After almost 2 years of silence the mighty Beast From The East IMPIETY is back to storm the world with their new album called "Kaos Kommand 696".They have just returned from Sweden after 3 weeks of recording their most demonic,long awaited album after the highly acclaimed "Skullfucking Armageddon".The following interview is made exclusively for readers.Meet one of the beasts in IMPIETY,none other than War Kommander Shyaithan! By : Firdaus Dunkelheit (August 2002)

Hails Syhaithan! How`s life after returning from Malmo, Sweden?

Demonic Salutations Firdaus! Life has been more hectic with work and with preparations in putting the layout together for the new album. We're also pretty much busy with rehearsal-battles again...

You have finished recording your upcoming anticipated album "KAOS KOMMAND 696" in Berno Studios. Can you tell me a bit about the recording session of the new album? Are you satisfied with the recording session? How was working with Mr Berno as the producer?

Initially we thought our producer was going to be Berno Paulsson but it was in fact Henrik Larsson whom we had the privilege and honour of working with. All in all, it took us 3 weeks for the recording, mix and edit. It was hectic working about 12hrs a day in the studio but we had a killer time in Malmo as well! Mastering was also done by Henrik himself.

I have listened to some of the tracks in "KAOS KOMMAND 696" and I must say that the new album is much more faster than the highly acclaimed "Skullfucking Armageddon"! When did you started to create songs for this album? Can you reveal me the full list of the war anthems? Personally,which song do you think is the best?

The new album assault is ferociously more brutal, incredibly faster and a megaton nuklear warhead heavier I'd say...I began writing up this new holocaust right after "Skullfucking Armageddon" was released but anyway, most of the new songs were composed earlier last year itself. The 8 war anthems of KAOS KOMMAND 696 (in order) are:
2)Apokalyptik Nuklear Battlebeasts
3)Wardaemonic Overkill
4)Atomic Wrath of Azzazzel
5)Bestial Genocidal Goatvomit
6)Bloodred Angelshred
7)Abominate, Fornicate, Desecrate!
8)Kaos Kommand 696
This definitely has to be the best IMPIETY release ever! All songs are very monumental and personally to me, all tracks are KULT in every aspect!

If I`m not wrong "KAOS KOMMAND 696" was supposed to be released in the middle of 2002 but it has been delayed to October.What has happened to IMPIETY that makes "KAOS KOMMAND 696" a total delay? Line up problems and difficulity in finding a studio?

It was supposed to have been recorded October of 2001. We had already booked our airtickets and we're prepared to fly out to Germany's Stage One Studios when Xxxul quit all of a sudden. That came as a big blow and everything came to a halt. Xxxul quit with proper or logical justification...he did everything over the phone so pathetically and never met us in person to talk about it. Fauzzt and I wasted so much of our time, effort, money, sweat and blood in gearing up for the recording at Stage One. Xxxul did wimp out alot and lost much of his dedication towards giving his best to the band. We always had to call him and remind him about practice and band related activities. Fuck it all! Anyway, Fyraun had long planned to return to this regiment and in November 2001 he was released from prison and immediately came back to the throne. It has always been great working together with Fyraun...and he's always given more than 100% to the band! When we had everything in order again, we had a big problem booking a new studio. Stage One was also fully booked and could offer us a slot end of 2002! We approached many good studios but all were fully booked til end of this year. We really didn't want to spend so much time waiting and delaying the album recording! Berno Studio was on our list and we're glad they offered us a slot in July!

What is the main message that you would like to spread with "KAOS KOMMAND 696"? Can you tell me a bit about the background of the album? Is it has something to do with war? Total war against christianity?

Total war not just against christianity but ALL man-made bullshit religions that promise you a fucking heaven fantasy bullshit! There's nothing out there but a promised Hell..and Kaos Kommand 696 is the ultimate Goatbattle-order to simply to krush, kill and destroy every pathetic living being and everything that stands for or bears the name of stupid weak gods!!!

So Fyraun have joined the regiment back and you are now handling the bass.IMPIETY are now back again with 3-piece line up just like in the "Skullfucking Armageddon" album.Do you think that you have a stable and the strongest line up for now?

Yes, I do believe our regiment is strongest with us 3 Kommanders of Kaos! We've discussed about possibly adding a 4th member on guitars (for tours,etc). But maybe in future...

Well the cover art is painted exclusively by both JP Fournier and Desmond Sia.Can you give me a brief info about the cover art? I know that Desmond Sia works are mostly in black and white.Will the cover art of "KAOS KOMMAND 696" be looking just like "Skullfucking Armageddon"?

Desmond's hellish art will grace the cover of the limited edition Digipak! yes, sticking to tradition of black and white and very wicked! He has also done some coloured-pieces for the booklet! Fournier did an excellent painting for KK696 and it will grace the cover booklet of the usual cd version. All in all, expect killer hellustations from both diabolical masters of the brush!

You have told me that you are currently working on some new songs for your future release after "KAOS KOMMAND 696".Do you mind reveal me more about it?

I won't spoil the surprise with too much info but we are working on some limited edition Split 7" Eps...

I guess that you will get busy after the released of "KAOS KOMMAND 696" in October! Will Osmose be setting a tour for you in support to the new album?

They've promised to put us on a European tour early next we'll be working out the details for that in no time. IMPIETY will do probably an Asian Tour early January...and we're really looking forward to that!

Any dates in Asia? Which band do you think will follow you on tour? It`ll be great if you can share the stage with Mexican Wardemons RAVAGER! Tell me more about it.Anyway how was the show in Bangkok with German Thrash godz SODOM and Thailand christraping demons SURRENDER OF DIVINITY?

We'll surely do an Asian tour and deliver as much kaos this time round! Be prepared! It might be SURRENDER OF DIVINITY who'd follow us on the Asian tour if all is confirmed! The show with SODOM in Bangkok was infernally great! We enjoyed that gig even though it was just 5 songs we played due to the show starting much later than it was supposed to. SODOM was always in top form and I was also upfront banging my head off to some of the older and kult numbers they delivered. Overall, Angelripper, Bernemann and Bobby were great and friendly! SURRENDER OF DIVINITY also played their best set that night! IMPIETY had a crazy and really memorable time with Elite Thai Warbrothers S.O.DIVINITY in Bangkok!! They fucking rule!!

Alright Shyaithan that`s all for now.Do you have anything more to say? You can promote your upcoming album to all the readers!

Bestial War Salutes and Appreciations for the interview session Firdaus! Looking forward to meeting you again some day soon! We urge all extreme metal demons and legions to get the new album assault when it's released this Oct 28th! KAOS KOMMAND 696 is a hellfernal testament that IMPIETY CONTINUES TO KRUSH, CONQUER AND REIGN PROUD AS THE TRUE BEAST FROM THE EAST!!!