Adikara (Malaysia) #1, 2000
40 page in A4 divided into 2 size of publication which regrettably the worse local zine so far. I certainly disagree with the editorial statement "Takkan la baru keluar nak tunjuk gempak kot ?' (means something like the first issue shouldn't be released as a good issue). Bravo guys ! Because of this lousy belief I will never spend my money on you anymore unless you can give a good reason why I should get the next issue. I just wasted my RM 2 although I can ask for a complimentary copy since my gig report being used here. 1/3 of the page are blur or losing tone or something (that's might be the shop fault) and the content is merely bios and news, all are outdated or being featured in numerous local zines. If you really follow the scene, these bio are nothing to them and the bio are about famous local metal act such as Impiety, Zubirun, Mortuary Ancestor, Cryptic Malediction, Mistik, etc. Awful layout with big size font in one column per pages. I don't get it. There are few great local zine and they should study every bit of this zine (RANDOM, PROLOGUE AD NOCTURNE, PUAKA). Furthermore the editor didn't do anyhthing since the stuffs are gathered from flyers, catalog and bands bio and they should put a lot of effort on the layout. If this zine carefully edited and layout, reduced font size (12 for Times New Roman is too big) it will only take in 20 pages only and can sell it cheaper. RM 2 + 50 sen stamp is too expensive for me considering the quality the offer. Oh well... The only good thing is a bio on a band consist of the editors themselves (Polong Laknat and Great Azazel) called MENTHARAS. I never heard of the band's name before infact the only band I know from Melaka. I have witnessed what they did with this zine and I don't have high hope on this band. I didn't scan the front cover of this zine because you can see nothing on it and better save my time and energy doing something else.
Great Azazel, J 7412 Jalan Ru, Taman Maju, 77000 Jasin, Melaka.

zine-atlantida2.jpg (14218 bytes)Atlantida (Lithuania) #2, 1999
Glossy printed zine from Lithunia. Great effort from the guy behind Atlantida. Only 20 A4 pages for this issue but the number of pages can be reduced and save a bit the printing cost if the size of the font reduced to normal or usual size. On some interview, the font if too big and I see this a waste of space and looks untidy. The use of background image on some page doesn't match with the font color making its hard to read. Maybe the editor noticed about this so that's why he used big size font ? The review Ruslanus made are short and simple and maybe only review the stuffs which is best for him because almost all of them got high rating (if 5 is the highest point). Interview are with ...And Ocean, Ablaze My Sorrow, Somber Serenity, Fall Of The Leafe, Black Sunrise and Nebular Moon. Just ordinary question-answer kind a talk, no interesting topic being talked here. The interesting part is the Lithuanian scene report. There are some bands which attract me and the problem is find if their address. Maybe Atlantida will include some Lithuanian bands in the next issue and also bands/zines/labels address. Advise for any editor/person who are going to make scene report. Ofcourse they will only mentioned the best band in their scene so please include the bands/zines/labels addresses because it will save time and money for people who are interested to contact the band/zines/labels.
c/o Ruslanus  Danisevskis, Alytus 4, 4120 Ukmerge, Lithuania.

Belchepon  (Malaysia) #1, 1999
I could not exactly review this zine since this a promo copy made in the size of A4 folded into 2 size, second generation copy (not copied and reduced the size from the master copy). I am sure in the original size it will look better (58 page, A4 size, in English, xeroxed) . So I will talk about the content because the layout and quality is not something good to talk about. Interviews are with Mortuary Ancestor, Vociferation Eternity, Random Zine (Malaysia), Thy Primordal, Siebenburgen, Primitive Symphony (Sweden), Heidenreich (Austria), Twilight Opera, Noitavalkia (Finland), Angelkill, Myrmidon (USA), Sanatorium (Slovakia), Frozen Shadow (Canada), Archean Harmony (Malta) and scene reports from South Africa, Malta, Norway. BELCHEPON managed to interview some obscure underground metal acts that is new to me. The interviews are vary, the question is the same so its depends on the band's answers to make it an interesting read or not. The Norwegian scene report is made by Imhotep Magazine and he just write anything that just pop-up in his mind at that time, so this is not a complete review. I expect a report about new and unsigned bands from there. 2 articles of Malay occultism presented here, 1 is taken from a newspaper (or a magazine, I'm not sure but I've read it somewhere) and re-translated in English. Another one is composed by Faizal himself. Good story, only the grammar have to be improved. The news and reviews are a bit outdated. If you don't have the money or enough promo to review, why don't review our local stuffs instead ? My rating will be more I think if I have the chance to look the actual released of this zine.
c/o M. Faizal Abd. Rahman, 40 Kg Pulau Tiga, Jln Stesen, 35000 Tapah, Malaysia.

zine-bleed6.jpg (13266 bytes)Bleed (Singapore) #6, 1999
The first professional printed issue of BLEED Zine features many great black/death metal acts such as Impiety (Singapore), In Flames, Dawn, Thy Primordal, Setherial, Non Serviam, Thyrfing, Satariel, Necromicon (Sweden), Pazuzu, Raventhrone (Austria/Canada) Hecate Enthroned (UK), Keep Of Kalessin, Maredit (Norway), Enthroned (Belgium), Crytopsy (Canada), Ancient Ceremony (Germany), Hirilorn (France) and Chapter 7 (USA). Although it is a pro-printed publication but it is not in the very best form I guess. Almost all the pictures are not clear and this is the only thing they should improved for their next issue. For example look at the front cover. It looks nice because the size have been reduced. The original one doesn't look like that. The rest is quite okay for me. I think this is the only zine in Singapore or in S.E.A. featured many live interviews. 2 thumbs up for their effort in upgrading the local S.E.A. metal publication scene.
Bleed Magazine, Seranngoon Central Post Office, P.O. Box 569, S(915503), Singapore.

Brutallica (Bulgaria) #5, Fall/Winter 2000
This mag is glossy printed and comes with a free CD. That are some of the thing to cheer about Brutallica. Interviews and reviews are made by different person. So some review/interview are quite interesting and some are not. 50+ A4 pages and lots of interview: TEMPLE OF THE ABSURD, BEHEMOTH, SIX FEET UNDER, DARKTHRONE, WITCHERY, DEATH OF MILLIONS, IMMOLATION, NEVERMORE, DEEDS OF FLESH, DESECRATION, CENTINEX, DEW OF NOTHING, LOBOTOMY, LORD BELIAL, PESSIMIST, MYSTIC CIRCLE, FUNERAL WINDS and lots more. The free CD include the song from the band being interview in this issue. Lots of review and include the cover artwork too. A fine metal publication. About the review, its a subjective thing. People will come to their own opinion when listening to the stuffs but saying "...there, in Mexico people cannot create good music." If Diliana Iankova have listen to lots of Mexican or in other word really know the scene there, he/she can come with such words. If only listening to 2 tapes and make this kind of conclusion, he/she is an arrogant and unintelligent asshole. 
c/o Chavdar Tzachkov, Grigor Parlichev Street, Block 1, Appt. 1, 5800 Pleven, Bulgaria.

zine-clewone4.jpg (15090 bytes)Clewone (Malaysia) #4, 1999
CLEWONE is in 44 page, A4 size, in English and professionally printed. It's great to know more Malaysian zines/magazine are in pro-printed and I think NORTH POEM have put a lot of effort and money in this last issue of this magazine. The interviews are interesting (with Zubirun, Tandus, Infernal Void, Kremation, Dooms Heat, (Malaysia), Kekal (Indonesia), Sofia Run, Twisted Tower Dire, Cold Mourning, Morbid Angel (USA), Desert Rain (Germany), Necrophobic (Sweden), Bal Sagoth (England), Typhon (Colombia), Moonspell (Portugal) and Hades (Norway)) and the reviews are short though. The editor should separate one interview with another with borders or something that clearly separate it because I find it confusing some time while reading. For example you're reading M.Angel's interviews and suddenly it continues with T.T.Dire's interview. Maybe they are trying to be original but I'm not used reading publication with the font CLEWONE's used in most of the interviews. I also suggest using only one typical layout and arrangement or at least something that looks the same with the rest of the content i.e. number of columns, font types, etc. And lastly, the cover used must have a connection with the content. I didn't find anything on Emperor in this mag.
c/o North Poem Records, Syaiful Khairy Mahadzir, 372 Jalan 1, Taman Permai, 08000 Sg Petani, Malaysia

zine-dark_legions1.jpg (14030 bytes)Dark Legions (Singapore) #1, 1998
It will be great to see this zine in pro-printed. The contents is fine (58 page, A4 size and in English), very well-arranged. Interview with Necromanicide (Malaysia), Sargath, Sakaratul Maut, Brutal Fear, Candlelight Productions, Gematria (Singapore), Astarte (Greece), Sacramentum (Sweden), Enforce (Australia), Iconoclasm (Belgium), Adorned Brood and Morbid Angel. The interviews are interesting and some are made live. Unfortunately the Morbid Angel interview with Trey Azagthoth is contributed by Ill-Literature Magazine. They are still pasting flyers just to fill up space and I think it is unprofessional because it make the zine looks untidy. The xerox quality is okay but my copy is a bit overtone (too dark) but this didn't effect the content, only the pictures.

zine-dark_legions2.jpg (8926 bytes)Dark Legions (Singapore) #2 2000
Great xeroxed zine (for now) from Singapore. Neat and great layout and really great and original style of doing the table of content (a vertical-half-page, on one side a picture of an 'angel' and the table of content is on the other side. The page is cut along the curves of the angel body.) 15 interviews with Impiety, Doxomedon, Deranged, Nocturnal Breed, Torch are among the famous act featured here. A special column featuring young band called "Aspiring" and this time featuring Bunuh (with members of Brutal Fear and Sakaratul Maut. Listen to their great demo !). The zine is edited and layout by Makhluq and the review/interview are done by Makhluq and few writers and their 'work' vary from each other. I think my review sucks !. My eyes always detect (other than myself) mistakes. It is too obvious some CD covers are put at the wrong review (I think I named the file correctly...)and the concert report is not edited correctly. I'm trading this zine with label, bands and zine and that cost me a lot of money on postage because this zine is heavy ! Watch out the next pro-printed issue.
USD 5 / RM 13.

zine-datura4.jpg (11383 bytes)Datura (Malaysia) #4, 1998
Great malay-written magazine, nice lay-out, clear pro-printed, interesting and in-depth interviews with Tandus, Athotorgh, Vociferation Eternity, Nocturnal Slaves Magazine, Darkness Prevail Compilation, Ultra Hingax Production, Kharabanazak, Net (Malaysia), Bastardised, Demisor, Harvester (Singapore) and Dismember (Sweden) and gig reports.  Cramped in 38 A4 pages.  They have amazed me with their  previous issue with interesting interview (so are these in this issue) and including One Barchiel's article about boycott you-know-who band (no need to mentioned it here). But the last one didn't have a good layout.  There is 1 article here in issue #4, "Sejarah dan Asal-Usul Heavy Metal (Part 1)" and you will not read the second part of it because the editors have joined forces with editors of Metal Terus Zine and produced much better professional magazine.

Dead Comedian (Turkey) #2, 2000 
This is my first zine from Turkey. The xerox quality is not good enough and the layout is a bit messy but still quite interesting. I always want to know about Turkish scene and in here, they interview some turkish bands, reviews and did gig reports. Although the questions are just the ordinary kind of questions but I gain valuable info on Turkish scene. Those who want to start exploring Turkey metal scene should start with Dead Comedia. Interviews here are with ANGEL KILL, BAYT GADOL, CADAVEROUS CONDITION, DIMNESS THROUGH INFINITY, DYING PASSION, ENTRAILS, FORGOTTEN, FORGOTTEN SILENCE, GREGÜENA, INHUMATE, KURB SAATUS, MOURNING BELOVETH, NO MANS LAND, PAGAN, SERMON, THE SEQUEL, VARATHRON, VINTAGE SOLEMNITY, !T.O.O.H.!  Also include reviews and gig reports. 72 Xeroxed A4/2 pages. The next thing that they should do is improved the layout a bit and search a better xerox shop.
c/o Mert Yildiz, P.K.58 Izmit Kocaeli, Turkey

zine-deadhead1.jpg (8034 bytes)Deadhead (Malaysia) #1, 1999
Great debut issue ! This is the zine (64 page, A4 size in English and pro-printed) where you can find info on local Malaysia as well as S.E.Asian bands. Interviews are made with Nebiras, Muzikbox Productions, Mortuary Ancestor, Kremation, North Poem Records, Under One Flag, Sailendra, Sarcastic, Black Pentagram Club, Neftaraka, Sickness (Malaysia), Bastardised, Beast Petrify, Eternal Throne, As Sahar, Kibosh Sibyl Kismet (Singapore), The Mystickal East (Brunei), Deformed Tartarus (Indonesia), Necropolis (Egypt), Mythos (Finland), Sorath, Virtual Void (Czech), Decayed (Portugal), Varathron, Macabre Omen, Astarte (Greece), Alsirat (Poland), Darkness Is My Pride, Atanatos (Germany), 7th Child (UK) and Opera IX (Italy). Neat desktop publishing layout but the print is a bit too dark though and in some pages the picture is unclear. No reviews here, only interviews. Why ? Maybe to save up space ? What is the reason putting Varathron picture on Virtual Void/Macabre Omen interview ? To fill up space ? The next issue should add page number and table of content to make it looks more professional. USD 6, worth the $ spend on this zine.
c/o Wan Syamsul, 10 Lorong Lang Tompok, Tmn Seri Bintang, 52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Deathrock Flare (Malaysia) #1, 2000
This remind me of Manok Slash Zine, Malaysian most hated zine due to its stupid humour. But Deathrock Flare is different. The humour in the interviews, drawings, etc are entertaining and deos not make themselves look stupid. Just look at the front cover. A remake of a malay oldies movie where text have been altered. They are so creative that they beheaded Korn and replaced it with pig's head. Maybe you can find this pic somewhere in this zine. Cute A4 folded into 2 size. The drawback of this zine is the bad xerox quality and the big size font for intro of each interview. Maybe they are trying to be original but it is too big and consumed a lot of space. Also review and article included. Unfortunately this zine is written in Malay mostly. If not, I recommend this to everyone.
c/o Adi Ibrahim, 11 Jln AU 5C/11, Lembah Keramat, Ulu Kelang, 54200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Devourment Of Souls (Malaysia) #2, 2000
A new issue after 5 years ! The first issue was one of the year best local zine because on that time there are not many zine using computers. The layout and everything was clean and well-layout. Now this zine is one of many zines nowadays using computerised layout, except Hafiz is a bit creative. 48 A4 pages with 'okay' xerox quality. Interviews are with CALLENISH CIRCLE, GRAND'S BELIAL KEY, MIDNIGHT SUN, STATOVARIUS, NOTHINGFACE, NIGHT IN GALES, AVALON, (adapted interview) HAMMERFALL, INDEPENDENT RECORDS and the interesting interview of this issue are with 2 South East Asia respectable bands, ATHOTORGH (Malaysian thrash metal) and THE MYSTICAL EAST (ambient project from Brunei). The pictures is not well-arranged and looks messy in my eyes and the print (only the picture) is not really clear. I use to have this kind of printing problem using Canon BJC printer. In my humble opinion, the first print must be made using laser printer for an excellent result.
c/o Hafiz, H-54 Lrg Karyawan 5, Tmn Guru, 25150 Kuantan, Pahan, Malaysia.

Domain (Singapore) #1, 2000
A good debut issue. Almost good xerox quality and the layout is quite neat. 52 A4 pages and the interviews are with TASYIM, ABATTOIR, KAMBING, NARRATOR, SAKRAMOTH, BEAST PETRIFY, NETHEREALM, SARANG MAUT ZINE, METAL MAFIA ZINE, DARK TRANQUILITY, THE GRIMOIRE OF THE EXALTED DEEDS, ABYSSOS, PATCH STUFF, HAYAGRIVA, ZUBIRUN and GEMATRIA. Also included an article on a serial killer named Richard Ramirez and ofcourse the usual stuff, the reviews. I think the column for the interview should be made more than 2 column per page. It will look nicer I guess. I can find any fault in this debut issue except for the xerox quality. Everything else is just okay for me. This issue is no longer for sale. So wait for the next issue which I think will be better than this one.
c/o M. Syaiful, blk 872 #07-278 Woodlands St. 81 Singapore 730872.

Eclipse (Czech) #5, Winter 99/00
Interviews with mostly black metal bands such as AZURE, FROSTMOON, ENTRAILS, LORD BELIAL, WINDIR, AUTUMN, AETERNUS, JUDAS ISCARIOT, TULUS and some zines/labels/etc. Also includes gig report and Hungarian scene report. The interviews are as interesting as hell. The questions are all well-thought and the view form the editor and the bands are among the best interview I ever read in one metal publication. 50+ A4 pages, printed on glossy paper. Well-layout, everything is well-done here. Only the color combination is not really my fave but if you want to read really quality metal reading material, this is the one.
Eclipse Production, P.O.Box 35, 625 00 Brno, Czech Republic.

zine-eternal_fire2.jpg (10918 bytes)Eternal Fire (France) #2 1999
Laser photocopied, A4 size zine from France. Although it is photocopied but the quality match the quality of a professional printed material. The picture is clear and the white text on black background didn't loose tone or overtone. Just perfect ! Interview are made with the band which I rarely heard of or found in zine. They are Eternal Majesty, Profane Creation, Hegemon, Inquisition, Celestia, Drakkar Production, Destroyer 666, Funeral Rites, Occultus, Barbatos, The Chasm, Notung, Desecration of Virgin Zine. Maybe the editor is familiar with the band/zine/label so by giving a brief information about them before the interview start might help the readers like me a bit. At least we know about them a bit before we further reading and can easily skip any band. Because there are certain band and certain type of music I don't like to know or like to read about them but here interesting is all bands are truly undeground act. The interview and the answers are also interesting making this zine a great metal reading material. To make this zine better next time is by adding page number and table of content and make the full use of every space on the paper. There are some part on the pages (after the interview) is left blank and not nice to see. Eternal Fire also have a cool logo too !
c/o Karnage Vallot, 16 rue de la sente fluerie, 28600 Luisant, France.

zine-ill_liturature17.jpg (11539 bytes)Ill Literature (USA) #17 1999
Pro-printed magazine, all in glossy paper. This is profesional magazine so all the layout and typographical-wise they are good. They featured well-known metal act and some pages are in full color which is nice. The bands are Emperor, Enslaved, Gehenna, Ancient Rites, The Gathering, Vader, Night In Gales just to name a few (30 interview overall). Most of the question asked here on some black metal bands (I) have read it in some (or I should say a lot) local/European zine/magazine. Actually I'm re-reading the interview which I have read it before somewhere. I guess these bands are just getting the recognition in US (mainstream ?) metal scene and may not be so well-known like in Europe. If you want professional metal magazine featuring 'godz' in death/black/heavy metal scene, here's your mag. As for me I like the color pages but interested to know more obscure underground metal.

zine-infernal_demon1.jpg (9552 bytes)Infernal Demon (Thailand) #1 1998
My first zine from Thailand. Printed on thick paper, 64 pages but the weight is twice of the weight of the new Master Of Brutality (#10). Cut and past format, the interview are pasted on gory artwork or picture taken from horror movies. Few porn also inserted in some of the pages to fill up space including a nude picture of Haliza Misbun (Malaysian actress, super-imposed I guess taken from the internet). Interview with Mayhemic Truth, Morbifik, Maniac Butcher, Nifelheim, Rust Sakaraz, Sentensya and few more worldwide death/black band/zine. Interview are in English but the review are in Thai. Their english is much worse than mine (burning church the god..what's that ? or is it burning the church of god ?) but still understandable. I urged everyone to check this zine out or their next issue. Oh hell ! No address written. Where did I put their flyers ..? Okay here it is :
c/o Jerasak C.,  6/404 Solphahonyothin 48, Klongthanon, Bangkhen District, BAngkok City 10220, Thailand.

zine-kemenyan6.jpg (15565 bytes)Kemenyan (Malaysia) #6, 1999
I haven't had the chance to see Kemanyan previous issue, so I can't make comparison. The interview are interesting (Kharabanazak, Cryptic Malediction (Malaysia), Impiety, Doxomedon, Hail, Brutal Fear (Singapore), Bal Sagoth (UK), Celtic Dance (Portugal), Kaamos and Centinex (Sweden), but the lay-out is not that good. Using electronic typewriter I assume and the font size is too big and taking a lot of space. The editor also used background graphic in all pages but the graphic interrupt the pleasant of reading since the color of the font and the graphics is almost the same. Rammy should make the graphic less-bright. Another thing that I dislike is putting flyers to fill up space in the pages (if it is made neatly, that's okay). The are also no table of content and page number and I think for this kind of thick zine it must have a table of content and page number. Beside the interviews, another interesting thing about Kemenyan is "Infernal Personae", a column where a series of short questions asked to some well-known local and international metal artist, just to know something about the person (whether he likes leather and other questions like that.) There also an article about black metal taken from Kerrang ! (released some where in early '90's and I've seen this in some others zines too). So if you haven't read this article, this might be a good purchase. It is in 60 A4 pages, xeroxed and all are in English.
c/o Rammy Raven, 666 Kg. Repoh, 01000 Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia.

zine-lamentation2.jpg (9086 bytes)Lamentations Of The Flames Princes (USA) #2 1999
'Metal's Best Free Zine'. I'm not sure whether Lamentations... is the best free zine but as far as I know, there are few free zine around the globe and have read some of it but really as great and as professional as this one. In newsprint format without page number. Now that's odd since they have table of content but no page number ? Now I have to count it. There are 64 pages in (almost but a bit bigger than) A4 size. 16 interview and some of them are Bethzaida, Benighted Leams, Death, Hammerfall, Nightwish, Dan Swano, Nile, Thor's Hammer, Katatonia and few more bands which I know them from mailoder catalog but not really reading about them in zines before. The review section are called Encyclopadia Chaotica and the CD review is the most detailed I have seen. Their review is just the usual review but also include number of track, CD length and the producer. Everything is well edited and layout. Almost everything is great here. Well, reading this kind of material (newsprint) is just like reading a newspaper. At the end of our reading, you will find your hand dirty and messy made by the ink on the paper. I guess this zine is free in the US but outside must pay a bit. I'm not sure since I get this through my pal there in the states.
c/o Jim Raggi, 710 Peachtree St #418 Atlanta, GA USA.

zine-lost-in_chaos2.jpg (12982 bytes)Lost In Chaos (Indonesia) #2, 1999
This xeroxed zine has shit load of info on Indonesian bands but unfortunately it is written in Indonesian (44 page, A5 size). Even I don't understand some of the words in this zine. Info can be read about local metal/punk band such as Naked Truth, Trauma, Brain The Machine, Corporation Of Bleeding, Ruction, Demoralize, Unseen Darkness, Popcorn Disinfected, Absolute Shock, Friday 13th, Crusade, Rage Generation Brothers, Excess, Ordoth, Fear Inside, Jaelankunk, Bloody Gore and Ragged Underware ! Lost In Chaos focussing on the whole underground scene, so there are metal and hardcore bands can be found here (and maybe other underground music will be featured in their next issue ?). The layout is nice, some cut n' paste but still it is a neat zine. There is only 9 short audio reviews. They should add page number and table of content to make this zine looks more organised in the future.
c/o Harry S.I.C, Jl Bungur Utara 8, Blitar 66121, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.

zine-master_of_brutality10.jpg (9977 bytes)Master Of Brutality (Holland) #10 1999
Professionally printed with glossy cover, as thick as 56 A4 pages. This zine only feature brutal bands around the world, as long as it is extreme they will put them here. Interviews are with Nile, Pentacle, Wolfpack, Mangled, Natron, Four Seats For Invalidates, Velpecula, Lofty Storm Records, Centurian, Desecration, Amorbital, Severe Torture, Gothic, Distortion, Centinex and Howitzer. The content is well arranged and layout so you will have a packed reading material in all 56 pages. What I found original here is putting the band's logo on the each review. Great publication of brutal music so don't hesitate to get a copy of this. For the next issue they should add table of content and page number and loose of the news section. I guess the news section is filler in this issue but there are more things can be made on 1 pages. Or make some arrangments on the news so they look nicer and a bit relaxing to read.
c/o Ewald Proroost, Schurtvlotstraat 37, 4373 Hj, Biggekerke, Holland.

zine-metal_terus1.jpg (14633 bytes)Metal Terus (Malaysia) #1, 1998
The first pro-printed version of this magazine after 5 succesful xerox issue. Colored cover and poster of Death. Great lay-out (not the ordinary desktop publishing lay-out). Interesting interviews (Cryptic Malediction, Eventide Horizon (Malaysia), Aaarghh ! (Indonesia), Rudra, Dark Artz Production, Candlelight (Singapore), Generator 9 (Holland), Sentenced and King Diamond) and the reviews are in-depth. The first malay-written metal magazine sold in the open market. Great effort from the editors behind and hope this magazine last forever.

zine-metal_terus2.jpg (14611 bytes)Metal Terus (Malaysia) #2, 1999
The second issue and still as great as the debut in terms of lay-out and professionalism. This issue covers almost everything regarding the band Torch and Tasyim. Interviews with Torch, Sardotical Scoundrel, Tasyim, Logam, Necrotic Chaos, XPDC, Athotorgh (Malaysia), Tengkorak, Kekal, Death Vomit, Forgotten (Indonesia), As Sahar (Singapore), Suicide Culture (USA) and Evergrey (Sweden). The interviews with Indonesian bands conducted by their Indonesian representative and these interviews is less interesting compared with interviews done by Batara and Datura. Lots of in-depth interviews and reviews. Great magazine but it is only written in Malay.

zine-morpheus3.jpg (10801 bytes)Morpheus (Greece) #3 1998
Cool slogan though, 'The Metal Gods Of Dreams'. A glossy printed zine with lots of reviews and even picture of CD/demo/vinyl are also included. That's great ! Its quite tiring reading text sometime and these pictures sooth the eyes a bit. The band featured are mostly undergound bands which produced couple of CDs but still their names is new to me. Some names are hard to find in mailorder too. The famous and familiar faces are Incantation, Lux Occulta and Obtained Enslavement. Others are Swan Christy, Naer Mataron and couple other. They are might well-known in their genre but maybe I've read too many black metal zine/zine before this, these names are not familiar with me. The most interesting interview here are with Lux Occulta. Both the editor and the band know well about ancient greek myth, etc and they are talking about this subject in 2 pages (have I said on some part, the font have been reduced ?). I gain some useful knowledge here.
c/o Nick Bolianitis, Ariadnis 3-5, 16345 Illioupolis, Athens, Greece.

zine-nocturnal_conspiracy2.jpg (11521 bytes)Nocturnal Conspiracy (France) #2 1998
Another zine featuring only death/black bands from the deepest pit of hell. Interviews with Your Shapeless Beauty, Yrkoon, Tryskellium, Mystic Forest, Tears Of Ea, Nox Intempesta, Menhir, etc. The questions asked are too long and too many at one time. That might annoy the bands answering it. But the questions are well-thought. Really interesting the question and the answer sometimes. Even underground publication like this have page number, table of content and columns (new local zine editor please take note !) This zine will be a bit better if using the standard publication font (Times New Roman or Arial) because the font used here in not the ordinary one and really disturbing reading the whole zine using this font. The other fault is the xerox quality. Go find other good shop next time.
c/o Donner T, 69, rue St. Sebastien, 13606 Marseille, France.

zine-nocturnal_conspiracy3.jpg (7954 bytes)Nocturnal Conspiracy (France) #3 1999
The new issue come with a new style or I might say improvement for example the font have been change and the xerox quality is better (but not the best). Again the interview are with low profile black/death metal such as Ater, En Velours, Opera IX, Celestia, Eternal Majesty, Eternal Fire, Hirilorn, Evil Omen, Gholes, Heemat, Nocte Obducta, and couple more. Interesting interview are with france bands/zine like Eternal Fire and Hirilorn. Good content, really a pleasant reading it all. If only with better xerox quality, it will be very satisfying. This zine is now merged with Eternal Fire so the next issue will be great since both staff in both zines are really dedicated and commited with their work. Both issue of Nocturnal Conspiracy is still available btu please confirm before sending USD 5 to them.
c/o Donner T, 69, rue St. Sebastien, 13606 Marseille, France.

zine-occult_grinder7.jpg (13456 bytes)Occult Grinder (Japan) #7, 1998
Japan pro-printed magazine and I guess one of the best metal magazine there. Using 2 colums for interview which I think much better in 3 or 4 columns per page and 4 columns for the reviews. Everything is well-edited, properly layout and neatly done. The interviews are just the ordinary one, no interesting topic being talked about. The most informative interview are with C.S.S.O. A long interview and the band reviewed all their releases (including some history and interesting story behind the making of the release). The rest : Varathron, Rot, Paradigma, Hideous Mangleus, Intense, kadath, Castigate, Tengkorak, Depression, Luna In Aries, Ordoth. Lots fo review here (22 page, reduced sized font) made by 4 interviewers. The review are short, I mean the desription of the music because most of it they talked about the band's bio. Overall, this is a just a fine mag layout-wise but the content is a bit outdated. Better get the new one.
Occult Grinder Magazine, 2-12-49 Minami-Kinomoto Tau, Osaka 581-0042, Japan

zine-oskorei3.jpg (12443 bytes)Oskorei (Norway) #3 1999
Interview : Impiety, Satarial, Avulsed, Witchery, Nightfall, Angelcorpse, Peccatum, plus 11 more. A great mag. I must say from the content, layout, typography...everything is so professionally done with well-manipulated graphic. 11 page of review with small font size making there's lots of thing being reviewed but the review is too short sometimes and doesn't describe the whole release perfectly. But on zine review, Lars make a detail review of each aspects on the zine and fortunately all the incompetent he see in the zine doesn't happen in this mag.
US$ 6 worldwide.
Oskorei Magazine, PB 241 Indre Anna, N-5888 Bergen, Norway.

zine-periwayat3.jpg (10373 bytes)Periwayat Manuskrip (Malaysia) #3 1999
A neat xeroxed zine with good, clear xerox quality in 80 gsm A4 paper. This zine only feature news and interview and that is their mistake here. Maybe next issue will include some ? It would be great to read what other people (the editor) say on his review and then we can argue or change opinion with them later. The news are also taken from an e-news and it is not edited properly. Seems the editor work in a hurry and this show a lack of professionalism in the editors. Another mistake is putting picture on the interview that are not related with the person being interviewed and doesn't mention or make a note about who was in the picture. For example putting Aslan of The Mystical East picture on Aziz Mutiara Hitam interview. No table of content and page number, no editor address (I have to search it from their flyers). Interesting interview are with Prologue Ad Nocturne, South East Asia Metal Force webmaster, Mutiara Hitam, Psychotic Art zine, Permatha Pathah Records. I give them high credit on the paper/xerox quality and the (interesting answer) interview. Lot of thing have to be done for your next issue guys.

c/o M. Azri Kamal, B7 Felda Raya Jengka 14, 26400 Bandar Jengka, Pahang, Malaysia.

Pontianak (Malaysia) #1, 2000
52, A4 pages, written in Malay, in not-so-good xerox quality. Hard to find female editor in Malaysian scene but Princess Of Darkness do try her best in delivering this issue. Even the xerox quality is not the kind of quality I like but everything is readable here. Only the picture looks awful. Type with a computer, 2 column perpage and the picture are pasted using the old fashion way. She should maximize the use of the page, instead of giving a lot of space for the 'footer'. I don't see the importance of putting a lot of pages for local distro's mailorder list. It is not for any use for the readers. The list will be outdated when they get this issue in their hand. She translated everything in Malay. That quite a lot of work. Interviews are not so interesting since no interesting topic have been brought up. Interview are with EMPIRE DE GLAZE (Can), MORBID NOISE, ECLIPSE MAG., HYDRAGYRUM, THORN (Ger), LAUNGAN, AURORA BOREALIS and some bands bio. Also included an article by one female fan (I would like to have a chat with this girl discuss a bit more of what she said), news section and a contest. For RM 7, nothing much to be read here. Buy this zine and try your luck on the contest. I hope I can win the first prize.
c/o Suraya, 79 Jln. Hj Mahmud, Sg. Berembang, 0200 K. Perlis, Perlis, Malaysia.

zine-pit19.jpg (12164 bytes)Pit (USA) #19 1997
One of the most famous metal/extreme music around. 'Famous' because in every flyer/infosheet of a release (CD/LP/etc) made by label will say "advertisement in Terrorizer, PIT,...". So they must be something great about this publication i.e. wide distribution. I got this brand new copy of Pit old issue from a friend in US just to check out few things about them. As professional magazine, everything is just fine, well arranged, neatly and professionally done here. Quite old actually but still interesting to read, I mean the interview. 20 interview made here and some of the famous bands are Absu, Dying Fetus, Hellheim, Broken Hope and many more. The inclusion of these bands is to promote the current/latest releases from these band. About the review, there are only few of it here and the stuffs reviewed is too old and being read numerous time and I have almost all of it in my collection but it is always interesting to read other people opinion. I don't know what is their current/latest issue for sale.
Pit, P.O.Box 9545, Colorado Springs, CO 80932, USA.

zine-promethean99.jpg (9851 bytes)Promethean Crusade (USA) Summer/Fall 1999
Newsprint magazine over 70 pages with colored front and back cover. Interviews are mostly with European bands while they're playing there (also a lot of live pictures) in the US and often the questions are about local fans and scene. Quite interesting with Hypocrisy, Tiles, Samael, Dali's Dillemma, Diassray, Soil, In Flames, Sinister, Mortification, Lacuna Coil, Noctuary, Cradle Of Filth and many more. They also managed gathering lots of review on CDs and also couple of articles on Powerfest & Milwaukee Metalfest. Just USD 2 in US. As usual, this kind of publication always make my hand dirty.
c/o Mark Morton, 119 King St, Pottstown, PA 19464, USA.

zine-psychotic_art3.jpg (15860 bytes)Psychotic Art (Malaysia) #3, 1999
Clean and clear zerox zine, written in English. This is an artwork zine and features lots of artwork from local talented artist (Neftaraka, Mortuary Ancestor, Dark Breed, Nefarious Azarak (Malaysia), Surrender Of Divinity (Thailand), Beast Petrify, Netherealm, Necrous (Singapore) and some local zines and artwork artists). Some of the artwork is in sketches but all of them are interesting except for the interviews. The answers from some of the artists/bands are too short and uninteresting. For zine as thick as this zine with standard Times New Roman font, there should be table of content and page number for the convenience of the reader. No reviews, only interviews, artworks and some poetry in its 54 (A4) pages.
c/o Amir, 191 Jalan Kenanga, Taman Bukit Chedang, 70300 Seremban, Malaysia.

zine-puri_siluman_pejajaran3.jpg (11720 bytes)Puri Siluman Pejajaran (Malaysia) #3, 1998
This zine only features interview with zines editor and reviews are mostly on fanzines. I like their review, short and effective with suggestions for improvement. The xerox quality is not the best form and this zines use the famous cut and paste technique but you won't find flyers put just to fill up space (the editor strongly dislike it according to their review). Anyway this is their last issue and the interviews and news are already out-dated since some of the zines are already r.i.p. and doesn't represent the current scene. Contact Syahrul for a copy (if he still have some left) and ask about his magazine/fanzine distribution and also his great band, ZUBIRUN !. It is written in Malay (56 page, A4 folded into 2 size).
c/o Syahrul Hazri, 113 Jln Tmn Long Jaafar, Fasa 3, Kg Boyan, 34000 Taiping, Malaysia.

Silence Diary (Czech) Feb. 2000
I think I got all the English written issue of this zine. If I'm not mistaken, previously the zine was written in Czech language. The first 'cute' A4 / 2 size issue was nothing much to be proud of, just an ordinary zine back then but the new concept of this zine later makes it one of the best metal publication around. Professionally printed, A4 size but the amount of the interview and review have been reduced just to find a few number of pages. With the interesting interview and short (but enough to describe) review, you can't complain much. Afterall it was sold at a cheap price. Better spend a dollar or two for zine like this one. As usual, this issue also includes competition. The only new feature this time is a series of short questions (not the usual one that I usually think of) asked to couple of person that (perhaps) represent every continent of this world. Interviews are with IMMEMOREAL, LUX OCCULTA, ANTICHRISIS, CENTINEX,DYING PASSION, (again) ANCIENT CEREMONY and LAMENTATION ZINE. Also include and article (history) on "How the Czech defeat the Swedish" and a gig report.
c/o Petr Sebela, Mutenicka 7, 62800 Brno, Czech.


Tales From Uranus (usa) #1, Sept 2000
This is quite a nice zine. Maybe it is not really suitable to call t a zine. TFU is a comic and includes an interview with a gore/grind/brutal death metal. This issue feature MACHETAZO (Spain). I like the comic Jake make and I hail him for this publication. I never seen gore comic like this. It is not just gore, lots of gut, blood but at the same hillarious as well. The first story is about a gang of rap metal fan being tear apart and the other one is about a satanic ritual calling their god of darkness, whic is a bunch of giant maggots. The dialogue is quite funny too. Comes in color, 16 pages, A4/2 size (a it smaller than that) . Recommended ! Although this is a FREE publication, do send in some bucks or IRC to ease his postage burden. Gore bands, send in your stuffs for his future issue.
c/o Jake, 912 C. Street Charleston, Illinois 61920 USA

Tales From Uranus (usa) #2, Oct 2000
Again another interesting issue. Interview with HAEMORRHAGE. This time only 12 page in the same size like the previous issue. Only 1 comic, "Blood Cult on Zombie Island". It is about a team of researcher trying to document about ancient cannicalistic culture (like the movie "Cannible Holocaust"). Again, more guts, blood, etc. Gore and funny.Oh, I forgot to mention in the previous review, Jake is also great when drawing tits.
c/o Jake, 912 C. Street Charleston, Illinois 61920 USA

zine-ultimate_darkness1.jpg (12495 bytes)Ultimate Darkness (Malaysia) #1, 1998/99
Interview with Angelcorpse, Absu, Usurper (USA), A Canorous Quintet, Dark Funeral, Nastrond 666 (Sweden), Paganus Docthrina (Costa Rica), Funereal Moon (Mexico), Marerdit (Denmark), Out In The Cold, , Rhymes Of Destruction (Belgium), Funeral Rites (Japan) and Necromass (Italy). The editors have made some background research on the band's member even the band themselves unaware of their own activities and projects. This make some interviews interesting. The xerox quality is clear and everything is arranged nicely. The only thing that I dislike is the font type (they are using an electronic typewriter I think) and the reviews (lack of update/new releases). A part from that, everything is fine and worth buying.
c/o Karl/Ason, 1-0-2, Kelumpuk Mawar, Jln 16/56, Ampang Hulu Kelang, 54200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

zine-ultimate_darkness2.jpg (13247 bytes)Ultimate Darkness (Malaysia) #2, 1999
The second issue of this zine is much better than the previous one but still in the same format (A4 size written in English, only the page number differ). Clear xerox quality, interesting interview (Heloisa, Memories Records, Burial Ground (Malaysia), Beast Petrify, As Sahar, Sakaratul Maut (Singapore), Abyssos, Thy Primordal, Blot Mine, Noctes (Sweden), Paragon Of Beauty, Profanity (Germany) and Krabathor (Czech)) and with the usual desktop publishing lay-out. Only 16 CDs review and the review are short but it is enough to describe the whole releases. One of the best xerox fanzine in Malaysia.
c/o Karl/Ason, 1-0-2, Kelumpuk Mawar, Jln 16/56, Ampang Hulu Kelang, 54200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

zine-warthog3.jpg (11748 bytes)Warthog (Norway) #4 1999
A 48 pages A4 size zine dedicated to black metal and death metal being ridiculed by Grell in his review. Not really my type of reading material because I like zine which appreciate metal in genaral. But if you're a black metal diehard then this will be a good mag for you. Interview with Ancient, Ragnarok, The Second Moon, Dismal Euphony, Ulver, Myrkskog, Dimmu Borgir. The mag is printed in black (background) and white text. The mag is professionally done is all aspect (layout, table of content included, etc) but I think the space between the column is too far but in terms of originality that's okay although its a bit annoying to my eyes.
Warthog Magazine, Box 1213, Majorstuvn 17, 0367 Oslo, Norway.