AUTHORITY, another brutal death grind band from Indonesia. Formed in 1997 and few demos out and also participated in few local compilations. The latest release is the split tape with their countrymate TRAGICAL MEMORY. Read on the interview made by Halim.

Hello bro, whats up, how are you? What's latest news?

Hello pals. We are in good condition. Thanks for time to giving interview with us. Yudi will answer this inties.

I have hear your 1st demo 'Sick Of Violence Syndrome' and 2nd demo 'Bacterial In Flesh', tell me about your concept, influences. I hear a lot of touch of us groove death metal like Dying Fetus, Suffocation, right?

Well. Actually our demo not brutal enough. There are another brutal band in Indonesia. For the first demo we recorded in k studio jakarta only 2 hours because the lack of money. The 1st demo contains 4 songs which. And the 2nd demo recorded in K Studio too. We trying to make the songs brutal but enjoyable and groovy. That's our style. Authority most influence are Suffocation, Dying Fetus,Dehumanized, etc but we trying to build up our music style.

Are you satisfied with both of them (the recording/mixing) ? Tell me about the process recording

Well I think I'm not satisfied at all in mixing and recording. We don't have an equipment for the recording. Just rent in studio. Just usual recording. And we not using expensive equipment.

I see different drumer when live at Boyolali and at Nirvana Cafe (JKT), have a new drumer? What happen with drumer before? How many line up have changes? How about latest line up?

Well. Yes we got a new members. Replacing Ary. Ary left the band because of his activity at home and we got Sapto (members in SINUSITIS) as an addtional players. In the middle of may Sapto become our members in AUTHORITY. Thats all.

About your lyric and music, who write that, what inside the lyric?

Hummm. Our lyrics taken about reality in life . Tell about social, sadistic, hate and also our expirience! I'm helping Budi in writing lyrics. For musick Bhephe and I composed then we arrangement it so all members have a responsibility in musick !!

What you do daily (beside play in band), any member still study/work/ or other activity...?

Hehehe just a simple life man !! I has another work in making webzine with my partner (Andyan) called INSANE CANNIBALISM and also i'm also college. Chating ... Bla bla bla Bhephe also study in college and Karang Taruna. HaHaHa. Budi is an unemployment man!! Just playing arround and making love with his girl friend. Sapto is working in his own band (SINUSITIS) and others he's just a college student!

How about death metal scene in Jakarta and Indonesia now? How to make it all grow fast and strong? Give me your opinion.

Jakarta has fuckin and killing death metal bands. Lots of brutal bands from here like SIKSAKUBUR, SINUSITIS , FUNERAL INCEPTION, FLESH FILTH, etc these band are totally kick ass and in the top of my brain! Media like newsletter, fanzine, radio has an important thing to grow the scene.

Tell me about your split with TRAGICAL MEMORIES, how many songs, how to order, etc.

Well. Roy Rot offer me to do some cooperation to make a split with his band. We agree and that it. AUTHORITY material taken from 1st demo ( 4 songs) and TM has taken from their demo contain 4 songs too

What things that you hate when in live gigs?

I hate if the gigs not equipped with good sound and good equipment. We can't play perfectly. I think this is not my problem too. Isn't it??

When your full lenght album out, what are your plans as of right now?

Hum we preparing to make in this year. I hope this is possible

Give me 5 band that you recomended ! (And you hope to live in one gigs with them)

I've dream if some promotors make a tour/death fest (Indonesian bands vs overseas bands) in Indonesia and with overseas band like DYING FETUS, DEEDS OF FLESH, DISGORGE, MISERY INDEX and CRYPTOPS. And I hope my band will invite to this tour hehehehhe.

Ok, thanks for your time to do this interview bro, feel free to say whatever you wish, keep it sick and rot!

Me too pal. Thanks for stay tune with us. We very appreciated with you. Let's support local band! Support our scene! Success for you!

c/o : Yudi
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