Tahyulistic Penalty
Grind Empire Productions, 1997/2000

An outdated demo tape you might say. But believe it or not, the original release date was in 1997 but it took years for it to be released and now, this demo finally make its way. The songs are too old now and I think the band might have new songs ready for the next release. This demo contains 5 melodic death/black songs. The tape is pro-done and with color cover (I guess its laser xerox). Everything seems to be pro-done but not the sound. This is live rehearsal recording. Raw sound but the songs will be better if they make proper recording. I like the songs here. They got their influenced from Swedish melodic metal and maybe a bit of Langsuyr except for the song “Pelangi” (the oldest song, 1996) which sound a bit Norwegian. Despite the raw sound, I like this tape. It is time for Malaysian band to start recording their demo professionally if they want to be noticed in today’s scene.
Mohd Rizal, 3-3 Block A, Taman Mulia, Bandar Tun Razak, 56000 Kuala Lumpur.
GORB GORB (Malaysia)
Textbook Paranoid Living In Empty Spaces
Nebiula Production, 2001

GORB is another non-metal project by Jadam (of Mesmerised, Profane Creation, Necrotic Chaos, etc). This is different compare with MESMERISED, which is more melodic and atmospheric. GORB is an industrial project which I assumed he did it all alone. I got their demo “Sink” (I guess in 1997) and as far as I remember, the songs features lots of weird sound, sampler, drum machine, etc. But in this cassette EP, he added guitars and sings in normal voice. Since I have little knowledge in this kind of music scene (and not really interested anyway) so I can’t compare GORB with other group. The 4 songs here are quite mixed. A song is a bit melodic and the other is quite dark. GORB is original in Malaysian underground scene and maybe also in the music scene.
Pendita Gila
Nebiula Productions, 2000

“Pendita Gila” was released in 1995 (Nebiula Productions debut release) and 2 or 3 years later it was re-released again (including their old demo as bonus) with different cover. And in this version beside the 4 original songs, include 2 previously recorded songs but in ‘twisted’ form. The front cover and they layout of this release was superb compare with the previous one. The result must be greater if this made into CD, like the original plan was. About the 4 songs, they are the songs recorded after they released “Conception Of Madness” in 1993. The music was in different direction, although still in death metal territory. The difference lies on the guitar riffs, which not the usual kind of death metal. Should I say have a bit hard rock and thrash? Keyboard has been incorporated and succeeded in creating the atmosphere needed in certain part of the songs. Jaie’s change his voice (and he stick to this style except a bit harsher now), more in black metal style which sounds great. All songs were my playlist when it was released in 1995 and still are great as ever. And about the two bonus songs, ‘twisted’, I mean remix into something which I can’t say it a metal song. Both (“Sinner Burning” and “Bara Pawaka”) have been techno-ly remixed. Jadam (of GORB fame) cutting and replaying certain part of the song and added with samples, electronic, etc. I can say Jadam is brilliant but I don’t think it will be appreciated in the metal scene.
SERAPH / NETHEREALM (Austria / Singapore)
Summoning The Shadowsouls Split Tape
Demonion Productions, 2000

SERAPH starts the tape with 4 tracks including a cover from Dark Funeral “Open The Gates”. They play the usual Scandinavian black metal, which is quite okay and sound wise they are the best in this tape. On the other side is NETHEREALM, a one man black metal project lead by Night. I have been waiting to hear the new songs from NETHEREALM after the release “Dark Winds Of Asuras” demo 1997. The last news I heard was Night will have a split tape with Finnish’s Flauros released by Malaysian MUTIARA HITAM PRODUCTIONS. I guess that was merely a plan. The 2 songs for that release are available in this tape and include 1 new song but all songs are recorded in 1998 unlike SERAPH which the songs are recorded in June 2000. NETHEREALM music is fast and a bit melodic and still in the same style of their last demo. Zirkelloch of KIBOSH SIBYL KISMET contributes his voice for some songs. Night even sings in his native language (Chinese).
SERAPH c/o Chris Kummer (Noctifier), Heizhausgasse 12, 2460 Bruckneudorf, Austria.
NETHEREALM c/o Night, 19 Ellington Square, S(568930), Singapore.
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