ARUM, a new name to many of us. It is great when listening to good music from some unknown bands and it didn't take too long to decide for an interview. Syukri spoils the merry Christmas holiday by forcing Marcelo speaks  about his band. Read the interview and the review of "Fierce Everlasting Temptest" CD.

Interview done in December 2001.

Infernal WarHailz! Greetings from the East! How are you today? I hope you are okay and sane enough to answer my questions.

Satanic Hails Syukri Ishak. Here's Marcelo answering your interview. And first of all thanks for it.

"Fierce Everlasting Tempest" is the debut release, which introduce me to ARUM. Introduce to us your latest album. Tell us more about "Fierce Everlasting Tempest" (recording session, the song, the concept, EVERYTHING is possible.)

We recorded this album between March and May/2000. As our first experience with a full album I think that it's very good and we were very proud with Fierce.... In this album there are two songs that I write in the early 90's, Vanquished Serenade (the first song of Gruunks, but in that time the name was Suffering Till Death) and Futura. But the news arrangements it's much better than in the past. And the others I wrote when I return with the band in 98. About the lyrics I wrote about my experiences and about my points of view of my existence.

Would you like to comment more about this album? Could you compare it with the previous releases?

In all aspect this album is better than ours previous releases. But it's natural; we are always rehearsal and studying our instruments to make our music better day by day.

What does the song '*' talk about? May I know why it is named '*' and how to pronounce it if some one ask?

Well this song it was done by Roberto, the ex- drummer, for his self project WABSOTHOW. When I heard it I liked, and we decided to put it as the end of the CD, like a hidden song but we indicate it with a symbol, no specific reason for it.

Why haven't you enclosed the lyrics of the album? The CD comes with thick booklet but the lyrics are not included.

When we were doing the booklet we discuss a lot of possibilities and we decided not to enclose the lyrics in this first CD, just put it on our site. But in the next we will enclose the lyrics.

I am not so sure. How did you get the attention of DEMISE RECORDS? Is it with a demo by ARUM or with "Beyond Your Death" live demoCD as GRUUNKS?

When we released our demo Beyond Your Death to Demise. Later they invite us to took part in their compilation Winds of New Millenium III. Then when we recorded our debut I contact them and they released it.

How long is the deal with DEMISE RECORDS? I rarely read the reviews of their releases. It is the same case with your CD. But the label looks professional in their release.

Our deal is just for this CD. The second I don't know who will release. They are really professional, but our economic situation maybe be the reason for less releases. I hope that for the next album we could have a better support.

Some songs "Beyond Your Death" appear in some local compilations. What song appeared in "Rock Soldiers 3" and "Winds of New Millenium 3? How many tracks available in this demoCD? Is it still available.

Our demo CD Beyond Your Death have 3 tracks, "Gazing Into Horinzons of Serenity", "Futura Bold" and "Beyond Your Death". On Rock Soldiers we took part whith "Futura Bold" and "Beyond Your Death" and on Winds of New Millenium with "Willowthewisp Blooming in Wrath". In the moment just the compilations are available but both as Gruunks.

This might be a boring question for you but it is a must since this is your debut appearance in this mag/zine/website (yes, ARUM might appear again if something great or interesting things happen with ARUM in the future). Tell us a bit about the band. Why GRUUNKS change its name to ARUM. It is also necessary for you tell us what is ARUM and GRUUNKS means.

First because ARUM sounds better for me and since I create the band, although the same musical essence we change a lot, our song, our lyrics. I'm proud with everything that I done as Gruunks, but now I'm writing the ARUM's age that will remain till my last days. Gruunks means a kind of space monsters and ARUM means "... a parallel existence plain, forlorn and chaotic place, immune from mortal penury...".

You decided not to have a permanent keyboardist and also a drummer. Why?

I just decided not to have a permanent Keyboard Player. A drummer finally we have found one. The Keyboard parts are not essential on our sound, just sometimes but if it doesn't exist it will not make difference.

What happen after the release of "Fierce Everlasting Temptest"? I heard ARUM face line-up changes recently. Why does that happen?

Just I continue in the line-up. Some of them need to get out and the others just want to follow their paths. No particular problems. But I have already found others musicians to continue. And I'm very glad with them. We have already done four new songs.

What kind metalhead ARUM's music is for? When will hear the next release from the band?

ARUM's music is for everyone that wants to hear extreme music mixed with acoustic parts, no label, no limits, just reverie black metal, as Pawel (a polish friend) describe our music. I want to release some material until June, I hope.

Why do you have to exist? Why are you alive?

I have to exist to do songs, to keep ARUM's flames burning and to protect my princess. I'm alive because I still breathing Metal, respecting the occult forces of nature and doing just what I want to do.

Bonus question: do you know anything about SEAsian underground scene?

Unfortunatelly my Asian contacts must be Rip Offs guys, that don't honour the Underground and they never send their parts when we did trades. But I know that there serious people but I just need to contact them.

Thanks for your time answering this interview. You are free to end this interview the way you like...

I want to thanks your support to ARUM, and you could be sure that while ARUM still alive there will be four or five souls honoring the underground and the black metal art. Dark regards.

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