLORD (thrash, Poland), GODEN (black, Holland) and DESECRATED DREAMS (doom/death Slovakia) contribute 2 songs. Every band put their best songs here since I like most of the songs but this tape suffer serious sound problem. It somehow down tuned the quality of the songs. I got 2 versions of the cover and I don’t know how many version/color they made but I like the glossy (xerox) black & white instead of red. I don’t know the price of this tape, perhaps at the ‘standard price’ RM 7? Compilation like this a good promotion for the bands to be known in the local scene but I suggest this compilation to be sold at a cheap price or improve the sound the next time. No purpose of making good printed cover with this kind of sound because the songs are things should be highlighted.
Shukri Shaari, 91, Kampung Alor Gunung, Mukim Pumpong, 05150 Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.
Azidin, 60, Tmn Kita Fasa 2, Jln Sultanah Sambungan, 05150 Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.

Compilation CD
Nebiula Production, 2000

A compilation CD to celebrate Nebiula 6 years, 6 month and 6 days in underground metal scene. What's so special about this release, as it was released to celebrate such glorious moment? I couldn't find any strong reasons for that. I think to celebrate such special 'event', this CD somehow must possess a bit of specialty. The price is still the standard CD price, the same tank used in BAZZAH "Death Is All I See" booklet being used again here and from 16 bands featured here, 9 of them have released something under the label and their song is taken from their respective releases and the other 7 are from oversea. What does a fan like me that have all SIL KHANNAZ, VOCIFERATION ETERNITY, HELOISA, LANGSUYR, ARADIA, HAIL, AS SAHAR, MESMERIZED and BAZZAH release get from this CD? Maybe for the long running time of this CD, which almost runs 80 min so that's a bit value to my money? I am lucky I didn't bought anything from ABHORRENCE, CARNAL GRIEF, IN MEMORIUM, ETHEREAL SPAWN, XENOMORPH, AMBIVALENCE and NE PLUS ULTRA. So I only get to hear 7 new songs. For me, this release supposed to feature a track each from all their releases and include info, picture, etc. This is the way to celebrate 6 years, 6 month and 6 days because the time like this only comes once.

Compilation CD
Psychic Scream Entertainment, 1999

This is the longest title for a compilation. It can be said that this CD is the sampler CD of PSYCHIC SCREAM ENT. and MODERN INVASION (Australia) because it only feature bands under these labels. 14 bands present 1 song each except for few bands with 2 tracks and overall, 17 tracks available. And as PSE trademark, their compilation comes complete with band pic and info. You already know about DESTROYER 666, LONG VOYAGE BACK, ANATOMY, VORAK, BESTIAL WARLUST and ABYSSIC HATE from Australia. All are good band and the song is taken from their recent or previous releases. The same goes to PSE's PAGANIZER (except for a track from their demo), KOFFIN KANSER, and NO PROMISES (read my previous review on them). Only RITUAL ORCHESTRA, TANDUS, MISTIK and MaNDATORY comes with previously unreleased track. These bands have progress a lot, especially TANDUS. Until now (in year 2001), there is no new release from MISTIK and TANDUS except for this CD. And this is the 'soft' reason you should get this CD.

Compilation CD
Psychic Scream Entertainment, 2000

This CD supposes to be reviewed together with volume 1 in our last issue but time didn't allow us to do so. Still maintaining the same booklet layout but I don't know exactly what is the aim of this compilation. Looking back to 2 previous chapter, it is more focusing on S.E.Asian bands and the 3rd one have add few non-SEA bands (but in PSE's rooster) but now... Maybe just another sampler? This volume features UNVEILED (Malaysia, brutal death, a song from their recent split CD with TRAUMA. At that time, it was not yet release.), EBWA (Philippines, melodic death, a song from their last demo), DYING EMBRACE (India...? Metal does exist everywhere), PRIMITIVE SYMPHONY (Sweden, death metal), DEAD SUN (Sweden, melodic death by members of PAGANIZER), SIGH (Japan. A song from PSE recently distributed "Scorn Defeat"), AVULSED (Spain, death metal with a song from "Stabwound..."), SURRENDER OF DIVINITY (Thailand, black metal, a track from their raw reh/demo. Killer!), TRAUMA (Indonesia, brutal death, from their spilt with UNVEILED), MURDER CORPORATION (Sweden, brutal death, a song from split CD with GRINDBUTO), BLUTTAUFE (German, black metal) and FENRIR (Singapore, melodic black/death). Some spelling mistake, which I think a pro-comp like this should not have. Good selection of previously released tracks and listening for the first time to these bands, urge me to check them out a.s.a.p. (DYING EMBRACE, DEAD SUN, BLUTTAUFE and AVULSED)

Compilation CD
Psychic Scream Entertainment, 2001

A new chapter of PSE most famous compilation and stated by them as local best selling extreme metal compilation, which I think right to certain point. With the name like PANGGILAN PULAU PUAKA is too catchy to be ignored. This time they have change the layout of the booklet but still all necessary info, logo and band pictures included. 11 bands and mostly are new bands with yet unreleased tracks. SURRENDER OF DIVINITY comes with a new song (maybe from their forthcoming debut CD) and still as great as before. DESTINY, a French band and surprisingly PSE's new signing. Mixture of C.O.F and brutal death metal but C.O.F. influence is too strong but still interesting to check their new CD. ISTIDRAJ (Singapore) has develop into fast black metal and much greater than their debut CD "Metafizika". MIND SNARE (Italy) presents a brutal death song from their debut CD release by PSE. 1 song from KOFFIN KANSER (read the review of "69"). INFERNAL POETRY, interesting Italian death metal band. What a surprise to hear MANTAK new song, probably taken from their soon release debut EP. Their black metal kills this time. Remember the time listening to their debut demo, which should get 1/5 in Steel Madness but now they are Sabah new hope in the metal scene. Perhaps SATANATION is Malaysian first electro-noise band and I think their EP release soon will be great release in the local scene. WAR 666, another Malaysian black metal didn't change a bit since I last heard their demo. Fast raw, Norwegian black metal. DEMIZER, another Sabahan band, interesting melodic death metal. Maybe not as fast as those Gothenburg bands but sound very promising. Lastly ZHALIM, Indonesian black metal band with a new song. Fast black and I wonder how they sound in their last demo released last year. This CD is a great purchase if you buy it quick. Some of the songs are new and I don't think it will be a rare song. I strongly believe it will be included in the band's next release.

Underground Metal Attack From China
Mort Productions, 2001
Metal from China! I have been waiting a long time to hear some metal from this land. This is a 12 bands compilation and I swear all bands here rules! They play death, black or thrash. But they all have 1 thing in common; all bands and songs are in Chinese. Chinese alphabet can create a killer death/black logo! The label puts an English translation on the band's name and their track so that helps a bit. It will be better if the band's name and song is spelt with English pronunciation to preserve the 'exoticness', if you know what I mean. There is some info about the band in the thick booklet but they left out the band's address. It seems that most bands here will release something under this label and they also have some demoCDs out. Why don't they put the address!!?? The bands are: Gate Of Meditation, Suffocated, Ritual Day, Beeline, Vomit, Bloodbath, Seraph, Purgatory, Cankered Corpse, Crimson Flag, Endoputresnce, Hades (cool band, but the booklet said they r.i.p.). This compilation is highly recommended!

Compilation Tape

Firstly, I don't understand what Zamani said in his flyers, "The first compilation with lyrics". Are they the first compilation tape included lyrics in the cover sleeve? Wow, a new world record then. It is sad actually because this is the last chapter of this compilation. This is a good sampler of SEAsian new bands as they feature the song from the band release, which mostly are demo. The sound of the songs varies from band to band but the whole sound of this compilation is not good enough but the band worth the attention. Only TRAUMA (Indonesian death) and CRUSADE (Indonesian vampiric black) feature the song from their album. NETHEREALM (Singapore one-man black metal) put a new (and unreleased I guess) song. The rest are Malaysian DARK SENDON, ZUBIRUN, PYRON, INTERFERHON, NEFARIOUS AZARAK, DREADED, NARRATOR, TANTRUM, MORTUARY ANCESTOR, PENANGGAL'S, SUNDEL BOLONG and Indonesia MORBIFIK and KOMA. Some of the bad are pretty average for me and you can find the review of them elsewhere or in the previous issues. This tape is a fine example of how mostly Malaysian new band sounds like. Tape are pro-done with glossy black and white cover.
Zamani Othman, 227 Jln Imam Isa, Ketari, 38700 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia.

Part 2
Bloodbath Records / Underground Warder / Weird Truth, 2000
A 18 tracked, 10 band compilation Japan. This is one of the good showcase of Japanese death metal. It comes with an 8 page booklet with all info, except for some mistake on BASILISK phone number. About the band, 3 tracks from DECAPITATION (brutal death metal), MORTALIZED (brutal death/grind), HYDROPHOBIA (death) all of them contribute 3 songs each. 2 songs from EVOL (grind/rock, check out the review of their old demo in our previous issue. 1 song actually, the other one is only 40 sec intro) and CAVE IN DEPTH (atmospheric melodic dark/doom). And 1 tracks from; STILL BIRTH (death/doom), SACRED BLOOD (melodic death/black), BAKED BOMB, BASILISK, and CRYPTIC REVELATION. There are some good bands and also not-so-good bands but this is a good preview of the current Japanese death metal scene.



I don’t have any info about this compilation except it features bands from the west coast of USA (California). I think you can guess that from the title of this CD. sponsored this album, which feature 16 tracks from 16 bands. Lots of bands but does not offer diversity since almost all play hardcore metal. The bands are DOWN FACTOR, REFUSE, ODDMAN, FELLATIA, PCP, 3D HOUSE OF BEEF, HOSTILITY, AGONISTIC RESEMBLANCE, 3RD RAIL, BEARING, GIRTH, MUDSLINGER, BREACH, KAOS, ANTAGONY, MR. ROPER. I don’t think I will listen again to this CD after. The highlights of this CD are ODDMAN (Soulfly rip off), AGONISTIC RESEMBLANCE, MUDSLINGER (a bit ‘doomy’ and depressive), KAOS (Slayer?).