WORLD CHAOS PRODUCTIONS, the most promising Japanese extreme metal label. Please find 1 of their releases that didn't rules? I can't find one. From their debut, TERROR SQUAD until KING'S EVIL album pass the mark 3.5/5 in our reviews section. Mayumi manage to do a live interview with the boss of WCP, Munetaka Masuko.

Why did you decide to establish WORLD CHAOS PRODUCTION ?

Before I started WORLD CHAOS PRODUCTION (WCP), I had worked at a record company here in Japan. Since I had been very frustrated by the company, I left there and decided to establish a new label by myself. I personally regard major label as "organization" that limits personal activities due to many ridiculous troubles in the relationship between me and other colleagues. On the other hand, independent label such as WCP is "personal", rather than "organization", of which activities are not limited. When I was working at my old company, I never felt comfortable and, at last, my frustration burst out. Well, I might be one who can never adapt oneself to the society.

Generally speaking, even though you run a small independent label, you might have to be ready for some kind of risk. Now I have a question to you. Did you anticipate you would succeed in your business when you started it ?

I did not think about it at all when I started, and even now I do not think about it. In fact, I do not believe I can earn a lot of money by this business. Since I had realized from the beginning that it would be quite difficult to make my living by only running a small label, I just wanted to release by myself what I like. My wife, however, very worried about my business and our lives (laughter).

The first release of your label was the debut CD of TERROR SQUAD. How did you get to know them, and why did you sign to them?

To tell the truth, I did not know anything about TERROR SQUAD. One day, I happened to meet Udagawa (Vo) of TERROR SQUAD who came together with a guy from TYRANT, whom I originally had an appointment to see. At first, I misunderstood he was also a member of TYRANT, but later, he was introduced as a member of a band called TERROR SQUAD and gave me their demo. I was so much impressed to listen to it, like "Such a cool band exists here in Japan!!! Killer!!!". Actually, I had no intention to run a label by myself at that time, but later, when I decided to start a new label, I had no doubt to ask TERROR SQUAD to be the first band of my new label, and they accepted my offer.

Well, please tell me about your bands. Let's start with TERROR SQUAD.

I can't explain how great they are, and I do not expect that my elocution of their sound affects increasing their CD sales (laughter). You should go to their live, rather than hearing my bad elocution Go to see their live!!!! Anyway, I strongly recommend you guys to experience their live performance to realize how they are cool!!! Well, about their album, although the total running time is just less than 30 minutes, I comfortably feel tired to listen to it due to their full of passion. The more I see their live, the more I realize their superbness. As you already know, of our bands, they are the most-highly appreciated around the world. When DEFLESHED, NIGHT IN GALES, and DEW-SCENTED came to play in Japan, I asked them if they had TERROR SQUAD's album, all said, "Yes!!!". This fact means that they are real "Musicians' musicians". Also, I remember, the review of German "Legacy" magazine gives 9 out of 20 to their sound, but 1,000,000 to their lyrics and attitude (laughter). Finally, I have to confess that my label would not last without the world-wide success of TERROR SQUAD. I really thank them.


They are from Osaka, melodic and dramatic Death/Thrash band consisting of 4 members. I can not deny that they are not enough matured in the first album, however, I anticipate that they will brush up themselves and will be original in the coming second album. I hope I can release this new album in August. Also I mention the personality of the singer, Kageyama. He is a funny guy, who is following the typical funny and merry character that is, generally speaking, naturally owned by the people living in Osaka area. (editor's note : Osaka is famous for comedy) He is also running his own label and a rock bar called "Lights Out".


They are also from Osaka. They play tense Thrash Metal influenced by 80's Bay Area style. When I first listened to their demo, I honestly wondered why nobody had signed to such a terrific band. They should have been caught by some labels to release if they had resided somewhere in Europe or America. I therefore think, living in Japan is kind of tragedy for them, because they had been abandoned. Nakabayashi, singer and guitar player, is a very talented composer. However, the only one bad thing for them is the unstable line-up. I believe that they will obtain much success if they can solve this problem.


They are often described as "Female Mystic Night Metal", however, their music is too complicated to be described. The opinions of the people listening to their music are divided into just two patterns; "I love it" or "I hate it", and such neutral opinions as "so" or "not too bad" are hardly found. Thus, I could say, their music tends to select certain listeners, and the selected listeners will be dedicating to FATIMA HILL forever. Their atmosphere is very dark, mysterious, but also romantic. All the members are quite modest. "Valhalla", which was released from WCP last year, contains the re-master version of their old stuff that was recorded 4 years ago, and one bonus track. They are planning to finish the recording of the next album this year and release it next year.

NARCOTIC GREED, who just have released a new title.

They are also from Osaka, and consist of 4 members. After 6 years of the release of the first album, they have just released the second album, which is the newest line-up of my label at the moment. It is difficult to explain their unique sound, but if I try to describe, it could be described as FORBIDDEN plus LOUDNESS. Some might not accept their vocal, however, I stress that this release is full of originality. Warsaw's sharp and technical guitar play is quite worth listening. I have to tell you the important information on them for you people in Europe!!! They are planning to tour in East Europe!!! They strongly wish to succeed not only in Japan but also in the world.

To be selected by WCP, what elements a band possesses are important ? Also, what do you expect from your bands ?

I sign to bands who seem to be eligible to success world-widely. This is more important than anything else. Then, we all, three staffs of WCP, well discuss and vote to decide what we should release. Usually, two of us are pro and the other is con (laughter). I hope that our bands will continue their band activities as long as possible, though I know it is not easy as we expect.

What is important for Japanese bands to be accepted world-widely? Of course, I think they have to break language barriers. Please point out other factors than language (English) ability.
Indeed, language ability is important. However, in fact, I have not considered it deeply. I believe my sense that I can feel through demos or live performances of bands. Then, through conversation with the bands, I also try to figure out how strong motivation they have. Personally, I do not like bands who have little motivation. I think that many Japanese bands have less positivity than foreign bands. Anyway, if our bands are not accepted in the world even though they are filled with positivity, in such case, we have to take responsibility on it. Bands should not be blamed, since we signed to them because we liked them. So, basically, we have a contract each time for each album.

You have only released works by Japanese bands so far. Are you planning to release ones by bands from other country?

Of course, I am thinking about it. I hope to sign to some bands as soon as I finish brushing up my English (laughter). However, before I explore foreign bands, I would like to prove the world that there are a lot of good bands in Japan. That's the priority.

I know you promote your label world-widely. What kind of reaction do you usually receive from out of Japan ? On the other hand, how do you describe the reactions from Japan inside ?
Well, actually, Loudness are the only one notorious Japanese band for a lot of metalheads in the world. Here in Japan, many metal fans seem to believe that Ritual Carnage are well-known world-widely, however, I do not think this is true. Fans out of Japan always ask me, "Why your country has no band, nevertheless it has one of the most biggest music markets in the world." This kind of question always make me re-consider Japanese scene, and urge me to spread out Japanese bands all over the world. On the other hands, it might be much difficult to seize certain reactions from Japan inside. I guess one of the biggest reasons why we are struggling to find reactions is that we hardly can find media that support underground scene. The number of small independent labels never exceeds the one of major labels, and this phenomenon seems to occur only in Japan. A scene would never be developed without supports by a lot of small labels, as well as zines.

What kind of music is now preferred particularly in Japan?

In Japan, Thrash Metal seems to be the most popular among all styles of Extreme Metal. Brutal Death, Black Metal, and Gothic Metal might be not as familiar as you expect. This tendency is contrary to Euro-American one. Over there, Gore Metal is popular than Thrash Metal.

Running a label in Japan, what are good/bad points?

Though I do not know about the situation of punk labels, as far as running a metal label in Japan, I definitely say there is no merit. However, I could say, people would regard my label as important, because we are the only one independent label for real Metal here in Japan. Not all, of course, but some from abroad seem to have prejudice and look down on us just because we are Japanese. It is a pity.

What should be improved to solve the demerit you point out in the above question? Tell me your opinion.

As far as Japanese scene, as I told you before, it will not be improved unless mass-media supporting the scene exist. However, nowadays the situation might be not so bad because of the development of internet. I did not listen to Japanese bands at all long time ago, but thanks to internet, I have found that there are a lot of good Japanese bands too. In addition, I believe that a healthy major scene is necessary for the growth of underground scene. I therefore expect major bands are continuing to succeed because they accordingly help the underground scene..

Finally, here give us your message, or promote your label as you like.

Mmmm... This kind of question kills me. (Laughter) Well, please go to see live as many as you can anyway, and find your favorite bands there. If you pay just 2,000 yen at a club, you can see 5 or 6 bands, and I think this price is very reasonable. I very appreciate if you like the bands in the live and then buy our CD's. If you can not find our CD's in the stores near by, we accept your mail order. Ask for the price.

Thank you for your cooperation.

World Chaos Production,
#406 New Light Bld., 2-25-6 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo JAPAN 113-0033.