This section is the continuation of what we have started in the first issue. Since Sabbat is our favourite band, you will read about them in all our future issues. All reviews by Syukri.

The Sabbatical Rites (1985-1989)
Iron Pegasus, 1999

Side Sabbatical
1. Black Fire (EP 1985)
2. Mion's Hill (EP 1985)
3. Satanic Rites (EP 1987)
4. Curdle The Blood (EP 1987)
5. Poison Child (EP 1987, diff. mix)
6. Darkness And Evil (EP 1988, full version)

Side Rites
1. Welcome To Sabbat (EP 1988)
2. Crest Of Satan (EP 1988)
3. Children Of Hell (EP 1988)
4. Immortality Of The Soul (EP 1989, diff. mix)
5. Hell Fire (EP 1989)

I only got all the 4 early EP copied on tape and people still ask me whether they can buy the original EPs. Some even want the EP sealed. Are they kidding? If I have them, I will not ever sell it! So any re-release of the EPs are more than welcome! If you haven't heard of SABBAT past releases, this is your chance although I doubt that you can get it from the label (sold out!) but try your luck! This LP version, some of the songs have different mix, etc but it does not differ a lot from the original. The songs from this EP later re-recorded or played live and released in their albums or in the Harmageddon series.

Iron Pegasus/Evil Records, 2000

1. Charisma
2. Angel Of Destruction
3. Kiss Of Lilleth
4. Death Zone
5. The Gate
6. Dracula
7. Nekromantik
8. Jealousy Carnage (CD bonus song)

This is the last album to-date release by SABBAT. Available in both CD and vinyl versions. Satanasword is like the continuation of Karisma. It still has the oriental, Japanese feeling in the songs, especially the first track, which is my fave track. I am not sure whether the vinyl version have any bonus songs but the CD has 1, a track called "Jealousy Carnage". It is a instrumental track. The word 'Carnage'.. Do this have anything to do Ritual Carnage? Maybe you guys know about the 'conflict' so I don't want to talk about that here. This CD easily got 4.5/5. SABBAT song already grow in me. Only the packaging of this CD I am not fond of.

Sabbatical Worldwide Harmageddon 12"LP
Live Recordings Attack!, 2001

Harmageddonside A
1. KATHAARIA (Germany)
- Devil Worship
2. LAMENT (Brasil)
- In Satan We Trust
- Bleeding From Ear
4. NAHUAL (Peru)
- Torment In The Pentagram/Sabasius

Harmageddonside B
1. DESASTER (Germany)
- Darkness and Evil
2. CELESTIA (France)
- The Egg Of Dapple
3. GORGON (Japan)
- Mion's Hill (N.W.O.B.H.M. version)
4. IMPERIAL (France)
- Reek Of Cremation

The first tribute album for SABBAT! This LP gathered 8 bands, covers deadly SABBAT tunes and added a bit of their own touch. The LP does not feature some songs that I like i.e. "Satan Bless You", "Evil Nation", "Black Fire" or any new songs but this LP is still a must in your SABBAT collection. Only 8 bands paying homage to this band is not enough I guess. It should be more. The LP comes with an insert with the band's logo, picture’s plus some info and all the lyrics. And about the bands, I can't say they cover the songs well. The excellent one is DESASTER (with Gezol as guest vocal). The worse must be NAHUAL and IMPERIAL. The rest are just okay. Only 500 copies are made, mine #46.

Japanese Metal Destruction 7"EP
Legion Of Death, 2002

Side Shine-Tsu-Hiko
1. Straight To Hell (Japanese Version)
2. (Live)

Side Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kong
1. Le Feu Noir (Black Fire, French Version)
2. Darkness And Evil (Live)

There have been few split EP released after issue #1 but this is the only one I manage to get (more will follow soon!). This might be the historical release for L.O.D. because this is their debut release. For a start they manage to get 2 great Japanese bands in one single release. Black vinyl, nice layout and color gatefold cover (with lyrics and lots of pictures) and limited to 300 copies. TERROR SQUAD features 2 tracks, "Straight To Hell" (Japanese Version) and a Japanese titled track played live. If I am not mistaken, this song is also available in their debut CD but couldn't remember the title. On SABBAT side features also 2 tracks, Le Feu Noir" (French Version of "Black Fire" but this time Gezol sings!) and live version of "Darkness and Evil". No further comment needed. A must! But sadly this EP is SOLD OUT!

Far East Sabbatical Live Attack!!!
Live Recordings Attack!!!, 2001

First Step Of The Ritual
1. Satan Bless You
2. Evil Nation
3. Torment In The Pentagram/Sabasius
4. Envenom Into The Witch's Hole
5. Godz Of Satan

Second Step Of The Ritual
1. Total Necro
2. Beyond The River
3. The Whisper Of Demon
4. Black Fire
5. Satan Is Beautiful*
6. Reversed Bible*
* Special Live Bonus-taken from Live 666 gig

Another live release from SABBAT. This is one of their best live tape because some of the songs are played continuously. You can feel the real live aura in this tape! You just have to play it loud and it sounds like you are in the actual live scene. 11 tracks and all are recorded at Music Farm on 07/15/92 except for the last 2 tracks on side B taken from Live 666. Just a fine selection of old songs. NO need to said more about the songs. If you a real SABBAT fan, you will know how great they are! I think there should be a compilation in multiple disks/tapes of SABBAT live songs from the earliest to the latest like MANOWAR's "Hell On Stage". This tape is released in 2 editions. The first edition is in 100 copies (or 50, I forgot). Mine is #62 but from the second edition which only limited to 66 copies with full color cover including lyrics and pictures. I guess it is now sold out.