I am terribly sorry for this Indonesian band and also for myself (as they are quite good and want to get in touch with them!). Somehow the band sent this tape but they forgot to mention their band name and address and the tape does not come with cover sleeve. Only track title available; "My Beloved Memory" and "End Her Whisper". The play melodic black/doom/gothic metal with male death growls and female vocals plus keys. Not bad except for the sound but still is okay for a demo. Recommended for those who like slower version Theater of Tragedy or C.O.F. but I don't know how you can obtain this tape.
c/o Ash, Indonesia.


ADAPTOR (Indonesia)
Inner Death
Psychic Scream Entertainment, 1999

“Inner Death” is originally release in 1997 by the band themselves in Indonesia. P.S.E. later released this in Malaysia with new cover and improved the layout the cover sleeve making it look a lot more professional. This is also among P.S.E. early release. Yes, quite old stuff and they sell it now at a low price (USD 3). 5 tracks of aggressive death metal with good guitar works and it rocks! It is not the usual Indonesian grinding brutal death metal. I have no news about the band. I hope they are not ‘r.i.p.’ now. At least ‘die’ after release a follow up of “Inner Death”.
ADAPTOR, Jl. Mawar III, No. 12, RT 003/11, Blok CS 4, Perumahan Kranggan Permai, 17433 Bekasi, Indonesia.

Vrykolakas (Singapore) / Koma (Indonesia)
Muzik Box Productions, 2001
AA split tape featuring 2 brutal bands from SouthEast Asia. First of all I am impressed with the cassette cover and inlay. Simple, neat and contain the info needed about the band. VRYKOLAKAS starts the tape with 4 songs taken from their MCD (excluding “Nutfah”). No need to comment more about them. Check out the review of their MCD in the CD review section. KOMA on side B a bit more interesting. Still in brutal death metal but a bit thrashy. Previously they released an 8 tracked tape called “Mimpi Di Siang Bolong” but I lost that tape. I am not sure/forgot how they sounded like back then. The only thing I know is all the tracks in "Aftermath" are also available in "Mimpi...". Maybe they re-record them for this release. If not, then you have to choose either get this split tape or get both releases separately because it offers you more songs.
c/o Khairil, Blk 44, Chai Chee Street, #12-108, Singapore 461044.
c/o Andy, Blk 403, Serangoon Ave, #07-31, Singapore 550403.
KOMA, P.O.Box 22 SBS-WO, Surabaya 60244-A, Indonesia.

[3/5] / [3.5/5]

AL IBLIS (Philippines)
Righteous Hegemony
Davao Death, 2002
A cool name for band but the band’s member name in Arabic sounds weird for a metal band. Maybe perhaps I am used with English or Malay words? Even some of the songs title in Arabic. The demo consists of 9 songs including excerpts and samples and also an interesting Deicide cover. Brutal death metal with growling and black metal grunt and with (I guess) anti-Jew/Zionist/Israel theme. Listening to this tape is like listening to old Malaysian/Singaporean death/black metal demo released in early 90’s due to its sound and a bit of black metal passage present in its songs. The outro of the tape sound stupid though (an Arabic folk song). Now Philippines death metal have an interesting scene with Al Iblis around and I think there are lots of good bands like them exist there. They only need a good studio with good sound. If Al Iblis live long enough, you will find an interview with them in the next issue of Steel Madness.
c/o Abdullah Al Iblis

Songs Of The Eternal Oak
Ketzer Distribution / Beverina Productions, 2000

A six track demo tape with glossy black & white cover. This is my first demo tape from a band hailing from Russia and these quartets hook me listening to this tape starting from the first song “Years Of Prophecy” till the last “Holyday Of Fathers”. Dark melodic metal with black metal vocals with some well-placed keyboard. The songs are slow and you can say they play doom but ALKONOST is not monotonous like most doom band. What I like most about them is guitar riffs which are melodic and depressive. Beside the growling vocal, there are also normal male vocals present. The keyboard plays an important role in adding atmospheric and medieval atmosphere and combining this with ALKONOST brand of metal, they rules! Actually there are only 5 ‘real’ tracks. The last track on this tape, “Rain Of Former Days” is an instrumental keyboard track with the sound of rain on the. For sure 5 songs is not enough!
ALKONOST, D.V. Tunev, P.O. Box 87, 423821 Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia.

Sudamerica Brutal
Hurling Metal Records
7 tracks tape with b&w glossy cover (including lyrics). 'Total barbaric death metal' is what written in the sleeve and no one can disagree with that. This is the type of death metal that you can only hear from South America. Raw sound, great evil voice but guitar sounds a bit noisy to my ear. Giving it some time, the songs are now digested well into my system. There's a track which sounds like Eternal Madness (very oriental 'feel').
c/o Roy Elquera B.
Urb. El Pacifico Mz. E-Lt. 15, Lima 31, Peru.


AS~SAHAR (Singapore)
Casus Luciferi
Nebiula Productions, 2001

The re-release of their debut demo 1993. This is the second time Nebiula release this demo. The last time was in 1997 as cassette LP together with “Meditation Embun Pagi” cassette EP (excluding 1 instrumental song from this EP). I am not exactly sure AS~SAHAR discography before they release “Santau”. According to their bio 1999, they release a 2 track tape in 1993 and then “Santau”. Nothing is said about “Casus Luciferi”. Anyway this tape contains 7 tracks including an intro. The style is fast and raw black/thrash with an ugly sound. The songs just turn me on! An essential release for your AS~SAHAR collection.
Ridzuan Abd. Aziz, Blk 58, Marine Terrace, 07-57, Singapore 440058.

AS~SAHAR (Singapore)
Bomohymns Okultika
Nebiula Productions, 2001

Another re-release material from Nebiula. “Bomohymns Okultika” contains 8 songs. The songs on side ‘Bomohymns’ are live songs never release before officially and this is our bonus. Side ‘Okultika’ features the songs from “Beyond Firmament”, the split album with HAYAGRIVA (Malaysian black metal) released by MEMORIES RECORDS in 1999. The split album supposed to be released as CD, beside the usual cassette format but I guess the label only able to make flyers and spread the news of the CD but never really release it (and also ripping people off). The live songs are recorded from their gig in Penang. The live songs are: a song from their cassette EP 1995, 2 songs from cassette LP 1996 and a Hades cover. About the ‘okultika’ songs, that is their latest black metal recording before they changed their music style. It includes the re-recorded “My Hymns, In The East” (from EP 1995), 1 ambient/instrumental song and 2 AS~SAHARian (last) black metal songs. Dark and melodic black metal as great as the songs in EP 1995! Another essential release for your AS~SAHAR collection.
Ridzuan Abd. Aziz, Blk 58, Marine Terrace, 07-57, Singapore 440058.

ASTAROTH (Malaysia)
They have demo tapes released but I don't know whether this is their latest demo. The band is featured in some local zine and I guess the editors are exaggerating about ASTAROTH. "Great sound quality, play like Dark Funeral" are some of the good words I remember. The demo cover is primitively done (hand-written) with satanic insignia, the music? 3 fair sounding track. Not as good as others say. The drum sound is not the kind I can hear. They do not sound like Dark Funeral because the songs are lack of speed. I would rather say they have a mixture of old Bathory and Greek black metal. Mid-pace black metal with an acoustic passage without an interesting idea.


AUTHORITY (Indonesia)
Bacterial in Flesh
Self-Released, 2001
This brutal band come from Jakarta(Indonesia) with their 2nd demo (CD-R), contains 3 tracks brutal death metal / groove. In some part will make you start to moshing n bangin', good groove, in the vein of US groove death metal (Dying Fetus,Pyrexia, Suffocation, etc). This is better than their first demo, they start to show their own style/character more, try to out from the shadow of Dying Fetus. Good quality recording, record in K studio Jakarta ('K sound'), good sound guitars, vocals growl and scream teror ear! Lets see in their full lenght album. Good bands - check this !!
c/o Yudi, Jl.H.Sarbini Rt.001/04 NO.24, Condet-Jakarta Timur, INDONESIA, 13530

3.25/5 [Halim]

BEALIAH (Indonesia)
Holy Flesh Records, 2000

I like this band attitude. BEALIAH is a one-man band, and the soul behind this project is Dr. Dozhaiatlach D. I really want to make an interview with this Dr. But as said (again) in this cassette cover sleeve, "D. has chosen to stay in solitude and thus cannot be contacted". Only 4 new songs here and the other 4 is taken from their "Weeping At The Crimson Moon" demo. I already review "Weeping..." so check that one out. About the new songs, they have a bit of Celtic Frost in it. The songs are fast Scandinavian black, the way he did last time except for less keyboards. And of course this release much better than Holy Flesh's LAMPHOR. I am not sure about the price of this tape but if it sold at same of an album that is too expensive. For only 4 new songs, which in different direction, I think it is not worth it for those who have the previous demo.

BETRAYER (Indonesia)
Hukuman Mati
Independen Records, 2000

After releasing "Grand Voice Society" demo and "Pasukan Berani Mati" cassette EP now available this 9 songs cassette LP. I didn't hear that EP but I think musically, they haven't change except for the lyrics where everything is in their mother tongue. Vocals are in black metal style and the music is like a slower version of Swedish melodic death metal with a bit of thrash. Highly head bang-able stuffs. While the music is really entertaining, the lyrics must be the worse I read so far, too positive for metal songs. What is the purpose of being so nice since they will not get any airplay in the local radio anyway? Independen Record's releases is distributed by Pony Canyon in Malaysia. It shouldn't be hard for Malaysians to get this tape. To conclude, good music with shitty lyrics.
Betrayer, P.O.Box 6669 JKT 13000 Indonesia.


BILHARZIA (Malaysia)
Misery Records, 2001

The second cassette EP from Misery Records. This time they brought to us BILHARZIA, a new Ipoh brutal death/grind band. “Bloodfluke” contains 5 tracks including 1 instrumental. Brutal death metal starts to grow in Malaysia and BILHARZIA is an example of this phenomenon. They are not like our Indonesian brothers because I think they are less intense but they do have good guitar work. The solo rocks! “Bloodfluke” is also a song in this cassette EP but it’s not gore death/grind song. It’s a melodic and depressive instrumental track. I guess the sound is a curse to most SEAsian bands and they are not spare from this. That is the thing to be made better and also the design of the cover sleeves. The journey is still far ahead to become the new Malaysian death metal ‘star’ but they will reach it soon if they don’t stop the progression, development and maturity as a band and musician.
BILHARZIA, P.O. Box 585, 30670 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

BRAHMA (India)
The World Beyond
Virgo Music, 1998

BRAHMA is hard rock/heavy metal band and this 7 song release; they are not yet reach the title “gods” as they claimed. The album starts with thrash-like song “Destroy the Destroyer”. Great song I must say. And the album ends with death/thrash song which reminds me of Malaysian CROMOK, “You Must Die”, the only track with growling vocals. The rest are hard rock/heavy metal songs. Weird mix of styles in one album, huh? They claimed themselves as “gods of metal”. Gods? Wow, is Indian metal really this bad? They need to be heavier and show more of their guitar skills. If you are looking for glam 80’s rock/heavy metal (if minus the thrash songs) you can try “The World Beyond”. But I suggest you better stick to your old LP. This is a domestic release which I assume unavailable for those living outside India, not even through mail order (well, like most Indian releases I have so far).

Promo Tape 2001
Come with 2 insane songs (I need hear more!!) which done well. Each songs come with intro (war movie?). I cant much describe their music cause 2 songs are too short, but you can hear good recording, record in K studio Jakarta - (but I dont know why the band that record in K studio have same sound?! 'K' sound).- The music structure are good, many touch by US Brutal Death, some part remember me about Devourment. The low-heavy-distortion-guitar-sound that used really match, used with killer riffs and inhuman guttural vocals! This is not for the weak!! Good work brother!!
c/o Iwan, Jl. Pramuka Timur Gg. Sidodadi 3, Rt.3/2, No.1193, Purwokerto 53147, Jawa Tengah, INDONESIA.
3/5 [Halim]

Multitude Of Sorrow
Justice Music, 2001
Printed on the cover sleeve 'Ultimate Demo' but this tape contains 8 songs. With pro-done tape, clear sound, these are equal with the quality of cassette LP. Melodic death metal and they played it fast! You can compare them with In Flames or Herriot (in Malaysia). They are also able to add an atmospheric keyboard, which sounds dark and eerie. The only thing that irritates me is New's vocals. Noisy, chaotic and too much distorted black metal shriek. Other thing that sucks is my tape seems to have short magnetic tape. I think the song on side B is much longer. The last song is not completely finished; it suddenly ends like there are few minutes more. Nothing much to complain except those two but maybe I should add language used. Everything is in Thai.



DARK BREED (Malaysia)
Tahyulistic Penalty
Grind Empire Productions, 1997/2000

An outdated demo tape you might say. But believe it or not, the original release date was in 1997 but it took years for it to be released and now (year 2001), this demo finally make its way. The songs are too old now and I think the band might have new songs ready for the next release. This demo contains 5 melodic death/black songs. The tape is pro-done and with color cover (I guess its laser xerox). Everything seems to be pro-done but not the sound. This is live rehearsal recording. Raw sound but the songs will be better if they make proper recording. I like the songs here. They got their influenced from Swedish melodic metal and maybe a bit of Langsuyr except for the song “Pelangi” (the oldest song, 1996) which sound a bit Norwegian. Despite the raw sound, I like this tape. It is time for Malaysian band to start recording their demo professionally if they want to be noticed in today’s scene.
Mohd Rizal, 3-3 Block A, Taman Mulia, Bandar Tun Razak, 56000 Kuala Lumpur.

River Of Hope

"River Of Hope" features 6 tracks including outro and 1 instrumental song. Melodic death metal is what they deliver although I first thought they were a doom metal band. Influenced is from Swedish melodic death. Track #2, "River Of Hope", if put as the first song of this tape it will be called as the famous 'intro'. It is just a short instrumental track. 2 types of vocal present here, death growl and normal male voice. Nice idea here and there but it is too common nowadays. Professional cassette and colored cover. Well, this is the first time as far as I remember seeing the band smile in their photo session. Say "cheese"...
Pavel Linc, Horni Bezdekov 5, 273 51 Unhost, Czech Republic.

Magical Realm
Funeral Records, 2001
A one-man band that doesn't sucks. The only member, Lord Dark Legend made everything in 'Magical Realm' and that includes drums too. This is the band second demo and the first one I heard the band's music. Black metal, fast Scandinavian way and with not so raw sound. Only 4 tracks but the songs are quite long which reminds me of their local mate S.O.Divinity except that Dark Mystery does not have many tempo changes like SOD have. I am surprised this is done by one person!
Dark Mystery, P.O.Box 1011, Paklat Post, Bangkok 10132.


Into Tragic Dimension
Nebiula Production, 2001

If I am not mistaken, they were known as GRAVELESS before. Or maybe GRAVELESS disbanded and some of the members form DAWN PHENOMENON? Well, I am not exactly sure about this and can’t get the answer since there is no address of them written. I haven’t heard many new Malaysian bands lately but they are quite promising. This is the band’s debut release, in the form 5 tracks cassette EP. They do not look like a black metal if you are judging from their picture but the music does. Fast melodic black metal along in the same line with Dimmu Borgir or Swedish black metal. There not many Malaysian bands add keyboards in their music and they use it and fortunately succeed in creating the needed atmosphere (melodic, dark, and atmospheric) in their music. The song, “Tales From Eastern Ancestor”, is the song played by GRAVELESS featured in Panggilan Pulau Puaka Volume I. The same track presented here, re-recorded, and adds few new things (piano, keyboard and speed) in it. I love the original version better. The EP cover sleeve is too simple and waste a lot space. It is better to put some info about the band. Another thing to complaint is the sound. Beside these, there is nothing wrong with the band. Just like I said earlier, a new promising band.

DECOMPOSED (Indonesia)
Putrid Stench Purulency
Fresh Blood Records, 2002
Brutal death metal with samples in between of the songs. 9 tracks with almost 19 minutes of music. Decent sound and also include 2 revamped version of Napalm Death and Terrorizer covers. The guitarist is also the editor of Fresh Blood Zine, which also the boss of this label. This is nothing more than typical Indonesian brutal death metal. Only for brutal death freak.
c/o Hepi Yulianto
Jl. Bidar I A No.2, Perum Kelapa Dua, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.


Psychodynamic Theory Of Sadistic Perversion
Demented Mind, 2000

Another brutal death metal band from Indonesia. I am truly sympathizing in what have happen. About the rip off of Rhythmic Production negotiating and releasing this album under Sonic Wave International in Malaysia without the band knowing it. Do not tolerate with such rip-off bootleg! Comparing this original version and SWI's version, SWI one is much more professional in the cover design. The song recorded in 1998 but it took 2 years for it to be released. About the music, there are 7 tracks here and the sound can be improved. The music is so wild and full of rage. I already hear this kind of music 1000 times before and it’s not really my favorite. Only the fans of brutal death/grind will be pleased with this.
c/o Denis, PTB Duren Sawit Q5/11, Jakarta 134440 Indonesia.


DEMISOR (Singapore) / EXTREME DECAY (Indonesia)
Grin-Konrr Records, 2000
I don't know how many split releases DEMISOR have made so far. Plenty, I am sure of it, and same goes to EXTREME DECAY. DEMISOR opens with 8 tracks of grind/death. Not much of difference with their previous split. Double vocals, one growl and the other one screams. EXTREME DECAY'S side features 12 grindcore songs including 1 DEMISOR (!) cover. Their sound is much better. Their side is much more interesting perhaps because of the sound. Old Napalm Death and grind fans should obtain this cheap price tape. The tape comes with glossy printed cover with band's logo, pic and short bio.

Cries Of Despair
Self-Released, 2001
5 tracks, 'hearable' sound, pro-release demo tape. The band formed in mid 2000 and this is their debut release. Thrash/death metal. The music is mid-paced most of the time, I guess they got it from Greek bands like old Rotting Christ. Too strong Greek sound, giving a little room for their other influences (as stated in the bio beside RC; Cromok, Sepultura, Paganizer). The songs are just okay. More improvements are needed for the next output. One of it is the drum I guess. I don't like what I hear. The last track on the tape is an instrumental song. The song is quite long but I don't see the importance of the song and actually don't understand why bands (as I have heard quite a lot) like to put such acoustic guitar songs. It does not show the guitarist have a good skill on guitar or capable of writing good songs. Just a plain boring song.
c/o Johan Khalidi, 49 Lorong Setiabistari 1, Bukit Damansara 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Deviated symphony
Rottrevore, 2002
This is one of Jogjakarta killer band, with their freak death/grind, touch with lots of part jazz and funnygore/grind, but you will shock with their hyperblasting part. 14 track with many style of grind/gore, old metal parts, and the last track with touch of speed/power metal(I like this part). Their complexity really interesting, catchy and make you start to headbang with their beat! The vocals very powerfull low growl and some add with laugh (strange laugh!), one song that called "Family to The Gore" have hardcore riffs, this is old song from Sabotage (old jogjakarta hardcoreband), the guitarist (Wawan) have join in Death Vomit and Sabotage before. The guitar use foot/wah in some song, and the beat turn to funk/jazz and then.....the grinding snare will shock explode your head! I really love this band! Kill-cool-funny-grind!!!!!!!!!
c/o Jeffry, Klitren Lor GK III/506, Yogyakarta 55222, INDONESIA

4/5 [Halim]

DRY (Indonesia)
Titian Ujung Raga
Sonnengott Music D/F, 2001

A new from album this great black metal band from Surabaya. I reviewed their album 1998 in the previous issue. “Titian Ujung Raga” features 9 tracks of fast, furious and chaotic black metal, a bit in the Swedish style just like the previous album (imagine Marduk or Dark Funeral). This album however posses a much rawer sound while the rest is still in the same style in but “Belenggu Kelam” album is still the best for me. This time lyrics is not included so that is a loss because their lyrics is an interesting read since it is written in Indonesian language. It is hard to write something in our local language using the right words to create something poetic and intelligent-sounding. They also include 2 tracks from “Belenggu Kelam” and also my fave tracks; “Kesunyian Yang Kekal” and “Total Kiamat”. I have sent an interview to their guitarist/vocalist but don’t know what happen with my letter. If not you will read an interesting interview in this issue.
Ghazabbelord, Jl. Karang Rejo VII/45 Surabaya 6024, Indonesia.

Bongkar Batas
Resswara Rodakreasi, 2000

I read about them in Indonesian mail-order list and my interest on them grows bigger each day. I miss "Offering To Rangda" and like to know how they sounded like before this new release. "Bongkar Batas" offers 10 tracks of original occult brutal death metal. If in Malaysia, they are proud with LANGSUYR and Singapore with AS SAHAR, Indonesia is proud with ETERNAL MADNESS with their original approach in death metal. They made a long distant with other local brutal death with their music. Combining Balinese chant/mantra like RUDRA and folk-like music but they put it together in their metal and that is totally brilliant! Basically their music is fast brutal death but you will hear the 'folk' and oriental feeling through out the songs. The cassette cover sleeve fills with lots of Bali cultural drawings and some looks very scary. Except for the sound, everything else rules!
Eternal Madness, Jl. No. 33 Denpasar, Bali Indonesia.

EXCEED (Malaysia)
Quantum Destiny
Demo 2002
I was just about to print this zine and fortunately while I am doing my last checking on this zine, I found out that I miss out few releases for review. It is a loss for all of us if this band is not featured in this review. Why? Because they are the only band from the local underground scene playing this kind of music. While others playing black/death or nu-metal (the band in this style is increasing...), EXCEED plays progressive metal/rock. Having said this, you will hear cool guitars riff, effect, etc but in a 'muddy' sound like most of the local bands, which is a turn-off. Their next release will be a something that I urge everyone to check, if they can improve the sound and also find the suitable vocals for the tracks.
Email: , , ,



GORB (Malaysia)
Textbook Paranoid Living In Empty Spaces
Nebiula Production, 2001

GORB is another non-metal project by Jadam. This is different compare with MESMERISED, which is more melodic and atmospheric. GORB is an industrial project which I assumed he did it all alone. I got their demo “Sink” (I guess in 1997) and as far as I remember, the songs features lots of weird sound, sampler, drum machine, etc. But in this cassette EP, he added guitars and sings in normal voice. Since I have little knowledge in this kind of music scene (and not really interested anyway) so I can’t compare GORB with other group. The 4 songs here are quite mixed. A song is a bit melodic and the other is quite dark. GORB is original in Malaysian underground scene. Try it.

ICONOCLASM (Indonesia)
Sesaji Kidung Pamungkas
Mystic Division Record, 2000
I didn't expect this tape to be this good. I saw the band's flyers in a glam Malaysia rock magazine (and the magazine said they a metal mag). Luckily some one delivered me this 8 tracks tape. The theme of the bands is likely about their own culture and occultism. Most of the lyrics are in Malay/Java language. They do know how to write good lyrics. Fast Scandinavian black metal with good sound. They use some effect and traditional folk music instrument in one of the track. The cover is in full color. I guess this is a normal Indonesian black metal band. Nothing outstanding, although I like the rawness, aggression and wrath in the songs. There are few hundreds more bands for you to choose (beside death metal, they also have a big black metal scene). Listen to the one I recommend in my review first and then "Sesaji Kidung Pamungkas" before you try the others.
c/o Doni Petek, Jl. Warakas 1 Gg. 22 No. 4 RT. 05/08 Papanggo Priok 14340 Jakarta, Indonesia.


INCARRION (Philippines)
Impressive demo cover sleeve design. They also know how to 'dress' like a real black metal band. Formed in 1994, perform raw black metal like their country mate KORIHOR. This demo offers three fast and blasphemously executed tracks recorded live in 1998. The double vocals/screams on the song are cool. This promo version offer three more tracks; a rehearsal and a live (recorded from their gig) version of "Conquer The Throne" song and a sampler track. These are probably their new songs which stand higher than the demo tracks and this review is made based only on the demo. Not exactly sure when "Blasphemiak" is release but one thing is certain; the next onslaught is what you will crave for!
c/o Freddie R., 083 Road 06 Joseph Sitt, Bagumbayan, Taguig, Metro Manila 1630.


Melancholic Art
Forgotten Wisdom, 2001

The metal project of Psychoblaze is a lot more interesting than his WITCHCULT. I am not sure how many demo have IM released but they will release another demo shortly after "Melancholic Art". The title is "Melancholic...", ah, I forgot the title but a Japanese label will release it. This demo features 4 tracks, including 1 intro. Scandinavian black metal is what they deliver, with a raw sound. "Gate" is the usual fast black metal, but the next one, "Hellgates" is a bit melodic with keys and few slow riff are bit depressive thus suit very well the title "Melancholic". "Amduscius" is another fast number but I prefer "Hellgates" because it has a few 'interesting moments' in it. The vocal is great! Limited to 200 copies and mine numbered 148.
Infernal Necromancy, 202-22-40 Nigoriike, Morioka Higashiura, Chita-Gun Aichi, 470-2101 Japan.

JASAD (Indonesia)
Witness of Perfect Torture
Rottrevore, 2001
Intense musick, so powerfull, in the vein of US Brutal Death, Suffocation, Dying Fetus. I like the sound guitars, low-down-tuned but you still can hear it clear and you can get the tone, heavy sound and killer riffs. The groovy part will make you start to bangin'. Good recording, profesional cover. Contains 7 track, unrelenting groove death metal. Get this, you will enjoy their terror blasting in your ear!
c/o Ferly, Jl. Griya Bandung Asri 2 D1 30, Bandung 40287, West Java, INDONESIA.
3.5/5 [Halim]

Sacred Production, 1999

An album consist of 5 new songs and 4 old songs taken from their split tape with ATROCIUS (another Johor black metal, released in 1998). KHARABANAZAK is a 5 piece black metal band, greatly influence by Scandinavian black metal with few Greek touches. The new songs are lot better, much more matured musically. Most of the songs are more than 5 minutes but the sound is not good enough and certainly only true black heart will listen until the song end. And my heart is not black enough. I expect for more complicate music since there are 5 members in the song. 5 people in a band can produce better than this I guess.
c/o Bob, 15 Jln. Cempaka 3, Tmn Plentong Baru, 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia.

KORIHOR (Philippines)
Promo 2002
They are very unfortunate. Songs for a full-length is already available but does not have the fund to record them. This promo is made (only 66 copies) for labels and zines to search for a good deal with any true and honest label. Only 3 tracks here; 1 from their old demo, a re-recorded version of "Three False Prophet" and a new song "Beyond the Gibbous Moon". The last two songs are taken from the forthcoming "Kult Razor" 7"EP that will be released by Deathrash Armageddon (Japan). What can I say about them besides good words? They know how to play black metal with the right spirit (the music, vocal, concept, etc). I think the sound is a bit 'low' but not the rest. Everything else is in top notch condition. They are the one (in black metal) that I can highly recommend from the Philippines. No ass-kissing, hearing is believing! The new tracks simply killz! Get the EP to experience it and also another EP on Legion Of Death Records when they are out. You can still get the split tape with Surrender Of Divinity (a great combination of SEAsian black in 1 tape!) from them.
Korihor, Blk.14 Lt.14 Ph.2, San Lorenzo Village, Puan, Davao City, 8000 Philippines.


KREMATION (Malaysia)
To The End/Head Hunter Revenge
Music Trax, 2000

How did they manage to release this under Music Trax? This tape has been released for some times now but I have to say Music Trax is weak on promotion. 11 tracks here with one side feature their new song and the other side with their "Reborn" EP 1998/99. As a Sarawakian, they introduce their own local folk/culture in this tape. From the title of this tape and in the intro, you can feel that. Musically, there are few differences compare with "Reborn". The new songs have a bit more heavy/rock influences but still have the strong touches of death metal. Still using the famous drum machine but they manage to make it sound a bit live and not too 'artificial' if you know what I mean. If not, this tape might be another average release. Basically, the new songs are much better except in the vocal department. Over use of effect make the vocals sound horrible. The keyboard is a total Dimmu Borgir rip off. About "Reborn" is a bit brutal but still have those solos and better vocals.

La Mia Fica E Tutta Tua
Fallon Distro, 2001
I saw their flyer and I bought this tape just because of tape cover. Ha! Luckily this tape passes the custom check. I guess the custom officer does not work hard enough and let’s this kind of obscenity through. KUMA RAFINATA plays porn grind/death music. Not the kind of music I will hear everyday though. Grind music with drum machine but with good riffs and tormented vocals, and added in the songs some ‘sounds’ taken from Czech porn movies. I don’t know what they are saying but for sure they are having a good time f**king each other. Ha! But don’t expect you will be ‘heated’ up listening to those porn passages. The music will not allow it (maybe you can on the outro). 6 songs available, pro-tape comes with color pornographic pictures. Cool tape but don’t know why I can’t give more points.

LACERATE (Thailand)
Demo 2000

A short 4 tracked demo. Fuck! This is the first brutal death metal I heard from Thailand. How great it was to receive this fair sounding demo. I think this is far better musically compared with HERETIC ANGEL (another Thai death metal. 1 CD out). The demo cover sleeve is simply designed and xeroxed on yellow colored hard paper. They are in American vein with few grinding part and you will hear 2 great death growls. Only the sound is the drawback of this presentation but it is enough to convince us of their ability in playing death metal, the brutal way.
Lacerate, 8 soi Charoenkrung 52, Charoekrung Rd., Sathon Bangkok 10120, Thailand.

LAMPHOR (Indonesia)
Hell On The Battle Ground
Holy Flesh Records, 2000

After knowing the band will record this album, I was quite excited because from info I got, the band must be interesting. "Progressive Black Cyber Sado Metal", sounds interesting, right? But when this tape being played, automatically I remember UPRISING. This trio plays black metal and at times musically sounded like the band I mention before. Certainly not the kind of black metal I can listen to. There is some doomy part, which is good but others sounds really awful. 10 tracks here and you will be please by the running time and the number of the song. The cassette cover sleeve was design by Shofian's Thorncastle Design, so the layout, etc is great.
Lamphor, Rejosari, Sabrang, Rt: 01 / Rw: 08 No 89, Delanggu, Klaten, Central Java 57471,


LAMENT (Brazil)
Promo Tracks
I got a tape consist of various recordings/releases given by Crepusculo (the boss of Live recording Attack! and also play the guitar). There are 3 tracks from "Enuma Elish Nabu Shamanu..." demo tape 1998. Despite the sound (I guess the original version must be better) the songs are great. Reminiscent of old Greek black metal, atmospheric, melodic and fast at times, with occasional normal vocals. There are also 4 rehearsal tracks. The first 2 rehearsal songs are recorded in 2000. The other 2 are from "Daemon Est Deus Inversus" Rehearsal 2000. The newer songs, maybe not yet finalized, are much faster than the demo. I like the newer songs better. I read an interview that they are not interested in releasing CD. Let's wait what they will bring up next. If you contact Crepusculo, ask also about his other bands; DAEMON EST DEUS INVERSUS (raw Black Metal) and WYTCHKRAFT (Satanic Heavy Metal).
c/o Agostinho Gugoni, R. Jose Herrera Higueira, 254 Jd. Icatu Votorantim/SP, 18110-235, Brazil.


MACARONI (Thailand)
Justice Music, 2000

8 fter knowing the band will record this album, I was quite exciting because from info I got, the band must be interesting. "Progressive Black Cyber Sado Metal", sounds interesting, right? But when this tape being played, automatically I remember UPRISING. This trio plays black metal and at times musically sounded like the band I mention before. Certainly not the kind of black metal I can listen to. There is some doomy part, which is good but others sounds really awful. 10 tracks here and you will be please by the running time and the number of the song. The cassette cover sleeve was design by Shofian's Thorncastle Design, so the layout, etc is great.
Macaroni, 19/112 Mu. 17 Mubaan Mitrijit 2, Pu Chaosaminkpry Rd., Sumlong Tai, Prapradang, sumutprakorn, 10130 Thailand.


Promo Tracks
This is an industrial, noise project. I got some tracks taken from "Never Mind The MSBR, Here's The NAPALMED", "Mixes I" and "Mixes II". More than 1 hour of the so-called style of music. No vocals, just 'music'. You will hear samples, loops of sound. They remind me of Malaysian GORB on their "Sink" demo. I only like some part, especially the dark sounding one. This is only understandable and acceptable for their fans only.

NB-604 (Ecuador)
One Day Of Psychopatmetal In The Hell
Demo 2000
This is a cool band from Ecuador. Fast raw thrashy black metal. 6 tracks, the first and the last one performed live. The song mainly deals with war and violence, judging from the track title. The tape comes with glossy print b&w cover. Only the sound should be improved. Hope to find more good metal music from the Ecuadorian land.
c/o Alvaro Cordova, P.O.Box 17-01-3627, Quito-Ecuador.


NIGHTMARE (Malaysia)
Promo 1999
Rotten Insanity, 1999

An old promo which reviewed it for our last issue but I lost it due to virus 'playing' with my computer. Now listening to this tape again, my interest has fade a bit. I am astonished first time (recalling my memories...) I listen to this 4 tracked tape. They are the very few Malaysian black metal (in their demo) manage creating dark surrounding by using keyboard. The song with normal male vocal and sound of thunder is simply awesome and couldn't believe Malaysian plays it. The music seems promising but sound and the drumming is the things must improve in the future.
Kid Ali, P.O.Box 19, 89307 Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia.

PYRON (Malaysia)
Hell Pyre 2002
Nebiula Productions, 2002
I have their "Pure Flesh.." demo, which is one of the local best demo of that year. Because of that demo and also with the quote from the label's flyer comparing Pyron with Langsuyr (that is a highest compliment a band could get), this EP is one of the most anticipated release. Luckily "Hell Pyre 2002" meets with my expectation. Eastern death metal like they said in their demo flyer so this is what you will hear in this 5 tracks tape. They are progressing in the right way. Music wise they are getting more brutal, a bit melodic with good solos. They improve a lot especially on the guitars and the vocals. Maybe the sound is not in the best state but perhaps it is my tape's fault. I think this will be a problem when the CD version is release (as a split album with Vociferation Eternity "For Thee" album). One of the interesting things is this 'eastern' thing in metal. You will get the answers from them in the forthcoming interview.
P.O.Box 585, 30670 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.


Over The Palace Of God
Yucel Muzik, 1999
The first Turkish black metal I heard so far with a really cool name perhaps taken from Salman Rushdi's book. There 10 tracks including intro and outro. This is not the best kind of black metal since too many styles in it. Some thrash song, some Greece black, some Scandinavian type. They have not yet come with their identity or a specific style. The song "Over The Palace Of God" is a great track, like Desaster from Germany but that's it. There is few interesting part it the song but not too many more that make me play this tape for couple more times after finish making this review.
Satanic Verses Fan Club, c/o Baris Mah. Baris Cad. 98 Sok. 3. Blok No:10 06190, Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey.


SABBAT (Japan)
Far East Sabbatical Live Attack!!!
Live Recordings Attack!!!, 2001
Another live release from SABBAT. This is one of their best live tape because some of the songs are played continuously. Between the songs Gezol spoke a bit before playing the next songs. Play it loud and it sounds like you are in the actual live scene. 11 tracks and all are recorded at Music Farm on 07/15/92 except for the last 2 tracks on side B taken from Live 666. Just a fine selection of old songs. I think there should be a compilation in multiple disks/tapes of SABBAT live songs from the earliest to the latest like MANOWAR's "Hell On Stage". The tape is released in 2 editions. The first edition is in 100 copies (or 50, I forgot). Mine is #62 but from the second edition which only limited to 66 copies with full color cover including lyrics and pictures. I guess it is now sold out.

The Storm Of Fate
Demo 1998

Not another SICKNESS in the scene. I think SICKNESS is one of the most unoriginal name for a band and change is needed. Beside the music is not sick enough to be called SICKNESS and with such name is should (usually) connected to brutal/death/gore type of metal. These Czech brother and sister (I think there is 1 female member here) play mid-pace melodic death metal with inclusion of keys which sucks a lot mostly. I guess you already got the picture of how they sounded like. The tape is pro-done but the cover is (color) laser xeroxed with lyrics, etc in printed on both side. 9 tracks here which you can say a cassette album. I don't know actually how to classify demo, cassette EP and cassette LP but I think without a label releasing it, it is suitable to call it as a demo unless they said otherwise.
Veronika Havlinova, Kladoruby 24, 67961 Letovice, Czech.

Demo 2002
This is the band's second demo. The first one was released in June 2000. In December on the same year they recorded new songs (probably for a compilation project) and the songs are now available in this tape. 2 pro-recorded songs with 1 song in Malay. They play melodic (Swedish) black metal. Fast and furious music and not excessively melodic. Some Sarawakian (and also all local) bands do have potential if they know how to utilize a good studio. The demo comes with a xerox cover but not nicely made like their music. They also copied for me the song "Ibliyssyaithannirajim" that will be released in the next Panggilan Pulau Puaka compilation. This new track crushes all their previous stuff!! They are much faster in this new opus, and added some keyboard. They are now more mature and ready to terrorize!
c/o Akramin, No. 86, Jalan Perintah, Sekaan Besar, 96250 Matu, Sarawak, Malaysia.



SIL KHANNAZ (Malaysia)
Pendita Gila
Nebiula Productions, 2000

“Pendita Gila” was released in 1995 (Nebiula Productions debut release) and years later it was re-released again (including their old demo as bonus) with different cover. And in this ‘third’ version beside the 4 original songs, include 2 previously recorded songs but in ‘twisted’ form. The front cover and the layout of this release was superb compare with the previous one. The result must be greater if this made into CD, like the original plan was. About the 4 songs, they are the songs recorded after they released “Conception Of Madness” in 1993. The music was in different direction, although still in death metal territory. The difference lies on the guitar riffs, which not the usual kind of death metal. Should I say have a bit hard rock and thrash? Keyboard has been incorporated and succeeded in creating the atmosphere needed in certain part of the songs. Jaie’s change his voice (and he stick to this style except a bit harsher now), more in black metal style which sounds great. All songs were my playlist when it was released in 1995 and still are great as ever. And about the two bonus songs, ‘twisted’, I mean remix into something which I can’t say it a metal song. Both (“Sinner Burning” and “Bara Pawaka”) have been techno-ly remixed. Jadam (of GORB fame) cutting and replaying certain part of the song and added with samples, electronic, etc. I can say Jadam is brilliant but I don’t think thia will be appreciated in the metal scene.

Seraph (Austria) / Netherealm (Singapore)
Daimonion Productions, 2000
SERAPH starts the tape with 4 tracks including a cover from Dark Funeral “Open The Gates”. They play the usual Scandinavian black metal, which is quite okay and sound wise they are the best in this tape. On the other side is NETHEREALM, a one man black metal project lead by Night. I have been waiting to hear the new songs from NETHEREALM after the release “Dark Winds Of Asuras” demo 1997. The last news I heard was Night will have a split tape with Finnish’s Flauros released by Malaysian MUTIARA HITAM PRODUCTIONS. The 2 songs for that release are available in this tape and include 1 new song but all songs are recorded in 1998 unlike SERAPH which the songs are recorded in June 2000. NETHEREALM music is fast and a bit melodic and still in the same style of their last demo. Zirkelloch of KIBOSH SIBYL KISMET contributes his voice for some songs. Night even sings in his native language (Chinese)!
SERAPH c/o Chris Kummer (Noctifier), Heizhausgasse 12, 2460 Bruckneudorf, Austria.
NETHEREALM c/o Night, 19 Ellington Square, S(568930), Singapore.
[3/5] / [3/5]

Split Tape 1999
Permatha Pathah Record, 1999

2 bands from Pahang in one professionally done tape, with color cover and printed tape. The 'outlook' of this product is in the highest quality and professionalism although the cover design can be better. But the sound of music from both bands is too raw like rehearsal recording. Luckily the music is save this release. It is hard normally for me listening to this kind of sound quality and they are the lucky ones. TASYIM once released one tape few years ago in this kind of sound and from that tape they deserve to get the title "Malaysian best unsigned band". They still not change much and still deserve that title. Melodic death metal and their own style added in it. VISITANT plays brutal death kind of music and interestingly they put some breaks in the song with melodic solos, also a bit thrashy and heavy metal sometimes. Both are one of Malaysian most promising metal act. A proper recording is needed to prove their ability in the scene.
Tasyim c/o Khairul, A 3152 Lrg Kubang Buaya 85, 25250 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.
Visitant c/o Hishamuddin, C7 2-9 Rumah Pangsa Alor Akar, 25250 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

THE END (France)
Forgotten Wisdom / Moon Soon Records, 2000

2-piece French thrash metal. 9 tracks, raw sound and not really good enough (I mean the sound). Yeah, it has been heard many times now, so musically I am not really attracted with them, especially with this kind of sound. Although it is only a demo, but I think it can be made better. One great thing about THE END is the maniacal scream of Infernal (and also the band guitarist and drummer). With song titles like "Chaos", "Satan's Hell", "Tormentor Of Souls", you can already guess that the songs are 'thrashy'.
The End, Notre Dame Des Marins, Bat : brick, appt : 354, 13500 Martigues, France.


THE RAVENS (Malaysia)
Storm Jam
Demo 2000

The first band from Malaysia that uses laser colored copier to make their demo cover. Quite cool design and nice graphic manipulation made by Sinistrous Night Production. This is the band second release if I am not mistaken. 4 tracks of German thrash metal without vocal. Now that's strange. No vocals? The music is undoubtedly head bang-able but voice is needed to spice up the music. The sound is raw and recorded live without bass. Sounds like a rehearsal tape for me but still entertaining. At least they are lot better than other bands here. Also a Sodom cover "Tombstone" available here. A complete line-up is needed for them to go further in the scene.

Demo 2000
Defacto Production, 2000

A doom gothic band from Indonesia and the second one I heard from this land. Although the music is not really original but I hail Indonesian scene because of the diversity of metal in the scene. There are only 2 tracks here, which lack good sound. The songs are dominated by clear female vocals and good sound is needed to highlight Martha's great voice and also make the keyboard sound better. If they can make songs in much professional recording and minus the male growling vocal, they can enter their local mainstream music chart. Hehehe. The first song "Sinar Batas Sepi" is very soft song, which reminds me of Dark Symphonies releases I review in this issue. "Kiss Of Death" is a bit heavy with heavy guitar sound but overall it is still in the same vein of the first track. Not too original and I think finding their own identity as well improve the sound will determine whether they can go far in the scene, internationally that is.
Management c/o Yoyok, Menganti permai A2, No. 5 Gresik, Indonesia 61174.
Band c/o Martha, Jl. Kebousari I, No. 22 Surabaya, Indonesia 60233.

VASSAGO (Turkey)
Never Turns Back...
Demo 1999

3 tracks and comes with glossy cover. Doom metal is what suit to be called although they are not depressive enough like British bands. Sometimes the music is like mid-pace death metal, with few fast parts and break in between which provide serenity while listening. Keyboards also present and using drum programming sounds good with their music. At least the drumbeat does not sound too 'artificial'. The songs are more than 7 minutes except for the last track, a 2 minutes song with sounds of the ocean, which can be said as an outro. Vocals vary from death growl to spoken voice (no female voice) and the lyrics are like a long poem. Only the first track, a 9 minutes epic called "The Meeting" the best song here. It is melodic and a bit fast from the rest. Other songs do not attract me. A bit monotonous and do not excite me while listening to it. Well, if the aim of doom band to deliver music that makes normal people like me feel that way, then they succeed. And that also means this tape is only for fans.
c/o Mert Yildiz, PK. 58 Izmit, Turkey.

VALHALLA (Ukraine)
In Hymns And Damnations
Ketzer Distribution / Beverina Productions, 1999

A 7 tracks cassette LP from Ukraine. Like most Ukrainian or Russian releases, everything is written in Russian (except for recording/release info) and of course I don’t understand what they are saying or the lyrics. I got the title of this tape from Neodawn Promo Sampler CD (featuring bands from Neodawn, Ketzer and Beverina) and I should thank VRYKOLAKAS for sending this CD. VALHALLA consists of Stonecold (not the WWF superstar) and Stir-Born, plays medieval, atmospheric and fast Scandinavian black metal. They also add few normal male vocal and with this, keyboard and acoustic guitar (I did hear some flute) creates the medieval or Viking metal-like music. There are too much keyboard and I think on certain part on the songs, the keys are not necessary. It lessens the raw and evil atmosphere because of the sweet melody. They did that on purpose though. Beside these, VALHALLA also used 2 sessionist vocalists (each on different song) and also the sucky drum machine. The music is good at times like Enslaved. Add that with Stonecold voice creates a cold and grim release but it will be better without the keyboard and drum machine. The last track is a bonus song recorded two years prior called “Invasion” (the only English written track).
c/o Yuri Gadzevich, P.O.Box 59, 262024, Zhitomir-24, Ukraine.

VULTURE (Singapore)
Thorns Of The Sadist
Demo #2, 2001

In the previous issue, I reviewed a demo by PROPHESY. DEMONOS died, then PROPEHSY emerge. Later they disbanded, then emerged VULTURE. I guess you guys should read the bio in their website. VULTURE is a one man band consists of Vulture (all guitar and vocals) and for this demo the drum is played by Possessor (fortunately! I can’t listen to drum machine!!). Only 2 tracks available in this demo and they are “Exorcism of The Holy Saviour” and “Profanator (The Evil Worship)” plus an intro. Black/thrash metal with the ugliest sound you can imagine. As I said in my review of PROPHESY earlier, Vulture should utilize the modern technology and use proper recording and definitely the outcome will be much better. “Thorns Of The Sadist” is too primitive (sound-wise) to be in the scene although the music is quite okay. This demo is recorded using 4 tracks and comes with xerox cover and also includes lyrics.
VULTURE, Blk 34 Marsiling Drive, #10-381, SINGAPORE 730034.

ZORBOOTHUS (Indonesia)
Karma Production, 1999

I got this tape from one local distributor. The one I got comes with pro-printed full color cover and the songs are copied on a Sony tape. I guess that distro dubbed the tape from the master copy using his hi-fi. Firstly I have to say I don’t like the sound I heard. I guess the original version must be better. ZORBOOTHUS is the first band from Medan I heard which plays brutal death with lots of grinding part as well as excerpts/sampler from movies but also adds few black/thrash metal riffs in its songs. “Unharmonycalism” is intense, full of wrath like most brutal bands from this country. ZORBOOTHUS is a bit more interesting because there is much more than brutal death metal since it is a bit diverse compare with other bands. Songs like “Provokasi”, “Sudden Death” or “Slave Of Desire” prove it. Good job done by this trio. I think there might be a new release from them but getting this one will not be a waste.
c/o Ady Syahputra Lubis, Nusa Indah 9 No. 163 Helvetia Medan 20124 North Sumatra, Indonesia.