By Natthaphon Kamonsin

Darkest greetings to all heathen readers who are laying eyeballs upon these pages! Here is Natthaphon Kamonsin, the editor of an abyssground metal publication called Slava fanzine hailing from Thailand or in other words Siam, a pretty exquisite small country situated in Southeast Asia, where the underground scene seems not familiar to the metal mass worldwide yet became transcendental one! Now the time has come, I'm proud lordly to take such responsibility leading you all to permeate through the pores of our metal scene, an exotic one, perhaps this is the first time Thai scene report was written and internationalized broadly so if you are the 'zine / webzine editors, contributors, authors, journalists or else out there who possess own original similar scene reports from your dwellings : countries, states, areas, islands, towns or even dark cellars or possess something fresh as flesh from own pens, maybe some interesting articles, poems or else…let's trade each other! Or just feel free to interrogate first for permission of re-printing yonder!

Well, what the hell is up in Thai underground scene? Frankly speaking, here our scene is not only still very very fucking tiny compared with those of the neighbourhoods (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines for example) but also grows very slowly all the time add to that retarded and polluted by these following shits as I can think of at the moment! First we have the swarm of ticks playing hardcore or shitty lousy metal in false way (muSUCK or bad Thai lyrics, in one way or another) yet these posers call themselves 'metaller' or 'undergrounder' without sense of shame!! Then second all such don't try to expose their existences to the overseas, but who the fuck cares? even better fortunately since such junks will not defile our beloved world scene more filthy, thank FUCK you!!! The next comes to a huge flock of donkey fans 'n ass followers who support these fake groups, likely their understandings toward the underground are dully similar to their lovers, this turns out no correspondences go beyond from these lazy asses!!! How far can they think they are in the underground even though they don't know anything about 'zines, distributors or any kind of u/g activities? They just always pick up from piles of expensive CDs in the stores, purchase only the licenced cassettes at hand locally or even badly buy tons of illegal bootlegged copies, of course most of all before-said are bigshot bands too! Merely bullshit CDs collectors or fuckin' asshole listeners, they are! Not the underground persons!! They do trends fashionably just for fun or to separate themselves from the mass! Sure knock these metalwannabes off then praise the true hordes up here! We still have some true devoted bands, 'zines, labels and distros hidden in the bottomless pit doing the underground silent movements strongly but you fools will never know! And last but not least, our scene quite doesn't grow well for lacking of supportive activities for instance we have gigs once or twice a year and mostly with shitty acts! No radio shows, no newsletters, no webzines, no metal shops, no metal pubs and of course no Satanic churches, haha! I just wish Thai underground scene will get enriched and be clearly recognized as one of the world scene days to come…

By the time H.A. was formed, we had never had even a true metal band before. So this is the first apparition of the true u/g attacker who loomed here in the mid of 1992 with the prime aggressive death metal style! Finally, in 1993 the debut 4 songs + intro called "Exterminate The Respiration E.p.'93" was sent out worldwide as well as spread the name out there pretty well. Then in 1994 they put out a live album called "Savagery In June". I guess both forementioned stuffs have been already sold out. Overcame to 1997, the long awaited album titled "Vision Of Calamity" has been unshackled on both cassette and Cd with 10 new + 2 live songs, still available from the band for 8USD per tape and 12USD per Cd. As well the band longsleeves is available now. As for the next album pre-titled "Delicious Sinistery", which I'm sure that if everything goes well without any fuck ups, this new album will be released by a Japanese label 'Worldchaos Production' very soon in 2001! Heads up!!!
c/o Rine Heretic (Narine Chanpraneet ; bandmanager & lyricwriter) ; P.O. Box 6 Taladkhwan, Nonthaburi 11002. /

Black metal? Yes, that's too! We had never possessed any black metal band around here before, until 'Surrender Of Divinity'! The best and the first pioneering of black metal act of Thailand who shocked the realm of Christianity by serving those christian sluts the unholy Christbeheading 'till Christskullcrushing semi-melodic fast black metal sound through Christholocausting lyrics. The horde was gathered in the end of 1995, until the right time the first assault from the band was unleashed! It was the Rehearsal demo'98 which contained 4 songs with fast, raw and bad sound! It is total killer all the time, though! Of course, the band has received tons of positive reviews from many 'zines worldwide, just as 500 copies have been totally sold out as well. Apart from the greatest metal concert 'God Beheading Live 2000' in BKK where S.O.D. has completed the gig with the neighbouring Godkilling invader from Singapore 'Impiety' perfectly, they also have just finished small tour in Malaysia and Singapore on stage with many death and black metal bands there… For now, we are 666% Christdecapitating because their debut full-length album entitled "Oriental Hell Rhythmics" has been already released by the biggest label in Malaysia 'Psychic Scream Entertainment' on 19th December 2000 exactly! Add to that this piece of hell has just a moment ago got 666 skulls review from S.O.D. Magazine!!! Check out now from the band, 6USD for cassette and 12USD for Cd!! The band T-shirt is also available too! As for the Reh. Demo'98, I've heard that it will be re-released as CD format by a French label 'Drakkar Productions'! Then watch over and stay Satanism!!!
c/o Whathayakorn ; P.O. Box 161, Samsennai BKK 10400.

The primeval ungodly brutal devastator 'Nameless Author' made machination in 1995 to utter threats of strong hatred and ill natured against the unreasonable Holy 'toilet paper-like' Bible and its hypocritical Jesus 'gay-like' cunt defiantly! Eventually, in 1997 they had released a rehearsal demo called "Gift For God demo'97" which contained 4 songs with pure anti-Christ brutal death metal style in the vein of Deicide, C.Corpse, Deeds Of Flesh and so on, merely all of 100 copies were sold out at last to many countries such as USA, Holland, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, etc… But unfortunately, I hardly ever see any movement from the band for a long time ago add to that I heard of splitting up!! in spite of their second demo pre-titled "When the Jesus Christ escapetion The cross" had been planned, what a shame! At all events, we still wishful thinking for their rebirth! So for the time being, I can leave you nothing but the band's address. Then gamble for getting the demo'97 by sending 2USD or 2I.R.C. + a blank tape, but I can't guarantee if your letter will be answered!! -Hot tip- At last Satan blessed us, HA-HA-HA!!! I've just heard of re-forming and starting a bit of rehearses of Nameless Author, then if they are over active continually… I'm rather sure that their next material will see daylight very soon! So don't lose touch with them!!!
c/o Thanaphon ; 1669/197 M.3 Pincharoen, Seekun, Donmuang, Bangkok 10210.

The new hope youngsters of melodramatic side of brilliant and superior death metal art 'Deathguy' steadily gave a salute to the scene in August 1998, up to the present time the band has already unchained 2 releases! The first outburst before full line-up was unveiled by two founders, called "Introduction E.p.'98" which contained intro + 4 songs of unstopable extreme death / thrash metal freak with 2 different vocals and unwise (!!!) Thai lyrics. The time ago gone with more musical composing talented & better sense of lyrical writing, finally the full band has come up stronger than ever with the second opus, a concept album entitled "The Secondary Quest : The Legend of Romancer L.p.2000" which embraced 7 songs + a brutal sadistic bonus track throughout almost 50 minutes with well-played melodicism fantastic powerful death metal combo along with sky'ey enchanting synthwork doing plus guttural growl 'n blackish screech spelled towards fabulous lyrics inspired by the band leader greatly out in August 2000! Both stuffs are still available from the band for 4USD / 6USD as I particularly ordered. And now in 2001 they have The Secondary Quest Live Concert T-shirt and longsleeves for sale too! Their gigs always kick ass and make the crowd out of breath then go off their fucking heads! Try some, you will know!!!
c/o Thanit Thepsitrakorn ; 21/2 Soi Suan oi 1, Samsen Rd., Dusit, Bangkok 10300. or /

Another pure fuckin' undeniably talented act of ultimate megafurious brutal deathster full of hatred and vengeance 'Lacerate' came into existence back then under the name 'Assomer' in 1996, until turning into 'Lacerate' at last… The band relentlessly performs in cold blood the sickest gory intense brutal death metal musick answer to Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation!!! In due time, their 1 song promotion tape'98 which contained a good song called "Soul of Revenge" was recorded for spreading all around among the other bands and fanziners, available by sending a blank tape + some sufficient return postage. And recently on 5 Jan. 2001, this trio has just unleashed a debut material so-called "Lacerate demo2000" which included 4 songs of forceful blasting 'from earsplitting then facesmashing 'till boneshredding' hellish beats with bloodcurdling growl & a shard of glass screech! This stuff can be yours against the price only 3USD(Asia) / 4USD(World)! Write now before it's too late!!!
c/o Sunyalux (vocals) ; 8 Soi Charoenkrung 52, Charoenkrung Rd., Sathorn, Bangkok 10120.
c/o Koblarp (guitar & bass) ; 154/2 Soi Thipwaree, Treepetch Rd., Wangburapa, Bangkok 10200. /

This obscure blacken horde has lately embraced the call up from the ash of 'Annular Eclipse (maybe R.I.P.)' and has indulged themselves into the world of darkness since the last dim light of Annular Eclipse was blown out… Date back to the past, A.E. was assembled under the dark of the moon in the end of 1998 to execute the grim and gruesome dark / black metal descending total ear-drums! Once and for all, the band emancipated a 2 songs promotion tape'99 into the underground scene and received quite excellent responses from some 'zines, compilers and other audiences… But unluckily some members disbanded, thus the horde leader decided to subside A.E. then lightened the name 'In Darkness I Dwell' instead to be original for the new line-up. I have no idea enough about this band yet even a band logo!!? Haha!!! But I ensure you that they will not disappoint us certainly because now they are working hard for the first opus, still the same stile as A.E.'s or a bit changeable dark / black metal!!! For those who are still interested in A.E.'s 2 songs promo tape'99, try to email / write them personally first! Goodluck!!
c/o Ngao ; 481/69 Ladprao 94, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310.

As dark as a night spent in the deepest forest 'Dark Mystery' was engendered around 1995-1996 by just one creator who launched into the creation of evil black metal sound by his own hands solely due to lacking of another musicians who were interested to join in. He still continued composing the songs along with seeking for the bandmembers persistently… Overcame to 1999 he could not accomplish the aim of having full line-up yet, nevertheless he determined to do everything by himself... so in the end of 1999 the debut output was released and titled "Castle Of Sorrowful E.p.'99" which held 4 songs with the depressive melodic fast black metal style! Available by sending the payment of 3USD(Asia) / 4USD(World) or trade. But now Dark Mystery has just completed the full line-up and their first time on stage has recently passed over at 'Dark Oracle Live II' 11 Nov. 2000! What a show!! As for their next material, it seems to be working on right now! T-shirt is maybe still left. For more info write / email them by yourself!!
c/o Lord Dark Legend ; P.O. Box 1011, Paklat Post, Bangkok 10132.

The newborn majestic melodic black metal hellhorde hails from the northern part of Thailand 'Caloric' has not released any recorded material yet since the band was formed newly with the steadfast stronghold of five demonic slaughters and one feminine evil on chorus!! We acknowledged their excellent skills and great team-work of how the crowd's madness and chaos can be extremely after this new-comer had totally burned the hall of 'God Beheading Live 2000' with well-played on infernal speed followed by screeching hacksaw vocal (ex-vocalist of Nameless Author)!!! Unforgettable night of Caloric's live action!!! Of course, the great live show made my appetite whet for a great demo! And now they are lying low earnestly for doing something on pro like 4 songs demo tape or suchlike! Face north!!!
c/o Wuttikorn Sripotong ; 111/30 M.1 Nongpakrang, Muang, Chiangmai 50000.

Thailand's most rascally murderous grind act 'Shambles' has permeated into the underground scene since the beginning of 1997 as a trio band… Afterwards in 1998 the band entered the studio for recording something on 8 track which definitively was called "Carnival Of Bloodshed demo'98"and contained 7 songs of pure blasting grinding death / thrash metal with the touch of grindcore feeling united in ultrafuck rasp vox!!! This stuff is still available by sending your hidden cash only 4USD(World) to Dark Oracle Records. Nowadays Shambles is taking a long break because of their drummer's military service so the today's line-up consists of 5 guys (incl. forementioned drummer) who are waiting for the right time to put out a new material with undecided mind of which will going on when the drummer come back, between changing of their music style or remaining of their unchangeable grindcore / death metal as always! But who the fuck cares?? that is the future where the time will show!! For the time being, support them!!!
c/o Chainarong Meprasert ; P.O. Box 25, Udomsuk, Bangkok 10261.

Acclaimingly speaking, the pernicious evil-minded today already flock together! at least mightily feat. Chote from Heretic Angels and Jakkapong from Gortia! This bunch of Christ terrorizers plays black metal melodically and their first appearance has just once passed at 'Dark Oracle Live II' but due to my fuckin' temporary job, I came late half-way then fatefully missed this interesting new band and the two others which I don't really care for both much ; Last Revenge and Black Fire. Infernal Vile still has no any releases yet, but one thing for sure is that their base, Dark Oracle Records, has just brought off the band's 4 songs + intro E.p. which is soon to be released in this year 2001! Can't wait it, man!!
c/o Jakkapong ; 127 Sukhumvit Road, Paknam, Muang, Samutprakarn 10270.

I don't know how else to describe this band musically if not a Deathguy clone! (but the true one is undoubtedly better in every way!) Black Fire was formed in 1999 by Nuttaphum, the guitarist of Deathguy then started to play a kind of weird metal which they call it 'power death metal'. According to all 4 songs from their first recording titled "Born to be Burn E.p.", where they labeled it is full of aggressive power and gothic romance, really stupid Thai lyrics written in Kara-o-ke way (!?) about getting rid of evil things, anti-gays and failing in love are there, what the hell!!? There is no problem if you dare to lose some bucks, it costs you 4USD. I have heard a bit about their coming material and of course I expect something much more serious and professional! Man, that is why I write about your band here…You have the time for the better! Find an exact style, compose more wealthy music and write the appropriate lyrics for it!!
c/o Nuttaphum ; 683/17 Soi Jarunsanitwong 43, Bangkoknoi, Aroonummarin, Bangkok 10700.

The probable most semen & blood-drenched psychosadistic grim gore around! and the protagonist of this project is Thanit of Deathguy who has already clenched a handful of illicit songs for the debutante to be released fuckin' soon! To be honest, I used to hear the pre-listening once by telephone but at short notice…so sorry I can't recall it well enough at once, but really not bad I can say!! Instead of it, let me quote something from the lyrics of a song called 'God on Fire' here : 'Spasmodic body is in my rape. She just the flesh who believe in God. She called his name everytimes I thrust.' Ok, hope you guys now really crave to get this piece of sCUM!! And you should touch the stuff by now after read this! That is for sure!!
Thanit of Deathguy /

Warning : True metal advisory explicit undevoted action!!! Hah, read this…you will see!!~ 'Life After Death' comes from the northeast of Thailand adjoining Laos (hehee!!) where a local death metal band named 'Antisocial' was deep-rooted in 1998 then owned their demo'99 a year later for promotion in Thailand only!!? What a lazy ass!!! Antisocial tried to be prominent originally by experimenting mixable feelings between death metal and a bit of traditional indigenous northeast Thai music! Good idea, it is not done! but the output still left a lot to be desired and not my cup of tea!!! Furthermore as I stressed everywhere 666 times!! I utterly hate fucking Thai dull lyrics without any exception forevermore!!! Do not mention about it! Back to L.A.D. topic, the guy of Antisocial indicated us thru some local 'zines that he has formed a new band called 'Life After Death' which has already given birth to their promotion tape titled "After Life demo'01" which comprised one song + intro & outro with melodic death metal style! I guess it is free except some postage one or two dollars. Hey, man! Be serious with worldwide correspondences too! as well as do more international work (lyrics, etc.) for your future releases! We shall wait and see!!
c/o Puttinunt ; 48 Tessaban 34 Road, Nongsarai, Pakchong, Nakornrachasima 30130.

These all mentioned devilish works are ruled here by 'Jerasak Chotisatayangkool' who has been around in the worldwide u/g metal scene for almost two decades so far! The first forerunner of Thailand's English written metal fanzine by all means as Infernal Demon 'zine was befallen first with the Christchallenging chaos cut & paste style which he always remains this for every issue of both I.D. 'zine and Y.D. 'zine! You Died 'zine was followed as an afterprojected brutal death gore grind fanzine written in improvise English on A5 format as always! (Except only I.D.#1 which was done on A4 format and also was the only one pro-printed issue.) And I gotta talk about his Infernal Demon compilation tape vol.1 "Only Christian Die" as well, in which 20 bands from the international black and death metal scene were contained on C.90!! This stuff is still available for 5USD from his address as well as I.D.#1 (7USD), #2 (5USD), #3 (4USD) and Y.D.#1, #2, #3, #4 (All 4USD) or trade. Write to Jerasak today for your exotic collection before it is too late! As for Witchhammer Production, which has been founded by himself and his bloodbrother, has released just the licenced pro-tapes of bands like Engorged, Skinless, Desecration, Thy Primordial, Aborted, etc. and tons to come for distributing in Thailand and sometimes Asian area. The next step is to find a metal band for his own label's care sooner of later!! True u/g bands discuss him now! His 'zines and label seriously support all of true u/g metal mayhem, not untrue idiot shitty groups!!!
c/o Jerasak Chotisatayangkool ; 6/404 Soi Phahonyothin 48, Anusawaree, Bangkhen, Bangkok City 10220.

These are the supportive works of the man responsible for all those sinful vices acted on viscerated dead Jesus Christ flyers which have been spread around for ages before the enlightenment of Slava! Allright! Now is the turn to present what at the hand of me 'Natthaphon Kamonsin', you christian bastards!! After a long time of goings and comings, finally the debut issue of this English written deepest-underground metal press 'Slava fanzine' has been now CUM out profanely with total 88 A5 kult 'n brutal pages in obscure cut & paste vein!! Out along with Slava compilation tape vol.1 "Believing a virgin sacrifice would earn us 'a ticket to hell'" (SVP 001) which consisted in the gathering of 21 underground death and black metal bands from many countries on pro-C.90 with full colour cover! Priced altogether for 7USD(Asia) / 8USD(Elsewhere) or equivalent trade to make you read the 'zine with the volume turned really fuckin' loud!!! At this moment Slava comp. tape vol.1 seems to be the only stuff released by Slava Productions since my label is quite new and small, so any offers or collaborations of labels / bands for doing split or compilation as well as any small unsigned bands who are interested to be my rosters are encouraged to write for discussion! Also my still short merchandise mailorder list is available by request and traders are always welcomed! CUNTact me now or die in heaven!!!
Slava 'zine / Prods Find it!

One out of a few here worth focusing first in consideration of being in our mother tongue, even so has always tried to expose such name as well as issue the copies abroad! Here is 100% serious and dedicated pure underground printed work edited by 'Chainarong Meprasert', the penpusher and also the vokiller of Shambles! There are three issues out as of writing this and the third is recently the better improvement on the previous ones, also first time with b/w pro-printed glossy paper for cover and split flyer w/ Surrender Of Divinity! All issues are purchasable if you are careless about the language used, 1USD is proper for such slight 24 A5 pages of 'Into The Dark Realm' issue#1 whereas 3USD should work for the better on more A4 pages of 'Satanic Arrival' issue#2 and 'Mystical of Paganism' issue#3! And another important thing is that Chainarong has just set up his distro with the same name of the 'zine, where mostly you can find underground stuffs from Thailand, while few others from overseas, at the appropriate prices or by trade. Today's mailorder list is still lacking in huge titles, but by and by… He is always looking for quality releases from the underground to be included in the list, so all parties are encouraged to deal with! And who said that PH 'zine strictly supports only the true u/g metal hordes, Satanism, paganism, terrorism and the war against those weak religions, I just agree!!
See Shambles 's address.

The most last long standing celebrity amidst all of Thai written fanzines herein, which has been issuing all along for 5-6 years so far with today's dozen issues reached! C.T.D. 'zine is quite outstanding specially with own unique writing style of an open-minded mainspring editor named 'Envoy Death' who is kindly generous enough to support all Thai bands no matter how much more or less quality and devotion do those bands make!?? He has been very friendly to everyone who inclines towards extreme music as long as never been atenmity with any shitty Thai bands and HC groups all the time since the first 3 issues were started as simple xeroxed wad of sheets called 'Disciple Of Satan death metal 'zine' for spreading within 'Disciple Of Satan fanclub' itself, but it sounds so silly talking about such Thai death metal fanclub in my 'zine! No matter!! Then finally Rine Heretic (Heretic Angels), one of C.T.D. contributors, came up with the name 'Cherish The Darkness 'zine' for #4 and the next thereafter! Ok, just remember that C.T.D. 'zine is always on A4 size with the intention to support all extreme bands wherever!!! Wanna promote your stuffs here in Thailand? If yes, write him now! And wanna see (but can't read!?) something like an ancient form of writing? If yes, order it now! Only 3USD per issue! And the 13th issue is now on store!!
c/o Envoy Death ; 125 Moo 5, Soi Watson, Suksawat 35, Rajburana, Bangkok 10140. or /

One definite English written Thai underground fanzine worth talking about at the moment, came off down there in the far southward province, Satun city, by the editor 'Phithak Phansri' who has made the firm of supporting mainly towards Southeast Asian, Asian and also sometimes the rest of the world scene, the same aim likely goes to his other 'zine, distro and label as well. About MS666 'zine flash back to the first and second issue, they both were written in Thai language with A5 xeroxed pages passably, before surpassing into English written for the third one which has already followed up by now with 72 A5 cut & paste pages and costs you only 4USD! As for VIVIVI 'zine which was intended as a black metal 'zine, has shown interested in all bands into Satanik black / dark metal styles and now be prepared for the debut strike!! Also Maelstrom666 compilation tape one resulted from MS666 'zine that I would like to recommend, in which is replete with 13 songs in different styles from 13 underground bands inside C.60 and comes with full colour cover, against your damn 4USD(Asia) / 5USD(World)! Such price is also meant for the second volume's, in which this time only death / brutal / grind bands were compiled! Phithak is also running Maelstrom666 Productions, his still small D.I.Y. label, where has already released something out like one from a few versions of brutal Singaporean Vrykolakas 's E.p.2000 (5USD) and "Claws Of Twilight demo'01" of Effluvium melodic death band from Philippines (4USD)! Thai metalheads can ask him for a short mailorder list of Maelstrom666 Distributions too! Everyone get in touch!!
c/o Phithak Phansri ; Satun Highway District, Kettri, Muang, Satun 91140.

Another quality fanzine which must definitely be the most promising one of Thai written 'zine scene today with 110% exclusively devoted to the music only, from death / black / dark / doom / gothic / grind / brutal / noise to all underground metal styles, published with seriousness by the editor 'Kritsakorn Thirasattayawong' who tries to bring valuable information about the sorts of music we all adore into his 'zine which is getting better with each new issue! Even those who might had seen Bastard 'zine ever in its earthly incarnation with some disappointments or even some who might had blamed with strong language for being translated 'zines of the first two issues, certainly changed their minds after the third and latest fourth ones had reincarnated on new A4 size with own talented interviewing greatly! I don't know exactly the price for the foreigners but I think 3USD each will do, likewise at this same price you can as well have his Bastard 'zine / dist. compilation tape vol.1 "Metalcohol" which featuring 15 songs from 15 bands of death / black / grind / brutal styles mostly from European scene and also some Demo bands from Thailand included on C.60. Note that bands just send him your Cd or Cd-r's for taking part in the next volume(s) which will be out on Cd-r format with free copy guaranteed! Also worth mentioning that Kritsakorn is doing D.I.Y. tape distribution for metal Thailanders, so if your bands interest him and also can cooperate at 'master + covers' level, may you can make a deal! All drunken morbidheads wake up now! Bastard 'zine for bastard people is here!!
c/o Kritsakorn Thirasattayawong ; 91/46 Ladprao 87, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310.

Only new little local publication coming from the northeast of Thailand occupied by the editor 'Werachon Kaewrawang' who has just introduced some fanzine freaks here and there to his first issue which everything inside is so crudely made just as drawn into really raw cut & paste way over 36 A5 pages with Thai writing, but mere 2USD can work so you will not suffer much. Anyway, what 'zine starts off without need for improvement? The second issue is now in progress, so let's judge from that! Who knows? the future ones may kill!!
c/o Werachon Kaewrawang ; 230 Soi Chokchairuammit, Vipavadee Road, Ladyaw, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900.
or 5/1 M.1 Khamsomboon Khong, Nakornrachasima 30260.

Here is the birth of the brand new death metal 'zine which is as usually focused on death / brutal / gore / grind, of course the editor 'Katrat Thongkom' has destined for the lovers of brutal music mainly and as much will be crammed in English written debut issue damned soon! So if your activities are into stuffs like that and want to appear on Sadism pages, just drop him a line now!!
c/o Katrat Thongkom ; P.O. Box 113 Bangkhunthian Postoffice, Bangkok 10150.

I close the chapter of Thai publications now with such two inferior presses of the editor 'Yongyuth Hongsa' who must work more on himself (e.g. Thai / English grammar & spelling, etc.) and start learning how to make a fair one. Anyway, much as I dislike him doing those things, but if he does for the underground… that is OK. To cut it short, Bleeding In Canvas #1 and #2 were skimpingly written in Thai, before turning into English edition for #4 and the others to come (Where the fuck is your #3, dude?), while Worshipsatan mag. relates only to black metal music with two Thai written issues passed and the prices of both titles are about 3-4USD per copy, I mean if you can accept the unedifying 'zines with dull repetitive questions full of mistakes and phrases without any sense as well as some silly jests floating around. For me, a huge improvement would be very needful for his future issues, just wait and see!!
c/o Yongyuth Hongsa ; P.O. Box 83 Huamark, Bangkok 10243. or /

InCoffin encompasses a mailorder service and a young record label, of which the boss is 'Whathayakorn' the guitarist of Surrender Of Divinity! The mailorder service has more than 250 items of CDs / tapes / 'zines / T-shirts exclusively for sale in Thailand with from time to time updated list that can be obtained by sending him a stamp. About the label, it was started later with a purpose to present the licenced tapes off of the killer underground releases for distributing and marketing inside country, so far ICP has satanically presented on store all right licensed albums of the great bands like Impiety, Anatomy, Surrender Of Divinity and many more to come! Furthermore, Whathayakorn is now doing the Thailand promotion for Malaysian label, Psychic Scream Entertainment (Contact PSE[Siam] for more info at moreover at that glory day the guy had organized here the unholiest metal concert, God Beheading Live 2000, before he planned things for the second holocaust this year! Can't wait! Whathayakorn is one of those Christbeheaders uncompromisingly, you know, so don't expect to find any wimpy gay metal from ICP 'cause only black fucking metal is real here!!
c/o Whathayakorn ; 110/222 Pradiphat 19, Samsennai, BKK 10400.

Something like a small unprofitable record label that must be known among metal fans here, where you can find some releases like Shambles Demo'98, Gortia Demo'99, Black Fire E.p., Deathguy E.p.'98 (All 4USD), L.p.'00 (6USD) and a few soon to come. And since seemingly to be a fanclub as well, everybody interested can freely join. The guys 'Jhob & Tong' were also responsible for Dark Oracle Live I&II, one from only a few concert titles worth memorizing here! For more details on Dark Oracle's items, just check out its webzine (as what the webmaster called it) at the very same URL as Deathguy's or you must write!
c/o Jhob Waising ; 93/22 Soi Ladprao 87, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10310.

To be honest, since I have never contacted with the guy 'Surin Kaewpluek' nor do I have seen any product from this label yet, I am not sure if what he presents is music label. I have only his flyer which is something like the rubber stamp stamped on a small sheet with the word 'distro.' added, thus maybe Infidel Records is just a small distribution for the time being. Sorry if I am wrong, so from the postal address here you can find out by yourself!
c/o Surin Kaewpluek ; 120/109 M.6 Bangpleeyai, Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540.

Ok, I guess that's all about our scene… To conclude this, high hails and thanks to you all for reading this scene report until end! Except those who are going to ask me like "Where are the godz (!?) Dezember, Donpheebin, Plahn, Macaroni, Ebola and some more..?" or "Have you forgotten to include my favorite bands DeZOMBIE, DonpheeBIN, MaCRAProni, CoCUMram and bla bla bla..?" Shut the fuck up motherfuckers!!! Stay away 'cause our scene doesn't need parasites like you! Fuck off!!!

All others take down my postal address below then write or email me for further info about my work, I will gladly welcome all true metalwarriors! Also if possible let's get off your asses then start to grip your bloody pens or even PC-mouses writing / emailing to Thai undergrounders you see in this report, just to say hell-o or betterly support them 'cause they are worth it!!! Stop the indolence and do not hesitate to touch! Support the underground, support each others!!!

c/o Natthaphon Kamonsin
64 / 99 M.1 Bangkrui-Sainoi Rd.
Bangkrang, Muang, Nonthaburi
11000 Thailand.