Lets start the interview in a different way, for people who are looking for Suffocated Art's Biography and Discography can visit http://www.suffocated-art.de. So how is life in Germany Sascha? What is up with you and the band these days?

Hails Shahenil!!! We have to thank u again for doing this interview with us. But letīs start now....!! My bandmates and me are fine so far. Weīre actually working on several new songs for our forthcoming output going to be released at the end of this year, but more on this later. We finished two songs already. The first one "Brutal Demise" is a very fast, technical and of course brutal song sounding like older Rebaelliun or Sinister. The second song "Forgotten Path" is more grooving, excellent for headbanging =). Then we just started to arrange "Sengaja - Carcinoma of a Falling Race" which is going to be a fast Death/Thrash-Song.

What are your forthcoming plans? Are you planning to record another demo or album?

Weīre trying to organize concerts mainly in the area and if possible in the whole republic and the adjacent countries. At the moment weīre arranging songs for our forthcoming Split-CD, as i mentioned above. This CD is going to be a 4-band-split with HecatomB, Buthorhead (both Malaysia) and Blood Cult (USA) which should be released in Fall 2002. Besides weīll send our actual Demo "Created From Blood" to magazines, labels and clubs in order to get reviews, concerts and hopefully a contract some day!!!

Tell us something about your lyrics do you guys write about beer, gals? are they written from a particular perspective? how important are the lyrics for Suffocated Art? Do you think its right to connect music with politics?

Torsten: Our lyrics are not about any special topic, itīs varies from song to song. Of course, most of the songs deal with "death" in some way, but as I said not all. Our songs are written from the view of a person who sees or experiences something or from an omnipotent narrator who describes actions, scenes or facts. The lyrics are really important in combination with my voice/growls because it has the function of another instrument within our music.
Sascha: I think metal should be non-political, coz metal was never supporting politics or political systems. I agree if bands deny racism and nazi-stuff like we do. But if bands think they have to deal with such topics they have to live with the consequences resulting from that. Iīm not interested in politics and dealing with it in our songs, that has nothing to do with Deathmetal.

What do the members of Suffocated Art do in their full time?

Frank is employee at an insurance-office. His hobbies are educating his tarantulas, drinking and sometimes playing the bass. Torsten works as a painter and is, like Frank, also interested in tarantulas. Besides he plays a lot of PC games. Daniel has to go another year in his IT-apprenticeship. In his free time he rides his motorbike and watches TV. Sascha is actually finishing his apprenticeship to " IT-System-Consulter" (sounds cool, eh?....but it suxx) and is going to start studying at the university this winter. His main hobby is destroying cars, of course heīs going to buy his 3rd car since October 2001 =), he also likes drinking with his bassTard.

Germany has got loads and loads of Death Metal Bands, to what extent do you think you have a style of your own? Why would anyone want to listen to Suffocated Art?

Suffocated Art doesnīt use any acoustic guitar-parts in their songs as well as keyboard-stuff. Itīs the raw Deathmetal-feeling that knocks the listener of this brutal music out of his boots. Our music is more related to American-style-Deathmetal while most German bands tendency is to play Thrash-influenced Deathmetal. Hmmm....you should listen to Suffocated Art coz itīs.....cool =)

Created from Blood was Suffocated Arts first recorded material. and if that doesnīt get Suffocated Art famous then there is no justice. Would you like to change anything if you were asked to record Created from Blood again? tell us something about the recording cause i think the recording is simply amazing.

Thanks, but i think thatīs too much honor for now...itīs still a hard way to get famous, and Deathmetal isnīt the style of music u get rich and well-known very fast! We are very confident with our recording, so there is almost nothing we would like to change. The recording took place in the rehearsal-room next to us. All songs were arranged live within 4 hours but the vocals, they were mixed afterwards. The cost of the whole production was only 120$ and we think for this price itīs really cool stuff!!!! Our producer Oliver Vesper did a great job during our recording-session and in our opinion heīs gonna be a famous producer soon.

What does Suffocated Art aim for? making money? being famous rock stars? Can you give us one reason for existence for Suffocated Art? [maybe this question sounds stupid hehehe but answer it anyway]

We all know that weīll never make the big money with our music, but thatīs in fact not the reason why we play Deathmetal. We want to play concerts, drink alcohol and see that the metalheads like our music. Maybe they support us by buying our CDs or merchandise, that we can go on and record further material and play at festivals and concerts. But itīs simply the greatest thing if u stand on stage, metal your ass off and u see a horde of long-haired metals banging their head to your fucking music. We play Deathmetal to have fun and to live our metal-life! Hmm, the reason for our existence....thaz of course a good question. Mainly itīs for the breweries to survive and for the ear specialists not to get unemployed, but we also exist to give u guys music the way u like it: FAST AND BRUTAL!!!!!

Lets talk about Death Metals ''biggest competitor'' BLACK METAL ... what do you think about todays Corpse painted Black Metal clowns? are there any bands in this genre that satisfy your desire?

Frank: Oh, one of our beloved bands (Lindisfarne) are playing Blackmetal, but they are not so "tough" guys like those panda-bear ones =). Some Blackmetal-bands are really cool, but like in every metal-related music u can find some real assholes, of course itīs the same in Death- or Thrashmetal. I simply listen to any kind of strange metal if I like it.

Torsten: Iīm listening to Blackmetal sometimes, but Iīm not really interested in it. I think itīs ok if those guys put on corpsepaint for their shows and behave "evil", so long if itīs not to exaggerated. The only thing that suxx is that extreme music like Blackmetal is often connected with extreme political thoughts like the national socialism.

Daniel: Blackmetal sucks, except Emperor....those guys really know how to make music, they are very good!!!!

Sascha: I started listening to extreme metal at the beginning of the 90s with bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Samael and Messiah and I still like Blackmetal. There are several bands who play excellent BM, but u have to realize that most newcomers just try to make money by copying the old heroes. Corpsepaint is something that belongs to Blackmetal like fire-spitting, it gives that music a special touch, but only so long, like Torsten already said, itīs not exaggerated.

What do you think of Enrique Eglesiais's song Escape?? [hehehehehehehe just kidding no need to answer this of course]

Frank: Just one thing to this question: itīs cool to fuck Anna Kournikova.
Daniel: Is this the video where he gets beaten at the end? They should have beaten him harder!!!
Torsten: I want to fuck Enrique, because I fucked his father too!
Sascha: Oh man, Enrique is a brilliant musician!! And this song is the best piece of brutal fucking grindcore iīve ever heard. We work hard to write songs like he does, Enrique KILLS!!!! =)

What kind of response did Record Lables give to Created From Blood? What do you expect from a Music label?

We didnīt sent any Demos to labels yet. The first 100 copies of "Created From Blood" were finished about two weeks ago and due to a lot of work I had to do for my exams we didnīt send them out. I hope weīll sign a contract soon. I expect support from a label in marketing-things, organizing concerts (getting on tour with a great DM-band), reviews and interviews. Of course they should leave us enough time to write new songs and checkout a good studio for recording the stuff. The production of CDs, booklets and merchandise should also be their thing while the layout should still be done by us.

Thanks a lot for giving your time to this interview. Any last statement for the Metallers in Asia?

Frank: Stay as you are, thats right!!!
Sascha: I heard some great stuff from Asia already....so go on, thaz the way of true Deathmetal!!!!
Torsten: Stay brutal and come to Germany to listen to Suffocated Art!!!
Daniel: Drink more beer!!!!