Another not-so-well-known band to us SEAsian from Brazil. MALEFACTOR have few releases out and "The Darkest Throne" CD must be their best album in 10 years of their existence. Nothing else to say here. All the needed info is in the interview.

Interview done by Syukri in December 2001 and answered by Lord Vlad.

Greetings Lord Vlad!! I hope you have time to answer my questions as interesting and informative as possible. I wonder why you as the band representative/front man in answering mail/email of the band?

Hail Syukri!!! Time is short, but our friends deserve all our attention, so…here we are. Me (Lord Vlad), Sanct (guitar) and Alexandre (Drummer) are the guys behind the e-mails and letters. But I get 80% of the contacts. It's better than the past, when I was getting 100%.

How was the 10 years celebration in Salvador? What are the special things you made for the supporter/fans on that day? How about the guest band playing on that day? Why them?

This gig was one of the best we did in all the times. Not so many people on the fest (less than 300), because of the Christmas, and everyone were traveling. But was a fantastic festival with 2 days and 10 metal bands. Heavy, Thrash, Black, Doom and Death Metal bands playing together. We played on Saturday as headliner. In the end of the gig we shot cake and champagne on the audience, and was a great night. On the Saturday the bands were: Sirinx, Sower, Doykod, Veuliah and Malefactor. Sunday: Mystic, Pandora, Carnified, Tharsis and Forsaken. At the end a big jam with all the bands playing together old songs of Manowar, Slayer, Metallica, Judas Priest…you know, old classics in very interesting versions.

Lord Vlad, are you with the band since the beginning? Could you tell us a brief info on how the band took form at the first place? Not too brief like in the website. I know this is quite boring (10 years answering the same questions) but the bio in the website is too brief.

No problems. We begin this battle 10 years ago in Salvador/Brazil. I has 14 years old, and the drummer Alexandre has 13. Just him and me were all these days on the group. We were just some crazy guys trying to sound like Sarcófago, Celtic Frost, Old Slayer, Old Sepultura, Mutilator and other fantastic satanic stuff. We begin the band in 1991, but only in 1993 I consider we've an identity, trying to get that old extreme atmosphere with new epic, melodic and heavy metal parts. This is Malefactor: an epic & unholy metal band. We released 2 demo-tapes: "Sickness" (1993) and "Into The Black Order" (1995) produced by Ephendy Steven, ex-sound engineer of Sodom and Kreator. "Into The Black Order" was distributed by The Wild Rags Records (USA) but was a strange deal; we never know what exactly happens. During 1996, Demise Records invite us to participate in "The Winds Of A New Millennium Act 2" with "Sacramental Embrace" track from ITBO demo. It gives us a good divulgation in Brazil. 1997: we participate in a lot of compilation demo tapes of Magazines and Rock Shops in Brazil, USA, France, and other countries. At the same year Uivo Produções released DoisDaBahia, a comp. CD with 9 metal bands from my region, Bahia. Just in 1999 we sign a contract with Megahard Records (Brazil) for 1 album. It was "Celebrate Thy War". There's no tour for this album, cause we didn't receive any support of the label. Two years after, we sign with Demise Records (Brazil) for 3 albums and release "The Darkest Throne". So, since January/2001 we're traveling through South America and Europe with good gigs, interviews, reviews…so; 2001 was a fantastic year for us.

Tell us a bit about the label responsible for the release of "Celebrate Thy War" CD? Is this CD still available? Is the production of the CD too bad? Why does that happen?

We haven't any contact with that label, so, we don't know nothing about the album. We just get our copies and sell. Today we're in an extreme metal label, so, things are better now. The production of "Celebrate Thy War" is a piece of shit. No money, no time to record it. But we really love those songs.

How was the deal with DEMISE RECORDS?

DEMISE Records are very closed friends of us. We work together in 1996 with "The Winds Of A New Millenium Act 2" cd-compilation. So, when they hear the advanced tape of "The Darkest Tour" they just send the contract and the deal was made.

Please, describe MALEFACTOR concept. I heard death metal in some songs and then folk/Viking metal. What does MALEFACTOR specifically play?

That's exactly what we do. Some melodic parts with extreme stuff. For the new album you can wait for more brutality…and more melody. We don't believe in a perfect name for our music, we prefer that people listen and say if it's good or not.

The band got 7 members in "The Darkest Throne" CD, with two keyboard players. Is this the line-up for the recording or the permanent line-up? Is the line-up still the same? Do you have any problem in playing live with the band with this line-up (with 7 people)?

We got 7 members when we recorded the album. Now we're just 6. But keyboard parts are not our principal aspect; we just use some atmospheric sounds and orchestral parts. The riffs were, are and will be the most important part of a metal band. We don't have any problems to play alive, just metal and fury on the stage.

Ricardo Sanct is the youngest member in the band. The rest are in mid twenties. I don't think he is one of the forming members of the band. How did you meet him?

I meet Sanct when he was playing in a black metal band called Carnified. He has a metal magazine too, and so, we've a good friendship during the last 3 years. When Wallace Guerra was fired, he (Sanct) asks us about the chance to play in the band, cause he was leaving his old band. All is working very good, cause he's very dedicated and live for metal, as the others maniacs.

When will The Darkest Tour end? How many show will the band play in this tour?

We're planning to record a new album in April/May of 2002. So, we need 2 months to finish the compositions, cause we're working very hard on it. Maybe, February will be the last chance to see The Darkest Tour alive. We did more than 40 gigs. Not too much for a European band, but an enormous thing for a Brazilian band, cause our country have continental dimensions. Is very expensive to do a Brazilian tour. We did some gigs in Portugal, Germany and Belgium too. In Brazil we have more than 600 extreme metal bands (ed: What??! That much?), but only 7 play out of Brazil someday, since the time when Sepultura began their first world tours. So, we're building a good reputation in our country and some others.

Will you start composing new songs after the tour end or you already have some new songs which you will play on the tour? How is the process of creating a MALEFACTOR song?

We've some very good stuff for the third album in our hands, but we're planning to travel for a farm during 2 weeks to finish it. I can promise you that will be a very good grimoire of extreme epic metal. We haven't any special form of composition. The composers (Me and the guitar players) just record the riffs and the other members do their arrangements. So…is time for rehearsals and lyrics.

Half of the band likes "A God That Doesn't Lie". Why is this song better than the rest in "The Darkest Throne"? I personally like the title track, "The Darkest Throne".

I think "The Darkest Throne" is a very good album exactly because the songs are all very good songs. Some guys out of the band prefer "Into The Silence" or "Necrolust In Thulsa Abbey". It's very personal and subjective.

Since it is written in the thanks list, I am curious. In what way Alvaro Tattoo help MALEFACTOR?

He tattoo us for free!! Huuhaauhuhuhuh. A Very good help for tattoo maniacs like us. And he's a fantastic artist. He is one of the bests.

10 years in existence. Is now the time for the MALEFACTOR to be recognized internationally? How do you want to achieve this? Most bands depend of the label's promotion and tour.

Well, I think DEMISE Records is a very small label, so, we need to licentiate the album for the rest of the world. So, if any Asian label has interest in our album, please, contact us. We did a mini tour through Europe during February/2001, so the things begin to stay a little better for us. In 2002 we'll return for a bigger tour through Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland and East Europe. We wait for a good contract with some bigger label.

A question not related with MALEFACTOR: NS / RAC / WP metal bands, what do you think about them? Why the color of the skin differentiates us human, as one is elite and the other are shit just because of the skin's color?

That's bullshit! Metal don't need this kind of stupidity. I don't believe that true metal bangers support this shit, cause we're bigger than politicians.

Bonus question: do you know anything about SEAsian underground scene?

I just know few bands like Impiety and others. But your zine gives me the chance to know more and more about the scene. We dream with a day we'll play for the Asian metal audience.

Thanks for your time answering this interview. You are free to end this interview the way you like...

I just want to finish with a strong HAIL! Thanks for the interest and just keep in touch. Our new official website is: STAY EVIL!

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