zine-ancient_syahmura0.jpg (11675 bytes)Ancient Syahmura (Malaysia) 0, 1999
Malay written newsletter with news are mostly taken from flyers and they re-type it. Using only a typewriter but everything is arranged nicely and the xerox quality is also clear. Most news are from Malaysia and some of the news also includes a short review. A special feature on Burning The Flag Distro from Seremban. In the introduction section, the editor said that a newsletter should not have any interview. But I think a few might not hurt, right ? This news has the potential to become a great newsletter if a bit of professionalism added in the next issue (at least use an electronic typewriter) as the editor really puts a lot of effort on it. 20 pages of news and I really mean it. No space wasted like pasting unnecessary flyers just to fill up space. All 20 page are packed withnews ! Amateur but worth supporting.
c/o Mohd Sharifuddin, No. A7-02-09, Jln Maju 1/11, Taman Lembah Maju, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

zine-djapura_saktee2.jpg (11175 bytes)Djapura Saktee (Malaysia) 2, 1999
Malay written, using a typewriter (an old one I think since some characters are not print clearly). The editor wasted a lot of space. The content can fit in only 10 pages if is well-arranged, not 20 (in A4). The interviews (with Dark Breed, Barbalans, Euthanasia and Sakramoth (Malaysia)) are too short and not creative enough in making questions. The reviews are not actually a review but more like a news taken from flyers. Lots have to be improved for the upcoming issues. Using typewriter is fine with me but like Ancient Syahmura for example but in today situation when every Malaysian is talking about IT (Information Technology) at least use an electric typewriter. The result is much satisfying.
c/o Jamal Riffava, 450 Blk. J Mk 12, Permatang Damar Laut, 11960 Bayan Lepas, Malaysia.

zine-narfroturgh1.jpg (9876 bytes)Narfroturgh (Malaysia) #1 1999
The introduction release of this newsletter is really disappointing. It was release just to show their existence in the scene and not really a successful issue. All info, flyers, bio are outdated even if you got this on the same day the newsletter finished being xeroxed in a xerox shop. All are have been read numerous times in other publication of read it on flyers. No interview but there's one article about commercialism in metal wrote by the editor and that give the 1 point for this issue. There's been quite some time I've read an article wrote by the zine's editor. I certainly not agree with some of the Rudy view. I guess the next issue will see more feedback on this article and one might include my long opinion on the issue. The thing wrote by editor is merely came out from his emotion and not the actual fact. The newsletter is made with a word processing software (MS Office I guess) and few picture are put here and there. I can't comment more on the layout because there are lots of 'mistake' but who am I to complain ? Next issue will include more news, the editor guaranty.
c/o Rudi, 9 Jln 1/3B, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.

Nergasian (Malaysia) #3, 2000
An A4/2 size newsletter. Also include interviews with Beast Petrify, Deadhead Zine and Sakramoth. The xerox quality is not good enough and the layout can be improved. The news is quite out-dated if you want to buy it after you read this review. Some of the news were made like an article and also comes with opinion/statement by someone regarding the news, is quite interesting. Reviews are also included. Actually, if not of those 3 interview, Nergasian will have the same score like Adikara 1st issue. It is not the editors fault that make this newsletter to be rated that way, but by the work of the so-called experienced, 'old-timer' contributors. I rather called them immature kids and childish in their writings. Can you called them 'experienced' when they regard Tandus as Tandas (means toilet in English). This is merely their dissatisfaction of seeing Tandus (Malaysian deaththrash metal) releasing their debut demo in the form of cassette EP, distributed nationwide. They might sound mediocre to some back then but by time progression will take place. Can't they think of that ? Look at them now. Listen to their new track in Panggilan Pulau Puaka 2. Another stupid thing is making the reviews and articles which are influenced by racism. Do they think they are good enough to despise, ridiculed other races ? They have disgrace their own race by doing such unintelligent act. The editors should be very careful in selecting their contributors. They have done a good job, but the contributors have give Nergasian a bad name. 
c/o Mier Termegi, PT 3A Kg. Tok Sani, Bagan Lalang, 13400 Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.

zine-prologue4.jpg (10621 bytes)Prologue Ad Nocturne (Singapore) 4th Spell 2nd Chapter 2000
This newsletter/zine is getting better every issue. Great to know they will go pro-printed next time, then they will not suffer bad xerox quality as this one (hopefully). Not all, but few lines in some pages is a bit blur. 40 pages, A4 folded into 2 format with reduced (small) font size on 4 columns. There's lot of thing to be read here. As usual the content are news, interview with South East Asia Metal Force website, Purnamwulan, Hayagriva and Incantation and dark poetry as well as review (zine and audio) and articles. The interesting part are the news and article on Ezunoth death and Russian black metal scene. The news are gathered from various sources and the internet are one of them. Some news have been read before and it still interesting to be read again. The review are in depth too and they are a real music/zine critic. No space wastage. Every inch of the paper is wisely use. Few thing to complain here are the xerox quality, putting picture on the middle on the sentence is quite annoying (forcing me to use a ruler while reading or I might loose track. Again, the font size is small) and put the band/zine/label address. Info and price are mentioned but no contact address. Another thing is the use of background image also disturbing my reading unless they can find a good xerox shop. To cheap to be missed as the price is only RM 4 / USD 2.
c/o Zirkelloch, Blk 426, Celementi Ave 3, #06-492 S(120426) Singapore.

zine-secret_of_the_dawn-Trial.jpg (12103 bytes)Secret Of The Dawn (Malaysia) Trial Edition 1999
This is a newsletter from Kedah (20 page, A4 size in Malay,). There is a lot of newsletter in Malaysia and Secret.. is one of the good one. Using the usual desktop publishing layout so everything is arranged nicely and the xerox quality is also clear. The interview with US Punisher is great, it was made in a form of article but the one with local brutaldeathgrind act, Sardotical Scoundrel is made in the usual question-answer form. It is better if the editor made the question in bold (or in italic, etc) so the reader can distinguished which one is the question and the answer since both of them looks the same. The reviews are simple, not much details about the stuffs reviewed. They are also wasting space with the large size of font and spacing used.
c/o Jowahir Bin Ismail, Kg. Tengah, Mk. Tualang, 06400 Pokok Sena, Malaysia.