I would like to personally interview for this zine. Its normal when you like with the music that you heard, you would like to know more about the band. I don't need luxurious promopack to make an interview with a band. When the music rules, I will promote it. That differentiate underground publication with major metal magazine. Orc Moon of Vintage Solemnity kindly contribute this interview for Steel Madness. Next time another interview made by us will be made. For the time being, read this one and know more about this medieval folk heavy metal band.
Interview by Orc Moon.

How is it going for Tuatha De Danann since the release of your debut CD including new songs and songs from 2nd demo "Faeryage" ? How have the reactions been and how is your own impressions towards it ?

It's is already in the third edition. The people have been going mad! The media accepted it perfectly critical great. I think who hears the CD reading the lyrics go nuts. It's a beautiful journey where the Real is founded to the imaginary to the land of the Druids, of the bards, to the age of the fairies ... IT is above our expectation. It's very, very good for us. In other countries, all critics were very good, and the people who have an open mind have been shivering. And we still publishing this one...

How was the first times when the band name was "Pendragon" ? What makes you change your style from death/doom to pagan/folk/power metal ? Where does the moniker "Tuatha De Danann" derive from ?

It was a supernatural change of style. When we begin the band we were much influenced by doom metal as My dying bride, Anathema, Katatonia...but always with the inclination to do a medieval and Celtic sound. And we were too much young. With the time we began to hear other kinds of music, and our compositions begin to receive this influences...The name Tuatha de Danann came from the Celtic Irish mythology. Tuatha de Danann was "the people of goddess Danú". A race of ancient Celtic gods, a kind of faerie race. Enchanted Ones, who came from the sky, they bring the sun. The lords of life, death and dreams... Immortal warriors involved by magic. In Christianity, they were converted in faeries and gnomes of the popular folklore.


After "The Last Pendragon" demo, you managed to find such a marvellous vocalist, Marcos. How did you find him? And why did he split his way from yours after"Faeryage"?

After we released "The Last Pendragon", our songs became more fast and with high vocal tunes. At this time I only could sang in low tunes. So we decide to call Marcos who are an old friend of us to sing in Tuatha. So we released "Faeryage" and he stayed with for a short time. Marcos's Problem was his girlfriend. And too he was a lawyer, and I think he doesn't accept the underground life. He wished to be a respected serious man. But he is still our friend, he is goodguy!!!


Are there any projects of any member parting in other than "Tuatha De Danann" band ?

Rodrigo the other guitarist, has a death metal project with Giovane (our bassist) called Domination. I'm setting a Rainbow cover with some friends and I'll want to do a project of magic, medieval, Celtic and xama songs...but our priority isTuatha de Danann.


What is the main motivating thing when you are making music and what is the main goal in your musicianship ? I mean, are you very interested in fame, commercialism and professionalism ? And what does Underground represent for you and "Tuatha De Danann" ?

We play what plays our souls. We like what we're doing! If we can win money with this, it will be very good. I'm musician. It's better I live doing what I like than I became a lawyer or a doctor...But we never see the things like that. We want our work to be known. That touches other souls as ours. We don't think in fame, commercialism, etc...We know our songs can do the people open their eyes from the magic world, love the nature believe in the spirits of nature...Tuatha de Danann is an underground band ! We live in the underground. I think we have to strengthen it, at least here in Brazil. There's a lot of good band as, cool people and wonderful zines...we must unite...More !


I found the cover illustration very interesting and original despite its very masculine looking, after "Faeryage" demo of which cover illustration was a beautiful nymph. Whose idea was such a composition of the CD cover ? What other works can you give as example for the artist? He must be a famous comic illustrator from Brazil...

The front cover who made is an illustrator of the Marvel comics, you know? We want a different draw in the beginning. But when his work came to us, we begin to like this one. The cover is relational with the music "Us". The bard now is crazy, mad, and nobody hears his songs...He asks to the people love the nature, respect the fairies... and he was never listened. So, now when the magic world was going out, they decide to hear the bard, but is too late. The message is never let the magic go way... Although, he (the painter), draw the hq's from Sheena (EUA).


What about the scene from your country ? Which bands and zines can you recommend ? ...And what about the other world ? Which bands and zines do you like and are you in contact with ? Do you know any about Turkey ?

As I say before, here's a rich country in bands...Drowned, Centennial, Imago Mortis, Walpurgis Night, Morbidoom, Descerebration, and too may others. Zines too, there's a lot of good zines: Deusdemoteme, Lamentation, Criptorium, Hellitself, Tormento Aeternu, Heavy Melody... There's a lot, I should do a list for you. From Turkey, I don't know anything. But I want to know. I know many Portuguese bands like In solitude, Heavenwood, Requiem laus, Inhuman, Malevolence and some bands from Ireland: Cruachan, Waylander e Primordial...That's the underground bands I know, because the most euro bands are famous I know.


How are your band's gigs going ? Isn't it hard for you, Bruno to sing and play such plenty of instruments while giving a concert ?

No.is not so hard ! I like it !!! The great problem I cant drink before the show, only after. It's hard !!!Our shows are very crazy !!!


As your country Brazil is known mostly with globally known band Sepultura, how is your looking at racism ? Do you share ideas with them ? I guess you are against slaughtering the Amazon forest at least, as your music is like a kind of nature-worshipping ritual !!!

We hate racism !!! It's a great ridiculous thing!!! We're all brothers in the same cosmical line. We're a sand grains in the whole. Of course we hate who tries to "kill" our forest. I hate everyone who in someway destroys the natus. We're nature belovers !!! You right!


Are you glad with your label "Heavy Metal Records" ? What can be expected from "Tuatha De Danann" next? What shall be the next release like ? Will continuation with your label occur ?

Yes. We're very happy with HMR. Wilton is a very good guy. Without his help, this work would very hard to do. Because he help us in all. About the next Tuatha de Danann, it'll be a wonderful and delightful journey. The songs are very crazies. Some more heavies, some more folk-medieval...This will be our bestwork.


It must be hard to find things inspiring your music at Brazil as yours is the one with total medievalsound and Celt...Am I right ?

What inspire us here in Brazil, and reflects in our music is the beautiful nature: the mountains, the rivers, the magical waterfalls, etc...Because we love is the Celtic mythology and their vision of life, nature... But we like too the Indians. They are a veryinteresting people...


Bruno, I find your vocals also good with much progress since "The Last Pendragon" demo, and with some brutal parts it reminds me famous Portuguese occult metal, "Moonspell" band. Are you or have you ever been into any occult practice ? Are you interested in occultism, magic, Tarot cartomancy etc. ? What does paganism represent for you truly and what do the organised religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism,Church of Satan etc.) represent for you and your band ?

About Moonspell, that's a great band! I don't like Sin-pecado, but the Irreligious, Wolfshade and Under the Moonspell are great albums ! Yeah, I'm very plugged on this way. I'm already practiced cosmology, for some time. I'm very interested in Xamanism, in the Wicca tradition. But I can't say I'M That, or I'm worshipper of ... I'm I ! I'm a pagan spirit who flows here in this whole. I can say I do my own magic !!! I hate any way of religion !!! I think it's ridiculous !!! Religion is domination, slavery and this is the great evil.


Which authors do you like ? And are you into classical music too much? What are your most liked movies ? (If every member answers this question, it will be verygood...)

The most Celtic tales is anonymous. We don't know the authors. But this tales are wonderful. That's my favourite reading. But I'm like too Tolkien, Thomas Malory... And the great ones: Rimbaud, Nietzsche, William Blake, Oscar Wilde, and Baudelaire... About classical songs I'm great fan. I love Beethoven, Bach & Rossini ! ...Movies ? I Don't Know ?! Maybe The good the bad and the ugly. Monthy Pyton -The life of Brian and The Holy Grail. And Braveheart


Well, many thanks for your answers Bruno and "Tuatha De Danann" band! End this interview the way youwant.. !

Oh, Orc, we have to thank you a lot for the interest and the support!!! You're a great Orc!!!! And everybody in old Turkey who read this lines and wants to join in a magical journey to the age of the fairies, the Druids, and all the enchanted world. Is only write for us...All letters will be answered !!! Stay underground, and respect the magic ones !!! I hope seeyou some day !!!


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