I know about MANIAC BUTCHER when I was in craze for black metal couple of years ago, that was after "Barbarians" being released. It then lead me to do a long interview with Barbarud which then featured in Thy Unholy Abyss last issue (one of Malaysian cult black metal zine).  They are still true with what they have started, "raw war black metal" with no keyboard and female vocal (as this 2 things he hate most). Although there some progression can be heard from their latest release "Invaze" but it will take a true black heart that can listened the whole CD. I was impressed with the 20  minutes "old-school metal-medley" they presented in their latest split CD. Interesting and original concept of paying homage to the godz of metal ! Then I decided to get update info on them.

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Before we get deeper into the interview, maybe you would like to introduce Butcher, the new member of MANIAC BUTCHER (MB). How did you hooked-up with him ?
[Barbarud] Every time there were only two true Maniac Butchers - I (Barbarurd) & Blasphemer. Nevertheless, our friends Rámus and Butcher from band Avenger help us for live shows on bass and drums. And Butcher made also drums for new album "Invaze".

maniac_butcher-invaze.gif (25549 bytes)The fifth MB album, "Invaze" has just been released. How was the reaction from listener ? Are you satisfied with the output of this album? Could you talk a bit about "Invaze" (studio, song selections, etc..).
[B] "Invaze" includes 6 songs and 1 bonus of fast raw brutal Black Metal. Of course there are no fucking keyboards or female vocals. Responces and reviews are very positive till this time. And also we are fully satisfied by it. It seems to be the best album of Maniac Butcher ever.

In the last 2 MB albums, the songs title is a bit too long I think. Any specific reason, why ? The message in your lyrics is always the same since the beginning, I think you should enlightened those who're unfamiliar with your songs and lyrics.
[B] Hmm, I would say it is one of many (definitely not main) points how I try to make my lyrics unique. I just want to make strong originals, not weak copies.

"Invaze" is a tribute album album to an old Czech metal band and title is taken from its album title. Would you like to tell something about this band ?
[B] First of all I must say that "Invaze" is not tribute album. Well, as bonus we made one cover-song called "Invaze" from album "Invaze" - unfortunatelly only album of old Czech metal band Asessor released in 1990. I and Blasphemer love this album very much but today this band is totally forgotten. Probably no one today's Czech metal fan knows this band...

I think there are some interesting about this 'old school thrash revival' thing in your country. Share it with us. What your comment about bands covering song from old school band lately.
[B] Hmm, why not to make covers. But I think it is pretty stupid trend when many today's childish bands make covers of Celtic Frost or Mayhem although these teens grew up on sweet music of Cradle Of Filth...

The song "Metal From Hell" from the split CD with SEZARBIL and INFERNO is an interesting concept of covering old thrash/black metal song, by playing it halfway and joining it all together. How was this idea came in mind ?
[B] Well, "Metal From Hell" is 22-minutes long mixture of few our riffs with extracts of covers of old song of bands like Venom, Slayer, Master's Hammer... etc. In the past we played most of these songs on our gigs. Well, we grew up on these Metal hymns and we love them till today. So, it was big pleasure for us to make this special song.

maniac_butcher-demo1.gif (2079 bytes) I've never heard the band's demos, but from the 1st album to the latest, MB music is still in the same path. Haven't you getting tired of delivering almost the same style of music. I'm not saying this in a negative way and I think you should tell the readers what is black metal is all aboutmaniac_butcher-demo2.gif (2094 bytes) because I think you're among the one who can.
[B] If sometimes in the future we will feel to be tired by our music we will stop it immediatelly, I am sure. Nevertheless, I must say that during last months we thought much about stopping of Maniac Butcher. But the reason was different. Old Black Metal scene is destroyed now, a lot of old true people and hordes left the scene during last years. Today's scene is full of young childish bands playing sweet keyboard-based music (unfortunatelly still called Black Metal). I am afraid that on today's scene there is no place for bands like Maniac Butcher. We are not decided about retirement yet but maybe "Invaze" is the last album of Maniac Butcher.

maniac_butcher-proti_vsem.gif (13100 bytes)The split CD introduced me to 2 new Czech black metal bands, SEZARBIL and INFERNO. Why do you choose to be with them in this CD ? What happened to the bands in your label sampler released some years ago ? Is there any new band recommended and list the local b.m. band that make you sick.
[B] Well, guys of Inferno and Sezarbil are one of our very few friends on the Czech scene. Moreover I think Inferno plays very good music. Also Avenger and Unclean are good hordes, but nearly all the rest of Czech Black Metal scene is weak trendy shit, by my opinion.

About your label, PUSSY GOD RECORDS (PGR), I've noticed that all the releases (the cover) are printed in black. Ever thinking to add more color ? You have put a lot of effort in your label. Do you get some money out of it ? What can we expect from PGR in the near future ?
[B] Not all PGR covers are strictly black and white - for example front and inside photos on the covers of two last albums of Maniac Butcher were full-colour and logo was silver... But you are right - I always use black background with white letters. I like this concept and I will not change it in the future. I hate bright-coloured covers. We play Black Metal, we are not fuckin' hippies.

maniac_butcher-nhaavah.gif (11549 bytes)You're also in other bands beside MB and the label. Tell us a bit about the orchestra project you're working on right now. Beside this and Nhaavah, is there any other project that I'm unaware of ?
[B] My "orchestra" project? Hmmm, I "work" on it since 1997, I made music for 5 songs and I wrote the lyrics... but I all goes very slowly. I have nearly no free time for it. I really don't know when it will be finished. By the way, new stuff of Nhaavah is out just now. It is split-EP with German horde Katharsis reeleased under German label Sombre Records.

You're also married if I'm not mistaken, so how do you separate your time with family, bands and label ? Are working or making bands and label as your permanent income ?
[B] Yes, I and also Blasphemer are married and we both have small sons. Of course, family takes a lot of time. But my wife accept my music and also she helps me to pack the letters etc... So, not so big problem here... Well, long years I had no work because I am very lazy. But I got good proposal few months ago. Chief of printing firm where the covers of my releases are printed saw my lay-outs and he liked my artwork very much. So now I work in his firm on computer as graphic-designer. I make lay-outs for magazines, flyers... etc. I like this work... and I get good money for it.

How about gigs ? Is Czech a good place to organize metal live show and how was the audience ? Have MB participate in any big metal festival ? Do you want to play in such festival like in Dynamo or Wacken ?
[B] Hmm, during last 3-4 years we haven't played live so much, coz' now many fashion-posers and children visit the gigs in Czechia. 6 or 7 times we played in Germany, and there it is a bit better. Few true Metal people...and many sweet hippies in Cradle Of Filth T-shitrs. Well, we got some proposals for gigs in Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia...and also for tour in Colombia and Ecuador. But to be honest I must say we are lazy to go so long travels. And you know we have wives and small sons at home, so it is not so easy as it was 5-6 years ago when we were free and younger, haha... So, Maniac Butcher nearly became studio-project. We got proposals for about 30 gigs during last year but we played only 3 of them... And about big metal festivals... hmm, we got some proposals but we never played on any big fest. Too many bands, too many music styles, too many drunken fans. I am sure 95% of fans on these fests don't know the name of the band which is just playing on the stage. Well, last Summer we played on Open Hell Fest. Well, it was not so big fest although there were about 30-40 bands. But we were one of 3 main stars, we played at meantime (Saturday, 21:00), so I am sure that everybody knew that Maniac Butcher was just on the stage... By the way our official live-tape with recording from that show was released under name "Live In Open Hell".

Have you heard the latest IMPIETY CD, "Skullfucking Armageddon" ? You should this is the the most wicked balck metal ever released in Asia ! You also have some collections of Malaysian and Singaporean metal recordings. What do you think of our bands ?
[B] No, I haven't heard the latest Impiety CD yet. I have only their "Asateerul..." and "Funeralight..." CDs and some their old demo and EP. Well, I will look for their latest CD if you say it is so good...

That's all for now. Thank you for answering this interview. Is there anything else you want to add ? The last line is yours...
[B] Death or Die!! Black or Bye - forever!! Raw War!!
Barbarud von Maniac Butcher & Nhaavah

Contact : Radim Hora / P.O.Box 19A / 26801 Horovice / Czech Republic
Phone : ++420-316-537483
E-mail : barbarud@hornet.cz
Web-site :

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Immortal Death Demo 1993
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Barbarians CD 1995
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