Indonesia has a lot of brutal death/grind metal band, countless ! I assumed my Indonesian neighbour and friends are aiming to brutality and extremity in music leaving out the originality. Brutal death metal really grows here and the support from the fans and labels toward this music was too positive. Lots of album, lots of labels and lots of fans attending the gig/concert there. MORBIFIK is one the band aiming in delivering the most brutal music on earth. Musically, I'm not really interested with their music but I respect their attitude and 'ideology'. I like their EP very much, especially the front cover. So I decided to send questions to know more about their scene and the band's progressions.



MORBIFIK already released its debut album a while ago. What do you feel with the release of "Gradually Killed In Torture" ? Was the release perfectly meet to what you have expected it to be or here are some dissatisfaction ?
[Boy Dee] I feel it's really great and happy that finally we could make it after had some internal problem we faced. The release could be cotagorized as perfect work we've done so far for the new album of MORBIFIK and really appropiate to what exactly we expected before even though the Drum's Sound was not too perfect yet but We thought that's what we wanted. 

MORBIFIK was formed in '96, so it might not take a lot of space for you to tell a bit about the band's history for those who still unfamilliar with the band. Do we need MORBIFIK in the scene ? Also, define the music style MORBIFIK's choose to play. 
[BD] MORBIFIK was exactly spawned in the beginning of '96 as creation of Me (Guitars and used to be a Vocals) and Agung (Drums). 'Till then we met the rest Pigar (Bass) and Sadik (Vocals). On this formation, We had made an EP/Cass which entitled "Now, I'm Bleed". Before it cum up, We used to make a promotion tape '96/Demo consisted only 2 Songs. So, Me and the drummer are the original member ever since. For the New Line up of MORBIFIK are Me (Guitars), Agung (Drums), and Sopyan formerly of INJECTOR (Vocal, He used to be with us in first era before Promo '96 cam up !!!). Of course, Why NOT ??? Yea still fuckin need MORBIFIK in the Scene ??? Why do yea say like that man ??? I think an Underground Scene needs lot of Underground Bands or Musicians whom want to express or show their ideas/skills capability in Musick no matter where or who they are !!! Well, MORBIFIK simply play Brutal Death/Grind no more or less !!! 

There are some line-up changes in the band. I didn't see Pigar and Sadik name in "Gradually..." cover sleeve. What happen to them ? Are you satissfied with the present 3-piece line-up ? 
[BD] We've just kicked them out. As I told yea, before the album cam up we couldn't get along with them anymore. They have lost their moral integrity in the underground scene. So, Why not, we kicked them out - FUCK 'Em !!! Yap, For now I got the satisfaction...

"Now I'm Bleed" MCEP and split tape with INJECTED SUFFERAGE was the band's previous releases. Is there any differences (musically, etc...) between these releases compare with "Gradually..." ? What makes "Gradually..." better than MORBIFIK previous releases ?
[BD] Because on "Gradually" our 2nd album have lot of changes in musickal direction. On it, We play kinda touch of groove death/grind and more fast drummin' with deep growlin' vokills !!! One thing that i have to inform yea that we couldn't make split tape with our friends INJECTED SUFFERAGE 'coz 'till now unfortunately they didn't have a record yet. The problem is on them as i know they have crusial problem with the drum player whom now on MOTOR DEATH beside We didn't have much money after relasin' our 2nd onslought ha..ha..ha.. anyway, It will be our plan in future to make such as a Split !!! 

Why was "Gradually..." recorded in Blass Studio, not in Rumput Studio ? Do you (and other Indonesian bands ) have any problems with local studios i.e not metal-inclined studios, sound engineers who not understand what is metal music supposed to sound, etc ? How about equipments in both studios ?
[BD] Rumput is SUCK now !!! Their equipement is out of date that's why we move to BLASS studio whom has good eqs on their province i guess. The location is fuckin' out of our province ' bout 8 hours to get there by first class - Train. We spent 3 days there and accomodated by our friends from DEATH VOMIT, SADIST, and UNITED UNDERGROUND. The Engineer whom handled DEATH VOMIT and BRUTAL CORPSE is great and friendly. It's cool to be there again I think !!! All Indonesian Bands in my opinion have lot of problems when they entered to studio to record stuff but it really depends on Band itself or the Studio where they want to record. Commonly, The Owner of Studio didn't know what metal should sound like but on thi case yea/we/they must give such an info to him in order that we finally reach the sounds we want. 

Both MORBIFIK's EP and LP was released by ALUZZA PROD. and this is your label. Is Aluzza Prod is only for MORBIFIK ? Is there any other releases planned for the Y2K ? How about promotion and distribution for both releases ? 
[BD] I guess for now, I only release for my band but I don't know in future 'coz i'm interested to help other bands out in releasin' stuff but when i got enough bucks ha...ha... Maybe for MORBIFIK, I will make such an EP 'bout 4 songs. For the Promotion and Distribution for MORBIFIK "Now, I'm Bleed" is sold over 500 copies not included promotion and now, I'll make a copy again for that. But for our 2nd album, unforetunately it's sold only 300 'till now 'coz of the economic crisis for the costumers of the underground. I think that's a hidden problem i faced. Y'know it's really hard to sell on this fucked up economic condition. We make some cooperation with lot of Distributors local and foreign. On this muthafukka land, I trust EXTREME SOULS PRODUCTION to distribute locally MORBIFIK's releases.

I've noticed that all Indonesian metal albums were released on cassette, not on CD. Why is that so ?
[BD] Well, Yea have to know much 'bout the condition on Indonesia. We are not so Rich or livin' on Rich Country that easily can make such a CD format. No Pure Underground bands whom can make a CD by themself or self finaced production except they have to sign to foreign labels ourside of Indonesia. INDONESIA is a Poor country I guess with ton of Disgusting Politiocal Corruptions and hypocryt people specially on Goverment - FUCK !!! To make CD, It's better for me to buy a CAR or build studio recording ha...ha... That's why we make an album on Cassstte...

Have MORBIFIK prepared songs for the next release ? In what form the next release will be ? Album, EP, ? Is there any other merchandises for sale ?
[BD] Yap, We're now preparing for our next release on EP. The songs could more groove death grinding again or kind smooth grindcore but depends on our feelings. MORBIFIK's T shirts are sold out this time. We don't have any new ones... but pro colored stickers are free for fans !!!

Indonesia is packed with lots of brutal death/grind bands. What do you think about your scene ? How do you rate MORBIFIK and other Indonesian brutal death band with european bands ? Are you guys worth the attention ? Any bands that we should check ?
[BD] Yap, That's really true. Ton of Brutal Death/Grind bands always emerged on the Scene 'coz people like to have band playing brutal stuff or just watchin' bands playin brutal or even to collect brutal stuffs such CD/MCD, Shirts or Tapes. Lot of maniac here included brutal costumers tha's why for Black Metal's Stuffs have not a good selling here since they look into trendy things I guess !!! I don't want to compare our scene to other country specially European Bands 'coz sad but true, some of them gives lot of influences to Indonesian bands frankly All Indonesian Bands got inspired lot of American Bands Not too much of European bands. Not only MORBIFIK whom worth a deadly attention but ton of Indonesian Bands yea must check them out well !!! Y'know, there's still Ton of Underground bands with quality yea don't have to miss again... Yea could check out MOTOR DEATH, INJECTED SUFFERAGE, NAKED TRUTH, TENGKORAK, GRAUSIG, DEATH VOMIT, TRAUMA, DELERIUM TREMENS, BLOODY GORE, CORPORATION OF BLEEDING, SADISTIS, etc.- 

 MORBIFIK once featured in METALIK KLINIK compilation. I thought the bands latest release will be in the same style of the song in that compilation especially the lyrics. What do you guys feels being in such popular Indonesian underground compilation and what is your opinion on this comp. and the label releasing it ? I heard that they rip some band off. 
[BD] Ha...ha... Yea have misinformation, man. We never join for that compilation. I don't know where do yea have that info telling us we featured on that Tape. [Steel Madness: Ops, I'm mistaken them with another band called MORTUS. Sorry.] Once again, We don't have anykinda ideas to join that comp. tape and being so popular after then. We don't popular anyway or We have to be rock stars or becomin' Male Singers to get popularity. It's SUCK !!! My opinion on this compilation and the label is no negatively comments 'coz lot of bands whom joined already are our friends too, It's hard for me to judge but FUCK anyway !!! I only trust my pal label EXTREME SOULS PRODUCTION and MORBIFIK will be taken a part of their comp. tape that i godly support... Yap, I heard lot of negative comments 'bout the Label whom released METALIK KLINIK ex. from TRAUMA, DEATH VOMIT, etc.- I think about the payment or kinda contracts. I think they have already ripped them off that's why we didn't want to be there !!!

 Beside the band and Aluzza Prod, do you have any other projects ? How about other band members ?
[BD] Yea, I have project to do in 'Zine as an Editor of ATIFAH FANZINE - My own 'Zine and CUNTAMINATION Newsletter !!! 'bout other members, Agung (Drums) is now busy with the work and for Sopyan (Our Vokills) is now vusy too with his own band INJECTOR and his Fanzine FATAL PORTRAIT. 

What do you think about our s.e.a. metal scene especially Indonesia ? Can you predict the future of our scene based on the scene we have right now ?
[BD] It's all 'bout yer websites or entire S.E.A. country ??? [syukri: I'm asking about the whole S.E.A. scene, not about my site] for yer homepage, I think need lot of sounds. there's still ton of Indonesian band that yea have to know right now, Contact 'em !!! I think for yer scene there will be ton of Black Metal Bands and Musicians but i suggest should be added by Grindcore bands. Did I miss something outhere ??? I don't know louds 'bout yer scene but I know for the comp/ tape of Ipoh Metal Merchant, I like the bands on that stuffs !!!

Your view on Indonesian economical, political crisis and recently the upheaval in Timur Timor ? When will you think all this riots,protess, etc end ? I also being told that the local postage rates also increase 900%, so how do you cope with this problem ?
[BD] The Econimic crisis we face with out the end of it is just 'coz of Ton of Corruptors still live in the Govermennt's Systems. Ton of Politicians become Clowns whom may get an impact to the economic's systems. These things are really give an influence to the increase of postal service and Life is so expensive. Yer right 'bout 900 % increase !!! That's why we better talk to foreign friends with E-Mails. It's cheper and fast than writing a letter. "bout Timur Timor, Ton of Christians live there if there's still riot or chaos or christian human butcherings, I will support them with no protest... Hail Satan !!!

Do you often surf the internet ? What's the best gore and pervert website(s) you have visit ? Some might said that a metal band featured in the web is no longer an underground band. What do you think of this ? Why there are many restrictions for bands and individuals in underground ?
[BD] Yap, I often surf the internet at my room. I think is son of the bitch fuckin' totally crazy. Zombie rules !!! beside that i found and are deserve checkin out too !!! It sucks and fuck them whom have said like that. I used to get in contact with Rich Hoak ex- BRUTAL TRUTH, He's still in Underground even the band's broken up !!! We can build no matter we are plain' in band or just a fan, everybody can make such a Metal Sites like yea did !!! Maybe if they have lot of popularity and famous bands on this planet or such a country, They will be claimed as no longer as an Underground bands anymore, what they can think now is commercial thoughts and makin' money by ignorin' their fans !!! Y'know it looks like ROCK STARS bands with their arrogance bullshit... Anyway, 'Till now I didn't find any restrictions on the underground but if i found, I will fuck them off. Yea better don't give a shit with it. I think there's still ton of people and bands whom want to make cooperation with.

That's all the time I have and thanxxx for your time. Last words ?
[BD] Well, I'd like to thank to yea, man for giving us a chance to appear in yer creation. People in The Underground Scene whom interested in us should contact us. We hail yea !!! Visit some time our unofficial homepage at 

# MORBIFIK "Now, I'm Bleed" for Rp. 13.000.-/ $ 7 USD.-
# MORBIFIK "Gradually Killed In Torture" for Rp. 15.500.-/ $ 8 USD.-
# MORBIFIK "Now, I'm Bleed" White T Shirt for Rp. 35.000.-/ $ 14 USD.-
# MORBIFIK "Now, I'm Bleed" Pro colored stickers for Rp. 2.000.-/ $ 1 USD.-
# ATIFAH FANZINE # 1/75 Pages, Xerox Copied for Rp. 17. 500.-/$ 6 USD.-
# ATIFAH FANZINE # 2/144 Pages, Xerox Copied for Rp. 27. 500.-/$ 8 USD.-

# MORBIFIK "Now, I'm Bleed" MCEP '97 for Rp. 10.000.-/ $ 5 USD.-
# MORBIFIK "Gradually Killed In Torture" MCLP '99 for Rp. 12.000.-/ $ 6 USD.-

[BD] All Prices written above are fuckin' included post paid and sent by Air Mail and always on Registered Package !!! For Whole sale prices of MORBIFIK's releases must be fuckin' ordered more than 10 Copies and also must be paid cash first for yer downpayment/DP for 7 Tapes. Specially, for ATIFAH FANZINE not for trades - need bucks or Try to find the Ghastly Information on Flyers !!! So, Send Yer order with RUPIAH/BUCKS in Registered Letters or WESEL POS only through the Address given above or Band Contact !!! If yea order by Bank's Transfers, Send the real copy of yer deposit then by snail mail addressed above… We'll send stuffs when we have yer a proof of deposit !!!

Thank yea for yer support !!!


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